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Brit-Am Now no. 1203
1. Some Criticisms of Brit-Am and Our Replies
(a) Color Schemes
(b) John P Criticisms
(c) Articles on anti-Semites and anti-Zionists.
(d) Conspiracy Theories
(e) Staying on the subject of the Lost Ten Tribes
(f) Personal Commitment to Brit-Am is Necessary
2. Is Brit-Am Contributing to Jewish Assimilation?
A. The Brit-Am Message to "Joseph".
B. The Brit-Am Message to "Judah".
3. Ian Johnston: The truth about the


Discussion Group
Contents by Subject Research

Site Map
Contents in Alphabetical Order
This Site

Khazars Cover
Israelite Tribes in Exile

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1. Some Criticisms of Brit-Am and Our Replies
A said:

I don't want to pile on. as football fans call it, but I have to agree with John P.'s criticism.
The site is garishly colored and detracts from the context.
While I'm at it, I don't read the articles having to do with anti-Semites or your views on conspiracy theories.
Debating with anti-Semites is a colossal waste of time and energy that would be better utilized by doing what you do best and which brought you to my attention to begin with.  I can't dictate how you should spend your time but I don't have to read about it and I don't.  As for your diatribes on conspiracies, I find them naive.  True, some conspiracy sites are manifestly evil.  The old canard about Gentile blood for Passover matzos, for example, or the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  Nevertheless, whether you like it or not, there is valid evidence for some very nefarious conspiracies all throughout history and even today.  Consider: any two individuals working together to achieve a goal while keeping it a secret from anybody else is, by definition, a conspiracy.  Businesses keep secrets at the expense of their rivals and, occasionally, from their customers.  Political parties ditto.  The military and our governments lie to us not that infrequently, sometimes for valid reasons of security but, too often, in attempts to cover up some very unfortunate or outright criminal acts.   Remember Nixon and Deep Throat?
Again, I came to you for your expertise in and devotion to revealing the facts about the LTT.  Can we stay on the subject?


Brit-Am Replies:
(a) Color Schemes
Concerning the colors etc used on our site. For the moment there is little we can do.
The Biblical Proofs articles have had their background-colors changed and have been improved with more improvements intended to be applied later.
he appearance of other articles and series of articles will be improved gradually.
As for the main page I do not see anything wrong with it but when the opportunity presents itself we will consult with somebody else on the matter.
If in the meantime if your or anybody else have concrete suggestions concerning possible changes we will be pleased to consider them.

(b) John P Criticisms
John P criticized our color scheme in the Brit-Am Biblical Proof articles.
He was not the first to complain on this issue and we have now taken steps to alleviate the situation.
He also criticized our mini-article on proof from the fact that the Ten Tribes were destined to be found at the:
"Ends of the Earth"
John P apparently read only a portion of what we had written on this subject before criticizing it since his remarks had already been answered in the article under consideration.
John P also suggested that we employ means of reference such as are customary in Protestant Academic type Biblical Scholarship.
This would not add anything  to us, just slow us down,  and the sources we use are those the
Protestant Academics should have learned from and if they did not then they should do so.
John P could always refer them to us!

(c) Articles on anti-Semites and anti-Zionists.
We do not really have (as far as I remember) any articles replying to outright anti-Semites per se.
Sometimes a letter gets posted which we reply to but that does not happen very often.
By articles on "anti-Semites" we understand you to mean our articles in the Brit-Am Feature on Zionism
We agree with you that the anti-Zionists we debated with in those articles are in fact anti-Jewish BUT they deny it and actually were quite offended when we told them that they were anti-Semites!
They represent a left-wing pseudo-intellectual approach important in the media and academia and which is worth knowing about and having answers to on their own level.
[If Obama comes up this is the sort of thinking that everybody will have to deal with.]
These issues involve our efforts to reach out to others, our understanding of Biblical Prophecy, and contemporary affairs.
The articles in question pre-empty very little space in the large treasure-trove of relevant information on our site.  

