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Brit-Am Now no. 1123
Date 7th April 2008, 2 Nissan 5768
1. David Jackson: Arab States 500 times larger than Israel
2. Dave Browning: "the Jews are only 2/12ths"
3. Max
Rambow:  Israel's best interest
4. Pastor John
Hagee Speaks in Jerusalem, Binyamin Netanyahu and Brit-Am Reflections.
5. Remark Concerning  Israelite racial Mixing and Brit-Am Comment


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1. David Jackson: Arab States 500 times larger than Israel
 RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1122
#4. US Pressure and Arab Demographics

Amen and Amen on your reply regarding carving up Israel to create Arab states.  Most people in the US probably don't realize how small Israel is compared to the countries around it. 

Selected nation sizes in square kilometers: 
World           510,072,000
Russia           17,075,200
Canada            9,976,140
United States     9,629,091
Australia         7,686,850
New Zealand         268,680  
United Kingdom      244,820
Israel               20,770

Arab and Islamic Nations in the Middle East and North Africa: 
Algeria           2,381,740
Saudi Arabia      1,960,582
Libya             1,759,540
Iran              1,648,000
Egypt             1,001,450
Turkey              780,580
Yemen               527,970
Morocco             446,550
Iraq                437,072
Oman                212,460
Syria               185,180
Jordan               92,300
United Emirates      82,880
Kuwait               17,820
Qatar                11,437
Lebanon              10,400
Bahrain                 665
Total            11,556,626

(1 kilometer = approx .62 miles)

For this comparison I didn't even include large majority-Islamic states such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, and the former Soviet republics. 

The sum of just the Islamic states shown is greater than the entire US, or well over 500X larger than Israel!
Isn't 500X the land mass of Israel enough for those countries that hate her?
If one is to trade "land-for-peace" how much can peace Israel afford versus the surrounding states?  Even Jordan alone, which is adjacent to Israel, is almost 5X larger.  Why not pressure them to cede homeland for their co-religionists?  For that matter, why haven't they voluntarily provided it?

Can anyone seriously contemplate that if Israel were 500X larger than a single Arab state that was "persecuting" Israelis within its borders, that Israel wouldn't in an instant take in the victims for their safety and the sake of peace?

Even when the day comes that Israel inherits the full extent of the promised land, it will be much smaller than its current adversaries.  Islam, by contrast claims no such limited promised land, but the entire planet, including the US.

These facts argue not that we should pressure Israel to give up land, but to consider the motives of those that do.

David Jackson
Keller, Texas

2. Dave Browning: "the Jews are only 2/12ths"
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1117

Dear Yair, et al,

Not to be to redundant here, but there is great wisdom in the phrase "be careful what you ask for". Circumcise your hearts, you Christians. Get on your knees and, don't ask...try listening while you commune in prayer with that great Spirit, that troubles you so.

Take to heart the Almighty's words "it is not because of your righteousness, but because of MINE, I DO THESE THINGS", and be thankful the Almighty is righteous, cause considering our history we certainly are not, an somebody has to be if all this is gonna work.

And what of the Jew? Where would the world be without them? It has been calculated that from their meager numbers (only 1% of the world's population) well over 80% of all the world's greatest minds came. My numbers may be a bit off, but they are close, Yair, or somebody else may be able to correct me, but considering great Jewish minds, that utterly changed the world, and improved the lot of humanity we have quiet an impressive list. Einstein, Rothschild, Jesus Christ, shux Elvis Presley legally was a Jew. Do we really want a world without these Jews?

Now consider the Jews are only 2/12ths of the Israel the Almighty established, consider the shear creative brain power that came (or will come) to the world via a unified 12/12ths. Its staggering, but it's not from us, it's from the Almighty.


3. Max Rambow:  Israel's best interest
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1122
#4. US Pressure and Arab Demographics

I think US pressure may actually force Israel to turn to the Jewish leadership option which would be in Israel's best interest but I hate the part we (America) are playing in that process.

4. Pastor John Hagee Speaks in Jerusalem, Binyamin Netanyahu and Brit-Am Reflections.
Due to a combination of circumstances Yair Davidiy attended a talk given by Pastor John Hagee in Jerusalem. More than a thousand people were present. it was quite impressive, enlightening, and inspiring. There was nothing there that a religious Jew could consider offensive. Quite a few Orthodox (both Ultra-Orthodox and from the Settlements) were present. Very large sums of money were given to Jewish causes including a dental Clinic in Alon Moreh on the 'West" bank. The son of pastor Hagee sang very well both in English and Hebrew.
It was allover an impressive evening.
Pastor Hagee spoke, his main theme being "Never Again" will the Christian World allow another Holocaust to take place.
Uzi Landua and Benyamin Netanyahu were present.
Benyamin Netanyahu  was accompanied by his wife.
Netanyahu mentioned the important contribution of Christian visionaries to the foundation and success of the Zionist movement. He pointed out that Iran wants to destroy Israel since it considers Israel to be an outpost or forerunner of Western Civilization.
This is a good point. By  "Western Civilization" however Netanyahu does not mean that of France or Germany.
He means more that of Britain and the USA, i.e. of Ephraim.
Islam identifies the State of Israel with both Ephraim and Judah and therefore wishes to destroy it!
At the end of the event a copy of our book "Role to Rule"
 was passed to the personal assistant of Pastor Hagee who told us that he would forward it to the Pastor.

5. Remark Concerning  Israelite racial Mixing and Brit-Am Comment
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1122
#1. Russ Curenton:  The Line of David
Shalom Yair
Re Russ Curenton and the line of David: The Almighty promised David an eternal throne but I think it is inappropriate to assume that it is definitely expressed through British royalty. It may be but we can't know for sure. I believe it is not our place to attempt to identify any earthly occupiers of this crucial throne post the Biblical record. We don't have a biblical mandate to determine who inherits the Davidic throne. All will be revealed at the correct time.

Also to suggest that Judah would have difficulty reuniting with Africans, Hispanics, Asians is redundant. Judah is already mixed with Ethiopians and Arabs and many other races.
Ezekiel 37 mentions 'Judah and his companions' and Ephraim and his companions'. What racial mix this will translate into is for the Almighty to decide and, since He has done it before with the mixed multitude who left Egypt, we should not be surprised at or disrespectful of whatever racial variety this turns out to be.

Blessings - Tessa

Brit-Am Comment:

Both at Brit-Am meetings and elsewhere we see that "Ephraimites" or people who identify at "Ephraimites" include individuals from different races. We have also pointed out and emphasized that as well as the specific groups explained by us as being of probable predominantly Israelite descent there were Hebrews scattered throughout Europe as well as possibly being present amongst other peoples. We also spoke of "Lost Jews" being widely scattered and of the "homing" instinct in our time whereby Israelites gather together from wherever they were dispersed. In other words there is room for they who superficially appear to belong to other peoples to also be considered as of Israelite origin. Alternately they may belong to the non-Israelite stranger who will identify with the Israelite Tribe amongst which he dwells and be accepted as a member of that Tribe (Ezekiel 47:22).
Tewss is right that the final result is for the Almighty to decide.
On the other hand the specific expression of Lost Israel and especially of "Joseph" was achieved amongst the "Anglo" populations. These peoples are to be identified as Joseph and their interests considered those of Joseph.
Anyone who betrays these peoples betrays Israel.

Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.