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1. Charlotte Mecklenburg: Faith versus facts?
2. Hosea 8 Updated
Ruchamah: Ephraimite Opposition to Rebuilding the Temple?
4. Tessa: A Fresh Perspective on Joes and Rabbinical Judaism
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1. Charlotte Mecklenburg: Faith versus facts?
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-1065

Some of the thoughts I had when I read your commentary about the II Samuel 20:1 scripture.

It is good to get facts but to many it seems like they are slow coming. But in time it will  happen. However, when it comes to acting upon what God has in mind, he usually doesn't call us to do something because we have all the facts. If we make decisions based on having all the verifiable facts then we quite often are not walking in Faith with God. The 12 spies had all the facts and it became a stumbling block to the people's faith.  They didn't know how to move out with God and do what he wanted them to do. He is the one after all that is behind getting all the tribes back and in harmony with one another. I personally would like to see Judah have a little more faith but that has to be based on God's message and if that is not understood yet, than how can we expect anymore than what we see happening. God has given them the right to rule until his Messiah comes and even then they will still be a governing body, so perhaps they have the rod that God will use but I suspect that their rod will be based on facts from the Word and not on scientific facts that become known.  The scientific facts will be a basis and argument that God will use to prove he was right and knew what he was doing all along. I think we are looking for those good shepherds that God said he would give before the Messiah comes. Jeremiah 3

2. Hosea 8 Updated
Hosea 8
Anti-Jewish attacks by the Romans, Poles, and Germans are
symbolized by the eagle. The chapter starts with Judah then turns to the Ten Tribes though at the second last verse it refers to Judah again and in the last verse to Israel and Judah together. The northern Israelites abandoned the God of Israel and set up their own religion and their own corrupt rulers. The calf of Samaria will be broken in pieces and disaster come upon them. They will be exiled by Assyria and assimilate amongst the Gentiles. Even the Gentiles will not want them and will cast them out. Despite the fact that they will be like Gentiles, God will have mercy on them, forgive them their sins and gather them together. They shall be given a "second" chance in their Place of Exile. They will be addicted to idolatry because they want permission to sin. This will be their undoing. They will have rejected the Bible and treated it as something written for foreigners and not for themselves. Judah will also have sinned and be punished.

3. Ruchamah: Ephraimite Opposition to Rebuilding the Temple?
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-1065

Re: 2. 2-Samuel 20-1
Shalom Yair,
I will agree that there certainly is a rebellion against Rabbinic authority, but imo, we havent seen anything yet: Just wait until the re-establishment of the Levitical priesthood ! You will see unbelievable rebellion. Due to a complete lack of understanding of the Temple and the Priesthood on the part of Ephraimites, the ruckus about to explode will make the bucking against Rabbinic authority seem like small change.
The word *vicious* doesnt even begin to describe most newly-Torah observant believers' reactions to anything having to do with the Levitical priesthood. I would like to encourage everyone on the forum to spend some time at in order to begin to become acquainted with the real deal.
Thanks and shalom,

4. Tessa: A Fresh Perspective on Joes and Rabbinical Judaism
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-1065

Shalom Yair

There is an aspect of the 'vibes' regarding Rabbinic authority Judah feels from Ephraim that have not been aired. Ephraim had no part in developing the rabbinic resources which have formed the backbone of Judaism and so are presented with a fait accompli. This is not to denigrate rabbinic authority but to respect it as the rightful inheritance of Judah.

Folk who have left orthodox christianity may well be very familiar with the text of Torah but were taught that it was not necessary to obey it. Now that we have woken up to the fact that this is not the case, we do not come to Torah in utter ignorance but with a more simplistic understanding. Ephraim's sin was to count Torah 'a strange thing' so it seems reasonable that we be permitted to get to grips with Moses at the point where we left him rather than be expected to take on what looks to us an embellished form.

As regards the disposal of the Land of Israel - ultimately that is in the hands of the Almighty. I suspect no one part of the family has the responsibility of parcelling out the Land but Judah is the rightful occupier until such time as the Father reunites his family.

Blessings - Tessa

5. Blessing of the Twelve Tribes - Interesting Source: Ginzberg
Legends of the Jews
by Louis Ginzberg

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