(d) Conspiracy Theories
You referred to  our "diatribes on conspiracies".
As you said our views on this subject may be ignored by those who are not interested.
Usually this issue does not take a great deal of time away from us and it is pertinent.
How often do we really speak about it?
Once in every 20-30 or more postings?
And then usually only for a few lines and usually in reply to an article or question someone has sent us on the subject.
They are not matters that one has to "go looking for". They come to us whether we like it or not and they must come to others as well.
They must also be effective.
Look how many people agree with them and can (and will whether you want to hear or not) tell you something about it.
Apart from that this is also something that we do. This is part of what we are.
Whether or not conspiracies etc exist is one thing.
Conspiracy Theories however are another.
You in effect are playing with words and defending Conspiracy Theories through a misleading exercise in semantics.
All forms of co-operation between interested parties may in fact be considered "Conspiracy" as you say.
"Conspiracy Theory" however means the doctrine that a group of Jews or Jews and Gentiles belonging to some kind of secret society are manipulating national and international affairs for their own interests which are inimical to those of the mass of citizens.
This is what "Conspiracy Theory" means and you know it.
"Conspiracy Theory" is an attempt to make anti-Semitic sentiments acceptable and respectable.
It is letting anti-Jewish and anti-Anglo doctrines in through the back door.
"Conspiracy Theory"  are mostly lies spread by agencies with anti-Jewish, anti-Israelite, anti-British, and anti-American agendas.
In fact,
Show me ONE Conspiracy Theory that is not contaminated in such a way!
Just one!
People who are against the Jews and/or against Israelite Nations are also against us.

(e) Staying on the subject of the Lost Ten Tribes
As for staying on the subject of the Lost Ten Tribes you have a point.
We will endeavor in the future to increase the coverage given to the Lost Ten Tribes and matters more directly connected with proving who they are.
For a start we hope to develop our series of Secular Evidence
as well as start a new series dealing with where our beliefs are not in accordance with the conventional academic viewpoint.
Brit-Am is not to be kept in a compartment and restricted to one narrow field.
We are interested in Israelite Nations as a whole and in a reconciliation of mind and purpose between Judah and Joseph.
We could also use more help from our supporters.
Send us questions, information, and financial offerings since they are what enable us to function.
This brings us to you personally and others like yourself.

(f) Personal Commitment to Brit-Am is Necessary.
You have been in contact with us and corresponded with us for a good number of years.
At the very beginning you bought a few books and sent us a modest contribution that we appreciated.
Since then you have not supported us as far as I know.
From letters that you sent us we understood that relatively speaking you are well off and actively support different groups (some similar in ways to our own) which are close to your heart.
Your involvement with Brit-Am consists in your receiving our e-mails, reading articles on our web-site, and occasionally sending us an e-mail.
That is fair enough.
We want as many people as possible to receive our message and this is part of it.
Your degree of participation is not however enough to enable us to function or for you to really be considered part of us.
On the contrary the impression is that you do not identify with Brit-Am and the good of Brit-Am is not a top priority of yours.
If you were seriously concerned about our message and realized its value then you would support us as you help others.
Brit-Am functions through the help it receives from those who believe that Brit-Am has value.
People who are interested in the message should show their interest in a palpable manner by demonstrating that they too want us to keep going and are doing something to help keep us in the game.

2. Is Brit-Am Contributing to Jewish Assimilation?
Hark wrote:

What is your point in all of this mishegoss [madness]?? Jews should be focusing on the 613 mitzvot of the torah and the gentile nations should be focused on the Noahide laws.
We're losing  thousands and thousands of Jews in the diaspora to assimilation and intermarriage and you and your organization are promoting "feel good" theories about the Jewish origins of Christ-believing Gentiles.
What is the point, purpose, etc?--to get them to love us? Now we're being loved to death because in the last 30 years we are  good enough to marry. Ever since the creation of the State of Israel, we are no longer considered the punished and wandering Jewish nation destined to be condemned. And nowadays, the Gentiles are not afraid of loving the Jews because there is very little fear that they, too, will be persecuted for being Jew lovers.
Yair, if you would only focus on the remnant of Israel, we as a people and the world in general would be better off.
Shabbat Shalom--and have an easy fast for Tisha B'Av.

