Jerusalem News Nos. 301 to 330

Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 08:35:42 +0200

Jerusalem News-301
1. Sites worth viewing
2. American Olympic Champion
3. Quotation (supplied by Joan Griffin)
4. BC is off again
5. Redemption Through Love and Faith by Rabbi Dov Begon

1. Sites worth viewing
A pro-Israel British site Worth Viewing:

2. American Olympic Champion
"I was really depressed because I thought I ruined everything with the vault. I was thinking, maybe I could win a bronze, but only maybe."
PAUL HAMM, who rallied for a gold medal in gymnastics.
"It was one of the most amazing performances ever," said Peter Vidmar, who won a silver medal in the all-around for the United States in 1984. "I don't know what to compare it to. To make a mistake like he did, then salvage his night and come back to win it all, I just can't believe it."

3. Quotation (supplied by Joan Griffin)
The farther backward you can look the farther forward you are likely to see. -Sir Winston Churchill

4. BC is off again
After the OAH meeting in Boston in March you were probably too exhausted to go to another history conference held in Sacramento in April. Don't worry. What you missed was the chance to attend a convention of Holocaust deniers, dubbed as the "revisionist event of the year." The flier we received bragged that "the stellar line-up of speakers" is "already generating a lot of interest and 'buzz,' and the 'traditional enemies' are taking note." Fifteen speakers were scheduled, some coming from overseas, including, from Germany, one "Horst Mahler, author and attorney." They even managed to get a speaker from Israel, somebody named Barry Chamish. Who, we wondered, is Barry Chamish? Of course, he has a website. Among his preoccupations: that John Kerry had a Jewish grandfather and claims he didn't know it! "Ask yourself, do you know anyone who doesn't know his father's religious background?"; that the American government bankrolled an operation to x-ray Israeli kids in 1948 for ringworm at the alleged cost, in current dollars, of $50 billion ("Needless to ask, was the American government so concerned about ringworm in Israeli immigrant children that it paid $50 billion to treat the fungus?"). And so on. Chamish claims to be concerned with the fate of Israel, but if he is why is he hanging out with people like the aforementioned Horst Mahler, who has been identified by the Jewish Press as "one of the founders of the Baader-Meinhof terrorist group" who later escaped to Lebanon and "received guerilla warfare and terrorist training from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)"?

Barry Chamish said:
<<I know what I can prove, good luck to him finding one word that hints I
deny the Holocaust.>>
"guess who I'm suing"

Answer: BC does not deny the Holocaust. He only says that the Jews in Israel were just as much to blame as the SS.
He also blames the British as well as the Zionist Jews. In some ways this is worse than denying it.
He also does not like Winston Churchill and Rabbi Avraham Kook (one of the greatest people who ever lived). When BC does not like somebody it means he is going to categorically declare
that they are almost the same as devil worshippers.
Of course according to BC the good old Rothschilds are behind everything (who else?).
Anyone who was any good in this world is not liked by Barry Chamish
who falsely accused a Yemenite youth now in prison (and with no means to defend himself)
of homosexual rape and an Israeli religious leader
of murdering his parents-in-law.
And we have the British Freemasons behind it all. What would we do with them?

What has this got to do with Brit-Am?
Nothing and Everything. BC has never ever (yet) said anything bad about me personally
though he did threaten to "fight back" whatever that means.
Even when he criticized Brit-Am he called us by the wrong name.
I met him a few times and accompanied Rabbi Feld on a visit to his home
where I gave him a copy of "The Tribes". We also quoted him here and there until realizing
who we were dealing with.
Some supporters of BC are friends of ours. Also quite a few of our subscribers are friends of BC
whose writings (like all conspiracy literature) have a kind of pornographic appeal for some people.

This is why we are writing. He misleads people who otherwise would not be mislead.
Good people who otherwise would never look at anti-Semitic diatribes, anti-British or anti-American literature
will read Barry Chamish and then write me letters with requests such as:
"Is this True? I cannot believe it. Tell me it is not
It is not. If BC wrote it do not believe it. At the least check it out elsewhere.

Redemption Through Love and Faith
by Rabbi Dov Begon
Arutz Sheva

On the third of Elul, in 1935, that great lover of Israel, Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaKohen Kook, passed away. He merited that his enormous, benevolent and loving soul brought light to our generation and to future generations, with love and faith.

Abraham, father of our nation and of many others as well, was called by G-d, "Abraham My beloved." (Isaiah 41:8) He was the first and the greatest of all believers. "Abraham believed in G-d, and G-d counted it as righteousness." (Genesis 15:6) Abraham's love and faith found concrete expression through "the souls that he saved at Charan." (12:5) Abraham converted the men and Sarah converted the women. They also found expression through the manifold kind deeds he performed, whether it was hospitality to guests, caring for orphans or giving his fellow man the benefit of the doubt. Thus it says, "You granted kindness to Abraham." (Michah 7:20)

Abraham's love and faith penetrated the spiritual gardens of the Jewish People, and we inherit them in each generation. Every Jew has the love and faith he inherited from his ancestors.

Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaKohen Kook viewed himself as a servant of his people and his land, and as a guide to his and future generations living in this most complex and complicated era, that of the transition from exile to redemption. Ours is the generation of the rebirth, a generation in which there is much light, but much shadow as well. This period may be compared to the dawn, when light and darkness coexist.

Through our increasing our love and faith, may we be privileged to see with our own eyes how G-d "brings a redeemer to our children's children for the sake of His name, with love."

"And I will bless them that bless you" (Genesis 12:15).


Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2004 11:10:38 +0200

Jerusalem News-302
1. Arutz Sheva News Friday
3. Olympic Games Results: A Brit-Am Perspective
4. Israelis are Happy With Life
5. Justice

1. Arutz Sheva News Friday
August 20, 2004 / Elul 3, 5764
Israel is celebrating Arik Ze'evi's winning of a bronze medal in Judo yesterday at the 2004 Olympic games in Athens. Ze'evi, 27, who was named after the Prime Minister, is from the Pardes Katz neighborhood of Bnei Brak.

Israel's Judo champion Ze'evi lost a match earlier in the day to an opponent from South Korea - costing him a chance for the gold medal. Ze'evi went on to defeat opponents from Cameroon and France in the semi-final and final of the secondary group, taking the bronze medal against a Dutch opponent and finishing the day with five wins and one loss.

"I couldn't imagine this could really happen," Ze'evi told Voice of Israel Radio following his win. "I tried to imagine how it would feel, but it does not compare." Ze'evi added that although he was under intense pressure to succeed on behalf of Israel, he greatly appreciated the outpouring of support from his fellow Israelis, many of whom were on hand to cheer him on.

Ze'evi's bronze medal is the fifth in Israel's Olympic history. In 1992, in Barcelona, Yael Arad and Oren Smadja - a relative of Ze'evi - won silver and bronze medals respectively in the Judo competition. In 1996, Gal Friedman won a bronze medal for windsurfing, and in 2000, Michael Kolganov won a bronze medal for kayaking.

American diplomats and US congressmen visiting in Syria this week appealed to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad to pull his occupation troops out of Lebanon. Some consider this call nothing more than a Zionist plot.

Vincent Battle, the US Ambassador to Beirut, was quoted this week in the Lebanese daily An-Nahar as saying that it was "time the Syrian army withdrew from Lebanon," and that only such a Syrian withdrawal would return complete sovereignty to Lebanon. The American legislators also reiterated the need for a Syrian withdrawal, saying they would take the issue directly to Assad.

The Lebanese English-language Daily Star reported, "Official [Syrian] media reports overlooked the issue of the Syrian presence here, in their account of discussions between Assad and a delegation of US congressmen in Damascus over the weekend." The paper reported that the "official Syrian news agency, SANA... said that the congressmen only discussed repercussions of the war in Iraq on neighboring states, and bilateral dialogue between Syria and the United States."

The apparent US concern for Lebanese independence was mocked by Lebanese officials, regarded as Syrian appointees in any case. Parliamentary Speaker Nabih Berri expressed skepticism about "US sentimentality for the Arab region." Akkar MP Mikhail Daher said that the congressmen were "trying to please the Zionist lobby," the Daily Star reported. Sunni Grand Mufti Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Qabbani also condemned the statements, calling them the "latest proof of a US-Zionist war against Islam."

The largest international body outside the United Nations, the 115-member Non-Aligned Movement, passed a series of anti-Israel resolutions last night. Among them is a call for action "to decline entry to Israeli settlers" - i.e., the 450,000 Jewish residents of areas liberated in the Six Day War such as eastern and northern Jerusalem, Gush Etzion, Ariel, and the Golan. In addition, the nations resolved to call for action towards imposing sanctions against entities involved in the construction of Israel's anti-terrorism partition.

The nations wishing to impose these measures are located in Africa, South America and Asia. Convening this week in South Africa, they also resolved to turn to the UN for stronger measures against Israel for building the anti-terror partition. Jerusalem has not yet commented on the resolutions.
The Moslem Waqf plans to remove another few thousand tons of dirt dug up in the course of its illegal construction/destruction work on the Temple Mount. The dirt contains ancient remnants from the Temple Mount, and the leaders of the Committee to Prevent the Destruction of Temple Mount Antiquities will meet on Sunday with Antiquities Authority Chairman Shuka Dorfman to counter this intention. In the past, the Waqf has received permits from the Prime Minister's Office and the Public Security Ministry to remove dirt of this nature.

It is well-known that the Moslem goal is to erase all vestiges of Jewish presence on the Temple Mount, Judaism's most sacred site in the world. Islamic Movement leader Israeli-Arab Sheikh Raed Salah has said that the "use of the Temple Mount is exclusively a Moslem Arab Palestinian right," adding, "There never was any First or Second Temple in the vicinity of the Mosque." Archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar has told Arutz-7 that the Waqf's objective is to turn "the entire Temple Mount compound into a large mosque, with absolutely no Jewish, Christian or other presence there. The archaeology there absolutely does not interest them; they merely want to cover up all signs of Jewish history there."

In the first seven months of this year, 821,800 tourists entered Israelan increase of 58 percent compared to the same period last year, and 74 percent higher than the same period in 2002. Of this number, 88.6 percent arrived by air, while 91,300more than double the same-period figure of last yeararrived by land. Eilat was the landing point of 26,600 air visitorsmore than double compared to last year's numbers. Tourism Minister Gideon Ezra, who took over from National Union Knesset (Parliament) Member Benny Elon two months ago, expressed satisfaction at the figures, and noted that an estimated 1.4 million tourists are forecast to visit Israel this year.
(Arutz Sheva, August 18, 2004)

3. Olympic Games Results: A Brit-Am Perspective

ATHENS 2004 Medals

Aug/21/2004 (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
1 USA United States 19 15 12
2 CHN China 18 13 10
3 JPN Japan 12 5 5
4 AUS Australia 11 6 10
5 GER Germany 9 7 11
6 RUS Russia 6 13 14
7 FRA France 6 7 7
8 ITA Italy 6 6 5
9 UKR Ukraine 6 2 3
10 KOR Korea 5 10 4

Brit-Am Perspective: Three Nations in which Israelites descendants were prominent
(USA, Australia, France) are in the top 10. The USA has the best results on an absolute
basis while Australia has done the best considered her relative population, i.e. per capita.
france is almost as good as Germany when allowance is taken for her lower population.
The future opponents of Israel occupy all the other spots:
Nations in which Edom is prominent amongst the ruling classes and elite elements (Japan, Germany,
Italy, maybe Ukraine) are all up there amongst the leaders. China, Korea, Russia, the Ukraine
will also be present amongst the forces of Gog and Magog. At least they are keeping healthy.

4. Israelis are Happy With Life
The poll was based on interviews with 7,200 Israelis older than 20.

According to the study, 81% of Israel’s citizens are happy with their lives, with 52% believing that the future will be even better.

The poll examined the degree of religious identification in the Israeli public as well, finding that 6% of Israelis considers themselves Hareidi-religious, 9% observant, 13% traditional-observant, 27% traditional-non-observant, and 46% secular.

In the area of employment and family relations, 83% of those employed are happy with their jobs and 95% are happy with their family relationships.

A comparable poll carried out by Harris Interactive and featured in the Washington Times, found 59% of Americans to be happy with their lives.

5. Justice



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"And I will bless them that bless you" (Genesis 12:15).


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Jerusalem News-303
1. Goths in Ukraine
2. Arutz Sheva News Wednesday,
3. Arutz Sheva News Thursday
4. Arutz Sheva News Friday
Roadside Bomb Exlodes Beneath Public Bus
5. Oil Prices Zoom towards Possible $50 per Barrel by Winter
6. EU Bankrolls PLO Enemies of Israel
7. The Bible Odyssey on Israeli Stamps

1. Goths in Ukraine
Archeologists find Goth settlement
Big News Tuesday 17th August, 2004
Archeologists working near the Ukrainian village of Voitenki have found a large ancient Goth settlement, Novosti reported Monday.
The site, located in the Kharkov region, indicates Goths lived alongside Slavs 17 centuries ago, ICTV channel reported.
A large amount of coins, jewelry and fragments of Roman glass cups prove Goth aristocrats and their servants lived in the settlement, said Mikhail Lyubichev, assistant professor in the history department of Kharkov University.
Lyubichev and his colleagues also found a massive potter's wheel covered with bronze.
He said the settlement is one of the largest of the so-called Kingdom of Germanarika.

2. Arutz Sheva News Wednesday,
Aug. 25, 2004 / Elul 8, 5764
Windsurfing champion Gal Friedman won a gold medal in the Athens Olympics today - Israel's first gold medal in Olympic history. It was Israel's second medal this year, after Judoka Arik Ze'evi won a bronze last week. Friedman, from Pardes Hanna-Karkur, also made history by becoming Israel's first athlete to win two Olympic medals; he won a bronze medal in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

Friedman had to finish his last race three places ahead of his closest competitor, Ricardo Santos of Brazil, in order to win the gold. He finished in second place, and when he turned around and saw Santos way behind - Santos ultimately finished 17th, and did not win even the bronze medal - he took out the Israeli flag he takes on all his races and began celebrating. Nearby, the Israeli team began singing HaTikvah, Israel's unofficial national anthem - which will be played for the first time at an Olympic event at 8 PM tonight when Friedman is awarded the gold medal.

Friedman explained afterwards that his strategy was to stay close to the Brazilian, even at the expense of falling behind: "It wasn't enough for me to beat him; I had to win by three places. He was trying to stay even with me, so I 'dragged' him to stay back and then I started to pull ahead; he kept thinking only about staying even with me, but then when he fell behind, he lost himself; it shows how tricky this is..." He said he received "great energy" from the support he experienced from Israel, on the internet and in the newspapers: "I feel, literally, as if I had a whole country pushing me from behind." Gal, which means 'wave' in Hebrew, said, "I expressed confidence the whole way, not because I am arrogant, but because I really had the confidence, and I knew that without confidence I couldn't win."

El Al will not fly on the Sabbath. Chief Rabbi Yonah Metzger told Arutz-7 last night that he had met yesterday with the future head of El Al Israel Airlines, Prof. Izzy Borovitch, and that Borovitch told him that El Al had decided not to fly on Shabbat even after the company becomes privatized.

"I am happy that El Al was responsive to the desires of the religious community," Rabbi Metzger said, adding that he was pleased to note that Borovitch appeared to be motivated not only by financial considerations, but also out of appreciation for the Jewish Sabbath.

3. Arutz Sheva News Thursday
August 26, 2004 / Elul 9, 5764
The Antiquities Authority revealed yesterday two extraordinary findings in the Tel Bareket archaeological dig near Modiin: A large Jewish village from the Second Temple period, and a Canaanite city from the period between Noah and Abraham.

"This is one of the most unique sites ever dug in Israel," Antiquities Authority sources told Maariv. Some ten archaeologists and 250 workers took part in the unprecedented dig, which took place over a large area that was divided into two parts. In one area, diggers discovered housing units, mikvaot [ritual baths], a water canal and reservoir system, yards, streets, agricultural findings, and coins from the Hasmonean period and later. In the second area, a large and well-fortified city from close to 5,000 years ago was found.

4. Arutz Sheva News Friday
Roadside Bomb Exlodes Beneath Public Bus
The number 160 bus was travelling from Jerusalem south to Kiryat Arba and Hevron when shortly after the Gush Etzion junction a roadside bomb was detonated beneath it. The explosion occurred near El Arub, twenty-five minutes south of Jerusalem. The bomb exploded, heavily damaging the bus but failed to injure any passengers.

The segment of highway 60 between the Okfim and Gush Etzion junctions was closed following the attack to allow security forces to inspect the area for further explosive charges.

Yet another Kassam rocket landed within Israel's pre-1967 border this evening, slamming into an open field between Kibbutz Kfar Aza and Kibbutz Sa’ad. No injuries were reported.

5. Oil Prices Zoom towards Possible $50 per Barrel by Winter
DEBKAfile Special Financial Report
August 3, 2004, 9:52 AM (GMT+02:00)
Oil prices touched another all time high of $44 per barrel in trading on Monday, August 2.

Russia is the second oil exporter in the world, after Saudi Arabia. Fears surrounding the fate of the embattled oil giant have been forcing oil prices higher for some weeks, adding to the squeeze created by increasing demand, especially from United States, and the burgeoning Chinese economy. Demand traditionally rises ahead of winter as stocks are replenished to meet heating needs. But the real squeeze in the oil market is caused by tight supply.

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, the world cartel known as OPEC, is already pumping its highest output in a quarter of a century to meet growing demand. Its leading member, Saudi Arabia, has raised production by one million barrels a day to arrest a spiral that could curb the world’s economic growth. Accounting for about half of the world’s oil product, OPEC’s official price band is $22-28 for a basket of crude. But cartel members have already hit almost 95% of their collective capacity by pumping 26 million bpd.

Immediate prospects for prices to level out are not good. The threat of sabotage hangs over Saudi infrastructure, including pipelines. The Iraqi oil industry, which exported 1.5 barrels per day in July, remains an uncertain factor given the state of security in the country. Other big oil players like Venezuela, Nigeria and Norway are also in the grip of unrest and strikes.

A new factor that could have a harmful effect on oil prices is the possible imposition of UN sanctions on another major world producer, Iran, which is steadily progressing towards a nuclear weapons capability. The United States is preparing to present next month’s International Atomic Energy Agency board meeting in Vienna with a demand to complain to the UN Security Council about Iran’s violations and demand sanctions. Tehran indicated Monday, August 2, that the Islamic Republic was not dismayed by the threat and was capable of riding out sanctions. However, a penalty such as the oil-for-food sanctions imposed on Saddam Hussein would further stifle world oil production and push prices up further.

But even if all the existing negative factors persist into the winter, most analysts predict oil could go as high as $50 a barrel.

How would the world economy be affected if oil price remained above $40?

The real price of oil (adjusted for inflation) is still around half the level of the early 1980's. Even so, any price level above $40 would be detrimental. It would slow American growth by 0.5 pc and add 0.7pc to American inflation. Japan, which relies entirely on imported oil, could see its GDP growth reduced by 1 pc. The sharpest pinch would be felt by the American voter. Because gasoline is taxed, the American motorist would suffer more than car owners in other countries.

6. EU Bankrolls PLO Enemies of Israel
Arafat: They're after Me and My Money
DEBKAfile's Special Report
February 18, 2004, 5:09 PM (GMT+02:00)
For Arafat, cash only

Palestinian prime minister Ahmed Qureia (Abu Ala) has been engaged in a last ditch attempt to rescue the European aid program to the Palestinians from total cutoff. Palestinian Authority's coffers, which depend on foreign handouts for 60 percent of their revenues, are depleted. American aid is already lost, since Washington vowed (as DEBKAfile reported exclusively last year) not to give the Palestinians a red cent until they hand over the killers of three CIA security men murdered in a roadside explosion in the Gaza Strip on October 15.

Now, the Americans are pushing hard for Europe to follow suit. The European Union is nonetheless continuing to pay the salaries of about 100,000 Palestinian Authority officials and security officers, but it has posed a key proviso: donations will no longer be handed over in cash to the PA an invitation to the corrupt practices besetting Palestinian government - but transferred directly into the individual payees’ banks accounts. Palestinian officials with no bank accounts will get no paychecks. Thus complete transparency will be assured. However, the Palestinian Authority shorn of its dollar and euro revenues cannot survive. Ironically, Israel continues to make its regular shekel remittances to the PA, a leftover from its undertakings under the defunct Oslo peace accords. This comes nowhere near covering the PA’s budgetary shortfall.

Yasser Arafat and the heads of his Fatah faction and Tanzim militia predictably turned down the European proviso, and no wonder: a) To open an account and draw funds from the bank, Palestinian security men will have to show identification; b) they can no longer be forced by their commanders and Arafat to engage in terrorists activities in order to feed their families. As PA officers, they will receive their paychecks directly from the EU.

7. The Bible Odyssey on Israeli Stamps
worth viewing

"And I will bless them that bless you" (Genesis 12:15).


Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 22:06:18 +0200

Jerusalem News-304
2. The Spy Accusations - Damage Done
3. Arutz Sheva News Tuesday,
4. Haaretz: mass murder in the south of Israel
5. Terrorist Strike in New York: Unreported?

From: David Ben-Ariel <>
Subject: Israel to the rescue

Dear friends,

I believe there is no doubt at all that Iran is in the final stages of completing its military nuclear capabilities. You may have seen the news clips of Iran parading its long range missiles and rockets which are within range of Tel Aviv.

I am confident you all realize that nuclear bombs in the possession of the fundamentalist Iranian Muslim regime, which is not hiding its support of international Islamic terrorism, including such groups as Hizballah, is an imminent and extremely dangerous scheme.

Incidentally, it was reported yesterday by Israel’s 2nd TV Channel News that Hizballah is now accountable for 78% of Palestinian terrorism in Judea and Samaria. The Arab-Palestinians are thus widening and internationalizing the scope of their terrorism and their ultimate plan of annihilating Israel.

Some experts predict that Iran can be nuclear-capable within ten (10) months. This is the context and the scope of the crisis and the backdrop of the war in Iraq.

Friends, before attacking President Bush, how many of you understand that Iraq is intended as a buffer between Iran and the rest of the Middle East?

You can bet your life that the next President of the USA, whoever he may be, will have to deal with this looming threat within his first term in office. If you agree with me that “negotiations” with Iran is an unattainable fantasy, that at best it might merely postpone the inevitable for a short while, just so that Iran can use the time to consolidate its preparations even further, you belong to those who understand the situation as well as the Middle East. It might also influence your choice of President in November. I know who I am voting for.

Some of my US friends console themselves by offering the following scenario: We are not worried, so they say; Israel will have to react, as it did in Iraq in 1981, and will take out Iran’s nuclear reactor. The US will tacitly acquiesce and will offer Israel the necessary diplomatic protection. The world will secretly rejoice, including some Arab countries, while condemning Israel’s “aggression” and its protector, The Great Satan, but after a few months, Israel’s “flagrant violation of international law” will be forgotten…

If the above scenario is probable, I am in strong opposition to it. It is high time for the western world to take control and responsibility for Islamic aggression and stop the reliance on tiny Israel to do the dirty job for it.

The USA, Europe and Asia must openly support Israel’s needs. The more moderate Arab countries, including the new Iraq, must be coerced to fully join in with the West in its quest against fundamental Islam. All must drop the smoke screen of the “Palestinian” issue and start facing the real crisis.

The Arab-Palestinians must be told to be content with their already existing Palestinian state of Jordan.

No other viable solution exists. Everybody knows it, and any further delays just perpetuate the nearly 60 years’ old on going charade.

Israel can indeed help, as it has always done, but it should do so only as a full and equal partner, in the open. The world deserves Israel’s intervention only if it accepts a strong and viable Israel, stops vilifying it, and agrees to a defendable long lasting solution to the Middle East conflict.

Any other solution is a smoke screen, a fallacy, a delusion, that serves only one purpose: A deferment of the obligatory solution to a time in the future when a resolution will prove exponentially more difficult whilst the Iranian nuclear missiles are ready on their launchers to be fired.

Your Truth Provider,
Yuval Zaliouk

2. The Spy Accusations - Damage Done
From: HonestReporting <>
Subject: The Spy Accusations - Damage Done

Communique: 29 August 2004 [View this article online]


Dear HonestReporting Subscriber,

[]On Friday (Aug. 27), CBS News' Leslie Stahl reported in dramatic fashion that the FBI is investigating whether a Pentagon official provided classified information about U.S. policy toward Iran to the government of Israel, via the pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC. CBS sources indicated that the 'suspected mole' was 'working at the highest levels of the Pentagon.' CBS went so far to suggest that the issue raises a broader, more damning question: 'Did Israel also use the analyst to try to influence U.S. policy on the War in Iraq?' (see CBS video)

This CBS bombshell set off a landslide of media reports Saturday (Aug. 28), some giving the false impression that allegations of Israeli espionage in the Pentagon were substantiated. For example, the Melbourne Herald Sun announced in their headline: 'Israel spy found at Pentagon,' then went on to declare unequivocally, 'An Israeli spy has been uncovered at the highest levels of the Pentagon, the FBI confirmed last night...'

Though both AIPAC and the Israeli government have vehemently denied any such covert activity in the U.S., the media damage has in many ways already been done. Former Mossad chief Uzi Arad acknowledged that despite Israel's complete non-involvement in the matter, the affair already 'has taken on a proportion that is damaging to us and to the United States.'

Yet at the time of this communique, the whole matter is beginning to look, as Maariv puts it, like 'a surfeit of hype forced into bed with a paucity of fact.' The suspected Pentagon figure, Larry Franklin, is not a 'high level' operative (as CBS originally reported), but rather a desk officer in the Defense Department's Near East and South Asia Bureau. (Franklin also is not Jewish.) A senior Bush administration figure told the press that

from what we know, Larry Franklin looks more like an incompetent fool way out of his depth than a spy. He apparently passed on some papers to Israel without realizing the ramifications of his actions... Another senior source said that Israel did not need Franklin's information. Israel's contacts with high-level officials are such that a phone call to the US would have been sufficient to elicit the information.

Given the fact that the FBI investigation into Franklin has been underway for over a year, one wonders why the leak to the press at this time, before even any formal charges have been made? The Jerusalem Council for Public Affairs noted today an altogether plausible reason internal US conflicts:

Both the CIA and the FBI are fighting a "battle for survival" after repeated U.S. commissions have attacked them for failing to prevent 9/11. Israel, according to Amir Oren (Ha'aretz), has been caught in a crossfire between these agencies and their Pentagon rivals.

It should be recalled that following a similar accusation in the late 1990s, CIA Director George Tenet found the charges baseless and wrote Israel a letter of apology.

As the 'Franklingate' affair plays out over the course of this week, HonestReporting urges subscribers to scrutinize their local media outlets for factual reporting. Though the initial smear against the State of Israel has taken its toll, media monitors should insist that journalists stick to the facts on this highly sensitive affair from here on in.

Thank you for your ongoing involvement in the battle against media bias.


3. Arutz Sheva News Tuesday,
August 31, 2004 / Elul 14, 5764
A suicide bombing attack was prevented at the Erez Crossing in northern Gaza early this morning. An alert female soldier - 20-year-old Michal Eliyahu of Jerusalem - suspected one particular Arab, among the thousands who pass through daily, because he "looked at me strangely. I had never seen him before, and he looked at me with raised eyebrows, and then tried to avoid my gaze." Michal called him over for an extra check, but he tried to ignore her. He finally came over, and when she saw that his entry pass had expired three years ago, she called over her commander. Within seconds, he stood the terrorist against a wall, trained his weapon on him, and told him to remove his shirt. The terrorist at that point admitted that he had "something" - an explosive device - in his pants. The explosive was later safely detonated, and the would-be mass-murderer was taken into custody. Defense Minister Mofaz said that while the terrorists have not been successful of late, their motivation to perpetrate attacks has not decreased.

4. Haaretz: mass murder in the south of Israel
last Update: 31/08/2004 22:37
16 dead in twin suicide attacks on Be'er Sheva buses []
[]Sixteen people, including a 3-year-old boy, were killed and about 100 others were wounded Tuesday afternoon in near-simultaneous suicide attacks on two buses in the southern city of Be'er Sheva.
[]Hamas claimed the attacks, the first suicide bombings inside Israel in five months.
The IDF believes that the military wing of Hamas in Hebron is behind the attack. The current local head of the organization, Ahmed Kwasame, was responsible for the attempted attack at the Kafit cafe in Jerusalem two months ago.
Palestinian militants haven't carried out a suicide bombing inside Israel since March 14, when 11 people were killed in the port city of Ashdod.

Earlier Tuesday, Israel Defense Forces soldiers caught a Palestinian man carrying an explosives belt as he tried to cross into Israel from the Gaza Strip. Be'er Sheva is 25 miles east of Gaza City.

5. Terrorist Strike in New York: Unreported?
DEBKAfile - We start where the media stop
Nov. 13, 2001 Air Crash over New York Was Work of Al Qaeda Suicide, Says Canadian Intelligence
DEBKAfile Special Report
August 30, 2004, 10:30 PM (GMT+02:00)

According to a top secret Canadian government report, the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York, had a sequel two months later. On November 13, 2001, American Airlines flight 587 crashed over Queens, New York, shortly after takeoff from JFK killing all 265 people aboard. A captured al-Qaeda operative, Mohammed Mansour Jabarah, told Canadian intelligence investigators that a Montreal man who trained in Afghanistan alongside the 9/11 hijackers was responsible, using a small shoe bomb similar to the one used by convicted shoe bomber Richard Reid for his “suicide mission.” He named Abderraouf Jdey, a Canadian citizen known also as “Farouk the Tunisian.”

This is reported in Canada’s National Post

Asked for a comment, US National Transportation Safety Board spokesman, Ted Lopatkiewicz, still insisted there was no evidence of anything other than an accident (in the plane crash over Queens.) It appears, at least the evidence we have, is that a vertical fin came off, not that there was any kind of event in the cabin.”

The same kinds of claims were made officially three years ago too. Yet on November 15, 2001 DEBKAfile’s counter-terror sources maintained that the downing of Flight 587 was the work of terrorists:

The Information accumulating opens up the possibilities of a bomb having been planted near the tail of the Airbus, or a suicide bomber blowing himself up in the rear of the aircraft. The plane came down shortly after taking off for the Dominican Republic from John F. Kennedy International airport. Another scenario under investigation is that a surface-to-air missile was fired from a boat in Jamaica Bay near the airport.

According to DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources, a number of people linked to Al Qaeda in New York behaved suspiciously several hours before the crash; some, who were under surveillance following the September 11 attacks, managed to disappear, with the FBI unable to determine how they slipped away or trace their current whereabouts.

Those sources also noted that the US F-15 warplanes, on 24-hour patrol in the skies of New York and other major US cities, were ordered immediately after the crash to search for any boats or unusual activity in the Jamaica nature reserve.

The morning after, Wednesday, November 14, divers were seen scouring the marsh area for signs that missiles had been fired at the plane, such as a launcher or a scuttled boat, on the assumption that the terrorist who fired the missile escaped in a scuba suit.

Despite adamant denials by the US Federal Aviation Authority, it is now becoming clear that prior to the crash, US intelligence did indeed receive numerous warnings from intelligence sources outside the United States that a terrorist strike was likely on Tuesday, Veterans Day, to mark the two-month anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. (End of quote)

According to the US 9/11 commission, Jdey, 39, came to Canada from Tunisia in 1991 and become a citizen in 1995. With his new passport, he left for Afghanistan and trained with some of the September 11 hijackers. He was dropped from the 9/11 mission after recording a “martyrdom” video. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, planner of the World Trade Center attack, claims Jdey was recruited for a “second wave” of suicide attacks. In 2002, he was one of seven al Qaeda members sought in connection with possible terrorist threat in the United States.

Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2004 08:22:11 +0200

Jerusalem News-305
1. EU Sponsors Terror Against Jews
2. Syria Must Go!
3. Arutz Sheva News Sunday
4. Periodical Height Differences in History
5. Learning Hebrew

1. EU Sponsors Terror Against Jews
Arutz Sheva News Friday,
September 3, 2004 / Elul 17, 5764
Extracts Only
Since 1993, the countries of the European Union have contributed, individually and collectively, over four billion euros to the Palestinian Authority - and a new report shows that much of this sum has gone towards corruption, incitement and violence. Another 250 million euros were budgeted for the year 2004.

The new report, released by the Funding for Peace Coalition (FPC), substantiates a compelling connection between European funding and ongoing Palestinian corruption and terrorism.

The FPC report shows European taxpayers that their money has not reached its intended target - namely, the people living in PA-controlled areas - but has rather been diverted towards graft, terrorism and anti-Israel incitement. Often quoting under-reported disclosures, many from Arab sources, the report also shows that terrorists are on the Palestinian Authority payroll - despite repeated denials by senior European politicians and civil servants. One of the conclusions is that the salaries of the very same people whom Europe has officially classified as terrorists, come directly from budgets provided by European government aid.

The report also documents the involvement of the European Union in funding PA textbooks replete with anti-Israeli incitement and hatred.

"In at least two cases, [several European Parliament Members] found clear evidence that money from the combined [PA] account had been diverted to terrorism. Given that the vast majority of disbursements from this account have not been adequately identified and traced, these cases can be assumed to be just a small sampling of a concerted effort aimed at funding terrorism from the monies that were intended as aid for the Palestinian people."

2. Syria Must Go!
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2004 16:14:34 -0400
(Communicated by the Foreign Minister's Bureau)
Thursday, 02 September, 2004

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom met today in
Maastricht, Holland, with his Dutch counterpart, Foreign Minister Bernard
Bot, and called upon him to enlist in the struggle to expel Syrian forces
from Lebanon.

Minister Shalom noted that Syria continues to shelter terrorist
organizations and said it is necessary to put an end to Syria's occupation
of Lebanon.

Shalom said that, following the latest terrorist attack in Beersheba, it is
once again clear that all roads lead to Syria as having a hand in terrorist
activities. He added that the anti-terrorist fence saves lives and
significantly reduces the ability of terrorists to carry out attacks. Israel
is determined to speed up the construction of the fence, Shalom told his
Dutch counterpart.

Minister Bot condemned the terrorist attack in Beersheba and expressed his
condolences to the families of the victims. He said he understands the
importance of building the security fence and asserted that Israel has the
right of self-defense, but noted that Israel must take into account the
needs of the Palestinian population and avoid expropriating land for the
fence as much as possible.

3. Arutz Sheva News Sunday
Sept. 5, 2004 / Elul 19, 5764
Officials in the U.S. Administration announced that the scheduled visit of the "demarcation delegation" to Israel was on hold - with no alternate date proposed. The Americans - members of the State Department's intelligence department - were planning to outline the final borders of every single Jewish community in Judea and Samaria. No reason for the cancellation was given. The trip had been coordinated with Prime Minister Sharon.

4. Periodical Height Differences in History
Ohio State University

Men From Early Middle Ages Were Nearly As Tall As Modern People
COLUMBUS, Ohio Northern European men living during the early Middle Ages were nearly as tall as their modern-day American descendants, a finding that defies conventional wisdom about progress in living standards during the last millennium.
"Men living during the early Middle Ages (the ninth to 11th centuries) were several centimeters taller than men who lived hundreds of years later, on the eve of the Industrial Revolution," said Richard Steckel, a professor of economics at Ohio State University and the author of a new study that looks at changes in average heights during the last millennium.
"Height is an indicator of overall health and economic well-being, and learning that people were so well-off 1,000 to 1,200 years ago was surprising," he said.
Steckel analyzed height data from thousands of skeletons excavated from burial sites in northern Europe and dating from the ninth to the 19th centuries. Average height declined slightly during the 12th through 16th centuries, and hit an all-time low during the 17th and 18th centuries.
Northern European men had lost an average 2.5 inches of height by the 1700s, a loss that was not fully recovered until the first half of the 20th century.
Steckel believes a variety of factors contributed to the drop and subsequent regain in average height during the last millennium. These factors include climate change; the growth of cities and the resulting spread of communicable diseases; changes in political structures; and changes in agricultural production.
"Average height is a good way to measure the availability and consumption of basic necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, medical care and exposure to disease," Steckel said. "Height is also sensitive to the degree of inequality between populations."
The study appears in a recent issue of the journal Social Science History.
Steckel analyzed skeletal data from 30 previous studies. The bones had been excavated from burial sites in northern European countries, including Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain and Denmark. In most cases, the length of the femur, or thighbone, was used to estimate skeletal height. The longest bone in the body, the femur comprises about a quarter of a person's height.
According to Steckel's analysis, heights decreased from an average of 68.27 inches (173.4 centimeters) in the early Middle Ages to an average low of roughly 65.75 inches (167 cm) during the 17th and 18th centuries.
"This decline of two-and-a-half inches substantially exceeds any height fluctuations seen during the various industrial revolutions of the 19th century," Steckel said.
Reasons for such tall heights during the early Middle Ages may have to do with climate. Steckel points out that agriculture from 900 to 1300 benefited from a warm period temperatures were as much as 2 to 3 degrees warmer than subsequent centuries. Theoretically, smaller populations had more land to choose from when producing crops and raising livestock.
"The temperature difference was enough to extend the growing season by three to four weeks in many settled regions of northern Europe," Steckel said. "It also allowed for cultivation of previously unavailable land at higher elevations."
Also, populations were relatively isolated during the Middle Ages large cities were absent from northern Europe until the late Middle Ages. This isolation in the era before effective public health measures probably helped to protect people from communicable diseases, Steckel said.
"It is notable that bubonic plague made its dramatic appearance in the late Middle Ages, when trade really took off," he said.
Steckel cites several possible reasons why height declined toward the end of the Middle Ages:
* The climate changed rather dramatically in the 1300s, when the Little Ice Age triggered a cooling trend that wreaked havoc on northern Europe for the following 400 to 500 years.
Colder temperatures meant lower food production as well as greater use of resources for heating. But many temperature fluctuations, ranging in length from about 15 to 40 years, kept people from fully adapting to a colder climate, Steckel said.
"These brief periods of warming disguised the long-term trend of cooler temperatures, so people were less likely to move to warmer regions and were more likely to stick with traditional farming methods that ultimately failed," he said. "Climate change was likely to have imposed serious economic and health costs on northern Europeans, which in turn may have caused a downward trend in average height."
* Urbanization and the growth of trade gained considerable momentum in the 16th and 17th centuries.
Both brought people together, which encouraged the spread of disease. And global exploration and trade led to the worldwide diffusion of many diseases into previously isolated areas.
"Height studies for the late 18th and early 19th centuries show that large cities were particularly hazardous for health," Steckel said. "Urban centers were reservoirs for the spread of communicable diseases."
* Inequality in Europe grew considerably during the 16th century and stayed high until the 20th century the rich grew richer from soaring land rents while the poor paid higher prices for food, housing and land.
"In poor countries, or among the poor in moderate-income nations, large numbers of people are biologically stressed or deprived, which can lead to stunted growth," Steckel said. "It's plausible that growing inequality could have increased stress in ways that reduced average heights in the centuries immediately following the Middle Ages."
* Political changes and strife also brought people together as well as put demand on resources.
"Wars decreased population density, which could be credited with improving health, but at a large cost of disrupting production and spreading disease," Steckel said. "Also, urbanization and inequality put increasing pressure on resources, which may have helped lead to a smaller stature."
Exactly why average height began to increase during the 18th and 19th centuries isn't completely clear, but Steckel surmises that climate change as well as improvements in agriculture helped.
"Increased height may have been due partly to the retreat of the Little Ice Age, which would have contributed to higher yields in agriculture. Also improvements in agricultural productivity that began in the 18th century made food more plentiful to more people.

5. Learning Hebrew
The average person can learn the Hebrew alphabet within one to two hours along with the vowel signs.
It is then possible to read Hebrew and learn it with the aid of a dictionary at your own pace.
There also exist many parallel textual translations of Scripture with the Hebrew original opposite
the English translation. You can read the hebrew then look at the English and know what the hebrew
word means. Using this method you may learn to read Hebrew at a high level within a relatively short time.
Speaking Hebrew is something else and for that you are best off taking lessons with a group supplemented
with private lessons. This could take time, money, and energy.
The first and most important step however of reading the Hebrew scriptures in the original
could be achieved relatively quickly and at a low cost
and should give you a tremendous spiritual and intellectual exhilaration.

Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2004 10:04:51 +0200

Jerusalem News-306
1. Arutz Sheva News Tuesday
2. Bedlam in Beslan, or the North Ossetia Peace Process
By Steven Plaut {Extracts Only]:
3. Thousands Of British Elite Embrace Islam

1. Arutz Sheva News Tuesday
Sept. 7, 2004 / Elul 21, 5764
Israel Air Force aircraft attacked a Hamas training ground late last night, killing 14 terrorists in the midst of practicing infiltrations into Jewish communities and military outposts. Another 30 terrorists or more were wounded.

The targeted camp was of the Hamas military wing, the Iz A-Din Al-Kassam Brigades. It was also used to train budding terrorists in the placing of bombs and the use of weapons including Kassam rockets and RPG shoulder-held missiles.

Hamas, admitting that this was the biggest military blow that Israel had dealt them, has already threatened retaliation, as has Islamic Jihad. Some 50,000 Arabs took part in the funeral processions this afternoon, calling for revenge.

Israel will predictably now face an international propaganda onslaught, though Foreign Ministry sources feel that last night's attack will be relatively easy to defend. The main talking point will be that the target was a purely military one, and that no civilians were killed in the attack. Israeli sources have also said that the offensive was a follow-up to the Be'er Sheva double bus bombing last week, in which 16 Israelis were killed; Hamas was behind that attack.

Palestinian terrorists responded this morning with a barrage of six Kassam rockets and three mortar shells. Two Kassams landed in Sderot, causing no material damage, but wounding a 60-year-old jogger. Other Kassams landed harmlessly near Yad Mordechai, Miflasim, and northern Gaza. The mortar shells were fired at Jewish towns in Gush Katif, landing in built-up areas - including a school bus stop - but causing no casualties or damage.

The Weekly Telegraph in London reports on a "growing exodus" of young, middle-class Arabs in the Palestinian Authority leaving their homes and moving abroad "to escape from the clutches of the terrorist group Hamas."

In a related item, some 45,000 Arabs from "the territories" - Judea and Samaria - have moved to within pre-1967 Israeli borders in the past four years. This is the conclusion of a study carried out by an Israeli-Arab student who is "close" to the situation. More details in tomorrow's report.

The Telegraph reports that parents in cities such as Hevron, a center of Hamas recruitment for recent "martyrdom" operations, are increasingly fearful of losing their children to the terrorists. For instance, the Al-Jama neighborhood - described in the paper as featuring "large spacious houses, smart cars and vineyards spread out over undulating hills... a pocket of relative prosperity" - has seen no fewer than 11 of its young men die while carrying out suicide bombings and other attacks against Israelis. Among them were the two who murdered 16 Israelis last week in Be'er Sheva.

These numbers put the lie to Shimon Peres' oft-repeated thesis that terrorism is a result of the Arabs' poor economic conditions, and that peace will follow prosperity.

The Telegraph reports that dozens of young men are choosing to leave for the U.S. and France, rather than remain in Hevron and face being "brainwashed" by Hamas.

The Defense Ministry suffered a costly loss yesterday when its launch of the Ofek-6 satellite failed and the craft plunged into the Mediterranean Sea. The loss is estimated at well over $50 million, not including lost income from countries such as India that had planned to purchase photos.

The failure was apparently due to a faulty electronic component that did not respond as it should have during the third stage of the launch. It occurred at the stage when the satellite was to have totally detached itself and entered its space orbit.

Israeli officials minimized the loss, saying it is not unusual in the space industry. They noted that the space agencies of Japan and Europe recently suffered even larger losses. Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz said that the failed launch would be studied in order to learn from its errors.

The Ofek-6, the sixth in a series of Israeli intelligence satellites built over the past 16 years, was to have been able to transmit pictures of even higher resolution than was available until now. It was to have provided Israel with extra warning time before a possible launch of Iranian missiles towards Israel.

The Ofek-6 was also likely to be used for political purposes: to map out the precise borders of the Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria, in order to know where to ban all further construction. Just yesterday, Haaretz military correspondent Ze'ev Schiff wrote that the Defense Ministry had long been considering the option of using the Ofek-6 to document the growth of Yesha communities, as "the authorities have been unable to collect sufficient data on the construction there."

One of the purposes of photographing all the Yesha communities, Schiff wrote, was to "compare the findings with the data collected by the American satellites engaged in documenting construction in the communities." He wrote that Israel faces the problem of not having "one central information center with all the details on the borders of all the settlements." This is the reason why the visit of American Defense Department officials, scheduled for this week, was postponed - as Israel said it did not have sufficient data.

Prime Minister Sharon promised the Americans this past April to find a satisfactory way to define the existing construction lines in the Yesha towns - but has not yet done so. The fall of the Ofek-6 does not make the job any easier.

2. Bedlam in Beslan, or the North Ossetia Peace Process
By Steven Plaut

{Extracts Only]:

As all the horrific details come out about the Islamo-fascist massacre of children in Beslan, a number of thoughts come to mind.
* Throughout the reporting of the massacre, not a single news medium I read or heard spent time lecturing the listeners about how this carnage must prove how just the Chechen terrorists' cause is, else why would they be so "desperate".
* No news media talking heads nor Op-Ed writers hectored readers by demanding that the Russians now address the underlying causes of the anger out them by the terrorists.
* Chechnya in fact has a far more legitimate claim to independence from Russia than the Palestinians have for any form of "self-determination". The Chechens are not seeking the destruction of Russia, while the Palestinians are seeking the annihilation of Israel. The Chechens are non-Russian Moslems, culturally and linguistically alien to Russia. The
* "Palestinians" are members of Syrian and Lebanese families who migrated into the land of Israel starting in the late 19th century. Moreover, unlike the Palestinians, the Chechens do not have 22 other Chechen states they can choose from or to which they can move. Having noted all this, let us also note that the massacre of children by the Chechen nazis probably put an end altogether to the willingness of anyone in the world to reconsider independence for Chechnya. ..Contrast this with the world's reaction to Palestinian barbarism, who murdered 1500 Israelis, many of them children, just since signing the eternal Oslo peace accord foreswearing violence.
* At least four of the Chechen terrorists were captured alive and summarily executed by the Russians. No bleeding hearts nor do-gooders screamed in moral indignation that Russia violated the Miranda rights of those terrorists. No one demanded the terrorists be given expensive lawyers and allowed to have their cases heard by civil courts, in contrast with the movement on behalf of the Guantanamo terrorists. No one from the Israeli Labor Party proposed granting the terrorists the Kremlin and half of Moscow.
* Nazis have always made a point of specially targeting children. The German Nazis went out of their way to murder Jewish children. The Palestinian nazis make special efforts to target Israeli children. The Chechen nazis learned from the Palestinians.
* Russian newspapers are not united in expressing understanding for the struggle of the Chechen terrorists. They are not lecturing readers about how there are no military solutions to the problems of terrorism. They are not demanding goodwill gestures from the Kremlin so that the Chechen terrorists will feel their self-esteem is no longer threatened.
* But the most important thought I am sure you shared with me as the story of the massacre unfolded was this: Why has not Israel rounded up the ISM = International Solidarity Movement squad of cheerleaders for terrorism and shipped them off forthwith to defend the homes of the family members of the dead Chechen terrorists from the enraged Russian troops that will be entering Chechnya?

Subject: [origin of nations] Thousands of British elite embrace Islam

If you water something down enough, it is no longer wanted.
So goes the constant watering-down of Christianity, it is so
milk-toasty that it is rapidly losing its flavour. This article
entitled: Britain's Elites Converting to Islam appeared in
the May-June issue of Dispatch From Jerusalem.

3. Thousands Of British Elite Embrace Islam (Qatar), Feb. 26, 2004

LONDON, February 26 ( Jonathan Birt, the
son of Lord Birt and Emma Clark, the granddaughter of former
liberal prime minister Herbert Asquith, are only two of 14,000
mostly-elite white Britons having converted to Islam.

In the first authoritative study of the phenomenon, carried by
the Sunday Times on February 22, some of the country’s top
landowners, celebrities and the offspring of senior Establishment
figures have embraced the Muslim faith after being disillusioned
with western values.

The new study by Yahya (formerly Jonathan) Birt, son of Lord Birt,
former director-general of the BBC, provides the first reliable data
on the sensitive subject of the movement of Christians into Islam.

He uses a breakdown of the latest census figures to conclude that
there are now 14,200 white converts in Britain.

Mass Conversion

Speaking publicly for the first time about his faith this weekend,
Birt argued that an inspirational figure, similar to the American
convert Malcolm X for Afro-Caribbeans, would first have to
emerge if the next stage, a mass conversion among white Britons,
were to happen.

“You need great transitional figures to translate something alien
(like Islam) into the vernacular,” Birt, whose doctorate at Oxford
University is on young British Muslims, was quoted by the Times.

“I have received letters from people who are put off by the wishy-
washy standards of contemporary Christianity and they are looking
for a religion which does not compromise too much with the
modern world,” said Eaton, author of Islam and the Destiny of

Some prominent converts are even more wary, said the Times.

The Earl of Yarborough, 40, who owns a 28,000-acre estate in
Lincolnshire, declined to discuss anything about his faith.

“I have nothing to say to you,” said Yarborough, who has apparently
taken the name Abdul Mateen.

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Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 11:10:49 +0200

Jerusalem News-307
1. Arabs and Mexicans
2. NY Times: Car Bomb Kills 9 at Australian Embassy in Jakarta
3. Swedish representative speaks on behalf of Israel
4. Swedish Train Crash and Israel
5. Hamas: Left-Wing Encouraged Us to Attack
6. The Hostage-Takers in Russia Came from the North
7. Terrorists United in One Body?

1. Arabs and Mexicans
From: CG
Subject: Syrian Arabs in Mexico

Shalom Yair:
I was very much interested in the article on the Syrian Arabs in Mexico, with many of them being legislators etc. I wonder if there is anyone that knows more of this history could give me some more information on this.
I have often wondered when the Arabs came to Mexico etc. We know many Mexican people and many of them have the features and attitudes of the Muslim Arabs. They (the men) are arrogant to the point of rudeness and are obnoxious to be around.
The women are always together with the children, are not treated well, while the men go off to themselves doing whatever they please. Most seem to excel in womanizing and drinking.
In seeing the Arabs of Iraq etc. and the men of Mexico, it is like looking at mirror images. The only difference is the manner of dress and of course the language.
Not all of them are this way, as many are of Sephardic or of Mexican Indian ancestry and they do not treat their women in that manner. They are good workers, and are respectful to their women and children and of their surroundings. Yes, many are indeed arrogant, but they seem to be less offensive in their behavior.
Shalom and keep up the great work. Cita Giron

2. NY Times: Car Bomb Kills 9 at Australian Embassy in Jakarta

Published: September 10, 2004

[]AKARTA, Indonesia, Sept. 9 - The car bomb that exploded outside the Australian Embassy here on Thursday morning, killing at least nine people and injuring more than 150, was the work of the Qaeda-linked Islamic group, Jemaah Islamiyah, the Indonesian police chief said.

The car bomb exploded about 10:30 a.m. on a busy street outside the embassy, which is in the central business district, leaving a crater nine feet deep near the embassy gate and blowing a wide hole in the metal fence, but leaving the four-story building largely intact...

The nine people who were killed were all Indonesians, including a guard who had been patrolling outside the building, the police said. None were in the building. An Australian child was in critical condition. The Australian foreign minister, Alexander Downer, who arrived in Jarkarta on Thursday night with the Australian federal police commissioner, Mick Keelty, said the child, whose mother is Indonesian and father Australian, was caught in the blast. He said the mother was among those killed.

The explosion was the third terror attack in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country with 228.4 million people, in less than two years, and the second directed at Australians, a strong ally of the Bush administration and a contributor of troops in Iraq.

The Australian prime minister, John Howard, blamed Jemaah Islamiyah. "This has all the hallmarks of Jemaah Islamiyah,'' he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. "This was a large bomb and it was a terrorist attack on Australia."

3. Swedish representative speaks on behalf of Israel
From: Orjan Svensson <>
Subject: speech by Gunnar H kmark at the EU parliament

Below is an extract from a speech by Swedish member of the European Parliament Gunnar H kmark.
Mr H kmark held the speech in Brussels or Strasbourg when he had recently been elected as a member of the EU parliament this year.
It was his first speech at the parliament.

".....The terror and dictatorships in the Middle East are threats against democracy and security also in Europe. They constitute a
constant threat against the survival of the state of Israel, regardless of the policy of Israel, since they are founded on
a hatred beyond comprehension.....
By instead attacking the leaders of terror and hate, and by putting requirements that
responsible Palestinian and Arab leaders shall put an end to their doings, we put a foundation for Israelis and Palestinians
to live in peaceful societies characterized by respect for other human beings and for human life. It is strange that this
thought can be perceived as radical. Just as radical as it once was when the requirements on freedom and democracy where
were put in Eastern Europe."

4. Swedish Train Crash and Israel
from Orjan:
(my translation from the Swedish)
Yesterday there was a fatal train crash close to where I live, see below.
The train that crashed (or identical trains) had recently been sold to the Israeli railway company, and was scheduled to start
trafficing the newly repaired railway between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem next year.
In all Blekinge kustbana (= "Blekinge coastal railway company") has sold 10 modern trains to Israel, some of them scheduled to be delivered next year.
Maybe now they can deliver only nine...

5. Hamas: Left-Wing Encouraged Us to Attack
15:15 Sep 10, '04 / 24 Elul 5764 Israel National News

How many lives have left-wing statements cost Israel? In a damning
condemnation of the Israeli left, a new book about the battles known as the
Oslo War quotes Hamas leaders saying that the behavior of Israel's left-wing
encourages them to continue their terrorist attacks.

The book, "The Seventh War," by journalists Avi Yisacharov of Voice of
Israel Radio and Amos Harel of Haaretz, is based on comprehensive
investigations and interviews with Hamas terrorist leaders in Gaza and
Israeli prisons.

Yisacharov told Channel 1 Television yesterday that Hamas leaders had told
him clearly: "It was the Israeli left and your peace camp that ultimately
encouraged us to continue with our suicide attacks."

Yisacharov said he was told as follows:

"We tried, through our attacks, to create fragmentation and dissention
within Israeli society, and the left-wing's reaction was proof that this was
indeed the right approach. When we heard about the 'Pilots' Letter' [written
and publicized last year by 27 Israel Air Force pilots who refused to take
part in bombing missions against terrorist leaders in Arab towns], and the
elite soldiers who refused to serve [in Judea, Samaria and Gaza], it
strengthened those in our camp who promoted the idea of suicide bombers...

"The disengagement from Gaza is proof of our victory. The fact is that
Sharon is willing to withdraw unconditionally, and is essentially raising a
white flag and retreating. Only by force can we teach the other side what to

6. The Hostage-Takers in Russia Came from the North
From: DEBKA-Net-Weekly
Extracts Only:
Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2004 9:52 PM

The Beslan Siege Atrocity’s Aftermath

[Brit-Am Background Note: Beslan were the attack on the schoolchildren took place is in the province of North Ossetia which is to the north of Georgia in the Caucasus. To the east of North Ossetia is Ingushetia which borders on Chechyna, i.e. Ingushetia is between North Ossetia and Chechyna. To the west of North Ossetia is the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria whose people are Circassians. The Circassians are a fair people (often blue-eyed, light skinned sometimes blond) who were once pagan and Christian and then became Muslim. They were settled by the Turks throughout the Middle East in scattered villages and served the Turks as mercenaries. The Kingdom of Jordan relies on Cicassian and beduin clans to rule over its Arab population. The Circassians maybe descended from the Hittites), as some of them claim to be.]

The terrorists who ravaged the school and community of Beslan came from a direction startling enough to jolt Russian president Vladimir Putin into taking a hard look at the Islamic terror now rampant outside Chechnya - in at least two additional Caucasian republics.

DEBKA-Net-Weekly reveals that the 32 hostage takers were not Chechens but members of al Qaeda cells, Arabs and natives, known locally as “Wahhabis” (after the austere state religion of Saudi Arabia), from a place whose name is even less recognizable than were the battle arenas of Afghanistan and the Balkans: Nalchik, capital of Kabardino-Balkaria, northwest of North Ossetia.

To reach Beslan, they first transited Ingushetia, which forms a wedge between North Ossetia and Chechnya. There, the terrorist gang was joined by a handful of Ingushe terrorists, along with their Chechen commander, Magomet Yevloev, nicknamed “Magas”. However, Magas did not mastermind the operation. His controller was a Wahhabi, who has not been identified, but whose voice was heard intoning Koranic verses on the videotape broadcast later.
He too came under the orders of the two new chiefs of al Qaeda’s Saudi contingent in Chechnya, who are also known only by their noms de guerre of Abu Hafs and Abu Hajr.

Ingushetia and Kabardino-Balkaria have thus moved into center stage as the coming main arena of the global war on terror. The disclosure by Russian intelligence of the true authors of the Beslen outrage forced the Russian ruler to embark on urgent preparations for a three-front Caucasian war in a region prone historically from Byzantine times to outbreaks of ethnic, religious and clan violence.
According to DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s exclusive military and intelligence sources, Putin wasted not a moment. He immediately signed a presidential decree ordering the Russian army to mass enough strength to place Ingushetia and Kabardino-Balkaria under military siege preparatory to going in to re-assert Kremlin control of the two republics and drive the Islamic terrorists out. He has determined to repair the damage exposed by the Beslan terror outrage before it spreads. The first Russian units are beginning to take up positions around the borders of the two republics.

The challenge ahead of the Kremlin is daunting. Military experts doubt whether the Russian army has the manpower resources to shoulder a fresh campaign on top of its commitments to the Chechen war. It is hard to see where Moscow will find the funds for opening two new fronts in the northern Caucasus. However, interestingly enough, Putin’s reaction to Beslan was identical to that of President George W. Bush immediately after the September 11 al Qaeda attacks on New York and Washington, to hit out at the terrorists and destroy them in their lairs.

The Russian ruler’s compulsion is even greater given that those lairs are inside his own country.
Putin went to great lengths to pin the Beslen school siege on Chechen separatists.

What brought al Qaeda to the roof of the Caucasus?
How did an al Qaeda Wahhabi cell come to be planted in Kabardino-Balkaria?

The republic attracted Osama bin Laden’s organization for three reasons:
Most of its inhabitants belong to the Circassian ethnic family and as Muslims are susceptible to Islamic influence. The unrecorded chapter of the Chechen intelligence war of the 1990s relates how the Circassian community of Jordan, which is the security buttress of the Hashemite throne, was used by US, British and French intelligence as a pipeline into the Chechen breakaway movement for close surveillance of its conflict with Russia. Al Qaeda, which tracks and meets every American intelligence move connected with the global war on terror, countered by going into the remote and relatively affluent Kabardino-Balkaria to quietly acquire its own Circassian asset. Since the mid-1990s, therefore al Qaeda has been working discreetly to carve out a niche in the once idyllic Caucasian republic. The town of Beslan was the first to suffer the di!re consequences of this penetration.
Al Qaeda further developed its presence in the republic in 2002 when American bases went up in Georgia with a view to offsetting the US military foothold on the region.
To buy operational independence from Chechen chiefs like Maskhadov, whom al Qaeda does not entirely trust. A base in Kabardino-Balkaria also complemented and provided strategic depth for the small Saudi presence in the lawless Pankisi Gorge of the Georgian-Chechen frontier.


[]The mountainous Caucasus is home to seven Russian republics, scores of ethnic and religious groups and a turbulent history. The Chechnya stewpot stirred up by al Qaeda-backed fundamentalist terror has boiled over into Ingushetia and threatens Dagestan. Karachai-Cherkessia and Adygeya are still on the sidelines, but largely Orthodox Christian North Ossetia last week became the victim of unparalleled terrorist barbarity emanating from little Kabardino-Balkaria.

Once known as a tiny Garden of Eden next door to strife-torn Chechnya, little Kabardino-Balkaria has a total area of 12,500 sq. km and less than one-million inhabitants, who are traditionally moderate Muslims. It is compensated for its small size by spectacular, richly diverse landscape. Situated on the northern flank of the Great Caucasus Range of southwestern Russia, it boasts towering peaks - the twin-headed Elbrus (18,510 ft = 5.642m), beloved of Pushkin and Lermontov, is the highest in Europe - as well as many glaciers, vast canyons, swift-flowing rivers, blue lakes, alpine meadows and forests and a temperate climate.

Related to the Circassian ethnic group, the native language of the inhabitants is Kabardian, also called Circassian. More than half the population is urban, living in seven towns including Nalchik, the capital. Many are of Cossack descent from the time in 1557 when the Kabardins allied themselves with the Russians. Russian fortresses stand to this day at Terek on the river and Nalchik. The latter was built later when the town was at the center of the 18th and 19th century “Circassian Wars.”
The Balkars of the high mountains resisted the Russian incursion for centuries. In 1922 Kabardin and Balkar were amalgamated. Since 1936, Kabardino-Balkaria has been an autonomous republic. Its immediate neighbors are North Ossetia and Georgia to the south, Karachay Cherkessia to the west, Chechnya to the east and Stavropol of the Russian Federation to the north. It is popular with skiers from all ov er the world, who flock to Mt. Elbrus and Mt. Dykh Tau. Tourists and winter Olympians may now lodge at the magnificent guest houses once reserved for the Soviet nomenclatura.

7. Terrorists United in One Body?
From: DEBKA-Net-Weekly
Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2004 9:52 PM
Al Qaed a’s Dread Touch Falls on Moscow, Beslan, Beersheba

4 September: Israeli officials have never admitted to the presence of al Qaeda cells in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, although in December 2001, two and a half months after al Qaeda struck New York and Washington, shoe bomber Richard Reid spent time in the Palestinian Jebalya camp as guest of Hamas leader Nabil Aqal. This is why the Hebron Kawasme cell held responsible for the two Beersheba bus blasts has presented merely as a local Hamas cell.

DEBKAfile’s counter-terror sources recall that exactly the same cell blew up a Haifa bus in March 2003. It then turned out to be linked to both Hizballah and al Qaeda.

DEBKAfile reported on March 6, 2003:

Fifteen Israelis mostly high school pupils and Haifa university students were murdered in a powerful blast generated by a Palestinian homicidal suicide while riding on a Haifa bus on Wednesday, March 5. The killer, a Palestinian aged 20 from the West Bank town of Hebron, was identified as Mahmoud Hamdan Selim Kawasme, member of a big Hebron clan and kinsman of a former mayor.

A note found on his body praised to heaven the al Qaeda perpetrators of the September 11 atrocities in New York, in which more than 3000 people died.

Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 09:27:59 +0200

Jerusalem News-308
1. Arafat the Murderer
2. EU Art and Aims?
3. Arutz Sheva News Wednesday
4. Katy Whelan: Judah and Joseph Drawing Closer?
5. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: 2 nations alone: Notes on America and the Jews being the most hated people on Earth
6. Dennis Prager: What American Jews need to think about this Rosh Hashanah
7. Tibetan "Evolutionary" Gene and Brit-Am Comment

1. Arafat the Murderer - Sep 09, 2004
FBI Opens Murder Case Against Arafat
By Aaron Klein

After thirty-one years, the FBI has opened an investigation into the involvement of PLO leader Yasir Arafat in the murders of two U.S. diplomats in Saudi Arabia. reports that FBI agents are gathering evidence about Arafat’s culpability in a March 1, 1973, operation in which eight members of Black September, part of Arafat’s Fatah organization, stormed the U.S. embassy in Khartoum, reportedly on Arafat’s orders, taking U.S. Ambassador Cleo Noel, diplomat Charge d’Affaires George Curtis Moore and others hostage.

One day later Noel, Moore, and Belgian Guy Eid were killed.

Two agents from FBI headquarters in Washington, Bill McDermott and Kathleen Reed, recently flew to Portland, Oregon, to interview James J. Welsh, the National Security Agency’s Palestinian analyst at the time of the murders.

Welsh has said he intercepted a transmission from Arafat involving an eminent operation in Khartoum, and charges the NSA had tapes of Arafat ordering the executions.

“They called me and said they are reopening an old murder investigation,” Welsh told WorldNetDaily.

“I met with the agents for several hours, gave them a detailed account of everything that happened, and handed over to them original copies of a lot of materials and correspondence I have accumulated over the years. They were supposed to return my things, but I’m still waiting.”

Welsh says he detailed for the agents the communication he intercepted from Arafat, and how within minutes, the director of the NSA was notified and a decision was made to send a rare “FLASH” message the highest priority to the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum via the State Department warning of a possible attack.

But Welsh recalled the message didn’t reach the embassy in time. Somewhere between the NSA and the State Department, someone decided the warning was too vague, and the alert was downgraded in urgency.

The next day, the Black September operation took place, and after twenty-six hours of intense negotiations the gunmen demanded the freeing from Jordan of many Palestinians, including Abu Daoud, a leader of the Black September Organization; the release of Sirhan Sirhan, Robert Kennedy’s killer, from jail in California; and the liberation of “Palestinian women in prison in Israel” the two U.S. diplomats were murdered.

Many have claimed that Arafat personally sent an order of execution to the terrorists via radio broadcast: “Why are you waiting? The people’s blood in the Cold River cries for vengeance.” “Cold River” reportedly was the code word for executing the captives. Any NSA recordings of that call that may have existed have disappeared.

Arafat reportedly then ordered the eight gunmen to surrender peacefully to the Sudanese authorities. Two were released for “lack of evidence.” Later, in June 1973, the other six were found guilty of murdering the diplomats. They were sentenced to life imprisonment, but released 24 hours later to the PLO.

During their trial, commander Salim Rizak, also known as Abu Ghassan, told the court: “We carried out this operation on the orders of the Palestine Liberation Organization and should only be questioned by that organization.”

Sudanese Vice President Mohammed Bakir said after questioning the six: “They relied on radio messages from Beirut Fatah headquarters, both for the order to kill the three diplomats and for their own surrender Sunday morning.”

Over the years, there have been reports the Israelis also had tapes of Arafat ordering the executions, and that Jerusalem provided copies to President Nixon.

Sources in Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s office told WorldNetDaily that Israeli intelligence provided evidence proving Arafat’s culpability in the murders to the U.S. State Department and White House in March 1973. Sharon also publicly stated in 1995 that Israel shared this evidence with the U.S.

In 1985 and 1986, Congress requested then-Attorney General Ed Meese to investigate Arafat’s complicity in the murders of the diplomats.

But the one critical piece of evidence needed to warrant an indictment the tape recordings was not produced by the NSA, the Central Intelligence Agency or the State Department.

FBI spokesman Bill Carter would neither confirm nor deny that the case has been reopened, but a source in the FBI’s New York office said, on the condition of anonymity, that an investigation has indeed been initiated at the request of an outside agency. He refused to name the agency.

If Arafat is charged with the murders, a warrant would be issued for his arrest.

Raanan Gissin, chief spokesman for Ariel Sharon, told WorldNetDaily, “This doesn’t come as a surprise. We intercepted the phone calls, and the U.S. also corroborated this on their own.”

Gissin says Israel was not involved in the opening of the case. “This is an internal American affair based on internal considerations.”

Welsh charges the U.S. has always known about Arafat’s culpability in the murders, but that the American and Israeli decision to build Arafat as the legitimate ruler of the Palestinians and a figurehead with whom Israel could ultimately negotiate has forced the U.S. to cover up the incident.

Although Sharon and Bush have isolated Arafat to his Ramallah compound for three years, and most countries refuse to meet him, the PLO leader has maintained a tight grip on Palestinian security forces, and Israel charges Arafat is still calling the shots of various terror organizations, including his own Fatah.

2. EU Art and Aims?

From: surfer11 <>
Subject: [origin of nations] Art show sees Europe as 'new Roman Empire'
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Art show sees Europe as 'new Roman Empire'
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in Brussels
(Filed: 14/09/2004)
The European Union is poised to overtake America to become
he premier superpower,
according to an EU exhibition launched yesterday in the heart of Brussels.

The pop-art collage mounted in a tent outside the European Commission
narrates 50 years of EU history and projects events into the future in an
unusually frank display of European ambition.

Segments sketched across 80 yards of canvas predict that the 21st century
will be the "European Century" as the EU pushes its borders deep into
Eurasia, North Africa, and the Middle East and comes to dominate world
affairs through its vast "legal and moral reach".

Under the heading the "Roman Empire returns", it says the EU will be renamed
"The Union" once it grows to 50 states over the next three decades. [???]

The United Nations headquarters will be moved to Gibraltar as the EU defends
the international order against the "American onslaught".

The euro will break the "overbearing monopoly of the dollar" by 2010 as
China and India switch their reserves to punish America for its
"stratospheric deficit".

Casting the United States as the villain of modern times, it says: "The
lonely superpower can bribe, bully or impose its will almost anywhere in the
world, but when its back is turned, its policy is weakened."

Entitled "The Image of Europe", the display is not a formal expression of EU
policy but it captures views that can be heard every day in the corridors
and canteens of the Union's institutions.

The exhibit was co-ordinated by the European Commission and sponsored by the
European Council. The EU's Dutch presidency said yesterday it was designed
to narrow Europe's "iconographic deficit" by conjuring up forceful images.

3. Arutz Sheva News Wednesday
Sept. 15, 2004 / Erev Rosh HaShanah 5765
The Education Ministry has publicized the hareidi school results of its fifth-grade Meitzav tests, which measure "school-wide achievement and growth" - and the hareidim did better than other sectors. Hareidi students - i.e., those who study in private recognized religious school systems - scored an average of 79 on the tests, while their counterparts in public and public-religious schools scored, on the average, only 71.

The public school system conducted the tests in December 2003, while the hareidi schools did them this past June. Education Ministry sources said that next year, the tests would be administered at the same time for all sectors. This year was the first time that the religious schools participated in this testing system.

Close to 6,000 hareidi students in 161 schools took part in the tests, and approximately 2/3 of them were girls. The girls scored an average of 81 in Hebrew and 76 in math, compared to 73 and 70, respectively, for the boys.

A senior Education Ministry official told Ynet, "The hareidi students' achievements are very good. It is a fact that they study more months in a year, and more hours a day - though I don't know if this is the reason for their high scores."

4. Katy Whelan: Judah and Joseph Drawing Closer?
Dear Yair,

Here are two articles written by Jews (Dennis Prager/ national talk show host and Rabbi Schmuley Boteach/author) here in the US that reveals what I believe is a strong undercurrent of exactly what you have been researching and teaching for years. Both articles weave the Jews and the Americans together into a sort of "brotherhood". Two peoples and two countries/(Israel & US) that share the same values and are both coming to grips with a world that despise both of them. Yet the two peoples/countries grow closer and more interdependant.
The authors each seem to see this as a manifestation of the times, or our Judeo- Christian values. I see this as a much larger 'spiritual' force bringing about the prophecies of Judah and Ephraim's recognition of each other.
I believe your teachings would give these very influential men something to chew on and explore in terms of giving confirmation to their own observations. Would you consider contacting them to offer up a conversation?

Each article has contact info at the bottom.

Thank you.

Shana tovah oo metukah,
Katy Whelan

Katy Shalom,
I will post your letter plus extracts from the articles to our list.
I believe that both authors probably are aware of us.
An approach from somebody like yourself would probably be more effective at
this stage than a direct approach from our side.

5. 2 nations alone: Notes on America and the Jews being the most hated people on Earth
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
Extracts Only:
American have become the new Jews of the world. They are not liked much. The United States is experiencing what the Jews have experienced throughout their history: an irrational hatred, unwarranted animosity.

The pundits will tell you that this is all due to America-envy. We're the biggest, strongest kid on the block. So everyone hates us. To be sure, we ought never underestimate the role that simple jealousy and envy plays in fuelling America-hatred, and how it leads to accusations of American arrogance and aloofness.

But as a general approach to understanding the growing anti-Americanism abroad, this is a simplistic and superficial explanation, and it's dead wrong. The Soviet Union was just as strong as the United States for a solid four decades. It was also far more intimidating. Yet, it had apologists all over the world.

In truth, the causes of anti-Americanism are much more profound than simple envy. In short, America is hated principally because under George W. Bush it has come to embrace a moral foreign policy aimed at fighting despots and deposing dictators, and these gallant efforts have made the rest of the world look selfish, self-absorbed, morally blind, and cowardly. We Americans are not hated because of our strength, but rather for the good purposes to which we have devoted that strength. Ironic, isn't it? To be hated because you're good. But welcome to the club. The Jews have been members for a long time.

The rise of global America-hatred is, of course, a study in hypocrisy. Countries that couldn't give two hoots about the slaughter in Rwanda, the genocide in Sudan, or what Saddam did to the Kurds, have the gall to criticize America as a global bully. I lecture and appear on television and radio around the world and thus have firsthand exposure to the rampant America-hatred and the snarling hypocrisy which is at its core.

Here the United States stands to learn something from the Jews. For the better part of half a century, America has been the guardian of liberty around the world. But those Americans who expect gratitude should remember that no good deed goes unpunished. Jews gave the world their God, only to get slaughtered in His name. Imagine, being killed for a concept you created and others cherish.

But that didn't minimize the Jewish commitment or attachment to God, nor should it minimize the American commitment to the liberation of others. Especially in light of the principal reason for European antipathy. America's expenditure of treasure and blood on behalf of other nations have made those nations feel dependent and exposed their weakness. Rather than feel grateful, they are resentful.

But all of this only points to the deeper parallels between America-hatred and anti-Semitism. The connection, in essence, is this: Those nations that stand up for what's right become reviled because they spoil everyone else's party.

The underlying cause of all anti-Semitism is the Jews having emerged as the conscience of the world. Being the progenitors of the Ten Commandments, a moral code that was adopted by the world with near universality, automatically made the Jews the arbiters of right and wrong. America today has likewise emerged as the moral conscience of an increasingly amoral world, a world deeply indifferent to human suffering, prepared to stomach people like Saddam Hussein and turn their eyes away from Janjaweed militias in Sudan.

Furthermore, just as the Jews taught the world about God, America today is the only Western country that proudly proclaims its allegiance to God. America's strong emphasis on God and religion is anathema to Old Europe, which lives in the post-Christian era. Indeed, Europeans often point to evangelical, conservative-minded American Christians as an example of American yobbery and buffoonery, people unsophisticated and dumb enough to believe in a stark world of good and evil, black and white.

And just as the Jews were hated for having spoiled the party for everyone else by imparting to the world the idea of religious morality, America is likewise hated for reminding the world of its moral responsibilities to protect human life and fight tyranny.

6. Dennis Prager
What American Jews need to think about this Rosh Hashanah
Extracts Only:

The Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, begins at sunset this Wednesday. The holiday's primary purpose is to engage in an "accounting of the soul," and usher in the Ten Days of Repentance, which culminate in the holiest Jewish day, Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.

Both the individual and the community are required to ask themselves big questions such as: What type of person have I been, and what type of community have we been, this past year? Where am I, and where are we, headed?

[]In this spirit, as a deeply involved member of the Jewish community, I offer some accountings of the American Jewish soul.

First, in the spirit of this time of year, some Jewish leaders owe our fellow Americans who are Christian an apology. These leaders predicted that serious anti-Semitic consequences would follow in the wake of American Christians seeing the film "The Passion of the Christ." Not only did no such thing occur, polls indicated an actual diminution in anti-Jewish feelings among some Christians who saw the film, and no change whatsoever among the vast majority.

Second, connected to the above, this Rosh Hashanah is a good time for American Jews to publicly acknowledge that American Christianity has been overwhelmingly a blessing for America's Jews. The fears of Christians and their religion that many American Jews have are a carryover from Europe and the Jews' awful experiences there.

No country has ever honored Judaism or blessed its Jews as has America. And this includes secular Europe today just as it did religious Europe of the past. The prevalent idea among American Jews that a secular, rather than a Judeo-Christian, America is better for America, let alone for its Jews, is so obviously wrong, only the irrational can hold it. For proof, ask the Jews of France.

Third, the majority of Jews have substituted liberalism for Judaism, and this has been a Jewish and American calamity. Given Jews' professional success and social activism, Jews tend to have an influence on society quite disproportionate to their numbers. Unfortunately, though, nearly all those Jews who attempt to influence society have little or no connection to Judaism. They are guided far more by The New York Times and its values than by the Torah and its values. And they ask, "What do I feel?" far more than "What do 3,000 years of our world-changing religion teach?"

Fourth, religious Jews need to enter the world. The built-in tendency of Halakhic (Jewish law) Judaism to keep Jews away from non-Jews is not good for them (it leads to insularity, intellectual laziness, ethical rationalization) and not good for humanity, which only hears from Jews advocating values frequently antithetical to Judaism. The current situation is nothing less than tragic: the Jews who take Judaism the least seriously talk the most to the world, and the Jews who take Judaism the most seriously talk the least to the world.

Fifth, we must face the fact that American Jewry is declining in numbers because Jews are not taught Judaism, not because Jews are becoming Christian. Jews for nothing, not Jews for Jesus, are the greatest threat to Jewish survival.

Finally, because Judaism believes that Rosh Hashanah is the world's New Year, not the Jews' alone, a word to the non-Jewish world.

non-Jews who dismiss the enemies of the Jews as only the Jews' problem are deceiving themselves terribly. Jew-haters come after the Jews first but never the Jews only. Had the world taken Hitler's anti-Semitism seriously earlier, and therefore confronted him earlier, tens of millions of lives would have been saved. Had the world taken the Arab and Muslim terror unleashed on Israel seriously -- and not dismissed it as Israel's problem or even more absurdly, as Israel's fault -- and confronted that terror immediately, much human suffering would probably have been avoided.

With a genuine accounting of the soul, America's Jews can make the year 5765 one of the most significant in their history.

7. Tibetan "Evolutionary" Gene and Brit-Am Comment
Tibetan Children Are Five Times More Likely To Survive Infancy If Moms Have Oxygen-Promoting Genes

Arlington, Va. -- A genetic trait enabling some Tibetan women to achieve relatively high oxygen levels in their blood, despite living at oxygen-scarce altitudes, is associated with higher infant survival, according to research reported in the online edition Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Tibetan mothers who have the oxygen-enriching gene(s) also give birth to infants who are more likely to survive their first year of life than are children of mothers without such genes.
Tibetan children have a much better chance of surviving their first year if their mothers have a genetic trait that enables them to achieve high levels of oxygen in their blood. (Credit: Cynthia M. Beall and Melvyn C. Goldstein)

Beall and an interdisciplinary team took data on mothers and their children in over 900 Tibetan households who lived at altitudes up to about 13,800 feet above sea level. For comparison, the peak of Hawaii’s volcanic mountain, Mauna Loa, is 13,680 feet above sea level.

The researchers measured the women’s blood oxygen and collected genealogical and fertility data, including the numbers of pregnancies and births, surviving children, and other health status factors.

Although the researchers did not examine the women’s DNA directly to identify a high-oxygen-conferring gene, they used an established statistical method to infer from blood samples and family history data the gene’s existence and path of inheritance from mother to child. According to their findings, one copy of the suspect gene, out of a possible two, gives Tibetan mothers the ability to infuse extra oxygen into their bloodstreams, an important survival asset because it decreases the high-altitude stress of oxygen deficiency.

The researchers then compared women’s blood-oxygen levels to the likelihood that they would become pregnant and give birth to living children, and to the likelihood that those children would survive to age 15 years.

They found the predisposition to achieve high oxygen levels did not affect a woman’s likelihood of becoming pregnant or delivering a live child, but it did affect that child’s chances of living past infancy. Children of moms with the genetic advantage were about five times more likely to live to the age of one year than were other children.

A higher survival rate for children of parents with certain genes is a defining feature of natural selection. “Questions about how humans adapt to their environments are important,” comments Mark Weiss, program officer at the National Science Foundation, which was a sponsor of the research. “This study links Darwinian fitness to a genetic adaptation the ability to compensate for oxygen deprivation at high altitudes. As people migrated out of the tropics and into inhospitable environments they had to adapt both culturally and biologically. The work by Beall and colleagues is a really neat example of selection molding the genetic composition of a population to allow life in an extreme environment."

Brit-Am Comment: When it suits them the scientists speak of genetic adaptation.
The above example does not prove Darwinism. It only shows that the Creator placed
an inbuilt mechanism in our genetic system that allows adaptation according to
a previously designed contingency program to suit each situation.
Mice in cold climates grow differently from mice in hot climates.
Switch the mice around and it can take several generations for the differences to breed themselves out
but they will do so and they will remain mice.

Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 20:27:30 +0200

Jerusalem News-309
1. Good King Coenwulf?
2. Blood letting may have helped some people
3. Arutz Sheva News Sunday
QUOTE OF THE DAY: [A Descendant of Jethro speaks out!]
4. The Case for Jewish Settlements by Yoram Ettinger
5. Quotes from Churchill
6. Origin of Nations Site
7. Jews, Freemasonry and Antisemitism

1. Good King Coenwulf?
Dog Walker Discovers a Penny Worth Thousands
Fri Sep 10, 2004 08:40 AM ET

LONDON (Reuters) - A routine walk with his dog turned into a profitable excursion for one man, who discovered a 1,200-year-old gold penny during the stroll and now expects to sell it for thousands of pounds.

The coin was discovered on a public footpath beside the River Ivel in Bedfordshire, England. It is the first new Anglo-Saxon gold penny to come to light in nearly a century and the only known gold coin with the name of Coenwulf -- a king who ruled over the central English region of Mercia.

London auctioneers Spink estimate the coin will sell for 120,000-150,000 pounds ($214,100-267,700) when it goes under the hammer in October. But Richard Bishop, an auctioneer at Spink, said the coin's excellent condition might help the price rise beyond the top estimate.

"It's obviously going to be far in excess of anything that the average guy would expect to find when he's out walking his dog," said Bishop.

2. Blood letting may have helped some people

By The Associated Press

September 12, 2004, 6:50 PM EDT

Could the ancient practice of bleeding patients really have done some good? A scientist says new research on how germs thrive in the body suggests it may have -- for some people.

Bacteria need iron to cause infections. The body has defense mechanisms to make it harder for germs to suck iron out of someone's blood or other tissues. But deadly germs can get around that iron blockade.

University of Chicago microbiologists reported last week in the journal Science that the staph germ -- a leading cause of pneumonia and other infections -- fuels itself with iron in a previously unknown way. Early in staph infections, the germs blow open red blood cells.

The Chicago researchers found staph then snatches their oxygen- and iron-carrying component and discovered the genes that govern the process.

When they weakened those genes, staph no longer sickened worms or mice, said lead researcher Eric P. Skaar. Next step is hunting drugs to block staph's iron-stealing ability.

The discovery suggests that bloodletting, done early enough, may have slowed staph infections by starving germs of iron, National Institutes of Health iron specialist Tracy Rouault wrote in a review of Skaar's research.

Nobody's suggesting that staph patients be bled today. Bloodletting was abandoned in the mid-20th century after antibiotics were invented.

But the mystery persists: "How could a procedure popular for 2,500 years have really been completely worthless?" Rouault asked.

Bloodletting was used for lots of reasons, many that "didn't make good sense," she stressed.

But, searching old medical texts, she found that starting in 18th-century France, certain physicians advised it only at the start of a high-fever illness. Even in 1942, medicine's leading English-language textbook advised early bleeding for high-fever pneumonia.

That can certainly describe a bad staph infection. Moreover, Rouault notes that one treatment for a different disease, malaria, caused by parasites, is a drug that lowers iron in blood.

3. Arutz Sheva News Sunday
Sept. 19, 2004 / Tzom Gedaliah 5765
A group of 104 prominent Americans in the religious, political, academic and entertainment worlds sent a letter last week to U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell challenging the State Department's opposition to a bill mandating an annual report on anti-Semitism around the world. The group, coordinated by former Congressman Stephen Solarz and the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, wrote that the fight against anti-Semitism deserves "specific, focused attention," and said that Powell should support the Global Anti-Semitism Awareness Act H.R. 4230, authored by Cong. Tom Lantos (D-Cal.).

Among the signatories are former Secretary of Housing and vice presidential candidate Jack Kemp, former National Security Advisor Anthony Lake, former Ambassador to the U.N. Jeane Kirkpatrick, and leaders of four top Christian religious seminaries, including the Union Theological Seminary and Yale Divinity School.

The Lantos bill, which has 34 sponsors, would require the State Department to compile an annual report on anti-Semitism around the world, and make it the responsibility of a specific State Department office to focus on the issue.

The letter states, "The State Department's position on the Lantos legislation carries troubling echoes of the past... During the Holocaust, the State Department did its best to downplay the Jewish identity of Hitler's victims - even though the Nazi regime had clearly singled out Jews for annihilation. Statements by U.S. officials about Nazi atrocities seldom mentioned the Jews. This made it harder for the American public to understand what was happening and hindered efforts to rally public support for rescue of Jews from Hitler."

The State Department's position is that implementation of the bill could "erode our credibility by being interpreted as favoritism in human rights reporting," and might create an "inappropriate stand-alone situation for one group."

Dr. Rafael Medoff, director of the Wyman Institute - located on the campus of Gratz College, near Philadelphia - responded, "The State Department already has a number of offices that extend 'exclusive status' to groups or issues of concern, among them offices on Tibet, Human Trafficking and women's rights. It is the anti-Semites who are singling out Jews, and that is why the fight against anti-Semitism deserves specific, focused attention. The Lantos bill is a timely and appropriate response to the rising tide of anti-Semitism in Europe, where it frequently turns violent, and in the Arab and Muslim world where it is government-sponsored."

A compromise may be in the works, as the State Department has said it does not oppose a similar bill that passed the Senate in May and that calls for a one-time report on global anti-Semitism. It also requires the department to document anti-Semitic acts in its annual reports on international religious freedom and human rights. The House of Representatives may pass a version of the bill that is closer to Lantos' version.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: [A Descendant of Jethro speaks out!]
"I would like to say to the Prime Minister, just like Jethro advised Moses to leave Egypt, so too we advise you to abandon the disengagement program."
-- MK Ayoub Kara (Likud), speaking with non-Jewish members of the Likud Party last week at a gathering in honor of Rosh HaShanah and the victory of the disengagement-opponents in the Likud referendum. Kara is a member of the Druze religion, which regards Jethro, Moses' father-in-law, as their chief prophet. The Torah records that Jethro advised Moses only on the implementation of an efficient court system.

4. The Case for Jewish Settlements
By Yoram Ettinger
The Jerusalem Cloakroom - Sep 19, 2004
Presented by:
National Unity Coalition for Israel.
Arab/Palestinian wars on the Jewish State erupted irrespective of the
presence/absence of Jewish communities in Judea & Samaria (J&S), Gaza
orGolan. They were established - on 2% of J&S and Gaza area - FOLLOWING
the 1967 War, which erupted FOLLOWING the establishment of the PLO
(1964), succeeding the wars of 1956 and 1948/9 and the sustained
campaign of Palestinian terror, which was launched in 1929, with the
massacre of Hebron's Jewish community and the expulsion of Gaza's
Jewish community, the 1929, 1936 and 1948 decimation of Gush Etzion's
Jewish communities and the 1948 dismantling of Kfar Darom in the Gaza Strip.

Why would the dismantling of Jewish communities in Gaza and J&S promote peace,
while the dismantling of Arab communities in Israel violate human rights?!
The 1993 Oslo Accord does not restrict settlement activity. If 250,000 Jews -
among 2.6MN Palestinians in J&S and Gaza - constitute an obstacle to
peace, how does one refer to 1.3MN Israeli Arabs among 5.5MN Jews? A super
obstacle to peace?! If the 1.3MN Israeli Arabs represent peaceful
coexistence, why would 250,000 Jews in J&S, Gaza and Golan be an
obstacle to peace?! According to Israel's law, the establishment of
Jewish communities of J&S and Gaza cannot utilize private Arab land,
and cannot displace any Arab.

Hope for peace and the uprooting of Jewish communities in J&S and Gaza
constitute an oxymoron. If 2.6MN Palestinians cannot tolerate 250,000 Jews in
their midst, what do they mean by peaceful coexistence?! The venomous
Palestinian/Arab opposition to Jewish presence in their midst -
featuring heavily in their formal education, clergy and media systems -
reflects an inherent long-term ideology/strategy. It has been the root
cause of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and of anti-Jewish
Palestinian terrorism. Why would the West tolerate Judenrein Arab areas?!
Palestinians should know that preoccupation with terror would yield
more Jewish communities, thus taxing Palestinian negotiation posture.
Freezing Jewish settlements would remove a chief Palestinian incentive
to negotiate.

Palestinian-Israeli conflict has not been territorial, nor h! as it been
driven by despair. The 1993 Oslo Acord provided the PLO/PA with
unprecedented hope, territory and legitimacy, which produced
unprecedented terrorism. PM Barak offer to evacuate 98% of J&S and Gaza
triggered the current war. The conflict has been nurtured by the
Palestinian/Arab aim to eradicate sovereign Jewish (or any other
minority) presence in the Mideast, and by their hope for Jewish
surrender. The uprooting of Jewish communities, in a
deterrence-driven-peace region, would fuel, rather than subdue,
Palestinian terrorism.

of J&S constitute the "Golan Heights" of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa.
Most settlements are located in strategic areas, controlling critical
transportation arteries and hill tops, protecting 40% of Israel's water
resources, constraining and deterring terrorist manoeuvrability and
bolstering Israel's determination to hold on to the vital area. Gaza's
Kfar Darom and Netzarim were established, in 1967, per IDF insistence.
It was consistent with the late Chairman of the Joint C-O-S General
Earl Wheeler's recommendation that Israel's control of the entire Gaza
(139sqm) would "reduce hostile potential by a factor of 5 (recruitment,
training, operations, incitement, etc.)." They constitute an outpost,
absorbing terrorism, which would otherwise hit Israel's "soft belly."
The 1993/4 disengagement from Gaza required three times as many IDF
soldiers around and inside Gaza.

The 450 Arab villages of J&S bear Biblical names (Anatot is Anata,
Haramah is A-Ram, Gilo is Beit Jallah, Gofna is Jifna, Levonah is Luban, etc.) Jewish
communities in J&S, Gaza and Golan have renewed ancient Jewish
presence, which was violently suspended by Arab and prior aggression. Israel's
Founding Fathers were not inspired by the coastal plain (which played a
minimal role in forging the Jewish identity), but rather by J&S, Gaza
and Golan, which constitute the Cradle of Jewish History. Ben Gurion
stated: "The Jewish passport has been the Bible." Statesmen do not
negotiate away their Cradle of History, lest they forfeit their
national future!

5. Quotes from Churchill
If you're going through hell, keep going.
--Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965) British Statesman, Prime Minister, Author

"We reject with scorn all these learned and laboured myths that Moses was but a legendary figure. We believe that the most scientific view, the most up to date and rationalistic conception, will find its fullest satisfaction in taking the Bible literally. We may be sure that all these things happened as they are set out in Holy Writ. In the words of a forgotten work of Mr. Gladstone, we rest with assurance upon 'the impregnable rock of Holy Scripture...' Let the men of science and of learning expand their knowledge and probe with their researches every detail of the records which have been preserved to us from these dim ages. All they do is to fortify the grand simplicity and essential accuracy of the recorded truths which have lighted so far the pilgrimage of man".

6. Origin of Nations Site
Newsweek Magazine: Woodward and Gates:
"Now historians are discovering that the Bible, perhaps even more than the Constitution, is our founding document: ...Only one other nation has ever looked to the Bible to find a warrant for is very existence: Israel,...
"In 1776 Benjamin Franklin proposed to the Continental Congress that the great seal of the United States bear the image of Moses leading the Israelites across the Red Sea. Jefferson ...wanted the new nation represented by an Israel led through the wilderness by the Biblical pillar of cloud and fire."

7. Jews, Freemasonry and Antisemitism
A lot of Jews are Freemasons but many are not.
Freemasons are also often just as anti-semitic as the rest of the population even sometimes more so.
IN Scandinavia Jews are not allowed to join Freemason lodges.
Apart from that my impression is that Freemasonry in itself is best left alone.
It can be good, bad, or just plain silly.
For some facts from a Jewish historical perspective see:

Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 12:14:57 +0200

Jerusalem News-310
2. General Slim Remembered
3. Yom Kippur

Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 15:47:17 -0400

WASHINGTON [MENL] -- The U.S. intelligence community has determined that
Syria deployed weapons of mass destruction in Sudan's rebel Darfour

U.S. officials said the CIA has obtained what it deemed reliable information
that Syria used a range of air bombs and perhaps rockets filled chemical and
biological weapons in the war in Darfour. They said the BW and CW were used
in Sudanese military attacks against African villagers in Darfour.

"The U.S. intelligence community has clear evidence that Syrian weapons and
experts arrived several months ago and tested the operational use of a range
of biological and chemical weapons in Darfour," an official said. "The
results were devastating."
The officials said Syrian BW and CW were deployed in fighting in Darfour in
June and July. They said hundreds of people were killed in the attacks,
which appeared to mostly comprise of bombs being dropped by parachute from
Sudanese Air Force An-24 air transports.

IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis

2. General Slim Remembered
Extracts Only:
Telegraph Network
Mild man of the jungle

Max Hastings reviews Slim, Master of War by Robert Lyman

A question. Which British general of the Second World War wrote in his memoirs about a battle he commanded: "I was, like other generals before me, saved from the consequences of my mistakes by the resourcefulness of my subordinate commanders and the stubborn valour of my troops"?

To anybody who knows the period, among a cast of strutting prima donnas and embittered failures there is only one candidate for such a frank and modest observation - Bill Slim. It helps to explain why he was adored by the troops he commanded, the "Forgotten" Fourteenth Army in Burma. Tough, solid, unpretentious, constantly mindful of the predicament of the private soldier, he led his men to final victory despite chronic shortages of resources, mediocre subordinates, a fanatical enemy and a dreadful environment.

Robert Lyman, himself an ex-soldier writing his first book, asserts that Slim was the outstanding British general of the war. He is surely right. For complex and dismaying reasons, this country produced few competent, never mind inspired, commanders in the 1939-45 generation - indeed, despite the usual British condescension, fewer than the Americans. Slim not only looks the best of our leaders, he was also the most attractive personality.

He took over command of the collapsing Burma Corps amid the retreat to the Chindwin river in 1942. His army commander was Alexander, the theatre commander Wavell, both of whom put up sorry showings. The British were struggling to hold on to as much territory as possible, while the Japanese focused ruthlessly upon destroying British forces.

On a battlefield of unpronounceable names and fever-ridden swamps, the enemy struck panic again and again into British units by attacking through "impenetrable" jungle in their rear. Slim's immediate superior was Irwin, a sorry creature, who hated Slim because he had once sacked a friend of Irwin's as a battalion commander.

"Burcorps" retreated 1,000 miles in three months, eventually staggering back into India with 30,000 demoralised and exhausted men, having lost 13,000. The Japanese thought the British military performance was pitiful. The British, for their part, were dismayed by Japanese "fanaticism".

Japanese soldiers routinely displayed the sort of courage for which the British were awarded Victoria Crosses. For all their ghastly cruelty, the Japanese displayed a mastery of jungle fighting which shamed the British and Indian Armies.

The eastern war was dominated by the monsoon season, during which almost all military activity perforce ceased for several months. As the Eastern Army regrouped in Assam, Irwin tried to dismiss Slim as scapegoat for a failed offensive of his own. Happily, this ploy failed. Irwin signalled Slim memorably: "You're not sacked - I am." In October 1943, Slim took over command.

Slim's second problem was to sell his strategy to his political and military masters. Churchill wanted a renewed British invasion of Burma. Slim believed that it would be vastly less dangerous and more effective instead to let the Japanese attack in Assam, and there to fight them on ground of his choosing, with much shorter lines of communication.

This is exactly what happened early in 1944, when the Japanese 15th Army threw itself at Imphal - which Slim expected - and at Kohima further north, which he did not. The Japanese astonished the British by moving an entire division to attack through jungle which the defenders thought quite impassable. But Japanese ingenuity and aggression were in vain. The twin battles were among the bloodiest and hardest of the war, fought in terrible conditions, and the British prevailed. As Slim had hoped, the encounter decided the course of the campaign thereafter, effectively destroying the enemy's 15th Army.

Slim now stepped forward and declared his army ready and able to recapture Burma, while the allied warlords were minded to hold fast on the Indian frontier. He got his way. In 1945, he drove into Burma at the head of five British and Indian divisions - the largest force that could be supplied on the battlefield - and smashed the crumbling Japanese.

All the advantages of resources and especially air power were now on the allied side. But Slim had also created a spirit of self-belief among his forces, a conviction that they could prevail against the Japanese in a jungle war, which had been wretchedly lacking in 1942. He taught his soldiers that if they were attacked in the rear, as they usually were, it was the Japanese who should consider themselves surrounded.

His greatest battlefield triumph was the seizure of Meiktila in the spring of 1945, after which the Japanese abandoned Rangoon without a fight. Astonishingly, at this point Slim's new boss Oliver Leese, a poor soldier who had commanded Eighth Army in Italy, attempted to sack Slim and take over his forces in time to seize the Burmese laurels for himself. Churchill, Alanbrooke and Mountbatten would have none of it. Slim was triumphantly reinstated, and indeed promoted. Leese was consigned to obscurity where he belonged.

Slim has always been loved as well as admired, not least because he wrote the most honest and modest memoir of any World War II commander, Defeat Into Victory.

Lyman's book is a workmanlike march across Slim's battlefields, rather than an exciting canter. It possesses the texture of a Christmas cake rather than a sponge. But it is easy to accept the author's judgments. We shall never know whether Slim would have done better than his peers against the Germans in Europe, but the British were extraordinarily lucky to have him in Burma.

3. Yom Kippur
Beginning just before sundown this evening until tomorrow night is the day of Yom Kippur, the day of Atonement.
On this day we should repent of our sins, placate those we have offended and undertake to improve ourselves.
Religious Jews fast.




Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 10:26:52 +0200

Jerusalem News-311
1. Mass Immigration's Unexpected Victim
4. Top Hamas leader assassinated in Damascus
Israel's Warning to Damascus and Tehran?

1. Mass Immigration's Unexpected Victim
by Eugene Girin
Arutz Sheva
September 01, 2004

The democratic nations of Western Europe and North America are not the only countries whose ethno-cultural character and stability are threatened by mass immigration. Unmonitored immigration is also wreaking havoc in Israel. Jew-hatred in the Jewish State - a seemingly impossible paradox - was made possible by mass immigration.

In the 1980s and 1990s, thousands of people left the dying Evil Empire for Israel and are continuing to leave the post-Soviet republics. This aliyah (return to Zion) was the biggest yet in the history of Israel. However, because of the misguided policies of the Israeli government and institutions such as the Jewish Agency, an ever-growing number of the Soviet immigrants are not even Jewish.

The idiotic "grandfather clause" of the Israeli Law of Return allows persons who only have one Jewish grandparent, and are thus only one-quarter Jewish, to receive asylum and citizenship in Israel. In addition, the relative ease with which fake birth certificates and passports can be obtained on the post-Soviet black market allows ever growing numbers of people who have nothing in common with Jews or Judaism to come to Israel. As a result, out of the nearly one million Russian-speaking immigrants in Israel, about 300,000 are not Jewish.

These Russians and Ukrainians flock to Israel to escape the lawlessness and poverty of their homelands. This of course, contradicts the whole purpose of the Law of Return and the immigration policy of the Jewish State - to allow Jews to come to their historic and cultural homeland. Israel was not established to be a haven for the world's wretched masses. Israel is not meant to be a multicultural conglomeration, but a nation-state, a sovereign government representing a particular national people.

The behavior of many of the non-Jewish immigrants to Israel is chillingly similar to the disrespectful and disorderly behavior of illegal Mexican immigrants to the United States and Muslim immigrants to Western Europe. Russian thugs in Israel have perpetrated dozens of anti-Jewish incidents. These incidents were all documented by the Israeli Information Center for the Victims of Anti-Semitism run by Zalman Gilichenski, a rabbi from the former USSR, and other Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union. The Soviet Jews are the only Israeli community that pays any attention to Russian anti-Semitism in Israel and are the only people that try to fight it.

In the years 2000-2003, at least 500 anti-Semitic incidents were recorded (with many more unrecorded) in which Russians were arrested for spraying anti-Jewish graffiti, desecrating synagogues and attacking Jews. Synagogues were defaced in Bnei Brak, an ultra-Orthodox town in central Israel, cemeteries were vandalized in another religious town, Ramat Beit Shemesh, and Jews were attacked all over the country (Netivot, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, northern Israel), some by openly neo-Nazi bandits. At a soccer match in Haifa in which Israel played the Russian Federation, drunk Russian youths shouted down the Israeli national anthem and yelled anti-Semitic slogans - an incident almost identical to the infamous anti-American debauchery of Mexican fans at a soccer game in Los Angeles a few years ago, except that it was "Hatikva" that was booed down instead of the "Star Spangled Banner".

These shocking developments culminated in the establishment of a neo-Nazi Russian-language website in Israel in the summer of 2003. The website was created by Russian immigrants - activists of the "White Israeli Union". They define their enemies as Jews, Arabs and foreign workers from other countries, including Thailand and the Philippines. The neo-Nazi activists call themselves "Ilya from Haifa" and "Andrei from Arad" and are pictured giving the Nazi salute. Ironically, one of them was drafted into the Israeli army and is giving the salute in an Israeli uniform. Fortunately, the website was shut down and the activists were arrested, according to Tommy Lapid, the atheist liberal in charge of the Israeli Ministry of Justice. However, no trial took place and the investigation was wrapped up suspiciously fast.

Ariel Sharon and the rest of the Israeli leadership, along with an overwhelming majority of Israelis, do not see mass non-Jewish immigration as a problem. Recently, Sharon stated that he plans to bring one million Jews from the Russian Federation to Israel. The only question is where will Arik get so many Russian Jews, since the Jewish population of Russia is below 500,000. It is obvious that Sharon does not want to consider the tremendous threat that is being posed to the already fragile stability and ethnic character of the Jewish State. Sharon is hoping to use the non-Jewish immigrants as cheap and docile manpower in the Israeli army and hopes to offset the alarming rise of the Arab population by substituting one hateful and growing minority with another. Quite a plan, Arik!

Just like the Mexican invasion of the American Southwest and the Muslim takeover of French and Belgian cities, the mass influx of hostile aliens into Israel will have ever more detrimental effects. Prime Minister Sharon would be well advised to read Jean Raspail and Michelle Malkin before he opens Israel's doors to a mass Russian invasion.



$10 Million for Economy, 15,000 Hotel Room-Nights

Tourism Minister Gidon Ezra to open Celebration at ICC - 7:30 p.m.,
Thursday, Sept. 30


(JERUSALEM)-Despite four years of political unrest, travel advisories and a
prolonged slump in tourism to Israel, over 4,000 Christians from more than
80 nations will arrive in Jerusalem over the next week to take part in the
25th 'Silver Anniversary' Christian celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles,
sponsored by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. They will pump
at least $10 million into the local economy, accounting for over 15,000
hotel room nights, a boost for the Jerusalem tourism industry.

The international visitors will be joined by over 1,000 local Christians to
celebrate the biblical Feast of Sukkot and to stand with the nation of
Israel. An additional 2,000 Israelis are also expected to attend various
Feast events.

Evangelical Christian leaders, including Dr. Pat Robertson, (Host of the
'700 Club' TV program and former chairman of the Christian Coalition in the
US) and Brother Yun, a prominent leader of the 100-million member
underground Christian church in China, will also take part in this year's
celebration to mark the milestone anniversary. The ICEJ is also hosting a
first-time-ever event in the Beit Shean National Park, where the 4000
visitors will enjoy a spectacular, spiritual concert and fireworks in the
ancient Roman Amphitheater on Tuesday, September 28.

For the fourth year in a row, since the outbreak of the present Intifada,
the Christian Embassy is hosting the largest international solidarity
mission to Israel, as Christians from nations across the world come in
person to express their firm commitment to the Jewish State and its people.
The Ministry of Tourism in fact calls the ICEJ Feast 'the largest annual
tourism event in Israel.'

"This 25th anniversary marks a special plateau for this event and our
ministry," says Malcolm Hedding, ICEJ Executive Director. "The thousands of
Christians ascending to Jerusalem for our annual Feast celebration know that
something wonderful is in store for them this year, as they worship the God
of Israel and bless the people of Israel. With the presence of figures like
Dr. Pat Robertson and Brother Yun, we know that larger crowds and more
significant achievements lie ahead."

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Jews in the New Wilderness

Published: September 24, 2004
Jews in the New Wilderness

Published: September 24, 2004

[] diagram of John Locke's skull, a bill of lading from a 17th-century Dutch ship, an invoice for 25 boxes of spermaceti candles, a history of conspiracies against Queen Elizabeth I, an 18th-century German image of a shirtless Jew standing on a skinned pig. What do such things have to do with celebrations of the 350th anniversary of the arrival of Jews in America? And how does a handsome exhibition drawing on four New York Public Library collections tie these items together?

This unusual exhibition (through Nov. 13 at the New York Public Library) does not fully succeed, but that turns out to be a virtue: originality provokes, and this show fits no mold. It is given the slightly baroque title "Jewes in America: Conquistadors, Knickerbockers, Pilgrims and the Hope of Israel" and is the library's contribution to anniversary celebrations, but it has very little to do with the life of Jews in the United States. And though the show includes the first book published in New York ("Truth Advanced" by George Keith, 1694), the oldest surviving document from New Amsterdam (that bill of lading, from July 16, 1625) and the first published biographical material about Christopher Columbus (incorporated into a 1516 Genoese multilingual edition of the Psalms), its interest is not primarily antiquarian.

Instead, its curator, Michael Terry, who is the chief librarian of the Dorot Jewish Division at the library, has done what a consummate collector does: gather unusual materials from disparate places and juxtapose them, revealing hidden resonances, creating connections and, finally, informing those less learned about what is being shown, with finely detailed, often playful commentary.

One does not casually pass through this chamber-size exhibition of 94 objects; one works through it slowly, spurred by Mr. Terry's notes. The chronology can sometimes be confusing, but much startles.

The exhibition begins with the first illustrated edition of Columbus's account of his "Regarding the Newfound Islands" (Basel, 1493), in which Luis de Torres is shown arriving in Cuba. De Torres, a Jew converted by the Inquisition, was recruited by Columbus to be a translator in the Indies. As far as Columbus was concerned, de Torres, who spoke Hebrew, Aramaic and some Arabic, clearly knew the requisite Oriental languages. He never reached the Orient, but de Torres did find a version of paradise, Mr. Terry informs us, eventually becoming "the first European settler in the Western Hemisphere."

The Inquisition played a more central role in later Jewish journeys. A Dutch engraving from 1647, for example, shows Sדo Tomי island, off the west coast of Africa. Jews entering Portugal after being expelled from Spain in 1492 were heavily taxed. If Jews could not pay, their sons, ages 2 to 10, were enslaved and sent to Sדo Tomי, a Portuguese outpost, where they were raised as Roman Catholics while having to fend off crocodiles and work in the sugar trade. Within a year only 600 children remained alive out of the 2,000 exiled. Additional slaves were brought from the African mainland. In a generation, the island became the world's biggest sugar exporter. (Relics of Jewish ritual survived there for centuries.)

When Portugal colonized Brazil a generation later, the grown children were sent there to work the sugar trade. The Inquisition also exiled to Brazil suspected "Judaizers," secretly practicing Jews. But later this traffic was halted: a Spanish or Portuguese traveler to the New World had to prove "limpieza de sangre," or blood purity, a standard requiring non-Jewish ancestry back four generations. (Such genealogies are on display.)

But when the Dutch temporarily wrested control of Brazilian colonies, the Jews thrived. Johan Maurits, a Dutch general turned governor, established a new capital, Mauritstad (now Recife, and shown in a 1671 engraving). By the middle of the 17th century that capital included what Mr. Terry calls "the most successful Jewish community in the world." But when the colony was retaken by the Portuguese, Jews fled.

The Dutch West India Company proposed setting up a Jewish colony in Guyana, but it came to naught. In 1654 a boat sailing from Cuba was attacked by pirates before its 23 Jews made their way, penniless, to New Amsterdam, where their fates were chronicled in that settlement's "Minutes of the Burgomasters and Schepens," which is on loan from the Municipal Archives of the City of New York. Their remaining goods were sold to pay debts; some were sent to prison. Such was the encounter whose 350th anniversary is being celebrated.

Peter Stuyvesant wanted to keep New Amsterdam free of Jews, arguing in a 1655 letter to the West India Company that Jewish liberty was "very detrimental, because the Christians cannot compete against them." His ban was overturned.

But as Jews began to make their way to the New World, Mr. Terry suggests, something was changing in the Old. Manasseh ben Israel, for example, became a widely respected scholar in Protestant Amsterdam. His book, "The Hope of Israel" (1650), argued that a new age was imminent. The Spanish Inquisition was the last gasp of the old. Now Hebrew and Jewish studies were gaining in prestige; travelers in the New World were reporting that the American Indians were the lost tribes of Israel; moreover, he wrote in amazement, "our Synagogues are found in America." Rembrandt made an etching of Manasseh and illustrated his commentary on Daniel. And Manasseh traveled to England in 1655 to convince Oliver Cromwell to admit Jews for the first time since 1290.

Here the exhibition's argument grows more complicated, for with Cromwell's ascendancy and the growing Puritan presence in the New World, Messianic ideas like Manasseh's were accompanied by a renewed general interest in Hebrew and the Hebrew Bible. In the New World some Puritans even advocated following Judaic law and making Hebrew the American language. In a volume of sermons, Increase Mather (who later became president of Harvard) predicted the imminent redemption and "Restoration of the Jews." His sermons, from the 1660's, were delivered just as belief in a false Messiah, Sabbatai Zevi, was sweeping Jewish communities.

From the spirit of Judaic Messianism grew many dreams. In 1641 the Pilgrim leader John Cotton proposed a theocratic government based on the laws of the Hebrew Bible. But as Mr. Terry shows, the Hebrew Bible also inspired different visions. Samuel Sewall (whose image is shown here), who was a judge in the Salem witch trials but later repented his role and, in 1700, wrote the first attack on the American slave trade. Roger Williams, the minister in Salem, also broke with Puritan ideas, arguing that there should be a "wall of separation" between church and state. His argument, presented to the English Parliament in 1644, is displayed: he requested a charter for the settlement of Providence, where there would be no "enforced uniformity of religion."

So the origins of America are inseparable from currents of Judaic Messianism. This is one reason debate raged over whether the American Indians were the lost tribes of Israel. The notion inspired much advocacy, including Thomas Thorowgood's 1650 book (in the exhibition), "Jewes in America, or Probabilities That the Americans Are of That Race." One counterargument here is by an English landowner with a name that trumps satire: Sir Hamon L'Estrange, Lord High Admiral of the Wash.

Both the theocratic and liberal versions of American religion led to increased tolerance for Jews, and both versions shaped American life. This exhibition's last section, "The Rise of Modernity," is the most miscellaneous, recalling the restrictive world left behind and the new possibilities taking shape. In Germany, as one 1738 illustration shows, a Jew swearing an oath was required to stand on a dead pig; but in America more tolerance existed. The first English-language Jewish prayer book is on view (New York, 1766); so is John Jay's 1777 text of the Constitution of New York, then the only state to guarantee "free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship."

But nothing is neatly tied up, nor can it be. The Messianic impulse pulls in many directions. Mr. Terry includes an 1844 volume, "The Valley of Vision," by George Bush, a Christian Hebraist hired as New York University's first professor of Hebrew. Bush, whose brother Timothy is a direct ancestor of the president of the United States, opposed Messianism and argued that a belief in a New Jerusalem was "one of the most baseless of all the extravaganzas of prophetic hallucination." But he was not immune to its lures: he later became the leading American advocate for the occult religion of Emanuel Swedenborg and left N.Y.U. to lead the Swedenborgian Church of the New Jerusalem in Brooklyn.

The exhibition suggests that the Messianic impulse is unavoidable; it keeps company with the desire for liberation. That is partly what drove the Jews to Brazil and New Amsterdam, the Puritans to Massachusetts, Manasseh to London, the colonists to Revolution. But there are dangers: Messianism can turn restrictive while liberation can become excessive. So 17th-century debates about theocracy and liberalism, law and liberty, necessarily remain unresolved, even as, in the New World, for the Jews and so many others, considerable promise is being fulfilled.

Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004 17:46:21 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Fw: Israel's Warning to Damascus and Tehran? John

4. Top Hamas leader assassinated in Damascus

Arieh O'Sullivan, THE JERUSALEM POST Sep. 26, 2004

A car bomb exploded in Damascus on Sunday, killing a top Hamas leader Izz El-Deen Al-Sheikh Khalil, Israeli security sources said speaking on condition of anonymity.

According to media reports, Hamas officials are blaming Israel for the assassination.

The Associated Press Jerusalem bureau reported that anonymous Israeli security officials acknowledged the Jewish state was involved in the assassination, a claim not backed up by sources in the Ministry of Defense, the Prime Minister's Office and the Israel Defense Forces.

Israel Radio reported that Israeli officials learned of Khalil's death through the media.

With the exception of the capturing of Nazi mass murderer Adolph Eichman, the destruction of Iraq's nuclear reactor, and some instances of military operations in Lebanon, Israel has never taken responsibility for assassinations and other activities on foreign soil.

The explosion took place in the al-Zahraa district at 10:45 a.m. a media center in Damascus told AP.

Radio Damascus said he was not involved in Hamas activities inside Syria. The Radio also said three bystanders were wounded in the blast.

A top aid to PA Chairman Yasser Arafat, Nabil Abu Rudeina, said that the assassination in Damascus "is the beginning of a very dangerous period that will have negative consequences on everyone," Israel Radio reported.

A member of the Hamas political bureau, Mohammed Nazzal, told the AP in Cairo that a bomb had been planted in Khalil's car, which exploded as Khalil tried to start the ignition.

Police at the scene of al-Zahraa district explosion were seen retrieving pieces of the body of Khalil.

Khalil, 42, used to work for Hamas in the Gaza Strip and was deported by Israel to Lebanon from the Gaza Strip. He was one of the people who trained legendary Palestinian bomb maker Yehiya Ayyash, who was killed in 1996.

Israel has warned that it would target Hamas leaders anywhere. Vice Premier Ehud Olmert said the battle against Palestinian terror will reach "every place, every corner."

Olmert made the comments in a speech at a memorial service for soldiers killed in the 1973 Yom Kippur War and was not reacting to the car bombing.

Israel reinforced its warning to hunt Hamas leaders everywhere after the double suicide bombing on two Beersheba buses on August 31 that killed 16 people. Hamas claimed responsibility for that attack.

Israeli security sources have said that Hamas in Damascus was increasingly involved in guiding, funding and directing Palestinian terrorist groups in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Following the warnings, the senior Hamas leaders in Damascus, at the urging of the Syrian government, departed Syria.

Meanwhile, a 25-year old senior member of the Al Aksa Martyr's Brigade was killed Sunday in Salfit when the M-16 assault rifle he held blew up in his hands.

With the Associated Press

Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 08:54:45 +0200

Jerusalem News-312
1. EU Doesn't Even Compare to Arkansas
3. Oslo War Casualties
4. Temple Mount Collapse Imminent?
5. Populating the Galilee
6. Personal Political Notes and Current Affairs
There is NO Political Identification of Brit-Am
Transfer of Arabs
Christian Bible believers in the USA are our only allies
The Wall
Ariel Sharon
Negative Considerations of "Arik":
Brit-Am is the Real Solution
7. Who Comes Together? Against Who?

1. EU Doesn't Even Compare to Arkansas
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 13:39:57 -0500
From: "" <>
Insider Report from
Study: EU Doesn't Even Compare to Arkansas

If the European Union were a member of the U.S. it would be one of the poorest states in America, according to a think tank called Timbro in socialist Sweden.

Forbes reports that the study's figures equate European prosperity to "that of economically backward states like Arkansas."

Luxembourg is the only country whose per capita GDP ranks higher than that of the U.S.

"That France, Italy and Germany have less per capita GDP than all but five of the states of the U.S.A. is probably something that Messrs. Chirac, Shroder and Berlusconi don't wish to know," said the studies authors, Fredrik Bergstrom and Robert Gidehag.

Their rankings may be even lower without the decades-long presence of U.S. troops and the billions sent by U.S. taxpayers.

Jerusalem Municipality Press Office - Jerusalem, September 27, 2004

The traditional Jerusalem Parade kicks off on Monday, October 4th 2004

The Jerusalem Municipality expects over 20,000 people to participate in the
Jerusalem parade, scheduled to take place on Monday, October 4th.

The parade will have 2 different walking routes, with 8,000 participants.

Among the hikers will be 50 people who had organ transplants and 40 blind
people, accompanied by seeing-eye dogs.

The Mayor of Jerusalem, Uri Lupolianski, calls upon all those who love
Jerusalem to come and march throughout the city. The mayor emphasized that
the people of Jerusalem and the municipality will do everything within their
ability to make the visit for out of town visitors easy and pleasant.

Newspaper photographer and TV cameramen will be able to shoot the parade
from a special helicopter that will be available on Monday, October 4th,
after advanced coordination with the Jerusalem Municipality Spokesman
office. The helicopter will take off from the rose garden near the Knesset.

IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis

3. Oslo War Casualties
Arutz Sheva News Tuesday
Sept. 28, 2004 / Tishrei 13, 5765 OSLO WAR NUMBERS
On the occasion of four years since the start of the current war - known alternately as the Oslo War, the Road Map War, or merely the second intifada - the General Security Service released a special statistical report summing up these four tragic years. Some of the numbers:

* 1,017 dead, including 703 Israeli and foreign citizens, and 314 soldiers and policemen. The worst year was 2002, when 452 were murdered. The numbers started dropping following Operation Defensive Shield, which was launched in April 2002 following a wave of terrorist massacres.

* 5,598 were wounded to various degrees.

* 138 suicide bombing attacks, including 60 in 2002 and "only" 14 in 2004 as of today.

* 13,370 shooting attacks.

* 460 Kassam rocket attacks. Gush Katif sources say that the total number of Kassams and shelling attacks on their communities is about ten times that amount.

* 173 Arabs with Israeli ID cards, including 150 from eastern Jerusalem, were arrested for involvement in terror attacks.

* 8 female suicide terrorists, and another 45 were arrested before they could blow themselves up.

* 292 children involved in perpetrating terror attacks.

* 98 arms-smuggling tunnels discovered and destroyed between Egypt and Gaza.

* Estimated amounts of arms and explosives smuggled in via the above and other tunnels: 2,000 kilograms of explosives, 6,700 Kalachnikov rifles, 750 anti-tank shell launchers, 33 mortars, 18 submachine guns, 5 anti-aircraft missiles, 580,000 bullets, dozens of RPG bombs.

* 191 terrorists killed in targeted killings, and another 768 terrorists killed in battle or otherwise.

* Over 37 million shekels designated for terrorism confiscated by Israel.

4. Temple Mount Collapse Imminent?
From: Voice of Judea <>
Temple Mount Collapse Imminent

According to the Israeli Antiquities Authority
has released a report based on Egyptian sources stating that the collapse
of the Temple Mount under tens of thousands of Moslem worshippers
celebrating Ramadan in three weeks' time is "almost certain."

The Wakf [Muslim Arab Religious Officials] has barred Israeli engineers from entering the site though the
Temple Mount is technically under Israeli jurisdiction. The Wakf derides
the warnings as "Israeli propaganda" and also refuses to limit the amount
of Moslem worshippers. Israel Police, however, is readying itself for the
task, for fear that the Moslem world will blame Israel for the collapse.

5. Populating the Galilee
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 14:04:31 -0400
Subject: Jewish Agency Launches Major Campaign to move to Galilee

Press Release
Jewish Agency Launches Major Campaign to move to Galilee
September 28th, 2004

The Jewish Agency and the Galilee Development Authority (GDA) have launched
a major campaign to attract newcomers to live in the Galilee.

The population drive was launched this week and will reach a peak in the
middle of Succot when a housing fair will be held in each one of the 83
village communities, with available land and building permits, that are
participating in the campaign.

Some 4,000 plots designed for "build your own home" projects are available
for potential newcomers on the communities, including residential areas of
kibbutzim and moshavim, as well as a range of houses built by contractors.

This is the biggest population drive ever, covering 12 regional council
areas from Upper Galilee and Mevo'ot Hahermon in the far North to the Jordan
and Beit She'an valleys.

