JerusalemNews Nos 241 to 270

Jerusalem News-241
1. Young Girls targets of Palestinian terror
2. Terror attack report
3. Saudi Menace
4. Japanese Longevity
5. Anti-Semitism in France

1. Young Girls trargets of Palestinian terror
A group of girls were celebrating at Cafe Hillel in Jerusalem what was to be the wedding of their girl friend.
They were the major victims of the attack described below. Amongst the victims was the bride (who was to be married tonight) and her father.

2. Terror attack report
Fourteen Israelis died, more than 90 were injured, in two murderous Palestinian suicide attacks Tuesday night, September 9.

The first struck down a crowd of soldiers waiting outside the Tsrifin military base for transportation home. It occurred just as Israeli and Indian prime ministers Ariel Sharon and Atal Bihari Vajpayee were winding up their conversation in New Delhi. The terrorist blew himself up with a 4-5 kg bomb, killing two Israelis on the spot and injuring another 30. Six died later from the grievous wounds inflicted by the blast at point blank range and the sharp nails and metal shards with which it was packed. All the victims were soldiers.

Five hours later, a suicide bomber gained entrance to the popular Café Hillel on Emek Refaim Street in southern Jerusalem and blew himself up, killing six Israelis and injuring 52. Jerusalem hospitals filled up quickly as rescue squads carried out resuscitation on the pavements. The victims of the two blasts, 14 dead and scores of injured, were young people soldiers at Tsfirin and night revelers at Café Hillel. Two soldiers and one civilian secured the Tsrifin bus-stop, two guards stood at the entrance of the Jerusalem café. In neither place were they able to prevent the suicide bombers from carrying out their crimes.

Jerusalem was on high alert all day with police and security personnel out in force.

Just before the Palestinian killers struck, the two prime ministers had been updating the ten-year old strategic defense alliance between their two countries. Its initial signing was little noticed by most Israelis, who were deeply immersed in the 1993 Oslo Peace Framework Accords that they saw as a gateway to the Arab-Muslim world. The 1993 military-intelligence pact with India for mutual security against antagonistic Arabs, hostile Palestinians and Islamic fundamentalism turned out to be the more realistic.

During that time, Palestinian terrorists also kept a finger in the Indian sub-continental pie by training and arming Tamil Tigers fighting against Sri Lanka from the eastern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. To this day, Palestinian groups like Yasser Arafats presidential guard Force 17maintain intelligence and operational structures and relationships in Tamil Nadu. They are managed from Ramallah half a world away.

For now, Israeli-Indian military and intelligence cooperation focuses on these aspects:-

A. Kashmir tops the list. In 2001 and 2002, DEBKAfile and DEBKA-Net-Weekly reported on the assistance Israel renders India in fighting Pakistan-backed Islamic insurgents: electronic security fences, a large-scale electronic early warning station like the one Israeli maintains on its northern border on Mt. Hermon and Cochav Yarden, operational and communications commands and training in counter-terror tactics.

B. Both nations recognize that Pakistans nuclear capability, its Islamic bomb, threatens not only India but also Israel. At this moment, Pakistani technicians and gas centrifuges are to be found in Iran providing equipment and technology for the enrichment of uranium. Just as the Pakistani bomb is potentially dangerous for Israel, so too would an Iranian nuke be for India. This mutual threat has given rise to stories in Pakistan and Iran alleging Israeli pilots were practicing bombing sorties against nuclear targets in Iran and Pakistan alike.

C. The United States is deeply involved in Indian-Israeli strategic collaboration. While many aspects are secret, DEBKAfiles sources can reveal that it covers exchanges and transfers of advanced military avionics, as well a missile, armor and artillery technologies.

D. For New Delhi, the Middle East is Western Asia. Control of the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea is a cornerstone of Indias defenses against Pakistan and up to a point also China. It gives India the key to the mouths of the Indus and the sea approach to the Pakistani town of Karachi. A naval blockade of Karachi lasting more than three weeks would starve Pakistan and its army of food and fuel.

3. Saudi Menace
Israeli army chief Yaalon reveals al Qaeda tried to recruit Saudi Air Force pilots at Tabuk northern air base for 9/11-type suicide strikes against Israel. This revealed by al Qaeda captives in Western hands. Yaalon said Israel extremely concerned at close proximity to its borders of of Saudi F-15 warplanes at Tabuk base.

DEBKAfile adds: Source of information four al Qaeda terrorists captured at Jeddah international airport on May 18 on way to hijack two airliners and crash them over Israeli cities

4. Japanese Longevity

Japan's oldest person lives in 2-day sleep, 2-day play cycle

The number of centenarians in Japan has increased for the 33rd straight year, running to a record 20,561, the government said Tuesday.
Mainichi Shimbun
Kamato Hongo smiles as the mayor of Kagoshima celebrates her longevity.

Japan's oldest person Kamato Hongo, 115, attributes her longevity to a unique lifestyle of sleeping for two straight days followed by two days of activity. She will turn 116 on Sept. 16.

When the government began collecting data in 1963 on those aged 100 or older, the number was only 153, showing that it increased "134 times" over the last 40 years.

It is the first time that the number of centenarians has topped 20,000, with the number up 2,627 from the same period last year.

As of Sept. 1, the number of male centenarians living in Japan was 3,159, and the number of women was 17,402. Another 10,740 are expected to reach 100 years of age within fiscal 2003, which ends in March 2004.

Hongo has been Japan's oldest person for five years running. She's also the oldest person in the world and lives with her 79-year-old third daughter, Shizue Kurauchi, and an 18-year-old great-granddaughter in Kagoshima.

Wearing an aloha shirt, Hongo looked happy as she sang a song with visiting Kagoshima Mayor Yoshinori Akasaki on Tuesday morning.

"I think she looked healthier than she did last year," Akasaki said. Her relatives said the key to Hongo's longevity was her unique lifestyle and a good appetite. Hongo has a combined 146 children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren.

Yukichi Chuganji, 114, in Fukuoka Prefecture, is the oldest man both in Japan and the world. (Mainichi Shimbun, Japan, Sept. 9, 2003)

5. Anti-Semitism in France
Reports from France say that Jews are being beaten up and harrassed freely on the streets.
The perpetrators are North Africans and Arabs who attack Jews in sight. The police sometimes react
but often also turn a blind eye. The feeling is that the French Establishment wants the Jews out and therefore
is not interfering. "First the Jews, then the Arabs: Let the arabs take care of the Jews , then we will take care of them".
[But reports from the same sources say that thew Arabs will not be "taken care off". Europe seems to be comitting
suicide and one opinion gives it only 15 years more or a major traumatic crisis beforehand].
The Jewish victims are mainly those whose families came from North Africa since the "Arabs" recognize them as Jews
on sight whereas they cannot easily distinguish between European Jews and Gentiles.
In no part of Europe is it really safe for a Jew to walk around with a skull-cap or other dress identifying himself as a Jew.

Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 16:13:03 +0200

Jerusalem News-242
1. No Virus
2. Israeli Tourism
3. Arutz Sheva News Wednesday
4. How The USSR Planned To Destroy Israel in 1967
5. Swedish Foreign Minister Dies From Stabbing (AP)

1. No Virus
On our last posting were accidentally attached three (apparently innocuous unopenable) attachments.
As far as we can ascertain the source of these was from the news item we had copied
- apparently from Debka, picture spots?
Some people suspected we had a virus. We use an un-to-date sophisticated virus protection system
but something could always go wrong both for us and for any other system. At all events we did an additional full system
virus check and other tests and the results show us to be clean.

2. Israeli Tourism
Subject: Poll: 42% of tourists visited Western Wall


New York, NY (September 10, 2003):- Many tourists departing Israel during
2002 were polled on the sites they visited during their visit. "The survey
was undertaken amongst passengers embarking on their flights home from Ben
Gurion Airport," says Rami Levi, Tourism Ambassador of Israel to North and
South America, "to enable us to better understand visitors' goals and

Overall "winner" was Jerusalem's Western (Wailing) Wall, with sites all
around the country receiving significant ratings. The survey results are as


42% The Western (Wailing) Wall, Jerusalem

20% The Mount of Olives, Jerusalem

18% The Via Dolorosa and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher,

18% Ancient Jaffa, Tel Aviv

15% Masada

13% The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

11% Caesarea

8% Capernaum

53% of all tourists visited at least one of Israel's 300+ museums, 44%
visited holy sites, 35% went to the beach or went scuba-diving and 7%
attended a cultural event.

1.2 million visitors will visit Israel in 2003, a 45% increase over 2002.

or call 1-888-77-Israel.

This release is a service of the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis

3. Arutz Sheva News Wednesday
Sep. 10, 2003 / Elul 13, 5763

Less than six hours after a Palestinian terrorist blew himself up at a bus stop in Tzrifin crowded with soldiers yesterday afternoon, murdering eight, another terrorist did the same at the Hillel Cafe in southern Jerusalem, killing seven. The explosion occurred around 11:30 PM last night.

The murderer blew himself up outside the cafe on Emek Refaim St. in the German Colony neighborhood. He apparently first tried to enter an adjacent pizza store, but was unsuccessful, and then turned to the cafe. The two guards there saw him and moved towards him; one of them, Alon Mizrachi, was killed in the course of preventing the murderer from entering the cafe. Jerusalem Police Chief Mickey Levy said afterwards that the guards had prevented an even larger number of fatalities.

Hamas' military wing Izzadin Al Kassam welcomed both attacks, though it stopped short of claiming responsibility. Arabs in Gaza celebrated the news of the two attacks, cheering and handing out candies. The two suicide terrorists were not uneducated or devoid of opportunities, but were rather university students - one in Bir Zeit University, north of Ramallah, and one in Al Quds University, north of Jerusalem.

The names of 13 of the 15 victims murdered by Palestinian terrorists yesterday have been released. The Jerusalem victims:
* Dr. David Appelbaum, 51, and his daughter Nava, 20 (see below)
* Yechiel Emil Toubol, 52, of Arnona (south of Talpiot). Survived by wife and three children
* Gila Moshe, 40, of Pisgat Ze'ev. Survived by husband and two sons
* David Daniel Abistris, 51, of Mevaseret Zion
* Alon Mizrachi, 22, the security guard, of the Geulah neighborhood. A friend said, "He always said that he wanted to save people; he jumped on the terrorist..." Another one said that Alon said recently that he had a feeling that he was going to die soon. Survived by parents and six siblings.

The tragedy of the Jerusalem attack was multiplied several-fold when it was learned that among the murdered were Dr. David Appelbaum and his daughter Nava. The former was the director of the emergency room of Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center, who dealt with hundreds of other victims of terrorist attacks and to whom his colleagues said "thousands owed their lives" - and the latter was to be married tonight. The two had gone to have a last pre-wedding father-daughter talk.

Dr. Appelbaum had returned just a few hours earlier from the United States, where he had spoken about how hospitals should prepare for mass terror attacks.

"He was one of the '36 righteous men' of the world," . "His whole life was dedicated to saving lives." Dr. Yonatan HaLevy, director of Shaarei Tzedek, said that the hospital had suffered a grave loss, while other doctors spoke of a "great Torah scholar," a "sparkling personality," and a "model family man."

Stories about Dr. Appelbaum began sprouting as soon as word of his death became known. It was said that he was always one of the first to go to an attack, and that he had developed improved methods for administering emergency treatment. He was also the founder of the Terem Emergency Clinic in Jerusalem, which now has chapters in Maaleh Adumim and Modiin.

Chaim Ben-Daniel, a Jerusalem acquaintance, told Arutz-7 that the doctor stopped trimming his beard after the signing of the Oslo Accords "as a sign of mourning for what he knew was a tragedy for the Jewish People." As busy as his schedule was, "Dr. Appelbaum told me that he set aside one night a week to travel to Yeshivat Kerem B'Yavneh [near Ashdod] to study with his son."

Rabbi Itamar Cohen, head of the pre-military academy in Nokdim, was asked today for a Torah approach to the situation. "It appears that after almost three years of this, our hearts are already getting hardened to the death and to the tough situation," Ariel Kahane said.

"This is a natural reaction," Rabbi Cohen acknowledged, "but we cannot allow it to overtake us and to harden our hearts... I told my students today after the shofar blowing - which gives us the month-of-Elul message to 'wake up from our slumber,' as Maimonides writes - that we take this time to get into the mood of introspection and reviewing our actions of the past year and repentance. This is a process not only for individuals, but also as a nation. This involves chiefly the leaders. I'm not only talking about the terrible mistake of Oslo, which also requires true repentance, but even after the decision was made to fight the terrorists to some extent - it was done only in a pareve way, compromising our firmness and our resoluteness against our enemies. This itself is very dangerous, and requires repentance."

4. How The USSR Planned To Destroy Israel in 1967
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 03:29:44 -0400

By Isabella Ginor*
MERIA JOURNAL Volume 7, Number 3 (September 2003)

Abstract: The Soviet warning to Egypt about supposed Israeli troop
concentrations on the Syrian border in May 1967 has long been considered a
blunder that precipitated a war which the USSR neither desired nor expected.
New evidence from Soviet and other Warsaw Pact documents, as well as memoirs
of contemporary actors, contradicts this accepted theory. The author
demonstrates that this warning was deliberate disinformation, part of a plan
approved at the highest level of Soviet leadership to elicit Egyptian action
that would provoke an Israeli strike. Soviet military intervention against
the "aggressor" was intended to follow and was prepared well in advance.


5. Swedish Foreign Minister Dies From Stabbing (AP)
Thursday, September 11, 2003

STOCKHOLM, Sweden Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh , touted as a future prime minister, died Thursday from multiple stab wounds, the second Swedish politician to be murdered in the Scandinavian country in 17 years in a rare act of public violence.

Police didn't believe the attack was politically motivated, despite the fact that it came just three days before Swedes vote in a referendum on adopting the euro. Lindh was a leading campaigner for replacing the Swedish krona with the common currency an issue that had inspired vehement opposition.

Swedish Prime Minister Goeran Persson said the Sunday referendum would continue as scheduled, but ordered all campaigning to end immediately.
Lindh's death cast a pall across the Scandinavian country of 9 million, whose residents have always enjoyed easy access to their leaders. Lindh had no bodyguards, like Prime Minister Olaf Palme (search), who was killed in 1986 while walking home from a movie theater with his wife.

Only Persson and King Carl XVI Gustaf have permanent security details.

Officials in neighboring Nordic countries called the murder a threat to the kind of accessible and mild-mannered societies they have tried to nurture.

Finnish Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen said it was "a major setback and shock" to the region's culture of openness.

Lindh had been head of the Foreign Ministry since 1998, serving as environmental minister before that. She was a member of the Riksdag from 1982-1985. She was married and had two children.

Scandinavia is relatively immune to political violence, unlike other parts of Europe. Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic was assassinated in March by allies of Slobodan Milosevic seeking to topple his pro-Western government as he was heading to a meeting with Lindh. In the Netherlands, anti-immigration politician Pim Fortuyn was shot to death by an animal rights activist in May 2002.

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Jerusalem News-243
1. EU agents Predict Death of Arafat
2. Previously Unknown Celtic idol discovered
3. Powell Rescues Arafat
4. Germany and the Towers?
5. Muslims throw stones at Jewish worshippers

1. EU agents Predict Death of Arafat
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 18:41:46 +0200
Subject: "They have decided upon cold-blooded murder"
GUSH SHALOM pob 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033

Press Release
Sept. 6, 2003

òáøéú áàúø

= == = = == = = == = = == = = == = = == = =
"They have decided upon cold-blooded murder"
= == = = == = = == = = == = = == = = == = =

Gush Shalom press release, 12/9/2003

"The government of Israel has tonight resolved to committ a cold-
blooded murder, with the implementation deferred - the cold blooded
murder of the elected president of the Palestinians. Let there be no
mistake about it. Let no one be fooled by the talk of 'deportation'. There
is no intention that Arafat will susrvive the enecounter with Sharon's
soldiers. I know Sharon, I have followed his career for decades, ever
since he was a young commando officer carrying out brutal cross-
border raids. He has not changed in any essential, only in the amount
of power held in his hands. He means to do it, he means to kill Arafat.
He will watch for his chance, wait for a moment when the Amercians
look elsewhere - and then he will pounce." That was the immediate
response by Uri Avnery, former member of the Israeli Parliament and
est Member and veteran activist of Gush Shalom (The Israeli Peace

2. Previously Unknown Celtic idol discovered
Senua, Britain's unknown goddess unearthed

Clues to catastrophe after rare Roman temple treasure found

Maev Kennedy, arts and heritage correspondent
Monday September 1, 2003
The Guardian

Sensua - probably an older Celtic goddess, who was then adopted and
Romanised. Photo: British Museum

She is faceless and armless, but she has a name: Senua. A previously
unknown Romano-British goddess has been resurrected at the British Museum,
patiently prised from soil-encrusted clumps of gold and corroded silver
which have buried her identity for more than 1,600 years. Her name is
published for the first time today.
The 26 pieces of gold and silver, found in a Hertfordshire field last year,
are believed to be the treasures of a shrine in her honour, carefully
hidden as some disaster loomed in the late 3rd century. The fact that they
were never recovered suggests the protection of the goddess did nothing to
save her conscientious devotee.

"This is a hugely significant find, of national and international
importance," Ralph Jackson, Roman curator at the British Museum, said.
"Personal hoards, hidden in some crisis, are reasonably common. To find a
hoard of a temple treasure, such as this one, is incredibly rare, not just
in Britain but anywhere. To give Britain a new goddess is extraordinary."

He believes Senua was probably an older Celtic goddess, worshipped at a
spring on the site, who was then adopted and Romanised - twinned with their
goddess Minerva - by the invaders. There is a direct parallel at Bath,
where the Romans seamlessly absorbed the Celtic god Sulis, and a much older
shrine, into their religion.

Rest at,11711,1033318,00.html

3. Powell Rescues Arafat

Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 00:15:29 +0200
From: Israel Resource News Agency <>
Sept 11, 2003

Israel Gov't decides to act against Arafat. Powell vetoes decision...Orders Israel to protect Arafat


This evening, Israeli intelligence provided evidence to a special session of the Israeli security cabinet which proved that Arafat has been directly responsible for months of terror activity, in coordination with the Hamas and the Al Aksa brigades of the Fateh. Such confirmed Israeli intelligence reports caused the Israeli government security cabinet to order direct military action against Arafat - to kill him or to deport him back to Tunis.

However, Israel Government's IBA TV and IBA Radio reported within minutes of the Israeli cabinet decision that US Sec'y of State Colin Powell intervened to veto any IDF action against Arafat.

Sources in the Israeli government quoted US state department sources as describing Arafat as "an American interest which is essential to the peace process and to stability in the region".

4. Germany and the Towers?

Extract from Article:
Sick with fear and worry (long vanity)
September 5, 2003

I am depressed and despondent.
I have a morbid attachment to the war between militant Islam and the rest of
the world, and I worry especially about Israel.

The more I read, the worse I feel, and yet I can't stop.

September 11, 2001, is seared in my mind with a vividness nothing can erase.

The week before, I had worked as a simultaneous interpreter at an
international conference of structural engineers in Germany. Speakers from
around the world presented papers on the latest trends in skyscraper

One of them was Leslie E. Robertson, the engineer in charge of the
structural design for the World Trade Center during the 1960s. Following his
talk on engineering innovations in building projects in China, he took
questions from the floor. One person asked him about the 1993 bombing of the
World Trade Center, and expressed surprise that the tower had held up so
well in spite of the extensive damage at lower levels.

With quiet confidence, Mr. Robertson replied that the WTC had been designed
with a substantial reserve of strength to withstand assaults on its
integrity. Specifically, he said that its designers had built it so that it
would survive the impact of what was then the largest commercial aircraft in
the world, a Boeing 707 jetliner.

His words, translated by me into German, were transmitted by wireless
infrared to scores of German speakers in the audience listening through
their portable headsets, some of whom nodded in assent.

That was on September 7. I was in a funk after the conference. One of the
organizers had approached me at the end and expressed his dissatisfaction
with my performance, something that had never happened to me before. There
was something about his anger that was inexplicable. It seemed out of
proportion to any reasonable complaint. My colleague defended me but the man
was implacable. Something seemed to be in the air, something that was making
people edgy and aggressive.

Four days later, I switched on the computer and was hit by the news from New
York and Washington on the Internet. I stayed glued to the computer while
the news bulletins from National Public Radio came tumbling out of the

The world had changed in one day and would never be the same again. Fear and
grief, but fear more than grief, were palpable all around. I told myself
that the expressions of barely hidden triumph and satisfaction that I saw on
the faces of some Muslim immigrants were a figment of my imagination.

Later, as news came in from places such as Lebanon, Pakistan and the West
Bank, it became clear that many people were rejoicing.

5. Muslims throw stones at Jewish worshippers;
09-12) 04:10 PDT JERUSALEM (AP) --
Israeli police stormed a disputed Jerusalem shrine Friday, firing tear gas and stun grenades to disperse hundreds of Muslim worshippers who threw stones after noon prayers, police and witnesses said.
About 35,000 Muslims were up on the hilltop for prayers. After the service, hundreds of young men threw stones at the Western Wall below, where Jews were praying, police spokesman Gil Kleiman said. There were no injuries reported, Kleiman said.
Dozens of police ran up a walkway and stormed the site, firing tear gas and booming stun grenades, witnesses said. Kleiman said the crowd quickly dispersed.
The disputed hilltop shrine, home to two major mosques, is revered by Muslims and Jews. It was the site of the two biblical Jewish temples that were destroyed by invading armies. Muslims mark it as the place where the Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven.
Recently, Israel reopened the Muslim-supervised site to Jewish and other visitors, angering many Muslims. The site had been closed to non-Muslim visitors since fighting broke out three years ago.
The current Israeli-Palestinian fighting grew out of riots that erupted after then-opposition leader Ariel Sharon visited the site in a display of Israeli claims to Jerusalem. Israel and the Palestinians both want the city as a capital.

Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 08:58:41 +0200

Jerusalem News-244
1. US Protects Arafat's Headquarters from IDF Incursion
2. Sweden says `nej' on euro
3. Judith Isaacson: Salt of the Earth

1. US Protects Arafat's Headquarters from IDF Incursion
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 05:31:21 +0200
From: Israel Resource News Agency <>
US Protects Arafat's Headquarters from IDF Incursion

David Bedein, Bureau Chief, Israel Resource News Agency , Beit Agron Int'l Press Center, Jerusalem, Israel,

As the debate ensues between the US and Israel as to whether or not Israel will capture, exile or
kill Yassir Arafat, the credible Canadian-based Middle East Newsline reported on Monday that the U S
intervened to prevent the Israel Defence Forces from capturing and neutralizing the Muqata'a.headquarters of Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat.

Middle East News Line reported that the US State Department issued a directive to Israel to suspend plans to capture Arafat's headquarters in Ramallah over the weekend, even though Israel provided hundreds of captured documents to the US which prove that the Muqata' where the terror campaign against Israel is being planned and directed. .

Despite that, US Secretary of State Colin Powell and US National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice telephoned Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to suspend military plans against the Mukatta.

An Israeli military force had captured a PA ministry about 300 meters from Arafat's headquarters and established a command post for the capture of the Muqata'a.

The significance of such a planned tactical move on the part of the IDF is that the Muqata'a,is precisely where Arafat's terror campaign has been coordinated for exactly three years.

It is at the Muqata'a. where Arafat has coordinated the Hamas, Islamic Jihad and all the PLO Armed groups under one command since October, 2000. That has resulted in more than 20,000 Arab terror attacks and the cold blooded murder of almost 900 men, women and children throughout Israel

A rubric of US foreign policy is that all of the Palestinian Arab security agencies need to work under one command. It would seem that Arafats coordination of all security services at the Muqata'a. fulfilled that US policy directive, regardless of the consequences for Israeli citizens.

The US has invested more than $100 million in the PA security agencies this year, under the premise that these funds would be allocated to forces loyal to former PA Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas and Security Affairs Minister Mohammed Dahlan, neither of whom are any longer in power& so the funds have been diverted to forces loyal to Yassir Arafat.

That leaves U.S. security personnel in a position of training and advising PLO armed forces who now coordinate terror attacks throughout Israel.

The question remains: Is it too late to avoid an inevitable scenario where an American advisor in the service of the PLO security services will be killed in a preemptive IDF attack on PLO terrorists?.

2. Sweden says `nej' on euro
Subject: Sweden says `nej' on euro

This story was sent to you by: Orjan

Sweden says `nej' on euro

Grief over slaying of minister can't sway referendum

By Tom Hundley
Tribune foreign correspondent

September 15, 2003

STOCKHOLM -- With an emphatic nej, Swedes rejected the euro Sunday in a referendum that was clouded by last week's murder of Foreign Minister Anna Lindh, a leading proponent of the European common currency.

Lindh, one of the country's most popular politicians, was stabbed by an assailant Wednesday while shopping in a downtown department store in Stockholm. Although opinion polls taken before the incident indicated the euro going down to defeat, the national trauma of her death appeared to give last-minute impetus to the "yes" campaign.

It was not enough to overcome Swedes' deep-seated skepticism of the euro. The vote was 56 percent against and 42 percent in favor, with 2 percent casting blank ballots.

Sweden's rejection of the euro is a major blow to the European common currency and to the European Union. It comes at a time when the 15-member bloc is struggling with a historic eastward expansion and the integration of 10 new members next year while at the same time trying to ratify a strong federal constitution.

The resounding "no" vote to the common currency was hardly the ringing endorsement that the Eurocrats in Brussels desired.

It almost certainly means that Britain will put off indefinitely its promised referendum on the euro and that Denmark, the only other euro holdout, will not be adopting the currency anytime soon.

The "no" vote also was a setback for Prime Minister Goeran Persson, who argued that rejecting the euro meant Sweden was forfeiting its place at the European table and hurting its economy over the long term. He was backed by the country's business establishment and a slick, well-financed publicity campaign.

An independent streak

But for ordinary Swedes, the referendum was about something more fundamental than whether their krona would be replaced by the euro. In this prosperous, cradle-to-grave welfare state, many seemed to fear that an important part of their identity would be lost by entwining themselves ever more closely with the rest of Europe.

"We are Swedes first, Scandinavians second and Europeans third. That is how we think of ourselves," said Margarete Strom, 45, a professional translator who voted against the euro.

"We have always been on the sidelines of Europe, and we've had the fantastic luck not to be involved in any wars in the last few hundred years," she said.

Strom said Sweden "is keeping its head above water" while others in Europe, most notably Germany, are swamped by high unemployment and economic stagnation.

"Why should we take part in their problems?" she asked.

Stefan Ebbestad, a 52-year-old civil servant from Stockholm, also voted no.

"I'm old-fashioned," he said. "I like things the way they are, and I want to keep doing things the way they always been done."

The outcome disappointed Lena Grafstrom, an art dealer in the capital.

"I think it's very sad. Sweden is small country far up in the north. We have to join with other people. We have to live in the larger world," she said. "This will only reinforce the feeling that we are a country on the sidelines."

Although Lindh's murder unified Swedes in their grief, it seemed to polarize them in their attitudes toward Europe. For those in favor of the euro, a "yes" vote seemed a fitting tribute Lindh, who was at the forefront of the pro-euro campaign. But for those inclined to vote "no," the senseless violence of her death seemed to foreshadow the dangers of being drawn too closely into the messy affairs of Europe.

Sunday's referendum also was characterized a sharp north-south divide. Voters in Stockholm, Sweden's cosmopolitan capital in the south, supported the euro by a wide margin, with nearly 56 percent voting "yes." In the north, where unemployment is high and education levels are lower, voters were overwhelmingly against the euro.

"We have not been able to firmly establish the European idea within the Swedish hearth," said Alf Svensson, leader of the Christian Democrats, which backed the government on adopting the euro.

"We have not been able to convey the idea that we really live in a new Europe," he said. "People still seem to believe that we live in a Europe with national borders and national currency, but the reality is something else."

Copyright (c) 2003, Chicago Tribune

3. Judith Isaacson: Salt of the Earth
Baron Edmond de Rothschild was an optimistic man. In the 1920s he bought land in Palestine with an eye to the future. Besides the vineyards and agricultural land that he bought in the area around Zikhron Yaakov, and the glass factory in which he invested for production of bottles for the wine that would eventually be produced, he also bought land by the sea for the purpose of salt mining.

[]The location and type of land were carefully thought out. He purchased clay-like land close to the ancient port of Atlit so that the salt could be easily transported across the seas, for an industry that would provide work
to the local people. The clay-like land is nonporous and therefore the water is evaporated by the hot sun rather than being absorbed by the earth. Since 1922 the mines have been operational, and produce salt packaged with the familiar Atlit label.

Owned today by the Dankner Group, the factory in Atlit is one of their three salt mines. In fact, salt is mined from each of the three salt-water bodies in Israel: Mediterranean, Red Sea in Eilat, and Dead Sea. Until ten years it was illegal to import salt to Israel.

[]The day of our visit was an ideal salt mining day,
explained our guide, Binyamin Meir. A constant wind and a hot sun hastened the evaporation. Salt separates from water and sinks to the bottom when the
concentration of salt in the water is 25.5%. All seas, except the Dead Sea (27%), have a uniform salt concentration of 3.6%.

It is Binyamin's's job to achieve the necessary 25.5% salinity at the Atlit salt ponds. He does this by flooding the salt ponds to a depth of 15 cm -- the depth at which the sun's rays can penetrate and evaporate the water.

The Eilat salt ponds produce 170,000 annual tons of salt, as contrasted with the Atlit ponds which produce
12,000 annual tons. The season in Atlit starts on 1 April and ends on 20 September. In Eilat, however, the season is is all year long. The difference is due to the longer period of sunny days in Eilat, as well as less rain. Rain, a blessing for agriculturalists, is a problem for miners of salt from the sea. The rain water dilutes the salt ponds which then must be drained to achieve the desirable 15 cm depth necessary for salt mining.

[]The red water into which Ben plunged his hand and brought up large coarse granules of salt is high in magnesium content, as well as a bacteria which protects the salt against radiation. The top of the water has a crusty layer which, Ben explained, needs to be plowed each day so that the sun's rays can penetrate to the bottom and allow evaporation.

[]In the factory, the sifters separate the salt according to grain size. Each size is packaged for a different use. It is the size of the grain that differentiates usage whether that be table, koshering, or softening salt used in industry.

Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 09:40:17 +0200

Jerusalem News-245
1. Druze
2. Who Are The Druze?
3. The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism
4. U.S. vetoes resolution demanding Arafat's safety
5. Jews Enter Joseph´s Tomb; Arabs Fire at Soldiers

1. Druze
Subject: The Druze "Sword Battalion"

The Druze "Sword Battalion"
IDF Spokesperson 16 September 2003



On September 10, 1948, a unique "swearing-in" ceremony was held at the
Nesher military base in northern Israel. 400 young participants, primarily
from the Druze community, swore an oath of loyalty to the IDF and vowed to
protect the State of Israel against the invading Arab armies. At the
conclusion of the ceremony, the Druze "Unit 300 " was formed.

"Unit 300" was fully active in the Israeli War of Independence. Its members
transported weapons and gathered intelligence data on Arab leaders.

1956: First Mandatory Recruitment of Military-Age Druze Males

In May, 1956, the first mandatory recruitment of military-age Druze males
was implemented.

1972: All Units Available to Druze Soldiers

In 1972, Druze soldiers were able to enlist in all units within the IDF -
including the much coveted flight-training course.

