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Brit-Am Now no. 1135
Date 27th April 2008, 22 Nissan 5768
1. Thomas Malloy: Thoughts about Edom
2. 16th Century German Reports "Plot" for Swedish Ten Tribes (?) to Conquer Holy Land
3. Brit-Am Updates.



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1. Thomas Malloy: Thoughts about Edom
re Brit-Am Now no. 1134
#2. Why Write about the Khazars?
Eddie wrote:
Why out of all the possible topics you could chose
have you chosen to write a book about the

I'm reminded of Arthur Koelster's Thirteenth Tribe, a book frequently sited by Antisemites. My response is, have you read Thirteenth Tribe? Usually, they haven't, I have. Koelster points out that Jews and Gentiles have always intermarried, and converted. I also want to mention the website about the Kazars, they stood in the gap, defending western Europe from the Islamic hordes.
Yair wrote:
re Brit-Am Now no. 1134
#3. The Feudalizing Agenda of Racialist Anti-Semites

This may sound fantastic but written evidence shows that many of the most rabid "right-wing"
Jew-haters are motivated by an agenda of their own.
They sometimes do not care about the Jews one way or the other but use Jew-hatred to forward their own ends.
Their aims are in effect what they claim the Jews want.
The anti-Semites wish to return to the Feudal world which they paint in idealistic terms.
They want
rulership by an aristocracy who will serve over 'serfs" who in effect will be like slaves but glad of it.
This is what the Third Reich of Hitler begin to build and what the anti-Semites still strive to achieve.
There is no place in this world for the USA or for Israel.
It is a world of
Edomite-Cananite dogs held on leashes and happy to lick the boots of their "superman" masters.
Be not deceived by these people and their lies.
Turn to the Bible for the Truth for beyond that there is none other.

They are the Supermen, they have thrived and prospered in the world. They don't control the world, but they have a great deal of influence. We are battling against them, but we are fighting a rear guard action. They have their hands on the levers of power and are slowly strangling us. The only force that stands against them is America and England. I just listened to a woman whose ministry was destroyed by the Canadian Government because she criticized homosexuality. Their Human Rights legislation has trumped free speech. I'm reminded of a song with the lyrics, "there's no England any more." Sharia Law has been allowed to take root in Canada, and England too.

If we Americans loose the next election, the Leftist's agenda of bringing Hate Speech legislation here will be realized too.
I just listened to a lecture about the difference between didactic and dialectic thinking. Liberals believe in dialectic thought. The Marxists believe in dialectic materialism. Followers of any Judeo Christian religion believe in absolutes, which are universal, this is didactic thinking. Followers of dialectic are tolerant about everything except for believers in didactic thinking, about which, they are totally intolerant.

So the question is, who are these people? My response is Edom. According to the Tanach, Esau had seven sons. I expect that each one gave rise to a large group of people. I read somewhere, Book of Jasher (?), that he had many daughters too. I expect that the various children of Edom have spread all over the world. The latest observation I've made about this is with the rise of dialectic thinking, it's followers went out in search of like minded people, and made converts. This may look like a conspiracy, to me, but that doesn't mean that it is.


2. 16th Century German Reports "Plot" for Swedish Ten Tribes (?) to Conquer Holy Land
"If the Nazis had come"
by Tom Segev
"Concerning the Jewish Conspiracy."
It happened in Germany in 1546. The prince of Brandenburg's police officers arrested a man who claimed that he planned to conquer Palestine in order to return it to the Jews. It's an intriguing story that only a few are aware of. As far as is known, only two documents from the period that describe it have survived, and both are kept at the German National Museum in Nuremberg; they are placed in a file entitled "Concerning the Jewish Conspiracy."

"The man's name is not known. He claimed that he was the king of the Jews, and also of the inhabitants of the Swedish island of Gottland, in the Baltic Sea. He also told his interrogators that he was a descendant of Amalek and that two ghosts appeared to him and delivered to him a prophecy on behalf of his ancestors that required him to conquer both Gottland and the Holy Land."