A similar campaign around the same time last year that focused primarily on
confrontation line communities near the Lebanese border attracted some 1,500
people to visit the region and led to the sale of over 300 building plots.

Many benefits, incentives, and reductions await couples and families wishing
to build or buy homes in the Galilee, although the conditions vary from area
to area.

The Jewish Agency and the Galilee Development Authority have set up a
telephone hotline for the population drive - entitled "The Future Has Never
Looked Greener, by Moving to the Galilee" - that is being manned from 8 a.m.
to 10 p.m.

Those interested should call 1-700-706-066 or visit the GDA Web site

The Jewish Agency for Israel
JAFI web site:

IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis

6. Personal Political Notes and Current Affairs:

There is NO Political Identification of Brit-Am
In the past we may have given the impression of identifying with a particular political group.
This was never really correct. At the individual level we may have connections with people
who are so identified but we were never part of them.
Ideaologically we may prefer them to other elements.
Some of our supporters come from their ranks but others do not and there is no direct overlap.
Brit-Am is its own entity and always was.

Transfer of Arabs
Our interpretation of Isaiah 11:14 that refers to a future transfer of the Palestinians is repeated
in "Brit-Am Now"-458.
Yair Davidiy on a personal level believes in a Jewish State based on Torah principles and in the
expulsion of the Arab population as well as in Jewish control of the area between the Nile and the Jordan
and Israelite rulership and colonization of the whole Middle East especially Jordan, Syria, Cyprus, and parts of Turkey,
Arabia, Kuwait, and Iraq. This is consistent with the Bible and a Biblical message.
This may seem far-fetched but less so than when we first spoke of it.

We also believe in survival. It is obvious that the present State of Israel will not expel the Palestinians overnight.
The Jews themselves would not allow it and even if they did the rest of the world would not.

Christian Bible believers in the USA are our only allies
At present the USA and maybe Britain are the only factors preventing the exertion of force against Israel by the
EU, Russia, and maybe Japan and other nations. Even the USA pressures Israel to act in a manner detrimental
to its better interests. The Christian Bible believers in the USA are in effect the main and most important allies
of the State of Israel. This is a fact. It supports the position of Brit-Am.

The Wall
Most terrorist attacks are carried out by the Palestinian population of Judah and Samaria
which population actively supports and encourages these attacks that kill Jewish men women and children because they are Jewish.
At present the State of Israel is building a fence or concrete wall separating the Palestinians from the Jewish population.
This wall is not yet complete. Only part of it has been erected but already it has prevented numerous terrorist attacks.
The wall and the policy behind the wall has justified itself. It is a pity that it is not situation east of the Jordan.
It means that the Palestinians remain under Israelite control yet segregated and limited in their social potentialities.
Israel cannot (even if it wanted to) give up control of the areas in which the Palestinians live since these contain
the underground water and other resources and that Israel needs as well as a minimum strategic depth against external enemies.

In the Gaza Strip the situation is the same but there is less apparent need to control the area, Jewish presence is much
lower, and the Palestinian population more dense and difficult to control.
The Israeli Government has begun a policy of "Disengagement" which means ultimately uprooting Jewish
settlements from the area and transferring the settlers elsewhere, leaving Palestinians in Gaza under their own
control while threatening them from a distance with reprisal if they physically attack Israel.
The idea apparently is that by "disengaging" from that region it will be possible to alleviate pressure from the USA and EU
and perhaps strengthen our hold on Judah and Samaria in the same way as what was done when Menachem Begin gave up the whole of Sinai
to the Egyptian crocodile that still seeks to devour us. This idea of "disengagement" is mistaken but understandable under
the circumstances. Even so it could lead to an even greater disaster than the Oslo Peace Process did
and also cause a violent rift betwen sections of the Israeli population.

Ariel Sharon
We supported Ariel Sharon in the past and were glad when he became Prime Minister. He in our opinion was one of the greatest
strategists of recent times and his military actions saved the State of Israel even though he also made serious mistakes in the process.
Ariel Sharon was also of great assistance in bringing about much of the early Jewish settlement in Judah and Samaria.
He helped lay the basis.
This however does not give him any rights over it.

Negative Considerations of "Arik":
On the one hand Ariel Sharon has always been sympathetic and supportive of the Jewish religion.
On the other hand he has never been observant and has always been known as an eater of forbidden seafoods and other
pollutants. In Israel this has ideological connotations. His prime supporter (or one of them)
(according to a report by the Arutz 7 newspaper) is the largest marketer of pork products in Israel.
Sharon has also supported the importation of Gentile (though usually partly-Jewish) Russians to Israel in the hope that somehow they will
become Israelis and help the demographic balance.
Sharon admires aspects of the Arab life-style and is genuinely against the concept of transfer which is the
only real solution in the long run.
The advantage of Sharon up until now is that he DOES get things done and on the whole his aims have
been positive ones.

Brit-Am is the Real Solution
Taking the above into consideration it can be seen that:
The Brit-Am conception is not far-fetched.
It is close to reality and what should be striven towards.
It may well represent the only long-term viable solution.
The message of Brit-Am can help.
Brit-Am requires your help.

7. Who Comes Together? Against Who?


CAIRO [MENL] -- Egypt has launched a major military exercise with a NATO

Egyptian government sources said the military began the exercise on Sept. 26
along the Mediterranean coast near Alexandria. The sources said the
three-week exercise was meant to include army and air force units.

The state-owned Al Ahram daily reported that the exercise included air and
ground units from the Italian Army. The newspaper said 1,500 Italian troops
were participating in the biannual exercise west of Alexandria.

The Egyptian sources said the military exercise was regarded as the
highlight of Cairo's military cooperation with NATO during 2004. Egyptian
military exercises with Western allies have dropped sharply over the last
two years amid the U.S.-led war in Iraq, which has included several NATO

Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2004 08:09:16 +0200

Jerusalem News-313
1. Remark on Expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif
2. Israeli Holidaymakers Massacred in Sinai
3. Arutz Sheva News Monday
4. Over 40,000 visit Hebron during Succot holiday
5. Arutz Sheva News Tuesday
6. Israelis and U.S. scientist share Nobel chemistry prize
7. Technion Discovers Vitamin E Helps Restore Hearing

1. Remark on Expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif
17 Tishrei 5765
2 October, 2004
Senior IDF officer says "pullout plan similar to deportation of Berlin Jews to crematoriums"
Colonel (Res) Gadi Dorchler tells NRG Maariv that actions of Disengagement Authority chief Yonatan Basi "chillingly resemble the activities of the Jewish Yudenrat".
Menahem Rahat

A senior reserve IDF officer has escalated the public discourse regarding the disengagement plan. Colonel (res) Gadi Dorchler, who is still active in the IDF's Northern Command, told NRG Maariv, "The pullout plan is extremely similar to the plan to deport Berlin Jews to the crematoriums".

Dorchler, a member of the religious Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu, has no hesitation to attack his fellow kibbutz member and head of the Disengagement Authority Yonatan Basi.

"His actions chillingly resemble the activities of the Jewish Yudenrat who collaborated with the Nazis in order to complete a smooth and problem-free expulsion", he said.

According to Dorchler, "I know this is an outrageous comparison and that it is a fellow member of my kibbutz, but that's exactly how I feel about the contemptuous role he is carrying out".

The reserve colonel said that he had formulated the comparison to the Yudenrat after noticing the reactions of the elders of the kibbutz, Holocaust survivors in their 80s and 90s, to the letters Basi sent to settlers slated for evacuation.

"These Jews told me with tears in their eyes that they hadn't slept in three days after they had found out their fellow kibbutz member is the one in charge of uprooting Jews from their homeland", he concluded.

2. Israeli Holidaymakers Massacred in Sinai
[Extracts Only]
w w w . h a a r e t z . c o m

Last update - 02:36 08/10/2004

Sinai terror: Dozens killed in Taba hotel blast

By Amos Harel, Yuval Azoulay, Revital Levy-Stein and Yossi Melman

At least 35 Israelis were killed and 120 injured last night in a massive blast at the Taba Hilton in Egypt, police sources said. Dozens more were wounded and others died in two more explosions that ripped through a popular resort south of Taba, the sources added.

The Foreign Ministry said it was preparing to evacuate some 12,00-15,000 Israelis still in Sinai.

The first blast shook the Taba Hilton on the Israel-Egyptian border at 10 P.M. Security sources said the blast was believed to have been caused by a truck packed with explosives that was placed outside the hotel by Muslim extremist organizations in Egypt.

Egyptian security officials said there was no evidence of terrorism, but Army Radio said the Taba explosion was believed to have been a car bomb, and witnesses at the other two sites told relatives that cars had exploded.

Two smaller blasts occurred about an hour after the Hilton explosion, in the Ras al Satan camping area south of Taba, which was full of Israelis, witnesses said.

Last night's attacks appears to be the worst ever at a target with a large concentration of Israelis.

Witnesses said 10 stories of the Taba Hilton had collapsed, trapping dozens.

An official at Taba Hospital, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said 27 bodies had been brought in from the Taba explosion and two more Ras al Satan. An official at the Nuweiba hospital said two more bodies arrived there.

Taba Hospital was treating at least 100 injured, and Nuweiba 14. In addition, Israeli medics said they had transferred 22 injured to Israeli hospitals in ambulances and helicopters.

Amsalem Sarrag, whose uncle and cousin own camps in Ras al Satan, said both told him that Israeli cars exploded outside their camps. The two blasts were only five seconds apart, he said.

Three weeks ago, terror specialists in the Prime Minister's Office and the Foreign Ministry warned Israeli travelers against visiting Egyptian resorts on the Red Sea. However it was a general warning of the type issued with regard to Thailand, Kenya, Bali and other destinations. Thousands of Israelis disregarded the warnings and streamed to the Sinai for the holidays.

One witness, David Suskind, said that they saw no Egyptian ambulances at all. "The Egyptians are confused and there are several teams and soldiers running around who want to help but they can't. There are many injured and everything is crushed. All the Egyptians are doing is sending us from place to place."

Suskind said that the Egyptian border station at Taba was also destroyed and Israelis were passing through freely to the Israeli side.

Shoni Nemesh, from Tel Aviv, crossed back into Israel alone from the Taba Hilton. He appeared distraught after being unable to locate his two traveling companions who he had last seen entering a hotel rest room.

Shari and Herzl David, from Holon, were on the Egyptian side of the border crossing on way to the casino at Taba when they heard the blast. "We ran back to the Israeli side of the border but the Egyptians drew their weapons and pinned us to the wall. We were about 50 people and it was terribly frightening." Shari said an Israeli soldier told them to hit the ground and at a certain point told them to get up and run to Israeli territory.

At 1 A.M. Channel 10 TV news reported that the Egyptians were refusing to allow Israeli rescue helicopters to land at Ras al Satan where the second and third blasts took place. However it was also reported that Israeli military personnel had taken command of rescue work at the scene of the Taba blast.

3. Arutz Sheva News Monday
October 4, 2004 / Tishrei 19, 5765
Some 20,000 people participated in the annual Sukkot holiday Jerusalem Parade today, starting from the Yad Kennedy memorial in southern Jerusalem and stretching 14 kilometers towards the city center. About 12,000 participated last year, according to city officials. Most of downtown Jerusalem has been closed to vehicular traffic, and people from all over the country have arrived in Jerusalem to watch or take part. Representatives of many different organizations are marching in the parade. For example, among the over 200 marchers representing Hadassah Hospitals are 50 organ transplant recipients.
As of the beginning of the new year of 5765, the number of Jews in the world stands at almost 13 million people. Of these, almost 40% - 5,094,000 - are in Israel, while almost 44% are in North America. Some 413,000 still remain in the former Soviet Union, and there are 1,161,000 in Europe, 401,000 in South America, 19,000 in Asia, 84,000 in Africa, and 107,000 in Oceania.

The Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI)'s recent report on Jewish demographics states that the Jewish people are approaching zero growth. It noted that over the past 24 years, "the world's total population grew by nearly 2.5 billion, an increase of over 70 percent. In contrast, the total Jewish population increased by only 250,000, or 2 percent."

The situation in the United Kingdom appears to be particularly acute. Demographers predict that Britain's Jewish population will drop between 30-60,000 in the coming 20 years, to a total of 240,000. The report notes a significant rise in interfaith marriage in Britain, with 38% of all married men, and 50% of Jewish women under 30, marrying non-Jewish partners.

4. Over 40,000 visit Hebron during Succot holiday
The Hebron Press Office
Tuesday October 5, 2004

During the Succot holiday, over 40,000 people visited Hebron, praying at
Ma'arat HaMachpela and touring the Jewish neighborhoods in the city.

On Sunday and Monday all of Ma'arat HaMachpela was open to Jewish visitors,
including Ohel Yitzhak - the Isaac Hall. The entire building was packed with
worshipers. At times, over 3,000 people filled the huge structure atop the
Caves of Machpela. Others stood in line outside, waiting to enter the

Monday's events included the semi-annual Hebron music festival, which
included the best of Hassidic music in Israel today. Over 10,000 people sang
and danced to the tunes of Haim David, Soul Farm, Amiram Dvir, and many
others, who sweetened the Succot celebrations with their lively music.

5. Arutz Sheva News Tuesday
October 5, 2004 / Tishrei 20, 5765
A delegation of dignitaries from the Israeli Druze community, led by Likud MK Ayoub Kara, paid a solidarity visit to the Jewish communities of Gush Katif yesterday. The Druze delegation visited the relatively large town of N'vei Dekalim, during which MK Kara met with Rabbi Yigal Kaminetzky, the Chief Rabbi of Gush Katif.

Rabbi Kaminetzky praised MK Kara at the close of their meeting, saying, "If only all the Jews in Israel had the Zionist commitment of Ayoub Kara."

This week is the eighth anniversary of the murder of Colonel Navi Mar'i, commander of the Gaza Division and a member of the Druze minority. His death, and those of other IDF soldiers and civilians, must not be for naught, Kara stressed in his remarks in honor of the fallen IDF commander.

Just last month, MK Kara told a gathering of non-Jewish members of the Likud Party, "I would like to say to the Prime Minister, just like Jethro advised Moses... so too, we advise you to abandon the 'disengagement' program." According to the Druze religion, Jethro, Moses' father-in-law, is revered as a central prophet.

Over a hundred residents of Shilo, north of the capital, set out this morning on a 45-kilometer (28 miles) march to Jerusalem's Old City and the Western Wall in memory of the fallen soldier, IDF St.-Sgt. Avihu Keinan. Keinan, 22, was a Shilo native who fell in the line of duty in Gaza in September 2003. The march was led by Moshe Keinan, Avihu's father.

In addition to a memorial event, the march is - as it was last year - a demonstration in favor of what Moshe Keinan has called "true morality" in the army, demanding that the IDF cease putting soldiers at risk in order to avoid collateral damage among residents of the enemy Palestinian Authority.

The marchers were encouraged and blessed by former Chief Rabbi and Rishon Lezion Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, who was on his way back from prayers at the tomb of the Biblical patriarch Joseph, located in Shechem (Nablus).

6. Israelis and U.S. scientist share Nobel chemistry prize

w w w . h a a r e t z . c o m
Last update - 19:03 07/10/2004

By Haaretz Service and Agencies

STOCKHOLM - Two Israelis and an American won the 2004 Nobel Prize for Chemistry on Wednesday for helping to understand how the human body gives the "kiss of death" to faulty proteins to defend itself from diseases like cancer.

Aaron Ciechanover, 57, Avram Hershko, 67 - the first Israelis to win a chemistry prize - and Irwin Rose, 78, were honored by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for their work in the 1980s that discovered one of the cell's most important cyclical processes, regulated protein degradation.

Ciechanover is director of the Rappaport Family Institute for Research in Medical Sciences at the Technion in Haifa, while Hershko, originally from Hungary, is a professor at the institute.

Rose is a specialist at the department of physiology and biophysics at the college of medicine at the University of California-Irvine.

Laureates warn on state of Israel's education system
In an impromptu news conference at Hershko's house, the two scientists cautioned against the state of Israel's education system.

"Israel will always have limited resources so we have to focus on the important, innovative and ground breaking things," said Hershko, adding that "we couldn't do such things while the education system is collapsing."

Professor Ciechanover was sterner in his criticism.

"Israel's academia is in a bad state. The Technion suffers badly from financial difficulties," Ciechanover said of his home institution, adding that he envied the American universities' budgets.

The winning of a Noble prize by Israelis was a rare event he said.

'We don't have oil, uranium or diamonds. Israel depends on its academia. All we have - the Israel Defense Forces, Rafael [the Armament Development Authority] and the high-tech industry - depends on what we have in our heads," Ciechanover said.

"Cutting off this head is an act of suicide," he said.

Ciechanover emphasized that the Noble prize winning research work had started 35 years ago, and that its development took ten years.

"It takes years to train scientists to reach achievments. Scientists' time table is different from that of politicians. Hurting scientists will cost us a lot in the future," he warned.

Trio's work highly relevant for cancer research
Ciechanover and Hershko found that proteins that could cause disease are "labeled" for destruction with a molecule called ubiquitin which dispatches them to the body's "waste disposal" units, called proteasomes.

The marked proteins are then chopped to pieces. When such degradation fails to work correctly, the result can be diseases like cervical cancer and cystic fibrosis. So research in this area may lead to new drugs for those diseases and others, the academy said.

"We are not a building that stays still, we are all the time exchanging our proteins, synthesising and destroying them," said an elated Ciechanover. "Some proteins get spoilt. We discovered the process by which the body exercises quality control."

Lars Thelander of the Nobel Committee for Chemistry said the trio's work was highly relevant for cancer research. Ciechanover said it had already "led to development of numerous drugs for degenerative diseases and malignancies that big pharmaceutical companies are busy working on."

In a conference call with the academy after the prize was announced, Ciechanover said the process will help introduce new medicines that can fight cancer and other diseases.

Hershko warned, however, that although the team's research has resulted in the approval of one drug, it does not mean that the professors have discovered a wonder drug for cancer.

The three scientists will share the 10 million kronor ($1.3 million) cash prize.

Ciechanover said he was overwhelmed at winning the prize.

"I have never thought of money, we earn very small salaries in Israel," he said. "It is more the honor for Israel, for myself, that a small country can make it... I am as proud for myself as I am for my country."

The chemistry prize is the first Nobel chemistry prize to be awarded to somebody from Israel - but not the first Nobel Prize.

In 1978, then-Prime Minister Menachem Begin shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. In 1994, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin shared the peace prize with Yasser Arafat.

In 1966, Shmuel Yosef Agnon shared the literature prize with Swedish writer Nelly Sachs.

This year's award announcements began Monday with the Nobel Prize in medicine going to Americans Richard Axel and Linda B. Buck.

Axel and Buck were selected by a committee at Stockholm's Karolinska Institutet for their work on the sense of smell. They clarified the intricate biological pathway from the nose to the brain that lets people sense smells.

On Tuesday, Americans David J. Gross, H. David Politzer and Frank Wilczek won the physics prize for their explanation of the force that binds particles inside the atomic nucleus.

Their work has helped science get closer to "a theory for everything," the academy said in awarding the prize.

The winner of the literature prize will be announced Thursday. The Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel will be announced Oct. 11.

The winner of the coveted peace prize - the only one not awarded in Sweden - will be announced Friday in Oslo, Norway.

The prizes, which include the 10 million kronor check, a gold medal and a diploma, are presented on December 10, the anniversary of Nobel's death in 1896.

7. Technion Discovers Vitamin E Helps Restore Hearing

Researchers at Israel's Technion Institute of Technology have discovered that Vitamin E can help restore hearing for people who suffer from sudden, unexplained deafness.

"Sudden Hearing Loss (SHL) occurs quite frequently. It happens suddenly, you can wake up in the morning and feel a loss of hearing in one or both ears. Because of that suddenness, it's a very dramatic and stressful disease," Dr. Henry Z. Yoachims told Israel21c. Yoachims works in the Department of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery at Rambam Medical Center and is a member of the Faculty of Medicine at the Technion.

"In about two thirds of occurrences there's a spontaneous recovery, but with the other third, the hearing loss can continue indefinitely. Generally, these patients are hospitalized and given some kind of treatment. Every hospital has its own regiment, because no single treatment has been found to be effective. We're constantly seeking new solutions to the problem Because antioxidants are very popular right now for treatment of heart disease and other problems, we decided to see if it could be helpful with SHL."

The study examined 66 patients who experienced sudden hearing loss. All of the patients involved in the study had been admitted to hospital within the previous eight days for sudden hearing loss of an unknown cause.

The patients were given standard treatments, which include bed rest, steroid drugs and an oxygen mask. Half of the patients also received 400mg tablets of vitamin E, administered twice daily.

Although a similar number of patients in both groups experienced recovery, patients in the group that received vitamin E were more likely to have an improvement in their hearing of 75 percent or more by the time they were discharged from hospital, and had even greater improvement at later follow-up.

Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 11:30:42 +0200

Jerusalem News-314
1. Arutz Sheva News Friday
2. What it means to be a Jew
3. Israel Kastiner and Tommy Lapid
4.Mossad makes Al-Qaeda its top target
5. Australians Re-elect Howard as Prime Minister

1. Arutz Sheva News Friday
October 8, 2004 / Tishrei 23, 5765

A massive terror attack in Egyptian Sinai last night rocked the Taba Hilton Hotel, near the Israeli border at Eilat, and a smaller-scale one took place in a camping village 60 kilometers south, in a two-pronged Islamic terror attack aimed at vacationing Israelis.

At least 27 people are reported dead in Taba, including at least 14 Israelis, six Egyptians and one Russian. The precise numbers are unknown, however, and no one is saying for sure when they will be. Over 150 people were injured in the massive explosion at the Taba Hilton, which now appears to be the result of two simultaneous car-bomb explosions just outside the hotel. Seven people are listed in serious condition, and over 30 are reported missing. Two or three Israelis were killed in a suicide terrorist attack that took place around the same time, in the Nueiba camping area.

The attack destroyed the western part of the Hilton in Taba, and a two-room section of 13 floors collapsed to the ground. The hotel was filled to capacity and sported a crowded casino as well, and a large fire erupted in the building. Several bodies were removed from under the rubble this morning. "The identification process is very difficult," an Israeli police official said. Even seasoned rescue workers had difficulty controlling their emotions upon seeing the state of the bodies, which included a mother embracing a small child. Many victims were trapped underneath the rubble of collapsed sections of the building. The number of persons still missing was adjusted late this morning from 38 to "more than 30."

Most Israelis in the Taba area attempted to leave Sinai as soon as possible, grabbing their passports and rushing to the border crossing, which is in walking distance of Eilat. However, the Egyptians initially closed the crossing altogether, and then allowed only those with passports to leave. One man who was unable to locate his passport amidst all the confusion said, "We arrived at the crossing, and they wouldn't let us through. There was simply no one to talk to, no one to whom we could explain or ask. The confusion over there is just terrible." By late this morning, the Egyptians were allowing free passage of all Israelis from Sinai to Israel, and the stream of returning Israelis has not stopped. Some 6-7,000 Israelis still remained in Sinai as of early this afternoon.

Despite several warnings to refrain from vacationing in Egypt, Israelis flocked to hotels in Sinai during the past month's holidays. Some 12,000 Israelis were in Sinai for Rosh HaShanah, according to an Israeli Television report at the time, and it is assumed that even more arrived over the Sukkot holiday.

The intelligence warnings issued some three weeks ago were later reported to have been withdrawn following the liquidation of a terror cell in Gaza. In any event, it appears that the attacks of last night were not connected with the warnings.

Justice Minister Yosef (Tommy) Lapid, leader of the Shinui party, was asked this morning about his "ridicule" of the GSS warnings of three weeks ago. He responded angrily that this was a "coarse lie." He said that he had merely asked GSS Chief Avi Dichter, after the warnings were issued, if they were not exaggerated. It was reported at the time that he had added that the warnings may have unnecessarily upset holiday plans for thousands of Israelis.

MK Yaakov Margi (Shas) today protested Lapid's version of the events. He said that Lapid had openly mocked the GSS warnings, and that "many people who follow Lapid listened to his tone... He owes an apology to Dichter, as well as to the families who have, unfortunately, reached the situation they're in now."

A major aspect of the massive terror attack in Sinai last night was the extent of Egypt's cooperation with Israel - or lack thereof. Egypt was originally uncooperative, hampering Israeli efforts to assist in the rescue efforts, and one police official said that four valuable hours were lost as a result. By this morning, however, the situation had improved, and "we were allowed to bring in whatever forces and teams we wanted to," the official said.

However, an ambulance with two Israeli bodies was not allowed to cross the border into Israel this morning, for unexplained reasons. In addition, it was reported that the bodies of dead Israelis were looted by Egyptians, with their wallets and other personal belongings being taken from them.

Last night, Egypt delayed the arrival of Israeli rescue personnel, despite the fact that the Egyptians were unable to treat the scores of wounded. One eyewitness who arrived at the Israeli border by foot said last night, "People are lying on the ground, bleeding, and the Egyptians are doing nothing - they are not offering medical treatment, and I saw them with my own eyes preventing our ambulances from arriving at the scene."

Even five hours after the attack, Egyptian authorities continued to impede the arrival of rescuers. One eyewitness said that dozens of Israeli medics aboard a bus were prevented from reaching the Taba Hilton, and at one point, they began making their way on foot.

At 2:30 AM, reports of untreated injured Israelis stranded in Egypt continued. Magen David Adom Director-General Avi Zohar, speaking from the scene, said that the free flow of ambulances was still being hampered by the Egyptians. "We are sending the ambulances back and forth to evacuate the injured, but the ambulances are being held up," said Zohar.

The Almagor organization for terrorism victims called upon the Israeli government to issue a 5-10 minutes ultimatum to Egypt, after which Israel would cross the border using force. "Do not repeat the mistake of the failure to rescue Madhat Yusuf and the infamous Ras Burka killings," said an Almagor spokesman. Yusuf was an IDF soldier who died at Joseph's Tomb at the beginning of the Oslo War hostilities, when the Israelis entrusted the PA with his evacuation instead of forcefully rescuing him themselves. Seven Israelis were murdered by an Egyptian soldier at Ras Burka in Sinai in 1985.

2. What it means to be a Jew
Subject: What it means to be a Jew

This is from an Israeli woman.

I am not the least afraid to go any place, By bus or to a mall.

I didn't change or stop doing anything I used to do before this mess began!

People tend to forget that twice the casualties From terror get killed on the roads!
More people still die From heart attack, cancer, And other things, They just don't show them on TV.

Don't misunderstand me, There is a war going on, It's not pleasant, But, lets face it:

It's only TV and the media that make people think That the end of the world is coming.

Only 60 years ago, they were leading Jews to their death Like sheep to the slaughter!

No Country, No Army. 55 years ago!!

Seven Arab countries declared war On the small Jewish State, Only a few hours old!!

We were then 650,000 Jews! Against the rest of the Arab world!
No IDF [Israel Defense Force]. No mighty Air Force, Just tough people With nowhere to go.

Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, attacked all at once.

The country the UN "gave us" Was 65% desert.
The country started from scratch!
35 years ago!! We fought The three strongest armies in the Middle East, And wiped them out in six days.
We fought against Different coalitions of Arab countries, With modern armies, And masses of Soviet Russian weapons, And we still won!!!
We have today A country, An army, A strong Air Force, A Hi-Tech Economy, exporting millions.
Intel - Microsoft - IBM develop their stuff here.

Our doctors win world prizes For medical developments.

We made the desert flourish, Selling oranges and vegetables to the world.
Israel has sent its own satellite into Space!! Three satellites all together!!.
We sit proudly, With the US, with 250 million people, With Russia, with 200 million people, With China, with 1.1 billion people, With the Europeans -- France, England, Germany, with 350 million people, The only countries in the world To shoot something into space!!
Israel is today In the world nuclear power family With the US, Russia, China, India, France, and England. [We don't admit it, but every one knows...]

To think that only 60 years ago, We were led, Shameful, With no hope, To our death!!
We crawled out of the burning ashes of Europe, We won our wars here with less than nothing in our hands, We built an "empire" out of nothing.

Who the hell is Mr. Arafat To make me Scared? To make me be Terrified?
You make me laugh!
Passover was celebrated; Let's not forget what the story is all about. We overcame Pharaoh, We overcame the Greeks, We overcame the Romans, We overcame the Inquisition in Spain, We overcame the Pogroms in Russia, We overcame Hitler, We overcame the Germans, We overcame the Holocaust, We overcame the armies of the seven Arab countries, We overcame Saddam.

Take it easy, folks, We will overcome The present enemies too.

No matter Which part of human history you try!

Think of it, For us, The Jewish people, Our situation has never been better!!!
So, Let's Lift our Heads High, Let's Remember:
Any nation or culture That tried to mess around with us Was destroyed - while we kept going!!!

Anyone know where their empire disappeared to?

The Greeks?

Alexander of Macedonia?
The Romans?
Does anyone today speak Latin?
The Third Reich?
Anyone heard any news about it lately?
And look at us, The Nation from the Bible, From Slavery in Egypt, We are still here, Speaking the same language!! Right here, right now.
The Arabs don't know it yet, But, they will learn that there is one God.

As long as we keep our identity, We are eternal.

So, sorry for not worrying,
Not bitching, Not crying, Not being scared.

Things are O.K. here.

They surely can be better,

But still:
Don't fall for the media junk, They won't tell you That there are Festivals going on, That people keep on living, That people are going out, That people are seeing friends.

Yes, our morale is low, So what?
It's only because we weep for our dead While they enjoy the blood.

This is the same reason why, We will win, after all.

"See You Next Year in Jerusalem."

3. Israel Kastiner and Tommy Lapid
In "Brit-Am Now"-460 itm no.1 1. Question on Britain, Jew-haters, the Jews, and Israel
under the heading "Jewish Zionists" we mentioned:
<<In short in Hungary the local Zionist leader was also the head of the community. He knew what the Germans were doing to
the Jews but concealed this knowledge from the Jewish masses many of whom could perhaps have escaped. He also caused
Jewish paratroopers (sent by the British and Zionists to organize resistance amongst the Jews) to turn themselves over to the authorities
who tortured and killed them. Later he came to Israel and after losing a trial for libel was assassinated. This was someone who was mistaken in his judgment
and maybe an evildoer and on the whole an exception.>>

The official concerned was Dr. Israel Kastiner and the libel case he was involved in became the central theme of the book "Perfidy" by Ben Hecht.
The account given by Ben Hecht of the trial appears to have been reliable though the conclusions he sought to derive are not.
Later certain nut cases took the account of Ben Hecht and inflated its implications to way beyond what was warranted.
At all events it is usually agreed that Kastiner was criminal in his behavior and he lost the libel case brought on his behalf by
the Israeli Government (headed by the Labor party of the time) that was trying to protect him. Even so there were and still are
certain people in the Israeli establishment who justified Kastiner and still do.
Uri Dan (a well-known Israeli journalist and a close associate of Ariel Sharon) mentions Kastiner in an article in the Newspaper
"Makor Rishon. Yoman HaShavua", 18.10.04, p.17. The article says that after Kastiner came to Israel he employed
in the 1950s Tommy lapid as his secretary or assistant and that Lapid still admires Kastiner who had been accused of collaborating with Eichman
in killing the Jews of Hungary.
Today Tommy Lapid is the Israeli Interior Minister and heads the Shinui Party. The main "reason for being" of the Shinui Party is hatred of
Orthodox Jews especially the Ultra-Orthodox. The Party slogan in elections was, "The Secularists [antireligious] are coming".
This party and its representatives have been accused of antisemitism.
It should be noted that Lapid served Kastiner while Kastiner was in Israel and not before then and his alleged "admiration"
may have been limited to the period of his acquaintanceship. Nevertheless this type of information is worth noting
though not necessarily drawing conclusions from.

4.Mossad makes Al-Qaeda its top target
Mossad makes Al-Qaeda its top target [intelligence gap during retreat?]
Uzi Mahnaimi, Taba The Sunday Times 10 October 2004,,2089-1302329,00.html

[IMRA: Prime Minister Sharon's decision, if this report is correct, is
certainly understandable. But there is a cost - the development of an
intelligence gap vis-a-vis the Palestinians. Even retreat supporters concede
that Mr. Sharon's retreat plan was expected to seriously worsen the security
situation at least in the short run. If the situation is exacerbated by an
intelligence gap the dangers of retreating are increased considerably.

It should be noted that there are reports that Mr. Sharon plans to redeploy
the trained forces currently patrolling the separation fence to participate
in the retreat - replacing them with raw recruits how have yet to receive
proper training.

Add to this an intelligence gap and Mr. Sharon seems to be setting the scene
for a worse case retreat.]

THE ISRAELI government has ordered Mossad, the foreign intelligence service,
to make the hunt for Al-Qaeda terrorists its main priority after last week's
Red Sea attacks that killed at least 33 people, most of them Israeli

Egyptian officials said yesterday they had detained dozens of bedouin
tribesmen on suspicion of supplying the explosives for the blasts at the
Taba Hilton and at a bungalow beach camp 35 miles down the coast.

As rescuers pulled more bodies from the wreckage of the hotel, Dan Arditi,
Israel's counterterrorism chief, urged tourists still in Egypt to come home,
warning that the attacks on Thursday "don't lessen, even in the slightest,
the risk that this will happen again".

The order to Mossad to turn its attention from Palestinian groups to
Al-Qaeda was given by Ariel Sharon, the prime minister, after Israeli
intelligence sources said the size of the blasts suggested they were the
work of Osama Bin Laden's network rather than Palestinian suicide bombers.

Confirmation may be provided by fingerprints taken from bomb fragments and
DNA obtained from the remains of the suspected bombers.

Arditi had urged Israelis on September 9 to avoid the area because of
indications of an imminent terrorist attack. His warning appeared on the
front pages of the country's main newspapers on the eve of the Jewish new

"This time Al-Qaeda hit our back yard," said a security source. "If we don't
focus on them, next time it will be Tel Aviv. After four years of intifada
we've succeeded in containing the Palestinian terror, but now we're facing a
much more ruthless enemy we can't ignore any more."

It is not the first time Al-Qaeda has gone after an Israeli target, or that
Sharon's government has vowed to take it on. The group claimed
responsibility for the car bombing in November 2002 of an Israeli-owned
hotel in the Kenyan port of Mombasa that killed 14 people, including three

After that attack Sharon summoned Meir Dagan, the head of Mossad, and
ordered agents living undercover in Saudi Arabia and Yemen to hunt down
those responsible. Almost two years later the perpetrators remain at large -
a reflection, according to the security source, of the agency's
concentration on combating Palestinian operations.

When Mossad was presented with a list of priorities for the current year,
Al-Qaeda was not on it. Its main efforts were instead to be directed at Iran
's nuclear ambitions and the activities of Palestinian terrorist groups in
Lebanon and Syria.
Israeli intelligence sources said they believed the Taba attack had been
masterminded by Ayman al-Zawahiri, the Egyptian doctor regarded as Bin Laden
's deputy. In a statement broadcast this month on the Al-Jazeera satellite
television channel, al-Zawahiri threatened to focus Al-Qaeda's efforts more
intensely on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Nothing is known about how Mossad will carry out its mission, especially
against al-Zawahiri, who is believed to be in hiding near the border of
Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Intelligence sources said this weekend the organisation - which has no more
than 150 agents operating all over the world - would not try to compete with
America's CIA.

It would instead focus on Turkey and Thailand. "We'll co-ordinate with the
local security services, but our main aim will be to protect Israeli
tourists in these two locations," said one intelligence source.

The agency would then work in a more systematic way, by listing top Al-Qaeda
activists and trying to kill them in the same way they have done over the
past 40 years in operations against various terrorist groups. "To hit an
Al-Qaeda leader either in Saudi Arabia, Europe, or even Tehran is less
difficult than to act in Damascus," said one intelligence source. "It's all
a matter of priorities." Aladin Abdel Naby

IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis

5. Australians Re-elect Howard as Prime Minister
NY Times
October 10, 2004
Extracts Only:
SYDNEY, Australia, Sunday, Oct. 10 - Prime Minister John Howard of Australia, who went into the country's election with a good-luck message from President Bush, was decisively re-elected Saturday, according to official returns.

Mr. Howard's Liberals, a center-right party, defeated the center-left Labor Party, led by Mark Latham. Mr. Howard, first elected prime minister in 1996, becomes only the third prime minister in Australia's history to be elected to a fourth term.

Iraq loomed in the background during the campaign, but Australian political analysts cautioned that the voting was not a referendum on the war. The main issue was the economy, and that is booming.

Mr. Howard sent some of Australia's best combat forces at the beginning of the Iraq war, adopting the arguments of the Bush administration that Saddam Hussein possessed unconventional weapons. Even as evidence has emerged to the contrary, Mr. Howard has steadfastly insisted that he had no regrets about the decision. Mr. Latham had harshly criticized the war.

At this point, Australia's contribution to the war is of more symbolic importance to the Bush administration than it is militarily. Fewer than 200 Australian troops are in Iraq now, and none are engaged in combat. Most are security forces at the Australian Embassy, and some are trainers.

Labor had faced a formidable challenge in trying to unseat Mr. Howard. The economy has been growing steadily for more than a decade; unemployment is near historic lows, as are interest rates.

"This country is too wealthy" to vote for Labor, said Antonino D'Albora, a 60-year old taxi driver, capturing the political ambience here. He was voting at a school in Bondi, in the heart of one of the wealthiest districts in Australia, within sound and sight of the famed beach.

Voting is mandatory in Australia, and George Harris, 44, wearing only his bathing suit and tennis shoes, walked into the Bondi surf club to cast his ballot for the Liberals.

"It's purely a matter of economic management," he said. A former senior executive with an international company, he now manages his own investments, from stocks to property to cattle and sheep.

Mr. Harris said whatever people thought about Australia's going to war - the vast majority were against it at the time - there was no choice now but to stay until the war was won.

On the other side of Sydney, in a middle-class suburb, Richard Lo, a 32-year-old computer programmer who immigrated from Hong Kong a decade ago, expressed similar sentiments.

"The economy here, that is the major thing," he said. "I don't like the policy in Iraq. But it is not enough to vote against him." He cast his vote for the Liberals.

Aware of the strong opposition to the war, Mr. Howard has handled it with political deftness, even his Labor opponents concede. Australia's tough special forces played an important role in the early stages of the war, much of it still secret. But as soon as the main fighting was over, in May 2003, Mr. Howard pulled them out. No Australian soldier has been killed in combat.

The primary differences between Liberals and Labor are on social and environmental issues. "I voted for Labor," Julie Luc, who emigrated from Vietnam in 1978, said in a tone that said, how could anyone think she wouldn't. "I'm a worker. I'm poor. I'm not rich."

Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 11:32:38 +0200

Jerusalem News-315
1. Sanhedrin Definition
2. Sanhedrin Renewed?
4. Fifth Columnist (BC) Reveals Himself
5. Top Ten Reasons Why Jews Should R-elect President Bush

1. Sanhedrin Definition
Judaism 101
A Glossary of Basic Jewish Terms and Concepts

"Sanhedrin" - (m., pl. "Sanhedriyaot") - 1. the Jewish "Supreme Court;" it consisted of seventy one great Torah Sages, who met in the "Lishkat HaGazit," the "Office of Hewn Stone," adjacent to the Temple in Jerusalem; 2. The Masechta, or Folio of the Talmud that discusses the activities of the Sanhedrin, and related matters.

The Rabbis who were the members of the Sanhedrin had all received "Semichah," the formal passing over of the Tradition from their teachers.

On the floor of the Sanhedrin were debated the fundamental principles of the Torah, and the result was established by majority vote.

Cases that were the most difficult or the most critical for the Jewish People were decided by the Sanhedrin. A majority had to be at least two votes. Any Capital case in which all the votes were for condemnation, was automatically changed to acquittal.

There is discussion in the Talmud of the question of how frequently capital punishment was imposed by the Sanhedrin, although the Torah does explicitly allow for it. Some said that a Sanhedrin that imposed the death penalty once in seven years was considered "bloody;" another opinion is that it was seventy years. Another said that it depended on the generation. Yet another was that restraint in imposing the death penalty would increase the number of murderers in Israel.

After the Temple was destroyed, the Sanhedrin moved from place to place in Israel. It finally was dissolved when, in the absence of the greatest Sages of Israel, the Institution of Semichah could no longer be applied.