"Unit 300" -- Participated in all of Israel's Wars

It should be noted that "Unit 300" has participated in all of Israel's wars.
"Unit 300" has traditionally been attached to the Northern Command - which
is responsible for a region inhabited by the majority of Israel's Druze

The "Sword Battalion" -- Symbol & Anthem

In 1987, "Unit 300" was officially renamed the "Sword Battalion."

The symbol of the "Sword Battalion," crossed swords complimented by the Star
of David, is a powerful one - which represents force, sharpness, courage,
and devotion. The symbol closely matches the anthem of the Unit: "Our
fighters know no fear."

Currently, the "Sword Batallion" is led by Lieutenant Colonel Anwar Saab.
The "Sword Batallion" functions as an infantry unit, which has been honored
by the OC Northern Command and the IDF Chief of Staff for its dedication as
well as operational activities.

2003: IDF Chief of Staff Honors the "Sword Battallion"

On September 14, 2003, the "Sword Battalion" held an event in which the
Israeli Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Moshe Ya'alon was present. During
the event, Lieut. Gen. Ya'alon stated that:

"We find ourselves threatened by a wave of murderous Palestinian terrorism
that does not distinguish between civilian and soldier, men and women, old
and young, Druze, Christian, Muslim or Jew..Such terror is encouraged by the
Palestinian educational system and inciteful media programs broadcasted by
the Palestinian Authority."

2. Who Are The Druze?
The Druze are a people found in northern Israel, in Lebanon, and Syria. They have their own "secret"
religion that emphasizes a belief in God and reincarnation. Women are highly respected. They consider
Jethro (the father in law of Moses) to be their forefather. They were famous warriors and had a policy of assimilating themselves to the ruling powers. In Lebanon they fought against the Catholic Christians on numerous occasions. The British employed them as a leverage against French influence. They consider themselves related to the British and according to their former spiritual leader (Sheik Tarif) also the Jews. Apart from several notable exceptions throughout their history they have usually been favorable to the Jews. Nowadays a few are anti-Israel but most are patriotic Israelis
and serve with distinction in the Armed Forces and Border Guard Police units. I personally have always gotten along well with those Druze I have met but I have acquaintances who have not been so fortunate.
Some authorities in the past have found associations between the Druze and the Celts and even the name
Druze has been suggested as derived from Druid.

Conventionally it is said that the Druze faith was founded in the 1000s CE:
<<Founded in the early 11th century, the Druze faith is based largely on the dogma of Hamzah ibn Ali ibn Ahmad, a minister of the Fatimid Caliph al-Hakim. Based initially of the doctrines of Shi'a Islam, the Druze believe that, through Hakim, God made a final appeal to humanity to redeem themselves before He returned to rule. The Druze are found primarily in Lebanon, Syria, Israel and Jordan.>>

Others however say that the people who adopted
this faith were already one ethnic unity and already held similar beliefs.

The Druzes are a Middle Eastern minority group with their formal origins in the 11th century. They are perhaps one of the most misunderstood and understudied religious sects in the world. Most Druzes live today in mountainous regions in Lebanon, Syria, Israel, and Jordan. Taking all available figures into consideration, the Druze population is nearly one million with 40%-50% living in Syria, 30%-40% in Lebanon, 6%-7% in Israel, and 1%-2% in Jordan. In the U.S. there are approximately 20,000 Druzes.

3. The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism:
Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin al-Husseini - by Chuck Morse

This is the remarkable story of Haj Amin al-Husseini, who was in many ways as big a Nazi villain as Hitler himself, and to understand his influence on the Middle East is to understand the ongoing genocidal program against the Jews of Israel. Al-Husseini was a bridge figure in terms of transporting the Nazi genocide in Europe into the post-war Middle East.

As the leader of Arab Palestine during the British Mandate period, al-Husseini introduced violence against moderate Arabs as well as against Jews. Al-Husseini met with Adolf Eichmann in Palestine in 1937 and subsequently went on the Nazi payroll as a Nazi agent.

Al-Husseini played a pivotal behind-the-scenes role in instigating a pro-Nazi coup in Iraq in 1941, in urging Nazis and pro-Nazi governments in Europe to transport Jews to death camps, in training pro-Nazi Bosnian brigades, and in funneling Nazi loot into post-war Arab countries.

4. U.S. vetoes resolution demanding Arafat's safety
By Bill Nichols, USA TODAY
UNITED NATIONS The United States on Tuesday vetoed a Security Council resolution demanding that Israel not harm or deport Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. The veto raised the ire of Arab and Muslim nations just as Washington is seeking their help in Iraq.

Eleven of the Security Council's 15 members supported the measure, while three Britain, Bulgaria and Germany abstained. But the United States used the veto power it has as one of the council's five permanent members, saying the measure did not sufficiently call for an end to terrorism by specific Palestinian groups.

"We will not support any resolution that evades the explicit threat to Middle East peace process posed by Hamas and other such terrorist groups," U.S. Ambassador John Negroponte said.

The United States has frequently blocked Middle East resolutions on the grounds they were unbalanced. But Tuesday's veto came just four days after the Bush administration agreed on a press statement expressing the council's view that "the removal of chairman Arafat would be unhelpful and should not be implemented." U.S. officials said the resolution went much father than the press statement.

At the same time, though, in a move aimed at penalizing Israel's intransigence over what the White House sees as a key issue in the peace process, the administration announced that it would punish Israel for expanding Jewish settlements on the West Bank. State Department deputy spokesman Adam Ereli said Secretary of State Colin Powell would decide how much to dock Israel from $9 billion in recently awarded loan guarantees.

International criticism against Israel has mounted since the Israeli government decided in principle to "remove" Arafat. On Sunday, Israel Vice Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said killing Arafat was an option, though he later appeared to backtrack and the Israeli government disassociated itself from his remarks.

5. Jews Enter Joseph´s Tomb; Arabs Fire at Soldiers
09:50 Sep 21, '03 / 24 Elul 5763
Arutz 7

Jewish worshipers entered Joseph's Tomb in Shechem last night, in violation of a military order, and Arabs fired upon soldiers who came to extricate them.

Joseph's Tomb has been closed to Jews ever since the beginning of the PA's Oslo War against Israel three years ago. IDF soldier Madhat Yusuf was killed during the battle in which the Israeli forces retreated from the site.

The Jewish worshipers, who have entered the closed area in the past - two or three times with army permission and many times without - say they cannot accept the abandonment and surrender of such a holy site to the Arabs' threats of violence. Army sources reiterated that Israelis are forbidden from entering Area A - areas deemed under full PA control according to the Oslo agreements - and that those who do so endanger both themselves and others. No one was injured in the incident.

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Jerusalem News-246
1. Arutz Sheva News Monday,
2. Weapon of mass population
3. Humor Only: A Considerate Husband in Retirement

1. Arutz Sheva News Monday,
Sep. 22, 2003 / Elul 25, 5763
Residents of Judea, Samaria and Gaza are younger, healthier, more educated - and are multiplying faster than the rest of Israel. Researchers from the College of Judea & Samaria in Ariel, in a study on population statistics for Yesha for the year 2002, found that the average Yesha household is 4.1 people, with 34 babies born each year for every 1,000 people, compared to 3.3 people per household and 21 births per 1,000 in the rest of the country. The full study will be published next week.

Other findings: The population of Yesha has grown 144% in the past decade - compared to only 32% in the rest of Israel. More Yesha residents receive a high school matriculation diploma than their brethren on the other side of the Green Line; the score is 62.7% for Yesha, and 49.7% elsewhere. The median age in Yesha is 20.3, compared to 27.6 in the rest of the country. 64% of the Yesha population from age 15 and up is employed, averaging 300 shekels a month more than the 54% of the rest of the country who work. Only 1.5 out of every 1,000 Yesha-ites (age 45-64) are hospitalized, compared to 2.2 elsewhere. "We have some good reasons to continue our study," said Dr. Michael Sheffer of the College of Judea & Samaria. "It will be interesting to see why the Yesha residents are [healthier]..."

2. Weapon of mass population

"I want to have many boys, so we have more people and can get the Jews out."
St. Petersburg Times
Published September 21, 2003
(Extracts Only)

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - In the struggle between Israelis and Palestinians, Thuraya Eshbear wields a powerful weapon.


At 35, this wisp of a woman has 13 children, from 20 years down to 10 months. Though she can't afford to school them all, though she rarely has a minute to herself, she would gladly bear more.

"I have many children so that the Palestinian people will have more than the Israelis," says Eshbear, a $37-a-week cleaner in the maternity ward of Gaza City's biggest hospital. Here, on any given day, dozens of other Palestinian women are doing their part to ensure ultimate victory over Israel.

It is a war fought not just with F-16s and suicide bombers, but with diapers and Similac.

Ever since Israel was created in 1948, starting a clash with the Arab world that has no end in sight, Jews have feared what Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat calls his "biological bomb." In Israel and the neighboring territories of Gaza and the West Bank, Arabs are reproducing at a rate double that of Jews.

Israel's 5.4-million Jews make up just more than half of the region's population, but Arabs will become a clear majority within 20 years, Haifa University professor Arnon Soffer says. By 2020, the area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea will be home to 8.5-million Arabs and just 6.4-million Jews.

Unless Palestinians get their own state, the soaring Arab population could mean one of two things: Israel would cease to exist as a Jewish nation or it would be forced into an apartheid-like system in which a Jewish minority ruled a Palestinian majority.

Unless something changes, "our country is finished in 17 years and there will be a collapse," Soffer warned Israeli political leaders.

Others say the demographic threat is exaggerated, that studies like Soffer's fail to take into account such important factors as continued Jewish migration to Israel. The Palestinian population figures are meant to scare Israel into giving up land - especially in the West Bank - to which it has an historic right, one expert charges.

"The same thing took place in '48 when Ben Gurion, the first prime minister, was urged by top statisticians to refrain from declaring independence for the same reason," says Yoram Ettinger of Israel's Ariel Center for Policy Research. "They predicted, based on certified figures, that by 1969 there would be an Arab majority. Their predictions were crashed against the rocks of reality."

Meanwhile, the women of Gaza keep producing baby after baby. The Gaza Strip, where more than 1-million Palestinians live, has one of the world's highest growth rates - 4.5 percent, enough to double the population every 15 years.

"Many people have been killed in the intifada by Israeli soldiers so they want to reproduce," says Hala Sarraj, a Gaza psychologist, referring to the uprising in which more than 2,400 Palestinians have died since 2000.

That is true of Hanan Himad, whose 21-year-old son, Jawdad, was shot dead two years ago while throwing rocks at the Israelis, she says. He was the oldest of her nine children - Himad was pregnant with her 10th this summer when she tripped and fell while running from an Israeli bomb dropped near her home east of Gaza City.

A few weeks later she miscarried, and on this Thursday morning she was in the hospital, awaiting surgery to remove the dead fetus. But at 39, she is not about to quit.

"I want to have many boys," she says, as other women nod approvingly, "so we have more people and can get the Jews out."
A prize for the 10th baby

Except for the Mediterranean and the Sea of Galilee, there would seem little reason for two groups of people to fight so long and so hard over one New Jersey-size wedge of land.

Arab sheep and camel herders long roamed the desert from which the Israelites were expelled more than two millennia ago. But in the late 1800s, after centuries of persecution, the Zionists announced their goal of resettling as many of the world's Jews as possible in their biblical homeland.

That set the stage for a struggle in which demographics might forever play a role.

By the end of World War I, what was then known as Palestine had 60,000 Jewish inhabitants. Growing Arab hostility toward the newcomers erupted in the 1921 Jaffa riots that killed 47 Jews.

But the huge migration came after World War II, when survivors of the Nazi Holocaust began flocking to the promised land. Some 650,000 Jews were living in Palestine by 1948 when Israel declared independence, and Arab nations immediately launched war against the new Jewish state.

Thus began another major population shift. To this day, there is strong debate over whether Arabs left Israel at their leaders' behest, on the promise they could return soon (as most Jewish historians say) or were forcefully removed by Jewish soldiers (as Arabs say).

Whatever the case, 700,000 Palestinians - as the Arabs began calling themselves - went to neighboring countries or to Gaza, then under Egyptian control, or the West Bank, then under Jordanian rule.

"Contrary to most colonial projects, the Israeli one was intended to substitute one people for another," French researcher Phillipe Fargues said in a 2000 study on the region's demographic battle. "It was not a will to dominate the Arab peoples so much as to dominate the territory. Relative sizes of the two populations were at stake."

As early as 1943, while the British ruled the area, the chief rabbi of Palestine urged Jewish families to have big families: "Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth."

Pressure to procreate grew even greater after 1948.

"Being a Jewish state and knowing that we lost 6-million Jews during the Holocaust, it is on the back or front of every Jew's mind that it is our responsibility for the future to make up for that traumatic loss," says Ettinger of the Ariel Center.

Israel's natural population growth has been greatly augmented by immigration, including the influx of almost 1-million Jews after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Nearly 95 percent of Israel's Jewish population originates from immigrants; without them, there might be fewer than 300,000 Jews now in Israel.

Ettinger thinks immigration will continue, counterbalancing the effects of the Palestinian birth rate.

"We have more than 1-million Jews, probably 2-million, still in the former Soviet Union, there are 6-million Jews in America, and some of them I believe are going to end up in the Jewish state," he says. "We've got a half million Jews in France and a half million in Latin America.

"And who's to say that the Jewish birth rate has to stick to 2-point-something? It certainly could go up to 3-point-something, which would turn the whole thing upside down. When you consider the fact that we are 6-million Jews compared to 600,000 in 1948, you cannot but be highly optimistic about Jewish demographics in this part of the world."

But there is little economic incentive for Jews in America or Western Europe to emigrate to Israel, which has a lower per capita income than where they now live. Moreover, the Jewish population in the United States is shrinking and aging; even if American Jews did move to Israel, they would have only a modest effect on the birth rate.

Ettinger is more optimistic than many Israeli leaders, who have long worried about the Palestinian baby boom.

Soon after taking office in 1969, Prime Minister Golda Meier expressed concern about what would happen if Israel annexed the land it had seized in the 1967 Mideast War: "We would have to wake up every morning wondering how many Arab babies had been born during the night."

But as the prospect of a complete withdrawal from Gaza and the West Bank grew increasingly remote, "both Israeli and Palestinian politicians realized that demographic growth is the Palestinians' most potent weapon," Fargues said.

Paradoxically, he found, the continuing conflict might be partly responsible for the high birth rate that so concerns Israel.

Thanks to huge amounts of humanitarian aid from the United Nations, Islamic charities and other organizations, Palestinians generally enjoy good health and live long lives, assuming they don't die of man-made causes. The aid, which includes money, food and schooling, helps ease the burden of raising children.

And while high unemployment normally discourages large families, the opposite has been true in Gaza.

In the first Palestinian uprising, from 1987 to 1993, incomes dropped 40 percent in a single year yet the birth rate went up. It seems that many fathers lowered the "bride price" to facilitate marrying off their daughters in a time of great insecurity. The result: Many more teenage brides and many more babies.
"I hate her"

In her face, Thuraya Eshbear looks older than the 35 years she admits to. But at just 5 feet and 100 or so pounds, she has the petite figure that caught the eye of Majed Eshbear as she returned home from school one day.

Tall, handsome, with a thick shock of hair, Eshbear was divorced from his first wife, by whom he had six children. He married Thuraya, and over the next 20 years, she would have 13 children and three miscarriages.

A few years ago, Eshbear began to look around again. This time he settled on Manal Sultan, 18 years his junior, a pretty woman with a wide perfect smile. Sultan had never seen Eshbear, let alone met him, before her father agreed to give her hand in marriage.

"Children mean support," Sarraj says. "It is desirable to have children because of the insecurity of our society - you are not guaranteed to live tomorrow but to have children is to give some protection to the family."

And, she says, there is another reason Eshbear might actually be proud of his giant clan.

In Gaza, where the conflict with Israel has thrown 60 percent of adults out of work, fathering children is one sure way an unemployed man can prove his masculinity.

"To be a man in Gaza means providing food and money and clothing," Sarraj notes. "If you can't do this you cannot be a real man - except if you show you are productive by giving lots of babies."

3. Humor Only: A Considerate Husband in Retirement
From: Doc DeLaughter <>
Subject: [thelaughterlist] Advice from a Retired Husband

Advice from a Retired Husband

It is important for men to remember that as women grow older it becomes
harder for them to maintain the same quality of housekeeping as they
did when they were younger. When men notice this, they should try not
to criticize. Let me relate how I handle the situation. When I got
laid off from my consulting job and took "early retirement" in April,
it became necessary for Nancy to get a full-time job, both for extra
income and for the health benefits that we need.

It was shortly after she started working that I noticed that she was
beginning to show her age. I usually get home from fishing or hunting
about the same time she gets home from work. Although she knows how
hungry I am, she almost always says that she has to rest for half an
hour or so before she starts supper. I try not to complain, instead I
tell her to take her time and just wake me when she finally does get
supper on the table. She used to do the dishes as soon as we finished
eating. It is now not unusual for them to sit on the table for
several hours after supper. I do what I can by reminding her several
times each evening that they aren't cleaning themselves. I know she
appreciates this advice, as it does seem to help her get them done
before she goes to bed.

Now that she is older she seems to get tired so much more quickly. Our
washer and dryer are in the basement. Sometimes she says she just
can't make another trip down those steps. I don't make a big issue of
this. As long as she finishes up the laundry by the next evening I am
willing to overlook it. Not only that but unless I need something
ironed to wear to the Monday lodge meeting or to Wednesday's or
Saturday's poker club or to Tuesday's or Thursday's bowling or
something like that, I will tell her to wait until the next evening
to do the ironing. This gives her a little more time to do some of
those odds and ends things like shampooing the dog, vacuuming or
dusting. Also, if I have a really good day of fishing, this allows
her to gut and scale the fish at a more leisurely pace.

Nancy is starting to complain a little occasionally. For example, she
will say that it is difficult for her to find time to pay the monthly
bills during her lunch break. In spite of her complaining, I continue
to try to offer encouragement. I tell her to stretch it out over two
or even three days. That way she won't have to rush so much. I also
remind her that missing lunch completely now and then wouldn't hurt
her any, if you know what I mean.

When doing simple jobs she seems to think she needs more rest periods.
She had to take a break when she was only half finished mowing the
yard. I try to be supportive when she needs these little extra rest
breaks. I tell her to fix herself a nice, big, cold glass of freshly
squeezed lemonade and just sit for a while. I tell her that as long
as she is making one for herself, she may as well make one for me and
take her break by the hammock so she can talk with me until I fall

I know that I probably look like a saint in the way I support Nancy on
a daily basis. I'm not saying that the ability to show this much
consideration is easy. Many men will find it difficult. Some will
find it impossible. No one knows better than I do how frustrating
women can become as they get older. However, guys, even if you just
yell at your wife a little less often because of this article, I will
consider that writing it was worthwhile.

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Jerusalem News-247
2. Right-Handed? Your Hair Reveals It
3. Arutz Sheva News Wednesday,


10:30 - 20 September 2003
A 1,500-year-old Anglo-Saxon "warrior queen" has been found buried just two feet under the surface of a county field.

Lincolnshire's own 6ft tall "Boadicea" has been described as one of the best Anglo-Saxon finds of its kind in the county.

She was still holding her shield and had a dagger at her side when she was found. On either side of her at the site just outside Lincoln were the remains of a man and a woman who were possibly her attendants.

The woman was wearing an amber necklace and had her feet bound together with rope. The male companion was buried with his hand over a pot.

The exceptional discovery was originally made by a man with a metal detector.

Mystery surrounds the identity of the 6ft tall warrior queen.

Her ancient Briton predecessor Boadicea led a rebellion against the Romans in 61AD. After the Romans left England in 410AD tribal conflict was rife and the mystery queen might have fallen victim to this.

All the bones and artefacts discovered at the scene are now being examined by independent conservator Wessex Archaeology and at a later date will be brought back to the City and County Museum in Friars Lane.
Lincolnshire County Council archaeologist Adam Daubney said that there was an enormous sense of excitement when the bodies were unearthed.

"Any discovery from Anglo-Saxon times is important for Lincolnshire because this era of history is not as well documented as other periods," he said.

"In other parts of Lincolnshire we have found two large Saxon burial sites at Loveden Hill and Ruskington.

"But one of the interesting things about this is that a total of four shields have been found.

"The shield would have been originally made from wood but the boss - which held the handle in place - was made of iron and this has survived."

The Channel Four television programme Time Team carried out the excavation and the programme is due to be broadcast next spring.

The owner of the land on which the burial site was discovered asked not to be named to avoid the venue's location becoming common knowledge.

He said: "Two years ago a discovery of a brooch was made on the site which was unmistakably Anglo-Saxon. It was incredibly exciting to discover the burial site."

Councillor Marianne Overton, a member of Navenby Archaeology Group which assisted Time Team with the excavation, helped out at the three-day dig which took place between Tuesday and Thursday last week.

"What struck me was that there are possibly a great many more sites like this across the county," she said.
"When you actually see the venue and are able to imagine what life would have been like then you get a strong sense of the history of the county in which we live."

2. Right-Handed? Your Hair Reveals It

If you want to know whether your newborn baby will be right-handed or left-handed, here's a way to tell that is almost fool-proof: Look at the baby's hair. If the hair swirls clockwise, there is a 95 percent chance that the person is right-handed. The curls of lefties and the ambidextrous are equally likely to coil either way.

What does your handedness have to do with your hair? This isn't some goofy New Age idea or parlor game, although it would be fun to try at parties since it also works on adults. Nature News and London's Evening Standard report that researchers from the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Maryland have determined that one gene might control both hair swirl direction and handedness and in the process explain the divided brain. That has geneticists hunting for a single gene with either "right" or "random" forms. Those who have one or two copies of the "right" version of the gene would be right-handed and have hair that swirls clockwise. Those who have two "random" versions of the gene could be either right- or left-handed and have hair that swirls in either direction.

To arrive at this fascinating conclusion that your hairstyle determines your handedness, researcher Amar Klar of the National Cancer Institute had to be a little underhanded. He surreptitiously checked out the heads and hands of 500 people in airports and shopping malls. Anyone with long hair and those who were bald were not included in his survey.

What do other scientists think of this research? "It's one of the most exciting things [I've seen] in a while," geneticist Ralph Greenspan of the Neurosciences Institute in San Diego, Calif., exclaimed to Nature News. He suggests that a gene causing asymmetric cell division in the young embryo might set up asymmetry throughout the body. Others aren't so sure. Clyde Francks of the University of Oxford in Great Britain thinks there are many genes--not just one--that determine if we're right-handed or left-handed.

This gene hunt could be hard. Some think there may not even be a gene for handedness since two left-handed parents can have a right-handed kid. Or, in a set of identical twins, one could be right-handed and the other left-handed. Aha! Klar thinks he has this one solved. If the children of lefties inherit a "random" gene, they could be either right-handed or left-handed--so it's still genetically governed.

"It is certainly possible to make a very accurate guess at which hand somebody writes with by looking at their head," Klar told London's Evening Standard. "Medically, this is also important as it reveals a lot about how the brain develops and which parts of the body develop along with it. It is actually a very good indicator of brain symmetry." The research could one day help treat diseases caused by abnormalities in brain symmetry like autism, schizophrenia, and dyslexia.

3. Arutz Sheva News Wednesday,
Sep. 24, 2003 / Elul 27, 5763
A new visit-Israel campaign was kicked off in New York yesterday, under the theme, "I Care. And I'm Going." Israel's Minister of Tourism Benny Elon called a press event sponsored by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations as well as leaders of Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and Reconstructionist Jewry. During the upcoming holiday season, beginning with Rosh HaShanah three days from now and ending with Simchat Torah three weeks later, as many as one million Tourism Pledge Cards will be distributed at synagogues across America. Participants are asked to sign the card, pledging to visit Israel some time in the coming year.

Tourism has jumped during 2003, and by the end of the year, 1.2 million tourists will have visited Israel - 50% more than in 2002.

A Russian passenger plane from Saudi Arabia infiltrated Israeli air space this afternoon, apparently by accident. Israel Air Force combat planes were alerted to the scene, and escorted the plane outside Israel. A month ago, Israeli intelligence received warning of an Al-Qaeda scheme to hijack a plane from a Saudi Arabian airfield - only 200 kilometers from Israel - and crash it into an Israeli building.
Noa (a girl's name) and Daniel are, once again, the two most popular names in Israel. The name Noa, not to be confused with the name of the Biblical ark-builder Noah, is borne by 1,314 babies born in 2002, or 3% of the total number of girls born then. Daniel was given to 2% of the boys in 2002.

Next on the list of popular boys' names are Itai, David, Noam, Ido, and Amit. The name Uri or Ori (spelled the same in Hebrew) surprised most observers by jumping 14 places from the year before, and was 7th most popular in 2002. For girls, Shira, Maya, Adi, Yael and Tamar are the runners-up. Eden, for no apparent reason, dropped from 5th place to 17th. Among names given to both boys and girls, Noam (meaning "pleasantness") is #1, given to 670 boys and 532 girls last year.

Nine of the top 15 boys' names are of Biblical origin, as are six of the top 15 for girls. The others are of modern Hebrew origin.

"Tel Be'er Sheva sits near the confluence of the Be'er Sheva and Hevron Rivers, where settled land meets the desert. Archaeologists working there uncovered two-thirds of a settlement from the early Israelite period, when a fortified administrative city was built on the tel (mound composed of the remains of successive settlements). This site has unparalleled importance for the study of biblical-period urban planning..."

To read the rest of this article, go to Arutz-7's Travel Page.

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Jerusalem News-248
1. Egyptian Find
2. Atlantis by Cyprus?
3. Mongolia - Another "Gate" to be Acquired?
4. Gunman Kills Two as Family Celebrates Jewish New Year
5. Iranian FM warns Israel not to strike nuclear facilities []
6. Ukraine warns U.S. of nuke-terror threat
7. Maiden Castle

1. Egyptian Find

13th Century tablet could lead to lost archives of Ramses II. 27/09/2003. ABC News Online

[This is an extract from story]

The discovery of a stone tablet detailing diplomatic ties between the ancient Egyptians and Hittites in the 13th Century BC could be the key to the lost archives of Ramses II, according to archaeologists.

Discovered at Qantir 120 kilometres north-east of Cairo, the tablet dates back to the time of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh, Ramses II (1298-1235 BC) and confirms his capital, Pi-Ramses, was in the Nile Delta.

"Its the first time that such a written record has been found in the capital of Ramses II, which confirms the location of Pi-Ramses," Mohammad Abdul Aksud, director of antiquities in the Delta region told AFP.

Although small and badly preserved, the tablet takes the form of an 11-line letter sent by the central Anatolian Hittite court to that of Ramses II, Mr Aksud said, which "could lead us to the lost archives of Ramses II".

It was found by a team of German archaeologists, lead by Egyptologist Edgar Pusch, secretary-general of Egypt's Supreme Council for Antiquities, Zahi Hawass told AFP.

It dates from shortly after the Egyptian and Hittite empires made peace in 1278 after years of war, Mr Hawass added.

The tablet is written in cuneiform script, invented in about 3,300 BC by the Sumerians and used throughout the Middle East until the first century AD.

Quoting Pusch, Hawass told AFP it was comparable to another tablet written in cuneiform found in Turkey and others found at Tell Al-Amarna, in southern Egypt.

Tell Al-Amarna was capital during the time of Akhenaton (1372-1354 BC), remembered in history for having switched his kingdom to monotheism with the worship of the one sun god, Aton.

The tablets found there show the earliest diplomatic correspondence ever discovered.

The Qantir tablet may be followed by the discovery of a temple in the same region, where Ramses II built his capital.

Ramses II married a Hittite princess to shore up peace with the central Anatolian empire, so he could concentrate on the threat posed in Mesopotamia, where the Assyrian empire was bent on conquest.


© 2003 Australian Broadcasting Corporation

2. Atlantis by Cyprus?
[Map on site of interest]
The search for Atlantis 'ends at Ayia Napa'
By Fiona Govan

It may be the answer generations of experts on the ancient world have been looking for. New research claims that the fabled ancient civilisation of Atlantis is located close to Cyprus.

After nearly 10 years of research using ocean mapping technology and accounts from ancient texts, an American explorer says he has evidence that Atlantis lies beneath the deep blue waters off the southern tip of the island.

Robert Sarmast, a self-proclaimed mythologist and expert on the ancient world, makes this claim in his book, Discovery of Atlantis - The Startling Case for the Island of Cyprus, published last week in America by Origin Press. Mr Sarmast uses maps to show the location of archaeological remains on a sunken strip of land just off the south coast of Cyprus, which he says is Atlantis.

Mr Sarmast said at his home in California last week: "This is going to rewrite the history books. We are set to make the biggest archaeological discovery of all time."

His research, which cost $500,000 (£312,000) and uses data collected by a Russian scientific survey vessel in 1989, was paid for by the Heritage Standard Corporation, an organisation involved in undersea surveys for oil and gas. He now intends to carry out an expedition to explore the sea bed, to find proof of his theory.

Mr Sarmast says the site matches Plato's account of Atlantis, in the dialogues Timaeus and Critias, written in about 400BC. The description is said to be based on the writings of Solon, who recorded the account told to him by the Egyptians in around 600BC.

Whereas many historians believe that Atlantis is the stuff of legend and that Plato's description is an allegory to praise the values of Athenian society, Mr Sarmast takes a more literal view.

"My discovery will vindicate Plato," he said. "Within his dialogues, Plato provides factual clues as to what Atlantis was like. I have matched all but two of the 45 clues with the area around Cyprus. That's either the biggest coincidence in the history of the world or we have found Plato's Atlantis. Plato's account is so detailed that it is possible to make city plans based on his description. These match exactly the antediluvian maps of Cyprus as discovered through oceanographic mapping."

Mr Sarmast says he has identified many of the areas described by Plato, including a rectangular plain, running east to west, containing a metropolis at its centre.

Central to the latest theory is the fact that the Mediterranean basin suffered a catastrophic flood with the destruction of the Gibraltar "dam" that once closed the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic.

This substantiates Plato's claim that an epochal flood "swallowed up" the island of Atlantis leaving only the uninhabited mountainous regions above water, and supports the Biblical story of the flood.

Mr Sarmast believes that it will not be difficult to launch an underwater expedition and that the rewards will be great. "It's only a mile down in warm, calm waters," he said. "Compare that with the Titanic which is two miles down in freezing, treacherous waters. That was explored fully 20 years ago.

"What we have here is a whole city, an ancient civilisation, megalithic sites packed full of artefacts. We can expect to find colossal buildings, bridges, roads, canals and stone temples. With no sunlight, heat, oxygen or wind to degrade its remains, Atlantis will be mummified in the cold waters of the deep sea, frozen in time."

Mr Sarmast's claim about Cyprus is, however, just the latest in a long list of suggested locations for Atlantis, including the Azores, the Sahara desert, Malta, Central America and Antarctica.

3. Mongolia - Another "Gate" to be Acquired?
NY Times
Mongolians Return to Baghdad, This Time as Peacekeepers

Published: September 25, 2003

ULAN BATOR, Mongolia, Sept. 22 In 1258, the Mongol general Hulegu, a grandson of Genghis Khan, sacked Baghdad, killing 800,000 people and ending its primacy as the largest city in the Arab world.

This month, the Mongolians returned to Iraq. Ferried into the country on American military transports, 180 Mongolian Army soldiers all male, all volunteers are guarding pipelines and working on construction projects under a Polish command.

"This is not like the 13th century," Col. B. Erkhenbayar, commander of Mongolia's Peacekeeping Operation Battalion, said here, smiling so widely his eyes disappeared. "Then, we went to invade. This time, we are going to build Iraq."

