Brit-Am Now no. 1257
16 November 2008, 18 Cheshvan 5769
1. Brit-Am Critic Now Claims to be a Gypsy!
Sambat meaning Shabat also found in Gothic!
3.Feels Part of the Lost Tribes of Israel
4. Dave Browning: Replies to John Adam
5. Brit-Am,
Ephraimites, and Anti-Semitism


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1. Brit-Am Critic Now Claims to be a Gypsy!
Avraham Sandor <> is the author of:
##"Brit-Am Exposed"
The "Lost Tribes" of Israel- They Are NOT British##
We have answered the claims of this article in:
##The Completeness of the Exile.
Answers to Deniers of  Brit-Am Biblical Truth##

Sandor himself is some kind of low-life and sends scatological e-mail messages etc to whoever he takes a dislike to.
He is also anti-Semitic and has made very offensive about Ashkenazi (European) Jews.
In the past Sandor has claimed to be an Hungarian descended from a Yemenite Jew who converted to Christianity.
He has often claimed to be Jewish.
He has also claimed to be an "Assyrian" Christian i.e. an Arab Christian from Iraq.

He now apparently claims to be a gypsy and born in Argenitina:

From Google:
#Imninalu is the internet name of Avraham Sandor, a member of the Roma (Gypsy) community. He was born in Argentina and currently lives in Europe. ...#

2. Sambat meaning Shabat also found in Gothic!
This is a curiosity.
In our works (especially "Ephraim")
we speak of the tradition that associated the Lost Ten Tribes with the Sambatian River.
Sambation mean "Shabat".

[A limited number of copies of Ephraim" are now available, $20 per copy].

From the GOTHIC-L group:
several weekdays names were borrowed by the Goths from the Greek in a manner like this:
SABBATOU hHMERA "the day of Sabbath" > sabbato dags (Mc 2:27 et passim) > *sambatadags > OB sambaztag > NHG Samstag

3.Feels Part of the Lost Tribes of Israel
Hi. My name is T. I live in Mississippi. I have felt for many years that we in America are part of the lost tribe of israel. My ancestors as far as I can look back came from Ireland, Scotland and one whole side from the France Germany border. I don't really know what it means for me to feel so deeply that this is true but I feel it in my spirit.

4. Dave Browning: Replies to John Adam
 Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1256
#2. More Complaints Against Judah

Dear Yair, et al,

If I may humbly comment on the comments of  John Adam in this post (1256), i would deeply appreciate it.

First this from Mr. Adam:
>>> The white people of the USA have never practiced murder to any great extent.<<<

While this is pleasant to the ears of many white people; it is not particularly true. There have been many holocausts on American soil perpetrated by "white people". Sometimes white against white, such as the oppression and murder of many of the Irish. There are places in this country where you can still find the foundations of Irish immigrant (legal immigration i might add) communities that were driven out by fire... the ashes are still there. Our genocide against the American natives (some know them more as "Indians" or the "red man") is a despicable practice that has not been atoned for. Our treatment of black people is probably the freshest in our minds. It was less than 100 years ago they were conducting medical experiments on unsuspecting black men with the full blessings of the US government. Not to mention the countless lynchings and brutalities committed against blacks (who were Christians by the way). We have also persecuted the Chinese, Jews...and who ever else was simply different. Just recently several young white men murdered a Latin American simply because he was of Spanish decent.
Now I know it is much more pleasant to think of ourselves (American white people) as a benevolent loving Christian force of love an understanding, but the truth is this is not an honest characterization except in the most liberal and prejudiced of interpretations.

Second this from Mr. Adam:
>>>The people of the USA obviously saved the Jews in WWII.<<<

We did not "save the Jews" we merely destroyed their persecutors, and not because they were persecuting them, but because it was in the interest of our own survival. In fact, before the "final solution" attempts were made by Nazi leaders such as Eichmann (if memory serves me well) to ransom the Jews of Europe by trading them for supplies. All the Allies refused to participate not because they couldn't, but did not want the Jews in their lands. Now I am not trying to defend the Nazis, but neither am I trying to ignore the facts that our actions in WW2 were not based on any principle of Judeao-Christian ethics, they were based on fear and the base motivation of survival. Survival is not a bad agenda, but it must be pursued under the freedom of Judeao-Christian love as defined by the whole of Scripture, and not selected quotes far removed from the contexts they are embedded in.

I do see a great deal of love, and struggle for truth in your words, and am ashamed that i must point out the truths of our barbaric past. Without that truth we will never know just exactly how barbaric we are, nor will we understand why we were driven from Israel in the first place. It was nobody but the Almighty Himself who drove us out and our only hope in Salvation is a return to the WHOLE of His WORD to us.

So we don't have much excuse anymore, to be barbarians, nor persecutors of ANY of the Father's children. WE have our marching orders, its the love in our Bible... so lets get it on.

Okiedokie, i'll shut up now... and thank you.

5. Brit-Am, Ephraimites, and Anti-Semitism
re Brit-Am Now no. 1256
#1. Answers to Claims Against the Jews
#2. More Complaints Against Judah

"Brit-Am Now" monitors what it posts.
In the past Brit-Am has said it will not post anti-Semitic messages and has threatened
to delete from the list those who send them.
In the last "Brit-Am Now" there were two anti-Jewish messages.
Why were these allowed?

Brit-Am Reply:
True. We do not allow anti-Semitic messages and on occasion have deleted from our e-mail list those who send them.
Anti-Semitism however exists. It is found amongst a minority of Ephraimites.
It does not go away by disregarding it. It is a fact that must be recognized.
Every now and then Ephraimites write in messages expressing their impatience with the fact that Judah does not recognize them and will not accept them into Israel.
Two of the reasons why Judah will not accept them are the differences in Religion and the existence of Anti-Semites amongst the Ephraimites.
Anti-Semitism amongst Ephraimites expresses itself in three dimensions:
a. Dyed-in-the-wool anti-Semites.  These are very rare but they exist. They are virulent.
Sometimes they achieve a high profile. This is even without considering the "Identity" types who wander around "Ephraimite" fringes and sometimes infiltrate Ephraimite ranks.
b. Moderate anti-Jews. These are also not numerous but they are around and more common than the first group. They can be quite offensive on occasion.
c. Flip-flops.
We had an Identity type who "repented", became vaguely pro-Jewish, then returned to his Neo-Nazi type opinions. This was an extreme case but other examples of such behavior have occurred.
We have had people who have supported Brit-Am, the State of Israel, and the Jewish people very strongly and then one day changed their mind and expressed extreme anti-Jewish sentiments.
These are exceptions but them can make an impression.
More common are "Ephraimites" who support the state of Israel, are sympathetic towards Judah
but every now and again make remarks that are insulting.
A phenomenon of anti-Semitism to some degree therefore does exist amongst "Ephraimites".
It is a problem for Brit-Am and a problem for the main body of "Ephraimites" itself.
We posted the letters in question in order to illustrate the existence of this problem.
If the writers of the letters in questions however continue to send such missives we will consider deleting them from the Brit-Am e-mail list.

Here we have related to the existence of Anti-Semitism amongst "Ephraimites".
By "Ephraimites" we mean non-Jews who identify as the Lost Tribes and according to Brit-Am Criteria probably are.
Ephraimite Criteria
"Ephraimites" however emerge from a wider population not all of whom are Israelites and amongst which Anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic based Conspiracy Theories are a fact of life.
We may deal with this further in our next posting.


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