During the Middle Ages, there was an attempt to revive the Sanhedrin by re-instituting Semichah. But due to opposition by some of the Torah Sages of that generation, the idea never became a reality.

Glossary Index

OU.ORG - Your Gateway to the Jewish Internet

2. Sanhedrin Renewed?
Arutz Sheva News Wednesday
Oct. 13, 2004 / Tishrei 28, 5765
A unique ceremony - probably only the second of its kind in the past 1,600 years - is taking place in Tiberias today: The launching of a Sanhedrin, the highest Jewish-legal tribunal in the Land of Israel.

The Sanhedrin, a religious assembly that convened in one of the Holy Temple chambers in Jerusalem, comprised 71 sages and existed during the Tannaitic period, from several decades before the Common Era until roughly 425 C.E. Details of today's ceremony are still sketchy, but the organizers' announced their intention to convene 71 rabbis who have received special rabbinic ordination as specified by Maimonides.

An attempt to reconvene the Sanhedrin was made several centuries ago in Tzfat. The body in fact ordained such greats as Rabbi Yosef Karo, the author of the classic Jewish Law code Shulhan Arukh. However, the opposition of other leading rabbis soon forced the end of the endeavor.

One of the leaders of today's attempt to revive the Sanhedrin is Rabbi Yeshai Ba'avad of Beit El. He said that the 71 rabbis "from across the spectrum received the special ordination, in accordance with Maimonides' rulings, over the past several months." Rabbi Ba'avad explained that the membership of the new body is not permanent: "What is much more crucial is the establishment of this body. Those who are members of it today will not necessarily be its members tomorrow. But the goal is to have one rabbinic body in Jerusalem that will convene monthly and issue rulings on central issues. This is the need of the generation and of the hour."

Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, who heads the Temple institute in Jerusalem, is one of the participating rabbis. He told Arutz-7 today, "Whether this will be the actual Sanhedrin that we await, is a question of time - just like the establishment of the State; we rejoiced in it, but we are still awaiting something much more ideal. It's a process. Today's ceremony is really the continuation of the renewal of the Ordination process in Israel, which we marked several months ago. Our Talmudic Sages describe the ten stages of exile of the Sanhedrin from Jerusalem to other locations, until it ended in Tiberias - and this is the place where it was foretold that it would be renewed, and from here it will be relocated to Jerusalem."

Rabbi Ariel said that the rabbis there included many from the entire spectrum: "Hareidi, religious-Zionist, Sephardi, Ashkenazi, hassidi, and many others - such as Rabbi Yoel Schwartz, Rabbi Adin Shteinzaltz, and many others... We can't expect a great consensus; that's not how things work here. But sometimes that's how the process goes, from the bottom up."

Israeli high-tech, security and industrial exporters will visit South Africa next week in an effort to increase its exports to that country.

Israel exports more than $130 million worth of goods, not including diamonds, to South Africa. This figure is expected to grow by 5% this year, according to Israel trade official Yechiel Assia.

Communication equipment tops the list of goods and services that the 23-man delegation will offer to South African businesses. Israeli businessmen will accompany Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor Ehud Olmert, who is expected to meet with his South African counterpart towards a possible trade agreement between the two countries.

About 840 Israeli companies and exporters operate in South Africa. The Israeli delegation will include officials from the agro-technology, energy and building industries.

4. Fifth Columnist Reveals Himself
A Fifth Columnist is someone who presents himself as being part of one side but is really working for another.
Barry Chamish has a name that in Hebrew means "Barry Fifth" and the "Fifth" should be followed by "Columnist".
BC is a self-confessed disciple of the John Birch Society (he admitted it on the Tamar Yonah show) working for the Dissolution of the USA, the Negation of
the "Anglo"-Biblical heritage and the greater glory of Germanic society along with their Croatian satellites and other nice people. The JayBees are more catholic than the Pope whom they consider to need liberating from his invisible controllers.
We have warned about BC in the past and quite a few people were upset with us because of it. BC has followers on our list
and he himself is or was a member and sent in comments of his own. We even quoted his articles a few times until realizing the error of our ways. Also some of our friends are followers of his. BC performed useful services in the past in the field of journalism. He wrote a series of books and articles
claiming that PM Rabin was murdered by the Establishment including members of his own socialist left-wing clique. This may or may not
be so but BC made a case of it that provided food for thought. This took the heat of the National Religious people in
Israel who were being blamed and so some of them have remained eternally grateful. They ask or write me why I criticize
BC and I reply that BC said such and such a nasty thing about individual Jews and about a good portion of the Jewish people
in general. They then react as if I am inventing things. I am not however reporting what BC said in some dark corner of
his existence but what he wrote and repeated and placed on the web and sent out to thousands of people and what can still
be seen in the light of day and computer bulb. It is a pity that the friends of BC do not bother to read what BC himself says.
BC just put out another book. In an article advertising this book (THE SABBATAIAN GAZA AGENDA
by Barry Chamish) BC suggests the French and American revolutions
were caused by the equivalent of Jewish devil-worshippers. Guess what that makes the USA?
He also says that the present Zionist State of Israel is the "Synagogue of Satan" of Christian theology
mentioned in Revelations: 2:9. I guess BC is all things to all people. He speaks before Jews for Jesus
as well as Holocaust Deniers. BC gets his history wrong. He exaggerates, twists, and invents things.
Poor BC. We would usually rather not pollute ourselves with his mention but it has to be done and for some
reason no-one else seems to be doing it. BC is a friend of the enemies of Israel and an enemy of
our friends.
Reality is on our side. This is another proof of the truth of Brit-Am.

5. Top Ten Reasons Why Jews Should R-elect President Bush

Top Ten Reasons Why Jews (and other Israelites) Should Re-elect President Bush
Jews for Bush
1. President Bush has courageously led this country in the War Against Terrorism. His leadership following 9-11 has shown terrorists that America is no paper tiger and that it will never succumb to a radical and barbaric version of Islam that seeks to exterminate Western Civilization and forever extinguish the torch of freedom. Through the leadership of President Bush, America's diplomatic, economic, and military power has been deployed to root out terrorists from their foxholes across the globe. America is safer without the Taliban in power in Afghanistan and without the megalomaniacal spon! sor of terror Saddam Hussein ruling over Iraq where he butchered 400,000 people who have been found in mass graves.

2. President Bush has restored honor, integrity, and moral authority to the White House. This ethical failures of the Clinton-Gore administration were contrary to the Judeo-Christian tradition. Governor Bush has set a high ethical and moral standard as Governor of Texas and now as President that Jews, and all Americans, can be proud of.

3. While American Jews wish for reconciliation among all peoples in the Middle East, President Bush has correctly recognized that there can be no peace without security and no settlement without Arabs' acknowledgment of Israel's right to exist. The Bush administration has been more supportive of Israel than any administration in American history while<> John Kerry called Israel's fence to keep out terrorists a "barrier to peace."

4. President Bush has finally held America's government-controlled K-12 education system accountable for implementing high standards and achieving results. By promoting school choice, President Bush is empowering Jewish parents to use their tax money at Jewish private schools where their children can receive an academically rigorous education grounded in Jewish theological and ethical principles.

5. President Bush created an innovative program to involve faith-based institutions in the delivery of government social services. Numerous studies have shown that, from welfare to corrections, faith-based programs are simply more effective because they nourish both the body and the mind. Building on Governor Bush's strong Texas record in this area, Bush's faith-based social services program has enabled Jewish synagogues and charities to better serve those in need.

6. The Bush administration is deploying a national missile defense system to protect America and its allies from attack while <>John Kerry has voted 53 times against deploying a missile defense system. In the Senate, John Kerry voted against missile defense systems, including the Patriot Anti-Missile System used in the First Gulf War and in the recent war against Saddam Hussein.

7. President Bush has cut taxes for all Americans while <>John Kerry voted 350 times in the Senate to raise taxes and has promised to do so again as President. President Bush believes in lower taxes and smaller government while John Kerry believes in higher taxes and a larger federal government. Kerry is engaging in class warfare by attacking Americans who have been successful and promising to penalize them through a tax increase. Kerry's proposed capital gains tax hike would dry up investment and slow America's economy.

8. President Bush supports our military while John Kerry has voted against nearly weapons system in existence. <>Among the weapons systems Kerry has voted against are the M-1 tank, the F-14, F-15, and F-16 fighter planes, Tomahawk cruise missiles, and the AH64 Apache helicopter.

9. President Bush will allow Americans to take ownership of their retirement by reforming a Social Security system that is badly shortchanging this country's young people. Jewish Americans have a particularly strong tradition of caring for their elders and could better plan for their own retirement without the burdensome Soviet-style Social Security system. Social Security has been looted by Washington politicians for pork barrel programs and promises negative rates of return in the future. President Bush supports allowing young Americans to keep a portion of their payroll tax and invest it in their own individual account. John Kerry, on the other hand, continues ! to demagogue this issue and refuses to deal with the looming bankruptcy of Social Security, demonstrating a profound lack of political courage and concern for America's young people.

10. The Jewish community is blessed to include many doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. President Bush opposes a socialized, Canadian-style national health system that leads to the rationing of care and doctor shortages while John Kerry supports nationalized health care. In contrast to Kerry and his trial lawyer running mate John Kerry who oppose proposals to protect our health care system from frivolous lawsuits and excessive punitive damage awards, President Bush will keep fighting for the medical malpractice reforms we need.


Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2004 21:49:44 +0200

Jerusalem News-316

1. In Defence of BC
2. Arutz Sheva News Thursday
3. BC is Cassandra?
4. Sanhedrin
5. The Dogs Close In
7. Non-Jewish "Israeli" football Teams

1. In Defence of BC
From: David Ben-Ariel <>
Subject: Barry Chamish
To: Yair Davidiy <>
Cc: Locke <>,
Barry <>, Aryeh <>,
"R. Kossover" <>

Shalom Yair,

As is true of most people and organizations I'm involved with, I don't agree
with everything they do or need to - but I do know Israeli investigative
author Barry Chamish was the first to publicize my unjust deportation from
Israel in his book Carpetbaggers and Traitors in the Promised Land and
remarks at how the Israeli government OVERREACTED to my article "Will
Jerusalem Become an International City?" He feels that's why they deported
me: exposing the German-Vatican plot to occupy Jerusalem! I think that's
part of it but that it's all involved with highlighting the Temple Mount.

Such a comment by him - on record in his book - certainly doesn't sound like
he's supporting "the greater glory of Germanic society" as you allege. Mr.
Chamish has also offered constructive criticism of my writings where I often
make reference to the German-dominated European Union and suggested it's
more of a German-Jesuit influence in Europe. Again, certainly doesn't sound
like he's a cheerleader for the EU Beast!

Give your readers some more credit. Trust us to glean from what we read and
don't think we swallow anything hook, line and sinker. We don't.

David Ben-Ariel

Check out Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall

My reference to German culture was directed more to the JB society than to BC himself.
That was not my main criticism of BC.
Your answer however is typical of BC defenders.
Parable: Someone says: <<"John Smith" has admitted to murder, robbery, arson and is a member of Culprits United
who believe in violence, theft, and jaywalking.
Proof may be seen at "". >>
Defenders of "John Smith" then write in saying: <<I met JS in 1994, He was very nice. He cannot be a jaywalker. I remember how when we were crossing the street he waited for the lights to change. How can you make such dreadful statements? >>

2. Arutz Sheva News Thursday
Oct. 14, 2004 / Tishrei 29, 5765
One hundred pro-Gush Katif demonstrations will be held this evening around the country, capping off what has been known as "Orange Week." The country has been plastered with Gush Katif's official orange color, in the form of thousands of flags on cars, banners and posters.

The 100 demonstrations of this evening - against handing over Gush Katif and northern Shomron to the Arabs and expelling the resident Jews from their homes - is an unprecedented enterprise. Six of the rallies will take place in key intersections in Jerusalem, beginning at 5:30 PM. An hour later, all the Jerusalem participants will begin marching through the city to the country's main event, at Paris Square, just down the road from the Prime Minister's official residence. Dozens of large screens will be put up at Paris Square, which will show, in real time, the other events from around the country.

Jerusalem rallies will be held at the city's main entrance, French Hill Junction, Pat Junction, Oranim Junction, Tzahal Square near Jaffa Gate, and opposite the Wolfson buildings. Chairs with the Cabinet ministers' names on them will be arranged in front of the screens in Paris Square, and the ministers will be invited to "listen to the people's voice."

The forces behind the pro-Gush Katif efforts of today and this week are the same that organized the Human Chain over two months ago. In that event, 150,000 or more people banded together alongside highways and roadsides to physically connect Gaza and Jerusalem.

The organizers of the campaign to keep Gush Katif and northern Shomron Jewish hope that today's rallies will similarly awaken the public and its leaders to the realization of "the folly of uprooting Jews and handing their homes and land over to the enemy in exchange for nothing." They say that the struggle is not just "a private fight by the residents for their homes. This is rather a struggle on behalf of the entire population for the future of Israeli society."

"The disengagement process will deteriorate the security situation in all of Israel," according to promotional literature. "It will increase terrorism, and will bring Israel's cities within range of the Kassam rockets. But the damage is not just in the realm of security. The disengagement process will lead to a detachment from the basic values on which we have been raised. The question at hand concerns the significance of the relationship between the People of Israel and the Land in which its spiritual character was forged. This question has great ramifications on our entire identity and all its facets."

Prof. Aaron Ciechanover and Avraham Hershko made history last week when they became the only Israelis to have won a Nobel Prize in science - though the news was somewhat overshadowed by the bombings in Sinai. Prof. Ciechanover spoke yesterday with <>IsraelNationalRadio's Eli Stutz about his feelings and about his achievement.

Asked to describe his sensation at having won, Prof. Ciechanover told Stutz, "It's been a week now since I was contacted by Stockholm and informed that we won, and I can say that I have not yet internalized it. But the outside world makes it very clear to me: Some 4,000 emails, hundreds of bouquets of flowers from friends, scientists, university presidents from all over the world, heads of Jewish communities, and of course our Prime Minister, President, Minister of Education - everybody salutes us, everybody's happy; you just feel true happiness around you, you feel a real part of Israel. The People of Israel are happy."

The discovery by Prof. Ciechanover of the Technion in Haifa, together with his faculty advisor Prof. Hershko of Hebrew University and Prof. Irwin Rose of the University of California, is of one of the cell's most important cyclical processes known as regulated protein degradation - or, as Ciechanover put it, "destruction for the sake of construction."

As reported, the three laureates
"brought us to realize that the cell functions as a highly-efficient checking station where proteins are built up and broken down at a furious rate. The degradation is not indiscriminate, but takes place through a process that is controlled in detail so that the proteins to be broken down at any given moment are given a molecular label - a 'kiss of death', to be dramatic. The labeled proteins are then fed into the cells' "waste disposers," [known as] proteasomes, where they are chopped into small pieces and destroyed. The label consists of a molecule called ubiquitin. This fastens to the protein to be destroyed, accompanies it to the proteasome where it is recognized as the key in a lock, and signals that a protein is on the way for disassembly. Shortly before the protein is squeezed into the proteasome, its ubiquitin label is disconnected for re-use."

"I was a graduate student with Prof. Hershko," Ciechanover told Stutz, "and we were interested in how proteins are degraded. We discovered the mechanism, and then we wondered why they must be destroyed in the body - why anything has to be destroyed, actually - and we learned that this was for the sake of construction. This is because proteins are the building blocks of everything in our body: muscles, bones, eyes, skin, and more - and proteins are polymers, which are long chains of many individual links. The proteins are therefore very sensitive, and are damaged all the time by sun, radiation, chemicals, many things, and they get unfolded, etc. The damaged ones - even if the damage is minute - have to be removed to protect the other ones. This is a form of 'quality control' in the body. In addition, this process plays a part in regulation of processes in the body, which at times have to be accelerated or decelerated [and the! destr uction of the proteins plays a role in this as well]."

The professor explained that the discovery, which he emphasized relies on the work of other scientists as well, has led to the production of at least one medicine. The research will also hopefully be used in the fight to cure cervical cancer and cystic fibrosis. Prof. Ciechanover expressed his concern over decreasing government funding for science in Israel.

A ceremony posthumously honoring a Polish couple who saved a Jewish girl during the Holocaust was held today in the Garden of the Righteous at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. Accepting the <>Righteous Among the Nations medal on behalf of the couple, Alfons and Aurelia Gawlek, was their daughter Ewa Bielaczyk.

The Gawleks were recognized for their actions in saving Ola Shari (nee Roztach), who was represented at the ceremony by her daughter, Helen Shari-Motro - who sought out and discovered the Gawleks' daughter in Poland.

After Ola's parents died in the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II, the Gawleks employed her as a nanny, knowing that she was a Jew pretending to be a Christian. Ola looked after their daughter Ewa. After the war, Mrs. Gawlek gave Ola a large sum of money so as to allow her to start a new life, and the two never saw each other again. Ola moved to the United States, married, and moved to Israel in 1987. She told the story of how she survived the war to her brother and daughter, and expressed her wish to somehow repay the family that saved her. Her daughter Helen, a journalist and lawyer, went to Poland to find the Gawleks, and published an article in the local press telling of her search. Ewa Gawlek, now 64, responded to the article and contacted Helen.

3. BC is Cassandra?
Dear Yair,

It is certainly not necessary to agree with Barry's grand theories in whole or part, but it was not necessary to write what you wrote either.

Barry is no Fifth Column.

On the contrary, he is a Cassandra telling truths people around hear don't want to listen to, and for which it is getting RATHER LATE not to listen.

The very Enemies Barry identifies who want to destroy us are delighted when the Jews spend their last moments before the gathering destruction and getting that bullet in the back of the head fighting each other.

Shabbat Shalom from Liberated Givat Chananiya/Abu Tor(ah),


Cassandra in Greek Mythology
Cassandra received the power to foretell the future from the god Apollo. Apparently, Apollo instructed the mortal woman and taught her about the art of prophecy because he had an ulterior motive - the god wished to win her affections. Cassandra accepted Apollo as a teacher, but not as a lover. Naturally, the god was insulted by this refusal. So he punished Cassandra. Apollo caused the gift that he gave Cassandra to be twisted, making everyone who heard her true and accurate foretellings of future events believe that they were instead hearing lies.

Dear Aryeh, I called BC a Fifth Columnist. Perhaps I should not have done so. The expression is far too mild.
I also gave a few (of the very many reasons) the description fits. Please tell me which of the reasons does not fit:
Since all the reasons given were derived from what BC himself publicly espouses I understand that it would be difficult in denying
any specific points. It is far easier to make a general statement. BC and those who support him is in fact guilty of telling false tales
about Glagow very many people some of whom have shoes he would not be fit to polish.
He has also demonized with fanatical dedication the Zionist State of Israel and you have been helping him
by relaying his messages to people on your list. Instead of telling him to keep his mouth shut or at least double check his facts
you were acting as his messenger boy. Since you are basically an honest man I expect you to reconsider your past actions in this matter,
repent of your transgression and apologize. We all make mistakes.

4. Sanhedrin
From: David Ha'ivri <>
Subject: News and Commentary 15 Oct. '04
Sanhedrin convened in Teveria.

On Wendsday a special ceremony was held in Teveria to celebrate the
convening of the Sanhedrin. The Sanhedrin was disbanded when the Jews were
sent into exile and previous attempts to reconvene it have failed. This
bod,y the "Jewish Supreme Court" which has 71 members was planned in secret
for over a year with rabbis receiving the special ordination necessary to
serve on the the court. The 71 chosen to participate come from across the
wide spectrum of Judaism today and plans to meet.

This is a significant development both in Jewish law and a major watershed
event in the final redemption of the Jewish people.

Tradition holds that the Sanhedrin will be reconvened before the coming of
the messiah and this court is necessary for many practices including
sanctifying the new moon. It is a major step and a sign that Jews are
finally "taking their destiny in their hands" to actively BRING the
redemption. This parallels the recent trend of visiting the Temple mount and
discussion of actively rebuilding the Temple and reinstating sacrifices. The
Sanhedrin does not have the support of several leading rabbis and it is
questionable whether or not it will be accepted by the majority of the
Jewish people. It however is significant in that it will open a wave of
discussion about the necessity of a Sanhedrin, what is halachiclly required
to create one, who is eligible to serve, and will put those who oppose this
move on the defensive to explain themselves. May it be G-d's will that the
step of reinstating the Sanhedrin will be a catalyst for the coming of the
messiah and the final redemption.

5. The Dogs Close In
Subject: Israel fears future as a pariah state

Thu 14 Oct 2004

Israel fears future as a pariah state

ISRAEL is set on a collision course with the European Union and could turn into a pariah state, like South Africa during the apartheid years, if the Middle East conflict is not resolved, Israel €™s foreign ministry has warned in a confidential ten-year forecast.

The 25-page document, by the ministry €™s Centre for Political Research, says the EU is pushing to become a major global player in the next decade, and that as a result, the United States, Israel €™s main ally, could lose international influence.

The analysts said that if the EU overcomes internal divisions its global influence would grow and be more in line with its powerful economy.

Up to now, Europe has rarely been able to unite on major foreign policy issues. A more influential Europe would likely demand greater Israeli compliance with international conventions, and could try to limit Israel €™s actions in its conflict with the Palestinians, the document said.

Israel might also have to pay a price for growing competition between the EU and the US.

Israel-EU relations have long been shaky and Israeli foreign minister Silvan Shalom has repeatedly warned Israel has to work to strengthen ties with Europe. However, Israel also accuses Europeans of pro-Palestinian bias, and complains of growing anti-Semitism in parts of Europe.

According to the foreign ministry document, written in August, Israel could become increasingly isolated if Europe becomes more influential.

"This could put Israel on a collision course with the EU. [This] holds the risk of Israel losing international legitimacy and could lead to its isolation, in the manner of South Africa," the document states.

This article:


(Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)
Friday, 15 October, 2004

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon spoke this afternoon (Friday), 15.10.04, with
Australian Prime Minister John Howard and congratulated him on his recent
election victory.

Prime Minister Sharon said that Australia is a true friend of Israel and
congratulated his Australian counterpart on his winning the freedom medal
that he received on behalf of his work for freedom and human rights.

Prime Minister Sharon thanked Australian Prime Minister Howard and the
Australian government for Australia's support for the State of Israel and
the understanding that they have shown for Israel's need to fight terrorism.

The two men discussed the need to unify forces in the war against global

Australian Prime Minister Howard expressed solidarity with the difficulties
and threats facing Israel and said that Israel must take steps in order to
defend itself.

The two men also discussed the disengagement plan; Australian Prime Minister
Howard expressed his support for advancing the plan.

Prime Minister Sharon invited his Australian counterpart to visit Israel.

IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis

7. Non-Jewish "Israeli" football Teams
The Jerusalem Post, "Up Front", 15-10-04 in an article by Fraknie sachs (<<Amsterdam's 'Israeli Team'>>)
reports that the Ajax soccer team of Amsterdam is regarded as Jewish, and its fans identify as"Jewish"
and bring gigantic Israeli flags into the stadium. In reality the team once had a half-Jewish owner and a few Jewish players
but the identification stuck and the fans enjoy it. The team is often greeted by anti-Semitic slogans and songs on the
part of fans of opposing teams.
Similarly in fans of the Irish Catholic Glagow Celtic have taken to exhibiting PLO flags that they identify with the IRA.
"in response to the Palestinian flags, fans of cross-town rival Rangers began to sport Israeli flags at their home games"
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 22:41:30 +0200

Jerusalem News-317
1. President Bush Signs Anti-Semitism Law
2. Majority for Transfer of Ishmaelites
3. Foreign Policy of President Bush in Perspective
4. Wishful Thinking? Saudi say: 'U.S. to Invade Pakistan' ?
5. More wishful Thinking? Iraqi Arabs call Americans "Jews"

1. President Bush Signs Anti-Semitism Law
The Media Line - Oct 21, 2004

U.S. President George W. Bush has signed the Anti-Semitism legislation into law over the objections of the State Department and others who object to singling out one religion for what they call 'special treatment.' The new law requires the State Department to report annually on anti-Semitism around the world and to create an office headed by a special envoy to document anti-Semitic abuses and design strategies to combat them. Acts of physical violence against Jews, their property, cemeteries and places of worship abroad, along with responses by local governments will be documented along with instances of anti-Jewish propaganda. Arab League chief 'Amru Mousa said the Anti-Semitism law will not prevent Arabs from being vocal in criticizing Israel. He said Arabs will not respect the measure if its true purpose is to "muzzle and ward off criticism of Israeli policies, which should be criticized because of their continuous crimes against the Palestinian people."
National Unity Coalition for Israel.

2. Majority for Transfer of Ishmaelites
From: jidea <>


A survey commissioned by Channel 2 TV reveals that 58% of adults between
the ages of 18-22 support "transfer", the expulsion of Arabs from Israel.

3. Foreign Policy of President Bush in Perspective
Subject: 'Fw: Putting Things in Perspective


Even if you're not interested in debate, every
American should know the

There were 39 combat related killings in Iraq during
the month of
In the fair city of Detroit there were 35 murders in
the month of

That's just one American city, about as deadly as
the entire war torn
country of Iraq.

When some claim President Bush shouldn't have
started this war, consider
the following ...

led us into World War II.
Germany never attacked us: Japan did.
From 1941-1945, 450,000 lives were lost, an average
of 112,500 per year.

finished that war and started one in Korea, North
Korea never attacked
From 1950-1953, 55,000 lives were lost, an average
of 18,334 per year.

John F. Kennedy...
started the Vietnam conflict in 1962.
Vietnam never attacked us.

turned Vietnam into a quagmire.
From 1965-1975, 58,000 lives were lost, an average
of 5,800 per year.

went to war in Bosnia without UN or French consent,
Bosnia never
attacked us. (we are STILL there)

He was offered Osama bin Ladin's head on a platter
three times by Sudan
and did nothing. Osama has attacked us on multiple

In the two years since terrorists attacked us
President Bush has ...
liberated two countries, crushed the Taliban,
crippled al-Qaida, put
nuclear inspectors in Libya, Iran and North Korea
without firing a shot,
and captured a terrorist who slaughtered 300,000 of
his own people.

The Democrats (and media) are complaining about how
long the war is
taking, but... It took less time to take Iraq than
it took Janet Reno
to take the Branch Davidian compound. That was a 51
day operation.

We've been looking for evidence of chemical weapons
in Iraq for less
time than it took Hillary Clinton to find the Rose
Law Firm billing

It took less time for the 3rd Infantry Division and
the Marines to
destroy the Medina Republican Guard than it took Ted
Kennedy to call the
police after his Oldsmobile sank at Chappaquiddick.

It took less time to take Iraq than it took to count
the votes in

Our Commander-In-Chief is doing the best job he
knows how!
The Military is doing a superb job, given the

The biased media hopes we are too ignorant to
realize the facts.

4. Wishful Thinking? Saudi say: 'U.S. to Invade Pakistan' ?
Subject: MEMRI: Saudi Government Daily: 'U.S. to Invade Pakistan'

Special Dispatch Series - No. 806
October 25, 2004No.806

Saudi Government Daily: 'U.S. to Invade Pakistan'

In an article in the Saudi English daily The Saudi Gazette, Md. Maqdoom
Mohiuddin and Khamis Mushayt wrote an op-ed and book review which exposes an
alleged U.S. plot to invade Pakistan, and then later possibly Sudan,
Indonesia, Nigeria, and Turkey. The following is the article: [1]

" Sir George Friedman, the author of the book ' America's Secret War,' which
is going to be released this month, revealed that the Bush administration is
set to invade Pakistan and divide it.

"The original plan is to invade Pakistan and occupy the North West Frontier
Province (NWFP) and Balochistan. It would seek India's help and allow India
to annex Punjab, Sindh, and part of Kashmir under Pakistan rule.

"There have been rumors about a possible invasion of Pakistan but this is
the first time this strategy of the U.S. is exposed.
This is a very dangerous plan which will have unimaginable severe
consequences and will put the survival of the world at stake.

"There is no doubt that the U.S. is the biggest enemy of Islam and the
Muslims. It utilized Pakistan to bring down the former USSR, helped Pakistan
form the Taliban and help the Taliban to come to power in Afghanistan. But
when Afghanistan refused to allow passage of an oil pipeline it declared the
Taleban as terrorists and, after 9/ll, attacked Afghanistan.

"After the destruction of Afghanistan, it sought the help of Pakistan
through intimidation. Now it is not only trying to destabilize Pakistan but
is also bent on dividing it. This is the worst example of friendship
extended by the U.S., as Secretary of State Collin Powell recently avowed
that Pakistan is the U.S. biggest and trusted ally outside NATO.

"The bomb blast in Pakistan and the sectarian fighting between the Sunnis
and the Shiites show that the U.S. has started implementing its program.

"The U.S. contends that Osama bin Ladin is hiding somewhere in Pakistan.
Ironically, President Pervez Musharaff has also said that Osama might be
alive and hiding in the NWFP or on the Pakistan-Afghan border. This will
give the U.S. an excuse to attack Pakistan. Right after 1947, the U.S. has
been using Pakistan for its mean purposes and Pakistan's military rulers
have always served Americaninterests for their survival. On its part, India
should not be a part of any such misadventure. Because the U.S. is nobody's
friend, India should not become a party to its devilish scheme lest this
devil will also devour it one day. It is now time for the three big
countries of Asia, China, India, and Pakistan to join hands and fight U.S.
misadventure and hegemony.

"The book also reveals that the other possible targets of the U.S. will be
Sudan, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Turkey.

"Turkey is a NATO member. It regards itself as a secular country, although
it is a 100 percent Muslim nation. It is a friend of Israel and has
diplomatic and business relations with it. Turkey should know that the U.S.
is totally committed to the Zionist state and is promoting Zionism. It
cannot be anybody's friend, especially of the Muslims. Turkey should realize
that its survival lies in Islam.

"This book should open the eyes of other Muslim countries which have warm
relations with the U.S. Muslim countries are having a difficult time. After
the collapse of the USSR, the U.S. is playing its game openly as there is
nobody to challenge it anymore.

" President George W. Bush is also the biggest enemy of Islam. After 9/11,
he openly advocated a Crusade and everyone in the world knows what a crusade
is a war against the Muslims and total annihilation of the Muslims."

[1] The Saudi Gazette (Saudi Arabia), October 19, 2004.
The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) is an independent,
non-profit organization that translates and analyzes the media of the Middle
East. Copies of articles
and documents cited, as well as background information, are available on

MEMRI holds copyrights on all translations. Materials may only be used with
proper attribution.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)
P.O. Box 27837, Washington, DC 20038-7837
Phone: (202) 955-9070
Fax: (202) 955-9077

IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis

5. More wishful Thinking? Iraqi Arabs call Americans "Jews"


It appears that the "Arab Street", albeit with nonbenevolent intentions, is helping to serve the BritAm cause. See the excerpt below that demonstrates a similar people-labeling theme.


Jews, Israel and America

Published: October 24, 2004

[] was speaking the other day with Scott Pelley of CBS News's "60 Minutes" about the mood in Iraq. He had just returned from filming a piece there and he told me something disturbing. Scott had gone around and asked Iraqis on the streets what they called American troops - wondering if they had nicknames for us in the way we used to call the Nazis "Krauts" or the Vietcong "Charlie." And what did he find? "Many Iraqis have so much distrust for U.S. forces we found they've come up with a nickname for our troops," Scott said. "They call American soldiers 'The Jews,' as in, 'Don't go down that street, the Jews set up a roadblock.' "

I have no idea how widespread this perception is, but it does not surprise me that some Iraqis would talk that way. Our communications in Iraq have been so inept since we arrived, many Iraqis still don't know who America is or why it came. But such talk is also indicative of a trend in the Arab media, after a century of Arab-Jewish strife, where if you want to brand someone as illegitimate, just call him a "Jew." Indeed, this trend has widened since 9/11. Now you find a steadily rising perception across the Arab-Muslim world that the great enemy of Islam is JIA - "Jews, Israel and America," all lumped together in a single threat.

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Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 11:05:12 +0200

Jerusalem News-318
1. Oil, The USA, Iraq, and International Currency
2. Brit-Am too "political"?
3. DNA and environment

1.Oil, The USA, Iraq, and International Currency
The USA went into Afghanistan and Iraq because those countries had been responsible for an attack on the USA
and posed a danger to the USA and the world in general.
There was probably nothing else the USA could have done and still remained in one piece.
Even so, it often happens, that Divine Providence enables us to "kill two birds with one stone".
If it had been so decreed that the USA should be attacked it was to the benefit of the USA that the
attackers be those nations whose occupation could work to the benefit of the USA.
This proves that "The Great Conspirator in the Sky" has "conspiracies" of His own.

Mainly based on information obtained from an article at:
Explained by Yair Davidiy on behalf of Brit-Am:
The US produces goods and services. The US Government takes value at one end through taxes
of goods and services and gives to another through the orders it makes and the services
it provides. In an insular society one would balance the other. The Government could not give out
more than it takes in because there would not be a supply. If however the Government does give out
more than it takes in then the balance is obtained through rising prices for existing goods and/or from overseas,
e.g. the Government pays your salary and you buy a Swiss watch. You pay in dollars.
In principle these dollars can be used to buy goods from the USA.
If they are not so used it is as if your Swiss watch entered the USA for nothing.
You may have worked and you got paid for your labor but (if these dollars disappear) the US Government (your employer) did not
have to put up anything for the dollars it paid you that you used to buy the watch with.
Whatever you produced to earn those dollars the USA received for free.
Why would your dollars never get back to the USA to make a demand on the USA economy?
Because international traders use them to buy from each other or stack them away as reserves to back up their own currencies.
The USA knows that a certain portion of the dollars it prints will be lost through trading and saving in the international market.
The USA can therefore get away with buying more than it sells because the extra will not come home.
It is as if you make purchases with checks and know that a certain portion of these checks will never be cashed
from your account. It is extra money. Anyone whose currency is used on the international market has extra money.
It is not so simple however. People would not use a currency unless in the final accounting there was something to back it with.
In the past this was gold. Dollars could be floating around in international trading but it was known that in principle they could
always be exchanged for gold and therefore their value was guaranteed.
President Nixon took the USA off the gold standard.
Instead of gold there is however oil.
If you have dollars you can buy oil whose price is fixed in dollars. In fact you are better off with
dollars than any other currency.
Crudely speaking It is as if every dollar is backed by oil in the ground, "Black Gold".
The USA can buy more than it sells because the surplus can be used to buy petroleum
produced by other nations.
The situation is somewhat more complex than the above but the principles are correct.
It is not an immoral situation since an international currency is needed
and the USA is the best candidate to supply it.
This can be viewed as an aspect of the Blessings of the Almighty to the sons of Joseph.
The article below suggests that the USA possession of Iraq ensures USA prosperity.
The alternative would be a disaster for America, a disaster for the State of Israel
and for humanity in general.
If the USA were not in Iraq the Euro might replace the dollar as the international oil-determined currency.
All those surplus trading dollars in the international market would suddenly be used in an attempt to buy USA goods and services
of which there are not enough. The end result could lead to hyper-inflation and bankruptcy.
In fact such an eventuality could be deliberately engineered by foreign elements who do not like
the USA.
Sadam had began to price his oil in Euros. Middle East nations might be tempted to switch to Euro pricing
a. The EU has almost no debt. Entities, like banks, prefer giving credit to they who do not really need it.
The debt of the USA is about 2/3 of its product which actually is not so bad but it does mean that the USA could
be vulnerable to a run on the dollar. The people who hold dollars might prefer the Euro which is not so vulnerable.
b. There is a movement led by the EU to have the euro replace the dollar. So far the UK is backing the USA.
The UK probably has unpublished reserves that make it far more important than its production capacities indicate.
c. The EU is closer in its aims and outlook to oil producing nations than the USA.
[The USA however has military might and is prepared to use it to guarantee the integrity of its client states, such as Kuwait,
and discipline rogue states such as Iraq. The EU so far lacks such capacity and will.].

By being in Iraq the USA controls Iraq oil production and keeps the whole oil-producing region on the dollar standard.
Not only that but in a de facto sense all oil produced has the same value as if it came from a State of USA..
The people of Iraq also benefit more than they ever did previously or ever will again if the USA ever leaves.

I first noticed the article below on Craig White's Origin of nations list.
The article more or less says what I said above with more detail and less explanation.
Dueling currencies -- the fight to stay on top
(probable author Written by Aaron Hoffstein
based on an article in the Asian Times)
Now that The United States of
America has taken both Iraq and Afghanistan and owns those country's natural
resources, the dollar plans a brighter future, or a stable one at best. Iraq
trades (again) in dollars.

US-led invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were for oil, but not for consumption.
Pre-Iraq invasion, Saddam Hussein was trading in EUROs. Afghanistan is key
to piping oil out of the Caspian Basin.

The United States dollar abandoned gold markets under the Nixon
administration in 1973. The US media didn't pay attention to such a bold
move, because sensational headlines of the day were related to long gasoline
lines, electrical shortages, and Watergate. Even 30 years later, consumers
won't read in newsprint why our dollar is dependent upon oil. Keeping oil
priced exclusively in dollars was enough cause for waging war in Iraq after
Iraq's bold switch to EURO oil payments in 2002. The White House public
relations campaign chose to pick emotional reason for invasion. OPEC, North
Korea, Iran, and Russia now plan to trade in EUROs as the dollar continues
to slide in value.

Economist commentator Sonja Ebron wrote, "An OPEC switch from the
dollar to the euro would bring a quick and devastating dollar and Wall
Street crash that would make 1929 look like a $50 casino bet." This
prediction was understood by the Clinton administration, but the Bush
administration took action to boost the petrodollar.

The greatest financial weapon against the United States is the EURO.
It is the first currency to present a threat against the dollar. The EURO is
a shared currency of 15 European nations centered upon Germany and France.
The economies and populations of the euro countries are as large as that of
the United States, and more tightly bound to the Middle East, said Ebron. As
large as the European Union appears today, it continues to grow. The United
States is landlocked. The world is suddenly too small for the dollar to

Since 1945 the dollar has been the global oil transaction currency.
These dollars are recycled from oil production to the US as Treasury Bills
and assets in US stocks and real estate, which is a substantial portion of
the financial market. The EURO becomes the alternative currency to nations
wishing to switch.

In 2002, the US debt was $6 trillion
against a gross domestic product of $9 trillion. Global economies have,
since WWII, captured dollars to service foreign debts, and accumulated
dollar reserves sustain the exchange value of their own currency. The
world's central banks hold dollar reserves equal to their currency in
circulation. The more pressure to devalue a currency, the more dollar
reserves are required. This makes each economy dependent upon the US dollar,
or known as dollar hegemony, constructed mainly by oil -- in other words,
oil producing nations historically only accepted dollars, until the EURO.
But with this currency game, the US essentially owns the world oil trading
market for free, and allows the US to build its debt based upon credit
assets they don't physically own. With The United States in control of Iraq,
oil trade reverts to dollars.

With a strong dependency upon oil, and petrodollars secure, the
White House hopes the EURO will slide. The EURO economy is currently $9.6
trillion. As more countries jump on to use EURO, their economy grows. The US
either takes over the assets they trade, like Iraq, or convince the rest of
the world to exchange their currency for dollars. The US is urging Tony
Blair not to adopt the EURO for this purpose. The EURO is new, has little
debt. The US dollar has a substantial debt, but is heavily used. The
European Union itself is a larger consumer of oil than the US.

2. Brit-Am too "political"?
Re: Jerusalem News-317
Hello Yair,

I pass on your newsletters to some friends in the USA and Scandinavia. Usually they are met with ........ not much interest. This one, however, has generated some response already, most of it negative. Some Americans see the vote on anti Semitism as partisan, and my Norwegian friend is really angry about the idea of the expulsion of Arabs from Israel. He, and others, have asked me not to send them any more of your newsletters.

I have to say, sometimes your mailings seem more political than religious. I'm not a political person. I like the think Hashem will sort out the world as He sees fit, and it will work out His way no matter what we do, so politics is irrelevant. Religion, however, is not !

It is a failing characteristic of the Muslims that they feel that Allah cannot do His will without the help of man, hence bombings, kidnappings and negative propaganda. We should not be falling into the same arrogant trap ! The will of Hashem is sure, whether we do anything or not.


