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Brit-Am Now no. 1111
1. Queries on lefthandedness, the Tribe of Benjamin, and being certain of Israelite Origin
2. Question on Ephraimite Enclaves
3. Were the Fomorians of Ireland Phoenicians?


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1. Queries on lefthandedness, the Tribe of Benjamin, and being certain of Israelite Origin
Julie wrote:

Shalom Yair

We met about 10 years ago in Jerusalem. I was with Rob and Anna.. 
We talked together about the tribes and we purchased a number of 'The Tribes' books. You probably don't remember me but it was a very important time in my life, exploring the possibility that  I might be a descendant of one of the tribes.

I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. I live in England and I am half English and half Belgium. Some of my ancesters  came from France and Holland. A book that I am reading on the study of handwriting called, 'Learn to interpret handwriting' by Patricia  Marne, mentions that there are many countries who believe all left  handed people to be descended from the tribe of Benjamin. I am left  handed, my mother was, as was her father and my son is also left  handed. Have you found any evidence to support this claim? In my  heart, I feel like a descendant of one of the tribes but have no proof.

Hope you have a blessed Purim.


Brit-Am Reply:
Your query raised the matters of
(a) Concerning left-handedness in general and Benjamin
(b) left-handedness and Benjamin
(c) Feeling Like a Descendant of Israel but not being sure

(a) Concerning left-handedness in general and Benjamin
see our commentary to:
In the Commentary we bring a few sources showing that to a degree the incidence of reported left-handedness is a social thing since pressure is put ion left-handed children to use their right hand.
This is especially so in Asian countries where left-handedness is low.
In the west it affects about 10% of children but less of adults.
In Medieval Times in England up to 20% of the population may have been left-handed.
Your Brit-Am Director, Yair Davidiy, is left-handed; none of his children are but one of his grandchildren might be.
See what we wrote elsewhere on [Judges 3:15]
Or perhaps the Benjaminites did not have any more left-handed people than anyone else only they separated them out, put them together, and utilized whatever special-orientational advantages they may or may not have?
I myself am left-handed. They say that statistically left-handed people tend to have a slightly shorter life span, be a little more intelligent, artistic, and sensitive, and have problems with coordination.  They can also be marksmen.

In 1998, a study suggested that approximately 7 to 10 percent of the adult population was left-handed. Studies indicate that left-handedness is more common in males than females.[2] Left-handedness, in comparison to the general population, also appears to occur more frequently in both identical and fraternal twins,[3][4] and several groups of individuals with neurological disorders (such as people with epilepsy,[5] Down's Syndrome,[6] autism,[7] mental retardation[8] and dyslexia). Statistically, the identical twin of a left-handed person has a 76 percent chance of being left-handed, identifying the cause(s) as partly genetic and partly environmental.[9]

Causes of left-handedness

See main article at handedness.
Hand orientation is developed in unborn children, most commonly determined by observing which hand is predominantly licked or held close to the mouth. Current genetic research suggests there is a genetic factor involved.
In 2007, researchers discovered LRRTM1, the first gene linked to increased odds of being left-handed. The researchers also claim that possessing this gene slightly raises the risk of psychotic mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.[10]
Testosterone: Exposure to higher rates of testosterone before birth can lead to a left-handed child...The theory goes on to tie the exposure to higher levels of testosterone and the resultant right-hemisphere dominance to auto-immune disorders, learning disorders, dyslexia, and stuttering, as well as increased spatial ability.

(b) Left-Handedness and Benjamin:

We would not necessarily seek a definite link between Benjamin and left-handedness.
We might however suggest that Benjamin is more sensitive towards the exceptional in people and perhaps more prepared to allow others to develop in their own way.
Benjamin along with Judah is predominant amongst the Jews.
Some traditions suggest that the presence of Benjamin was strong amongst the Ashkenazi (European) Jews especially those of Galicia and what is now Rumania.
In the past we suggested that the Jewish practice of not killing deformed children or backward children may have increased the Jewish IQ.
Ephraimite Forum-7
#1. Could the Key to Success Lie in Reverse Eugenics?
 This suggestion of ours seems to have been confirmed by scientific studies. A discussion is found in the work, "Abraham's Children".

