Brit-Am Now no. 1313
March 10 2009, 14 Adar 5769
1. Ben Zentgraf: Could Ephraimites become a different subset within Judaism?
2. Thomas Gray: Muslim Opposition Will Also Be Directed to
3. Norway: Israelite Lost Tribes Identity in Norway and Prominent British Israel 


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1. Ben Zentgraf: Could Ephraimites become a different subset within Judaism?
RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1312

#2. South African Afrikanner Asks About Possible Jewish Origins.

Re Afrikaners looking for origins

It might be that Afrikaners are actually starting to feel the 10 Triber wakeup call from haShem and they are therefore attracted to Judaism and with their limited knowledge of 10 Tribe prophesies and their implications they tend to see Judah as the only tribe left.

Judah is the only tribe left but it would be so much more fulfilling if Judah could actually have been aware of the 10 Tribe prophesies coming to fulfillment and then within the conversion process give a special conversion certificate indicating that somebody is believed to from the 10 Tribes. This will still allow people to form a different subset (say like Sephardim, Ashkenazim) of people within the larger Israeli context.

What do you think?


Ben Zentgraf

Brit-Am Reply:
I think it is an excellent idea.
It is in fact in my opinion what is needed for Judah to begin to confront the issue.
It brings up other problems that we tend to avoid but nevertheless should be considered.
The Religious Issue is at bottom the major factor that divides Judah from Joseph.
Our private understanding from Jewish sources is that at some stage the Lost Ten Tribes will accept the Covenant anew and this will be considered as if they converted. How this will happen we do not know.
We also understand that very much will take place until then and it IS NOT the task of Brit-Am to speed things along in this direction.
Most Ephraimites will not agree with us on the matter of religious belief but they do agree on other points and this is what we must work with.
Divine Providence has placed us at the service of Ephraim according to the will of Ephraim as well as that of ourselves.
Brit-Am DOES NOT ADVOCATE Conversion to Judaism under present conditions except in exceptional circumstances.
There are however many Converts of Ephraimite origins without any connection to, or even knowledge of, Brit-Am.
Nowadays when a Gentile converts they become part of Judah. Often they naturally wish to merge in with the rest of the Jewish population and prefer not to have to speak of their former existence on the "other side".
If however a number of Ephraimites who want to convert anyway would come as a group and say they accept Judaism but want special recognition as possibly from the Ten Tribes of Israel we believe this would be accepted.
It would open up serious discussion and intensify support for more research on the matter.
Not only that but after a short while the whole process would be facilitated:
The Conversion Process would be made shorter and easier.
Material assistance would extended while Learning for Conversion was taking place.
Those of the converts who wished to make aliyah and live in Israel would receive assistance.
This is what was done for the "Burmese".
See our article:
"The Burma Blues. Who is Israel? 
 The Burmese or   "Danny Boy"?"
[Go to the article, read it through if you can.
At the least, scroll down to the letter from Israeli Feld.
Israel Feld:  Mystical-Psychological  
 Explanation of "Burma and Brit-Am"  
Israel believes that the acceptance of the "Burmese" even though mistaken set a precedent that the real "Ephraimites" may benefit from.]

Most Israeli Jews do not believe that the Burmese are from the Lost Ten Tribes. Many (if not most) of they themselves do not believe it.
It was enough that they said they were, that others said they were, and that they were prepared to convert.
Several hundred were accepted and many more would come.
Due to their claiming to be from the Lost Ten Tribes and being prepared to convert their case received world-wide publicity. They received free extensive publicity in major media outlets. Philanthropists gave very large sums to aid their cause.
At present, elements in the Governmental agencies are trying to stop the arrival of Burmese converts since they are under the impression that many of the Burmese really only want to escape their Third World conditions.

At all events a group of true "Ephraimites" should and could try to do something in this direction.
In the past Brit-Am made suggestions along these lines but nothing came of it.
If such a project did indeed get under way Brit-Am would probably prefer not to be directly involved.
We would however be prepared to render all assistance that involved explaining and defending the case of Lost Israelite Brit-Am Ancestry.

2. Thomas Gray: Muslim Opposition Will Also Be Directed to Ephraimites
Subject: Daniel's suggestion

Daniel's suggestion that non-Jewish Ephraimites move to the area of Judea and Samaria is, of course, a very sane suggestion.  However, we must not forget that the Muslims do not object to Jews in particular, but to all non-Muslims in general.  It might look politically more appealing to some observers to have non-Jews settling the area, unless you plan to convert to Islam you would be as unwelcome in that area (considered to be an Islamic Waqf) as Jewish settlers are.

3. Norway: Israelite Lost Tribes Identity in Norway and Prominent British Israel  Propounders
"Witnesses to the Israelite Origin of the Nordic, Germanic, and Anglo-Saxon Peoples"
Mikkel Stjernholm Kragh

Brit-Am Comment:

This is an interesting article with much information.
The author corresponded with Brit-Am in the past and may well still be on our list.
The article is written in an objective manner though the author himself  may well take a problematic attitude.
He quotes from an anti-Semitic source.

The article begins by telling us of activists  in Norway and Scandinavia who believed that Nordic Peoples descended from Israel. It then continues to discuss prominent believers  in British Israel in general.

Some of the people spoken of were pro-Jewish, pro-Zionist, while others were anti-Jewish.
At least one seems to have been half and half which is also a known phenomenon in "Identity" circles.


