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Reflections on Brit-Am beliefs Concerning the Ten Tribes and Practical Conclusions.

Option One: Leave it at the Theoretical Level.
Option Two: Do Something About It!!
Grounds for Possible Future Discussion??? Bible Observations.
The Three Rs.
Brit-Am Prioritization.
What Should Joseph (i.e. Members of the Ten Tribes) Do?
Coming to Live in Israel? (a) With Conversion.
Coming to Live in Israel? (b) Without Conversion.
Associations Within the Countries of Origin.
Need to Remember: Continued Denial and Existence of Uncertainty in the eyes of others.


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Reflections on Brit-Am beliefs Concerning the Ten Tribes and Practical Conclusions.

Preliminary Note:
The article below brings up different ideas and considerations.
Do not be surprised to find some of the proposals contradicting each other.

Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes,  Believes that the Ten Lost Tribes  of Israel are now to be found mainly concentrated amongst western peoples.
This is what we concentrate on proving and propagating.
A question that is frequently and often insistently asked is, [Assuming we are correct] What should be done about it???

2.Option One:
Leave it at the Theoretical Level.
The relevant knowledge is worth knowing.  There is much to learn.
It can change the entire perspective of belief and life-style.
It is a powerful message.
Perhaps that is enough for the present??

3.Option Two:
Do Something About It!!
Many feel that some  practical course of action should be initiated and sustained in light of Brit-Am Knowledge and inner recognition of its truth.

4.Grounds for Possible Future Discussion??? Bible Observations.
In the End Times Judah and Joseph will no longer be two separate peoples but rather one nation ruled by one ruler (Isaiah 11, Ezekiel 37).
This however will happen in the End Times at the time of the Messiah son of David.
Prior to that  the Ten Tribes will have been lead by a leader of their own often referred to as the Messiah son of Joseph.
Even after the Final Re-Unification each Tribe will dwell alone in its OWN territory in the Land of Greater Israel (Ezekiel 47).
Every individual family will have had their Tribal affiliation made known to them by Divine Sanction (Malachi 3;3;  Talmud, Kiddushin 70;a)
The Bible describes the Return of the Ten Tribes as:
Involving the whole people, altogether; not individuals or isolated families but the whole of the nations concerned (Ezekiel 39:28).

It would seem that at first the Ten Tribes settle mainly along the outskirts of the Promised land, in Lebanon, Gilead (Syria and Jordan),
Bashan (Zechariah 10:10,  Micah 7:14), and later on the mountains of Ephraim (Jeremiah 31:6).

Should not any proposed plan of action take cognizance of these Biblical passages?

These days if an Israelite converts to Judaism they in effect become part of Judah.
This may be the way to go for those who feel a strong inner calling in that direction.
It would not however seem to be a solution applicable to all Israelites.
In fact indications are that the Ten Tribes will be "Notsrim" (Christians) up unto after their return, or shortly before it (Jeremiah 31:6, Hebrew : Notsrim).
We do not know all the changes that will be required in religious belief and practice though Scripture indicates that some will be required.
When these changes will have to be effected is not clear.
We do not have to know at this stage.
We are all still in the learning process so let us get on with the learning.
Why create Controversy when there is no need for it and it may be counter-productive?

5.The Three Rs.
Brit-Am Emphasizes the Three Rs: Research, Recognition, Reconciliation.
The Brit-Am attitude would seem to be the correct one in Biblical Terms.
Perhaps however it should be formulated in the form of a creed?
Maybe the possibility should exist for some formal obligations to be taken??

6.Brit-Am Prioritization:
Brit-Am Considers the following points to be PRIORITIES:
Belief in the Hebrew Bible regardless of other considerations.
Belief in the Ten Tribes being now mainly amongst Western Peoples.

[An inner recognition may or may not be valid but at all events it is not sufficient. Support of the necessary studies in this generation could verge on religious obligation.]

What will happen in the future we can leave to the future.

At present Jews should remain Jewish and if anything be encouraged to be more fervent in their adherence to Judaism.
Knowledge of Brit-Am Research Findings should also be imparted to Judah.
The overall mass of the Ten Tribes should receive the message:
 It should not be enough to content ourselves with only a select few who may have seen the light!

7.What Should Joseph (i.e. Members of the  Tribes) Do?
The same as above:
 [Belief in the Bible, A Lifestyle of Biblical Values, Support  Brit-Am Research and Outreach Efforts, a pro-Jewish (and Israel) attitude combined with patriotic loyalty to own group]
All of the above might seem a lot but many consider it insufficient.

In the past attempts to create individual chapters of Brit-Am though at first somewhat successful quickly folded up.
They either closed down or reverted to groupings of Christian groups who had been instrumental in setting them up in the first place.
Nevertheless some form of Fellowship could be attempted again.

9.Coming to Live in Israel?
(a) With Conversion.
Brit-Am is not enthusiastic about the  option of coming to Israel unless those concerned formally convert to Judaism.
They could set up their own associations to facilitate the process along with making the before and after effects somewhat easier.
This however is NOT a solution for those who have problems of belief.
Nor is it an answer on a large scale.
We once made a proposal along such lines but response was very limited.
Also Brit-Am would not be able to become overduly involved (if at all) in any such enterprise.
To get it organized would probably require a very dedicated and specially qualified personage such as may not be available.

10.Coming to Live in Israel?
(b) Without Conversion.
This to our mind is impractical and is liable to cause problems.
There are however Brit-Am sympathizers and associates who have tried this path as individual families.
The results have been mixed.
Most seem to have been not so successful but do not regret the experience.
In the State of Israel today there are hundreds of thousands of  Russian immigrants who technically are not Jewish.
There are also thousands of Christians from Western Countries and others.
Somehow or other they all get by, more or less.
Every rule has its exceptions.
Brit-Am however is against any solution that is not consistent with Orthodox Judaism.
More Bible belief and knowledge may be needed.

11. Associations Within the Countries of Origin.
This may be the best solution.
Small beginnings are sometimes the best ones.

12. Need to Remember:
Continued Denial and Existence of Uncertainty in the eyes of others.
If  Brit-Am Beliefs are true then research will eventually prove them even in the eyes of the sceptics.
Even If you believe in something like Brit-Am Beliefs you still need to confirm them.
Confirming the belief involves study as well as enhanced, and ongoing endeavor to further enhance, Biblical Consciousness and appropriate life-style.

rather than doctrinal declarations.

It will be noted however that our preferences at present are along the lines of Fellowship within present places of origin.
This would seem most consistent with Biblical Indications and practical considerations.

Fellowships could be combined perhaps with frequent trips and links with the Land of Israel.

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