At this point, one would think the Brandenburg police would have asked themselves why they needed to deal with this lunatic at all. But if what is written in one of the two letters describing the incident is true, maybe he wasn't crazy after all.

Because among his possessions they found a lot of money as well as a document indicating that he was not acting alone: Well-known people, including leaders in six countries of Europe, stood behind him; they conspired with the Jews of the world who were supposed to pay for the operation.

The plan was fairly well-defined: First, the man would conquer Gottland and Sweden. Then he would recruit 200,000 troops and set off to conquer the Holy Land. The plan would take 10 years to execute. Jews all over the world would donate money to help see the plan through, in order to get their land back.

According to the document, German princes were also in on this secret conspiracy and several of them offered to ransom the prisoner, but the prince of Brandenburg ordered that he be kept under extra tight security, and intended to hand him over to the emperor himself.

The second letter in the file perhaps clarifies the matter: This was not a conqueror of lands or a mere lunatic, but a scam artist; the "plan" to restore Palestine to the Jews was basically intended to trick some wealthy Jews and rob them of their money.

Unfortunately, Jacob Rosenthal, who publicized this tale in the new edition of the history journal Cathedra, does not know how it ended.

He quotes another scholar who heard of the story in the 1920s and speculated that perhaps it was not entirely unbelievable: In the apocalyptic atmosphere of the 16th century, such things did happen.

Brit-Am Comment: 
The above article quotes from Jacob Rosenthal in the history journal Cathedra.
We will try to obtain a copy of the article and perhaps also contact the author.
A few points should be made:
(1) Brandenburg in Germany is in effect the same as Prussia.
The Prussian Secret Service together with that of Russia were later to be responsible for inventing the myth of the Protocols of Zion which describes an imaginary Jewish plot to take over the earth.
See the role of Hermann Goedsche
"Goedsche was allegedly a spy for the Prussian Secret Police."
(2) We do not know how the information was obtained. It may have been extracted under torture.
Amalek in Jewish tradition represents the arch-enemy. All major enemies (such as Hitler) of the Jewish people are often considered descendants of Amalek. No-one claimed to be a prince of Amalek could ever expect support from Jews.
It may however have somehow been consistent with what the Prussian authorities wished to hear.
(3) The described plan says that first a portion of Sweden would be conquered and then with troops from there the Holy Land would be taken.
Were the Swedes considered the Lost Ten Tribes?
At that time Germany was full of reports that the Lost Ten Tribes (referred to as "Red Jews"  as documented by Andrew Gow) were about to invade the West and return the Jews to the Holy Land.
There existed a belief that the Lost Tribes were amongst the Swedes and/or Finns.
S. Gusten Olson ("The Incredible Nordic Origins", 1981) quotes from a Swedish history by Dalin (1747-62) that the "Neuri" who settled in Sweden were a mixture of "Scythians, Greeks and Hebrews"
Brit-Am Now 1013 
#5. Finland a Lost Tribe of Israel?
So too, the earliest histories of Finland traced their ancestry to the Ten Lost Tribes.
At least part of the population of Finland (apart from those who belong to the Swedish-speaking section) may be of Swedish origin.


3. Brit-Am Updates.
Over Pesach (Passover) we were occupied on the whole very little with matters directly related to Brit-Am.
We did give a talk to a group headed by Constance Fischer of "One Stick Ministries".
The talk was successful. We enjoyed and benefited from it and believe the audience did as well.
We also met with a leading Ephraimite personality who prefers to remain anonymous for the time being.
We understood that Brit-Am is regarded as a positive and welcome phenomenon.
There may be some reservations about us but these are regarded as concomitant with our authenticity.

We also discussed Brit-Am beliefs with a leading Rabbinical personality in Jerusalem and overall the impression has been a good one.

We have various plans and good intentions to improve our efforts that should be apparent in the coming weeks.

Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.