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Brit-Am Now no. 1122
1. Russ Curenton:  The Line of David
2. Israeli "Brit-Am Now" Subscriber Publishes Book about Star of David
3. Interesting Stained Glass Window
4. US Pressure and Arab Demographics
5. The Hero and Heroine of the Song of Solomon Identified.


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1. Russ Curenton:  The Line of David
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1121
#1. Tessa: British royalty is far from an unbroken genetic line

The promises that most effectively tie the British Monarchy to the line of David are where Hashem promises that David's throne will be an eternal throne.  (Book of Samuel)  Even when the kingdom was taken from Rehoboam, the scriptures say that Hashem kept Judah for the line of David, giving Jeroboam ONLY the northern 10 tribes, so that Hashem's promise of an eternal throne for David's seed would not be broken.

Yes, it's true that the British royal line has not been perfect.  However, even when the House of Stuart was replaced by the House of Hanover (Windsor) the promise was kept, because both Houses were descended from David.

Likewise, the prophecy made at the birth of Pharez and Zarah cannot be fulfilled without including the concept of the British throne being a continuation of David's throne.

And Isaiah 11:13, where it is prophesied that Judah and Ephraim will reunite someday...I really don't see Judah reuniting with Africans, Asians, Hispanics or Arabs.  If two long-lost brothers find each other after a time of separation, they needs must LOOK ALIKE to some degree.  If Isaiah 11:13 is to be fulfilled, Judah must reunite with the "white" people....that means Ephraim!

Short of finding an intact grave from the days of the Patriarchs or the Kingdom, complete with DNA samples that can be matched with a certain people from today, doubters will find a way to ignore things that they don't want to believe...

But as for me, and a lot of others like me, the promises and their fulfillment are as plain as the nose on an elephant's face...

2. Israeli "Brit-Am Now" Subscriber Publishes Book about Star of David
From: zeevveez <>
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1121

Shalom Yair,

Three months after publishing my Hebrew book Magen David Black & White I just published my English book about the pictorial history of the Star of David symbol (64 pages, color, private edition).

Do you think it might interest your readers?

Zeev Barkan


Table of Contents

Current Meaning of the Magen David    6
The legend about the origin of the emblem        7
The Jewish emblem versus the international
emblem  8
Whose emblem is it ?       9
Non-Jewish usage of the six-pointed star    10

Chapter 1 - Before Christian Era
Sumerian Culture     11
Minoan Culture     12
Megiddo    12
Treasure of Nimrud, Iraq     13
Gibeon: Greco-Roman Period    13

Chapter 2 - The first Millenium CE
The Star of Jerusalem; Roman Era     14
Bacchus temple at Baalbek, Lebanon     15
Capernaum; Ein Yael    16
Sufa; Khirbet Carmel; Eastern Orthodox     17
Roglit; Vermand     18
Synagogue of Shura; Mildenhall Treasure     19
Village of El-Makr; Jericho, Israel    20
The Dome of the Rock     21
Damascus; Dome of the Chain      22
Offa King of Mercia     23

Chapter 3 - The second Millenium CE
The Leningrad Codex   24
Cairo Genizah; Cambridge University     25
Raziel's Book; Armenian Church      26
Rachel's Grave in Tiberias; Lalibela    27
Ayyubid Coins; Crusaders' Coins    28
Mamilla-Mamluk Cemetery     29
Prague     30
Sabbioneta     31
David Ganz     32
Aristotle    33
Bury St Edmunds    34
Catholic University of Leuven   35
The Spanish Inquisition periods   36
Before the Expulsion; Kennicott Bible   37
Qait Bey Citadel; Bakhchysaray, Crimea      38
Tarot    39
Moghul Architecture   40
Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent    41
Barbarossa's flag   42
Free Masons    43
Mogador; Jewish Wedding Stones     44
Prince Albert memorial  45
Santa Croce Church in Florence 46

Chapter 4 - The Contemporary Period
Theodor Herzl's newspaper, Die-Welt   47
Zionist Flag In Tel Aviv; Zion Mule Corps     48
Flowers from Jerusalem; Lamel School   49
Messiah's house    50
Bob Marley Graffiti      51
Yellow Badges      52
Jewish Brigade   53
Mormons   54
Anti- Israeli Propaganda    55
In every generation men rise up to destroy us  56
Copyrights and Footnotes   57-64

3. Interesting Stained Glass Window
See the,
The Stained Glass Window of a Synagogue in England (where exactly?)
seen on the cover of a book
Jewish Heritage in England (Paperback)
An Architectural Guide
by Sharman Kadish (Author)

The stained window  (see Illustration) has an interesting design combining
the British Lion and Unicorn with the Ten Commandments and the Star of David.
This design is definitely of "Brit-Am"  type in spirit and a pleasure to see.
The book looks worth obtaining for the picture alone and for all we know contains similar interesting examples of British Tradition in a Hebrew Context (or the opposite; - Hebrew Tradition in a British Context) inside of it.

