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Brit-Am Now no. 1141
Date 2 May 2008, 27 Nissan 5768
1. Shaun Hansen: Need for Ephraim and Judah to Unite
2. Brian
Patmore: King Milesius
3. List of Brit-Am Secular Proofs
Proofs in Simplified Outline: Mythology
4. Discussion Concerning "Brit-Am" with Leading Rabbi;
What Should Brit-Am Expect from Judah?
5. Charlotte Mecklenburg: "What Still Needs to be Done?"
and Brit-Am Reply


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1. Shaun Hansen: Need for Ephraim and Judah to Unite

Ephraim's inheritance extends beyond the borders of the Everlasting Hills. Ephraim's inheritance is North and South America, which is a land choice even above ancient Israel.  There is no need for Ephraim to envy Judah nor for Judah to vex Ephraim.  A ruler has not escaped from between the feet of Judah, and the Chief Cornerstone and Lion of the Tribe of Judah is the King of all Israel, but Ephraim has received the birthright in Israel.  The two houses of Ephraim and Judah need to unite; the time has come.  Without union, the purposes of the almighty will be frustrated- not on His behalf but rather to our detriment.

2. Brian Patmore: King Milesius
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1139

Shalom Yair,
I am interested in King Milesius, as he was called but his name was Gallam (various spellings.)
From my readings over the years it appears he was a Gad-ite and took his troops to Crete and trained them intensively there for two or three years.
He was asked for help by he was having problems with the Babylonians at the time.
Gallam went to Pharoah's aid and drove off the Babylonians.
There are some sources that stated that he married Pharoah's daughter, but I cannot find any actual corroborating proof that that actually happened. It was alleged that this daughter was Scota and that the Israelites were given this name by some peoples, but it can be confused with Sacae or Scotae (Latinised versions as the "ae" suffix is the plural form of the noun.

 He was asked for help by the King of Scythia as the Assyrians were attacking Scythia.
 He went to Scythia and trained the Scythian army with his men and then went down and destroyed the Assyrian Empire.
He married the daughter of the Scythian King.
Please note that his daughter, Tamar (a name familiar in various parts of scripture), married the High King of Ireland and had a son, Euchaid The Herrimon (sometimes called Errimon - various spellings.)
The belief that one of his sons conquered Ireland and became High King is definitely erroneous.
It was a King Breagasn of Galicia (an Israelite King) who sent four of his sons to take Ireland,  at an earlier time in history. The first three died in the attempt but the third son, Prince Ir, conquered the land and it was named after him as "Ir-Landt",  which is Ireland in present day language.
It is also stated in some texts that a certain Scota, daughter of Pharoah, married a King of the Scots.
Gallam/Milessius is a most interesting individual and could well be the fulfillment of Jacob's death-bed prophesy regarding the fortunes of Gad's descendants.
Remember: Genesis 49:19 "Gad, a troop shall overcome him: but he shall overcome at the last."
It could well be and if so, what a turn-around with the hand of The Almighty to destroy the enemy that wrought such havoc and suffering on all of Israel, the destruction of the Assyrian Empire !!!
Remember that the Scythians are Israelites !!
May Hashem guide us with his infinite wisdom.
Shalom Yair and all the best,

3. List of Brit-Am Secular Proofs
Proofs in Simplified Outline (Additions along with Expanded Format to be Added later)

Dan became the Danes of Denmark
Danes from Dan.
Jutes from Judah.
Tribe of Dan (
Tuatha de Dana) went to Ireland via Greece and Scandinavia.
Frisian Legend says in effect that the ancestors of the Frisians, Angles, and Saxons were of Israelite Origin.
Irish Ancestors included Israelites.
Stone of Scone is stone upon which Jacob slept and remained with his descendants.
Declaration of
Arbroath in light of other traditions implies Scottish Came out of Egypt as Israelites.
Welsh came from Syria which was once part of Israel.
Welsh came from Daphne of Ten Tribes association.
Finnish tradition says they are from Ten Tribes.
Swedish records says Hebrews were amongst their ancestors.
Goths (who settled in Sweden) identified with Ten Tribes.
Assyrians settled Jewish (i.e. Israelite) exiles in region of Austria in ca.200 BCE at time when it was a Center for the "Celts"
who later moved westward.
Irish Tradition identifies their ancestors with settlers in Spain that archaeology proves were Israelite.
English tradition traces their monarchs to the Kings of Judah implying Israelite origins.
Picts of Scotland identified with Agathyrsi-Khazars who were believed to be from the Ten Tribes.