In the Bush administration's roster of 34 nations serving in Iraq in the American-led "coalition of the willing" about half are formerly Communist countries like Mongolia. Like many other normally overlooked nations that have sent soldiers to Iraq, Mongolia did so more out of geopolitics than concern for Iraq. Mongolia's offer of troops surprised the American government because it had not asked Mongolia for help, said Steven R. Saunders, president of a private, Washington-based group promoting business ties with Mongolia.

Around this dusty city with its Cyrillic character signs left over from the Soviet era, Mongolians talk of supporting democracy in Iraq, of bolstering geopolitical ties with the United States and of returning their nation's long-eclipsed name to the world stage.

Mongolia is the only nation in Northeast Asia where there is widespread support for sending troops to Iraq: Russia glowers, China appears neutral and Japan has approved the sending of troops but begs for more time. South Korea has 650 military medics and engineers in Iraq, sent despite violent public protests. Now, in the face of American demands for combat-trained troops, South Korea is sending a study group.

Slightly more than a decade after the departure of the last Soviet troops here, democracy is not an abstraction for Mongolia. Last summer, Tibetan Buddhist priests working at a monastery here disinterred the remains of about 600 lamas, or high priests, each buried with his hands tied behind his back and a bullet hole in the skull. They were killed in 1937 by Mongolian Communists in an effort by Stalin to stamp out Mongolia's historic religion.

Mongolia is rapidly embracing the United States in an effort to develop a balance to its historically dangerous neighbors, China and Russia. Twice the size of Texas, but with only 2.4 million people, this land of nomadic herders has a deep, if rarely voiced, fear of becoming another Tibet. After centuries of Chinese rule, Mongolia won independence only in 1921 with Soviet support.

Gen. T. Togoo, chief of staff of the Mongolian armed forces, noted that, historically, Mongolia won breathing space by pitting neighbors against each other. As he spoke, rap music from the Voice of America radio filtered through his Soviet-built headquarters.

The United States has provided the Mongolian military with peacekeeping training, English lessons and, for the Chinese border area, patrol radios and engineering work.

According to foreign mining company employees who work in the Gobi Desert border areas, this "engineering work" seems to involve installing electronic surveillance equipment to monitor North Korea and the Lop Nor nuclear testing site in China, which is just across Mongolia's western border.

In addition, the United States is advising Mongolia on how to reshape its military for the post-Soviet era. Over the last 20 years, Mongolia's military has shrunk by two-thirds, to about 15,000 today. Last year, a law took effect defining the military's primary missions as border patrol, disaster relief and participation in international peacekeeping missions.

By sending troops to Iraq, Mongolia hopes to win powerful friends for a small nation that is often confused with Inner Mongolia, the neighboring Chinese province.

"Now," said Col. Gurin Ragchaa, a military spokesman, "everyone will know where Mongolia is."

"We are squeezed between two superpowers, so having an army is not enough," Prime Minister Enkhbayar said in English honed at the London School of Economics and Americanized in trips to Washington. "We have to secure our sovereignty and independence through diplomatic measures, economic measures, international organizations."

Two weeks ago, as the last Mongolian soldiers arrived in Iraq, Mongolia, whose trade with the United States was only $180 million last year, formally proposed to Washington a free trade pact.

"Negotiations could be concluded in one weekend," Mr. Saunders said over a pineapple pizza lunch at the California Restaurant, one of the latest American cultural imitations here. "It would have not any economic impact on the U.S. In one year, the U.S. trades less with Mongolia than what it trades with Taiwan in 12 hours."

4. Gunman Kills Two as Family Celebrates Jewish New Year


[]ERUSALEM, Sept. 26 A Palestinian gunman killed two people, one of them a baby girl, and wounded two more when he opened fire tonight on an Israeli family celebrating the Jewish New Year at their home in a settlement outside the West Bank town of Hebron. Israeli troops rushed to the scene and fatally shot the attacker.

Israeli authorities expressed outrage at the attack, which occurred as Jewish families were holding the traditional feast at the beginning of the new year's holiday, Rosh Hashana, which began at sundown tonight.

"This terrorist knew people would be sitting down to dinner at this time," Capt. Jacob Dallal, a spokesman for the Israeli military, said of the shooting, which occurred about 9 p.m.

In the West Bank, the gunman, who had an M-16 automatic rifle, knocked on the door of a home in the Israeli settlement of Negohot, Captain Dallal said. A man who was a guest at the home opened the door and was gunned down. The baby girl, who lived at the home, was also shot and killed, the captain said. The girl's parents were wounded before a nearby military unit shot the attacker.

The military said it did not have the girl's age, but Israeli news reports said she was less than a year old.

Palestinian gunmen in the Hebron area have carried out repeated attacks on Friday nights, when Israeli families gather for large family meals, Captain Dallal added.

No group immediately claimed responsibility. Israeli military forces, however, have carried out many raids in Hebron in recent weeks, killing several militants from the Hamas and Islamic Jihad factions, which vowed to strike back.

Tonight's attack immediately prompted comparisons to a Palestinian suicide bombing at the beginning of the Passover holiday in March last year. That attack killed 29 people at a hotel dining room in the coastal city of Netanya and was followed two days later by a major Israeli incursion into the West Bank.

Israel's security forces were out in large numbers today to guard against a possible attack as the holiday approached. In the hours before it began, Israel imposed a full closing of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, which kept all Palestinians from those areas from entering Israel.

The measure was introduced to cover the holiday period, which lasts until sunset on Sunday.

It is more difficult, however, for the security forces to guard against attacks in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, where more than three million Palestinians live. Israel has nearly 150 settlements in these areas, and Negohot is relatively small and remote.

5. Iranian FM warns Israel not to strike nuclear facilities []
By Reuters
WASHINGTON - Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal
Kharazi, denying his country has "any program to
produce weapons of mass destruction," warned
Israel that Iran would respond to any strike on
its nuclear facilities.

In an interview aired on Sunday
on ABC's "This Week," Kharazi
said the possibility of an
Israeli military strike on its
nuclear program was "a threat,
no question."

Israel has warned that Iran's
nuclear program posed a threat
to the world and was reportedly
considering such a strike if Iran is pursuing a
nuclear option.

6. Ukraine warns U.S.
of nuke-terror threat
Security, intelligence officials investigate radioactive package addressed to America

Security, police and intelligence officials in Kiev have formed a joint task force to examine possible purchase of nuclear materials by U.S.-based terrorists including one package addressed to America, reports the latest issue of Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

The investigation followed a discovery last week of a radioactive package seized in the capital's airport. The package was addressed to the U.S., according to the online subscription intelligence newsletter.

An official with the Ukraine Ministry of Emergencies said the package was emitting radiation ''at a rate which is thousands of times higher than the acceptable norm in Kiev of 0.05 milliroentgens.''

Mykola Karabet, an officer with the Ministry of Emergencies, said the parcel was found in a luggage depot awaiting shipment. He claimed the material was packed in a way that did not endanger human life.

Information of the discovery was immediately shared with U.S. officials who alerted U.S. Customs and the FBI, according to G2 Bulletin. The U.S. is said to be on the alert for packages containing hazardous material coming from the former Soviet Union.

Diplomatic sources in Kiev said the discovery of the package was not the first of its kind and that U.S. officials in the Ukrainian capital said there was every reason to be concerned over the latest discovery.

Throughout the Cold War, the Kremlin kept an iron grip on the Soviet nuclear arsenal through an array of elaborate procedures from stringent border screenings to multiple, decentralized stockpiles designed to ensure the safety of its nuclear deterrent. But the collapse of the Soviet Union left Moscow with a sprawling, insecure nuclear infrastructure.

Despite some progress in decommissioning and protection, only one-third of Russia's estimated 600 metric tons of weapons-usable nuclear material is currently secure. Meanwhile, the Russian military, the primary guardian of post-Soviet nuclear security, is destitute and ridden with criminality.

A thriving nuclear black market has sprung up in Central Asia, Europe and the Balkans. In one high-profile incident in 1995, Ukrainian officials in Kiev apprehended two former Russian soldiers carrying 13 pounds of stolen highly enriched uranium half the fissile material necessary for a nuclear bomb. In another, authorities in St. Petersburg, Russia, nabbed a Russian nuclear scientist and his accomplice in 1999 for smuggling weapons-grade californium from rusting Russian nuclear icebreakers to St. Petersburg-based crime groups.

In all, close to 100 nuclear smuggling attempts have been thwarted by Russian and international law enforcement over the last five years. But countless others have gone undetected. In 1995, German intelligence agencies were already estimating that there were nearly 200 incidents of nuclear trafficking annually. And last year, a more conservative estimate by the International Atomic Energy Agency officially confirmed that more than 370 smuggling incidents have taken place since 1993.

Even more alarming is that Russia's nuclear complex has become a bargain basement for terrorists. In 1993, the Islamic Jihad organization, a terrorist group affiliated with Iran's radical Revolutionary Guard, the Pasdaran, made a serious bid to acquire nuclear materiel from one of Russia's ailing ''nuclear cities.''

Since then, other groups have gotten into the game. Osama bin Laden is believed to have paid millions to acquire a Soviet-era ''suitcase bomb'' in 1998, and to have subsequently enlisted Chechen extremists to raid Russian nuclear facilities. In all, more than 100 terrorist groups around the world are estimated by the United Nations to currently have the tools and the fissile material necessary for some form of nuclear capability.

7. Maiden Castle
In Britain in the south in the county of Dorset (near Cornwall and Wales) is maiden castle.
The general features of Maiden Castle are apparently like those found in certain Israelite fortifications
before the exile. More details later.


The largest Iron Age Hill Fort in Europe.
[]Maiden Castle is the largest Iron Age hill fort in Europe and covers an area of 47 acres. 'Maiden' derives from the Celtic 'Mai Dun' which means 'great hill'. It is situated just 2 miles south of Dorchester in Dorset. It is truly an amazing place: even after more than 2000 years, the earthworks are immense, some ramparts rising to a height of 6 metres (20 feet).

It is thought that the construction of Maiden Castle began around 3000 BC and flint tools and other object dating from that time have been found. The late Stone Age/ early Bronze Age people who lived there built a massive ditch and bank some 545 metres in length. There are Bronze Age burial mounds on the right hand end of the Castle.

The present hill fort as we see it today, was started during the Iron Age around 450 - 300 BC when the area of the fort was extended and the ramparts and ditches were enlarged. Three ditches were dug, the earth removed being used to build the ramparts. A wooden fence would have been built along the ramparts with wooden gates at the entrances. The entrances were not aligned therefore making it more difficult for opposing forces to gain entry.

At the time of the Roman invasion in 43 AD, Maiden Castle was inhabited by the Durotriges tribe. The battle to take the castle was a bloody one: the Romans under Vespasian finally victorious. Recent excavations have uncovered the bodies of 38 Iron Age warriors, buried with food and drink for their journey into the after life.

[]A Roman temple was built at Maiden Castle in the 4th century, the foundations of which can still be seen today. The fort was abandoned shortly after this time, although it may have been occupied during early Saxon times. It has certainly been deserted for the last 1400 years or so.

Maiden Castle is maintained by English Heritage and is open all year. At the site there is a large car park with information boards regarding the history of this extraordinary monument. As you climb the hill, the sheer size of the place and the huge effort it must have taken to build it, cannot fail to impress!


"The Britons apply the term 'strongholds' to densely wooded spots fortified with a rampart and trench, to which they retire in order to escape the attacks of invaders."

Caesar, Gallic War

The largest and most famous of all British hillforts, the triple ramparts of Maiden Castle near Durnovaria (Dorchester) were erected in the first century BC and breached in AD 43 by Legio II Augusta under the command of the future emperor Vespasian. It was one of more than twenty such settlements that Suetonius says was captured in the subjugation of southwest Britain.

The savagery of the assault is evidenced by a skeleton in the Dorset County Mu

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Jerusalem News-249
1. Oslo War Results
2. Honest Reporting: Rosh Hashana Nightmare
3. Iran woman awaits execution
4. Arutz Sheva News Monday
5. Ramses II

1. Oslo War Results:
From: Jackie Miller
Subject: Israel
Following are
official government statistics regarding the effect of the Oslo War that began
three years ago on Rosh Hashanah, another in a list of byproducts of the signing
of the Oslo Agreement.

a. Murdered - 867 persons

b. Injured in terror attacks - 5,878 (4,184 civilians and 1,694 security
personnel). Many of the injured remain with permanent disabilities as a result
(loss of arms, legs, etc).

c. 18,876 terror attacks, an average of 17.6 a day. Most occurred in Yesha
(Judea, Samaria & Gaza) areas (96%), but the ones inside Green Line Israel (4%)
were generally more lethal. Over half the lives lost were inside Israel proper.

d. 306 suicide bombers - 127 bombers blew themselves up while 179 were
apprehended in time.

e. The war has cost the economy NIS 75 billion. The standard of living has
dropped about 6%.

2. Honest Reporting: Rosh Hashana Nightmare
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 14:01:17 -0700
From: Honest Reporting <>
Dear HonestReporting Subscriber,

On Friday night (Sept. 26), an Islamic Jihad terrorist opened fire on a West Bank (Negohot) home filled with families sharing a Jewish New Year meal, murdering 7-month-old Shaked Abraham and 26-year-old Eyal Yerberbaum.

Media reports included many of the disturbing breaches of fair journalism that have characterized coverage of the past three years of Palestinian violence:

BBC's headline, "Three Dead in West Bank Attack," presents a gross moral equivalence between the terrorist and victims all of whom are grouped together, without specifying that one of the "three dead" murdered the other two in cold blood.

Further, the BBC headline fails to identify either the (Arab) attacker or the (Jewish) victims. Nor does BBC mention the newsworthy fact that one victim was a baby.

Given this most benign, nondescript headline, we can only conclude one of two possibilities: 1) the BBC headline writer is inept, unable to capture the essence of the incident, or 2) BBC purposely drafted this headline in keeping with an agenda to whitewash acts of Palestinian terror and Israeli victimhood.

Comments to:

Reuters included this background information to rationalize the terrorist act:

"Palestinians regard Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as major obstacles to peace and have regularly attacked them."

Reuters' description suggests preposterously that Palestinian terrorists perpetrate the willful murder of civilians out of a quest for peace.

Comments to:

While the Palestinian terror continues, it is unsettling to see the media's pattern of cloudy headlines and rationalization of barbaric terrorism continue apace.

3. Iran woman awaits execution

Brian Whitaker
Saturday September 27, 2003
The Guardian

An Iranian woman is about to be executed for killing a police chief who allegedly tried to rape her, Amnesty International said yesterday.

Afsaneh Nouroozi, 32, was reportedly arrested six years ago after killing the head of police intelligence in Kish, southern Iran.

At her trial she said that she had acted in self-defence. Her lawyer cited an article of Iran's Islamic criminal law that allows citizens to take "proportionate" action to defend "life, honour, chastity, property or freedom" when it is impractical to summon help from the authorities.

Nouroozi was nevertheless sentenced to death, and the sentence is reported to have been upheld by the supreme court last month. The only person able to grant clemency at this stage is the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Amnesty believes the execution is imminent.

The case has aroused controversy because of implications for women's rights.

The 83 people reportedly executed in Iran so far this year have been male. At least five women were executed last year, four for killing their husbands.

4. Arutz Sheva News Monday
Sep. 29, 2003 / Tzom Gedaliah 5764
Health Ministry statistics for 2002 show that almost 20,000 abortions were carried out in Israel last year - some 40% of them in hospitals and the rest in private clinics. Efrat, an organization dedicated to encouraging Jewish population growth in Israel, reports that it saved 1,336 fetuses from being aborted last year - 11% more than in the previous year. The same trend is apparent this year, and the organization notes, "These are not merely dry statistics; every life is an entire world." Over 700 mothers, many of whom originally wanted to abort their babies because of economic difficulties, currently receive monthly allowances from Efrat.

Today, the third day of the Hebrew month of Tishrei, is the Fast of Gedaliah - a day of fasting and reflection for Jews around the world. Gedaliah ben [the son of] Achikam was appointed some 2,500 years ago by the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar to serve as Jewish governor in Israel. This occurred following the exile of most of the Jewish population and the destruction of the First Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Gedaliah was soon assassinated, however, by a fellow Jew, thus ending Jewish independence in the Holy Land for the next 70 years.

5. Ramses II
From: Betty Rhodes
In regards to the Ramses II article you sent earlier - Andis Kaulins had this to say about it:

Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 16:03:54 -0000
From: "Andis Kaulins" <<>>
Subject: Re: Ramses II

The importance of the previous posting [about Ramses II] is this:

see <>

where it is written:

"Professor Kitchen then went on to discuss the Hebrews and their
activities in Egypt from the time of Joseph up to the Exodus. There
is evidence for Hebrew building activity in the Delta from the time
of Tutankhamun, as they began the building and re-building of a
number of cities, including Pi-Ramses, Sais and Tanis."

So, we see here that Ramses II placed his capital at Pi-Ramses, a
city rebuit by the Hebrews at THIS time.

I claim Ramses II was King Solomon, so that this story makes sense
using my historical interpretation.

And why pray tell should Ramses II put his capital right in the
middle of the Jewish neighborhood in the Nile Delta? unless he
himself were Jewish.


Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2003 21:50:05 +0200

Jerusalem News-250
1. Transfer of Arabs Is The Only Sound Solution
2. Abortions by Binyamin Zeev Kahana
3. Efrat
4. Arutz Sheva News Tuesday
5. Jews and Christians Support the Ten Commandments
6. Arutz Sheva News Wednesday
7. Latvia and Nazis

1. Transfer of Arabs Is The Only Sound Solution
From: Women in Green <>

Transfer of Arabs Is The Only Sound Solution For Peace!
Ruth and Nadia Matar

For many years now, Arafat, through his educational system, has inculcated Arab children with hatred of Jews. He has been extraordinarily successful. Aided and abetted by his daily Arab propaganda network directed both to adults and children, Arafat has effectuated a hatred against Jews that is irremediable. He has innovated suicide bombings of civilians, honoring, even posthumously, the maker of bombs and suicide bombers. Generations of children growing up in the Palestinian Authority school system have had ingrained in them that killing Jews is desirable. This inclination has become an integral part of Arab culture. As a result, 1200 Jews have been killed, and literally many, many thousands maimed for life.

Arafat promises those who die in suicide bombings to be instantaneously rewarded. He labels them "heroes." There have been so many children growing up with this orientation, that no "true peace" between Jew and Arab can ever be realistically obtained. That Arabs in the future will live side by side in peace with Jews, does not square with the facts, nor with the daily murder of Jews by Arabs.

The Road Map, sponsored by the European Union, the U.N., and Russia, as well as U.S. Secretary of State Powell and President Bush, has not taken reality into consideration. The Road Map is essentially the Saudi Arabian solution to the Mid-East problem, and as such is one sided and basically unfair.

Radically new thinking is required in order to have peace in the area. Transfer of Arabs from the Holy Land is, without a doubt, the best solution. Once upon a time, that concept was looked upon with disfavor by "liberals". Whereas, they saw no difficulty in transferring Jews out of their homes in historical Judea and Samaria, as far as Arabs are concerned, that was taboo. Yet the fact remains that the Promised Land was promised by G-d to the Jews only. This fact is recognized even in the Koran.

Most Arabs came into the Holy Land from surrounding Arab lands within the last 100 years. Transfer could be made to Jordan where the majority of the population is made up of so-called Palestinian Arabs. Or they can be sent back to many of the Arab lands from which these Arabs originally emigrated to Israel. Fair payment can be made to those Arabs who agree to leave the Holy Land. Arabs who wish to remain, can do so, provided they agree to be a citizen of a Jewish State. The United States and the E.U. would have to play a major role in this enterprise. Both of them have been anyhow pouring substantial monies into the area; their monies could be used more effectively for the purpose of resettling Arabs.

Transfer would require the cooperation of many of the surrounding Arab States, something with which Arab governments have heretofore not had a very good track record. However, if the U.S. and the E.U. brought sufficient pressure, that problem could be overcome. What is needed is a determination to bring peace to this important area of the world, and there is nothing more logical and simple than to allow for a vibrant democratic Jewish State living peacefully with its neighbors. Transferring Arabs out of the Holy Land not only complies with G-d's Promise, but will definitely assist in making this desired goal possible.

Jerusalem, September 30, 2003 Ruth and Nadia Matar

2. Abortions
by Binyamin Zeev Kahana (11/91)
Translated by Lenny Goldberg

Abortions In Israel: More Than a Million Victims in 47 Years

This column is dedicated to one of the most shocking, yet relatively undiscussed subjects - abortions in the State of Israel. There is an organization called "Efrat" whose primary goal is to increase the number of births of Jewish children in Israel. This group, which works with wonderfu l"msirus nefesh" [self-dedication] in fighting the astronomical number of abortions in Israel, asked us to write about this subject for Parshat Shmot. Considering the critical nature of the matter, we are more than happy to fulfill this request. The fact is that he who remains quiet concerning the issue of elective abortions becomes a partner to this atrocious mass murder.

As society increasingly depicts abortions as representing"progress" and "womens rights", the statistics regarding it have become more and more staggering. According to "Efrat", more than 1,000,000 children have been killed since the beginning of the State. Yes, a genuine holocaust - and no one cares. According to a recent study, 60% of women who gave birth at Hadassah Hospital in Har HaZoftim admitted than they underwent an abortion "out of convenience" in the past. When the former Minister of Health Dr. Sadan took it upon himself to fight against this phenomenon, playing a short film for the members of the Israeli Knesset depicting the abomination of abortions in Israel, and comparing this legal mass murder to the Holocaust in Europe, the Knesset members jumped out of their skin. What enraged them so? The murder of the fetuses? Of course not! What shocked these bleeding hearts was the fact that Mr. Sadan made the comparison of abortion to the Holocaust. He was forced to step down and relinquish his duties.

What is particularly fascinating, though, is the entire leftist, liberal approach to the subject. From their point of view, the more one supports abortions, the more "enlightened" that person is. You may ask: How does mass murder sit so well with humanitarian enlightened types? It's quite simple! You see, the killing of a fetus is an expression of "freedom over one's body", feminism, and progressive advanced society! And what about the fetuses right to live? That is not relevant to the modern and progressive.

While every decent person would agree that child abuse is abhorrent, suddenly it becomes legitimate and even fashionable to kill a child in his mother's womb. Technically speaking, harming a child one second after he leaves his mother's womb is demented, but killing it a second before leaving his mother's womb is "freedom over her body". This gross perversion of morality is the result of morals that are dictated by man and not God. Not long ago, it was even reported that in certain gynecological clinics that perform abortions, dogs eat the remains of the baby after it has been grated from his mother's womb.

"The Tiniest Human Being"

Story of a Doctor: "Many years ago, after anesthetizing the woman for the sake of halting the pregnancy from outside the womb (second month), I held in my hand the tiniest human being ever seen. The fetus was impeccable - complete and transparent. It was a male full of energy swimming in the sac of water, adjoined by the umbilical cord to the wall of the sac. The miniature human being was completely developed - long and narrow fingers, feet and toes. Its skin was practically transparent. Its arteries and veins stood out until the tips of his fingers. The body was completely alive and was in no way similar to the pictures of fetuses that I had seen in the past. When the sac was opened, his life was terminated instantaneously, and he looked just like one would expect a fetus to look like at this stage - lifeless." (Dr. Paul N. Rockwell)

"80 Cents Short"

Story of a Chief of Staff: "I was born in Tel Adashim. The date was under dispute, until my father and the head of the village determined: anuary 11, 1929. I left my mother's womb to breathe the world's air because my parents were....too poor. Totally impovershed. Four children came before me, and my father could not provide for them. That is why my parents decided to spare me from such poverty and put an end to me - in my mother's womb. But we were so poor that that my father couldn't come up with the two liros necessary to perform the abortion. Through great effort my father was able to collect one liro and 20. He urged the doctors to do the abortion and he would pay the 80 grushim at a later date - but the doctors refused. No credit allowed, and a son was born. Now there were five children in the needy family. There were days when my parents would say jokingly: "This kid is worth two liros?" (Story of former Chief of Staff, Rafael Eitan)

3. Efrat
I wonder if you could provide more info about Efrat. Such as where to send a
donation to help with monthly allowances to these mothers who have decided
not to abort their babies.
Thank you,

Answer: See
Donations In Israel Efrat
10 Ha-ilug Street
P.O.B. 6325
Jerusalem, 91062
Donations In United States C.R.I.B.
1612 57th Steet
Brooklyn, NY 11204-1832
Contact Information Name: C.R.I.B - Efrat
Fax: 972-2-654-1393

4. Arutz Sheva News Tuesday
Sep. 30, 2003 / Elul 4, 5763
IDF forces destroyed the home last night of the terrorist who murdered baby Shaked Avraham and Eyal Yeberbaum on Rosh HaShanah Eve. The attack was perpetrated in Negohot, in Judea between Hevron and Kiryat Gat, by a Palestinian terrorist who was released from prison only two months ago. Suspected of planning a terror attack, he served a 13-month sentence on charges of belonging to an enemy organization.

Egypt has released 1,000 members of the extremist Moslem organization Jama'a Islamiya from prison, in honor of the upcoming 30th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War. Local police say that the freed prisoners declared they would not revert to violence. Egypt also freed the head of the cell that assassinated Anwar Sadat in 1981 last week, after he expressed regret for the deed. On the other hand, Algerian news reports say that the Algerian army killed 150 Islamist terrorists during the past two weeks in an ongoing government anti-terror offensive.

A leading wanted Hamas terrorist was caught today near N'vei Yaakov, Jerusalem. This afternoon, a pipebomb exploded alongside an IDF patrol near Netzer Hazani in Gush Katif; no one was hurt.

5. Jews and Christians Support the Ten Commandments

From: Toward Tradition <>

News Release
For immediate Release

Jennifer Brunson
Toward Tradition
PO Box 58
Mercer Island, WA 98040
(206) 236-3046

Jews and Christians Join Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue to Support the Ten Commandments

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - September 29, 2003 - Toward Tradition, a national organization of Jews working with Christians, joined with Governor Sonny Perdue of Georgia and the Christian Coalition today at the State Capitol in Atlanta to oppose secular fundamentalists' attempts to ban the Ten Commandments from public display.

Toward Tradition works to redirect America toward the traditional Judeo-Christian values that defined America at its creation. It's founder and President, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, has stated, We believe that to be successful, we must defeat the negative forces of secular fundamentalismand anti-religion bigotry. And there is no better example of anti-religion bigotry than the efforts of the secular fundamentalists to remove the Ten Commandments from the public square, and especially from our courts of justice.

6. Arutz Sheva News Wednesday
Oct. 1, 2003 / Tishrei 5, 5764
In the three years of Palestinian terrorist warfare, there have been almost 19,000 terrorist attacks against Israeli targets. Despite its tiny size, Gaza was the site of 54% of the attacks, 42% in Judea and Samaria, and only 4% in the rest of Israel. These attacks include suicide explosions, car bombs, shootings, mortar shellings, bombs, lynchings, stabbings, and rock-throwings, and have claimed 862 victims. The total number of terrorism deaths since the signing of the Oslo Accords just over 10 years ago: 1,111.

A poll of Palestinian Authority Arabs finds that support for Yasser Arafat is on the rise. A poll taken by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion after the Israeli decision to "remove" the PA Chairman shows that 73.7% of the PA public support him - more than in previous surveys. The survey also indicated that 56.3% of the PA Arabs support the continuation of the armed conflict with Israel.

The Israeli threat against Arafat has had other consequences as well. The New York Daily News, quoting a Hamas source, says that Israel's threat to evict or possibly kill Yasser Arafat is the reason the terrorist group has held off on recent attacks. "Hamas doesn't want to have a black historical [mark against it] that it was the reason for expelling Arafat," a Hamas member said. Recent Israeli attempts against Hamas leaders, some successful, are the reason the organization has been keeping a low media profile, the paper reports.

The head of a top Islamic Jihad leader in Jenin was caught this morning hiding under a car. An IDF Egoz unit arrested Bassam Sa'ad, one of the most wanted terrorists, and thus fulfilled one of the army's primary objectives in its two-week-old offensive in the city. At least 20 wanted terrorists have been arrested during this period, several planned terrorist attacks have been foiled, and at least one car bomb was discovered and dismantled.

A cell of rock-throwing Arabs was arrested early this morning in a raid on an Arab village near Givat Ze'ev... Arab gunmen opened fire and threw grenades last night at Israeli soldiers manning two positions along the Egypt-Israel border near Rafiach. No one was hurt, and the soldiers returned fire... IDF forces arrested 14 wanted terror suspects during the night, in the areas of Ramallah, Tul Karem and Shechem... Israeli security services issued 38 warnings of possible terrorist attacks today...

7. Latvia and Nazis
From: Vlady Rozenbaum <>

Latvia Opens SS Veterans Cemetery
09/27/2003 15:21

The opening ceremony was very solemn

The ceremony to open the common cemetery of Latvian legionaries - Nazi
SS veterans - is taking place in Latvia today. The solemn ceremony
started at midday, local time, it was broadcast on the national
television and radio. Former legionaries, their relatives and followers
are to take part in the ceremony together with a lot of Latvian
politicians and leaders of Latvia's largest religious confessions.

Three military orchestras of the Latvian Defense Ministry will be
playing at the ceremony. "The whole Latvia will see that an old
sanctuary has appeared in the country," chairman of the National
Warriors Association Nikolay Romanovskis said.

It is very hard to be unbiased about the current events in Latvia.
Nevertheless, today's opening of the cemetery is not the first example
to show the Baltic republic's attitude to WWII. Of course, one may
recollect that SS divisions had not been formed only in Latvia. Nazis
attracted the French, the Dutch, the Croatians. The motto was common for
all - to defend Europe from the bolshevik danger. However, the attitude
to SS members was the same for all countries after the war was over -
people despised them. Monuments or memorials in honor of SS members have
never been opened or unveiled in any country of West Europe. However, it
became a very pompous ceremony in Latvia. At times, SS veterans organize
demonstrations in Germany, although the German government has always
tried to stand aloof from marching elderly men, who were lucky to avoid
a Soviet, an English, a French or an American bullet. In addition, the
German police had to take a lot of efforts not to let antifascists beat
SS veterans on such demonstrations.

It is impossible to justify the things which take place in Latvia today.
In Latvia, SS veterans are referred to as the military men, who defended
their fatherland from the Soviet invasion. That is why one has to honor
and respect them. Such a reference is meant for people, whose minds have
been fogged with chauvinism, or for silly people, who study history on
Latvian text books.

Latvia has recently held the referendum devoted to the country's
membership in the EU. The majority of Latvians supported the idea - they
already imagine themselves the "residents of the joint European space."
One may only congratulate Brussels: the European Union will have the
country that praises Nazis' "deeds."

Vasily Bubnov

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Jerusalem News-251
1. Texas Band Incident
2. Jewish Views on Abortion by Rabbi Immanuel Jakobovits

Note the "crowd reaction" in this article. Andrew

Texas Band Chief Apologizes for Nazi Flag

By Associated Press

September 30, 2003, 5:49 PM EDT

DALLAS -- A high school band director has apologized for a halftime performance that included "Deutschland Uber Alles," the anthem closely associated with Adolf Hitler, and a student running across the field with a Nazi flag.

Charles Grissom, Paris High School's band director, said his intention was to have a historical performance featuring the flags and music of the nations that fought during World War II.

The show, titled "Visions of World War II," nearly caused a melee at Friday night's football game at Dallas' Hillcrest High School.