Brit-Am Reply:
You referred to Assimilation and intermarriage of Jews with Gentiles.
This is an outcome of the Modern Age and the end of Ghetto Existence.
Times have changed but human nature remains the same.
A person will team up with, be attracted to, and marry whomsoever they come in contact with unless external factors or strong inner discipline prevent them.
Jews assimilate in Communist Nations and Islamic ones.
Whether or not the Gentiles "love" the Jews around them or not appears to be a minor factor.
The only solution for the Jewish People on the whole is moving to the State of Israel.
Prevention of Jewish Assimilation requires an increased awareness of Jewish Identity, learning Judaism, and keeping the Commandments whether living in Israel or in the Diaspora.

We do not teach about "the Jewish origins" of certain Gentile Peoples but rather about the "Israelite" or "Ephraimite" ones.
There is a difference.
We try to emphasize the difference while demanding that both sides respect the other and the differences between them.

There may are indeed be other parties in the field attached to Christian Churches that try to use an "Ephraimite"-type message to attract Jews and missionize them.
These groups are against us and have tried to sabotage Brit-Am though amongst their rank-and-file we have some supporters.
These parties are not necessarily more "effective" as far as Jews are concerned than they would be without the "identity" message.

A. The Brit-Am Message to "Joseph".
The Brit-Am Message to those of the Gentiles who may be descended from "Israel"
includes the following:
a. We cannot guarantee that anybody definitely descends from Israel.
We can and do however show from Biblical and secular evidence that a certain proportion amongst you quite certainly do so.
You may never know for sure in this age but you should examine the subject, seek guidance from Above about it and approach it with humility.

b. Judah is to be respected as Judah and no attempt is to be made to influence Judah
in a way detrimental to his belief.
Concerning religious differences in general: Let the Messiah determine the issue in the future.
The State of Israel is to be supported.

c. You should study the Bible, lead a good life, and do what you can for the good of both Judah and Joseph.

B. The Brit-Am Message to "Judah".

The Brit-Am Message to Judah concerning what their attitude towards "Joseph" should be:

a. Proof indicating that many of these people descend from the Lost Ten tribes should be taken seriously, studied, and verified.

b. Jews should strengthen themselves in their own faith and its practice.
This is of the utmost importance.

c. We should work for the good of our own people as well as for the good of Joseph and pray for guidance from Above.

The goals listed above may leave quite few questions open but they are a beginning and quite demanding in their own right.

As for me personally I believe that I do is what is required of me
and that by working for Brit-Am I am also working for the good of Judah as well as Joseph.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy.

3. Ian Johnston: The truth about the Picts
By Ian Johnston
Extracts Only

For complete article plus photos go to above URL.

The Picts have long been regarded as enigmatic savages who fought off Rome's legions before mysteriously disappearing from history, wild tribesmen who refused to sacrifice their freedom in exchange for the benefits of civilisation. But far from the primitive warriors of popular imagination, they actually built a highly sophisticated culture in northern Scotland in the latter half of the first millennium AD, which surpassed their Anglo-Saxon rivals in many respects.

A study of one the most important archaeological discoveries in Scotland for 30 years, a Pictish monastery at Portmahomack on the Tarbat peninsula in Easter Ross, has found that they were capable of great art, learning and the use of complex architectural principles.

The monastery ? an enclosure centred on a church thought to have housed about 150 monks and workers ? was similar to St Columba's religious centre at Iona and there is evidence they would have made gospel books similar to the Book of Kells and religious artefacts such as chalices to supply numerous "daughter monasteries".