In principle our postings of Brit-Am Now deal more with religious historical and identity matters.
Jerusalem News contains the "political" content. We have lost some subscribers because of
Jerusalem News but also received notes of encouragement about it. On the whole it probably helps us
more than it harms. It is quite popular with people in Israel.
It also lets us perhaps have some influence somewhere in fields that we consider
to be important to both Houses of Israel and is consistent with the Biblical message.
Even so,
our main message is the fact of Israelite ancestry and the need for reconciliation of the Two Houses.
Everything else is secondary for us.
In the future Jerusalem News may serve as the basis for an endeavor that will enable the Brit-Am message
reach people who otherwise may not be amenable to it.

3. DNA and environment
Indications that smoking (as well as age) can cause mutations in mtDNA.
"And I will bless them that bless you" (Genesis 12:15).


Date: Thu, 04 Nov 2004 01:01:01 +0200

Jerusalem News-319
1. The City of Lot?
2. Modern Science and Archaeology
3. The Differences Between "Brit-Am Now" and "Jerusalem News"
4. BC does it again. BC uses spirit worshipping sources
5. The Australian Newspaper "The Age" Comments on the Apparent Victory of Preoident Bush

1. The City of Lot?
Monday, October 25, 2004
The cave of Lot's seduction and the monastery it inspired
By konstantine D. Politis
Special to The Daily Star
Extracts Only
Amman: The ruins were first discovered during an archaeological survey at the south-east end of the Dead Sea in 1986, near a spring named Ain Abata. After further investigations it was evident that the site - near today's Ghor al-Safi, the biblical city of Zoara - was none other that the Sanctuary of Agios ("Saint") Lot. Biblical scholars and archaeologists have sought the site for decades.

Within a year of the discovery and identification of Deir Ain Abata ("Monastery of the Abbot's Spring") an international team of archaeologists was assembled to excavate and study the site. After more than 10 years of excavations and research, the final report is about to be published.

The site is located on a steep mountain slope 3 kilometers southeast of the Dead Sea. At its archaeological center (and historic religious focus) is a cave, discovered in the north aisle of the basilica later erected on the site. Early Christians - drawing on Genesis chapter 19 of the Old Testament - believed Lot and his two daughters lived here after their flight from sinful Sodom and their brief stop at Zoar.

Isolated in the mountains, so the story goes, the daughters feared they would never find a husband to continue their lineage. So they plotted to get their father drunk and seduce him in order to procreate. The issue of this incestuous conspiracy was two sons, Moab from the eldest daughter and Ben-ammi from the younger one. They became the patriarchs of the biblical tribes of Jordan, the Moabites to the south and the Ammonites to the north. This story can be interpreted as somewhat immoral, but there are other stories in the Bible that describe seemingly unethical conduct, usually with some obscure reasoning behind them. In this case, God had not only saved the righteous Lot from the destruction of Sodom but also didn't blame him for fornicating with his daughters, since they had made him drunk beforehand. The daughters also seem to have been excused, because of the need to regenerate after the annihilation of their people.

Further excavation of the cave revealed a series of steps leading into a 2 by 2.5-meter room, paved with fine white marble slabs, a simple room where early Byzantine Christians evidently believed Lot and his daughters took refuge. As to why the Byzantines venerated this specific cave - there are several in the vicinity - it is assumed it has something to do with ancient oral tradition.

The cave, which is the focal point of the entire monastic complex, had a long sequence of occupation suggesting long-standing use as a refuge. Excavations below the Byzantine-Abbasid floor level in the cave revealed ceramic and glass oil lamps dating from the earlier Byzantine period - circa the 4th-6th centuries. Beneath this were fine Late Hellenistic-Nabataean vessels from the 1st century B.C. to the 1st century A.D. Digging deeper, the team came across a fine ceramic chalice and a copper duck-bill axe-head, belonging to the Middle Bronze Age II period (c. 1900-1550 B.C.).

There are 18 cairn tombs that were identified just north of the monastic complex, which belong to this same period. These tombs represent the only known Middle Bronze Age evidence south of the Dead Sea. Some scholars argue that this may have been the actual era of Genesis. Excavating further down, the team found over a dozen pottery juglettes and cups dating from the Early Bronze Age I (c. 3300-3000 B.C.) and associated with multiple burials. These were surrounded by a stone wall. Flint tools, a complete jug with a dipper and drinking cups characteristic of this period attest to an occupational phase to the west in front of the wall.

The first years of work at Deir Ain Abata were treated as rescue excavations. They concentrated on retrieving as much information as possible from the site, which was threatened by erosion and the modern village of Safi. With its growing population expanding their agricultural activities and constantly rummaging for ancient treasure, Safi was ever encroaching.

Environmental studies have revealed evidence of a wide variety of animal remains - horse, donkey, cattle, pig, sheep, goat, deer, fox, hare, domestic fowl, partridge and quail, to name a few - that were probably consumed on site. Botanical finds included olives, dates, bitter vetch, grape, apricot, lentils, barley, bread wheat and cucumber and/or melon. These results suggest that the Deir Ain Abata community had a relatively rich diet, some of it imported from as far away as the Mediterranean and the Red Sea at considerable expense.

2. Modern Science and Archaeology
Geophysics, GPS Technology Play Important Roles in Excavation of Ancient Roman Fort

Newswise For centuries, trowels and handpicks have been traditional tools of the trade for archeologists, but a University at Buffalo geophysicist who has been working at an archeological site in Jordan is proposing that some decidedly 21st-century technologies, like tablet PCs equipped with fancy navigational software, ought to be standard gear as well.
"Non-invasive geophysical techniques, which allow researchers to image what's under the ground without digging, and real-time differential Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology, which provides resolution and accuracy to within a meter, can provide archeological teams with significant benefits," said Gregory S. Baker, Ph.D., associate professor of geology in UB's College of Arts and Sciences.

By helping archeological teams target with greater accuracy where an excavation will provide the greatest archeological "payoff," the integration of both of these techniques on a commonly available -- and portable -- platform like the tablet PC, could save them time and money, he added.

This past summer, Baker successfully used these techniques at the excavation, led by John Oleson, Ph.D., of the University of Victoria, of an ancient Roman fort in southern Jordan.

Baker said it's an example of how geophysical techniques used to image subsurface features non-invasively can prove critical in helping archeologists determine where to start excavating to find suspected features.

He has submitted a proposal on this methodology, which he calls "synergistic archeogeophysics," to the National Science Foundation.

Typically, Baker explained, after the geophysical data are collected and processed, archeologists view them on a computer screen, then try to locate the suspected subsurface features in the field.

"The trouble lies in translating the geophysical images we collect into something that is truly useful to archeologists," said Baker.

"Right now, it's pretty archaic," he said. "An archeologist will try to locate a feature in the field using a tape measure and a printout of the geophysical data."

This past summer, Baker applied real-time differential GPS to the Jordanian project.

Archeologists at the Jordanian site are looking for evidence that the Roman fort may have included a large kiln site, indicating that as the Romans moved into a new area and conquered territory, they established a local means for producing pottery.

"There's tremendous interest in whether or not there was a large-scale kiln area at this site," said Baker, noting that the fort is one of the few examples in Jordan of an ancient Roman military installation.

"We were looking for a magnetic signal under the surface because once you heat earth past the Curie temperature, as would be the case during the firing process, it acquires a permanent magnetic signal that persists even today," he said.

Using magnetometers, Baker, along with Heather Ambrose, a master's-degree candidate in the UB Department of Geology, and Scott Gagliardi, an undergraduate geology major, surveyed the area in an effort to identify subsurface areas with magnetic signatures.

They found some localized "hot spots," which Baker said "have a pretty high likelihood of indicating there's a kiln there.

"Since we collected the magnetics data with real-time differential GPS, we were able then to come back to the archeologists, show them the images and give them the exact latitude and longitude coordinates," said Baker.

"When they returned to the field, they were able to locate these coordinates to within one meter, even though this was the middle of the desert and there were no landmarks to assist them," he said.

If the archeologists had not used the real-time differential GPS, Baker said the best they could have hoped for would have been to pinpoint coordinates to within 20-30 meters, which would have made finding the "hot spots" practically impossible.

The archeologists now are excavating up to three meters below the earth's surface, which is where Baker's data indicates they should find the kiln.

Baker's research at the site is funded by the National Science Foundation.

The University at Buffalo is a premier research-intensive public university, the largest and most comprehensive campus in the State University of New York.

3. The Differences Between "Brit-Am Now" and "Jerusalem News"
We said in
Jerusalem News-318
item 2. Brit-Am too "political"?
In principle our postings of Brit-Am Now deal more with religious historical and identity matters.
Jerusalem News contains the "political" content.
This was inaccurate.
"Brit-Am Now" deals with Brit-Am Identity matters and things related to them.
Jerusalem News in addition to political commentary also deals with news items
and general information that would interest our readership but is not necessarily
closely directly connected with Brit-Am Identity.
Together with these distinctions it will be noticed that in practice the differences are not always adhered to
and there is some overlap.

For the moment we cannot provide separate subscriptions for the two services. The one comes with the other.
In the future this may change. If only one of the two services is of interest to you then we suggest that
you use your delete button for the other one.

4. BC does it again. BC uses spirit worshipping sources
It is forbidden to consult with spirits or attend seances and the like.



Barry Chamish has been telling a series of lies and perversions of the truth for some time.
He is an enemy of the Jewish people, of the Zionist State of Israel, of the USA, and of Britain.
He also tells serious lies about good people.
Because he served as a counter balance to left wing incitement over the killing of Yitschak Rabin
otherwise good Jewish people tend to overlook his faults in other areas.
This is a mistake since in effect he is an inventor of anti-Semitic theories and an encourager of existing ones.
His ideas are quite horrific and usually entirely not true though sometimes they do contain a marginal amount
of news interest that in most cases is not related to the claims he makes. The person is obviously sick just as he is sickening.
We asked around about his sources and came up with anonymous letters, TV clips that cannot be traced,
observations of almost just anyone just off the street, along with the inventions of nutcases and pathological liars (like himself)
who "told him things."
His style of writing is to often quote other sources and imply that the reader is to accept
their validity in order to understand the structure of his overall claims.
In his book "Saving Israel" he quotes psychos like M. Antelman (his latest mentor) (p.364) and the
LaRouche (EIR) boys and dedicates 5 pages (202-206) towards describing a spiritualist seance in which
the ghost of Rabin was allegedly spoken to. He uses this as proof. It may well be better evidence than that which he evidently
relied upon for some of the other claims he makes. At least the "seance" probably did take place.
BC also believes that the world is run by creatures from Outer Space who control the Establishment.
He wrote a book about it, "Return of the Giants".
BC wrote filthy things based on no real evidence (or in some cases apparently no evidence whatsoever) about good
The reasoning of BC is like saying that since Hitler was reputedly a vegetarian then all vegetarians must be Nazis.
The Bible says you should tell the truth, keep away from false matters, not bear false witness, and not
consult with spirits or anything else of that nature.

In the past I had trouble understanding how some Gentiles apparently genuinely believed fantastic anti-semitic tales
about the Jewish people. I still do not understand them but after seeing the tripe that BC (with the support of
Jewish fans) invents about his own people I find it less easy to condemn them.
If god intelligent proud Jews allow themselves to be mislead by the likes of BC what do you want from the Goyim?

5. The Australian Newspaper "The Age" Comments on the Apparent Victory of Preoident Bush
George W wins the popularity stakes

[Extracts Only]
By Peter Hartcher
November 4, 2004


For the first time, George Bush has won the decisive endorsement of the American people, an explicit affirmation of America's most controversial war since Vietnam and a mandate to press ahead with his strident foreign policy.

Bush lost the popular vote at the 2000 election by half a million votes and suffered from questions about his legitimacy, but has now won it by some 3 million to 4 million votes. The result gives him more than 50 per cent of all votes cast, a feat Bill Clinton never achieved.

If Bush's dominance of the popular vote is validated by a victory in the Electoral College too, the Republicans will be in a commanding position, cementing control of the White House as well as both houses of Congress.

One of America's leading conservative intellectuals, Professor Francis Fukuyama, of Johns Hopkins University, said Bush's victory foreshadowed an increasingly tense relationship between the US and world opinion.

US foreign policy will be tested almost immediately with the advent of an immensely difficult and dangerous new nuclear crisis in Iran.

The presidential election, the first since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, was decided on the issue of terrorism, according to well-regarded pollster Carroll Doherty, editor of polling at the nonpartisan Pew Research Centre. "If Bush won, it would be because of 9/11," he said.

Like many experts, and officials in the Bush Administration itself, Fukuyama forecast that a second-term Bush presidency would pursue its existing foreign policy with new energy.

Bush's foreign policy is defined by three distinctive doctrines - pre-emption, unilateralism, and hegemony, all of which assert US power and interests above all else.

The slow-burning nuclear crisis in North Korea also will continue to unfold. The US estimates the North already has built two to six atomic weapons.

In economic policy, there is international unease with the twin US deficits in the US federal budget, and deficits in the current account.

Bush has promised to halve the federal deficit in the next term, but has no specific plan.

All of which echoes the words of Winston Churchill: "The problems of victory are more agreeable than those of defeat, but they are no less difficult."

Date: Sun, 07 Nov 2004 12:14:47 +0200

Jerusalem News-320
1. Moral values Most Important Issue in US Elections
2. My love affair with evangelical Christians
by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
3. Arutz Sheva News Friday
4. British Soldiers Killed in Iraq
5. President Bush thanks Orthodox Jewry

1. Moral values Most Important Issue in US Elections
Twenty-one percent of American voters cited moral values as the issue that mattered most when voting,
followed by the economy (20%), terrorism (18%), and Iraq (15%). (Jerusalem Post)

2. My love affair with evangelical Christians
By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
(Short Excerpt Only)

Nearly the whole world is arrayed against President George W. Bush. The long list includes Europe, the United Nations, the Arab countries, the world's media, Hollywood, the universities, and half the United States. The question becomes: How can this man possibly survive as president?

The answer to this question lies in the biggest American development since women's suffrage, namely, the rise of the Christian right. The United States has 70 million born-again Christians, comprising the single largest voting block in the country. They are guided by faith and they vote with their values. They are the moral force behind America's resurgent spirituality. And they constitute the constituency that keeps George Bush in power, even as the entire world gangs up to defeat him.

The impact the American evangelical voting block has had on world affairs is incalculable and explains why there has been a revolution in the way the world does business. The staunch support of evangelical Christians has enabled George W. Bush to pursue a foreign policy based not on expediency or realpolitik, but on a deep-seated morality wherein tyrants are punished and the oppressed liberated. These policies would have been unthinkable without the steadfast support of Bush's die-hard constituency of evangelical Christians who comprise one quarter of the American electorate.

I have long recognized and commented on this remarkable fact, that a great moral leader is kept in power principally by a great moral constituency. On the eve of the election, therefore, it is time that I put in writing what I have long felt in my heart.

I am a Jew who is deeply in love with evangelical Christians. Although I am at odds with them on various issues, they today constitute the most potent force for good in all America, and the most influential constituency who consistently demands that America be a nation of justice, standing up for the persecuted and living up to its founding ideals of serving as a global beacon of freedom.

To be sure, I am devoted to my Judaism. Wild horses and iron combs could never pry me away from my Jewish identity and I have devoted my life to the dissemination of Jewish ideas in the mainstream culture and to bringing wayward Jews back to their heritage. But I must give credit where credit is due. And evangelical Christians, more than any other group today, are responsible for America being a Godly country.

3. Arutz Sheva News Friday
November 5, 2004 / Cheshvan 21, 5765
The American state of New York is to buy $50 million worth of Israel Bonds, one of the largest such purchases ever.

Israel Bonds are "secure and good investments that will bear fruit," New York State comptroller Alan Hevesi said, expressing confidence in the Israeli economy.

Hevesi made the announcement just over a week ago at the opening of a conference of Israeli high-tech companies and venture capitalists in Manhattan. The investment includes $200 million of the New York State workers' pension fund and the New York State Common Retirement Fund.

According to a report by Globes, Israel's financial newspaper, Hevesi said that as comptroller one of the world's largest economies, he had to demonstrate extra care. In 2003, New York State purchased $20 million worth of Israel Bonds.

In another example of foreign confidence in Israel, Finland last month signed a communications and information technology research and development agreement with the Jewish State. The two governments committed 10 million euros to the joint R&D support effort.

The agreement will be formally marked in Helsinki this month. The ceremony will also be a chance for Finnish companies, investors and distributors to meet Israeli high-tech companies and discuss possible collaboration.
Globes reported that defense and home networks were specified in the agreement as areas of potential fruitful collaborative R&D.

Tel Aviv will host the <>Israel Telecom 2004 exhibition starting November 8, where other Scandinavian companies will be attending.

4. British Soldiers Killed in Iraq
Bigley's killers claim responsibility for Black Watch suicide bombing
The Scotsman
)Excerpts Only)

THE killers of the British hostage Kenneth Bigley last night claimed responsibility for the suicide attack on the Black Watch in Iraq in which three soldiers died.

The followers of the Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi said they carried out the bombing on Thursday, according to a statement on an Islamic website.

The militant's group, formerly known as Tawhid and Jihad, has links with al-Qaeda and is believed to be responsible for numerous car-bombings and the beheading of foreign hostages.

Meanwhile in Iraq, the Black Watch's commanding officer, Lieutenant-Colonel James Cowan said that while the regiment was "saddened" over the loss of their comrades in the suicide-bomb attack and ambush, they would "not be deterred from seeing our task through".

5. President Bush thanks Orthodox Jewry
"President Bush said to me: Your prayers gave me the strength to win", Rabbi Shmuel Bloom, Chief Secretary of Agudah Israel in the USA..
Close to 40% of those who voted for Bush said they did so because of the moral values he represents.
70 to 80 percent of the non-religious Jews in the USA voted Kerry.
About 90% of the religious and ultra-Orthodox Jews voted for Bush.
"Mishpacha", 4-11-04, p.4

Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 00:00:49 +0200

Jerusalem News-321
1. Professor Louis Rene Beres: HOW AND WHY AMERICA'S CHRISTIANS MUST CARE FOR ISRAEL [Extracts Only]
2. Arafat's Legacy: 1,288 victims of Palestinian violence
3. Bronze Age Ship Find
4. US troops seize last Falluja stronghold
5. Stephen Brown: The Death of the Dutch?

1. Professor Louis Rene Beres: HOW AND WHY AMERICA'S CHRISTIANS MUST CARE FOR ISRAEL [Extracts Only]

From: Women in Green <>
by Professor Louis Rene Beres

[Extracts Only]
The Land and People of Israel are now in great peril. Day after day, men, women and children are fiendishly murdered by Arab terrorists because they are Jews (ONLY because they are Jews). And again, not all that many years after the Holocaust, the people of Israel are widely abandoned to villainous slaughterers - this time in a land wherein they were promised safety; a "Promised Land."

In a large scientific poll undertaken for the European Community just before the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the nations of that marvelously civilized continent proudly identified Israel - together with the United States - as the world's two most dangerous and evil countries. Syria, Iran, Saddam's Iraq, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, North Korea barely even made the list. So much for rational judgment in "civilized" Europe.

Arab terror in Israel has only one overriding purpose: Annihilation of the Jewish people in their own land, and transformation of the Jewish State into "Palestine." This purpose is openly genocidal - even by the codified standards of contemporary international law - and it is not kept hidden from anyone. The prevention of a second Holocaust, however, is not only a Jewish responsibility. It is a Christian responsibility as well, an absolutely sacred responsibility. I refer to G-d's Covenant with Israel and to the indisputable Christian view that Israel will be G-d's people forever. -------------

In the matter of Israel, our religious obligations - as Christians and Jews - are entirely consistent with our patriotic obligations. The enemies of Israel are the enemies of the United States. Make no mistake about it, all of the Palestinian terror groups are closely intertwined with Al Qaeda; all the Palestinian terror groups wept at our capture of Saddam Hussein (with whom they collaborated during the 1990-91 rape of Kuwait); and all the Palestinian terror groups celebrated wildly on 9/11. Palestinian hatred of America is passionate and undisguised. Israel's love of America, on the other hand, is evident in every corner of the Jewish State.

How big is Israel - G-d's own land? It is half the size of Lake Michigan, or - for those who prefer less watery references - half the size of San Bernardino County in California. Any comparison to Texas, of course, would make Israel's size even more incomprehensibly small. The people of Israel - who include, of course, thousands of deeply committed Christian Zionists - live under not only hourly threats of extermination, but also under one of the most frenetic barrages of insidious propaganda in human history.

Every day the news media - in this country including THE NEW YORK TIMES; LOS ANGELES TIMES; CHICAGO TRIBUNE; CNN; etc - transforms the Jewish victims into victimizers, David into Goliath.

When, in desperation, the people of Israel build a fence to keep their children from being burned and disemboweled by Arab terrorists (disembowelment was prominently featured and secretly filmed in the Palestinian "police" lynchings of two Russian Jews who had lost their way in Ramallah), the World Court does not put Arab terrorism on trial - it puts the fence on trial. Again and again, the world is reminded that the life of a Jewish child is substantially less valuable than the olive tree of a Palestinian farmer; that the Israeli fence crosses illegally into "Arab land;" that the Arabs must suffer no "inconvenience" or "humiliation" (President Bush). Better that Israel should suffer another bus load of murdered and burned Jewish children.

The Arab world is comprised of 22 states of almost five million square miles and 144 million people. The Islamic World contains 44 states with one billion people. The Islamic states comprise an area 672 times the size of Israel. Israel, with a population of about 5 million Jews, is - together with Judea/Samaria and Gaza - so small that its name on maps must be printed off its own land mass, far out in the Mediterranean Sea.

Israel's conflict with the Arab/Islamic world has almost nothing to do with Arab/Islamic interest in Jewish lands. Israel comprises 1.2% of the land in the Middle East. Arab/Islamic states take up 98.8 % of these lands. Israel is despised in the Arab/Islamic world because it is Jewish. Period.

2. Arafat's Legacy: 1,288 victims of Palestinian violence
Subject: Arafat's Legacy: 1,288 victims of Palestinian violence and
terrorism since September 13, 1993 DOP [list]

Arafat's Legacy: 1,288 victims of Palestinian violence and terrorism since
September 13, 1993 DOP [list]

From the signing of the Declaration of Principles between Israel and the PLO
on September 13, 1993, until September 2000, 256 civilians and soldiers were
killed in terrorist attacks in Israel. There were an additional 1,032
victims of Palestinian violence and terrorism since September 2000 for a
total of 1288.

3. Bronze Age Ship Find
Brit-Am Comment: In the article below note the wide geographical range indicated by the findings:
Turkey, Syria. "Palestine", Egypt, sub-Saharan Africa, Cyprus, Mycenean Greece, lands "to the north of mainland Greece".
And where did the tin come from?
The ship is believed to have been a Phoenician one.
The Institute of Nautical Archaeology's (INA) shipwreck excavation between 1984 and 1994 at Uluburun, near Kas in southern Turkey, brought to light one of the wealthiest and largest known assemblages of Late Bronze Age items found in the Mediterranean. The shipwreck lay on a steep rocky slope at a depth of 44 to 52 m, with artifacts scattered down to 61 m.

The ship's cargo, perhaps a royal one. comprised mostly raw materials. but manufactured goods were also present. The main cargo was approximately 10 tons of what appears to be primarily Cypriot copper in the form of 354 flat, usually four-handled rectangular oxhide ingots, and about 120 discoid "bun," or piano-convex ingots. Also on board was a ton of the earliest securely dated tin ingots in both bun and four-handled oxhide shapes. Dendrochronological dating of a small piece of presumably fresh-cut firewood or dunnage suggests a date of 1306 B.C.E., or sometime shortly thereafter, for the sinking of the ship.

Approximately one ton of terebinth resin carried in most of the nearly 150 Canaanite jars from the site may have been for use as incense. The earliest known intact ingots of glass, some 175 of discoid shape in cobalt blue, turquoise, and a unique lavender example, are likely the materials mentioned in tablets from Ras Shamra/Ugarit and Amarna as items traded from the Syro-Palestinian coast. Also carried on board as raw material were logs of Egyptian ebony (Dalbergia melanoxylon); ostrich eggshells (probably intended for use as containers); elephant tusks, and more than a dozen hippopotamus teeth; opercula from murex seashells (a possible ingredient for incense); and modified tortoise carapaces (almost certainly sound-boxes for stringed musical instruments).

The largest group of manufactured goods on the ship consists of Cypriot fine- and coarseware ceramics. Nine large storage jars contained Cypriot finewares, pomegranates, and possibly olive oil. Four faience drinking cups were crafted as the heads of rams and, in one case, a woman. Poorly preserved bronze and copper caldrons and bowls suggest these must have also been a component of the manufactured part of the cargo.

Canaanite jewelry included bracelets and gold pendants. Scrap gold and silver was also found in some quantity, with Egyptian objects of gold, electrum, silver, and stone among them, including a unique scarab bearing the cartouche of queen Nefertiti. Thousands of beads are of glass, agate, carnelian, quartz, faience, ostrich eggshell, and amber. Other artifacts included two duck-shaped ivory cosmetics containers, a trumpet carved from a hippopotamus incisor into the shape of a ram's horn, and more tin vessels and jewelry than had previously been found throughout the Bronze Age Mediterranean. Bronze tools comprise awls, drills, chisels, axes, adzes, and a saw. Also found were bronze spearheads, arrowheads, daggers, swords, and stone maceheads. Lead net and line sinkers, netting needles for repairing nets, fishhooks, a harpoon, and a bronze trident are evidence of fishing from the ship. There were two wooden writing boards (diptychs), each consisting of a pair of leaves joined with an ivory hinge, and slightly recessed to receive wax writing surfaces. These boards represent by far the earliest examples of their type. A bronze female figurine, partly clad in gold, is similar to those of Syro-Palestinian origin and may have served as the ship's protective deity.

While the majority of personal possessions and shipboard items, such as tools, anchors, and oil lamps, indicate that the ship and its crew were Canaanite or Cypriot, the presence of at least two Mycenaeans on board is revealed by a pair of lentoid seals, a pair of swords, a pair of pectorals with glass relief beads, spearheads, curved knives, razors, chisels, amber beads of Mycenaean types, and more than two dozen pieces of fine- and coarseware pottery. A bronze pin, spearheads, and a stone ceremonial scepter/mace head, with its closest parallel (but of bronze) found in Rumania, suggest connections between the ship, or at least with some of those on board, and lands to the north of mainland Greece.

Marc Van De Mieroop, in his "A History of the ANE 3000-323 BC" writes, p. 133:
"The merchants picked up new cargo in every harbor in exchange for some of their stock on board. The ships were loaded with a mixture of goods and products from the entire region. This is best shown in a shipwreck found of the coast of southern Anatolia at Uluburun and dating to the late fourteenth century. Its main cargo was ten tons of Cypriot copper and one ton of tin of unknown origin, both poured into easily transportable ingots. The amounts found reflect the proper ratio of ten to one required for bronze production. These metals were most likely picked up in Cyprus, southern Anatolia, and western Syria and intended for the various harbors along the sea route. There local goods were acquired: the ship contained logs of ebony, which the Egyptians must have obtained in tropical Africa, and cedar logs from Lebanon. Ivory tusks and hippopotamus teeth also came from Egypt, while murex shells, prized for their dye, could have been obtained in various locations in north Africa and on the Syrian and Lebanese coast. In addition to these raw materials, the ship contained manufactured goods, such as Canaanite jewelry, Cypriot pottery, beads of gold, faience, agate, glass, and so on, all from different sources. There was even a jeweler's hoard on board with scraps of gold, silver and electrum, a scarab with the name of the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, and cylinder seals from Babylonia, Assyria, and Syria. The mixture of goods was so heterogeneous that it is impossible to identify the origin of the ship. Its cargo was truly international."

4. US troops seize last Falluja stronghold
Source: The Scotsman. Scotland on Sunday
Sun 14 Nov 2004

[Extracts Only]:
BEHIND a barrage of tank and artillery fire, US troops last night stormed into southern Falluja, overrunning the final insurgent stronghold in the city after nearly a week of intense urban combat that has killed 24 Americans and more than 1,000 insurgents.

American troops occupied the entire city and there were no more major concentrations of insurgents still fighting, US military officials said.

However, US officers said resistance had not been entirely subdued and that it could still take several days of fighting to clear the final pockets.

Aid agencies were able to bring a convoy of emergency supplies into the city, amid escalating fears of a humanitarian crisis in the rubble and destruction left by sustained shelling and house-to-house fighting.

US commanders have said they control 80% of the city and they expect major combat operations to be over soon.

The apparent success of the Falluja operation is a major boost to George Bush and Tony Blair, whose entire strategy in Iraq has been called into question by the failure to stamp out the fierce resistance that continues to rage in significant areas of the country.

It was not clear last night how many of Falluja's estimated 300,000 residents remained in the city, and there has been no firm word on civilian casualties. More than half the population is believed to have fled before the ground assault began.

Major Clark Watson said US Marines expected to overcome rebels in a southern area of Falluja within 72 hours. He said US forces were facing tough resistance from Syrian, Chechen and other foreign fighters in the area but had killed abut 100 since they pushed in on Saturday.

Watson said US forces would control nearly all of Falluja if they quelled opposition in the district - seen as a stronghold for foreign fighters loyal to al-Qaeda ally Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

The US military said 22 US and five Iraqi troops had been killed and 170 US soldiers wounded in the fighting.

The Falluja offensive has inflamed resentment across Iraq's Sunni Muslim heartlands, especially in the northern city of Mosul, where insurgents have seized control of some districts, taken over police stations and set up checkpoints on main roads.
Military activity surged throughout the Euphrates River valley north and west of Baghdad, with clashes reported in Qaim on the Syrian border, Hit and Ramadi.
Mosul, a mostly Sunni city of about two million people, descended into chaos on Wednesday and Thursday when bands of gunmen ran amok, attacking and torching the police stations.

5. The Death of the Dutch?
By Stephen Brown | November 12, 2004
[Extracts Only]

Earlier this year, the Dutch government became the
first Western state to admit that the multicultural
experiment, the biggest socialist fraud ever to be
foisted on countries since the Soviet one, is a
colossal failure.

This admission came in the form of an all-party
parliamentary report that basically concluded, among
other things, that Muslim immigrants, who make up
almost one million of Holland's 16 million
inhabitants, are refusing to integrate. These
immigrants, largely concentrated in the cities where
they constitute a large percentage of urban
populations such as in Rotterdam, choose to live
together in their own 'ghettos' where they have built
up parallel societies to that of the host country. And
it is not going to get better. According to the
report, between 70 and 80 per cent of Dutch-born
immigrants, mostly from Morocco and Turkey, refuse to
intermarry with native-born Dutch and are importing
their spouses from their home countries.

This voluntary apartheid from the mainstream has
reached the point where it is dangerous for white
Europeans to venture into some immigrant neighborhoods
where they are regarded as either "an enemy or
victim." The growth of this parallel world has also
corresponded with a growth in discomfort among the
native Dutch toward the newcomers and a loss of a
feeling of security, which is largely due to the new
immigrants' propensity for crime, violence and
overrepresentation in the criminal system.

The report concludes that the ethnic ghettos must be
broken up and the immigrants made to become Dutch if
the country is not to come apart.

But it is probably already too late for that. In the
first place, trying to break up the Muslim ghettoes
would be like trying to dissolve San Francisco's
Chinatown or New York's Harlem. Secondly, there is the
little problem of Muslim fundamentalism that the
dangerously na ve multiculturalists have let into the
country like the proverbial wolf into the sheepfold.

A substantial portion of the Muslim population Holland
has imported since the sixties, while not violent,
abhors Dutch society, the most liberal in all of

More importantly, though, for Holland's existence,
this population also contains a minority of Islamist
fanatics, such as the one who killed van Gogh, who
want to replace the Dutch system with an Islamic
theocracy by violent means, kill all the unbelievers
in the country and wage jihad to the ends of the
earth. It did not help that the Dutch government
assisted in funding some radical mosques that
indoctrinated young Dutch Muslims into their way of
hatred, while Saudi Arabia supported others (no
surprise there).

And it is not as if the people in Holland can rely on
the law to protect them. Like in other western
countries, it has been twisted and weakened so badly
the last 30 years to match leftist ideology that it is
sometimes a hindrance in combating the Islamist
danger. Legal technicalities, for example, prevented
the conviction of 12 Dutch Muslims last year for
providing support to a North African terrorist
organization, while another four Islamist terrorists,
accused of planning to bomb the U.S. embassy in Paris,
walked out of a Rotterdam court free men in 2002. And
even after the Dutch parliament voted to expel 26,000
failed refugee claimants last February, Europe's first
mass expulsion of such people, the Justice Ministry
had to admit that if they did not accept the free
flight home and a cash bonus, many would have to be
let loose on Holland's streets because of human rights

Similar situations obtain in Sweden, Norway, and
Denmark .

Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 09:43:45 +0200

Jerusalem News-322
1. The Positive Side of the US in Iraq
2. Another one bites the dust By Joseph Farah
3. Alexander the Great and leadership
4. The Third Temple in Preparation?
5. Michael Freund: Onward Christian Voters

1. The Positive Side of the US in Iraq
Forwarded by:
Subject: Fw: Iraq's Better Future, John

Can you circulate this? This is a letter from Ray Reynolds, a medic in the Iowa Army National Guard, serving in Iraq:


As I head off to Baghdad for the final weeks of my stay in Iraq, I wanted to say thanks to all of you who did not believe the media. They have done a very poor job of covering everything that has happened. I am sorry that I have not been able to visit all of you during my two week leave back home. And just so you can rest at night knowing something is happening in Iraq that is noteworthy, I thought I would pass this on to you. This is the list of things that has happened in Iraq recently: (Please share it with your friends and compare it to the version that your paper is producing.)

* Over 400,000 kids have up-to-date immunizations.

* School attendance is up 80% from levels before the war.

* Over 1,500 schools have been renovated and rid of the weapons stored there so education can occur.

* The port of Uhm Qasar was renovated so grain can be off-loaded from ships faster.

* The country had its first 2 billion barrel export of oil in August.

* Over 4.5 million people have clean drinking water for the first time ever in Iraq.

* The country now receives 2 times the electrical power it did before the war.

* 100% of the hospitals are open and fully staffed, compared to 35% before the war.

* Elections are taking place in every major city, and city councils are in place.

* Sewer and water lines are installed in every major city.

* Over 60,000 police are patrolling the streets.

* Over 100,000 Iraqi civil defense police are securing the country.

* Over 80,000 Iraqi soldiers are patrolling the streets side by side with US soldiers.

* Over 400,000 people have telephones for the first time ever.

* Students are taught field sanitation and hand washing techniques to prevent the spread of germs.

* An interim constitution has been signed.

* Girls are allowed to attend school.

* Textbooks that don't mention Saddam are in the schools for the first time in 30 years.

Don't believe for one-second that these people do not want us there. I have met many, many people from Iraq that want us there, and in a bad way. They say they will never see the freedoms we talk about but they hope their children will. We are doing a good job in Iraq and I challenge anyone, anywhere to dispute me on these facts. If you are like me and very disgusted with how this period of rebuilding has been portrayed, email this to a friend and let them know there are good things happening.

Ray Reynolds, SFC Iowa Army National Guard

234th Signal Battalion

2. Another one bites the dust By Joseph Farah

Who says we shouldn't rejoice when an evil person dies?

Certainly not the Bible.

In fact, Proverbs 11:10 says: "When the wicked perish, there is shouting."

I feel like shouting today. I feel like rejoicing. The world is a better place today because that cold, calculating monster is no longer in it. He is meeting his eternal judgment. And I hear it is crazy cold down there.

Why don't I agree with the New York Times, Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter and others who are actually mourning this degenerate pervert?

Yasser Arafat was a murderer of Christians, Jews, Israelis and Americans including U.S. diplomats, tourists, innocent women and children. Yasser Arafat was an unrepentant terrorist the modern-day inventor of Arab terrorism, an inspiration for Osama bin Laden and others. Yasser Arafat was an exploiter of his own people, keeping them in squalor and perpetuating their hatreds while padding his own Swiss bank accounts.

I had my own experiences with Arafat as a Middle East correspondent. He tried to kill me, too, while I was visiting Lebanon once. But he missed with his rockets and artillery. I'm still here, but Arafat is dead.

Arafat had tried to take over Lebanon. But he was chased out by the Israelis. He directly or indirectly caused the deaths of about 40,000 Lebanese, however.

He killed tens of thousands, some in cold blood, others like the U.S. diplomats in 1973 through his gleeful orders.

Why should we mourn a monster like this? Why should we fly a flag at half-staff unless we approve of his antics?

Do Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter and the New York Times understand that Arafat their hero, their friend was a Nazi sympathizer? Would the truth about that make any difference to them?

In an interview in 2002 published in Al Sharq al Awsat, a London Arabic daily, reprinted in the Palestinian daily Al Quds, Aug. 2, and translated by Palestinian Media Watch, Arafat called the Arab leader and Nazi ally, Hajj Amin al-Husseini, "our hero." He drew an analogy between himself and al-Husseini who survived as a leader despite world pressure against him because of his Nazi ties.

"We are not Afghanistan," said Arafat in the interview. "We are a mighty people. Were they able to replace our hero Hajj Amin al-Husseini? There were a number of attempts to get rid of Hajj Amin, whom they considered an ally of the Nazis. But even so, he lived in Cairo, and participated in the 1948 war, and I was one of his troops."

Arafat seldom tells the truth, but, in this case, his facts were correct.

Hajj Amin al-Husseini was the grand mufti of Jerusalem leading up to World War II. He supported the Nazis. He met with Adolph Hitler. He was a strong proponent of the Nazi program for mass murder of the Jews.

In fact, Arafat's hero became a German agent, and the British tried repeatedly to arrest him as a spy.

Perhaps the mufti's "greatest achievement" was the recruitment of tens of thousands of Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albania to the German SS. His Arab legions later participated in the massacres of thousands of partisan Serbs, Jews and Gypsies.

On March 1, 1944, Arafat's hero was in Berlin making a dramatic radio broadcast: "Arabs! Rise as one and fight for your sacred rights. Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history and religion. This saves your honor."

The Nazi mufti visited numerous death camps and encouraged Hitler to extend the "Final Solution" to the Jews of North Africa and Palestine. In fact, his only condition for recruiting the Arab legions in the Balkans was a promise from Hitler to wipe out the Jews of the Middle East after the war.

The grand mufti was not just Arafat's "hero," as he says. Arafat was, in fact, so close to al-Husseini that the young terrorist called him "uncle." Arafat's real name is Rahman Abdul Rauf el-Qudwa al-Husseini, though his actual blood relationship with al-Husseini is in question. His entire career was sponsored by the dreaded Nazi mufti. He was, indeed, Arafat's mentor, his inspiration for 40 years of terror, murder, hatred and international duplicity.

Let this be Arafat's final epitaph: He was a terrorist. He was a murderer. He was a liar. He was pro-Nazi scum.

I, for one, am glad to see him dead.

3. Alexander the Great and leadership
~ Alexander's Leadership Skills

As a piece in the Globe and Mail suggests, some non-Classicists appear poised to cash in on the impending Alexander boom:

When you see the movie about Alexander the Great starring Colin Farrell opening next week, pay attention to the enactment rather than the acting.

Lance Kurke, a management professor at Pennsylvania's Duquesne University, and an Alexander buff, says leaders are in the reality creation business. They make the world the way they want it to be, a process he calls enactment.

Reality creation involves four distinct processes at which Alexander the Great excelled.

The first step is to reframe problems, transforming an unsolvable task into another solvable one. "Alexander the Great did not accept the perceptions of his environment as limitations to be accommodated," Prof. Kurke points out in The Wisdom of Alexander The Great.

The classic example was when Alexander became the first commander to defeat a navy from land. Not having time to build and train a fleet to overcome Darius III [the King of Persia], he looked for enemy weaknesses, settling on the need to dock every couple of days to get fresh water. Alexander garrisoned all sources of fresh water such as rivers and wells -- or poisoned those he couldn't or didn't want to control.

The remaining obstacle was Tyre, which had unlimited fresh water from an aquifer and was selling fresh water to Darius. It was also an impregnable island that had survived being besieged for 13 years in one instance.

Alexander's solution was to build a half-mile causeway to reach the city. The Tyrians tried everything to stop him over the seven-month construction effort, but he built specialized towers and mobile battlements to ward off their fleet. Tyre then fell in two weeks, the Persian fleet was rendered ineffective, and Alexander had provided a lesson for naval war colleges -- and business.