"We were booed," Grissom said Monday. "We had things thrown at us. We were cursed."

Paris' assistant coaches were even targeted as they made their way through the bleachers to a press box after halftime.

"The assistant coaches ... got blasted, cursed," said Brent Southworth, Paris' head football coach.

Grissom said he never intended to offend anyone, and he apologized repeatedly.

"We had an error in judgment," Grissom told The Dallas Morning News in an interview published Tuesday. "Our intent was never to cause any harm."

The show was performed in Paris, about 100 miles northeast of Dallas, a week earlier after the homecoming game against Athens.

The band, which began working on the show in August, planned to perform it at the University Interscholastic League contest Oct. 15.

The show also includes the flags and music of France, Britain, Japan and the United States. The flags were raised in intervals that corresponded with the music of the nations. An announcement over loudspeakers before the performance explained the school was trying to do a "historical, accurate depiction of the event."

Mark Briskman, regional director for the Anti-Defamation League, said his organization received many calls and e-mails expressing shock "that in 2003, this type of insensitivity would occur."

"This can serve as an educational tool that there are certain tools and certain symbols that still carry ... an amount of hurt," Briskman said. "It was a mistake, and they've apologized for it, and we basically accept their apology."

2. Jewish Views on Abortion by Rabbi Immanuel Jakobovits
Jewish Views on Abortion
Rabbi Immanuel Jakobovits
1967 (revised 1975)

Extracts Only:
Many physicians have, of course, always claimed that the decision whether or not to terminate a pregnancy should be left to their judgment- a claim already for some time asserted on a wide scale through the establishment at many hospitals of "abortion boards," composed solely of physicians, charged with the responsibility of sanctioning all such operations.

In the Jewish view, this line of argument cannot be upheld.

The judgment that is here required, while it may be based on medical evidence, is clearly of a moral nature. The decision whether, and under what circumstances, it is right to destroy a germinating human life, depends on the assessment and weighing of values, on determining the title to life in any given case. Such value judgments are entirely outside the province of medical science. No amount of training or experience in medicine can help in ascertaining the criteria necessary for reaching such capital verdicts, for making such life-and-death decisions. Such judgments pose essentially a moral, not a medical problem. Hence they call for the judgment of moral, not medical specialists.

A physician, in performing an abortion or any other procedure involving moral considerations, such as artificial insemination or euthanasia, is merely a technical expert; but he is no more qualified than any other layman to pronounce on the rights or legality of such acts, let alone to determine what these rights should be, relying merely on the whims or dictates of his conscience. The decision on whether a human life, once conceived, is to be or not to be, therefore, properly belongs to moral experts, or to legislatures guided by such experts.

Jewish Law

Right and wrong, good and evil, are absolute values which transcend the capricious variations of time, place, and environment, just as they defy definition by relation to human intuition or expediency. These values, Judaism teaches, derive their validity from the Divine revelation at Mount Sinai, as expounded and developed by sages faithful to, and authorized by, its writ.

The Sources of Jewish Law
For a definition of these values, one must look to the vast and complex corpus of Jewish law, the authentic expression of all Jewish religious and moral thought. The literary depositories of Jewish law extend over nearly four thousand years, from the Bible and the Talmud, serving as the immutable basis of the main principles, to the great medieval codes and the voluminous rabbinical responsa writings recording practical verdicts founded on these principles, right up to the present day.

The Rulings of Jewish Law
While the destruction of an unborn child is never regarded as a capital act of murder (unless and until the head or the greater part of the child has emerged from the birth canal), it does constitute a heinous offense except when indicated by the most urgent medical considerations. The foremost concern is the safety of the mother. Hence, in Jewish law an abortion is mandatory whenever there is a genuine fear that a continued pregnancy might involve a grave hazard to the life of the mother, whether physical or psychiatric (such as the risk of suicide, following previous experiences of mental breakdown).

More difficult to determine-and still widely debated in recent rabbinic writings-is the judgment on abortions in cases of risks to the mother's health rather than to her life; of rape or incest; and of fears of physical or mental defects in children born to mothers who had German measles (rubella) or took certain teratogenic drugs (e.g. thalidomide) during the first months of pregnancy. Quite recently, several leading authorities have reaffirmed the Jewish opposition to abortion even in these cases, branding it as an "appurtenance of murder." But some others have lately given more lenient rulings in these circumstances, provided the operation is carried out within the first forty days following conception, or at least within the first three months. However, whatever the verdict in these particular cases, they are of course exceptional, and Jewish law would never countenance abortions for purely social or economic reasons.

The moral thinking set out in the rest of this article, especially insofar as it concerns abnormal births and the products of rape or incest, reflects in particular the majority view of the stricter school of thought which sanctions abortions only for the safety of the mother.

The "Cruelty" of the Abortion Laws
At the outset, it is essential, in order to arrive at an objective judgment, to disabuse one's mind of the often one-sided, if not grossly partisan, arguments in the popular (and sometimes medical) presentations of the issues involved. A hue and cry is raised about the "cruelty" of restrictive abortion laws. Harrowing scenes are depicted, in the most lurid colors, of girls and married women selling their honor and their fortunes, exposing themselves to mayhem and death at the hands of some greedy and ill-qualified abortionist in a dark, unhygienic back-alley, and facing the prospect of being hunted and haunted like criminals for the rest of their lives- all because safe, honorable, and reasonably-priced methods to achieve the same ends are or were, barred from hospitals and licensed physicians' offices by "barbaric" statutes. Equally distressing are the accounts and pictures of pitifully deformed children born because "antiquated" abortion laws did not permit us to forestall their and their parents' misfortune. And then there are, of course, always heart-strings or sympathy to be pulled by the sight of "unwanted" children taxing the patience and resources of parents already "burdened" with too large a brood, not to mention the embarrassing encumbrance of children "accidentally" born to unwed girls.

There is, inevitably, some element of cruelty in most laws. For a person who has spent his last cent before the tax-bill arrives, the income tax laws are unquestionably "cruel"; and to a man passionately in love with a married woman the adultery laws must appear "barbaric." Even more universally "harsh" are the military draft regulations which expose young men to acute danger and their families to great anguish and hardship.

Moral Standards in Society
All these resultant "cruelties" are surely no valid reason for changing those laws. No civilized society could survive without laws which occasionally spell some suffering for individuals. Nor can any public moral standards be maintained without strictly enforced regulations calling for extreme restraints and sacrifices in some cases. If the criterion for the legitimacy of laws were to be the complete absence of "cruel" effects, we should abolish or drastically liberalize not only our abortion laws, but our statutes on marriage, narcotics, homosexuality, suicide, euthanasia, and numerous other laws which inevitably result in personal anguish from time to time.

The Hidden Side of the Problem
What the fuming editorials and harrowing documentaries on the abortion problem do not show are pictures of radiant mothers fondling perfectly healthy children who would never have been alive if their parents had been permitted to resort to abortion in moments of despair. There are no statistics on the contributions to society of outstanding men and women who would never have been born had the abortion laws been more liberal. Nor is it known how many "unwanted" children eventually turn out to be the sunshine of their families. . .

Based on the approximate rate of 30,000 abnormal births [in the UK] annually (as reliably estimated), and making allowance for the number of women whose hazards would be reduced if they did not resort to clandestine operations, well over 95% of all abortions would eliminate normal children of healthy mothers.

In fact, as for the mothers, the increased recourse to abortion (even if performed by qualified physicians), far from reducing hazards, would increase them, since such operations leave at least five per cent of the women sterile, not to mention the rise in the resultant mortality rate. One can certainly ask if the extremely limited reduction in the number of malformed children and maternal mortality risks really justifies the annual wholesale destruction of three million germinating, healthy lives, most of them potentially happy and useful citizens, especially in a country as under-populated as America (compared to Europe, for instance, which commands far fewer natural resources).

The Individual's Claim to Life
These numerical facts alone make nonsense of the argument for more and easier abortions. But moral norms cannot be determined by numbers. In the Jewish view, "he who saves one life is as if he saved an entire world"; one human life is as precious as a million lives, for each is infinite in value. Hence, even if the ratio were reversed, and there was only a one per cent chance that the child to be aborted would be normal-in fact the chances invariably exceed 50% in any given case-the consideration for that one child in favor of life would outweigh any counter-indication for the other 99 per cent.

The Obligations of Society
The birth of a physically or mentally maldeveloped child may be an immense tragedy in a family, just as a crippling accident or a lingering illness striking a family later in life may be. But one cannot purchase the relief from such misfortunes at the cost of life itself.

The exercise of man's procreative faculties, making him (in the phrase of the Talmud) "a partner with God in creation," is man's greatest privilege and gravest responsibility. The rights and obligations implicit in the generation of human life must be evenly balanced if man is not to degenerate into an addict of lust and a moral parasite infesting the moral organism of society. Liberal abortion laws would upset that balance by facilitating sexual indulgences without insisting on corresponding responsibilities.

Therapeutic Abortions
This leaves primarily the concern for the mother's safety as a valid argument in favor of abortions. In the view of Judaism, all human rights, and their priorities, derive solely from their conferment upon man by his Creator. By this criterion, as defined in the Bible, the rights of the mother and her unborn child are distinctly unequal, since the capital guilt of murder takes effect only if the victim was a born and viable person. "He that smites a man, so that he dies, shall surely be put to death" (Exodus 21:12); this excludes a foetus, according to the Jewish interpretation. This recognition does not imply that the destruction of a foetus is not a very grave offense against the sanctity of human life, but only that it is not technically murder. Jewish law makes a similar distinction in regard to the killing of inviable adults. While the killing of a person who already suffered from a fatal injury (from other than natural causes) is not actionable as murder, the killer is nevertheless morally guilty of a moral offense.

This inequality, then, is weighty enough only to warrant the sacrifice of the unborn child if the pregnancy otherwise poses a threat to the mother's life. Indeed, the Jewish concern for the mother is so great that a gravid woman sentenced to death must not be subjected to the ordeal of suspense to await the delivery of her child. (Jewish sources brand any delay in the execution, once it is finally decreed, as "the perversion of justice" par excellence, since the criminal is sentenced to die, not to suffer. It should be added, however, that in practice Jewish law abolished the death penalty to all intent and purposes thousands of years ago, by insisting on virtually impossible conditions, such as the presence of and prior warning by two eyewitnesses.)

Such a threat to the mother need not be either immediate or absolutely certain. Even a remote risk of life invokes all the life-saving concessions of Jewish law, provided the fear of such a risk is genuine and confirmed by the most competent medical opinions. Hence, Jewish law would regard it as an indefensible desecration of human life to allow a mother to perish in order to save her unborn child.

This review may be fittingly concluded with a reference to the very first Jewish statement on deliberate abortion. Commenting on the Septuagint version (itself a misrepresentation) of the only Biblical reference, or at least allusion, to abortion in Exodus 21:22-23, the Alexandrian-Jewish philosopher, Philo, at the beginning of the Current Era declared that the attacker of a pregnant woman must die if the fruit he caused to be lost was already "shaped and all the limbs had their proper qualities, for that which answers to this description is a human being . . . like a statue lying in a studio requiring nothing more than to be conveyed outside." The legal conclusion of this statement, reflecting Hellenistic rather than Jewish influence, may vary from the letter of Jewish law; but its reasoning certainly echoes the spirit of Jewish law. The analogy may be more meaningful than Philo could have intended or foreseen. A classic statue by a supreme master is no less priceless for being made defective, even with an arm or a leg missing. The destruction of such a treasure in utero can be warranted only by the superior worth of preserving a living human being.


Dr. Immanuel Jakobovits was for many years the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom (and the Commonwealth). A prolific writer on Jewish affairs (he authored Jewish Medical Ethics), he published the original version of this article in the book Abortion and the Law (Western Reserve University Press, 1967).

This article was taken from the Spring 1996 issue of The Human Life Review. Published by THE HUMAN LIFE FOUNDATION, INC., Editorial Office, Room 840, 150 E. 35th St., New York, N.Y. 10016. Subscription inquiries should be sent directly to the editorial office. Subscription price: $20.00 per year.

Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2003 21:55:36 +0200

Jerusalem News-252
1. Mass Murder of Jews in Haifa
2. Arutz Sheva News Sunday,
3. Voice of Judea:
a. Israel bombs Syrian terrorist base.
b. Praying with their guns.
c. Study: Asking forgiveness is healthy

4. President Bush Meets Rabbis
5. Important Brit-Am Meeting October 14th (Tuesday)

1. Mass Murder of Jews in Haifa
Last Update: 04/10/2003 23:15
3 children, baby girl, 4 Israeli Arabs among dead in attack ae5565.jpg
By <>David Ratner , <>Yuval Dror and <>Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondents, Haaretz Service and Agencies

At least 19 people were killed and 45 wounded when
a woman suicide bomber blew herself up in a
restaurant in the northern city of Haifa at around
2:15 P.M. on Saturday.

A number of children are among
the dead, and six of the
wounded are in serious
condition. The suicide bomber
was also killed in the attack.

Israel Radio reported that the
dead included three children, a
baby girl, three members of the
same family and four Israeli


The blast took place in the "Maxim" restaurant,
which was packed at the time. The restaurant is
located on Ha'Haganah Boulevard at the southern
entrance to the coastal city and is owned by
Israeli Arabs.

Islamic Jihad later claimed responsibility for
the attack, identifying the bomber as
29-year-old Hanadi Jaradat, a trainee lawyer
from the West Bank city of Jenin. Her brother
Salah and a cousin, both Islamic Jihad
militants, were killed in June by IDF troops.

2. Arutz Sheva News Sunday,
Oct. 5, 2003 / Erev Yom Kippur 5764
At 2:15 yesterday afternoon (Saturday), an Arab woman from Jenin - a 29-year-old lawyer - blew herself up in Haifa's Maxim Restaurant, a joint Jewish-Arab owned establishment, murdering the 19 victims.

Over 60 people were originally reported wounded, and 30 now remain in the hospital, including one in very critical condition and five who sustained serious wounds. Police report that the bomb contained some ten kilograms of explosives, as well as a large quantity of metal pieces designed to increase the devastation of the blast.

The Maxim Restaurant has been in operation for over 40 years, and is considered one of the most popular eateries in Haifa. George Matar, a Christian-Arab who owns the restaurant together with his wife Ilham and the Jewish couple Shabtai and Miri Tayar, was telling his wife that the restaurant was packed and that it looked like it would be a happy and successful day - when suddenly their phone call was cut off by the explosion. Matar was seriously wounded. "Everyone knows everyone, and we're like one big family," said Orli Nir, the Tayars' daughter. "If certain people don't show up on Saturday morning, we call up to find out what's wrong."

The guard at the crowded restaurant was apparently not armed, and witnesses later said that the terrorist walked into the middle of the restaurant and there blew herself up. The murderer told her sister beforehand that if she hears of an attack in Israel, she should pass out candies to celebrate, and that it would be in revenge for the killing by Israeli forces of her [the murderer's] brother and cousin/fiancee. Jenin, the city from where the terrorist set out, was placed under curfew last night, and IDF forces destroyed her home early this morning.

This was the second major attack in less than two months perpetrated by a highly-educated Palestinian terrorist. In August, a 29-year-old Moslem religious leader (imam) and teacher carried out a massacre against Jews when he blew himself up aboard a Jerusalem bus, murdering 23 people.

3. Voice of Judea:
1. Israel bombs Syrian terrorist base.
2. Praying with their guns.
3. Study: Asking forgiveness is healthy

From: Voice of Judea <>
Subject: Yom Kippur Israel Headlines
Tishrei 9, 5764


1. Israel bombs Syrian terrorist base.
2. Praying with their guns.
3. Study: Asking forgiveness is healthy

a. Israel bombs Syrian terrorist base.

As millions of Israelis make there last minute preparations to usher in Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish Calendar, and as thousands of Israelis mourn the 19 casualties from Shabbats attack in Haifa, and as the families of the 2600 I.D.F. soldiers who perished in the Yom Kippur war prepare their annual memorials for their loved ones the I.D.F. today carried out a daring operation in Syria, bombing Islamic Jihad bases.

The attack came as no surprise as retaliation for the massacre carried out yesterday by an Islamic Jihad female terrorist in Haifa yesterday.

Israels top correspondents and political pundits offered clear hints about potential Syrian targets in early morning news reports.

b. Praying with their guns.

Shimon Rokeach, Chief of Security for the ministry of religion has ordered all synagogues to place 2 armed guards at the entrances, and to make certain that there be at least 5 armed people participating in services. All shuls were instructed to make certain to have cellular phones available.

c. Study: Asking forgiveness is healthy

It is now official if you offended someone - he will feel much better if you go and ask his forgiveness. Maariv7 Tishrei, quotes a scientific American study that finds that apologies reduces stress, illness, anger, fear and sadness.

According to Jewish law Yom Kippur and repentance can only bring forgiveness to man for offenses committed against G-d. The only way to repent for sins committed against fellow man is by apologizing and seeking his/her forgiveness.

4. President Bush Meets Rabbis

Extracts Only
Subject: HAMODIA FEATURE ARTICLE President Bush Hosts Jewish Representatives
by Hamodia Staff - Hamodia News Front Page - October 3, 2003

In an historic event, President George W. Bush invited Orthodox rabbis and
leaders of other Jewish denominations to meet with him in the White House on
Monday, September 29, right after Rosh Hashana. Jewish representatives have
traditionally been invited to the White House during Chanuka.

Among the fifteen participants were eight Orthodox rabbis,

Prior to the private meeting, White House press secretary Scott McClellan
told reporters during his regular news briefing that the president was
forward to his meeting with congregational rabbis later in the afternoon.
is the Jewish high holy days and it is time for prayer and reflection in the
Jewish community. Today's meeting is part of the president's ongoing
to reaching out to faith-based leaders who make our nation stronger, so the
president looks forward to that meeting," said McCellan.

The hour-long meeting actually took place in the Eisenhower Executive Office
Building due to the Do-Not-Call legislation that was being signed at the
in the White House. Many topics were discussed with the president, most
notably the topic of a presidential pardon for Jonathan Pollard, which was
raised by
Rabbi Feldman and then echoed by Rabbi Pruzansky some twenty minutes later,
speaking on behalf of the Jewish community.

While the support of the Orthodox community for the faith-based initiatives
is natural, it was surprising that Conservative leader Rabbi Marc Gelman,
whose denomination has not voiced support of faith-based initiatives, stated that
the president should not be misled by what the secular organizations are
saying in opposition to his faith-based initiatives, because most Jews are
supportive of them, because they know the positive effect that religion can
have on
people's lives.

The president averred that despite the setbacks in Iraq, he is determined to
stay the course. Bush claimed that already now Iraq is a far better place
it was several months ago, and that Iraqis are finally starting to get their
lives in order. Furthermore, he declared that the war on terror is the most
important issue we are currently confronting, and that he was not going to
down from it.

Rabbi Lerner quoted a well-known story about a kindergarten child
his teacher that they could bring Mashiach [Messiah]. The child asked, "If the
tzaddikim of previous generations were unsuccessful in their attempts to
Mashiach, how can we imagine that we will be able to do so?" The reply, a
applicable analogy, was a comparison to dropping coins into a pushke [charity box] and
when it will fill up. Finally, one penny fills it up and it overflows.
Similarly, all our tefillos [prayers] for Mashiach are added to those of the tzaddikim
[saintly people]
and other
members of Klal Yisroel [whole community of Israel] from today and from previous generations, and who
knows which tefilla, which z'chus [merits] will finally bring the geula sheleima [Complete Redemption] we
are all yearning for?

5. Important Brit-Am Meeting
A major Brit-Am meeting will be held at 1930 14th October at the Mount Zion Hotel in Jerusalem,
If you are in Israel at the time please attend if you can.
It should be worthwhile.
The meeting is hosted by Rick Richardson and his group and will be in the main lecture hall
of the Hotel. Physically this venue is very amenable.

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"And I will bless them that bless you" (Genesis 12:15).

Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 10:37:25 +0200

Jerusalem News-253
1. Bush Tells Israel It Has the Right to Defend Itself
2. The case against Jordan
3. Non-Jews celebrate
Rosh Hashanah in Saskatchewan
4. Oil and gas running out
5. Condolences

1. Bush Tells Israel It Has the Right to Defend Itself

October 7, 2003


Bush Tells Israel It Has the Right to Defend Itself


[]ASHINGTON, Oct. 6 President Bush said Monday that he had told Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel that his country "must not feel constrained" in defending itself, signaling that the United States would not condemn Mr. Sharon's decision to stage an airstrike inside Syria in response to the latest suicide bombing in Israel.

A day after Israel attacked what it said was a terrorist training camp in Syria in retaliation for the suicide bombing in northern Israel on Saturday that killed 19 people plus the bomber, Mr. Bush suggested that the responsibility for breaking the growing cycle of violence now rested primarily with the Palestinian leadership.

"I made it very clear to the prime minister, like I have consistently done, that Israel's got a right to defend herself, that Israel must not feel constrained in defending the homeland," the president said at the White House in response to a reporter's question.

Israel's strategy of hitting a target inside Syria raised the question of whether the Sharon government had adopted Mr. Bush's policy of focusing on not just terrorists but also states that harbor them. The lack of explicit criticism from the United States did nothing to dispel the impression that the White House, after discouraging Israel from assuming that it could embrace the Bush doctrine in its battle against Palestinian extremists, was now doing nothing to stop Israel from doing so.

The White House spokesman, Scott McClellan, said that Israel had conducted the raid without informing the United States in advance, and that the administration was not giving Mr. Sharon permission to take his nation's fight against terrorism into other countries.

"We're not a traffic light," he said.

But other administration officials said the United States was keenly aware of the parallels.

"There is some applicability here of the Bush doctrine," an administration official said.

Mr. Bush did say he had also told Mr. Sharon, during a phone conversation on Sunday after the Israeli attack inside Syria, that "it's very important that any action that Israel take should avoid escalation and creating higher tensions."

But the president then pointedly turned to the subject of the Palestinian Authority and, without identifying him, Yasir Arafat, the Palestinian leader. Mr. Bush, who has written off any chance that Mr. Arafat would advance the prospects for peace, has been pushing the Palestinians to create a government with a prime minister who could assume enough power to crack down on the violent groups like Islamic Jihad and Hamas that have been responsible for most suicide bombings in Israel.

"In order for there to be a Palestinian state, the Palestinian Authority must fight terror and must use whatever means is necessary to fight terror," Mr. Bush said, pounding his fist for emphasis.

He spoke during an appearance before reporters with President Mwai Kibaki of Kenya, who was making a state visit to the White House to discuss economic aid, trade and the fight against terrorism.

American officials said Monday that the camp in Syria was known to them as having been a training base for various Palestinian terrorist organizations. The attack inside Syria was the first by Israel in 30 years. It elevated concerns in Washington and throughout the Middle East of a widening of the Arab-Israeli conflict and left Mr. Bush's peace plan, known as the road map, with little relevance to the deteriorating situation in the region.

In Congress, Republicans said the Israeli attack could help them push ahead with legislation to impose sanctions on Syria if it did not give up support of terrorist organizations.

Within the administration, officials said, there were mixed feelings about whether Israel was justified in attacking the site in Syria.

"There are ways in which this attack, this retaliation by the Israelis, raises the difficulty level for pushing forward on some of the objectives we have," the administration official said. "But the reality is that the Syrians have been a state sponsor of terrorism. And this camp that the Israelis struck has been used in the past by terrorist organizations, and it's come up in recent intelligence as a location that the Palestinians and Islamic Jihad might be using."

But some experts said the issue of the Bush doctrine merely provided convenient cover for the administration to hold off on criticizing Israel. They said the United States had largely disengaged from the effort to bring peace to the Middle East. In particular, they said, the White House has been unwilling to force Israel to take politically costly steps like halting construction of a barrier around what it considers its territory and ending construction of new settlements, especially given the long odds of producing a lasting peace.

"The notion that the U.S. is pressured to accept Israel's actions because of its own actions against terrorism is not really what's happening," said Shibley Telhami, a Middle East scholar at the University of Maryland. "This is a rationalization of the decision that the administration is not going to weigh in because it costs something and it's not going to work."

The legislation being considered threatens Syria with economic and diplomatic sanctions if it does not abandon its support of Hamas, Hezbollah and other groups; promise to withdraw forces from Lebanon; and stop any development of medium- and long-range missiles and chemical and biological weapons.

The administration has opposed the sanctions plan, which has broad bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate. But now, lawmakers and aides say, the administration has agreed to stay on the sidelines while the House takes up the measure.

"We worked very closely with the administration to make sure it gave them the flexibility they need," said Stuart Roy, a spokesman for the House majority leader, Tom DeLay. "They will not oppose this."

2. The case against Jordan
Alan M. Dershowitz The Jerusalem Post Oct. 7, 2003

Jordan is the West's favorite Arab nation. And for good reason, since it is
the best of a generally bad lot. Most westerners admired King Hussein, adore
his best-selling widow Queen Noor, and respect his son, King Abdullah. US
President George W. Bush recently, and appropriately, praised King Abdullah
for his devotion to peace in the region. No one has to write "The Case for
Jordan," as I have had to write The Case for Israel.

But any fair comparison between the Middle East's most reviled and condemned
nation, Israel, and its most praised nation, Jordan, starkly reveals the
invidious double standard applied to Israel.

A few largely unknown facts about Jordan:

Jordan has a law on its books explicitly prohibiting any Jew from becoming a
citizen, or any Jordanian from selling land to a Jew. It has refused to
amend this law despite repeated demands.

Jordan has perfected the art of torture and uses it routinely against
dissidents, suspected terrorists and perceived opponents of the monarchy.
I'm talking about real torture here, not the kind of rough interrogation
occasionally employed by the US and Israel. Jordan even threatens to torture
and tortures the entirely innocent relatives of suspected terrorists, as it
did with Abu Nidal's mother.

The United States is fully aware of Jordan's proficiency in torture, having
"subcontracted" some of its own difficult cases to Jordanian "experts"
(along with Egyptian and Philippine torture experts). Yet the UN has never
condemned Jordan for its use of torture.

Jordan killed more Palestinians in one month September 1970, known as Black
September than Israel has killed during the three years of suicide bombings
that began in the fall of 2000. The brutality of the Jordanian Army toward
Palestinian dissidents and terrorists was far more egregious than anything
Israel has ever done.

The Jordanian Army has deliberately bombed civilian areas of Israeli cities
in clear violation of international law. In 1967, before Israel fired a
single shot at Jordan, the Jordanian Army fired 1,600 missiles into west
Jerusalem, targeting apartment buildings, shops and other non-military
targets. Israel did not respond by bombing Amman, which it easily could have
done. It responded by attacking Jordanian military targets and then offering
a cease-fire, which Jordan rejected.
JORDAN IS not a democracy. It is a hereditary monarchy which stifles
dissent, freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Its democratic facades
a legislature, cabinet, judiciary are all subject to control by the
Hashemite minority rulers who were placed in charge of the majority
Palestinian population by a colonial decision.

Why do Americans not know the case against Jordan? Because it is in no one's
interest to make it. Jordan is an ally of the United States (at least some
of the time). It is a peace partner with Israel (at least now). It is the
best of the Arab states in the Middle East, but "best" is a comparative term
with a relatively low basis for comparison.

Why then am I making the case against Jordan? Simply to demonstrate the
double standard so widely employed in judging Israel. Nothing justifies this
double standard. Yes, Israel receives American aid, but so does Jordan (as
well as Egypt, the Palestinian Authority and other Arab states). Indeed
Jordan receives, on a per capita basis, more actual aid than Israel, if aid
is defined as receiving assistance in return for nothing. Israel earns its
aid by giving back an enormous amount especially in the area of military
intelligence and technology. The aid given to Jordan is entirely a one-way
street that goes primarily into propping up its minority monarchy and
preventing its Palestinian majority from taking over. Israel, as a
democracy, needs no aid to prevent internal upheaval.

So this case against Jordan is really part of the case for Israel. It
invites fair-minded people to ask why Jordan which by any standard of fair
judgment is less democratic, more oppressive, and far more racist gets a
pass while Israel is subject to so much vilification.

Having made the case against Jordan, let me add that I, too, admired King
Hussein, whom I had the pleasure of meeting. I, too, respect his son King
Abdullah, who recently met with Bush and restated his commitment to a
peaceful two-state solution. But I must insist and the world must insist on
a single standard of judgment and criticism with regard to all nations. By
any such standard, Israel deserves less criticism and more praise than

The writer is a professor of law at Harvard. His latest book is The Case for

3. Non-Jews celebrate
Rosh Hashanah in Saskatchewan

Special to The CJN

VANCOUVER Its erev Rosh Hashanah and a crowd of 52 people has gathered to celebrate the Jewish New Year. The tablecloths are white and bathed in candlelight and the food is traditional: round challot, gefilte fish, chicken soup and matzah balls, tzimmes and a honey cake.

It might sound like most Jewish households in Canada, but this is an unusual scene. This is Esterhazy, Sask., where a crowd of non-Jews will gather Friday night in Margies Corner, a restaurant attached to a gas station owned by 66-year-old Marjorie Toth.

I want to do Rosh Hashanah in appreciation of the Jewish people that contributed so much to the development of the West,said Toth, who is an observant Lutheran. The world is all backwards, and in my own small way, Im trying to promote love and understanding between people of different cultures and religions.

A Swede by descent, Toth learned about Judaism as a teenager, when she worked at Harrys General Store, a shop owned by Harry Markovitch, one of the towns two Jewish families. It was 1954, a time when virtually every town in the prairies had a Jewish merchant or shopkeeper, people who played a vital role in the development of the West. Helping out in the kitchen on the holidays and assisting in the Markovitch familys bar mitzvah celebrations, Toth developed a lifelong appreciation for the Jewish people, their culture and food. Today, she remembers Harry Markovitch as the best boss I ever had.

Shes not alone in her memories. Of the 50 locals who each paid $10 for the homemade Rosh Hashanah dinner, many of them knew the towns Jewish families. This year, they learned about the Jewish traditions associated with the New Year, as Toth explained the significance of the holiday and the traditional food.

A lot of people dont know any of the Jewish customs at all,Toth said, adding that she hoped to give them a little education as well.

To make sure she had the menu right, Toth called Markovitchs daughter, Karen Trester, who now lives in Vancouver.

She wanted to find out what prayers she should say over the candles, and told me my parents were so wonderful that she developed a love of the Jewish people from them,said Trester. With all the hatred going on in the world with anti-Semitism, I told her its friends like her that Jews need.

Rosh Hashanah isnt the only holiday thats been celebrated in Margies Corner, which Toth and her husband purchased three years ago. Last Christmas Eve, she hosted a Ukrainian dinner, and in July, she organized a celebration of First Nations.

While business at her gas station on the corner of highways 9 and 22 in Esterhazy is going slowly, the special events Toth prepares in her restaurant are well-attended.

I dont like to brag, but the food is very good,she said. We make everything ourselves. The only thing thats bought is the ketchup.

4. Oil and gas running out

Oil and gas running out much faster than expected, says study

By Charles Arthur, Technology Editor

02 October 2003

World oil and gas supplies are heading for a "production crunch"
sometime between 2010 and 2020 when they cannot meet supply,
because global reserves are 80 per cent smaller [sic! --AEL] than
had been thought, new forecasts suggest.

Research presented this week at the University of Uppsala in
Sweden claims that oil supplies will peak soon after 2010, and gas
supplies not long afterwards, making the price of petrol and other
fuels rocket, with potentially disastrous economic consequences
unless people have moved to alternatives to fossil fuels.

