Brit-Am Now no. 1225
11 September, 11 Elul 5768
1. Queries on Race and Ancient Israelites.
British Isles Descendants are at least 50% of Mediterranean Type
2. Brit-Am Identity Queries Concerning the USA
3. Question Concerning Megalithic Monuments and Israelites in Portugal
4. Brit-Am has Enemies
5. Brit-Am has Fundamental Truths You Should Appreciate.


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1. Queries on Race and Ancient Israelites.
British Isles Descendants are at least 50% of Mediterranean Type
re Brit-Am Now no. 1224
#1. Question on the Racial Origin and Type of Asenath Wife of Joseph
Hi Yair,
In my opinion the genetics of Asenath is not going to be easy to answer. If we actually had the DNA of Jacob or Joseph to compare to verifiable descendents of Ephraim or Manassah that would not be impossible to answer. However, I doubt that will be available.

From what I have seen on the History Channel it seems that the Hyksos control of Egypt did happen, but the Egyptians have done their best to destroy and confuse any record of this event. It also seems that perhaps Memphis and Avaris were actually their cities. I see no reason that POTIPHERAH PRIEST OF ON and or Asenath could not have been Semites. From what I have seen on TV the Egyptians do not want archaeologists to get a good look at Memphis and that they have found indications that Israelites actually lived there. I believe that they found clay seals with the name Jacob there and buildings etc that looked to have been built by Israelites. What makes you so positive that On was not another name for the Almighty? Do you think that Egyptian Muslims would not do everything they could to hide the truth from us?

The only things we actually have to go on are the intellectual fruits of the nations characterized by Ephraim and Manassah. You appear to think that would be GB and the U.S.A. I see no Egyptian markings on those countries. Did it ever occur to you to ask why the sons of Moses never lead the 12 tribes of Israel? Why Moses would choose Joshua, a son of Ephraim, over his own sons? I believe that Moses did know all about Asenath and later learned about Jethro and his people. Perhaps Moses did not think we need to know everything he knew.

Love your neighbor,
John Adam

Brit-Am Reply:
I myself am blond and like blondes. Nevertheless facts are facts.
Ever seen the T-shirt slogan:
"I am a natural blond.
At least 50% of the inhabitants of the British Isles (Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales) are of Mediterranean Type. In some areas the so-called Mediterranean Type is strongly dominant.
It may be argued that phenotype (physical appearance) is determined by environment.
Brit-Am also believes this and had written about it and brought numerous proofs to support it.
This actually suggests that ORIGINALLY the Mediterranean type may have been even more significant in the British isles than it is now. It may also have been originally darker than it now is.
The skeletal structure of the original inhabitants of the British Isles according to works written about 60 years ago (when such things were important) has been described as identical to that of the Ancient Egyptians!
The Egyptians also founded the first and most impressive and longest lasting of all ancient civilizations.
They had achievements in science and technology that in some cases even today we could still learn from.
If all this was do to some hypothetical "white" blood among them why is it that similar achievements are not noticed in place where "white" blood was more noticeable?
We believe the Hycsos were Israelites or rather Egyptians heavily influenced by Israelties and working with them.
The Muslims are quite liable to hide any traces of ancient Israelite origins in archaeological finds or interpret them in contrary ways against were pure scientific objectivity should lead them.
My impression is that in the past German researchers were guilty of similar transgressions.
I see you have been infected by the Identity Freaks who are anti-Jewish and anti-Colored people saying all kinds of things about Jethro father-in-law of Moses and the great benefactor of Israel and humanity in general.
And he was probably dark.
"The Black Woman"
"Identity" Freaks quote Jewish legends when it suits them.
Someone just sent me  a Wikipedia quotation from Jewish legends concerning fallen angels coupling with human beings.
The "Identity" interpretation seems to be that is where colored people come from!
Out of the valuable Jewish traditions these people reject when they do accept something it turns out to be the equivalent of fairy-tale fantasy.
This brings us to another Jewish Tradition and Joshua  a "son of Ephraim" and successor of Moses.
You asked why Joshua took over the leadership instead of the Sons of Moses?
I cannot say for sure.
Why has no-one invited me to the next President of the USA?
Wonders will never cease and my superb executive seem doomed to descend with me to the grave without ever having a chance to prove themselves!
Anyway  Jewish tradition says that Joshua married Rahab the Canaanite whore and from their descendants came numerous prophets and national leaders.

