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Brit-Am Now no. 1132
Date 16th April 2008, 11 Nissan 5768
1. Dave Browning: The Cause of Jew Hatred
2. Answer to Questions on Direct Male Line Geneaology and "Double Standard"
3. Brit-Am Challenges to
(1) Why do you not support Brit-Am?
(2) Why do you reject Rabbinical Interpretations even when they are consistent with the Bible?
(3) Why do you not spread the message?


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1. Dave Browning: The Cause of Jew Hatred
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1130

Dear Yar, et al,

Yair, thanks for illustrating Elvis's Jewish heritage to Dennis (Mr. McGinlay). Its amazing, the kings that come from Abraham, as we see, we even have the king of rock an roll, simply because Abraham BELIEVED 
G-d. Its also amazing Glady's admonitions to her son Elvis to "keep it quite, cause folks don't like Jews". I wonder how many Jews don't even realize their heritage? All i know is, without the Jews this world would be shy of a phenomenal degree of creativity, wisdom, and good faith/works.

I study history as I'm sure most here do, but I've never found a plausible, rational reason for this hate, the shear offense the world feels at the Jew. I've got up early in the morn an searched the archives till late at night; and i've never come across the determinant factor, or event, or justification for this irrational offense.

Some say Jesus Christ is the determinate, in at least the European's (Christian's) hate for the Jew, but the European's hated the Jew long before Yeshua. By that same logic we should hate the Roman's too, but we don't, shux, we gave them the

No, there is no rational reason for this ancient spirit of resentment, none.

Unless of course... there is a G-d. If there's a G-d then it makes sense, this offense the world nurtures for Judah. You see, everyone wants to own G-d, keep Him all nice an safe in their lil gilded cage, but G-d got loose, he flew their coop, and alighted upon the Jew.

G-d chose Israel, not Israel G-d. At the Exodus He stamped Israel upon the forehead and on the hand with His mark, His system, His desire... an the Jew is the only tribe, the only son of Jacob, who hasn't shook it off.

Its all about G-d, this hate the world has, for the Jew. Take G-d, the Almighty G-d of Abraham, out of the equation and the hate dissolves. But the trick here is this, its not the Jew they hate, 'tis their link to G-d, for that is the world's shame, how Judah still has his name.



2. Answer to Questions on Direct Male Line Geneaology and "Double Standard"

From: Michelle Bowie
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1130

Hello Yair,
I hope you can clear up some confusion for me. In so many of your replies to those who are seeking their Israelite heritage, you have stated that the linaege is only recognized through the male line as in reference to Tea Tephi and the British Royal lineage.
Yet, in this very newsletter, more than once, you say that if one has a Jewish mother, then they are Jewish.
Is there a double standard here or am I missing something??
Please Clarify......Blessings, Michelle B.

Brit-Am Answer:

First prove that Tea Tephi existed then we can concentrate on other matters.
[If Tea Tephi existed then according to the sources she was probably an ancestress of mine so I have no personal objection. There are other scholars out there. Let them make a contribution and prove the existence of Tea Tephi!
We are head over heels in different research projects etc and Tea Tephi is not an overriding priority at the moment.]
Concerning  Israelite heritage whether it goes through the father or mother or both together we are not going to decide. Our task is to minister to Judah and Joseph and tell them what we understand to be the truth about the Lost Ten Tribes and their present location.
That is the bottom line.
That is what we want to do and what we do.
All other matters are extraneous.
As for Jewish Mothers etc see our answer:
Brit-Am Replies to Queries: Judaism
#4. Judaism says that a person is a Jew if they are born of a Jewish mother or have undergone a valid Conversion.
Is there any Biblical foundation for the "Jewish Mother" Law?
You asked,
Is there a double standard here?
The answer is that the Jewish Mother Law applies to whether or not someone is obliged to KEEP THE LAW as the Jews do. That is what it means to be a "Jew".  It does not affect which Tribe one belongs to or which Tribal Inheritance one is to receive or whether or not one can claim to be a direct descendant of King David through the male line since if there was female there this would be a bit difficult. Incidentally "the Jewish Mother Law" only applies if there was no change of religion further back than three generations. Most Jews are not aware of this and may deny it but that is how things are. As usual, it takes good old Brit-Am to give you the real low-down on this and other matters.


3. Brit-Am Challenges to Ephraimites

(1) Why do you not support Brit-Am?
Some do support Brit-Am. Most do not. We ARE NOT ADDRESSING PEOPLE ON LIMITED INCOMES OR UNDER FINANCIAL DURESS. We are here speaking to those who would be able to contribute to Brit-Am whether through large or modest amounts and refrain from doing so even though in many cases they support other organizations etc.
Brit-Am is in need of ongoing financial support.
Brit-Am provides evidence regarding who the Lost Ten Tribes are today and is engaged in continuous research and clarification to provide proofs and verify them as well as honest engagement of all counter-claims. People who believe they are descended from the Lost Ten Tribes and that the basic premises of Brit-Am are correct ones should therefore appreciate Brit-Am and the benefit they receive from it and show their appreciation.
Are we missing something?
It sometimes seems as if certain Ephraimites draw away from us when the question of support arises. Ephraimites should be honest with themselves and honest with us. If you agree with us you should support us and we believe a blessing will come to you through doing so.
If we are good enough to spread the truths of Brit-Am we are good enough to be helped along the way.


(2) Why do you reject Rabbinical Interpretations even when they are consistent with the Bible?
Many Ephraimites believe they are obligated by Biblical Law. Recently when Brit-Am said they were not so obligated in a Biblical Sense the reactions were quite strong as may be seen by the article:
"Joseph and the Law.
Do Ephraimites have to Keep the Law of Moses in our time as distinct from the End Times?"
What Brit-Am intended to say was that Ephraimites were not obligated to keep the Law in the same way as a Jew is. In point of fact no Ephraimites wants to be so obligated. Otherwise they would convert to Judaism. At all events both Brit-Am and "Ephraimites" agree that at the least Ephraimites should begin to adopt "Hebraic Practices" according to their understanding and ability. Many Ephraimites do this but they tend to interpret the law according to their own comprehension and not as the Rabbis say it should be. OK. This is probably because the popular conceptions says that the Rabbis invented different laws or interpreted the laws in a mistaken manner. Brit-Am disagrees but it we are not going to argue the point, at least not on every point. There should however by a drawing together of Judah and Joseph. To my mind Ephraimites SHOULD WANT to agree with Judah. I would think that this would mean that wherever possible they studied the subject at hand with a good will and wherever possible agreed with the Rabbbinical interpretations.
I would even say that if I was in their position I would be prepared to bend over backwards in order to agree with the Rabbis. Many Ephraimite leaders however seem to be bending over backwards not to agree with them!


(3) Why do you not spread the message?
if you believe you are descended from the Lost Ten Tribes you also believe that the same applies to your family and members of your group or at least some of them.
This information is therefore potentially important to them as it is to you.
You should therefore try and spread this knowledge.
This should however be done in good taste and not in ways that may be counter-productive.

Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.