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Brit-Am Now no. 1180
Date 30 Sivan 5768 3 July 2008
1. Instinctive Israelite Identification in American Music
Asgard (legendary home of the Scandinavian heroes) in Khazaria?
3. New Brit-Am Books in Preparation


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1. Instinctive Israelite Identification in American Music
From: Sharon
70s American music

How strange...I was going through some old Carol King music to play for my sister at her 50th birthday party (my sister was a Carol King fan in the 70s--still is, we both are!)
I came across this one: "Been to Canaan."  From what I know of Carol King and her writers, she never had any 2-House influence, so my guess is she, like many other songwriters/singers in North America, have an instinctual/intellectual connection to their past??
Green fields and rolling hills
Room enough to do what we will
Sweet dreams of yestertime are running through my mind
Of a place I left behind, been so long, I can't remember when
I've been to Canaan and I want to go back again

Been so long, I'm living till then
Cause I've been to Canaan and I won't rest until
I go back again. Though I'm content with myself
Sometimes I long to be somewhere else
I try to do what I can, but with our day to day demands
We all need a promised land.

Been so long,I can't remember when
I've been to Canaan and I want to go back again
Been so long, I'm living till then
'cause I've been to Canaan and I won't rest until
I go back again. Oh I want to be there in the wintertime
With a fireplace burning to warm me
And you to hold me when it's stormy

Been so long, I can't remember when
I've been to Canaan and I want to go back again
Been so long,I'm living till then.

2. Was Asgard (legendary home of the Scandinavian heroes) in Khazaria?
Scandinaviian Tradition said that their ancestors (or at least a portion of them) came from Scythia.
These traditions were related by Snorro Sturlassen from Iceland who traced the ancestral heroes to the Don River-Caucasus region.
Subsequent researchers ... identified Asgard with "Chasgar in the Caucasian ridge" ... This region was the central core of the Khazar Kingdom and the area in which they first appeared in historical records north of the Caucasus. Odin therefore had possessions south of the Ural Mountains, along the banks of the Don River, and by Chasgar. The name "Chasgar" has been tentatively linked by etymologists to "Chazasgar"  and to "Kazak". It could more credibly be considered a corrupted form of "Chazar" i.e. Khazaria. There are other cases where Khazar settlements have been referred to by a simple ethnonym [ethnic name], e.g. "Khazarin" for Itil.
Noted researcher Omjellan Pritsak has pointed out that the itinerary of Odin described by Snorri is that from Khazaria to Scandinavia.

It is worth noting that Eldad HaDani located the Tribe of Dan by the Sambation River which he identified with either the Don River or the nearby Dneiper (Danaper). Constantine Porphyrogenitus (905-959 CE) said that the city of Kiev (founded by kinfolk of the Khazars) was also known as Sambatas. The Sambation River was associated with the Ten Lost Tribes. Around the time of Odin a group that comprised ancestors of many of the present-day Danes (descendants of Dan) migrated from Scythia to southern Sweden and from there to what is now known as Denmark.

The area where it says "Khazars 800 C.E." is the vicinity of Chasgar-Asgard.

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3. New Brit-Am Books in Preparation
Brit-Am may shortly be announcing the availability of two new books:
They are:

(a) "Bronze Age Atlantis"
by Walter Baucum
Traces Atlantis to Northern Europe. Argues for an earlier presence of Israelites in North Europe before the Exodus. We disagree BUT his facts are correct, interesting, and do reveal the early presence of Israelties in Northern Europe and that is important. We just disagree with the conventional dating.
This work illuminates many aspects of Ancient History.
More details will follow.

b. "Khazaria and the Twelve Tribes" (title may be changed)
by Yair Davidiy
Examines the origins of the Khazar People, with which other peoples they interacted, and what other nations they were related to.
Proves that the Khazars were not Turkish but Hebrew in origin.
Brings additional proofs relevant to the Israelite Ancestry of Celtic, Scandinavian, and Anglo-Saxon groupings.
The work flows well, contains new information of importance, and is exciting.

Cam Rea's new book:
The Assyrian Exile: Israel's Legacy in Captivity

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