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Brit-Am Now no. 1175
Date 20 Sivan 5768 23 June 2008
1. Cecilia Vail Hampton: A Foothold in Cyberspace...
2. Need for "upfront" information and Brit-Am Reply
3. Scotland:
Picts - that they were one of the lost tribes of Israel"


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Biblical Truth.
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel
according to the Book of Genesis

Biblical Prophecy Predicted that the Lost Tribes of Israel would be found amongst Western Nations.
Biblical Verses analysed in the light of the Hebrew language, Rabbinical Commentary, and Historical Reality.
A valuable educational, inspirational, and enjoyable work

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1. Cecilia Vail Hampton: A Foothold in Cyberspace...
From: Champ68193@aol.com
Dear Yair Davidiy:
 Thank you so much for mentioning the site www.TearDropsAndRoses.com in your Brit-am musings.  We are having some visitors from time to time, but it is slow.  Would you consider mentioning it for a period of time?  It would be nice if more people would come and dialogue with us.  The site is for those Americans who feel the pull of "the small still voice" to search out their Jewish ancestry, or their Ephraimite beginnings.
Here is my invitation:
Please come to www.TearDropsAndRoses.com and share your story with others like you.  We have a forum where you can post your thoughts, maybe you would like contact in a more concrete way.  I know that many times when I read your emails, Yair, I wanted to speak, to ask questions, to investigate the Jewish traditions and laws, but there seems to be no way to do that.  By providing www.TearDropsAndRoses.com I am hoping to provide a place to talk about everything!
Cecilia Vail Hampton

2. Need for "upfront" information and Brit-Am Reply

Mr. Davidy,

You recently sent out an appeal for donations.  I need to know a groups/or the leader of a groups beliefs/and or doctrines before I send any donations. I strongly believe in the Truth of the Lost 10 Tribes, but I have many other beliefs I consider at LEAST as important as this doctrine, and in some cases, even more important. Without this "upfront" information, I cannot possibly send a donation.  I support several ministries, all of which believe the Truth about the "Lost" Tribes of Israel. They do, however, Teach and preach many other good things which I support.


Brit-Am Reply:
The relevant information is all on our web-site.
Part of what we do may be seen from our web-site and the postings we send out.
We do other things as well to forward the cause of Brit-Am but at the moment what you can see at present should be sufficient for you to decide.
The cause of Brit-Am is summarized by the Three Rs of Brit-Am.
Research as to where the Lost Tribes went to.
Revelation of the Results of Research.
Reconciliation of Judah and Joseph through Recognition by both sides of the other.
The work of Brit-Am involves NOT ONLY knowing and spreading the knowledge as to who descendants of the Lost Tribes are today.
It invariably leads to a better understanding of the Bible, a strengthened belief in Scripture, an increased awareness of Divine Providence,  more concern for others, a regard and increased support for the State of Israel, more respect for the USA and kinred nations,  intellectual invigoration and more zest for righteous living, and so on.
This is what there is.
Whether or not these results are sufficiently positive in your eyes to support us is up to you to decide.

3. Scotland:
Picts - that they were one of the lost tribes of Israel"
Folklore of the Picts
by Stuart McHardy
## An account of the origins of the Picts which comes from the Irish Book of Invasions or Conquests states that the Picts were descended from a Scythian named Gelon son of Hercules and that they were called Agathyrsi. They supposedly landed in Leinster in Ireland, helped the king of Leinster win a battle against the Tuatha Fidhbhe (Fife?) then were forced to sail north into Scotland taking Irish wives with them on the condition that in any disputed succession the female line would be dominant...

##In 1879 a book was published called the History of Ancient Caledonia written by John
Maclarren from Dunning, near the ancient Pictish capital of Forteviot. In this Maclarren takes one of the wilder explanations for the mysterious origins of the Picts - that they were one of the lost tribes of Israel. According to him Daniel and Lazarus arrived at Montrose in the distant past, bearing with them the Stone of Destiny and founded a new nation. The fact that he has them accompanied by a man called McIntyre gives the game away -clan names of this sort are less than a thousand years old. ##

'It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God or the Bible.'
  George Washington

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