2. Brit-Am identity Queries Concerning the USA
(11. What do the Bible Codes indicate concerning America?
(12. (a) What Parallels Exist between the borders of the USA and those of Ancient Israel?

3. Question Concerning Megalithic Monuments and Israelites in Portugal
Laurentino Moreira wrote:

Dear Mr Yair: Shalom!     First, let me just say that I find Britam's points of view very interesting. They make a lot of sense to me. I'm addressing you to ask why you never mention Portugal regarding the "trail of megaliths".Next to the British isles and France there's no other country in Europe with such abundance of dolmens and other megalithic monuments as Portugal, particularly in the Alentejo but also pretty much al over the country.I also wished to ask if you don't think that the prefix Gal, present in the names of most celtic nations(i.e. Gaul - Galia in Portuguese - Galicia, Galilee,Galatia, Galahad, Galloway, Wales - Gales in portuguese - and portuGal), could stand for a kind of identification mark of the lost ten tribes of Israel, or at least some of them. I once read in a news paper article the opinion of an etymologist about the origin of the name Portugal. Among  some hypothesis he stated one possible Hebrew origin with the meaning :port galut, a port of exile. If you could give me  your opinion I would be very much obliged. Thank you. Laurentino Antonio da Silva Moreira.

Brit-Am Reply:
First of all Brit-Am does not claim to have any absolute truths.
We never said we were prophets.
People are welcome (even invited) to disagree with us.
Concerning the root "gal" you are correct.
"Gal" in Hebrew can connote Exile.
It also connoted "hilltop" and thus we have Galilee meaning "Highlands".
Either way it does have a meaning in Hebrew and when found in place-names may have significance especially if other factors are also present.
We may not have mentioned megalithic monuments in Portugal (though doubtless we should have) but we did in Spain and by Spain we intended the Iberian peninsula in general, i.e. our intentions were geographical and not political.
We do speak of Portugal and of Israelites in Portugal in Ancient Times in our book
"ORIGIN: You too are from Israel, You too are the People"
We employ Ephraimite Criteria
to determine which nations contain a Biblically significant degree of Israelites
within them.
Portugal fits some of the necessary criteria but appears to be lacking in others.
This understanding of ours is what we work with.
It does not take account of numerous exceptions that must exist possibly encompassing whole family clans and even districts.
Numerous Jews over the centuries were also assimilated (in many cases by force) over the centuries into the Portuguese population.

4. Brit-Am has Enemies
Brit-Am has numerous Enemies.
Certain people dislike Brit-Am for all kinds of weird reasons.
A Wikipedia article about Brit-Am was recently changed to our detriment.
The original Wikipedia article was factual, informative, and interesting.
There seems to have been no other reason for changing it than sheer malice.
We get this all the time but usually refrain from talking about it.
Thse who agree with us or even just look with favor on our endeavors should be aware of what we are up against and assist us financially or in what ever other way they are able to.

5. Brit-Am has Fundamental Truths You Should Appreciate.
Brit-Am has some fundamental truths.
It is important that these truths be made known.
Many Brit-Am supporters and sympathizers give funds to other organizations but they do not help us.
Instead of helping Brit-Am spread its message they seem to be worried about other issues including racial purity nonsense, Conspiracy Theories,  being allowed to settle in Israel now, and keeping all the Commandments according to their understanding but not that of anybody else.
To each his own.
They who appreciate Brit-Am should show it by supporting us.
Brit-Am is in need of your support.

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