While forecasters have always known that such a date lies ahead,
they have previously put it around 2050, and estimated that there
would be time to shift energy use over to renewables and other
non-fossil sources.

But Kjell Aleklett, one of a team of geologists that prepared the
report, said earlier estimates that the world's entire reserve
amounts to 18,000 billion barrels of oil and gas - of which about
1,000 billion has been used up so far - were "completely
unrealistic". He, Anders Sivertsson and Colin Campbell told New
Scientist magazine that less than 3,500 billion barrels of oil and
gas remained in total.

Dr James McKenzie, senior assistant on the climate change
programme at the World Resources Institute in Washington, said:
"We won't run out of oil - but what will happen is that production
will decline, and that's when all hell will break loose."

Present annual oil consumption is about 25 billion barrels, and
shows no signs of slowing. That would suggest a "production
crunch" - where consumption grows to meet the maximum output -
within the next couple of decades.

Dr McKenzie said that on this topic the argument split between
economists and geologists. "The economists think it will just
force the price of oil up, which will mean it will become economic
to extract it from all sorts of unusual places, such as tarry
sands or deposits which are 90 per cent rock and 10 per cent oil.
But the geologists say - you tell us where the deposits are and
we'll find them. We've looked and we can't."

One side-effect of having lower oil reserves might be that the
worst predictions of climate change would be forestalled - because
there would be less fuel to burn, and therefore less carbon
dioxide, the greenhouse gas, produced.

The Uppsala team's estimates are lower than any considered by the
International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), whose minimum
estiimate for the total reserves was 5,000 billion barrels.

But Nebojsa Nakicenovic, an energy economist at the University of
Vienna in Austria, who headed the IPCC team that produced the
reserves forecasts, said the Swedish group were "conservative",
and that his team had taken into account a wider range of
estimates. Dr Nakicenovic added that, if oil and gas began to run
out, "there's a huge amount of coal underground that could be

Dr McKenzie said: "We have to accept the fact of oil and gas
production peaking, and get concerned with substitutes. It's not
when will we run out, it's when will production be unable to meet

"And 97 or 98 per cent of transport depends on it. You can use
coal to make methanol to power your cars or buses. But the reality
is that it's all about where the oil is."

The Gulf countries - Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi
Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates - produce about 25 per cent
of the world's oil at the moment, and hold 65 per cent of the
world's oil reserves.

"That's why we went to war in Iraq," said Dr McKenzie. "Gas might
have comparable reserves to oil, but it's not in the right place
and we don't really have the infrastructure to transport it."

5. Condolences

Sincere condolences on the death of Admiral Almong and his entire family in the Haifa attack. He was well respected and loved in the US Navy as well, and he will be missed.

J Linduff
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2003 23:00:56 +0200

Jerusalem News-254
1. A Time To Repent
3. Egyptian refusal to stop smuggling forces
4. Ancient Synagogue Found In Albania
5. IDF planning to attack nuclear sites in Iran ?

1. A Time To Repent

From: jidea <>
Subject: THE FORGOTTEN SHUVAH [Returning, i.e.Repentance]

HaRav Yehuda Kroizer, SHLIT"A, Rosh Yeshiva


By Barbara Ginsberg

Shuvah a time to atone for our sins and how to go about atoning . The
Shofar why it is not blown on Shabbat? These were among the many Shuvah
subjects spoken of by rabbis in their sermons before the New Year. But
never a word was spoken about a most important Shuvah the National Shuvah.
The sin we commit daily by allowing the Arab enemies to live in Eretz
Yisrael, and the governments decision, that if they behave for a short
time, we will be willing to give our enemies a Palestinian State on Jewish

Where is the rabbi to explain that there is a commandment, we are not
allowed to sell or give away G-ds land,even to a friend, how much more so
to an enemy. Other commandments, such as eating kosher, can be temporarily
suspended if there is no kosher food and we will starve to death if we dont
eat. We are commanded to keep the Shabbat and we are not allowed to
travel. But, if we are ill and need to get to a hospital, we are allowed to
drive there to save our life.

Life over everything, except when it comes to giving away G-ds Land. This
commandment is different, as we have an obligation to fight a war for Eretz
Yisrael (Milchemet Mitzva). A war will cost lives, but nevertheless it is
an obligatory mitzvah. There were some rabbis who ignored the obligatory
mitzvah, and argued the fact that to save a life came first. Now, they are
quiet. They see that not only did giving away land to Arabs not save
lives - it cost lives. Since the time that Oslo was conceived, 1,217 Jews
were killed and hundreds crippled for life. Thus, believing we can make
peace by giving away Eretz Yisrael to barbaric people, resulted in parents
burying children and children burying parents.

Clearly we allow G-ds name to be desecrated when we permit Arabs to live in
the Holy Land and kill Jews on a daily basis. We desecrate His name,
whenever we send soldiers door-to-door to find Arab terrorists, and in the
process Jewish soldiers are killed. We desecrate Hashems name, when we
refuse to wipe out an Arab town because of "innocent" Arabs. What about
the slaughter of innocent Jews? And where are the innocent Arabs? You can
see them in the streets after a terrorist attack, applauding the death of
Jews. Those that are that are merciful to our Arab enemies, are evil to
the Jewish People.

what has to be done to take back our land and get rid of this barbaric
nation within our midst.

Lets do this Shuvah and bring the Redemption.


International Christian Embassy Jerusalem icej@icejorg

(JERUSALEM) - Despite three years of violence and a prolonged slump in
tourism in Israel, over 3,000 Christians from more than 80 nations are
expected to arrive in Jerusalem over the next week to take part in the 24th
annual Christian celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles, sponsored by the
International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. The following are highlights and
activities open to the media:

PM. Feast pilgrims are welcomed to Jerusalem by PM Sharon at Binyanei Ha'
Uma, Jerusalem. A contingent of Israeli bus drivers also will be honored on
stage as the "unsung heroes" of the armed intifada.

THE JERUSALEM MARCH - Tuesday, October 14, at 3:00 PM.
The Christian Embassy's Feast pilgrims constitute the largest and most
colorful bloc of marchers once again this year.

JERUSALEM MAYOR URI LUPOLIANSKY- Tuesday, October 14, 7:30 PM Jerusalem's
new Mayor addresses the Feast for the first time at Binyanei Ha'Uma.

FEAST PRESS CONFERENCE - Monday, October 13, 11:30 AM
At Binyanei Ha'Uma, third floor Atrium. Among those participating:
ICEJ Executive Director, Malcolm Hedding
Member of European Parliament, Mr. Rijk van Dam
Member of South African Parliament, Dr. Kenneth Meshoe
Father Joseph, leading a high-level Russian Orthodox delegation of Christian

Wednesday, October 15, from 8:00 to 11:00 PM on the Ben-Yehuda pedestrian
mall, Dorot Rishonim St. This special street concert is being staged in
partnership with the Municipality of Jerusalem to benefit local youths at

BUS EXCURSIONS- Thursday, October 16, 1:00-5:30 PM. Press is invited to join
Feast pilgrims visiting Jewish communities in Judea/Samaria or a visit to an
Israeli army base.

3. Egyptian refusal to stop smuggling forces
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 01:05:03 -0400
Subject: Egyptian refusal to stop smuggling forces Israel to launch major
operation in Rafah

IDF troops clash with Palestinian gunmen

By Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent, Haaretz Service and Agencies Ha'aretz
10 October 2003

Two Palestinians were reported killed while Israel Defense Forces advanced
deep into the Rafah refugee camp in the sourthern Gaza Strip on Friday, in
an operation meant to expose and seal tunnels used to smuggle arms from
Egypt into the Strip. At least 15 Palestinians were reported injured.
No information on the circumstances of the deaths was immediately

Security sources said Palestinians were attempting to acquire missiles that
could knock out tanks and aircraft, weapons they have not used thus far.

These would include Stinger shoulder-mounted anti-aircraft missiles that
could shoot down the attack helicopters Israel often uses in operations in
Gaza, the sources said.

Stinger missiles could also threaten Israeli warplanes or civilian aircraft
flying close to Gaza.

A large Israeli armed force rolled into the refugee camp on the Gaza-Egypt
border early Friday on a mission to destroy tunnels used for smuggling arms,
witnesses and military sources said.

Witnesses said a large number of tanks and other armored vehicles entered
Rafah from two directions. They were joined by special forces, including
engineering units with dogs trained to uncover tunnels.

A gun battle erupted between soldiers and Palestinian gunmen, but there was
no report of casualties.

A military commander at the scene said that weapons smuggled in from Egypt
to Gaza eventually make their way to the West Bank, so "we had no choice but
to strike deep against the tunnels."

Israeli military sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Israel
had intelligence warnings that Palestinians were planning to use tunnels
under the border to smuggle in weapons that could have a strategic impact on
the three-year Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but the Egyptians were not
taking steps to stop them.

IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis

4. Ancient Synagogue Found In Albania

Impressive remnants of a 1,600-year-old synagogue have been discovered in the southern Albanian city of Saranda, opposite the Greek island of Corfu. The remains were first found some 20 years ago, but comprehensive archaeological excavations have been carried out only over the past few months. Among the findings by Albanian and Hebrew University archaeologists are mosaic floors, one of which features likenesses of a seven-branched menorah (candelabra), an etrog (fruit taken on the Sukkot holiday), and a shofar. The facade of a structure possibly resembling a Holy Ark was also found.

5. IDF planning to attack nuclear sites in Iran ?
By Reuters and Haaretz Service
Israel is prepared to launch an attack on Iran's
nuclear sites in order to paralyzed them and
prevent them for being operational, the German
weekly magazine Der Spiegel reported Saturday.

The paper said that Israeli
security officials fear that
the Iranian capabilities of
manufacturing nuclear arms have
reached an advanced stage, and
that the Mossad believes that
Iran is already able to
manufacture weapons-grade

According to the report a special Mossad unit
received orders two months ago to prepare a
comprehensive and detailed plan for the

The magazine quoted an Israeli fighter pilot as
saying that the mission was complicated but
technically feasible.

According to the report, Israel has information
on six nuclear sites in Iran, three of them
previously unknown to the rest of the world,
and plans to have F16 fighter planes attacks
the sites simultaneously.

Israel modified missiles to enable
submarine-based nuclear strike

Also Saturday, the Los Angeles Times reported
that U.S. and Israeli officials say Israel has
modified U.S.-made Harpoon cruise missiles so
it can launch nuclear warheads from

The State Department and Pentagon declined to
comment on the report, as did an Israeli
military spokesman, in line with that nation's
policy of refusing to say if it has nuclear

Israel is regarded as the only nuclear power in
the Middle East.

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Jerusalem News-255
1. Arafat versus USA
2. Israel: The Other Side of the Picture
3. Arafat's proxies behind Murder of Americans

1. Arafat versus USA

Monday, October 21, 2003

Dear Friends,

On Wednesday morning, October 15, three Americans were killed and a fourth severely wounded, in a terrorist bombing of a U.S. Embassy convoy traveling in Gaza in Palestinian controlled territory. The powerful roadside bomb, set off by remote control, ripped through the armored vehicle, cutting it in half.

A group of six U.S. investigators, who came to examine the site immediately thereafter, were pelted with stones by the Palestinians. The U.S. investigators were forced to leave, as Palestinian Authority security officials shot in the air to try to disperse the stone throwers.

The media keeps stressing that this was the first time that American Diplomats were targeted by Arafats terrorists. NOT SO!

In February of 1973, United States Ambassador Cleo Noel, and his assistant G. Curtis Moore, were tortured and machine-gunned in Khartoum, Sudan on ARAFATS DIRECT ORDERS. Arafats voice was recorded on tape (three days worth) ordering the execution of these American diplomats.

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Tel: 972-2-624-9887 Fax: 972-2-624-5380
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2. Israel: The Other Side of the Picture
Washington Post - Oct 20, 2003
Not the Israel I Know
By Joseph M. Hochstein

TEL AVIV -- In his Oct. 7 column Richard Cohen writes about an American who lived in Israel for more than 20 years ["Israel Is Losing," op-ed]. This person has left Israel, probably permanently, Cohen writes, "because he cannot take life there any longer. . . . His business had gone to hell, his life was always in danger and he simply could not take it any longer."

Cohen calls this American "a nonstatistic -- a living victim of terrorism." Cohen adds, "In the perpetual war against Israel, its enemies are winning."

I doubt Cohen's conclusion, but that is not my purpose in writing. Like Cohen's unidentified American, I have lived in Israel for more than 20 years. I arrived from Washington, where I published the Jewish Week newspaper for 18 years.

The Israel in which I live does not match Cohen's description. Cohen says despair is palpable in the Israeli press. But bad news is only part of the story. Recent survey research found more than 80 percent of Israelis happy with their lives, despite all hardships. The economy is in deep trouble, but the country remains a dynamic place culturally, technologically, commercially, even politically. The Hebrew press covers this, too, by the way.

Cohen reports that he rode a bus in Israel and found it "gut-wrenching." He is not the first columnist to confess to uneasiness at visiting Israel. But his is a subjective, outsider's reaction. Ordinary Israelis have to get to work or to school five or six days a week, and the country's buses carry 1 million riders every workday. Tel Aviv's central bus station is said to be the largest in the world.

We in Israel continue going out to cafes, restaurants, theaters, sports events, concerts and public festivals. The motto "life must go on" has achieved the status of an unofficial national slogan, uttered even by a child interviewed on television the other day after a 10-year-old classmate's death in a suicide bombing.

Here is a personal note. To borrow Cohen's words, I am a living victim of terrorism. A suicide bomber from the Islamic Jihad sent me to a hospital -- and nearly killed me -- a few years ago. Other, worse things happened over the years. One of my sons, a paratrooper, was killed in a Hezbollah ambush. Yet, in my view, life in Israel remains desirable.

I worry about the family's safety now and also about prospects of my grandchildren's army service in a few years. In weighing the danger, I cannot escape the thought that my immediate family and I, despite whatever hardship we have suffered, are more fortunate than our numerous relatives in France, Russia and Lithuania who were murdered in the Nazi era and who had no army to protect them. I entertain similar thoughts about our extended family in Israel, wondering what their fates might have been had they stayed in Austria, Poland, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran.

3. Arafat's proxies behind Murder of Americans
Vol. 3, Issue 129, October 17, 2003
Arafat's Private Warlord
Jemal Sema Dana Set up Palestinian Bombing of US Convoy
A profile of the Sema Dana crime clan, which controls most of the Gaza
Strip through its smuggling rings and the "Palestinian Resistance
Committees", holds the key to Yasser Arafat's remote sway over this
Palestinian territory from his place of virtual confinement in Ramallah.
The clan, indigenous to the south Gazan town of Rafah, straddles the
Israeli-Palestinian-Egyptian border junction. From this bastion, it runs a
vast smuggling empire reaching into the kingdom of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon,
Cyprus and the key ports of Egypt's Sinai and Suez. Since the last century,
all the illicit traffic of drugs, money, weapons, people and slaves moving
along these routes has gone through Sema Dana hands.
Arafat is kept well stocked by this loyal mafia with weapons smuggled
through an extensive tunnel labyrinth running under the divided
Egyptian-Gazan frontier town of Rafah. The Palestinian leader also uses
Jemal Sema Dana, his man in Gaza, for terror assignments such as the remote
control bomb attack mounted on Wednesday October 15, on a US-CIA diplomatic
convoy on a north Gazan highway near Beit Hanoun. Arafat contracted the
attack via the Popular Resistance Committees run by. Jemal Sema Dana.
The Committees are essentially a single body created as a local umbrella to
coordinate the terrorist operations of all the organizations in the Gaza
Strip - from Fatah, Tanzim and al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades to Hamas, Islamic
Jihad. It has mutated more than once and today, fortified by Hizballah and
al Qaeda cells, runs combined teams on missions of murder, terror and
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 12:05:56 +0200

Jerusalem News-256
1. "Lost Jews" Revival?
2. Israeli Technology
3. Thera and Ancient Crete
4. Germany and Russia vrs USA?
5. Support for Brit-Am

1. "Lost Jews" Revival?
Oct. 19, 2003
IT'S ALL RELATIVE: Out of the woodwork
Jerusalem Post
The Jewish history of Spain grabbed me at age 13 at a University of Massachusetts summer music camp. Always a book freak, I spent many hours in the well-stocked Judaica section of the campus bookstore.

The first book I bought that summer was Cecil Roth's History of the Marranos, followed by similar "exotic" volumes. The seeds of what would become my interest in genealogy may have been planted that long-ago summer, when I learned the descendants of forcibly converted Jews should be called converso, not the negative term Roth used.

SINCE then I have followed the story, searching out sources. The awakening of descendants of the forcibly converted in Spain in Portugal, and people seemingly coming out of the woodwork in the Southwestern US.

The first anecdote I heard - today I have no idea where I read it - was of a young Hispanic soldier from rural Colorado serving in WWII or perhaps the Korean War. At Passover, when matzoh was placed on the mess hall table, the young man was shocked to see what his grandmother had prepared each year near the Easter holiday. And this started him on a journey of discovery.

JUST this month, major US newspapers carried stories of increased interest in Judaism among the Hispanic population. Such papers as The Miami Herald, Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, Denver Post, New York Jewish Press and others told the stories of those who were searching, some who were returning, of those who appeared in rabbi's studies of Orthodox, Conservative and Reform congregations, relating secrets maintained for five centuries or more. Other news outlets, such as JTA, carried stories of communities in Spain and Portugal.

In the New World, stories were told of families who arrived in New Jersey from Cuba, of those whose Portuguese ancestors from the Azores settled in the whaling town of New Bedford, Massachusetts, of Converso colonists who came north from Mexico with the earliest explorers to what are today the Southwestern states of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. In these and many more locations, people are investigating their identities and beliefs.

A woman appeared at the University of New Mexico with an amulet passed down through the generations - perhaps a scholar can identify the heirloom, she asks - it is a depiction of the two Tablets in silver, passed down from mother to daughter for centuries.

HOW can our imaginations not be fired by the stories of people whose mothers and grandmothers lit candles every Friday for five centuries, who forbade pork in their homes, who slaughtered chickens and other animals in a "secret" way, and who circumcised baby boys, in population areas where this was not common, who covered mirrors in a house of mourning, and who broke eggs separately into bowls to avoid blood spots. We read about children playing with special marked tops, like dreidels, at Christmas, women who celebrated St. Esther around Purim. Documents are preserved in families attesting to couples married secretly by a rabbi, before a public Catholic wedding. Generations of New England women in some families baked what was called Jewish or Portuguese sweet bread (like challah) each week, while in Colorado, a special unleavened cracker was eaten only around Easter.

Certain isolated rural cemeteries are filled with tombstones carved with both crosses and Stars of David, awhile unknown visitors leave small pebbles on top. Other headstones may carry a small Star of David on its reverse side, in an inconspicuous spot, where one would really have to look for it.

There are those who rarely attended church services, whose grandfathers prayed alone or with male relatives in special rooms at home, whose grandparents would make cryptic remarks to grandchildren about not praying to statues but to God in heaven. Of the secrets of 500 years often passed on to younger generations only on elders' deathbeds and not before, as it would have been too dangerous.

There are also recently discovered genetic problems found in some communities, such as the previously thought of Ashkenazi breast cancer gene, carried by 1 of 100 Ashkenazi women, found in Colorado's San Luis Valley among descendants of Conversos.

AS I became more involved in genealogy, my research turned up lists of names recognized as Jewish, books of records held in Spanish archives listing original names with newly adopted New Christian names after forced conversion. Readings in history showed the flow of people of a "certain" identity from Spain to other European countries, into Eastern Europe, to the Caribbean, to South America, to Central America, and into the US.

And as peoples are wont to do, their children and grandchildren move from tiny isolated rural villages to the bigger cities to seek their fortunes and education.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, I met a man from Colorado who had noticed the strange customs of his family and neighbors, but whose relatives refused to talk about it. When he moved from his small town to study at a university in New Mexico, he began to see these customs and to read about them connected to Jewish rituals. When he confronted his visibly frightened parents and grandparents, they strongly denied a Jewish connection. Years later, the grandfather, on his deathbed, admitted that, yes, they were Jews. While he and his family had not yet returned, he said, "At least, I know now who I really am, who we are and it explains those confusing things I grew up with."

Not everyone returns, and unfortunately, the attitude of the rabbinate of all main streams of Judaism has not always been as welcoming as they could have been, although this is changing rapidly in certain areas as more stories are written and more individuals appear.

And there are many more individuals who make tentative inquiries under the greatest of secrecy, refusing to allow their names or locations to be publicized

WHAT it means for Jewish genealogists is that those searching for Sephardic families have a much wider net to cast, and more possibilities. With the combination of easier access to records, the internet and people actively searching for their roots, more opportunity to reconnect is created.

Ashkenazi Jews should remember that there are Polish towns whose Jewish history indicates early Jewish residents were from Spain, that descendants of Sephardic families went all over the Russian Empire. Some names are still known, others have been lost, or perhaps not yet been found in archives. Their descendants intermarried with Yiddish-speaking Ashkenazi Jews.

2. Israeli Technology
Voice of Judea Tishrei 26, 5764
Israel is a "source of innovation" in global world of high technology
By: Bryan Schwartzman

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 16; If you open the medicine cabinet or turn on
the computer, chances are you will be using information or biotechnology
developed by the finest Israeli minds.

One of the most well-known examples is an innovation developed by Israeli
software engineers that later was bought out by America Online and dubbed
AOL Instant Messenger, now a staple of Internet communication.

"Thats what Israel does; it exports brain power," said Paula
Joffe, executive director of the America-Israel Chamber of Commerces
central Atlantic region, which is based in Philadelphia.

"Israel is a global source of innovation, and the level of investment in
Israeli technology is growing," said Chemi Peres, chairman of the Israel
Venture Association, one of the groups sponsoring the one-day conference.

During the first half of 2003, foreigners invested $1.16 billion in
Israel, according to Peres, the son of Israeli Labor Party leader Shimon

In the next two years, Israeli venture capitalists hope to raise between
$2 billion and $3 billion to invest in technological innovation.

"We have been actively looking for investments in Israel," said Goldman.
He said that even with the economic downturn, Israels high-tech industry
still ranks among the top five in the world, second only to the United
States and Canada for the number of publicly traded companies on the
Nasdaq exchange.

And why does Goldman want to invest in Israel?

"It all has to do with their innovation," he said.

Part of the problem for foreign investors is that embarking on a
venture-capital project in Israel involves traveling there and making
contacts on the ground, which many people have been unwilling to do for
fear of terrorism.

The Israel Hi-Tech and Venture Capital Conference will begin at 8 a.m. on
Tuesday, Oct. 28, at Pier 60 in New York City. For more information,
visit the organizers Web site at

3. Thera and Ancient Crete
Scientists Revisit an Aegean Eruption Far Worse Than Krakatoa

[]or decades, scholars have debated whether the eruption of the Thera volcano in the Aegean more than 3,000 years ago brought about the mysterious collapse of Minoan civilization at the peak of its glory. The volcanic isle (whose remnants are known as Santorini) lay just 70 miles from Minoan Crete, so it seemed quite reasonable that its fury could have accounted for the fall of that celebrated people.
This idea suffered a blow in 1987 when Danish scientists studying cores from the Greenland icecap reported evidence that Thera exploded in 1645 B.C., some 150 years before the usual date. That put so much time between the natural disaster and the Minoan decline that the linkage came to be widely doubted, seeming far-fetched at best.

Now, scientists at Columbia University, the University of Hawaii and other institutions are renewing the proposed connection.

New findings, they say, show that Thera's upheaval was far more violent than previously calculated many times larger than the 1883 Krakatoa eruption, which killed more than 36,000 people. They say the Thera blast's cultural repercussions were equally large, rippling across the eastern Mediterranean for decades, even centuries.

"It had to have had a huge impact," said Dr. Floyd W. McCoy, a University of Hawaii geologist who has studied the eruption for decades and recently proposed that it was much more violent than previously thought.

The scientists say Thera's outburst produced deadly waves and dense clouds of volcanic ash over a vast region, crippling ancient cities and fleets, setting off climate changes, ruining crops and sowing wide political unrest.

For Minoan Crete, the scientists see direct and indirect consequences. Dr. McCoy discovered that towering waves from the eruption that hit Crete were up to 50 feet high, smashing ports and fleets and severely damaging the maritime economy.

Other scientists found indirect, long-term damage. Ash and global cooling from the volcanic pall caused wide crop failures in the eastern Mediterranean, they said, and the agricultural woes in turn set off political upheavals that undid Minoan friends and trade.

"Imagine island states without links to the outside world," Dr. William B. F. Ryan, a geologist at Columbia's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, told a meeting of the American Geophysical Union.

Scientists who link Thera to the Minoan decline say the evidence is still emerging and in some cases sketchy. Even so, they say it is already compelling enough to have convinced many archaeologists, geologists and historians that the repercussions probably amounted to a death blow for Minoan Crete.

Rich and sensual, sophisticated and artistic, Minoan culture flourished in the Bronze Age between roughly 3000 and 1400 B.C., the first high civilization of Europe. It developed an early form of writing and used maritime skill to found colonies and a trade empire.

The British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans called the civilization Minoan, after Minos, the legendary king. His unearthed palace was huge and intricate, and had clearly been weakened by many upheavals, including fire and earthquakes.

Nearby on the volcanic island of Thera, or Santorini, archaeologists dug up Minoan buildings, artifacts and a whole city, Akrotiri, buried under volcanic ash like Pompeii. Some of its beautifully preserved frescoes depicted Egyptian motifs and animals, suggesting significant contact between the two peoples.

In 1939, Spyridon Marinatos, a Greek archaeologist, proposed that the eruption wrecked Minoan culture on Thera and Crete. He envisioned the damage as done by associated earthquakes and tsunamis. While geologists found tsunamis credible, they doubted the destructive power of Thera's earthquakes, saying volcanic ones tend to be relatively mild. The debate simmered for decades.

In the mid-1960's, scientists dredging up ooze from the bottom of the Mediterranean began to notice a thick layer of ash that they linked to Thera's eruption. They tracked it over thousands of square miles.

4. Germany and Russia vrs USA?
From: surfer1 <>
Subject: [origin of nations] Germany and Russia quietly forge anti-US projects

Strategic Projects

JEKATERINBURG - Berlin and Moscow are cooperating in the establishment of a
group of states which will, on a case by case basis, oppose the USA in order
to achieve its economic and political interests. During the consultations
between the German and Russian governments in Jekaterinburg, agreements were
reached on a series of projects. These will not only strengthen the economic
integration of Russia but will also increase military collaboration.

Russia's integration into Germany's global power strategies progresses as
well. The Federal Government announced that in questions of foreign policy a
,,great degree of consensus" exists. This specifically refers to further
action in the Near East, where Berlin and Moscow want to assert their own
economic and political interests over those of the USA.

Military cooperation

Berlin and Moscow will also continue to improve existing military
collaboration. Germany is the first NATO member which is permitted in the
future to complete military transports over Russian territory; in the future
German tanks and soldiers will be transported to Afghanistan through Russia.
In addition, Schröder and Putin signed a project which provides for the
modernization of the Russian nuclear armed forces.

Awakening memories

The increased military cooperation of Berlin and Moscow raises considerable
anxiety in those states which had been overrun by Germany during World War
II. Already prior to World War II, the German military, together with the
Red Army, had conducted secret rearmament programs and had conducted illegal
maneuvers on the territory of the USSR. With those actions Berlin had
circumvented international controls and changed the reduced army, ordered by
the Treaty of Versailles, into an army of aggression.

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Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003 22:41:59 +0200

Jerusalem News-257
1. Web-site about Israel
2. Captive Jews from Spain in USA?
3. Rabbi Meir Kahane

1. Web-site about Israel

2. Captive Jews from Spain in USA?
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 09:58:50 -0500
From: Judy Snyder <>
Subject: Re: Jerusalem News-256

Dear Honorable Mr. Davidi and associates,
About the Captive Jews whose ancestors were the conversos.
I attended a meeting at a Conservative Synagogue where an
Orthodox speaker was giving a lecture on the Hispanic community
whose ancesters were Conversos from Spain. It is estimated that
in the North Mexico, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and
South California areas there are about 3 million Hispanics that
have ancestors that were Sephardim Jews that came to the
New World to escape the inquisition.
Judy L. Snyder

3. Rabbi Meir Kahane
Never Again by Sara Levy
From: David Ha'ivri <>

On November 5, 1990, the Marriott East Side hotel conference room in New York City was packed with Rabbi Meir Kahane's supporters. The Brooklyn-born Kahane possessed an international law degree but was better known to his followers for his poignant, powerful oratory and, to those less sympathetic, as an infamous rabble-rouser.

In 1968, Kahane founded the militant Jewish Defense League (JDL) in response to virulent anti-Semitism directed against vulnerable inner-city Jews. Kahane envisioned the Jewish nation as mighty defenders, not victims, and he adopted the slogan of the Warsaw Ghetto fighters: "Never again," as in "Never again will Jews stand by as their brothers cry for help."

In Israel, Kahane established the controversial "Kach" party. One plank of its platform called for the forced removal of Arabs from within Israel's borders and the annexation of all territories gained in 1968. He pointed out that "since 1948, every Arab country, including Syria, Algeria, Morocco, Tripoli, Iraq, and Yemen, has pressured out or forcibly removed their Jews; therefore, why shouldn't Israel, likewise, remove Arabs?" Kahane was jailed repeatedly for his incendiary ideas. He was elected to the Knesset in 1984, but, despite growing popularity, was banned from further elections. As a result of his extreme views, Kahane and the JDL were identified as one of America's most dangerous extremist groups and were placed on an American government watch list.

On that fateful November evening at the Marriott hotel, El-Sayid Nosair, bearded and with a kippah on his head, blended into the crowd. As Kahane finished speaking, Nosair rushed toward the stage and fired a single, fatal shot. As Kahane collapsed, he raised one finger towards heaven, silently reciting the Shema. Nosair botched his getaway and was taken into custody.

Although the majority of New York law enforcement believed Nosair to be a lone assassin, some, like then federal prosecutor Rudolph Giuliani, warned that Nosair was part of a larger conspiracy.

A search of Nosair's New Jersey apartment revealed his handwritten diary, which called for "jihad against the enemies of Islam" by "destroying the structure of their civilized pillars, their high world buildings which they are proud of." Investigators also found instructions on bomb-making, cartridges for high-powered assault rifles, and a collection of false driver's licenses and passports. At the time, however, investigators dismissed as absurd the idea of a terrorist conspiracy.

Prosecutors working on the case knew they couldn't depend on a jury to be overly sympathetic to the murdered Kahane, whose hostility towards Arabs was legendary. Still, they were stunned when the Manhattan jury acquitted Nosair of murder and convicted him, instead, of assault and illegal weapons possession, for which he was sentenced to 22 years in prison at Attica, N.Y.

In prison, jailers regularly waved through Nosair's visitors. During these meetings, Muslim militants led by "the Blind Sheik," Omar Ahmad Abdul Rahman, planned attacks on New York City's bridges, tunnels, and landmarks. In early 1993, accomplice Ramzi Yusuf (uncle of Khalid Mohammed, Al Qaeda mastermind of the 9/11 attacks) slipped into the country. Nosair then told his wife: "What will happen in New York, G-d willing, will be because of my prayers."

In February of 1993, a rented Ryder van packed with explosives was detonated in the basement parking lot of the World Trade Center, leaving six dead and a thousand injured. A piece of the Ryder van imprinted with a serial number incriminated Nosair's friend, Mohammed Salameh. Investigators painstakingly uncovered the wide-ranging international terrorist conspiracy that they had denied in 1990. More than a dozen terrorists, including "the Blind Sheik" and Nosair, were identified.