(c) Feeling Like a Descendant of Israel but not being sure
You said:
"In my heart, I feel like a descendant of one of the tribes but have no proof."
No Brit-Am non-Jewish sympathizer or "Ephraimite" really has any proof in the conventional sense of the word.
Nevertheless we can be reasonably certain and a combination of factors may increase our certainty.
Eventually this will change and affirmation will be achieved.
This lack of certainty at present is for a reason.
The Almighty wants us to draw closer to HIM and study HIS word in the Bible, to study what pertinent secular sources we can, and also to draw closer to Judah.
Incidentally you mentioned that you were half-Belgian and half-English. In "The Tribes" you will find indications that many from Benjamin went to Britain (Belgae, Normans, etc) and that Benjamin was especially noticeable in Belgium. God bless you,
Yair Davidiy

2. Question on Ephraimite Enclaves
From: Jill Johnston
 Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1110
#3. Brit-Am Ephraimite Appeal to US Government and other Western Powers
Shalom Yair, on Brit-Am's Ephraimite Appeal I noticed at the bottom...."
The Establishment of Ephraimite Enclaves connected to the State of Israel in neighboring regions."
Is this a change of heart? You have recently stated you did not agree with this.
Also, I thought it interesting that this post was done on Purim which is the Feast of Lots.
The land was divided by lots : )  as stated in Numbers, Joshua & Ezekiel.
blessings, jill


Brit-Am Reply:
We intended "Ephraimite Enclaves" in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Cyprus, etc.
You could also try it in the so-called Palestinian area of the West Bank.
We mean this seriously even though it may sound far-fetched.
The mean point however is to bring Brit-Am "Ephraimite" claims to the attention of the US Government and other governments.

3. Were the Fomorians of Ireland Phoenicians?
#3. Fomorians: According to the Annals of Clonmacnoise, the Fomorians (fogh: Irish, plundering; muir, the sea) were a "sept descended from Cham, son of Noah, who lived by pyracie and spoile of other nations, and were in those days very troublesome to the whole world;" and, according to O'Donovan's "Four Masters," the name "Fomorians" was that given by the ancient Irish to the inhabitants of Finland, Denmark, and Norway; but, according to Connellan, those people are considered to have come from the north of Africa, from a place called Lybia or Getulia, and to have been some of the Fein?or Phoenicians, whose descendants afterwards there founded the city of Carthage; and in Spain the cities of Gahdir or Gades (now Cadiz), and Kartabah (now Cordova). As Sidon in Phoenicia was a maritime city in the time of Joshua, and its people expert navigators; and as the Phoenicians, Sidonians, and Tyrians, in those early ages, were celebrated for their commercial intercourse with Greece, Italy, Gaul, Spain, and Britain, there is nothing whatever improbable in a colony of them having sailed from Africa to Ireland: whose coming from Africa may have led to the belief that they were "descended from Cham (Ham); as their commercial intercourse with other nations may have led to their being considered "pirates." Possibly, then, the Fomorians here mentioned were the Erithneans, who were Phoenicians, and a colony of whom settled in Ireland at a very early period in the world's history. The Fomorians are represented as a race of giants, and were celebrated as having been great builders in stone. They were located principally along the coasts of Ulster and Connaught, mostly in Antrim, Derry, Donegal, Leitrim, Sligo, and Mayo, and had their chief fortress (called Tor Conaing or Conang's Tower) on Tor Inis or the Island of the Tower, now known as "Tory Island," which is off the coast of Donegal; and another at the Giants' Causeway, which in Irish was called Cloghan-na-Fomoraigh or the Causeway of the Fomorians, as it was supposed to have been constructed by this people, who, from their great strength and stature, were, as above mentioned, called giants: hence the term "Giants' Causeway"--a stupendous natural curiosity of volcanic origin, situated on the sea-coast of Antrim, and consisting of a countless number of basaltic columns of immense height, which, from the regularity of their formation and arrangement, have the appearance of a vast work of art; and hence were supposed to have been constructed by giants.