Later, at the River Hydaspes, Alexander faced enemy forces three times his in size. As well, King Porus [India] had elephants and, because Alexander's horses had not been acclimatized when young to elephants, they would throw their rider and bolt when smelling them.

Alexander choreographed a battlefield ballet that won the day. His cavalry feinted and then fled, luring their opponents to give chase and fall into a trap in which Porus's cavalry was decimated. Then skilled archers simultaneously shot arrows at the mahouts (elephant drivers). After the mahouts were disposed of, the archers quickly gave way to javelin throwers, who hurled their projectiles at the already confused elephants' eyes, causing a stampede. Another victory for Alexander.

The three other enactment processes are:

Building alliances: Alexander often treated the countries and leaders he conquered as friends and allies, unlike many acquisition-happy companies these days, Prof. Kurke notes. Alexander adopted the clothing, customs and manners of other cultures -- even marrying into other cultures.

Establishing identity: Leaders must create an identity for themselves when young and then establish their organization's identity. Alexander's identity flowed from his role as heir to Philip II, the king of Macedonia, and his reverence for Homer and the heroes whose exploits the ancient Greek poet chronicled. Alexander brought his own historians on his travels, to tell his story and indicate his vision to his army.

Directing symbols: A leader should use symbols to influence followers. Alexander led from the front, sharing hardships and dangers with his men. With legend proclaiming that the person who untied the Gordian knot -- an intertwined knot of special bark - would rule Asia, he apparently cut through it with his sword, emboldening his army and generals.

The book is well-framed, with each of the four processes getting a short introduction followed by a series of vignettes from Alexander's life, some of which leaders might emulate, but others -- like killing his best childhood friend or destroying a town and having all the women raped and men killed -- seem less likely to be adapted to the office. (The author stresses he was Alexander the Great, not Alexander the Perfect, which may still be overstating it.)

As well, Prof. Kurke's attempt to explain the business lessons from Alexander's actions, offering contemporary examples, is at times superfluous or even ham-handed. But it's still a useful, easy-to-read introduction to Alexander that is particularly strong in its examples of reframing problems and a welcome enactment companion to the Colin Farrell movie.

4. The Third Temple in Preparation?
From: Temple Mount Faithful <>

Another Wall Collapses on the Temple Mount Near the Western Wall
Archaeologist and Scientists Say It Was As a Result of the Earthquake in Israel on 11th February 2004
The Temple Mount Faithful Movement: Another Clear Message from the Gd of Israel
Excerpts Only:

On Saturday 22 Shevat 5764, 14th February 2004, another wall on the Temple Mount collapsed in the area of the Western Wall. The wall was one adjacent to the Western Wall near the western (Mugrabe) gate leading to the Temple Mount. Stones from the collapsed wall fell in the women s prayer area at the Western Wall while women were praying in the area. It was a miracle that none were hurt.

As stated above, it happened on Saturday while Jerusalem was being covered with snow. The collapse occurred 4 days after the earthquake which shook all of Israel, including Jerusalem. The earthquake was stronger in the Jerusalem area than in other areas as Jerusalem is closer to the epicentre which was north of the Dead Sea. Archaeologists and scientists stated that the collapse of the wall was as a result of the quake as well as the snow. The archaeologist, Dr. Eilat Mazal, from the committee for the prevention of the destruction of the antiques on the Temple Mount, said that “the occurrence of another much bigger collapse is only a question of time and it will cause a major disaster”. Other archaeologists and scientists stated that the collapse is just a forerunner of further collapses on the Temple Mount.

The collapse of this wall is not the first to occur in recent time. A few months ago the western wall of a building on the Temple Mount which was part of a building that the Moslems had made into a museum on the Temple Mount and which also stood on the Western Wall of the Temple Mount, collapsed. Two and a half year ago, on Tisha B’Av 2001, a long bulge appeared on the southern wall of the Temple Mount after the Temple Mount Faithful Movement brought a cornerstone for the Third Temple to the area. Over the last 2 years Jordanian engineers and workers have tried to fix the bulge but they have still not completed the work. Israeli engineers and archaeologists said immediately after the bulge appeared that no repairs would give stability to the wall and it will eventually collapse. On the eastern wall of the Temple Mount another long crack and bulge appeared which was 60 metres in length. It starts north of the southeastern corner of the Temple Mount and runs all the way to the Mercy Gate. Recently the situation of the crack and the bulge has become much worse.

The archaeologists in Israel called on the Israeli Antiquities Department to use the collapse of the wall near the Western Wall for researcher’s needs. They called for the investigation of the so-called Berkeley Gate, the ancient gate which is under the western wall of the Temple Mount and which was the ancient gate to the Temple Mount called the Kipponus Gate which was one of the 5 gates which are mentioned in the Mishna. As was said, since the 19th Century it has been called the Berkeley Gate after the American Consul to Jerusalem who discovered it. The archaeologist, Meyer ben Dov, said that there is no doubt that this is the Kipponus Gate. It will now be easier to investigate it because, as a result of the collapse, the gate has been uncovered. In 1968, the Israeli archaeologists who dug close to the area, headed by Prof. Binyamin Mazar, asked the authorities to remove the ramp leading to the western gate of the Temple Mount and to open the Kipponus Gate which is under it for Jews to enter the Temple Mount. Unfortunately their request was turned down.

It is so special and a clear message from Gd that the collapses and the bulges occurred in the walls of the main Biblical gates of the Temple Mount, the southern wall in which were the gates where the millions of Jewish pilgrims entered in Biblical times, in the eastern wall near the Golden-Shushan Gate where the messiah will enter the Temple Mount, and the western wall where the main gates were situated for the entrance of the kings and priests of Israel. The godly message is so clear - He wants to open the gates, which were blocked up during history by the Moslems and Arabs, for His people, Israel.

In another recent report I wrote about a Jewish tradition that, in the time of the redemption of Israel, Gd would cause an earthquake to destroy the foreign mosques on the Temple Mount and open the way for the building of the end-time Temple. This time has already come. We are now living in the end-times, a time of the redemption of the people of Israel.

The earthquake which occurred in Israel on 11th February and its result which was the collapse of the wall in the Western Wall area, is the beginning of the earthquake prophesied by Zechariah. In our last report about the collapse of another wall on the Temple Mount I wrote about the statements of the Israeli seismologists that in the near future there will be a major earthquake which will have the Temple Mount and Jerusalem at its epicentre.

This is a clear message from the Gd of Israel to Israel, its enemies and to all the world that He is determined to fulfil His promises of thousands of years ago and that nothing will prevent Him from cleansing and purifying His holy hill from the foreigners and enemies of the Gd and people of Israel and that the Third Temple is soon to be built. Gd will be King of all the earth on that day and then Gd will be One and his Name One, and Israel and Jerusalem will live in safety and there will no longer be foreigners in the house of the Gd of Israel. (Zechariah 14:9,21) Ezekiel also prophesied about the earthquake. (Ezekiel 39)

It was so unique that the earthquake of 11th February also caused a crack in the ceiling of the Knesset office of the Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon. It was a clear message from Gd to Ariel Sharon as well to fulfil his godly task and to redeem the Temple Mount and to build the end-time Temple of Gd. It is no accident that it happened exactly so in the office of Sharon.

“Behold, the days come, says the Lord, when the ploughman shall overtake the reaper, and the treader of grapes him who sows seed; and the mountains shall drop sweet wine, and all the hills shall melt. And I will bring again the captivity of my people of Israel, and they shall rebuild the ruined cities, and inhabit them; and they shall plant vineyards, and drink their wine; they shall also make gardens, and eat their fruit. And I will plant them upon their land, and they shall no more be plucked up out of their land which I have given them, says the Lord your God.” (Amos 9:13-15)

We see for ourselves that Israel cannot run away from her godly mission to fulfil Gd’s command and request; “Build me a house and I will dwell among you!” (Exodus 25:8) This is the pre-condition for all the other end-time events. This is a pre-condition for the fulfilment of Gd’s promise to send us His anointed Mashiach ben David and to establish His kingdom, not only in Israel, but from Jerusalem to all the world which will make Israel to be again what Gd commanded them to be - “a holy nation, a kingdom of priests and a treasure among the nations.” (Exodus 19:5,6)

The most important commandment that the Gd of Israel gave to His people Israel was that when they come to the land or when they were regathered to the land in a time of redemption they were to immediately build a Temple. It is so important because in this way the people of Israel were to locate their Beloved Gd at the centre of their lives in the land which He gave to them in an eternal covenant. In the Torah, when the Children of Israel were still in the wilderness of Sinai and Gd gave them the Torah, He commanded them: “And let them make me a sanctuary; that I may dwell among them.” (Exodus 25:8) This commandment appears many times and in many ways in the Word of Gd. The First Temple was built by King Solomon 3000 years ago and after its destruction, when Gd gathered the people of Israel to the land, Gd spoke to Cyrus, king of Persia, and commanded him to build Him a Temple in Jerusalem and to regather the exiled people of Israel to Jerusalem and the land; “And in the first year of Cyrus king of Persia, that the word of the Lord by the mouth of Jeremiah might be fulfilled, the Lord stirred up the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia, so that he issued a proclamation throughout all his kingdom, and put it also in writing, saying: Thus says Cyrus king of Persia, The Lord God of heaven has given me all the kingdoms of the earth; and he has charged me to build him an house in Jerusalem, which is in Judah. Who is there among you of all his people? His God be with him, and let him go up to Jerusalem, which is in Judah, and build the house of the Lord God of Israel, he is the God, which is in Jerusalem. ... Also Cyrus the king brought forth the utensils of the house of the Lord, which Nebuchadnezzar had brought from Jerusalem, and had them put in the house of his gods;” (Ezra1:1-3,7)

....very many Scriptures .. state that a Temple should not only be in Jerusalem but that it must be and it will be the duty of Israel to build it. The prophet Ezekiel speaks of it in many places. After speaking about the exciting redemption of Israel from the terrible holocaust and persecution of Israel in Chapter 37, he prophesies: “And say to them, Thus says the Lord God: Behold, I will take the people of Israel from among the nations, where they have gone, and will gather them on every side, and bring them into their own land; And I will make them one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel; and one king shall be king to them all; and they shall be no more two nations, nor shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all; ... And David my servant shall be king over them; and they all shall have one shepherd; they shall also follow my judgments, and observe my statutes, and do them. And they shall dwell in the land that I have given to Jacob my servant, where your fathers have dwelt; and they shall dwell in it, they and their children, and their grandchildren for ever; and my servant David shall be their prince for ever. And I will make a covenant of peace with them; it shall be an everlasting covenant with them; and I will place them, and multiply them, and will set my sanctuary in the midst of them for evermore. My tabernacle also shall be with them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. And the nations shall know that I, the Lord, sanctify Israel, when my sanctuary shall be in the midst of them for evermore.” (Ezekiel 37:21,22,24-28)

Through this exciting Scripture a person learns that Gd will not only build His Temple in the midst of the people of Israel, but that He will build it to be an eternal Temple as He says. Observe, see how important it is in the eyes of Gd that this Temple will make Israel holy when it is among them forever.

5. Michael Freund: Onward Christian Voters
The Jerusalem Post - Nov 17, 2004
Extracts Only:

By now it should be clear that George W. Bush wasn't the only big winner to emerge from this month's US presidential election.

In terms of flexing political muscle and shaping the outcome of the vote, no group proved more successful than America's evangelical Christians. They flocked to the polls, boosting the incumbent and helping to set the country's political agenda for the next four years.

While some American Jews view this development with mounting concern, my reaction is far more sanguine, even upbeat: Israel should be thanking God for the rise of the Christian Right. They are the best hope for ensuring long-term US diplomatic support for the Jewish state in an increasingly hostile world.

Sure, American Jews still wield a great deal of political power, thanks to their concentration in key states and their extensive involvement in the political process. But the American Jewish community is in the throes of a protracted demographic decline and their power will inevitably diminish over time.

By contrast, US evangelicals, many of whom proudly refer to themselves as Christian Zionists, are clearly on the upswing.

According to the Pew Research Center, evangelical Protestants accounted for 23% of the entire American electorate, or nearly one out of every four voters, in the recent election.

And, as the Los Angeles Times noted, "Christian evangelicals provided much of the passion and manpower for President Bush's reelection" (November 12).

Indeed, political guru Arthur Finkelstein was even more blunt, telling the Israeli daily Ma'ariv that "Bush's strategy secures the power of the American Christian Right not only for this term. In fact, it secures its ability to choose the next Republican president."

Even outside the ballot box evangelical Christians are a force to be reckoned with.

A recent study by the Scripps Survey Research Center at Ohio University found that an astonishing 38 percent of all Americans describe themselves as being "born-again" Christians.

In places such as the southern United States, the survey revealed that a majority of residents, or 52 percent, fall into this category.

And because of their attachment to the Bible, more and more evangelical Christians are stepping forward to embrace Israel, demonstrating a level of commitment and support that is both sincere and deeply-rooted.

For years, groups such as the Unity Coalition for Israel have been toiling both to build grassroots political support for the Jewish state and to explain Israel's case to members of Congress. They have helped win Israel numerous friends in mid-western American states such as Kansas, where the Jewish community is small.

Others, such as Pastor Robert Stearns of New Jersey, have succeeded in organizing evangelicals to pray on Israel's behalf....

Hence, it is about time Israel and American Jewry put aside many of their reservations and doubts and started to engage evangelical Christians more candidly and openly.

That message is beginning to get across. MK Yuri Stern recently created a Christian Allies Caucus in the Knesset, which works to promote better relations between Israel and Christian groups. And the Israeli Ministry of Tourism has been working more closely with US Christians to promote visits to the Holy Land.

But far more needs to be done. The bond between US Christians and Israel has all the makings of a historic alliance, one that could both heal the painful wounds of the past while paving the way for tremendous accomplishments in the future.

Properly cultivated, the relationship could help strengthen our position immeasurably and guarantee bedrock US support for Israel for years to come.

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Jerusalem News-323
1. Interesting Article on Atlantis
2. Red and White Poppies
3. Anti-Semitism and Anti-Americanism [Extracts from Speech]
4. Rafael Eitan drowned in accident
5. Britain Targeted by Arab Terrorists

1. Interesting Article on Atlantis
How Often Is Atlantis Discovered?
The lost city that's always being found.
By Brendan I. Koerner

American architect-turned-archaeologist Robert Sarmast claims to have discovered the lost city of Atlantis, off the southeast coast of Cyprus. Sarmast says his latest sonar readings reveal submerged walls that closely resemble those described by Plato, the first person to ever mention Atlantis in print. In Timaeus, written around 360 B.C., the renowned philosopher portrayed Atlantis as "a great and wonderful empire" that was destroyed by earthquakes and floods in a 24-hour span. How many times have researchers previously claimed to have discovered the vanished island-state?

Oodlesand that's not even counting the numerous psychics and crackpot "Atlantologists" who've placed the city everywhere from Nicaragua to Ceylon. The hunt began in earnest in the early 19th century, when Guatemalan Dr. Paul Felix Cabrera proposed that Hispaniolathe island where Haiti and the Dominican Republic are now foundwas the site of Atlantis. Several researcherssuch as the husband-and-wife team of Augustus Le Plongeon and Alice Dixonspeculated that Atlantis had been located near Mexico, based on their interpretation of Mayan codices that supposedly mentioned a lost island continent. The Mayans, the theory went, had interacted with the ancient Egyptians, who in turn passed the tale of Atlantis down to the ancient Greeks. This line of conjecture has been discredited over the years, in part because of a lack of physical evidence, and in part because it later became obvious that the early Mayanologists didn't fully understand the culture's complex hieroglyphs.

The world went atwitter in 1912 when a man calling himself Paul Schliemann published an article titled "How I Found the Lost Atlantis" in William Randolph Hearst's New York American. Schliemann claimed to be the grandson of Heinrich Schliemann, the archaeologist who excavated Troy. He wrote that his grandfather had passed down Trojan artifacts that revealed Atlantis' true location, submerged in the Atlantic Ocean between Europe and the United States. (The Azores were supposedly the tips of Atlantean mountains.) Schliemann disappeared soon after the publication of his fantastic account, however, and it's now widely viewed as one of the great "yellow journalism" hoaxes.

The British explorer Col. Percy Harrison Fawcett thought he'd solved the mystery in the 1920s, when he argued that Atlantis might have been located in the rain forests of Brazil. (He apparently based this belief on a stone idol he was given as a gift, which had reputedly come from a lost city in the Amazon.) Fawcett embarked on an expedition to find Atlantis in 1925, delving deep into the Brazilian back country; he was never seen again.

Almost a half-century later, a pair of reputable archaeologists, A.G. Galanopoulos and Edward Bacon, published Atlantis: The Truth Behind the Legend, which suggested that Atlantis was, in fact, the Greek island of Santorini. The island's Minoan population, they noted, was likely wiped out by a massive volcanic eruption circa 1450 B.C., a cataclysm that may have inspired Plato's tales of Atlantis being wiped out by floods. (Tsunamis, or gigantic tidal waves, are a direct aftereffect of volcanic eruptions that occur near water.)

A Soviet oceanographer added his own theory to the pile in 1979, when he charted a sunken plateau about 560 miles off the western coast of Portugal. He claimed to have "spotted almost clearly half-demolished walls and giant stairs" and added that the geological shape of the site closely paralleled that described by Plato. The last word came in 1985, when a piece of marble recovered from the ocean was supposedly being taken to the Soviet Academy of Sciences for top-level analysis. And that, apparently, was the end of the Soviets' involvement in the search.

The past year has been a particularly active one for Atlantologists. Aside from Sarmast's discovery, a German physicist, Rainer Kuehne, claimed in June that Atlantis was merely a region in southern Spain, near Cadiz. He based his conclusion on satellite imagery, which reveals a large marshy area surrounded by what appears to be concentric rings of Earth or watergeographic details that Plato noted.

Another European scientist, Swedish geographer Ulf Erlingsson, argued earlier this year that Atlantis wasn't near the Mediterranean at all but was actually Ireland. He says the Emerald Isle's size syncs up nicely with Plato's estimate and that the destruction myth was inspired by the submerging of Dogger Bank, a North Sea shoal, around 6100 B.C.

2. Red and White Poppies
What's That Flower on Blair's Lapel?
The bloomin' thing, explained.
By Dan Kois
Posted Monday, Nov. 15, 2004, at 3:29 PM PT

Poppies for remembrance
This weekend British Prime Minister Tony Blair appeared on NBC's Meet the Press and CNBC's Topic A With Tina Brown wearing a small red flower on his lapel. What is this flower, and what does it signify?

It's a poppy, an international symbol of remembrance for veterans of war. Each year, the Royal British Legion, the United Kingdom's most prominent veterans' welfare organization, gives red paper poppies to those who contribute to its annual Poppy Appeal in late October and November. The drive generates almost half of the legion's operating budget each year and culminates on Nov. 11, Remembrance Day (in the United States, Veterans' Day), the anniversary of the World War I armistice. The occasion is celebrated more visibly in the United Kingdom than in the States; this past weekend, for example, two Douglas Dakota DC3 aircraft scattered 3 million poppy petals over London, and the Thames bridges and the London Eye were lit poppy red.

Why a poppy? The flower was known to grow in World War I battlefields. (The chalky French and Belgian soil, one story goes, was inundated with lime from bombing rubble and sprang forth with the flowers shortly after battles ended.) Inspired by John McCrae's 1915 poem "In Flanders Fields," a New York YMCA volunteer named Moina Michael first proposed the poppy as a symbol of remembrance in 1918. The Royal British Legion adopted the practice in 1921, and this year manufactured 34 million of the paper flowers in its Richmond, Surrey, "Poppy Factory," which is staffed primarily by disabled veterans.

Though the U.S.-based Veterans of Foreign Wars also employ "Buddy Poppies" as a fund-raising device, the practice is much more widespread in the Commonwealth; veterans' groups distribute poppies in Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand (on ANZAC Day in April). (Numismatists might like to know that the Royal Canadian Mint has even released a special red poppy coin; the 25-cent piece is the first colored coin ever put into circulation anywhere.) Across the cities of Great Britain, "Poppy People" collect donations and hand out the paper mementos, looking much like Salvation Army bell-ringers. On a trip to London last week, Explainer found that roughly one out of every four tube passengers sported the vibrant red flowers; Explainer even dropped a pound in a Royal British Legion collection box and wore a poppy in his lapel for the duration of his stayit was the easiest way to be mistaken for a Brit.

The red poppies are so ubiquitous in Great Britain that they've even inspired a counter-commemoration; the Peace Pledge Union distributes white poppies "as an alternative symbol of peace and a challenge to militaristic values."

3.Anti-Semitism and Anti-Americanism [Extracts from Speech]
From: Orjan Svensson <
Subject: Fw: Anti-Semitism and Anti-Americanism: Dangerous Links
Below is a speech by former Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden Per Ahlmark.
He was Deputy Prime Minister in the seventies.

God bless you,

"Anti-Semitism and Anti-Americanism: Dangerous Links"
by Per Ahlmark
[Extracts Only] [For full text contact Orjan]
Speech delivered at the Third Plenary Session of the
Global Forum Against Anti-Semitism
Jerusalem, October 27, 2004
[Extracts Only] [For full text contact Orjan]
Thank you for inviting me. Let me tell you something about
my country.

I was born in Stockholm in 1939, just before the
outbreak of WW2. Remember that Sweden has now lived in
peace for almost 200 years. We happened to be spared by
both Hitler and Stalin. Not because we defended ourselves ?
we did not, we were ?neutral? ? but because others did the
job for us. Who are those ?others?? The soldiers from the
United States of America.

They protected us first from Nazism and later from
Soviet Communism. The US saved us from slavery, torture and
terror and from being forced to live on the totalitarian
planet. Thank you, America! Thank you for your idealism,
your strength, your military, your leaders and your
dedication to democracy, not only for your own country but
for hundreds of millions of people in a large number of
other nations, not least Israel. Thank you, America!

I know, gratitude is not the dominant force in European
foreign policy today. But individuals are different and I
belong to the species which some of you may think is facing
extinction in Western Europe. We are still there, though,
millions of us who are convinced that gratitude and
closeness to the USA are crucial.

Born … at the beginning of the Holocaust. A
privileged non-Jew in maybe the most privileged country on
earth. Also sheltered from contacts with the real world. I
did not meet a Jew until I was eighteen years old. That was
still possible in Sweden in the 1940´s and 50´s. My first
journey to Israel was sort of revelation that changed my

I started to understand that antisemites of different
centuries have always aimed at destroying the then center
of Jewish existence. Hence, the Jewish religion was the
target for a very long time. Later, when ?race? became the
word of the day, the Jews were attacked as an evil race.

And today, when the Jewish state has become a centre of
identity and a source of pride and protection for most
Jews, Zionism is being slandered as a racist ideology. My
starting point is precisely what Nathan Sharansky said:
anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism are merging, and that we
have to say so openly.

Explaining the links between antisemitism and
anti-Americanism is a more complex task. We have to
underline what scholars on hatred against the US have told
us for many years. "Anti-Americanism", as they use the
word, has very little to do with serious criticism of the
United States.

I refer to professor Paul Hollander´s definition in
his book ?Anti-Americanism? from 1992. He describes it as
"a particular mindset, an attitude of distaste, aversion or
intense hostility the roots of which may be found in
matters unrelated to the actual qualities or attributes of
American society or the foreign policy of the United
States". As here used, anti-Americanism refers to a negative
predisposition, a type of bias which is to varying degrees
unfounded.? Hollander concludes: " I regard it as an
attitude similar to its far more thoroughly explored
counterparts" such as racism, sexism, or antisemitism?.

In addition to that, I think that current European
anti-Americanism, is also a kind of blindness in
combination with a strange mixture of alienation, guilt and
fear toward both Israel and America. Let me develop this

Millions of Europeans do not want to realize that
Israel is a country fighting for its survival. Israel could
not afford to lose one major war. Such a defeat would mean
the end of the Jewish state.

… huge numbers of Europeans feel there is
something fundamentally wrong with the Israelis. They never
compromise. They always seem to prefer military actions in
order to solve political problems. And they always rely on
the United States either in the Security Council of the UN
or when it comes to maintaining the military upper hand.

Something similar is also the case in the European
attitude to the United States, as analyzed in Robert
Kagan´s great essay "Of Paradise and Power". What we are
fed with in Western Europe nowadays are pretentious
self-portraits of the maturity of our own countries. Look
at Europe today, they say, we have eradicated wars,
dangerous nationalism and dictatorships. Our velvet
revolution has created a peaceful European union with now
25 member states.

But what Europe forgets are two other parts of our
history. Without the US Army, Western Europe would not have
been liberated in 1945. Without the Marshall Plan and Nato,
it would not have taken off economically and politically.
Without the policy of containment under the American
umbrella, the Red Army would probably have strangled the
dream of freedom in East Europe for maybe another century.

And West Europeans today especially forget that there
are areas in the world where freedom has never been seen,
where proliferation of doomsday weapons and torture
chambers are the rules of the game. Any attempt to start
negotiating the European way - without any military power
to back up the diplomats - would be highly pathetic.

Instead of supporting those who fight international
terrorism many Europeans try to blame Israel and the US for
the spread of terrorism. If only the Jews and the Americans
could show some respect for their adversaries, the latter
would not have crossed the borderline to terrorism. That´s
a new European illusion. And the other one is the Spanish
lecture in modern day appeasement a la Munich. First, let
the islamist killing decide your election! And when
elected, just accept the first demand of the killers:
withdraw the Spanish troops from protecting Iraqi

My guess is: there might be just two
European countries which, if attacked, would react cleverly
and with responsibility: Britain and Poland.

But right now the urgent problem is that European
self glorification has led to a basic misunderstanding when
tens of millions of Europeans are judging the US. They
think America is a huge, extremely powerful and imperial
country, which does not cooperate in good faith with the
rest of the world and has become obsessed by it own
military might. Certainly the US was attacked on 9/11,
but, Europeans often think, American hubris was triggering
these terrorist assaults.

Now, compare these images of Israel and America
respectively! Then just turn on the distortion a little
more - and you have the political climate for some very
ugly bias. You have the Great Satan and the Little Satan.
America wants to dominate the world, exactly the
allegations made in traditional antisemitic rhetoric about
the Jews. And modern anti-Zionist propaganda tells us that
Israel wants to dominate the whole Middle East.

And suddenly these ideas are reflected in dramatic and
alarming European opinions polls claiming: Israel and the
United States are the most dangerous threats to world

Alvin Rosenfeld in his booklet, published by the
American Jewish Committee, confirms how extreme
anti-Americanism and Anti-Israelism are actually merging.
The so-called peace poster "Hitler Had Two Sons: Bush and
Sharon", displayed in European anti-war rallies, combines
the trivialization of Nazism with the demonization of both
the victims of Nazism and of those who defeated Nazism.

This is a repetition of the perverse Soviet propaganda
parallel between the Nazis and the Israelis. It nowadays
grows from a subconscious European guiltfeeling related to
the Holocaust. Now the victims, and children and
grandchildren of the victims of the Holocaust, are doing to
others what was done to them. By equating the the murderer
and the victim we wash our hands.

This pattern of Anti-Israelism and Anti-Americanism
returns again and again. "The ugly Israeli" and "The ugly
American" seem to have been born in the same family. "The
ugly Jew" becomes the instrumental part of this defamation
when the so called neoconservatives in the US are blamed
both for American militarism and Israeli brutalities, and
then named: Wolfowitz, Perle, Abrams, Kristol etc. This is
the new version of the old myth that Jews are ruling the
United States.

And Professor Andrei Markovits has reminded us that
both America and Jews are seen by many Europeans as
paragons of the modernity they dislike and distrust:
"Money-driven, profit-hungry, urban, mobile, rootless,
inauthentic and thus hostile to established traditions and
values?. His conclusion is: "Anti-Americanism and
antisemitism are the only major icons shared by the
European extreme left and far right, including neo-Nazis".

In the first issue of Commentary this year we could
read a most subtle analysis by a great German publicist,
the editor of Die Zeit, Josef Joffe. Like Jews, Americans
are said to be selfish and arrogant. Like Jews, they are in
thrall to a fundamentalist religion that renders them
self-righteous and dangerous. Like Jews, Americans are
moneygrubbers who know only the value of money, and the
worth of nothing.

The summary of this worldview is, according to Joffe:
"America and Israel are the outsiders.. just as Jews have
been all the way into the 21st century".

So there are several links today between antisemitism,
anti-Zionism and anti-Americanism. In the long run they may
further poison the foreign policy debate between the Middle
East, Europe and America.

And if the US has to intervene sometimes in the future
in order to protect the human race from a unique
catastrophe in Iran and from Iran, we will again say to the
world: Thank you, America! And also, thank you Israel!
Thank you for always reminding us of the existential
threats against so many nations which could emerge if Iran
will be allowed to go nuclear.

Per Ahlmark is a writer and author of many books. He
is a former Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden, has received a
Honorary Doctorate at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem,
is a columnist in Dagens Nyheter (Stockholm) and lives in
Sweden. He can be reached at

4. Rafael Eitan drowned in accident

Former IDF chief Rafael Eitan drowns [while working] in Ashdod Port
Arieh O'Sullivan, THE JERUSALEM POST Nov. 23, 2004

[IMRA: Eitan is also known for his revolutionary IDF educational program to
take kids who would normally not be drafted by the IDF, turning the kids not
only into productive soldiers but more importantly, give them the
opportunity to literally change the rest of their lives. The "Naarei Raful"
(Raful's kids) program continues to this day in various forms, providing a
last chance for kids who the educational system failed.]

Rafael "Raful" Eitan, died as he lived, literally fighting against the
current of a giant wave that swept him out to sea as he worked in the Ashdod
port Tuesday morning.

Eitan, 75, was a former deputy prime minister as leader of the maverick
nationalist Tzomet Party and served as agriculture and environment minister.

He was pulled out of the water after he disappeared for over an hour.
Attempts by Magen David Adom paramedics to revive him failed and his death
was announced around 9:30 a.m.

Army Radio reported that Eitan was hit by a large wave as he stood on a pier
and spoke on his cellular phone.

Police helicopters and navy vessels were called to the scene to search for
his body, which was located one hour after his disappearance.

But a life-long soldier, "Raful" was a legendary IDF paratrooper and the
11th chief of staff during the Lebanon War. In many ways, he personified the
gruff, almost boorish Sabra character of the new state.

He was born in the Jezerel Valley moshav of Tel Adashim in 1929. He fought
in the Palmach during the 1948 War of Independence was severely wounded in
the battle for Jerusalem.

In 1956, he commanded the 890th battalion and was the first to parachute
into the Mitla Pass during the Sinai Campaign. He later held key combat
roles in subsequent wars and in 1978 was named the 11th chief of general

He was the mastermind behind the 1982 Peace for the Galilee, a war to oust
the PLO from Lebanon that later led to an 18-year presence in that country.
Eitan was reprimanded by the Khan Commission for not preventing the massacre
of Palestinians in the Sabra and Chatilla refugee camps in Beirut by
Phalangist Christian militias.

After retiring from military service, Eitan returned to his farm, but later
founded the Techiya movement, which became the Tzomet political party. He
served as agriculture minister from 1988-1991. In 1996, his Tzomet Party
merged with Likud and he served as minister of agriculture and environment
and was deputy prime minister to Binyamin Netanyahu.

After retiring from the Knesset, Eitan refused to cease work and took up a
position to oversea the construction of a new breakwater in the port of
Ashdod, where he drowned.

IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis

5. Britain Targeted by Arab Terrorists
The British television channel ITV News revealed on Monday night that the British security services had eluded a terrorist attack similar to the one which took place on 9/11. This attack planned by terrorists linked to the Al Qaida network targeted the Heathrow airport and the Canary Wharf' business center in London. (Guysen.Israכl.News)

Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 14:02:22 +0200

Jerusalem News-324
1. US death toll in Iraq
2. Many Palestinians Wish to Leave
3. Most Palestinians Would Leave Willing
4. European "Observers" on the way to cause trouble
5. Interesting Gallic Archaeological Find in France

1. US death toll in Iraq
23:42 The Pentagon indicated that 109 American soldiers were killed in Iraq in November. (Guysen.Israכl.News)
The official outcome is of 1,230 soldiers killed in Iraq since the beginning of the war, and over 9,300 injured.

2. Many Palestinians Wish to Leave
13:28 40% of the Palestinians seriously consider emigrating elsewhere, according to a poll conducted for the congress of the Jerusalem summit where will be gathered members of the American Senate and former Spanish minister for Foreign affairs Ana Palacio. (Guysen.Isra l.News)
Still according to these data published by the Galei Tsahal army radio, two thirds of the Palestinian population are not satisfied with their living conditions, and only a third of them believe it will get better in the coming years.

3. Most Palestinians Would Leave Willing
Survey of Palestinians: 70% could be induced to permanently leave

Survey of Palestinians presented at The Jerusalem Summit
30 November 2004

Survey was conducted by face to face interviews on 15-21 Nov, 2004 during
various hours of the, by means of a structured questionnaire in Arabic,
among a random sample of 528 interviewees, representative of the adult
population in Judea and Samaria(17yrs of age and above). Statistical margin
of error 4.5%

The survey was conducted by Maagar Mohot Interdisciplinary Research and
Consulting Institute Ltd, under the supervision of Prof, Yitzhak Katz, Prof.
Baruch Mevorach - Scientific Director, and Amir Horkin, Research Manager in
the management of Dr. Nabil Kukali.

The sampling and the interviews were conducted by pollsters of PCPO. The
questionnaire design, data input, statistical processing, and formulation of
final report were done by Maagar Mohot Ltd..


Most (almost 2/3) the Palestinian population is dissatisfied with the
quality of life. (62% or only moderately satisfied or less)1.
Only about one third of the population believes that the chances of
improving the quality of life good. Most the population (60%) believes

Half the population (50%) state do not discount the possibility of
emigrating permanently to another country if they had the means to do so,
while almost 20% (17%) stated explicitly that they would emigrate
permanently . (41% rejected this possibility)

In answer to the question "What would induce you to emigrate permanently,
only 15% stated that nothing would induce them. Over 70% (71%)specified one
or more material factors that would induce to emigrate permanently them such
as substantial financial compensation; guarantee of a good job abroad; a
good level of housing.

IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis

4. European "Observers" on the way to cause trouble
12:54 Some 170 European observers will go in the territories in order to oversee that the Palestinian presidential elections which are to take place on January 9th, go on smoothly. (Guysen.Isra l.News)
According to Palestinian officials, 6,000 observers are awaited. Some 1.2 millions people registered on the electoral lists.

5. Interesting Gallic Archaeological Find in France
(note the use of trumpets in warfare, a practice indicated in the Bible

Gallic war treasure discovered in southern France
Sat Nov 27, 2:58 PM ET
BORDEAUX, France (AFP) - French archaeologists said this week they had discovered an exceptional Gallic war treasure in the south of the country, including rare war trumpets and ornate helmets.

The some 470 objects, or fragments of objects, were found at the end of September during a dig at Naves, in the department of Correze in southern France, in a ditch hollowed out of a Gallic-Roman temple, they said.

"The exceptional character of this discovery lies mainly in the presence of five almost complete carnyx," Christophe Maniquet, an archeologist at Inrap, France's national institute for Archeological studies, said.

"They are celtic war trumpets which were used to scare off the enemy, by confusing the battle," he said.

He said it was the first time these ceremonial musical instruments had been found in one piece. The long, bronze tubes, measuring more than two metres long, have flags on the end, four of which bear the head of a wild boar, the fifth a snake.

"In all, in the world, there have only been fragments of these instruments, in Scotland and Mandeure (eastern France). We only know these trumpets through drawings," he said, saying they had in particular been seen represented on coins.

The searches of the temple, including into the first occupations, which date back to the first century BC, started in September 2001.

In addition to the traditional warfare -- swords, sheathes and spearheads, the archaeologists made another special discovery: nine war helmets, of which eight in bronze and one in iron, with their rearpeaks.

One of them was particularly original, being decorated with a swan, while another was decorated with golden leaves.

"We have only found around 20 helmets in the territory of the ancient Gaul," Maniquet said.

The discovery does not end there.

Also unearthed in the search are bronze animals' heads -- boars and a horse.

"These animals could be war signs, placed at the end of the poles which guided soldiers during battles," he said.

There are only five kinds of this kind of sign.

Experts say the experts could be a real "war trophy", and appear to have been buried for religious reasons.

"The fact of having buried them amounts to a ritual of offering," he said.

Most of the collection has been sent to a laboratory in Toulouse to be cleaned, carefully studied by archaeologists and then restored.

"We hope to see these objects on show in a museum in two or three years' time," Maniquet said.

"All specialists, whether English, German or Italian, of the Celtic period will come rushing to see these exceptional objects."

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Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2004 18:00:37 +0200

Jerusalem News-325
1. Response to letter of American Soldier, Ray Reynolds, in Iraq.
2. French Media Forgery of Palestinian Child being Killed
3. Arutz-7 News: Thursday
Largest IDF/Judaism Course to Date
Items below nos. 4,5,6 are Extracts from articles forwarded to us by
Brit-Am supporter, Dr Richard Griffiths:
4. Study Suggests Nutrient Decline In Garden Crops Over Past 50 Years
5. Headless Bodies Found at Mexican Pyramid
6. Germany agonizes over Islam
7. Message forwarded by my sister (author anonymous)

1. Response to letter of American Soldier, Ray Reynolds, in Iraq.
R wrote:
Dear Yair

I passed the following testimonial on to a number of friends. The response, perhaps what I should have expected, was not favorable. Most challenged the truthfulness of the data. I contacted
Is there any way you can you verify that the letter from Ray Reynolds is authentic? Is there a source? Your timely response would be much appreciated since there are doubters and skeptics everywhere. I find myself in the awkward position of continually having to defend the USA, and perhaps too much. But it would be good to know if this letter is essentially true.

Answer: See the following News Item:
Iowa soldier gains fame for sending positive Iraq e-mail
9Extracts Only):
CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) An Iowa soldier is gaining notoriety as the author of an e-mail now circulating the world noting positive developments in Iraq.

Sgt. First Class Ray Reynolds said he wrote the message to counter what he considers overly negative media coverage focused on soldiers killed and politicians who have criticized the war effort.

"We need to start focusing on the good because that's what's going to inspire the people of Iraq and the troops, that America is behind this project," Reynolds, 37, of Denison, told The Gazette. "We need to think of it in terms of rebuilding the country of Iraq rather than the day-to-day ups and downs of the project."

His e-mail, based on statistics he compiled, notes accomplishments ranging from power and phone service being restored to cleaner drinking water and the interim constitution being signed.

He wrote the e-mail to 13 friends and relatives and asked his acquaintances to pass it on. Now, the e-mail is traveling around the world.

Reynolds, in his letter, says the media has "done a very poor job of covering everything that has happened."

Reynolds, of the Iowa Army National Guard 234th Signal Battalion, worked in the communications division in Baghdad.

Lt. Col. Greg Hapgood, a spokesman for the Iowa Guard, said he stopped counting the constant queries he's receiving about the e-mail. He thinks the message is so popular because people are thirsty for good news to give them hope.

But he said Reynolds bordered on breaking a rule by "expressing political views in uniform."
Hapgood said Reynolds "has not been formally disciplined" but stressed the importance of soldiers staying away out of politics.

2. French Media Forgery of Palestinian Child being Killed
[Note: Yair Davidiy was personally criticized by a friend and supporter of Brit-Am
because Yair lives in Israel and the media had just depicted the shooting of the 12-year old boy.
It now turns out that this depiction was faked but we have not yet received an apology.
People believe what they want but they also influenced by the information they receive.
It is important that this information be true and consistent with overall truth.
There are those who will support the Jews, Israel, and the Israelite peoples no matter what.
There are those who will be against them at all events.
There are those in the middle who will be influenced by the input they receive.
In fact all of us in some way or other are influenced by the media and our surroundings.

The Wall Street Journal - Nov 26, 2004
The Mythical Martyr
By Stephane Juffa

The first thing that comes up when you google Mohammed al-Durra's name is a poem written by Sheikh Mohammed of the United Arab Emirates called "To the soul of the child martyr." It gives an idea of the mythical proportions that the young boy has assumed in the Middle East. The images of Mohammed al-Durra hiding from Israeli fire behind his father's back in the early days of the second intifada, only to be struck down by enemy bullets, shocked the whole world. For many Arabs and Muslims, the boy became the symbol of Palestinian suffering under Israeli occupation.