During the ensuing trial, authorities acknowledged that, "the attack on Rabbi Kahane did not occur in a vacuum. It was a small, albeit brutal, step in a terrorist campaign which comprehended not only assassinations of individuals but the mass destruction of political, social and economic assets of the 'infidel' West, of which the United States was deemed the leader." The prosecution continued: "The crimes are not random, disconnected acts of unthinking brutality. They are, instead, all parts of the same very real battle the defendants and their co-conspirators still see themselves fighting." Nosair and Rahman were sentenced to life in prison.

Before his death, and before any terrorism occurred inside America's borders, Rabbi Kahane published a disturbing article in the Feb 12, 1987, edition of USA Today: "One of the great problems with Americans is thatbeing decent peoplethey assume that everyone else is equally decent. They assume that all cultures are similar in concepts and values. But that is simply not so. It is not decency and goodness or gentleness that impresses the Middle East but strength. Because of this, the U.S. is looked on as a paper tigerwith all the accompanying contempt."

In the article, Kahane noted that in the Talmud it says: "If one comes to slay you, slay him first." He concluded: "One doesn't deal with terrorists, one doesn't bargain with terrorists, one kills terrorists."

In life, Kahane's ideas were often disturbing, perhaps shocking; yet, in death, their truth is frightening. His murder and the subsequent lack of justice or proper investigation led to a tragedy beyond our wildest expectation. No longer innocent, we need to draw on some of Kahane's strength to say "Never again."

Sara Levy is associate editor of the Kosher Spirit.



"And I will bless them that bless you" (Genesis 12:15).
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2003 10:04:22 +0200

Jerusalem News-258
1. New Faster Computers from Israel?
2. Senate Votes to Restrict Military Aid to Malaysia
3. Islam versus the West
(Extracts Only - as usual)
4. Arutz Sheva News Thursday,
5. Europe versus Israel
6. Shmuley Boteach: Fear of Jewish power
7. Brit-Am World Agenda

1. New Faster Computers from Israel?
From: Voice of Judea <>
Subject: Israel Headlines
Israeli firm has fast processor

An Israeli start-up company has developed a super-fast processor. The Enlight processor produced by Lenslet uses optics instead of silicon and can compute at the speed of light. The processor may be used in computers, telephones and satellite dishes, among other applications. The company says it has contracts with Israels Defense Ministry and is negotiating with entities in Europe, Japan and the United States.

2. Senate Votes to Restrict Military Aid to Malaysia

Helen Dewar

Washington Post - October 28, 2003
The Senate voted yesterday to restrict military aid to Malaysia in response to Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad's assertion that Jews control the world through their influence over major powers. Voting without dissent, the Senate amended its foreign aid spending bill for next year to make aid to Malaysia contingent on a determination by the secretary of state that Malaysia's government "supports and promotes religious freedoms, including tolerance for people of the Jewish faith." The secretary could waive any restrictions for national security reasons.

3. Islam versus the West
(Extracts Only - as usual)

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

It's about Islam, stupid!

Posted: October 29, 2003
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Michael D. Evans

© 2003

In a mere 45 minutes on Monday, Oct. 27, suicide bombers drove carloads of explosives into five buildings around the capital of Iraq. Four police stations and the International Red Cross building were destroyed. More than 200 were wounded, and 45 died in the attacks. These terrorist attacks followed the overnight killing of three American soldiers and came just a day after a rocket attack on the Rashid Hotel where Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz was staying.

Yet while people die, the charade continues. Liberals, lunatics and liars are still attempting to sell an American public, still in shock over 9-11, that Islam is a peaceful religion.

If that is true, then Islamic states need to prove it by their actions. Peacefulness did not come to mind when 68 Islamic heads of state gave a standing ovation to the prime minister of Malaysia at the Islamic World Summit when he said, "The Europeans killed 6 million Jews out of 12 million, but today the Jews rule the world by proxy." One of those applauding loudly was Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. When he visited President Bush in Crawford, Texas, three members of his entourage were confined to the plane. Why? They were known terrorists wanted by the FBI in connection with terrorist activities. The U.S. State Department turned a blind eye, and allowed them to lounge in safety aboard the Saudi royal jet.

The first day of Ramadan was Sunday with the appearance of the new moon. Muslims believe that Ramadan began when the angel Gabriel revealed the Quran to Mohammad in A.D. 610. One billion Muslims celebrate Ramadan according to the lunar calendar, at the appearance of the crescent moon. They believe that Satan is chained during Ramadan, and that the doors of hell are closed and the doors of heaven are opened. They fast from sunup until sundown.

Islamic fundamentalists are attempting to recruit as many Muslims as possible by arguing that it is the obligation of every Muslim to fight a holy war in Iraq. The reason for the acceleration of attacks is because Islamic fundamentalists teach that America is the "Great Satan." To attack the "Great Satan" on Ramadan and succeed, in their minds, is to prove that Satan is chained and that the door to hell (America's ability to retaliate) is closed. This creates linkage between the faith of Islam and Islamic fundamentalism.

This new 21st century terrorism now is a direct confrontation against "The Great Satan America" who in the eyes of the bin Ladens of the world is desecrating the cradle of Islam. Is it a coincidence that the bombers struck on the first day of Ramadan? Absolutely not!

Organized crime is about greed. Terrorism is about glory & the glory of humiliating "The Great Satan America" & the glory of believing that all the terrorists' family members are guaranteed a place in heaven because of their acts and that, as young men, they will be greeted in heaven with a roomful of voluptuous virgins.

The terrorist crosshairs are on "The Great Satan America." They see the U.S. as a pig polluting the world with her prosperity, power and pornography, and infecting the Islamic vision with her moral and religious perversion. Terrorists don't hate the West because of Israel; they hate Israel because of the West.

4. Arutz Sheva News Thursday,
Oct. 30, 2003 / Cheshvan 4, 5764
The Knesset has approved the first reading of a bill proposed by United Torah Judaism MK Yaakov Litzman, stipulating that a kosher mezuzah be affixed to the doorpost of every public building. The vote yesterday was 24 in favor, 17 against, and two abstentions. Litzman originally proposed the bill in May 2001.

A mezuzah is a parchment on which is written two cardinal passages from the Torah - the first two passages of Sh'ma from Deut. 6 and Deut. 11 - and which is then placed on doorposts, usually within a decorative case. Affixing a mezuzah is not a good-luck measure, but is rather a Torah commandment, as written in the two aforementioned passages.

This is a WorldNetDaily printer-friendly version of the article which follows.
To view this item online, visit

5. Europe versus Israel
Results of a new poll commissioned by the European Commission show that Israel is believed by Europeans in 15 countries to be the greatest threat to world peace, greater than North Korea, Iran, or Afghanistan.

While the European Commission will release the full results of the poll on Monday, the International Herald Tribune reported that the 7,500 people polled living in the European Union (500 in each of the 15 E.U. member states) were presented with a list of 15 countries and asked if these countries present a threat to world peace. Shockingly, Israel was rated first.

This poll is an indication that Europeans have bought into the vilification and demonization campaign directed against the State of Israel and her supporters by European leaders and media.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is voicing its outrage directly to European Commission President Romano Prodi (pictured right) and we ask you to do the same.

"These shocking results, that Israel is the greatest threat to world peace, bigger than North Korea, Iran and Afghanistan, defies logic and is a racist flight of fancy that only shows that antisemitism is deeply embedded within European society, more now than in any other period since the end of World War II," said Rabbi Marvin Hier, the Center's dean and founder.

If you are having a problem accessing the links, please cut and paste them into your browser.

6. Shmuley Boteach: Fear of Jewish power
[Extracts Only]:

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad's recent speech should be bronzed and placed on the
walls of every synagogue.

One of the world's foremost Islamic leaders says that the Jews invented democracy and human
rights (even if he did impugn our motives for doing so) and we castigate him for Jew-hatred?
Come on. This guy ought to get a medal.

To be sure, Mahathir's a pretty insecure guy, going on about how 1.3 billion Muslims have been
bested by 14 million Jews in the struggle for world domination. If anything, the problem with
the world today is that the Jews have too little influence, not too much. But rather than be
offended at Mahathir's howling that Jews "have now gained control of the most powerful
countries," I say, "Bring it on."

What, after all, would be so bad if Mahathir were right and Jews took over the Middle East?
Just imagine that rather than being run by Jew-hating autocrats, the Arab nations were run by
democracy-loving Hebrews. We would impose upon the Arab world the sixth commandment, "Thou
shalt not murder," and pressure governments to live by the biblical injunction "thou shalt not
sit idly by the blood of your neighbor."

No Arab country would ever again allow a Saddam Hussein to slaughter Islamic men or the Taliban
to beat Islamic women with whips.

The Islamic Ottomans murdered 1.5 million Armenians with barely a protest. The Holocaust took
six million Jews, 90 percent of the world's Gypsies, homosexuals and the handicapped, and no
one tried to stop it.

In Rwanda 800,000 destitute Africans were hacked to death while Bill Clinton and Kofi Annan
closed their eyes and pretended not to see. But now that Jewish neo-conservatives have
influence in government, and a great born-again Christian named George W. Bush whose
constituency cherishes Christianity's Hebraic heritage is in power, the United States decided
that it would not sit back as Saddam murdered more than a million Muslims.

Mahathir would do well to put down his copy of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and emulate
the Jewish neo-cons by getting out there and try and save some Arab lives as well.

I for one make no apologies for global Jewish influence. Countries that are based on
Judeo-Christianity, like the United States, are prosperous champions of human rights. Areas
where Jews and their values are absent or denied influence usually end up being pretty scary
places like Nazi Germany, the former Soviet Union, North Korea, and the entire Arab world.

For those who say that Jews flexing their muscles invites anti-Semitism, I respond:

Those who hate Jews will do so whether or not there is a Jewish assistant secretary of defense
named Wolfowitz or a White House press secretary named Ari.

Should we forfeit our biblical imperative to serve as a light unto the nations just because of
a bunch of bigots?

If it were power we craved, then we would have expelled the Palestinians from the West Bank, as
the Arabs did to Sephardic Jews after 1948. We would have carpet-bombed Gaza when it became a
center of terror, as Russia did in Chechnya. And we would not have been satisfied with a tiny
sliver of land called Israel as our home, but would have pushed on to Damascus and Cairo at the
conclusion of the Yom Kippur War.

[Brit-Am Comment: If this is craving power maybe its time the Jews DID begin to crave some of it!]

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Jerusalem News-259
1. Blonde Eskimos?
2. Jews of Belarus in Danger?
3. Dead Sea Drying Up, Israeli Study Warns
4. Increased Sunspot Activity Portends Changes?
5. Did You Know?

1. Blonde Eskimos?
DNA tests debunk blond Inuit legend
CBC NEWS DNA tests may solve mystery of blonde Inuit
CAMBRIDGE BAY, NUNAVUT - Two Icelandic scientists have shot holes in the theory of the missing Norse tribes of the Arctic.

Agnar Helgason and Gisli Palsson say their DNA tests have failed to find any evidence that Europeans mingled genetically with Inuit half a millennium ago.

The scientists made the statement after a visit to Cambridge Bay last week.
Rumours of blue-eyed, blond-haired Inuit have circulated through the Arctic since the turn of the century.
They were thought to possibly descend from a group of Norsemen who disappeared from a Greenland settlement 500 years ago.

A well-known Canadian Arctic explorer, Vilhjalmur Stefansson, hinted in his diaries he came across European-featured Inuit in the early 1900s in Western Nunavut.
So Helgason and Palsson tested the theory by comparing DNA from 100 Cambridge Bay Inuit with Norse descendants from Iceland.
They presented their findings in the Kitikmeot community last week.
Helgason says his preliminary findings show there is no match between the Nunavut and Icelandic DNA.

"Stefansson's hypothesis doesn't seem to be supported by the data at this point in time," he says. "But I wouldn't want to give a final death certificate for Stefansson's hypothesis at this point in time."

Now, the two researchers are comparing the DNA they collected from Cambridge Bay Inuit to DNA from Greenland Inuit.

They hope to find out more information on the migration patterns and history of Inuit in the circumpolar world.

Helgason says it could reveal new chapters in the history of humanity.

He says his final results should be ready in about two months.
Palsson, an anthropologist who translated Vilhjalmur Stefansson's diaries, says the explorer's claim to have seen the European-featured Inuit could have been a way to get additional funding for his exploration.

"There was some peculiar western fascination with lost tribes and there still is," he says. "These are wild speculations and there's something in the western imaginations that has driven these speculations."

Brit-Am Comment: Note the last point:
"There was some peculiar western fascination with lost tribes and there still is," he says. "These are wild speculations and there's something in the western imaginations that has driven these speculations."

By "western imaginations" we can assume the imaginations of those whom we identify as
from the Lost Ten Tribes.
In other words Lost Israelites have always been driven in this direction in searching for their Israelite roots
or for the roots of others.

2. Jews of Belarus in Danger?
Written by CBC News Online staff

The following comes from Belarus Update, quoting Reuters. The Lukashenko
regime has already introduced repressive measures against the Polish minority and
the Catholic Church and is now targeting Belarus' remaining Jews. The attacks
against Holocaust memorials that have been occurring at the same time as the
official clampdown are highly suspicious since the Lukashenko regime has used
similar tactics of "unknown assailants" against its opponents.

John Radzilowski

On October 27, the Belarusian authorities shut down the only school in Minsk
offering a course in Jewish studies, in what Jewish leaders said was the third
such move against their community in the last two months, Reuters reported.
Lyudmila Chertova, the school director, told Reuters that Minsk city
authorities unexpectedly decided not to extend a lease agreement with the Jewish Sunday
School, which offers courses in Jewish history, culture and Hebrew to about 75

Jewish leaders said it was the latest attempt to drive Jews out of Belarus.
They criticized authorities for failing to clamp down on what Jewish leaders
say are attacks on Jews and cemeteries and memorials for Holocaust victims. ''I
think it is a political decision. A raid against Jewish education and Jewish
organizations has started,'' said Yakov Basin, head of a group which defends
Jewish rights in Belarus. A representative of the city council said the decision
to close down the school was caused by new rules on how to use educational
buildings and did not elaborate further. The school closure fits into the
Alexander Lukashenkoâ"s pledge to provide full state support for the Russian Orthodox
Church in Belarus. In September 2003, Jewish leaders accused the Belarusian
Ministry of Education of pursuing anti-Semitic policies after officials shut
down an institute that offered a course in Jewish studies. Earlier this month
vandals attacked a recently installed Holocaust memorial in the town of Lida,
Grodno Region. (See Belarus Update, Vol. 6, No.1) [Before the World War Two,
there were more than 400,000 Jews in Belarus, but tens of thousands were killed
by the Nazis and many more left to escape Soviet anti-Semitism. Now about
100,000 remain. âEd.] (Reuters, October 28)

3. Dead Sea Drying Up, Israeli Study Warns
Tuesday November 4, 2003 12:31 AM
by PETER ENAV Associated Press Writer

JERUSALEM (AP) - The Dead Sea is dying, and only a major engineering effort can save it, Israel's Minister of the Environment said Monday.

The Dead Sea gets its name from its heavy salt content, because no aquatic creatures can live in it. Now there's a new ``death threat'' - the Dead Sea is drying up and disappearing.

An Israeli TV reporter, illustrating the government report, stood on a spot where, just 20 years ago, water met land. Now that point is 2,000 feet of parched ground away, he said, as the sea gradually recedes.

Because it is landlocked in a hot desert area, evaporation is high, accounting for the dense salt concentration that allows bathers to float above the water with no effort. The area is popular for spas and treatments, with luxury hotels on both sides.

For millennia, the balance was maintained by the Dead Sea's only water source, the Jordan River, pouring in from the north. In recent decades, however, both Israel and Jordan have been tapping in to irrigate large swaths of agricultural land along the narrow river that divides the two countries, robbing the Dead Sea of its replacement water.

A five-year drought has added to the woes of Dead Sea, which occupies the lowest point on Earth, 1,320 feet below sea level. The sea is about 38 miles long and about 11 miles wide.

The Israeli study said that without an intensive engineering effort, the sea's water level will continue to recede by as much as three feet per year, adjacent ground water will disappear, surrounding land will buckle and collapse, and nearby wildlife and vegetation will be lost.

Environment Minister Yehudit Neot said she would ask the Israeli Cabinet to hold a detailed discussion on the study's conclusions.

``If the conclusions are not implemented, there is a real danger to the future of the Dead Sea as a world class natural resource,'' Neot said.

The Environment Ministry study said that to secure the sea's future, engineers would have to develop a new infrastructure of bridges and roads leading to its shores. It recommended that resources be applied only in places where remedial engineering efforts would be successful, suggesting that many areas are already beyond repair.

Plans to use the difference in elevation between the Dead Sea and other bodies of water might also help solve the problem. The latest idea is to build a channel between the Gulf of Aqaba and the Dead Sea, with waters rushing downhill driving electricity power stations.

The water pouring into the Dead Sea from the south would counter the deterioration, but environmentalists warn that water from the Red Sea is salty, while the Jordan River supplies fresh water, and this could have adverse consequences.

However, the Red Sea-Dead Sea channel project is still in planning stages, and experts say it might be prohibitively expensive.

4. Increased Sunspot Activity Portends Changes?
Fox News: There Goes the Sun?
Wednesday, November 05, 2003
by Rand Simberg
In last week's column, as an afterthought, I mentioned the unprecedented solar activity of the last few days.
It seems to be continuing, and may end up being the largest solar flare ever recorded.

Of course, this may not mean much, because it's only in the past couple decades that we could seriously study the sun, and it's been burning for billions of years. Such events remind us that while we've learned a great deal about solar physics, there remains much that we don't understand. We've had such a short time during which to study it, we may be mislead into thinking that what we've seen in our own brief lifetimes is indicative of longer-term behavior, when in fact it may have been much hotter, or cooler than normal during what, in geological terms, is a snapshot.

There are several implications of our lack of understanding of these phenomena.

There are implications for non-space travelers as well. After all, if the sun can vary this much, how do we know how much of "global warming" is caused by such variation, and how much by human activity? Given the societal cost that might be incurred by overreactions such as the Kyoto Treaty, it would behoove us to attempt to better understand (and if possible, predict) the effects of variations in solar activity on the global environment.

Finally, while it's unlikely that anything will change in the near term, there is no guarantee that our sun will continue to burn in the moderate range in which life evolved on earth, and in fact, we know from observing other stars that they have life cycles. At some point, it will become first too hot, and then too cold to allow life to be sustained on earth, and perhaps in the solar system itself.

Million or billion, it's going to happen sometime, and the problem is, we can't be sure that some dire solar event won't occur much sooner than that. It might not wipe out life on earth, but it could make it very unpleasant for humans. This possibility, along with the continuing danger of being hit by a random celestial object and sharing the fate of the dinosaurs, is one of the most powerful arguments for us becoming seriously spacefaring as soon as possible--to get at least some of humanity's precious eggs out of a single fragile basket.

From the article, we see this quote:
"What would we do without this data? We couldn't live without it," said Robert Hedinger, executive vice president at Loral Skynet, which operates a constellation of Earth orbiting satellites that services much of the nation's cable television programming and corporate communications.

5. Did You Know?
The International Center of Brit-Am (and residence of Yair Davidiy) is in a neighborhood of Jerusalem named "Shaarei Chesed" (Gates of Kindness), in full view of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), and just a block or two away with only open parkland intervening between us. We are almost literally "just across the road". We sometimes joke to visitors that we are located where we are in case our Prime Minister (Ariel Sharon) ever wants real solutions to some of the nations problems. We are available.

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Jerusalem News-260
1. Arutz Sheva News Sunday
3. Mark Steyn: The New Cold War: U.S. vs. EU

1. Arutz Sheva News Sunday
Nov. 9, 2003 / Cheshvan 14, 5764
Thousands of elementary school pupils - boys and girls - from the public and public-religious school systems transfer each year to hareidi schools. So reports Ofrah Lax in the most recent edition of B'Sheva, although she admits that there are no hard figures. "It is estimated that there are dozens of [new hareidi] schools and nurseries throughout the country," she writes, "and tens of thousands of children who have learned and are learning in them."

Behind the initiative are two of the leading rabbis in the hareidi sector, Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv and Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman, who decided several years ago that manpower and other resources must be utilized to transfer as many students as possible out of the secular school network. "As it stands now," said Chaim HaLevy, of the Lev L'Achim [Heart to Brothers] association, which is responsible for the enlisting and registration of new students, "the students [in the other schools] are interested only in sex and violence; they are brainwashed. We want to provide them with an alternative."

Lev L'Achim works with 800 permanent employees, and thousands of volunteers take part in once-a-year registration drives. They go from door to door, asking parents if they wish to sign up their children in what they call the "Torani" schools. "Those who are not interested," HaLevy says, "say so, and that's the end of that. But many people are very willing - mostly second-generation children of immigrants from Morocco, Yemen, and Tunisia They themselves left the path of Torah, but when they get married and have children, their 'childhood lessons' re-awaken, they remember the atmosphere they had when they were growing up... They are the hard-core of those who send their children to these schools."

A major issue is what the schools demand of the parents. Ephraim Factor, a Lev L'Achim district coordinator, is straightforward: "After the child begins learning with us, we hold a series of lectures for the parents, as well as a weekend, on Jewish topics. The goal is not to create a conflict between the child and his parents, nor to keep a child in a religious framework and have the parents remain in the same place. The parents, in fact, usually want to 'advance' as well." Some of those who don't want to 'advance,' of course, "take their children out of the school as soon as they see it's not for them." However, "even families who have not 'advanced' are very happy," Factor says.

Hatikvah Educational Foundation, in a full-page newspaper ad in Maariv, notes the following:

*In 1900, the leading Jewish historian and demographer, Dubnov, cautioned Herzl against the establishment of a Jewish State: "By the year 2000 there will be only 500,000 Jews in the land of Israel." In 2000 there were 5 million Jews in Israel.
*In 1948, Israel's Chief Statistician, Prof. Bakki, lobbied Prime Minister Ben-Gurion to postpone the establishment of the Jewish State: "By 1968 there will be an Arab majority in Israel (Green Line)." In 1968 there was a 17% Arab minority.
*In 1967, Prime Minister Eshkol was pressured to give away Gaza, Judea & Samaria: "By 1987 there will be an Arab majority west of the Jordan River." In 1987 there was a 37% Arab minority west of the Jordan River.

Hatikvah says that similar "demographic scare tactics" are being used today to convince the public of the necessity of a Palestinian state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. The numbers ignore important factors, the ad states, which would paint a more encouraging picture - such as the artificial inflation of Arab population statistics and the deflation of the Jewish birth rate. The ad also notes that in 1967, the Arab birth rate was three times that of the Jewish birth rate, while it currently is twice the Jewish birth rate. See the ad at <>.

Arutz-7's Haggai Huberman confirmed the essentials of a recent report in Yediot Acharonot, to the effect that some 150,000 Arabs have left Judea and Samaria in the past three years. "I can't vouch for the exact numbers," Huberman said, "but it is known that many have left from Kalkilye and the Binyamin area. It is largely the well-to-do who leave, and Jordan not long ago closed its gates for this reason, but has recently opened them."


LONDON [MENL] -- Israel has sold tens of thousands of artillery shells to

Industry sources said the state-owned Israel Military Industries sold
cluster weapons to BAe Systems earlier this year. The sources said the
bomblets were used by British troops in the U.S.-led war in Iraq.

BAe Systems has acknowledged the purchase of the Israeli shells. A company
spokesman said BAe purchased 26,000 L20 artillery cluster shells in March.

The L20 shell has around 50 bomblets and can be fired by a 155 mm artillery
system. The British Defence Ministry reported that British artillery fired
more than 2,000 L20s during the battle for Basra.

3. Mark Steyn: The New Cold War: U.S. vs. EU
[Extracts: Food for Thought?]
By The Spectator | November 10, 2003

Heres a round-up of recent items from the worlds press you may have missed: Item 1: In the last two weeks, two Toronto-bound El Al flights had to be diverted to other airports after credible terrorist threats were made about using surface-to-air missiles against them. The Canadian transport minister, David Collenette, responded by suggesting that the Israeli airlines service to Pearson International Airport might be ended.

Item 2: The Baghdad hotel in which Paul Wolfowitz was staying was blown up. Several people were killed, though the US deputy defence secretary emerged unscathed. Much of the death and destruction was caused by French 68mm missiles in pristine condition, according to one US officer who inspected the rocket tubes and assembly. In other words, theyre not rusty leftovers Saddam had lying around from the 1980s. The Baathist dictatorship had acquired these missiles from the French rather more recently.

Item 3: According to Le Nouvel Observateur, DaprØs un questionnaire de la Commission EuropÙenne, 59% des EuropÙens pensent quIsraÛl est le pays le plus mena׳ant pour la paix dans le monde.

On 11 September 2001, I wrote that one of the casualties of the days events would be the Western alliance: The US taxpayers willingness to pay for the defence of Canada and Europe has contributed to the decay of Americas so-called allies, freeing them to disband their armed forces, flirt with dictators and gangster states, and essentially convert themselves to semi-non-aligned.The Westwas an obsolete concept, because, as I put it later that month, for everyone but America the free world is mostly a free ride.

One: Mr Collenettes response to terrorists is to take it out on their targets. Terrorists are threatening to use SAMs against El Al? No problem, well get rid of El Al. Thats a great message to send. How soon before similar threats are phoned in to similarly jelly-spined jurisdictions in Europe? Pretty soon El Al wont be flying anywhere. But no matter: Air Canada and Air France and Lufthansa will still be flying to Tel Aviv at least until a couple of anonymous phone calls are made hinting at fresh targets.

The threats against El Al came via phone calls from the Toronto area from terrorists claiming to have heat-seeking missiles. Police subsequently found a cache of weapons including a German-made shoulder rocket launcher that was smuggled into Canada through the ingenious method of dropping it in the mail and letting the Post Office deliver it.

Not the French and Germans. Theres too much evidence suggesting the main reason they were unable to join the Bush side in this war is that theyd already signed on to the other team and theyd decided, in the sort of ghastly vernacular the cretinous Yanks would use, to dance with them what brung you. Theyre being admirably consistent about this: at the recent Madrid conference France and Germany both refused to pony up one single euro to Iraqi reconstruction. It was never about the means, only the end.

Three: 59 per cent of Europeans think Israel is the biggest threat to world peace. Only 59 per cent? Whats wrong with the rest of you? But, hey, dont worry. In Britain, its 60 per cent; Germany, 65 per cent; Austria, 69 per cent; the Netherlands, 74 per cent.

At present demographic rates, by 2020 the majority of children in Holland i.e., the population under 18 will be Muslim.

Europe is dying. As Ive pointed out here before, it cant square rising welfare costs, a collapsed birthrate and a manpower dependent on the worlds least skilled, least assimilable immigrants. In 20 yearstime, as those Dutch Muslim teenagers are entering the voting booths, European countries, unlike parts of Nigeria, will not be living under Sharia, but they will be reaching their accommodations with their radicalised Islamic compatriots, who like many intolerant types are expert at exploiting the toleranceof pluralist societies.

How happy whats left of the ethnic Dutch or French or Danes will be about this remains to be seen. But the idea of a childless Europe rivalling America militarily or economically is laughable. Sometime this century there will be 500 million Americans, and whats left in Europe will either be very old or very Muslim. Thats the Europe that Britain will be binding its fate to. Japan faces the same problem: in 2006, its population will begin an absolute decline, a death spiral it will be unlikely ever to climb out of. Will Japan be an economic powerhouse if its populated by Koreans and Filipinos? Possibly. Will Germany if its populated by Algerians? Thats a trickier proposition.

You too are from Israel! You too are the People"
[A Summary of Most of the Major Biblical and Historical Research
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"Biblical Truth. The Lost Ten Tribes in the West "

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Jerusalem News-262
1. Chess Master vrs Computer
2. 20$ Palestinians want own children to die
3. Feminist Encounters Jew Hatred
4. Transfer in Lebanon?
5. EU Shelves Anti-Semitism Report - Because It Cited Moslems

1. Chess Master vrs Computer
Chess Master and Computer End Series in Tie

Published: November 18, 2003

NEW YORK (AP) -- World chess champion Garry Kasparov tied his computerized opponent X3D Fritz in a final match Tuesday, leaving the four-game series in a draw.
The match pitted Kasparov against a 12-year-old computer program that has recently been developed into a virtual reality game by X3D Technologies.
The previous three games in the series averaged more than three hours each; Tuesday's clocked in at under two hours.
``It looked like a short game, but for me it was not a game of chess, it was more of a gamble,'' said Kasparov, 40. ``It's very, very important that we're learning. Machines are getting better but we're also learning.''

Kasparov and his computer opponent entered game four tied at 1.5 points each. Kasparov tied the computer last week in the first game, lost the second and won the third.

The International Computer Games Association and the U.S. Chess Federation have sanctioned the match as the first official world chess championship in virtual reality.

In the match, the chessboard is suspended in the air on a screen in front of Kasparov, who wears 3D glasses, voice-activates the chess pieces and uses a joystick to rotate the virtual board.

In 1996 in Philadelphia, Kasparov won against the ``Deep Blue'' IBM computer, but an upgrade of the machine defeated him the next year in New York. And earlier this year, he managed a draw against the ``Deep Junior'' Israeli chess program.

Tuesday's draw earned Kasparov $175,000; he would have earned $200,000 if he won and $150,000 if he lost.

After the game X3D Fritz, which can compute more than five million chess positions per second, offered its own congratulations to Kasparov.

``With your brainpower, you challenged my Intel Quad Processor, Xeon 2.8 Mhz chip with four gigs of RAM,'' it said. ``Not an easy task.''

Officials at X3D Technologies have said they are preparing for a rematch.

2. 20$ Palestinians want own children to die
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 08:02:44 -0500
Subject: Palestinian Poll:18.6% Important To Raise Child To Be Shahid

Palestinian Poll:18.6% Important To Raise Child To Be Shahid (suicide killer who is sanctified)

Aaron Lerner Date: 20 November 2003

The following is IMRA's translation of the results of a poll of a
representative sample of 618 adult Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza Strip
and eastern Jerusalem carried by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion
(PCPO) under the direction of PCPO President Dr.Nabil Kukali on 15- 20
October 2003 as published in Arabic in Al Hayyat Al Jadeedah on 20 November
2003. The survey was commissioned by "The New Family Organization".

Do you believe it is important to raise a child to be:
Shahid 18.6% Farmer 8.9% Academic with a profession 59.2%
Other 13.3%

3. Feminist Encounters Jew Hatred
Subject: The Brownshirts of Our Time [the new Leftist anti-Semitism]
The Brownshirts of Our Time [the new Leftist anti-Semitism]
By Phyllis Chesler November 19, 2003

On Saturday evening, November 8, 2003, the eve of Kristallnacht, I addressed
a woman's "networking" conference of mainly African-American and
Hispanic-American womanists and feminists at Barnard College. The conference
was described as a grassroots, multi-cultural, multi-generational and
multi-disciplinary organization for women in the arts. Indeed, the women
seemed to range in age from 20-65 and were dressed in corporate business
suits, ever-colorful African/ethnic attire, youthful jeans.

Booths were arranged in a semi-circle--it was as if the panels and
performances were taking place in an African marketplace. Scented candles,
beaded drums, sleek handbags, photographs, Citi-banking for women
consultants, African skirts, all vied for my attention. In addition to my
son, who had driven me there, and myself, there were a handful of white
people, including a photographer from whom I bought two prints and a
psychologist who identified herself to me as an admirer and as someone who
had suffered a brain injury in an car accident.