And, in a discovery described as "astonishing, mind-blowing" by architectural historians, it appears that the people who built the monastery did so using the proportions of "the Golden Section", or "Divine Proportion" as it became known during the Renaissance hundreds of years later. This ratio of dimensions, 1.618 to one, appears in nature, such as in the spiral of seashells, and the faces of people considered beautiful, such as Marilyn Monroe. It can be seen in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the Alhambra palace of Granada in Spain, the Acropolis in Athens and the Egyptian Pyramids, but was thought to have been too advanced for the Picts.

"The Picts have always been an attractive lost people, they are one of the most interesting lost peoples of Europe," said Martin Carver, a professor of archaeology at York University who has worked on the site since the mid-1990s, and recently written a book detailing the findings. "The big question is what happened to them and did they ever really make a kingdom of their own."

The answer to the latter question seems an emphatic yes, based on the findings at Portmahomack, which is remote today but would have once been a key point on sea routes in the North Sea. "They would have been dreaming of a New Rome and a new world connected by water rather than Roman roads," said Professor Carver. "They were the most extraordinary artists. They could draw a wolf, a salmon, an eagle on a piece of stone with a single line and produce a beautiful naturalistic drawing. Nothing as good as this is found between Portmahomack and Rome. Even the Anglo-Saxons didn't do stone-carving as well as the Picts did. Not until the post-Renaissance were people able to get across the character of animals just like that."

A detailed study was made of the horse-shoe shaped building, searching for the unit of measurement used by the Picts. Professor Carver said a "Tarbat foot" of 12-and-a-half inches seemed to have been the standard measure used to make hall and other parts of the monastery. He also found the ratios of lengths of different walls and bays inside the window conformed to the architectural principle called the Golden Section. "The Golden Section, together with its inverse, the Golden Number, 1.618, has been valued by artists for millennia ... and it is a true delight to observe it among their architects," he said. "It shows the importance of symbol and worship in everything done in the service of the Christian God.

"There is something rather intriguing in the learnt character of them. This is a building put up to house metal workers. It's the idea they were all possessed of the same kind of knowledge and all trying to serve it."

Jean Gowans, who recently retired as chairman of the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland, said the idea the Picts had been using the Golden Section was "wonderful, astonishing".

"It really is absolutely fascinating. It's mind-blowing stuff," she said. "This is staggering to hear, but I'm not totally surprised. I think they were pretty sophisticated, when you think of all the Pictish stones and the wonderful carvings that they made, a lot more sophisticated than perhaps they are given credit for in public perception."

The monastery at Portmahomack suffered a major fire in the ninth century and several stone sculptures were smashed, suggesting it was sacked by an invading force, likely to be Vikings intent on expanding their territories in northern Scotland. The site continued to be occupied but at this point evidence of a monastic settlement disappears.

However, the shared religion of the Picts and Scots may have helped them unite against a common enemy, ultimately creating the kingdom of Scotland. "There was a war as important as Alfred's against the Danes [in England] and the Picts got really battered. In the Annals of Ulster, there are records of battles where the flower of Pictish aristocracy is killed," Professor Carver said.

Picts was the name which the Romans gave to a confederation of tribes living beyond the reach of their empire, north of the Forth and Clyde.

The name makes its first known appearance in the works of a third-century orator, Eumenius, and is assumed to come from the Latin word pingere, "to paint", suggesting they painted or tattooed their bodies.

But what name they called themselves, or what language they spoke, we do not know.

One thing that puzzled outsiders is that they were the last people on these islands to trace their lineage through their mothers. The Venerable Bede, writing in 731, said that the Picts had come from mainland Europe, presumably Scandinavia, to northern Ireland to ask for land, but the Irish sent them on to Scotland.

Hence a myth that the Picts were given Irish wives, on condition that they became matrilineal.

Other wild stories included that they were dark-skinned pygmies who hid in holes in the ground during the afternoon, but had magical powers at night.

Probably they were a coalition of indigenous tribes brought together by the Roman threat.

In Bede's lifetime, the Picts were defeated in war by the Northumbrians and converted to Roman Christianity.


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