4. US Pressure and Arab Demographics
From: Charles
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1121
#4. The Scroll, Popular inaccuracies, and Brit-Am Apology on Behalf of Judah
Brit-Am comments, "It should be realized that Jews who live in Israel or identify with Jews in Israel are greatly perturbed by the negative aspect of US policy that is against Jewish settlement in the liberated Land of Israel."

Yair, is it possible the US policy may be doing Israel a favor, and could be God inspired? The rationale behind the question is this. Once a nation gains new territory, forfeiting the gain is often unpalatable. This is more so in Israel's case seeing that the land acquired through conflict belonged to the tribes (Joseph included) of Israel in ancient times. A factor that might be influencing the present government in Israel, aside from US pressure, may bear upon conclusions being drawn by some authorities in Israel. A published view is that (based upon birth, death, and immigration projections) the Arab population within Israel will in twelve short years (by 2020) out-number the Jews, and thereby political superiority will shift. It seems the late Arafat believed the womb was the best weapon for bringing the Jewish state of Israel to an end. If these claims are accurate and remotely possible, then Israel must have a strategy in place to defend against this particular weapon.  One such plan might be an altogether "Jewish state" that (to the degree possible) frees itself of the Palestinian condition, at least within its own borders. While no doubt a number of solutions are on the table, apparently some believe the best defense is the two state solution. If such must actually be, I would suggest a three (versus two) state solution.  Your view is greatly appreciated.


Brit-Am Reply:

None of the Jews want to live with the Arabs. One of the solutions is to divide the Land by means of the Security Wall running down the middle of the country. The idea is that eventually the Arabs being concentrated in one part of the country will be able to rule themselves.
Jews ("settlers") living now in what is considered the "Arab" section according to this idea are interfering with the eventual hermetic division.
Further settlement the argument goes should therefore be discouraged and present settlements if possible dismantled or at least diminished.
The problem is that for security and ecological reasons (scarce water resources with much of the water in aquifers on the West bank) one cannot really divide the Land. Allowing the Arabs greater freedom means letting them harm Jews more than they are doing because that is what freedom means to them.
Also there are already many Jewish settlers in the West Bank on one hand and a majority of Arabs in the Galilee and elsewhere in the pre-1967 section. None of the Arabs want a return to the pre-1967 borders. They want an end to all the Jews and they will fight to achieve it any way they can as soon as they have chance to succeed at it.
This is not a question of forfeiting gain. It is a question of giving up what is rightfully yours and what you need to survive.
The Demographic Menace of the Arabs is mistaken and has been exaggerated by inflated Arab figures.
Jerusalem News-753
#3. Latest Stats: Israel's Demographic Trend is Jewish, Not Arab
Israel NEEDS the west bank. Anyone who says otherwise is condemning Jews to die.
It is not a question of whether or not Jews will die if control of the West Bank is lessened.
It is just a quest of how many?
No-one is doing Israel a favor by pressuring Israel to "make concessions".
They are forcing Israel to make sacrifices of Jewish lives and to put the whole State of Israel in even more danger than it already is in.
This is anti-Semitism.
The Land belongs to the Tribes of Israel.
The Jews are the forerunners of all the Tribes and their RECOGNIZED REPRESENTATIVE IN THE WORLD TODAY.
Anyone who is against Jewish control of any part of the Land of Israel is a traitor to the Israelite Peoples and denier of the Bible.

5. The Hero and Heroine of the Song of Solomon Identified.
The Song of Solomon is called "Shir HaShirim" ("Song of Songs") in Hebrew.
On its simple literal level it is a love song with a few quite explicitly erotic innuendoes.
Rabbinical Tradition explained it to be an allegory of the relationship between the Almighty and the Congregation of Israel.
This explanation does not contradict the theme being a real life love story that actually did happen.
We have seen references to the idea that the hero is the young King Solomon and the heroine Abishag.
In other words this idea has been written of in the past but so far we have not yet seen any actual sources though hope to do so.
Nevertheless a straightforward reading of the text with this idea in mind makes it the most probably solution.
We will write more on this matter in the course of our ongoing Brit-Am Commentary to the Book of Kings where an attempt by the rival of Solomon, Adonijah, to take Abishag for himself  is the next subject to be discussed.

Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.