The conference was closed to men--but one of the organizers made a split
second decision to allow my adult son in and seated him by himself at the
very back of the room on a chair set apart. Growing up in a feminist
household, he was used to this. Privately, we both sighed and wondered when
feminist men would finally be welcome at a feminist conference.

I doubt that the organizers of this conference knew anything of my
background but they were more than welcoming. They had real class and great
soul. For example, when I'd explained that I was just in the midst of both a
major move into Manhattan and a book tour, one organizer said: "We
understand what it's like when a woman is jammed up doing too much. We'll
love you anyway. You can let us know at the last minute." She was so damn
upbeat and understanding that I decided I'd come no matter what.

In retrospect, I realized that I should have known what was coming; perhaps
I chose not to know.

A few days before the conference I had the following conversation with one
of the organizers. She asked me what my most recent book was and I told her
it was The New Anti-Semitism. I explained that Jew-hatred was a form of
racism--only it was not being treated as such by anti-racist "politically
correct" people. The organizer did not say: "I don't agree with you" nor did
she say: "This won't play well to our constituency." She only said: "We need
you to explain the ways in which women sabotage each other and remain
divided so that we can understand and overcome it in order to come together.
We need you to talk about your book Woman's Inhumanity to Woman. Your speech
will precede our big Unity panel."

When I arrived, performers were rapping and singing and dancing and the
energy was fabulous. They were running late and I waited patiently and
happily. I whispered to my son: "There's still a whole world out there. And
in ways, it's quite wonderful. Perhaps I have become too obsessed with The
Jewish Cause, with Israel. Maybe I need to remember that I am also connected
to more than one issue."

I had been asked to talk about what women can do, psychologically and
ethically, in order to enact sisterhood and to work in productive, even
radical ways. As I spoke, the women in the audience sighed, cheered,
applauded, nodded in agreement, laughed, groaned, nudged each other--it was
a half hour of good vibes.

And then my first questioner blew it all to Hell. All it took was The
Question and it only required one Questioner. I could not see who was
speaking. A disembodied voice demanded to know where I stood on the question
of the women of Palestine. Her tone was forceful, hostile, relentless, and
prepared. I could have said: "The organizers have specifically asked me not
to address such questions." I did not say that. I could also have said: "I
am concerned with the women of Palestine but I am also concerned with the
women of Rwanda, Bosnia, Guatemala, who have all been gang-raped by soldiers
who used rape as a weapon of war; I am concerned with the poverty and
homelessness of women right here in America; I am concerned with the women
of Israel who are being blown up in buses, at cafes, in their own bedrooms."
I did not say this.

Instead, I took a deep breath and said that I did not respect people who
hijacked airplanes or hijacked conferences or who, at this very moment, were
trying to hijack this lecture. I pointed out that the subject of my talk was
not Israel or Palestine. I did not want us to lose our focus. She grew even
more hostile and demanding. "Tell this audience what you said on WBAI. I
heard you on that program." Clearly, she wanted to "unmask" me before this
audience as a Jew-lover and an Israel-defender.

I took the question head-on. "If you're really asking about apartheid, let
me talk about it. Contrary to myth and propaganda, Israel is not an
apartheid state. The largest practioner of apartheid in the world is Islam
which practices both gender and religious apartheid. In terms of gender
apartheid, Palestinian women--and all women who live under Islam--are
oppressed by "honor" killings, in which girls and women who are raped are
then killed by family members for the sake of restoring the family "honor;"
forced veiling, segregation, stonings to death for alleged adultery,
seclusion/sequestration, female genital mutilation, polygamy, outright
slavery, sexual slavery. Women have few civil, legal, or human rights under

I continued; "Islam also specializes in religious apartheid as well. All
non-Muslims (Christians, including Maronites and Melkites, Greek Orthodox,
Catholics and Protestants, Jews, Assyrians, Hindus, Zoroastrians, animists)
have historically been viewed and treated as subhumans who must either
convert to Islam or be mercilessly taxed, beaten, jailed, murdered, or
exiled. The latest al-Queda attack in Saudi Arabia was primarily directed
against Lebanese Christians and Americans."

I continued. "Today, the entire Middle East is judenrein, there are no Jews
left in 22 Arab countries. And, the Arab leadership has backed the PLO
strategy in which the 23rd state remains under constant and perilous siege.
Historically in general, but specifically since 1948-1956, Arab Jews were
forced to flee Arab Islamic lands. Most are living in Israel, the only
Middle Eastern state in which Jews are allowed to live. Jews cannot become
citizens of Jordan, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia, for example and yet no one
accuses those nations of apartheid.

I said that Israel was not an apartheid state. I talked about real gender
and religious Apartheid, as practiced by Muslims. I told the truth. Clearly,
they had not heard it before. The audience collectively gasped. Then, people
went a little crazy.

Someone muttered darkly, coarsely, in a near-growl: "What about the
checkpoints? What about the fence?" As if checkpoints and fences are the
same as being killed by your brother or father or, most recently, in
Ramallah, in the Rofayda Qaoud case, by your mother (!) for the crime of
having been raped--in the Qaoud case, both raped and impregnated by your
mother's two sons. I asked the audience if they thought that being detained
at a checkpoint was really the same as having your clitoris sliced off, the
same as being stoned to death for alleged adultery. The only response I got
was from the first questioner who demanded that I denounce Ariel Sharon--but
not Yasir Arafat--as a murderer.

I absolutely refused to do so.

The lightning rod of "Palestine" was enough to turn a very friendly audience
quite hostile and a bit unhinged. Two or three women proceeded to ask
aggressive questions in which they tried to get me to say that I had somehow
"disrespected" poor women in my remarks; I had said nothing of the sort.

As I left the podium, a young African-American woman stopped me to say that
I'd "hurt" her by how I had "disrespected" a "brown" woman. "What brown
woman?" I asked. "Your first questioner was a brown woman" she said "and so
are Palestinian women." I said: "Jewish women, especially in Israel also
come in many colors including brown and black." She stopped me. "But you're
a white Jew." As if this was proof of a crime.

I did not bother to tell her that without my glasses I could not see the
face or color of a questioner so far away, that my answer to the question
would have been the same no matter what color the questioner happened to be.

As I was trying to leave, one woman, who said her name was "Lupe," (she was
dressed in a button-festooned serape, and had a cross tattooed between her
eyebrows) loped after me and continued to demand that I deal with the
Palestine question. She kept trying to get at me physically. One of the
organizers kept putting her own body between Lupe and me. Lupe behaved like
a trained operative, her rage was legitimized, empowered, by her politics.

The three young African-American women who had invited me were VERY
supportive of me, they hugged me and thanked me for coming and looked rather
embarrassed about what had happened.

What's important is this: Not one of them tried to stop what was happening,
not one stood up and said: "Something good has just turned ugly and we must
not permit this to happen." Thus, the "good" people did nothing to disperse
the hostility or to address the issues. Perhaps they were simply unprepared
on the issues; perhaps they agreed with the view that Israel is an apartheid
state and that anyone who would dare defend it was supposed to be treated as
a traitor and enemy. Perhaps they simply lacked the courage to stand up to
the fundamentalists in their midst.

Afterwards, my son told me that he was on his feet the minute The Questioner
spoke and although I could not see him either, I was glad to know that he
was in the room. Things could easily have turned much uglier. (By the way:
Talk about gender apartheid! The conference confined him to his men-only
single chair section).

It seemed that The Questioner had at least one, and possibly two henchwoman
with her. Clearly, she wanted to "get" the pro-Israel white Jew.

I couldn't help reflecting on my life's work against racism. For example, in
1963, I joined The Northern Student Movement and tutored Harlem students.
This was the Northern branch of the civil rights movement. In the late
1960s, I was involved with both the Young Lords and the Black Panthers. I
marched outside the Women's House of Detention when they jailed Angela
Davis. I was involved in the Inez Garcia case and have written extensively
about the cases of both Joanne Little and Yvonne Wanrow, two women of color
who, like Garcia, had killed (white) men in self-defense. In the mid-70s, I
interviewed Jews from India, Iran, Afghanistan, and North Africa, and Jews
who had fled Arab lands about "cultural" or "ethnic" racism in Israel. By
the early 1970s, I also began organizing against Jew-hatred on the left and
among feminists in America. Over the years, I have lectured on the
complexities of both racism and sexism in the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle
East, and in Japan.

For nearly 30 years, I taught working-class and students of color at a
public university. I admired and loved them and was sometimes able to help
them in ways that changed their views and their lives.

Here's what's sad. Clearly, my speech touched hearts and minds; there was
room for common ground and for civilized discourse. But not once the word
"Palestine" was uttered, not when "Palestine" is seen as a symbol for every
downtrodden group of color who are "resisting" the racist-imperialist
American and Zionist Empires. Once the "Palestine" litmus test of political
respectability was raised, everyone responded on cue, as if programmed and
brainwashed. It immediately became a "white" versus "brown" thing, an
"oppressed" versus an "oppressor" thing.

These are the Brownshirts of our time. The fact that they are women of
color, womanists/feminists is all the more chilling and tragic. And
unbelievable. And to me: Practically unbearable.

Afterwards, my son, ever-wise, said: "Well mom, you have your answer. The
Jew-haters will never allow you into their wider, wonderful world. You can't
go back."

4. Transfer in Lebanon?
Arutz Sheva
12:59 Nov 18, '03 / 23 Cheshvan 5764

Transferin Lebanon?
Lebanon is home to hundreds of thousands of Arabs claiming to be refugees from Israels 1948 War of Independence. The Lebanese have consistently denied the refugees legal, permanent settlement in their country, the right to join the professions, the right to own land, and other aspects of permanent residency. Recently, the Lebanese press has addressed the issue of permanently resettling the refugees in Lebanon, in light of recent proposals by European and US legislators to that effect.

Beiruts LOrient Le Jour newspaper carried an article this past week by columnist Emile Khoury, wherein he cautioned against letting the refugees settle in Lebanon. Instead, he recommended, they can remain - as refugees - for the benefit of the Lebanese polity.

Ever since they first set foot in Lebanon during the 1948 exodus, the likelihood of their eventual resettlement here has been an ever-growing issue,Khoury wrote. The columnist also noted that, just as Israel refused to consider taking in the Arab refugees of the 1948 war - in order to preserve domestic safety and demographic balance - so, too, for Lebanon. Khoury recalled in his French-language article that, in 1991, the Lebanese government rejected any talk of a resettlement in Lebanon, despite the promise of a $20 billion compensation package.

In his column, Khoury laid out the options before the Palestinian refugees: integration in their new-found countries or remaining refugees. In the case of Lebanon, the writer stated, attempting to absorb the refugees into the society would wreak havoc. Therefore, he concluded, as permanent refugees, choosing to remain refugees, they would not represent a threat to the countrys political balance.

An article in the Arabic-language an-Nahar newspaper, also out of Beirut, takes a more pro-active position. The author, columnist Ali Hamadeh, advocated on November 9th that the best solution to the Arab refugee status in Lebanon is, surprisingly, transfer. Hamadeh called for paving the wayfor many of the Arab refugees now living in Middle Eastern host countries to emigrate to affluent states, like the United States, Canada and Australia. Magnanimously, Hamadeh does admit for the possibility that between 100,000 and 150,000 Palestinians would be allowed to stay here as members of an Arab nationality, in the same manner as other Arabs like the Syrians, Egyptians and Jordanians could.

5. EU Shelves Anti-Semitism Report - Because It Cited Moslems
09:05 Nov 23, '03 / 28 Cheshvan 5764
The European Union prepared a report on anti-Semitism - but buried it because it showed that Moslem and pro-Palestinian elements are involved in most of the incidents. So reported yesterday the Financial Times of London.

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Jerusalem News-263
1. Rich Lowry: Anglo-American history
2. Arutz Sheva News Sunday,
3. Anti-Semitism in Austria

1. Rich Lowry: Anglo-American history
November 20, 2003

It is not often that President Bush has invoked William Tyndale, the martyred reformer who translated the Bible into English in the 16th century, in the course of defending the war on terrorism. But Bush's speech at Whitehall Palace in London was different. It was not just a defense of the war on terror, but of a common Anglo-American civilization whose leadership is indispensable to the security and freedom of the world.

Bush defined American qualities that have sometimes prompted international eye-rolling and criticism during the past two years -- a faith in liberty, a crusading moralism, etc. -- as part of this country's British inheritance. Hence, Tyndale's appearance in a terrorism speech. "It's rightly said that Americans are a religious people," Bush said. "That's, in part, because the Good News was translated by Tyndale, preached by Wesley, lived out in the example of William Booth." They weren't the only great British historical figures appearing in Bush's speech -- there was John Locke and Adam Smith and Lord Shaftesbury and William Wilberforce.

Bush was summoning the men who created the greatest miracle in human governance ever, the shared British and American experiment with liberty that has so increased human freedom and prosperity through the centuries. In their mutual attachment to this experiment, Americans and the British are brothers. As Bush put it, "There remains a bit of England in every American," and our common beliefs hold "whether one learns these ideals in County Durham or in West Texas." This connection is crucial to understanding the Bush-Tony Blair bond during the past two years, and the increasing U.S. tensions with Continental Europe, as represented by France.

It is no accident that Britain has been the staunchest ally of the United States since Sept. 11. In both countries, power bubbles up from below in decentralized political systems that depend on popular sovereignty and give a wide berth to commercial energies. Then there are the common bloodlines. Liberty in its modern sense was -- to simplify terribly -- born in East Anglia, the hotbed of the reformist forces in the English Civil War and the source of many American settlers who carried their ideals with them to these shores. A distinctive worldview therefore unites Britain and the United States, and the rest of the English-speaking world. The staunchest U.S. ally in the war on terror besides Britain has been Australia.

Continental Europe has a different tradition, more centralized and less democratic. When a Stuart tyrant was losing his head in 17th-century Britain, other monarchs were consolidating their power in the rest of Europe. Distrustful of nationalism, suspicious of the use of force after two world wars on its soil and increasingly secular, Continental Europeans naturally look askance at Bush's muscular war on terrorism, with its religious overtones and its populist, patriotic backing in the United States. The passage in Bush's speech that might have jarred Cornell European ears most was his simple insistence on, when necessary, "restraining aggression and evil by force."

The European Union, with its "democracy deficit" and its ambition to erode away the nation state, stems from this distinctive Continental worldview. One of the most important geopolitical questions in years ahead will be whether Britain is submerged into this project entirely, or maintains its flexibility and ability to preserve its special relationship with the United States. It is paramount that the United States work to keep Britain from being lost to the E.U., that London become a leader of the peripheral and post-communist states in forging a looser European community that doesn't cede sovereignty to a Franco-German superstate.

Then Anglo-America can continue its march. Britain and America have spread liberty to the world across the centuries, and, as Bush made clear in his Whitehall speech, there is still work to be done. If that work is successful, perhaps Bush and Blair will someday earn their own small place on the honor roll of Anglo-American history -- a questing, dynamic tradition that is not done yet.

2. Arutz Sheva News Sunday,
Nov. 30, 2003 / Kislev 5, 5764
Former CIA director James Woolsey says that Europe's intolerance of Jews is a first step toward dictatorial rule. In a speech to a predominantly Jewish audience at York University in Toronto, Woolsey said that Europe's increasing anti-Semitism is its "first breath of totalitarianism."

According to the National Post, as reported by, Woolsey said that Jews are history's great champions of the rule of law, so much so that they have come to embody it. "Once anti-Semitism raises its head, the rest of us who don't want to live with a foot on the back of our necks are likely to be the next targets," Woolsey said. "So once you begin to dabble with the idea that you want to bully people, that you want to order them around, that you want them to do what you say, you very frequently start to drift into anti-Semitism. I think that is what is happening in some of the cultural elites in Europe."

He said Jews have always promoted the primacy of the law over the leader, as evidenced by their dietary restrictions and dress. ''People hate Jews [as] they have come to realize that this notion of the rule of law came to the world something between three and four millennia ago in the Sinai desert," Woolsey said. "The idea that the government is above the ruler, and that rulers, whether it's King David or anyone else, are to be held to account by the people, by great prophets, by whomever -- that notion essentially came out of the Sinai desert."

European media have a lot to do with promoting anti-Semitism, Ynet reports today. The European Union's recent report on anti-Semitism, which it buried because it showed that Moslem and pro-Palestinian elements are involved in most of the incidents, shows that the one-sided coverage in Europe of the Middle East conflict "fans the flames of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel feelings." So said Francois Zimeray, a MEP (Member of European Parliament, Socialist Party, France), who obtained parts of the now-classified report. Zimeray said that the report confirms that "the media chiefly expresses only one viewpoint of the conflict, out of identification with the Palestinian side, and this fuels anti-Semitism."

The European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC), which serves as the EU's racism watchdog organization, commissioned the report on anti-Semitism in early 2002, following a sharp increase in anti-Jewish violence. However, when it received the report towards the end of the year, the EUMC objected to the focus on Muslim and pro-Palestinian perpetrators, judging this "inflammatory."

3. Anti-Semitism in Austria
From: "David S.Devor" <>
Subject: Digest of the Best - Nov. 30, 2003
Austria, the Jews and Anti-Semitism: Ambivalence and Ambiguity
[Extracts Only]:

" Austria has made a major effort to suppress the memories of its institutional and popular behavior during the war. Unlike Germany, there is until today no feeling of shame for what theAustrians did to the Jews.

" In its hypocritical atmosphere it is the role of the Jewish functionary to say here

everything is normal.

" Anti-Semitism remains part and parcel of Austrian culture with its strongest hold in politics and the media. It can be found both on the right and the left.

" Verbal anti-Semitism mainly uses coded expressions.

Anti-Semitism did not cease to exist in 1945 and continues to be part and parcel of Austrian political life and culture with its strongest hold in the political parties and the media,affirms Karl Pfeifer, Austrian Jewish journalist and former editor of the Austrian Jewish communitys official organ, Die Gemeinde.

Today Austrian anti-Semitism is not violent to the extent that Jews are being killed,he explains, but violence is perpetrated against non-European foreigners and easily identifiable Jews who sometimes are insulted or pushed down on the sidewalk. They do not, however, complain to the police. Jewish cemeteries are desecrated, but the Jewish communities usually do not publicize this. The police often brush these violations aside, claiming these are acts carried out by drunken youngsters who cannot be found.

Yet it would be mistaken to belittle the findings of the Eurobarometer poll published in November 2003 in which 59% of citizens of the European Union were found to consider Israel to be a danger for world peace. In Austria the percentage was even higher at 69% and second only to the Netherlands74%.

The media are the other major environment where one can find Austrian anti-Semitism. One yellow-press daily, Neue Kronenzeitung, accounts for forty-two percent of the daily readers of Austrian papers. On weekends the percentage increases to sixty-five percent. It carried articles of Holocaust denial.

Many years ago Gerhard Botz wrote an excellent book about the occupation of Vienna by the Nazis. There he explained how the Austrians robbed the Jews and that the German Nazis had to put brakes on them. This was because the Nazis were accustomed to robbing on behalf of the state, and not on behalf of ones private pocket, as many Austrians did. Already in 1939 an English liberal journalist, G. E. R. Gedye from the News Chronicle, had written a book on the Austriansbehavior. He had been stationed in Vienna from 1934 till 1939. So knowledge of this subject has been available for a long time.

Date: Sun, 07 Dec 2003 08:53:21 +0200

Jerusalem News-264
1. Jerusalem Post: Europe Plots Against Israel?
2. Workers unearth ancient chariot
4. Germany Gets Ready for War?
5. Tara in Ireland Discovered?

1. Jerusalem Post: Europe Plots Against Israel?
Europe's demonizing Israel not spontaneous

Abigail Radoszkowicz Nov. 26, 2003
[Extracts Only, as usual]:
The anti-Semitism sweeping much of Europe is a concentrated effort led by the political and intellectual elites of Europe, driven by a pact between the European Community and the Arab League, Islamic scholar Bat Ye'or told a gathering at the Hebrew University on Wednesday.

Following the 1973 Yom Kippur War and the ensuing oil crisis launched by Arab countries, the French led the EC into the Euro-Arab Dialogue (EAD). In return for granting Europe the right to develop the economic possibilities of Arab lands and its oil, the EC (later the EU) agreed to align itself with the Arab stance vis a vis Israel.

This meant a return to the 1949 armistice lines (in opposition to UN Resolution 242) and support for a Palestinian state, Arab sovereignty over Jerusalem, the PLO and Arafat, and an overall Arab agreement with Israel instead of separate ones.

While some of the EC countries were reluctant to link the political demands with economic agreements, for France, Arab interests converged with their own: separating Europe from American influence.

The EAD structure is led by a joint presidency of the head of the EU and the Arab League, whose decisions are implemented by scholars and technocrats (there are no written record of its meetings, which take place behind closed doors).

Over the years it has ushered in a complex set of agreements that included mass immigration of Arabs to Europe, school textbooks written under Islamic supervision, the teaching of the Arab language and Islamic culture throughout Europe, and European recognition of the greatness of Arab civilization.

Ye'or, Egyptian-born and Swiss-based, is the world authority on dhimma, literally "protection," the status of inferiority imposed by Islamic civilization on Jews and Christians.

In post-Christian Europe, a new cult of "Palestinianism" has been created, said Ye'or.

From the moment the average European gets up in the morning and turns on the radio he is bombarded by the message that the world revolves around Palestine not on the Muslim-perpetuated genocide in the Sudan, with its 2 million Christian and Animist victims, or any other ongoing atrocity of a similar scale.
Parallel to the massive TV and newspaper coverage, books on Palestine make up a large part of the publishing industry.

A recent poll revealing that a majority of Europeans view Israel and America as the greatest threats to world peace reflects French President Jacques Chirac's repeated declarations that Israeli and American policy represent the greatest danger to world peace.
Ye'or explained that Europeans feel that by declaring war on terrorism after September 11, Bush endangered their own policy of buying off Islamic terrorism by complying with Arab demands.

By attacking Israel and America they feel they can fend off Islamic terrorism on their home ground.

2. Workers unearth ancient chariot
Story from BBC NEWS:
An Iron Age chariot from about 500 BC has been discovered by engineers working on the new A1 motorway in West Yorkshire.

The site at Darrington, near Pontefract, is said to hold articles of great significance.

In what seems to be a burial chamber, there are the remains of a man aged about 40 and the bones of 250 cattle, as well as the chariot.

It is thought the cattle could have formed part of a huge funeral feast.

Archaeologists say the chariot appears to have been placed in the pit intact.

Nineteen other chariots have been found buried in Britain, but these have all been near the east coast with none as far west as this discovery.

The finds will shed new light on the tribes that lived in the north of England 2,500 years ago.

Once all the finds have been examined, it is hoped they will be put on display in local museums.


Toward Tradition is the nation's largest organization helping Jews and Christians work together to defend the traditional values and permanent principles that protect both America and Israel.
We'd all prefer living in tranquility, wouldn't we? Yet it is important that we do remember every single day that we are fighting a war in Iraq. And it is equally important that we do remember every single day that we are fighting a war right here at home. What is a bit harder to remember is that they are really both the same war. What is a lot harder to remember is that the outcome will really impact the quality of your life!

As I described in my book America's Real War, right here at home, we are fighting a second American Civil War... Today, the level of hostility between the two sides far exceeds anything we ever saw between the North and the South.

We are no longer "One nation under God, indivisible&" We are really two nations occupying the same piece of real estate. The chasm that cuts across our culture does not divide white from black, rich from poor, or Jew from Christian. It divides those who believe that the Judeo-Christian values upon which our nation was founded are vital for our survival from those who believe that they do nothing but obstruct progress. One could call it the "God-Gulf."

Which side are you on? Which side are you supporting? How are you helping?
Click here to help us boldly project Judeo-Christian values on to the spectrum of public policy.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, President
Toward Tradition

4. Germany Gets Ready for War?

PRINCETON (Own report) - During a high profile policy speech, the German
foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, offered ,,equal" partnership to the US
administration for the purpose of, jointly, winning the struggle for a ,,new
world order". The ,,new world order" would eliminate international ,,loss of
order" and achieve ,,positive globalization." All methods must be employed
and belligerent actions are not specifically ruled out. Rather it is meant
,,to strengthen" the ,,military capabilities of Europe". The foreign
minister said that for that reason Germany and the EU had to base their
policies on an expanded ,,concept of security". European armament must be
granted quantitative as well as qualitative priority. The introduction of
belligerent options pervades the whole policy speech.

In the address, which followed several meetings with the US administration,
the German foreign minister used the concept ,,human rights" four times, the
concept of ,,security" eight times, and the concept of ,,armed force" or
,,military" twelve times. Central phrases revolve around military content.

.....With that Fischer prompted the smaller EU members once
again to dispose of their national defense arsenals and to rely on the
division of labor in the production of arms components under the direction
of the armaments industries of the European core states.

5. Tara in Ireland Discovered?
Enormous Irish Temple Discovered Underground
By Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News

Nov. 21 An enormous temple that was once surrounded by 300 towering oak posts lies directly underneath the Hill of Tara in County Meath, Irish archaeologists recently announced.

While the site is home to many known archaeological treasures, this latest discovery reveals that even more exist underneath the sacred hill.

Conor Newman, an archaeology lecturer at the National University of Ireland at Galway, located the temple, which he believes dates from 2500 to 2300 B.C. Since 1992, Newman has been preparing a survey of the area for the state-funded Discovery Programme. He found the Tara monument using an underground radar device. According to a report last week in The Irish Examiner, the egg-shaped temple at its greatest width measures 186 yards. While the oak posts that probably once comprised an entire forest have long since disappeared, the existing post holes indicate each tree was approximately 2.2 yards wide.

The exact use of the monument remains unclear, but Newman and Aoife Kane of the Discovery Programme speculate that it held some ritualistic meaning.

"For thousands of years the region has been home to some of Ireland's richest farming land," Kane told Discovery News. "It is likely that farmers had the time and means to build such a monument for ritualistic purposes."

Breandán Mac Suibhne, program coordinator for the Keough Institute for Irish Studies at the University of Notre Dame, said that such rituals were probably related to fertility.

In fact, one of Tara's most famous monuments is the phallic-shaped Lia Fáil, or Stone of Destiny. It likely played a role in early fertility rituals, and was later probably used to initiate the area's earliest kings.

Mac Suibhne explained, "The fertility idea merged into politics, as kings were believed to marry the land."

An overwhelming 142 kings were said to have reigned at Tara during prehistoric and historic times. Like the Stone of Destiny, the newly discovered temple may have evolved in meaning over time.

Newman told the Examiner, "(It) still had a big physical presence even after the posts were taken out or rotted."

He added, "It fills a very important place in the jigsaw because it allows us to make sense of the distribution of other monuments all around it."

In addition to the temple and the Stone of Destiny, the Hill of Tara houses the remains of a number of large ring forts and tombs. Several other standing stones are at the site as well. Legend has it that would-be kings had to race their chariots towards two such stones.

According to Mac Suibhne, the site lost political importance around the 10th century as Dublin grew in prominence.

But, he added, "The Hill of Tara's sacred past and symbolic importance representing Irish nationhood remain with us today."


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Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2003 13:29:26 +0200

Jerusalem News-265
1. 'Lost' Avebury stones discovered
2. Conspiracy People Afraid of Anglo-Jewish Alliance?
Will Dreams Come True?
3. Ritual Murders of Jews in Paris?

1. 'Lost' Avebury stones discovered
An arc of buried megaliths that once formed part of the great stone circle at Avebury in Wiltshire has been discovered.

A map of Avebury drawn up by William Stukely in the 1720s showed that many of the stones in the south east and north east quadrants of the circle were missing.

A survey of these areas by the National Trust has revealed that at least 15 of the megaliths lie buried in the circle itself.

The stones show up clearly on computer images and the National Trust has been able to identify their sizes, the direction in which they are lying and where they fit in the circle.

'Pagan symbols'

It is now considering using ground-probing radar to create three dimensional images of each of the buried stones and raise them as computer images.
Martin Papworth, the National Trust's archaeologist for Wessex, said: "This is a truly exciting find and completes the circle of Avebury.
"These stones were erected over 4,500 years ago and the world of archaeology suspected that most of these stones had been demolished and lost forever.
"Until now, no-one had realised that some of these stones had survived intact and that they actually lay buried in the earth, next to their original locations.
"It is quite likely that they have lain there since the 13th and 14th centuries, pushed over and buried there by the local population who may have seen these pagan symbols as a threat to the established church."
Story from BBC NEWS:

2. Conspiracy People Afraid of Anglo-Jewish Alliance?
Will Dreams Come True?
From: Lloyd Miller <>
Subject: [prj] Pro-Islamic Papacy--NO MORE!
I am noticing front page articles in major newspapers noting that the Pope is gravely ill and his grip on the Vatican loosening.

Watch for a battle Royal between the Rockefeller-Islamic forces and the Judeo-Masonic Anglophile forces for the Papacy. This Pope, in spite of various symbolic peace offerings to the Jews has been strongly pro-Islamic and pro-Palestinian. He refused to countenance either Gulf War.

He supported the peace plan that could only be ended by the assassination of a Israeli Prime Minister.
Fireworks should start soon. Should a thoroughly pro-Jewish Pope arise, nothing can stop the Judeo-Masonic Anglophile Imperialism.

3. Ritual Murders of Jews in Paris
By Alyssa A. Lappen

After a European Union poll found that nearly 60% of Europeans consider Israel

the greatest threat to world peace, the British Broadcasting Corp. on November

26, asked if anti-Semitism is really increasing. There was outrage and shock

over the recent EU poll, observed Robert Wistrich, director of Jerusalem

Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of anti-Semitism. Many Israelis

consider mainstream labeling of Israel as a Nazi state a sort of


Sebastian Sellam, 23, was a popular disc jockey at a hot Parisian night club

called Queen. At about 11:45 p.m. on Wednesday November 19, the young man known as DJ Lam C (a reverse play on his surname) left the apartment he shared with

his parents in a modest building in of Paris 10th arrondissement near la

Place Colonel Fabien, heading to work as usual. In the underground parking lot,

a Muslim neighbor slit Sellams throat twice, according to the Rosenpress

interview. His face was completely mutilated with a fork. Even his eyes were

gouged out.

Following the crime, Rosenpress correspondent Alain Azria reported, Sellams

mother said the Muslim perpetrator mounted the stairs, his hands still bloody,

and announced his crime. I have killed my Jew. I will go to heaven, he

reportedly said. The alleged murderers family was well known for rabid

anti-Semitism, Mrs. Sellam reportedly told Rosenpress, a point confirmed by the

victims brother. Within the previous year, Sellams mother reportedly said,

the family found a dead rooster outside their apartment door with its throat

slit, and their Mezuzah was ripped from their door post. Leaving dead roosters

is reportedly a traditional warning of impending murder.

The homicide especially traumatized the Paris Jewish community: According to

Rosenpress, another gruesome murder, also allegedly committed by a Muslim,

occurred earlier that evening. Chantal Piekolek, 53, was working in her Avenue

de Clichy shoe store when Mohamed Ghrib, 37, stabbed her 27 times in the neck

and chest.

Initial reports in small news outlets naturally terrified and confused the

French Jewish community. Intense anti-Semitism has been building for more than a

decade, according to Nidra Poller, an American expatriate in Paris for several

decades. Anti-Semitic crimes frequently go unreported in the major press, she

said, suppressed by French authorities, victims fearing retribution and news

agencies. Jewish community members thus usually learn of attacks as they did

during previous centuries in North African and Eastern European ghettoes by

word of mouth.