4. Discussion Concerning "Brit-Am" with Leading Rabbi
What Should Brit-Am Expect from Judah?
Recently in Jerusalem we spoke to a Rabbi with whom we are personally acquainted. The Rabbi in question is much learned, well-known, and active in teaching Judaism and helping others through a community service he created and is in charge of.
He has read about three of Brit-Am's books and takes an interest in our researches. The Rabbi asked what do we expect to be, or what would we hope to eventuate, from our works from the point of view of the Jewish People.

We answered that we would like the questions concerning the identity of Joseph to be considered.
We would want the proofs we bring forward to be judged favorably and IF NECESSARY further research be done by others. The aim should be for the QUESTION, AS TO "WHO IS JOSEPH?", to be decided one way or the other.
This, we said, should be the first step. People should know the truth of these studies.
They should be convinced of them.
If they are not convinced, studies should be undertaken to show what (if anything) is wrong with the claims of Brit-Am.
Assuming that the Brit-Am proofs and arguments were to be found correct and accepted we would then expect the following as preliminary steps:
The Question as to who the Lost Ten Tribes are will be decided once and for all.
This knowledge should be made known publicly.
This is the first step and the most necessary one.
After that a dynamism of its own in the public consciousness and in that of those in power may be expected to produce its own results.
An acknowledgement of this truth by more personalities within Judah would also have repercussions with "Joseph".
We pointed out that:
Like it or not the people Brit-Am identifies as descended from the Lost Ten Tribes are now irrevocably intertwined with Judah. They occupy themselves with us and we with them.
In many ways our destinies are interlocked with each other.
In a harsh and hostile world they are the only friends Judah has though sometimes even these "friends" act like enemies.
Assuming that the beliefs of Brit-Am would be proven correct and accepted then how Judah relates to "Joseph" would be affected. How many of "Joseph" consider "Judah" would also change for the better though the existence of "Edomite-Canaanite Identity" types within Joseph will always be a problem.
Nevertheless on the whole the results would be positive for both parties.
The truth or lack of it must be owned up to and coped with for better or for worse and in this case we may expect it to be for the better.
In many ways as far as information is concerned "Judah" and "Joseph" are the same.
What is known to one becomes known to the other and what affects one influences the other.
The upshot is that the emphasis at present should be along the path Brit-Am has decided to go:
Deepening and clarifying our knowledge of the subject and making it known to others.

5. Charlotte Mecklenburg: "What Still Needs to be Done?" and Brit-Am Reply
Charlotte Mecklenburg wrote:
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1140


Dear Yair,
 "who they are today should be THE first and most important point of all."

Your statements about settling in the land gave us the above statement. What many are wondering as I am by what criteria will Judah and the Israel government at present or future say a person meets the criteria of being from the Joseph tribes.  By reading your materials we know all the general facts of where they went and how they migrated and where they are to be found. But after that knowledge, then nothing can be done to joint to sticks unless those who have a heart knowledge that they are of Joseph, know what the criteria qualifies them/us to say we are of one of the tribes. How do we study or search out something to give us these facts?  Are we waiting for God to do something supernatural to finish the process?  What is Judah' s thinking on this process or are they still quite unconcerned about it?

Doesn't this have something to do with the shepherd's rod?  Is Judah the Shepherd and is he still unconcerned so that no measure or criteria has been made?  Are we still waiting for shepherds after God's own heart, who can teach knowledge and understanding, as Jeremiah 3 mentions?

Who has the answers to these honest questions? Perhaps there is no one yet.

Charlotte Mecklenburg

Brit-Am Reply:
Through Brit-Am writings and possibly those of others together with your own inner revelation you
are convinced of Israelite ancestry.  Others however are not. Some have never heard of us.
We do not know how many need to hear of us and to be convinced in order for matters to proceed positively.
In some areas more research needs to be done and the results made known.
At some stage a "critical mass" in the consciousness of others should be reached and this will have results.
How much more to do beyond that which has already been done or how much more needs to be known
is not certain. It may be much much more or it may be relatively little. At all events it is a stage that does not
seem to have been yet attained.
It is not enough that you know. Others must know as well.
Those who "know" are the chosen. They are the pioneers. It will always be more difficult for
them but if they were aware of the merit they have they would not want it any other way.
There are two entities Judah and Joseph who each comprise general populations.
One should identify with one or other, or both together, and relate accordingly beyond the individual. 
The individual can do much to further this cause by learning the Bible and seeking direction from the Almighty
as you indicated; by supporting Brit-Am (a subject that many who ask these sort of questions seem to skirt around);
by learning the relative Brit-Am material according to individual ability;
by imparting this knowledge to others; by identifying with the group they belong to or wish to be identified with
and desiring its good.

Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.