On the Palestinian Authority's TV channel, as well as in Palestinian school books, his example is used to encourage other children to emulate his spirit of sacrifice. Even in the West, the pictures that won so many journalism prizes have become the most recognizable symbol of Israeli aggression. When Ehud Barak, then Israel's prime minister, visited Paris in the same year, French President Jacques Chirac wryly scolded him. "Killing children is no policy."
* * *
And yet, it was nothing but a hoax. For those readers who recognize the famous image reproduced here, it might be difficult to believe that the scene was actually staged. I will elaborate later how it has been proven that Israeli soldiers could not have killed the boy. Some might ask why it still matters. Haven't too many innocent people on both sides died since then, and is it not time to look ahead now?

Well, it matters for exactly those same reasons. Mohammed al-Durra became more than just the poster boy of the intifada. According to the Mitchell report, drafted in May 2001 by a joint U.S.-European committee, this story was one of the events that sparked the intifada. For peace we need reconciliation and for reconciliation we need the truth. But French state-owned TV channel France 2, which produced and distributed the damning footage, refuses to release the facts.

The story began on Sept. 30, 2000, two months after Yasser Arafat walked out of the Camp David peace talks. The place was Netzarim junction in Gaza, where Israeli soldiers were posted to protect a nearby settlement. Palestinian rioters were throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at the Israelis while gunmen were shooting at them from amidst the crowd. It was during this fighting that the boy allegedly died.

Claiming they didn't want to make money on an innocent child's death, France 2 distributed the dramatic coverage free of charge to the global media. The Israeli army hastily issued a statement saying that the boy may have accidentally been killed in Israeli cross-fire. Only later, maybe too late, did the army authorize a full investigation. It entrusted this mission to civilian physicist Nahum Shahaf, who scientifically proved that -- given the angle of the Israeli position vis-א-vis Mohammed al-Durra -- the soldiers could not have possibly killed the boy. Mr. Shahaf then uncovered an incredible plot: He demonstrated that since the shots must have come from directly behind or next to the cameraman, the whole scene of the supposed infanticide must have been staged -- and that the boy seen in the film was not killed at all. Going through the film in slow motion, he could even see the cameraman's finger making a "take two" sign, used by professionals to signal the repeat of a scene.

Three years ago I interviewed Mr. Shahaf, and after viewing all his evidence I realized that this might be one of the greatest media manipulations the world has ever seen. We started our own investigations and wrote over 150 articles on the issue, concluding that the French report is, beyond any reasonable doubt, pure fiction.

We can't cite all the evidence that we were able to uncover on top of Mr. Shahaf's findings. But to give just one example: We have the testimonies of Dr. Joumaa Saka and Dr. Muhamad El-Tawil, two Palestinian doctors of the Gaza Shifa hospital who said Mohammed's lifeless body was brought to them before 1 p.m. The problem is that Charles Enderlin, the France 2 correspondent in Jerusalem, claimed in the disputed report that the shooting started at 3 p.m. How can someone be killed by bullets that were fired hours after he was already dead? This is only one of the many questions that the French state TV channel needs to answer.

... "Didn't you know ?" added Didier Epelbaum, an adviser to the president of France Television (the department presiding over all French state-operated TV networks) "that Talal has retracted his testimony?"

No, they did not know. How could they since neither the French channel nor the Palestinian cameraman ever made that public? It is incredible how France 2 so nonchalantly admitted that their star witness, well, their only witness to the alleged killing, retracted his accusations. Without this testimony there is no story, and yet the channel refuses to make any of this public.

3. Arutz-7 News: Thursday
Largest IDF/Judaism Course to Date
Thursday, December 02, 2004
19 Kislev 5765
Jewish World
[] Another voluntary two-month course on Judaism and Zionism for new immigrants in the IDF ended today with a formal ceremony at the Jerusalem Theater. Most of the non-Jews wish to convert.
More than half the graduates of the previous course expressed a desire to continue their studies, with the goal of converting to Judaism.

The course, known as Netiv, is based on five themes: History of the Jewish People, Zionism and the State of Israel, Bible, Jewish Thought, and Jewish World activities. Most of the students are not Jewish, and the course prepares them for conversion, if they so desire.

The course that ended today was the largest in the IDF to date, with 370 soldiers receiving certificates. Although it is not yet known how many of them wish to continue for another four-month session preparing them for conversion, the previous course's numbers are indicative: Of the 319 graduates two months ago, more than half signed up for the conversion course, which is given in conjunction with the IDF Chief Rabbinate. The Netiv course is held five times a year in conjunction with the IDF and the Jewish Agency.

Most of the students are new immigrants from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia, with others from Argentina, the U.S., Romania, Bulgaria, and Colombia. Jewish Agency head Salai Meridor and IDF Chief Education Officer Brig.-Gen. Ilan Harari took part in today's concluding ceremonies.

The Jewish Agency estimates that among the some 20,000 new immigrant soldiers in the IDF, about 40% are not Jewish according to Halakhah [Jewish Law]. Approximately 3,000 soldiers have taken or are taking the Netiv course.

items 4,5,6 are Extracts from articles forwarded to us by
Brit-Am supporter, Dr Richard Griffiths,

4. Study Suggests Nutrient Decline In Garden Crops Over Past 50 Years
Source: University Of Texas At Austin
Date: 2004-12-03

AUSTIN, Texas A recent study of 43 garden crops led by a University of Texas at Austin biochemist suggests that their nutrient value has declined in recent decades while farmers have been planting crops designed to improve other traits.

The study was designed to investigate the effects of modern agricultural methods on the nutrient content of foods. The researchers chose garden crops, mostly vegetables, but also melons and strawberries, for which nutritional data were available from both 1950 and 1999 and compared them both individually and as a group.

The study, based on U.S. Department of Agriculture data, will appear in the December issue of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. Its lead author is Dr. Donald Davis of the university's Biochemical Institute in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. His coauthors are Drs. Melvin Epp and Hugh Riordan of the Bio-Communications Research Institute in Wichita, Kan., where Davis is a research consultant.

According to Davis, establishing meaningful changes in nutrient content over a 50-year time interval was a significant challenge. The researchers had to compensate for variations in moisture content that affect nutrient measurements, and could not rule out the possibility that changes in analytical techniques may have affected results for some nutrients.

"It is much more reliable to look at average changes in the group rather than in individual foods, due to uncertainties in the 1950 and 1999 values," Davis said. "Considered as a group, we found that six out of 13 nutrients showed apparently reliable declines between 1950 and 1999."

These nutrients included protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin and ascorbic acid. The declines, which ranged from 6 percent for protein to 38 percent for riboflavin, raise significant questions about how modern agriculture practices are affecting food crops.

"We conclude that the most likely explanation was changes in cultivated varieties used today compared to 50 years ago," Davis said. "During those 50 years, there have been intensive efforts to breed new varieties that have greater yield, or resistance to pests, or adaptability to different climates. But the dominant effort is for higher yields. Emerging evidence suggests that when you select for yield, crops grow bigger and faster, but they don't necessarily have the ability to make or uptake nutrients at the same, faster rate."

According to Davis, these results suggest a need for research into other important nutrients and foods that provide significant dietary calories, such as grains, legumes, meat, milk and eggs.

"Perhaps more worrisome would be declines in nutrients we could not study because they were not reported in 1950 -- magnesium, zinc, vitamin B-6, vitamin E and dietary fiber, not to mention phytochemicals," Davis said. "I hope our paper will encourage additional studies in which old and new crop varieties are studied side-by-side and measured by modern methods."
This story has been adapted from a news release issued by University Of Texas At Austin.

5. Headless Bodies Found at Mexican Pyramid
By Brian Winter, Reuters

MEXICO CITY (Dec. 2) - The discovery of a tomb filled with decapitated bodies suggests Mexico's 2,000 year-old "Pyramid of the Moon" may have been the site of horrifically gory sacrifices, archeologists said on Thursday.

The tomb at Teotihuacan, the first major city built in the Americas, whose origins are one of history's great mysteries, also held the bound carcasses of eagles, dogs and other animals.

The Aztecs came across Teotihuacan's towering stone pyramids in about 1500 A.D., centuries after the city was torched and abandoned. It is not known what language its inhabitants spoke, but the Aztecs named it "The Place Where Men Become Gods," believing it was a divine site.

A major tourist site, it lies about 35 miles northeast of Mexico City.

After 200 years of excavations, archeologists are still largely in the dark about the origins of the city, which is believed to have housed 200,000 people at its peak in 500 A.D. -- rivaling Shakespeare's London, but a millennium earlier.

"Contrary to some past interpretation, militarism was apparently central to the city's culture," the excavation team said in a statement.

The master-planned city-state collapsed around 700 A.D., an event as mysterious as its formation.

6. Germany agonizes over Islam
Concern that religious tensions along the lines of those sparked in the Netherlands by the brutal killing of Islam-critical filmmaker Theo van Gogh could spill over into Germany has triggered a fresh debate among Germans about integrating the nation's large foreign population. Leon Mangasarian reports.

Germany's tough-minded interior minister, Otto Schily, spoke at the weekend of "a danger" to the country despite successes in integrating the majority of immigrants.
Schily drew headlines earlier this year with a harsh warning to Islamic fundamentalists: "If you love death so much, then it can be yours."

Muslims comprise 4 percent of Germany's population
While Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has stepped-up a campaign calling on the country's big Muslim community to fit with the country's laws and its democratic principles, leading political figures in the nation have claimed that multiculturalism has failed in Germany.

This comes in the wake of a mass demonstration of Muslims in Germany against terror and growing alarm in the country over the torching of mosques, churches and schools in the Netherlands following the van Gogh killing.

There have also been press reports of a link between the van Gogh murder and Germany, with claims that one of those involved in the killing in the Netherlands lived in neighbouring Germany.

With 3.4 million Muslims comprising 4 percent of Germany's population, the question was put this way by a banner headline in the conservative Bild newspaper: "Is the hate going to come here?" asked the biggest selling tabloid.

So far there has not been a high profile killing in Germany to match the stabbing and shooting of van Gogh. But a series of attacks on Jews in Berlin by Arab youths have sharply raised concerns.

Germany's tough-minded interior minister, Otto Schily, spoke at the weekend of "a danger" to the country despite successes in integrating the majority of immigrants.

Schily drew headlines earlier this year with a harsh warning to Islamic fundamentalists: "If you love death so much, then it can be yours."

Opposition chief Angela Merkel has declared the multicultural society a failure.

This was echoed by former Social Democrat Chancellor Helmut Schmidt in comments published in a German newspaper. "Multicultural societies have only ... functioned peacefully in authoritarian states. To that extent it was a mistake for us to bring guest workers from foreign cultures into the country at the beginning of the 1960s," Schmidt said.

Udo Ulfkotte, a German journalist who has received death threats since writing a book critical of Islam titled 'The War in our Cities', underlines that many of the group responsible for the 11 September 2001 attacks on the US had lived in Germany.

...75 percent of Germany's Muslims are from Turkey.

A survey by the Islam Archive in Soest - which houses a major collection of Islamic books and documents - found that the majority of Turks in Germany do not practice their religion.

Says Buelent Arslan, head of the German-Turkish Forum: "We have an Islam which is very influenced by Turkey and this is the most enlightened and secular."

Still, even a small percentage of extremists is deeply worrying.

Germany's Verfassungschutz - the domestic intelligence service - estimates there are 31,000 radical Islamists living in Germany, of whom several thousand are prepared to use violence.

The biggest group is a Turkish movement named 'Milli Goerues' with 26,500 members, which fights against integration of Turks into German society.

The number of reported crimes carried out by foreign extremists in Germany almost tripled last year compared with 2002

7. Message forwarded by my sister (author anonymous)
Remember the five simple rules to be happy:
> 1. Free your heart from hatred.
> 2. Free your mind from worries.
> 3. Live simply.
> 4. Give more.
> 5. Expect less.

Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 08:32:19 +0200

Jerusalem News-327
1. New Sanhedrin (??) Members Ascend Temple Mount
2. Do Some Syrians Support President Bush?
3. Numbers and Israeli Security
4. Welsh Prowess?
5. Tunnel blast kills five Israeli soldiers

1. New Sanhedrin (??) Members Ascend Temple Mount
The following article was published on Arutz Sheva:

Members of Reestablished Sanhedrin Ascend Temple Mount
23:26 Dec 08, '04 / 25 Kislev 5765

In a dramatic but unpublicized move Monday, members of the newly established Sanhedrin ascended the Temple Mount, Judaism s holiest site.

Close to fifty recently ordained members of the Sanhedrin, lined up at the foot of the Temple Mount Monday morning. The men, many ascending the Temple Mount for the first time, had immersed in mikvaot (ritual baths) that morning and planned to ascend as a group. Despite prior approval from the Israeli police who oversee entry to the Mount, the officers barred the group from entering the Mount together, saying they could only ascend in groups of ten.

The Sanhedrin, a religious assembly of 71 sages that sat from the time of the Holy Temple through 425 CE, was the highest Jewish legal-judicial tribunal in the Land of Israel. The great court used to convene in one of the Temple €™s chambers in Jerusalem. On October 14, the Sanhedrin was reestablished for the first time in 1,600 years, at the site of its last meeting in Tiberius.

There is a special mitzvah, not connected to time, but tied to our presence in Israel, to establish a Sanhedrin, Rabbi Meir HaLevi (no relation), one of the 71 members of the new Sanhedrin, told Israel National Radio s Weekend Edition. €œThe Rambam [12th century Torah scholar Maimonides] describes the process exactly in [his seminal work codifying Jewish Law] the Mishna Torah. When he wrote it there was no Sanhedrin, and he therefore outlines the steps necessary to establish one. When there is a majority of rabbis, in Israel, who authorize one person to be a ˜samuch, an authority, he can then reestablish the Sanhedrin.

Those behind the revival of the Sanhedrin stress that the revival of the legal body is not optional, but mandated by the Torah. €œWe don €™t have a choice, € says Rabbi Richman, €œit is a religious mandate for us to establish a Sanhedrin.

The Sanhedrin was reestablished through the ordination of a rabbi agreed-upon by the majority of prominent rabbis in Israel and approved as €œfitting to serve € by former Chief Sefardi Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and leading Ashkenazi Rabbi Shalom Elyashiv. That rabbi, who is then considered to have received authentic ordination as handed down from Moses, was then able to give ordination to 70 others, making up the quorum of 71 necessary for the Sanhedrin.

€œEven Mordechai HaYehudi, from the Purim story, was only accepted, as it is written, €˜by the majority of his brethren, not by everybody, because anyone who deals with public issues can not be unanimously accepted, € HaLevi explained.

The rabbis behind the Sanhedrin s reconstitution claim that, like the State of Israel, the old-new Sanhedrin is a work-in-progress. They see it as a vessel that, once established, will reach the stature and authority that it once had.

The first members requested that their names not be published, so as to allow it to grow without public criticism of individuals, HaLevi said. We want to give it time to develop and strengthen the institution, giving a chance for more rabbis to join. He added that each of the current members of the Sanhedrin has agreed to be a conditional member until a more knowledgeable rabbi joins, taking his place.

Rabbi Richman, also a member of the Sanhedrin, hopes the body will bring about a revolution in Jewish jurisprudence. Declining to discuss exactly what issues are on the Sanhedrin s agenda, Richman said that one of the main long-term goals of the Sanhedrin, which includes members of Ashkenazi, Sefardi, Hasidic, National-Religious and Haredi communities, is to reunify Jewish observance in Israel.

We Jews went into exiles all over the world, HaLevi told INR s Weekend Edition. Every community established its own court. We are talking about more than 50 different legal systems developing apart from one another. Part of our return to Israel is the reunification of our Jewish practices.

There is a tradition (Tractate Megillah 17b, Rashi) that the Sanhedrin will be restored after a partial ingathering of the Jewish exiles, but before Jerusalem is completely rebuilt and restored. There is also a Talmudic tradition (Eruvin 43b; Maharatz Chajas ad loc; Rashash , Sanhedrin 13b) that Elijah the Prophet will present himself before a duly-ordained Sanhedrin when he announces the coming of the Messiah, meaning that despite common misconceptions - a Sanhedrin is a pre-, not post-messianic institution.

2. Do Some Syrians Support President Bush?
Interesting article:

3. Numbers and Israeli Security
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 22:24:31 -0500
From: rjan Svensson <>
Subject: observation regarding numbers in the security fence

Recently I heard that the security fence that Israel is building in Samaria & Judea is planned to have
5 gates for goods and 41 gates for farmers.

I noted that these numbers, 5 and 41, are in the gematria value of Israel, because the gematria of
Israel is 541 (Yod = 10, Sin = 300, Resh = 200, Aleph = 1, Lamed = 30 and 10 + 300 + 200 + 1 + 30 = 541).
Could it be a coincidence that the number of gates in the security fence gives the number of Israel?
Or is it a message from God?

Best wishes,

4. Welsh Prowess?
Did You Know
Most "English" victories in History over the French etc were accomplished with the participation
of Welsh bowmen whose special long bow was an essential factor in winning the war
OR due to
soldiers conscripted from the "West" Counties in which the inhabitants were overwhelmingly descended
from "Welsh" ancestors.
Nowadays most of the front line troops of the USA (I mean all those who will actually come face to face with the enemy
and I DO NOT WANT to under appreciate the vital importance of all those who participate in other capacities) are from
the "SOUTH" of the USA in which a large proportion "Welsh" (and Cornish etc even when they come from Ireland)
ancestry is a distinguishing characteristic as explained in our books.

5. Tunnel blast kills five Israeli soldiers
The Age (Australia)
December 13, 2004 - 3:21PM
Palestinian militants tunnelled under an Israeli army border post between the Gaza Strip and Egypt and detonated 1,500kgs of explosives in their biggest attack since the last 6 month's death of Yasser Arafat.

The massive blast killed five Israeli soldiers and wounded five others, dealing a blow to hopes for post-Arafat movement toward peace.
Israel forces retaliated with missile attacks.

Meanwhile, moderate Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas' chances of winning a the Palestinian presidential election to replace Arafat appeared to be sealed after his rival Marwan Barghouthi - who is behind bars in an Israel prison - pulled out of the race.

Last night's explosion demolished the post and wrecked several structures at an adjacent base, burying at least one soldier under the debris, army officials said.

The militants also launched a mortar barrage. Palestinians said one militant and a civilian were killed in an ensuing gun battle.

"It was a very large and very well-coordinated attack," said Captain Jacob Dallal, an Israeli army spokesman.

Israel slammed at least eight missiles into targets in Gaza City hours later.

One of the missiles hit a metal foundry the army says is used by militants to produce munitions. There were no apparent casualties in the strike.

The militant Islamic group Hamas and an armed group in Fatah claimed responsibility for the multi-pronged attack at the Rafah crossing to Egypt in which gunmen charged at the army post as militants in Rafah pounded it with mortar bombs.

The assault could complicate Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to abandon occupied Gaza in 2005 just as it gained momentum with talks on a new coalition.

There had been a relative lull in violence since Arafat died on November 11, as all parties to the Middle East conflict reassessed their positions and the Palestinians prepared to elect a new leader next month.

The militants tunnelled 800 metres under the army post at the Rafah border crossing.

Hours before the attack, the Israeli Cabinet approved the release of 100 to 200 Palestinian prisoners as a gesture to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak after he ordered the release last week of an Israeli Arab who served eight years in prison after being convicted of espionage.

After last night's blast, the army shut the Rafah border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

Last July, thousands of Palestinians returning from summer visits abroad were stranded at the crossing when Israel shut it down for more than two weeks after receiving warning of a planned bombing like the one carried out last night.

The killings brought the overall death toll since the September 2000 start of the intifada to 4,614, including 3,573 Palestinians and 967 Israelis, according to a count by Agence France-Presse.

- KRT/Reuters/AFP

"And I will bless them that bless you" (Genesis 12:15).


Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 10:03:24 +0200

Jerusalem News-328
1. Arutz-7 Monday,
Five Bedouin Unit Soldiers Killed in Arab Tunnel Attack
Katzav Proposes "Diaspora Knesset"
2. Arutz 7 Tuesday,
Gen. Eiland: Europe's Interest Not That of Israel's
Information on kosher slaughter
3. Arnold Roth: A Message to Europe

1. Arutz-7 Monday,
December 13, 2004
1 Tevet 5765
Five Bedouin Unit Soldiers Killed in Arab Tunnel Attack
The five were killed yesterday afternoon in a well-planned and multi-pronged attack on an army post on the Israeli-Egyptian border. A high-level security meeting is planned.
The attack came just as Israel's plans to unilaterally withdraw from Gaza appear closer than ever to fruition, as plans for a national unity government proceed apace.

Katzav Proposes "Diaspora Knesset"
Jewish World
[] President Moshe Katzav told a Knesset committee today (Monday) that he favors the establishment of a Jewish assembly in the Diaspora to help fight the alarmingly rising assimilation rate.
President Katzav suggested that a "second house" - a play on words of the same expression in Hebrew meaning Second Temple - be set up to bring together Diaspora leaders in a permanent forum parallel to the Knesset. To be chaired by the President of Israel, the body would discuss the issues of concern to Jewry worldwide, and would try to find solutions. Katzav said that the assembly should also discuss ways to tighten the bonds connecting Jewish communities around the world with Israel and Judaism.

"The intermarriage rate is more than 50 percent in the United States, Russia and Europe," Katzav warned, "and is getting worse."

Natan Sharansky, Minster of Jerusalem Affairs and the Diaspora, supported Mr. Katzav's idea, and warned that in the past few years, the detachment between Diaspora communities and Israel has grown. "We must do something serious, revolutionary and significant to change the worldwide trend of Jews drifting away from their Jewish identity," Sharansky said.

Western Wall Hill - Out; Temple Period Finds - In
Inside Israel
[] Jerusalem city engineers will take down the hill jutting out from the Western Wall, replacing it with a bridge. Archaeologists expect to find treasures, such as a tall gate from the Second Temple.
The Jerusalem Municipality has decided to take down the hill that leads up from the Western Wall (Kotel) entrance to the Temple Mount, for fear that it might otherwise collapse. The walkway up the hill leads to the Mughrabim Gate, which is currently the only entrance for Jews to the Temple Mount. The city plans to replace the hill with a bridge that will lead into the Mughrabim Gate.

The plans are a bonanza for students of Jerusalem history, as the removal of the hill will uncover an eight-meter high gate leading into the Temple Mount. The gate, dating from the period of the Second Temple, is known as Barclay's Gate, after the 19th-century American consul who first identified it.

In addition, archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar told Arutz-7 today, "it's not every day that we get to excavate so close to the Western Wall. We expect to find, as we did in other excavations nearby, the Roman street alongside the Temple Mount structure, and many other treasures." She said that Barclay's Gate descends several meters below the current street level of the Western Wall plaza. "Today, only the top of its lintel can be seen [from the women's section]. It is very beautiful, and when it is uncovered it will be one of the most beautiful scenes in the Old City."

The hill in question, located to the right of the women's section when facing the Wall, is an ancient one, comprising several layers of old buildings. Dr. Mazar said that some of them may be as old as the Mamluke Period, some 700 years ago, but under them are remnants from the Second Temple Period, 2,000 years ago. "I assume that they will study these structures, and document whatever needs to be learned, but in the end, the real find lies behind them. I assume, therefore, that the authorities will remove whatever now forms the hill, so that the full glory of the Wall and the Gate can be seen... It should be a matter of months."

The entire area that is currently the Western Wall plaza was filled with low buildings when Israel liberated the area during the Six Day War of June 1967, and was later cleared away except for the area on which lies the walkway-hill leading to the Mughrabim Gate.

City engineers fear that the collapse of the hill that began last winter could continue this year, leading to a total collapse. Part of the women's section of the Western Wall plaza is already closed off for fear that worshipers below may be injured by falling rocks and earth, or by a major cave-in. The collapse began last year following a week of heavy rains, a snowstorm and an earthquake.

2. Arutz 7 Tuesday,
December 14, 2004
2 Tevet 5765

Gen. Eiland: Europe's Interest Not That of Israel's
National Security Advisor Gen. (res.) Giora Eiland says that Europeans are asking themselves whether a "Jewish State" is really necessary.
Addressing the Fifth Herzliya Conference yesterday, Brig.-Gen. Eiland encapsulated an in-depth analysis of critical issues facing Israel today in the twenty minutes allotted him.

Regarding the United States, Eiland stated that it is almost a “US value” to ensure that the State of Israel is strong enough to stand on her own and defend herself against any threat. He was quick to add, however, that this does not and will not result in automatic White House approval of Israel’s political policies.

Turning to the European Union, Eiland explained that the EU has its own self-interest in ensuring a resolution to the Israeli-Arab conflict, and would not mind if the price for this resolution is paid by Israel in the form of ceding some of its vital interests.

Perhaps most significantly, Gen. Eiland said that the Europeans are asking themselves more and more whether there really is a need for a "Jewish State." The question being asked, Eiland said, is, "Is the idea of a Jewish State something that we must so totally support? Is it really so self-evident that there must be 'two states for two peoples'? In the 21st century, is a religious state for this is how they see the Jewish State something that is self-evident? Or are there other ways in which the Jews and Arabs can live together?"

Eiland said that Iran, "which is seeking to acquire nuclear weapons," has exported its religious hatred for Israel to the Hizbullah terrorists on Israel's northern border. "Hizbullah represents the Iranian trend," he said, saying that the threat is generally underrated in Israel. "Hizbullah is a threat all along the border, and they are involved in Palestinian terrorism - even more so than other Palestinian organizations. Their very many rockets along the border are not only a terror threat, but a military threat."

Information on kosher slaughter can be
found here.

3. Arnold Roth: A Message to Europe
Excerpt Only
Full Speech may be seen at:
Speech delivered to visiting delegation of Europea - Dec 12, 2004
A Message to Europe
By Arnold Roth

The world is divided into two camps. On one side are those people who see terrorism as a warning of danger ahead. Unless something is done, they say, a catastrophe may happen. On the other side are those people whose lives have been turned upside down, never to be the same again, because terrorism has struck them, has fallen on top of them, has brought catastrophe right into their lives.

I want to spend a few minutes looking at the differences between these two camps, and to suggest some reasons why each camp seems to find it so hard to understand the other.

By what right do I speak? I am a professional person, a man in his fifties, educated, informed, with respectable qualifications. Still, I hold no academic position and no public office. I harbour absolutely no political ambitions and I take no part in public debate. Of the different ways there are to define me, the one I prefer - the one which best represents who I am and what I do - is that I am a husband and a father.

I brought my family to Israel in 1988 not because Australia was a miserable place and not because my wife and I were unable to earn a living. The opposite is true. We came to Israel despite the comfort and pleasure of life in Melbourne. There, we earned a good living, lived in a lovely home, had friends, felt safe and were safe. We moved to Israel to raise our children here because this is the historic home of the Jewish people, the right place for Jews to be. Our parents and grandparents and great-great-great grandparents dreamed of doing this but were not able. We were able, and therefore we did it.

Everything in our lives changed forever when Malki, our middle child, a delightful fifteen year old girl with a constant smile on her beautiful face, was killed on 9th August 2001. Malki died like more than one thousand other Israelis in the last four years - innocent and unprepared. She was not caught in the crossfire of some battle. She was not a bystander. She was murdered with fourteen other Israelis in a restaurant in the middle of the day, in the middle of this city. The women and children in that pizza restaurant on a hot school-holiday afternoon were the actual target. The terrorists who planned the massacre took their orders from a pediatrician and from a minister of religion in a wheelchair. They picked their target with exquisite care. The bomber was the son of a land-owning wealthy family. The other gang members were mainly university-educated and well-traveled. To call them 'desperate', as many journalists have done, is to completely twist the meaning of the word 'desperate'.

On the day that the joy of life was turned into ashes for my family and me, men and women in villages close to where we are now sitting danced in the streets and distributed candies to their children. We have the pictures.

I said a few moments ago that I take no part in public debate, but this is not true any longer. My daughter's murder and the confusion and ignorance which we have seen around us compelled my wife and me to find our voice, and to speak and to write at every opportunity. We used to be the most private of people. Now we feel an urgent need to speak out.

I was raised by parents who knew about Hell. My father, who died before Malki was born, grew up in the Auschwitz death camp. My mother lives in quiet retirement in Australia today, but she was there too. A month after her fifteenth birthday, my mother's little Polish town was over-run by Nazi forces and her father, my grandfather, was arrested for the usual crime of being Jewish. Before he could be taken away, my mother threw herself at the feet of a German soldier and screamed for mercy. Somehow this worked, her father was released and the family remained together for several more months. My grandparents, like the grandparents of all of the friends I grew up with, were eventually murdered. My parents, like all of the Jewish refugees who came to Australia after the second world war, came with nothing - no parents, no property, no education. But they brought with them a powerful sense of history - of their own history, and of the history of the Jewish people. They established schools, synagogues, social welfare agencies, sports clubs. They created a new life. They found within themselves resources of love and mutual concern and support.

Although the shape of their lives was marked by their experience as Holocaust survivors, hatred was unknown in the life they made for me and for my generation. They simply had no time for hating - they were busy building a future for themselves, their children and their community. This success, I believe, was their revenge over the Nazis.

I mentioned the experience of my mother when she was fifteen. In 1967, I was fifteen. I remember watching my parents and their friends as they grew deeply apprehensive about Gamal Abdel Nasser and his open threat to throw all the Jews of Israel into the sea and destroy the young Jewish state. For the first time in my life, I could see that there were people ready to annihilate the Jews. And I could see there were others like U Thant, the then-secretary general of the United Nations, who might have blocked Nasser's aggression but chose not to. Arafat was already in the picture, by the way - he had become the head of the PLO in 1964 when the number of Israeli occupied settlements and Israeli army checkpoints was, of course, zero. All of this made a deep impression on me. Then war erupted, a Six Day War as it turned out, and Israel was saved. For me, the distance between Jerusalem and Melbourne grew very small from that moment onwards.

Most of us in this room are parents. We know that fifteen is a young age. At fifteen we have some of our basic ideas, and the general shape of our personality is in place. But we still have a lot of growing up to do. Malki, my daughter, will never reach her sixteenth birthday. We honour her memory by a fund called the Malki Foundation. Like Malki herself, the foundation gives support to families who are caring at home for a severely disabled child. Our foundation has already managed to support hundreds of such families - Druze, Christian, Moslem, Jewish. Like my daughter, this work has no political character. Its goal is to add some light, some happiness to the lives of ordinary people facing an extraordinary challenge.

Last week, a German survey of German-born Germans found that more than half think there is no difference between Israel's current treatment of the Palestinian Arabs and what the Nazis did to the Jews. 68 percent of Germans believe that Israel is waging a "war of extermination" against the Palestinians. I could give you my theory of how the media in Germany, in Europe and almost everywhere else contributes to ignorance of Israeli reality. I could tell you how journalists create, and at the same time are the result of, an almost total ignorance of what the Holocaust was. But if I did that, I would also have to point out to you that Germany happens to be one of the countries in Europe where they do make serious efforts to understand the Holocaust and the truth of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And yet they do not share our sense that Israel has been fighting one long defensive war of survival against an enemy that wants to ethnically cleanse Jews from their historic homeland for a century.

Also last week, the BBC published a survey showing that barely a third of young people in Britain have even heard the name Auschwitz and don't know what it is, where it is or what happened there.

I spoke of my experiences in Spain a few moments ago. A Spanish-born philosopher, George Santayana who died in the year I was born, wrote this: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." I believe this statement carries with it a great deal of wisdom. My daughter does not belong to the past - at least, she doesn't when we sit together around the Sabbath table and enjoy one another's company in our family. We feel her presence. We feel her absence. We are determined to do whatever we can so that her memory will endure, that she will never become just another statistic.

As a family, as a society, we are in a perpetual struggle to remember the past, to hold a vision of a better future, and to do everything we can so that the fifteen year old children together with their goodness and their dreams - children on both sides of the sad conflict here in this land - can grow to productive adulthood, free of the curse of hatred and of terror.

May your work be blessed.
The Malki Foundation ( and Arnold Roth.

Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 10:58:58 +0200

Jerusalem News-329
1. European Attempts to Undermines Israeli Society
2. Putin: Why Not Price Oil in Euros?
3. Quotation

Gerald M. Steinberg Friday, 17 December, 2004
<<This political initiative (known by many as "the Oslo
catastrophe revisited") is largely the product of funding provided by
private sources, including the Swiss government, and this money is used to
bombard Israelis with propaganda (without much impact, so far). Similarly,
the Peres Center for Peace, another political organization with similar
goals (and also without much influence) is supported by European government
funds. The European Commission also provides very significant levels of
funding directly for political propaganda campaigns, thinly disguised as
"human rights initiatives", through such pseudo non-governmental
organizations as Btselem, Adallah, Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, Jeff
Halper's anti-Israel crusades, and similar activities. And while preaching
transparency to others, these branches of the EU and individual European
governments fail to provide an honest and complete accounting of the huge
sums funds that they are streaming into such political causes in the effort
to influence Israeli and European public opinion.
Gerald M. Steinberg Editor,

2. Putin: Why Not Price Oil in Euros?
Extracts Only

By Catherine Belton

Moscow Times
October 10, 2003

President Vladimir Putin said Thursday Russia could switch its trade in oil from dollars to euros, a move that could have far-reaching repercussions for the global balance of power -- potentially hurting the U.S. dollar and economy and providing a massive boost to the euro zone. "We do not rule out that it is possible. That would be interesting for our European partners," Putin said at a joint news conference with German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder in the Urals town of Yekaterinburg, where the two leaders conducted two-day talks. "But this does not depend solely on us. We do not want to hurt prices on the market," he said. "Putin's putting a big card on the table," said Youssef Ibrahim, managing director of the Strategic Energy Investment Group in Dubai and a member of the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations, an influential body of leading world thinkers thought to help set the United States' foreign policy agenda. "In the context of what is happening worldwide, this statement is very important," he said.

Putin's words come in the wake of a protracted drive by the EU to attract more countries' trade and currency reserves into euros, in a bid to chip away at U.S. hegemony over the global economy and money supply. A move by Russia, as the world's second largest oil exporter, to trade oil in euros, could provoke a chain reaction among other oil producers currently mulling a switch and would further boost the euro's gradually growing share of global currency reserves. That would be a huge boon to the euro zone economy and potentially catastrophic for the United States. Dollar-based global oil trade now gives the United States carte blanche to print dollars without sparking inflation -- to fund huge expenses on wars, military build-ups, and consumer spending, as well as cut taxes and run up huge trade deficits.

Almost two-thirds of the world's currency reserves are kept in dollars, since oil importers pay in dollars and oil exporters keep their reserves in the currency they are paid in. This effectively provides the U.S. economy with an interest-free loan, as these dollars can be invested back into the U.S. economy with zero currency risk. If a Russian move to the euro were to prompt other oil producers to do the same, it could be a "catastrophe" for the United States, Ibrahim said. "There are already a number of countries within OPEC that would prefer to trade in euros." Iran, the world's No. 5 oil exporter, has also openly mulled a move into euros. And after the war in Iraq, there is growing debate in the United States' traditional ally Saudi Arabia on a switch too, though its government has not come down firmly on one side, Ibrahim said. "There is a revision going on of its strategic relationship with the United States. Already, they're buying more [French-made] Airbuses," he said. "The Saudi Crown Prince [Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud]'s visit to Russia was of great significance and the regime is talking about closer cooperation with LUKoil and other Russian companies." Under Saddam Hussein, Iraqi oil was traded in euros. "This was another reason [why the U.S. attacked]," Ibrahim said. "There is a great political dimension to this. Slowly more power and muscle is moving from the United States to the EU, and that's mainly because of what happened in Iraq," he said.

3. Quotation
A day without laughter is a day wasted.
Charlie Chaplin.

Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 15:32:52 +0200

Jerusalem News-330
2. Ulster and Israel
3. Tenth of Tevet Fast

Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 19:01:54 -0500

LONDON [MENL] -- The United States has increased intelligence operations
against Israel as part of an effort to prevent a war in the Middle East.

Western diplomatic sources said that over the last two years the U.S.
intelligence community has increased monitoring of Israel's military and
government. The sources said the move was ordered by the White House as part
of an effort to prevent an escalation of the war with the Palestinians or a
regional war that could begin with an Israeli attack on Syria.

"There's been concern that Israel would pull a surprise on the United States
with either an offensive against Hizbullah in Lebanon or a massive attack on
the Gaza Strip," a diplomatic source said. "Washington doesn't want to be
surprised and would rather know this information in advance and first hand."

The sources said the result has been increased U.S. satellite monitoring of
Israel to determine military movements, import and
export of weapons, weapons tests and construction of housing in Israeli
communities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. They said the United States has
also expanded the interception of signals communications from Israeli
government and military facilities.

2. Ulster and Israel
Today’s News Letter carries a brief report on page 14 concerning protesting Jewish settlers adopting the wearing
Of Orange Stars “reminiscent of the yellow stars that Jews living under Nazi rule were forced to wear” The headline
Reads “Settlers Adopt Orange Stars”.

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From: Mark Thompson
Subject: Israel: "a little loyal Jewish Ulster"

Clifford /Roger:

Found this on the internet:

"...Towards the end of the First World War, when it was clear Britain was going to take over Palestine, the leader of the Zionists at the time, Chaim Weitzmann, contacted the British foreign secretary, Arthur Balfour, getting from him, on 2 November 1917, a declaration promising the Jews a homeland in Palestine.

Sir Ronald Storrs, the first British military governor of Jerusalem, explained that the Zionist 'enterprise was one that blessed him that gave as well as him that took, by forming for England "a little loyal Jewish Ulster" in a sea of potentially hostile Arabism.' The Zionists would be the Orangemen of Palestine..."

Mark Thompson

3. Tenth of Tevet Fast
Arutz Sheva -
A Modern-Day Fast
Sunday, December 15, 2002 / 10 Tevet 5763

Leading rabbis of the religious-Zionist camp called for a large public prayer rally this afternoon, on the Fast of Tevet, at the Western Wall. Special prayers were recited in light of the difficult situation facing the Israeli people. Following the prayers and the end of the fast, the customary "Circle the Temple Mount Gates" was held. Beit El Chief Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed sees special contemporary relevance to today's fast:

Leading rabbis of the religious-Zionist camp called for a large public prayer rally this afternoon, on the Fast of Tevet, at the Western Wall. Special prayers were recited in light of the difficult situation facing the Israeli people. Following the prayers and the end of the fast, the customary "Circle the Temple Mount Gates" will be held. Around the same time, prayer-and-Psalms rallies will also be held in London and Manchester.

Today, one of six days of fasting in the Jewish calendar, marks the siege of Jerusalem by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia. He later completely conquered the city and destroyed the Holy Temple.

Beit El Chief Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed sees special contemporary relevance to today's fast. "Days of fasting of this nature are not only a testimonial to the troubles of the past," he wrote in the latest edition of his town's weekly journal, "but are chiefly days of repentance and reckoning for improving our deeds in the present… Maimonides explains that the troubles over which we fast and cry include when foreigners make war on Israel, or when they decree that we may not fulfill Jewish precepts, or when they come... to take land from us."

The Fast of Tevet has also been declared by the Chief Rabbinate as a general day of Kaddish [a memorial prayer] for Holocaust victims whose date of death is not known. Rabbi Dov Begun, of the Meir Institute for Jewish Studies (Machon Meir), notes a direct connection between the destruction of Jerusalem and the Holocaust:
"The destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem led us into a 2,000-year exile, the pinnacle of which was the terrible Holocaust. By announcing 'May G-d's great Name be magnified and sanctified,' we are saying that despite all the tortures of the exile, His great name will be magnified via our return to Zion and the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the Holy Temple... Today, we must mend our ways especially with regards to the Land of Israel and Jerusalem, when our enemies wish to restore the siege around Jerusalem by establishing a state... There are even voices at home whose faith and spirit have been weakened and who seek to fulfill the wishes of our enemies..."


These four fasts are the four days of mourning associated with the destruction of the Temple. When the Temple is rebuilt they will become feast days.
These fasts are still kept by the present-day Jews who are descended from Judah.