As early as 1923 you could read articles in Evangeliebladet about 'the fig tree is brooming', and that the Jews would soon establish a Jewish state in Palestine. These articles were especially inspired by the British-Irish Bible teacher H. Grattan Guinness who in Light for the Last Days (1887) had written that the British would free Jerusalem in 1917, which also took place when General Allenby conquered Jerusalem out of the hand of the Muslim Turks, on 9th to 11th December, 1917.

Kristen D?ssland, Norwegian religious researcher, ethnologist, philologist, and archaeologist. Wrote the book Norr?nafolket i Opphav og Vandring (The Origin and Wanderings of the Norse People, 1946, 2nd impression 1949) in which he by the use of secular history, archaeology, and comparisons between the ancient Norse religion and the Bible concluded that the Norsemen were the Lost Tribes of Israel. D?ssland also wrote Israels gud Elohim-Jave og oldnordiske gudsnavn og landn?msnavn (God of Israel Elohim-Jave and Old-Nordic Names of Gods and of Land Acquisitions, 1949), which was a summary of his articles about his discoveries from Norr?nafolket i Opphav og Vandring which had been printed in the Norwegian newspapers V?rt Land and Dagen.

In the introduction to Norronafolket i Opphav og Vandring Dosland wrote: "Already the well known Danish historian and language researcher N.M. Petersen said that the mythical name of the North easily can be explained by Semitic languages. Han was presumably thinking of Phoenician or Arabic. The wise researcher of Nordic mythology, the translator of the Edda, Ivar Mortensson-Egnund, has pointed out quite a few Norwegian words which he believes may have their roots in the Hebrew language. He has also shown that Voluspa and Havamal have many similarities with the Old Testament and Jewish Sibylline books which probably rest on ancient Israelite traditions.

Johannes 'J?ns' Jacobi Eurenius (1688-1751), Swedish dean and pastor ...Eurenius used 140 pages describing that the Norsemen were the descendants of the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel, by using the Bible, Nordic and Greek myths, and history. He wrote that the Greek myth of the giant Atlas was a legend or memory of the Norsemen's forefather Jacob-Israel. He also believed that the myth of the lost land of Atlantis was a legend or memory of the Norsemen's lost homeland Canaan, which the children of Israel had disappeared from. Atlantica Orientalis was also published in Latin in Germany (Berlin, Stralsund, and Leipzig, 1764). Johannes Eurenius had to go through much opposition before Atlantica Orientalis could be published, especially because many did not like changing the flattering thesis which Olof Rudbeck had put forth in his monumental Atlant Eller Manheim (1679), that Scandinavia was the lost Atlantis. Atlant Eller Manheim is still a classic today. Rudbeck also believed that the Norsemen were Japhethites (descendants of Noah's son Japheth), while Eurenius wrote that the Norsemen were Semites (descendants of Noah's son Shem) and Israelites.

 Johannes Eurenius was a learned man who was held in great respect for his teachings. He was also viewed as a brilliant man of the church and was in particular known for his linguistical and musical talents.

From Chapter VII 'The SVIAR'S and the GOTH'S Origin from the Scythians or the Lost Children of ISRAEL ', where Eurenius wrote that Thor is a legend or memory of Moses: "Thor is an Hebrew word, as well as the title of Moses. Therefore, he came out of the thunderstorm and the unheard thundering, and carried forth the Law of God, which in the Hebrew just as much marks Thor as a Lawgiver." (p. 109) "Thor is said to have had a club with which he struck his enemies and opened the rock; which by Joh. Mag. Hist. L. I:9, Adam. Brem. and Erico Olai is called Thor's sceptre or staff, and which was surrounded by fire, and is a certain reminder of the Moses's staff which followed him into the fire, hit the rock and defeated his adversaries." (p. 110)

Eurenius also wrote that the old temple in Uppsala was modeled after king Solomon's temple in Jerusalem: "Of the temple of Sala. Just as the city had its name from the Israelites's former residence in Canaan, so the temple in Upsala was an image of the ruined Solomon's temple in Jerusalem." (p. 112)

 About the God service of the Israelites and the Swedes: "With all this you can nonetheless feel an extraordinary similarity on all points between the God service of the Israelites and of the Swedes, which convinces us of their relationship." (p. 115)

 About the language: "Furthermore, the language which we have kept confirms that our ancestors have sprung from the fled Israelites and Scythians, since we have an extraordinary mixture of the languages through which the Israelites stayed during their exodus out of the Orient, and wandered through." (p. 122)

Albert Hiorth (1876-1949), Norwegian engineer, inventor, and speaker. Hiorth is particularly known for his grandiose plans for reconstructing Palestine after WWII, as well as for his belief that the north Germanic and Anglo-Saxon peoples were the Lost Tribes of Israel. During the Nazi occupation Hiorth was arrested because he had a Jewess five generations back in his genealogical tree and because he possessed a radio. Albert Hiorth used the opportunity to tell Oberst?rmf?hrer Wagner that both the Germans and Norwegians were a part of the Tribes of Israel. He was later released. His son Frederik died, however, in a Nazi concentration camp, which was a severe blow to Albert Hiorth. He was thrilled by the erection of the Jewish State in 1948, but also believed that the Jews were a mixed people with strong Communist tendencies. Albert Hiorth had grandiose plans about a waterwork by the Dead Sea which could irrigate all of Palestine. The Norwegian General Secretary of the UN Trygve Lie suggested in June 1948 that Albert Hiorth's plans were [i.e. be?] realized.


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