French Jews live in constant fear... Everyday activities, such as

taking a taxi, going to synagogue or shopping can bring attacks. The entire

community is traumatized. This pattern was effectively repeated with the

November murders in Paris after initial reports indicated that both cases were

anti-Semitic crimes.


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1. The spread of Identity Awareness.
2. Increased Identity research and clarification.
3. Association of members together for the sake of mutual-empowerment, learning and fellowship.

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Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 22:01:48 +0200

Jerusalem News-266
Contents (most entries are extracts only, for the full articles please go to the sources):
1. JOSEPH FARAH: Gadhafi armed al-Qaida
2. Rabbi Daniel Lapin: Earthquakes (see Brit-Am comment at the end)
3. Royal Family Upset or Unfounded Allegation?

1. JOSEPH FARAH: Gadhafi armed al-Qaida
with bio-chem weapons
Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin

Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi provided al-Qaida with chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction before changing heart and agreeing to destroy his arms program, Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin has learned.

Libyan intelligence chief Musa Kussa told U.S. and UK spy agencies that tens of thousands of weapons had been produced at 10 secret sites in the country. Kussa has named hundreds of what he termed "sleeper" al-Qaida agents in Britain and the U.S.

Gadhafi's dramatic turnaround has earned him a future meeting with British Prime Minister Tony Blair and President Bush.

He was welcomed back onto the world stage with the understanding that his help to Osama bin Laden would never officially be mentioned.

Kussa escorted British officials to Libya's secret sites on what was described as "the best bus tour in intelligence history."

Not only has that new intelligence led to heightened terror alerts in the U.S. and Britain, but the agreement has prompted new threats on Gadhafi's life by al-Qaida terrorists.
Kussa said he had "reliable information" that al-Qaida had stockpiled chemical and biological weapons in the Balkans.

2. Rabbi Daniel Lapin: Earthquakes (see Brit-Am comment at the end)
From: Toward Tradition

Our television screens fail to convey the full horror of the recent earthquake in Iran that inflicted terrible deaths on over twenty thousand souls. America has once again led the international relief effort. It might seem callous to analyze this disaster even before all the victims have been buried, were it not for one timely parallel.

Only a few days earlier, a small town on the California coast also endured an earthquake. Even taking the logarithmic nature of the Richter scale into account, from an objective geological perspective, these two events were almost identical, yet the California quake killed only two people. Dispassionately examined, the evidence suggests a spiritual rather than a seismic explanation for the disparity.

One might leap to a seemingly obvious, although incorrect explanation for the difference in death toll between the two earthquakes: Bam is a very large city in Iran, while Paso Robles is but a seaside hamlet. However, calculating the discrepancy shows that the damage done in Bam was vastly disproportionate to that suffered in Paso Robles.

This is not the first time that similar meteorological phenomena in different parts of the world have caused immeasurably different consequences. For instance, China's Yellow River has repeatedly flooded, on one early twentieth century occasion, snuffing out the lives of millions of Chinese peasants. In a 1991 monsoon in Bangladesh, one hundred and thirty nine thousand people drowned.

However, hurricane Hugo, which battered our own east coast in 1997, was not significantly less severe a storm than the one that ended the lives of those pathetic Bangladeshis. Yet Hugo killed only about a dozen Americans. Sad to be sure, but nowhere near the scale of the Asian catastrophes.

The dreadful San Francisco earthquake in 1989 did kill about fifty motorists unfortunate enough to be in their cars beneath the stretch of East Bay highway that collapsed upon them. However, it is important to remember that San Francisco's high rise skyscrapers did not fall. In fact, other than the problematic highway, virtually all other buildings and bridges survived the shaker. Less than one year earlier, a similar quake had killed fifty five thousand victims in the eastern reaches of the old Soviet Union. Contrast this with a massive earthquake in 1994 that rocked, with few fatalities, one of the world's great cities-Los Angeles.

I have studied the world's twenty greatest natural disasters (measured by number of fatalities) of the past one hundred and three years. Of all twenty, only three have taken place in nations where Christianity has had a profound influence. Two were volcanic eruptions in Sicily and Italy that killed tens of thousands of people; the other was the flooding of part of Holland during a violent North Sea storm in 1953 drowning about two thousand people.

Am I suggesting that God dispatches natural disasters to punish those who have not embraced Christianity? Most of us would find this answer quite unacceptable. Yet the question does stand: Why are so many more people killed by comparable natural disasters in non-Christian countries? Phrasing it in just this way provides the clue.

Natural disasters occur randomly around the world regardless of the particular faith that has shaped each nation. What dramatically changes the consequences of natural events such as earthquakes or storms is how a particular society is organized. And this is where the religious culture of the people seems to make a huge difference.

When Holland was flooded by the North Sea breaking through its dikes, it was the last time it ever happened. By contrast, since 1953, Bangladesh alone has endured six major floods each drowning many thousands. But by 1958, the Dutch had embarked on the greatest flood control and land reclamation project in history. When they were done, the Zuider Zee and the rest of Dutch geography had changed for all time. Dutchmen invested their guilders together and built up the necessary war chest to defeat the North Sea. It was the magic of the capital market. The Dutch government, acting on behalf of all the people, offered twenty-year bonds. The Dutch eagerly handed in their savings in exchange for a promise to repay the sum with interest after twenty years.

It was Protestant faith that prompted the Dutch to hand over their precious savings in order to build the biggest and strongest dike ever. Their faith muscle was strong and, like any other muscle, once you have strengthened your faith muscle in one area, it is strong for other purposes too. You may have developed your biceps in the gym, but when you need them to lift the kitchen table they won't let you down. Similarly, those of us who have developed our faith muscle within the religious observance of Christianity or Judaism find that we can count on that faith muscle being ready and available whenever we require its services for more mundane purposes like investment. This helps to explain why the Judeo-Christian-based West is our epoch's epicenter of wealth creation.

Judaism and Christianity teach that with faith and action we can change tomorrow. Furthermore, if doing so can save even one life, we are indeed obligated to denounce fatalism and act decisively. Uniquely, Biblical civilization teaches a distinctive emphasis on the value of even one human life. Ancient Jewish tradition teaches that all of humanity is descended from only one man, Adam, in order to stress that saving even one life is equivalent to saving the entire world's population. Abraham's ill-fated attempt to save the city of Sodom by arguing with God is another example of this oft-repeated sentiment exceedingly rare in other religions. Not surprisingly, suicide murderers are found more frequently in non-Biblical civilizations that profess less value in human life. Not surprisingly, the countries with embedded Judeo-Christian foundations cope more successfully with natural disaster.

Radio talk show host, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, is president of
Toward Tradition, a Seattle-based, bridge-building
organization providing a voice for all Americans who defend
the Judeo-Christian values vital for our nations survival.

Brit-Am Comment: Rabbi Lapin ascribes the miraculous differences he speaks of to "Judeo-Christian values".
That is quite probably the case. Another factor could be the promised blessings to Israel since all the positive examples he
alludes to are those of "Brit-Am" origin.

3. Royal Family Upset or Unfounded Allegation?
Royal battle of Hastings,5744,8269986%5E421,00.html
By Christopher Wilson

MICHAEL Hastings, 62, a widower from Jerilderie, in southern NSW, has just been told he and his ancestors are, in all probability, the true inheritors of the English throne.

"Just call me Mike," says Mr Hastings, "everyone else does."

I am talking to the last great Plantagenet - the man who, it is claimed, should by rights be King Michael I of England and living in Buckingham Palace.

Instead, he is in a T-shirt and shorts, sitting in a bungalow with a glass of beer in hand after a hard day's work.

This is no joke but historical fact, based on startling research by leading historians.

Dr Michael Jones, an acclaimed historical biographer, believes he has proved a vital fact that should bring shudders to the Queen and her family: their right to rule is based on a lie that has been perpetuated for more than 500 years. It comes down to the fact that King Edward IV, who reigned from 1461 to 1483, was not of royal blood - he was the illegitimate son of a French archer.

This single fact invalidates the claim to sovereignty of the most famous of English monarchs, from Elizabeth I to Charles II to Victoria and the Georges.

For if Edward IV was illegitimate - and Dr Jones believes he has found the proof - the heirs of his younger brother, George, Duke of Clarence, are the rightful inheritors of the English throne.

Dr Jones said: "The consequences are staggering. It's exhilarating and terrifying in equal measure."

But "King" Mike is not quite as Australian as his rich accent suggests. Born in England and educated at posh Ampleforth School, he is the 14th Earl of Loudon, a direct descendant of George, Duke of Clarence, and possessor of a string of lesser titles. Grand though his lineage is, he says that in Australia it is bad enough being a Pom, let alone a titled one, and in his early days as a jackaroo he kept his background secret.

The crucial evidence comes from a document Dr Jones recently discovered in the library of Rouen Cathedral in France.

It proves, he says, that at the time of Edward IV's conception, his parents were 200km apart.

Edward's "father", Richard, Duke of York, was leading a skirmishing party against the French at Pontoise, near Paris. Edward's mother, Lady Cicely Neville - based at Rouen - was apparently deeply engrossed in the company of a local archer.

Mr Hastings didn't realise his claim to the throne until Dr Jones and the TV crew contacted him.

"Strewth!" was his reaction.

Will he be returning to Britain, to his birthright and all those palaces, money and servants?

"No," he says slowly, "I don't think so. I love Australia."

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Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2004 13:46:18 -0400

Jerusalem News-267
1. Europe versus Israel and US
2. Arutz Sheva News Friday
3. Jerusalem Post: MKs create 'Christian Allies Caucus'
1. Europe versus Israel and US
Europe Wants to Rival US as Military Superpower, Says EU Parliamentarian
Julie Stahl
Jerusalem Bureau Chief
[Extracts Only]
Jerusalem ( - European Union support for the Palestinian
Authority against Israel is part of Europe's "hidden war" against the
United States to become a world superpower, a European parliamentarian
in Jerusalem this week.
Washington has often backed Israel's position against the Palestinians,
particularly in its war on terrorism over the last three years. The United
State is also perceived by the Arab world to be pro-Israel.
The EU has argued that it is a neutral observer. But Israel has rejected
direct EU participation in the peace process fearing that what it
the EU's pro-Palestinian bias would tip the scales in favor of the
The EU has backed the Palestinian Authority since the beginning of the
process in 1992, becoming one of its main financial supporters and giving
the PA hundreds of millions of euros (dollars) since then.
EU parliamentarian Ilka Schroeder charged that EU backing for the PA goes
beyond support for the Palestinian cause and is actually part of a secret
agenda to gain power in the world.
"For me it is obvious that the Middle East has become one of the most
important fields of European military superpower ambitions," Schroeder
"The primary goal of the EU is the internationalization of the
[Israeli-Palestinian] conflict in order to underline the need for its own
mediating role. ... The longer the conflict continues and the deeper it
gets, the more evident is the incapability of the U.S. to moderate the
peace process," Schroeder told diplomats and journalists at the Institute
for Contemporary Affairs in Jerusalem this week.
"The need for a solution only exists as long as war continues. This is why
the EU does not want the conflict to end before it gains [a] major role.
And this is why the EU does not wish the PA to give up too early and why
the EU is strengthening the PA.
"The EU is ... stirring up conflict that it supposedly wants to see
resolved by financing one side. This is inherently inhuman purpose of EU
humanitarian aid in the region. The Palestinians are playing the ugly role
of cannon fodder of Europe's hidden war against the U.S.," Schroeder
Schroeder, who has served in the European parliament since 1999, is
currently an independent member of the Confederal Group of the European
United Left/Nordic Green Left.
2. Arutz Sheva News Friday
Jan. 2, 2004 / Tevet 8, 5764
Scientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot have
a new method to selectively kill cancer cells, leaving healthy ones
The secret weapon? A chemical occurring naturally in garlic.
The scientists of Weizmann's Biological Chemistry Department - Drs. Aharon
Rabinkov, Talia Miron and Marina Mironchick, working with Profs. David
Mirelman and Meir Wilchek - have successfully destroyed malignant tumors
mice using their new method. The key to their success lies in the
development of a unique system for delivering a cancer-wrecking chemical -
allicin - straight to the tumor cells.
Allicin is the substance that gives garlic its distinctive aroma and
flavor. Scientists studying allicin have known for many years that it is
toxic as it is pungent. It has been shown to kill not only cancer cells,
but also the cells of disease-causing microbes, and even healthy human
cells. On the other hand, allicin is highly unstable, and breaks down
quickly once ingested. Its instability and undiscriminating toxicity
presented twin hurdles to the creation of an allicin-based therapy.
The Weizmann scientists solved both these problems by designing an
ingenious and pinpoint delivery method. Their findings were reported in
December issue of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics.
While the team has succeeded so far only in blocking the growth of gastric
tumors in mice, the scientists note that the method could work for most
types of cancer. The technique could prove invaluable for preventing
metastasis following surgery. "Even though doctors cannot detect where
metastatic cells have migrated and lodged themselves," says Professor
Mirelman, the new Weizmann Institute system would allow the toxic allicin
to "chase them down and destroy them anywhere in the body."
3. Jerusalem Post: MKs create 'Christian Allies Caucus'
MKs from the Right and the Left reached out to Christians Monday by
creating the first-ever parliamentary caucus designed to strengthened ties
with pro-Israel Christian groups around the world.
"We need their help to fight the delegitimation of Israel that is really
becoming stronger and stronger," said Yuri Shtern (National Union), who
co-chairs the caucus along with MK Yair Peretz (Shas).
"Israel has no better friend in the world than the United States, and that
is in no small part due to our Christian friends in America, and we hope
see the same happen in Europe, and elsewhere," said Shtern.
"Our shared values and beliefs, based on our common Judeo-Christian
heritage, are the source of the strong ties between us," said Shtern.
Individual politicians, such as Minister Benny Elon (National Union), have
reached out to Christian groups and politicians.
But there has never been a formal lobby in the Knesset to promote contact
and help Christians in Israel, said Shtern.
The group will be an address for Christian groups and politicians wanting
to visit Israel. It will lobby for measures to help Christians visit and
live here. And it will seek ties with Christians abroad who support
said Shtern.
It's a lobby that should have been created long ago, particularly in light
of the growing international sentiment against Israel, said Shtern.
Representatives of three major Christian Zionist Organizations, Bridges
Peace, Christian Friends of Israel and the International Christian Embassy
in Jerusalem (ICEJ) plan to attend the caucus's inaugural meeting in the
next few weeks.
ICEJ executive director Malcolm Hedding said, "We welcome this initiative
as an opportunity to further support Israel by making known to Knesset
members the vital work that Christian Zionists do for and on behalf of the
Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2004 10:11:04 +0200

Jerusalem News-268
1. Western sperm count fall
2. Arabs Throwing Stones
3. American Influence and Demographic Problems

1. Western sperm count fall
Specialists concerned at sperm count fall
By Celia Hall, Medical Editor
(Filed: 05/01/2004)

The largest British study into sperm counts has found that they have fallen by almost 30 per cent in 14 years, researchers announce today.
Specialists concerned at sperm count fall
By Celia Hall, Medical Editor
(Filed: 05/01/2004)

The largest British study into sperm counts has found that they have fallen by almost 30 per cent in 14 years, researchers announce today.
Dr Bhattacharya said there were two broad reasons for the reduction: environment and genetic factors.
Other research has pointed to increased oestrogen in water supplies, the result of women's use of the Pill and hormone replacement therapy.
Industrial processes have also been blamed, including the <;$sessionid$WKBEI215AHBHFQFIQMFSFFWAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2001/09/11/wsper11.xml>use of solvents and high concentrations of lead.
A recent paper suggested that plastic-lined nappies might play a part because they raised the temperature of baby boys' scrotums.

2. Arabs Throwing Stones

From Honest Reporting:
Throwing Stones

Two news agencies omit the IDF's explanation for a deadly clash in Nablus.

Media outlets regularly charge the IDF with brute over-reaction to Palestinian stone-throwers, described as mere "protestors" who pose no serious danger.

The latest episode took place on Saturday (Jan. 3), when three Palestinians were killed during a clash in Nablus. Among them was 15-year-old Amjad al-Masri, who had engaged soldiers from a rooftop. <>Reuters reported a discrepancy between Palestinian witnesses who claimed al-Masri was merely "throwing stones" from above, and the IDF spokesman, who said he was "dropping large bricks on soldiers."

Here's an actual scene of stone-throwing "protest" in Nablus, captured by an <>Associated Press photographer on Jan.2 :

Comment: I have had such boulders hurled at me by Palestinians both when serving as a soldier in the IDF and when a civilian.
Anyone who travels the roads of Israel in Arab areas or partially Arab areas has suffered such experiences.
Even in Arab sections of Jerusalem it occurs.
Not to retreat in such situations entails the danger of great physical injury even death.
To retreat means that Arab control of the area is being acceded to.
This is war.

3. American Influence and Demographic Problems
The items below prove two points:
a. Israel needs even stronger support from the USA so that we be helped to expel the Arabs and not give in to them.
See our chapter in "Ephraim" and commentary to Isaiah 11:14
"Ephraim" is called upon to work together with Judah and to fly the Palestinians out of the country!
This is the correct interpretation of the verses in Question:
<<OUTCASTS OF ISRAEL>= The Lost Ten Tribes who will be found gathered together in specific areas.
<<THE DISPERSED OF JUDAH>i.e. the Jews who are scattered all over the world.

b. Israel needs more people who identify with us.

Arutz Sheva News Thursday
Jan. 8, 2004 / Tevet 14, 5764
Reports continue to surface that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's diplomatic policies are being run more in tandem with American dictates than with Israeli Cabinet decisions. Middle East Newsline (MENL) reports today that Sharon pledged to the United States that he would help establish an interim Palestinian state in 2004, regardless of whether the Palestinian Authority ends terrorism and eliminates terrorist infrastructures.

Anonymous Israeli officials quoted by MENL said that Sharon relayed this commitment to President Bush in late 2003. Sharon agreed, the report states, to a U.S. demand that the Road Map be implemented over the next year - even if the PA does not fulfill its commitment to fight Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others.

As Arutz-7 reported earlier this week, this flies in the face of an Israeli Cabinet decision that makes Road Map implementation contingent upon the PA's fulfillment of its own obligations. On May 25, 2003, the Israeli Government approved the Road Map, but attached 14 reservations - Sharon called them at the time "red lines beyond which we cannot and will not withdraw" - stating clearly that Israel will not proceed with the Road Map unless the PA fulfills its obligations. The 14 points state that "there must be no terrorism during the process," that the PA must "dismantle the existing security organizations," and that "full performance will be a condition for progress between phases and for progress within phases."

Deputy Defense Minister Ze'ev Boim unabashedly told Arutz-7 earlier this week that the reason Sharon is bent on destroying Yesha outposts even as terrorism continues is because of the agreement with the U.S.: "The Americans said clearly that within the first phase of the Road Map, the sides were to fulfill their commitments in parallel, with our obligations not dependent on whether the PA fulfilled its obligations. So we have to do this in order to fulfill our commitment to the Americans."

MK Yisrael Eichler (United Torah Judaism), speaking on Tuesday during budget deliberations in the Knesset, called upon Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to "stop hiding the truth that the State of Israel has already lost its Jewish majority." Eichler was referring to a report by the Central Bureau of Statistics stating that between the Jordan and the Mediterranean, Jews number no more than half.

MK Eichler said that the public must be informed of these numbers: "If the public knew the truth that already today there is not a Jewish majority in Israel, its understanding of the importance of the birth rate in the Land of Israel would be different. We are talking about the number of Jews relative to Muslims, Christians and Bedouins, in addition to a Christian 'Aliyah' from the former Soviet Union, as well as the granting of Israeli citizenship to tens of thousands of foreign workers."

Arutz-7's Haggai Seri-Levi reports that Eichler insists that the actual number of Israel's Jews has nothing to do with the number of new immigrants who arrived under the Law of Return. Although the Law of Return refers to Jews, it also grants citizenship to many non-Jews who arrive together with their Jewish immigrant relatives. "This is the fraud that I demand that Sharon reveal to the public," MK Eichler told Seri-Levi.

Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, in his speech at the Herzliya Conference last month, also spoke about a demographic problem, noting that this difficulty exists "not with the Arabs of the Palestinian Authority, but rather the Arabs of Israel... Regarding the Israeli-Arabs, who are Israeli citizens - here we have a problem." He said that if the Arabs become a minority of 40%, the State will cease to be Jewish, and therefore, "we need a policy that will first of all guarantee a Jewish majority - I say this with no hesitation, as a liberal, a democrat, and a Jewish patriot - ... and one that will balance between these two needs [a State that is both Jewish and democratic]."

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Jerusalem News-269
1. Known Leftist Author and Historian Backs Transfer of Palestinians!
2. Ruth Thomas: Experiences. The Return of Israel
3. Arutz 7 News
Arab Mother Of Two Murders Four Israelis In Suicide Attack
Father of Baby Triplets Murdered by Palestinian Terrorists

1. Known Leftist Author and Historian Backs Transfer of Palestinians!
Extracts from Article:
Subject: Historian Benny Morris: Was Mistake Not To Complete Transfer in '48
Historian Benny Morris: Was Mistake Not To Complete Transfer in '48
Survival of the fittest
By Ari Shavit Haaretz Magazine Section 9 January 2004

He is short, plump, and very intense. The son of immigrants from England, he
was born in Kibbutz Ein Hahoresh and was a member of the left-wing Hashomer
Hatza'ir youth movement. In the past, he was a reporter for the Jerusalem
Post and refused to do military service in the territories. He is now a
professor of history at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Be'er Sheva.

"At the same time, it turns out that there was a series of orders issued by
the Arab Higher Committee and by the Palestinian intermediate levels to
remove children, women and the elderly from the villages. So that on the one
hand, the book reinforces the accusation against the Zionist side, but on
the other hand it also proves that many of those who left the villages did
so with the encouragement of the Palestinian leadership itself."

What you are telling me here, as though by the way, is that in Operation
Hiram there was a comprehensive and explicit expulsion order. Is that right?

"Yes. One of the revelations in the book is that on October 31, 1948, the
commander of the Northern Front, Moshe Carmel, issued an order in writing to
his units to expedite the removal of the Arab population. Carmel took this
action immediately after a visit by Ben-Gurion to the Northern Command in
Nazareth. There is no doubt in my mind that this order originated with
Ben-Gurion. Just as the expulsion order for the city of Lod, which was
signed by Yitzhak Rabin, was issued immediately after Ben-Gurion visited the
headquarters of Operation Dani [July 1948]."

Are you saying that Ben-Gurion was personally responsible for a deliberate
and systematic policy of mass expulsion?

"From April 1948, Ben-Gurion is projecting a message of transfer. There is
no explicit order of his in writing, there is no orderly comprehensive
policy, but there is an atmosphere of [population] transfer. The transfer
idea is in the air. The entire leadership understands that this is the idea.
The officer corps understands what is required of them. Under Ben-Gurion, a
consensus of transfer is created."

Ben-Gurion was a "transferist"?

"Of course. Ben-Gurion was a transferist. He understood that there could be
no Jewish state with a large and hostile Arab minority in its midst. There
would be no such state. It would not be able to exist."

I don't hear you condemning him.

"Ben-Gurion was right. If he had not done what he did, a state would not
have come into being. That has to be clear. It is impossible to evade it.
Without the uprooting of the Palestinians, a Jewish state would not have
arisen here."

When ethnic cleansing is justified

Benny Morris, for decades you have been researching the dark side of
Zionism. You are an expert on the atrocities of 1948. In the end, do you in
effect justify all this? Are you an advocate of the transfer of 1948?

"There is no justification for acts of rape. There is no justification for
acts of massacre. Those are war crimes. But in certain conditions, expulsion
is not a war crime. I don't think that the expulsions of 1948 were war
crimes. You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. You have to dirty
your hands."

We are talking about the killing of thousands of people, the destruction of
an entire society.

"A society that aims to kill you forces you to destroy it. When the choice
is between destroying or being destroyed, it's better to destroy."

There is something chilling about the quiet way in which you say that.

"If you expected me to burst into tears, I'm sorry to disappoint you. I will
not do that."

So when the commanders of Operation Dani are standing there and observing
the long and terrible column of the 50,000 people expelled from Lod walking
eastward, you stand there with them? You justify them?

"I definitely understand them. I understand their motives. I don't think
they felt any pangs of conscience, and in their place I wouldn't have felt
pangs of conscience. Without that act, they would not have won the war and
the state would not have come into being."

You do not condemn them morally?


They perpetrated ethnic cleansing.

"There are circumstances in history that justify ethnic cleansing. I know
that this term is completely negative in the discourse of the 21st century,
but when the choice is between ethnic cleansing and genocide - the
annihilation of your people - I prefer ethnic cleansing."

And that was the situation in 1948?

"That was the situation. That is what Zionism faced. A Jewish state would
not have come into being without the uprooting of 700,000 Palestinians.
Therefore it was necessary to uproot them. There was no choice but to expel
that population. It was necessary to cleanse the hinterland and cleanse the
border areas and cleanse the main roads. It was necessary to cleanse the
villages from which our convoys and our settlements were fired on."

The term `to cleanse' is terrible.

"I know it doesn't sound nice but that's the term they used at the time. I
adopted it from all the 1948 documents in which I am immersed."

What you are saying is hard to listen to and hard to digest. You sound

"I feel sympathy for the Palestinian people, which truly underwent a hard
tragedy. I feel sympathy for the refugees themselves. But if the desire to
establish a Jewish state here is legitimate, there was no other choice. It
was impossible to leave a large fifth column in the country. From the moment
the Yishuv [pre-1948 Jewish community in Palestine] was attacked by the
Palestinians and afterward by the Arab states, there was no choice but to
expel the Palestinian population. To uproot it in the course of war.

"Remember another thing: the Arab people gained a large slice of the planet.
Not thanks to its skills or its great virtues, but because it conquered and
murdered and forced those it conquered to convert during many generations.
But in the end the Arabs have 22 states. The Jewish people did not have even
one state. There was no reason in the world why it should not have one
state. Therefore, from my point of view, the need to establish this state in
this place overcame the injustice that was done to the Palestinians by
uprooting them."

And morally speaking, you have no problem with that deed?

"That is correct. Even the great American democracy could not have been
created without the annihilation of the Indians. There are cases in which
the overall, final good justifies harsh and cruel acts that are committed in
the course of history."

And in our case it effectively justifies a population transfer.

"That's what emerges."

And you take that in stride? War crimes? Massacres? The burning fields and
the devastated villages of the Nakba?

"You have to put things in proportion. These are small war crimes. All told,
if we take all the massacres and all the executions of 1948, we come to
about 800 who were killed. In comparison to the massacres that were
perpetrated in Bosnia, that's peanuts. In comparison to the massacres the
Russians perpetrated against the Germans at Stalingrad, that's chicken feed.
When you take into account that there was a bloody civil war here and that
we lost an entire 1 percent of the population, you find that we behaved very

The next transfer

You went through an interesting process. You went to research Ben-Gurion and
the Zionist establishment critically, but in the end you actually identify
with them. You are as tough in your words as they were in their deeds.

"You may be right. Because I investigated the conflict in depth, I was
forced to cope with the in-depth questions that those people coped with. I
understood the problematic character of the situation they faced and maybe I
adopted part of their universe of concepts. But I do not identify with
Ben-Gurion. I think he made a serious historical mistake in 1948. Even
though he understood the demographic issue and the need to establish a
Jewish state without a large Arab minority, he got cold feet during the war.
In the end, he faltered."

I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying that Ben-Gurion erred in expelling
too few Arabs?

"If he was already engaged in expulsion, maybe he should have done a
complete job. I know that this stuns the Arabs and the liberals and the
politically correct types. But my feeling is that this place would be
quieter and know less suffering if the matter had been resolved once and for
all. If Ben-Gurion had carried out a large expulsion and cleansed the whole
country - the whole Land of Israel, as far as the Jordan River. It may yet
turn out that this was his fatal mistake. If he had carried out a full
expulsion - rather than a partial one - he would have stabilized the State
of Israel for generations."

I find it hard to believe what I am hearing.

"If the end of the story turns out to be a gloomy one for the Jews, it will
be because Ben-Gurion did not complete the transfer in 1948. Because he left
a large and volatile demographic reserve in the West Bank and Gaza and
within Israel itself."

In his place, would you have expelled them all? All the Arabs in the

"But I am not a statesman. I do not put myself in his place. But as an
historian, I assert that a mistake was made here. Yes. The non-completion of
the transfer was a mistake."

And today? Do you advocate a transfer today?

"If you are asking me whether I support the transfer and expulsion of the
Arabs from the West Bank, Gaza and perhaps even from Galilee and the
Triangle, I say not at this moment. I am not willing to be a partner to that
act. In the present circumstances it is neither moral nor realistic. The
world would not allow it, the Arab world would not allow it, it would
destroy the Jewish society from within. But I am ready to tell you that in
other circumstances, apocalyptic ones, which are liable to be realized in
five or ten years, I can see expulsions. If we find ourselves with atomic
weapons around us, or if there is a general Arab attack on us and a
situation of warfare on the front with Arabs in the rear shooting at convoys
on their way to the front, acts of expulsion will be entirely reasonable.
They may even be essential."

Including the expulsion of Israeli Arabs?

"The Israeli Arabs are a time bomb. Their slide into complete
Palestinization has made them an emissary of the enemy that is among us.
They are a potential fifth column. In both demographic and security terms
they are liable to undermine the state. So that if Israel again finds itself
in a situation of existential threat, as in 1948, it may be forced to act as
it did then. If we are attacked by Egypt (after an Islamist revolution in
Cairo) and by Syria, and chemical and biological missiles slam into our
cities, and at the same time Israeli Palestinians attack us from behind, I
can see an expulsion situation. It could happen. If the threat to Israel is
existential, expulsion will be justified."

Cultural dementia

Besides being tough, you are also very gloomy. You weren't always like that,
were you?

"My turning point began after 2000. I wasn't a great optimist even before
that. True, I always voted Labor or Meretz or Sheli [a dovish party of the
late 1970s], and in 1988 I refused to serve in the territories and was
jailed for it, but I always doubted the intentions of the Palestinians. The
events of Camp David and what followed in their wake turned the doubt into
certainty. When the Palestinians rejected the proposal of [prime minister
Ehud] Barak in July 2000 and the Clinton proposal in December 2000, I
understood that they are unwilling to accept the two-state solution. They
want it all. Lod and Acre and Jaffa."

If that's so, then the whole Oslo process was mistaken and there is a basic
flaw in the entire worldview of the Israeli peace movement.

"Oslo had to be tried. But today it has to be clear that from the
Palestinian point of view, Oslo was a deception. [Palestinian leader Yasser]
Arafat did not change for the worse, Arafat simply defrauded us. He was
never sincere in his readiness for compromise and conciliation."

"The entire Palestinian national elite is prone
to see us as Crusaders and is driven by the phased plan. That's why the
Palestinians are not honestly ready to forgo the right of return. They are
preserving it as an instrument with which they will destroy the Jewish state
when the time comes. They can't tolerate the existence of a Jewish state -
not in 80 percent of the country and not in 30 percent. From their point of
view, the Palestinian state must cover the whole Land of Israel."

Your prognosis doesn't leave much room for hope, does it?

"It's hard for me, too. There is not going to be peace in the present
generation. There will not be a solution. We are doomed to live by the
sword. I'm already fairly old, but for my children that is especially bleak.
I don't know if they will want to go on living in a place where there is no
hope. Even if Israel is not destroyed, we won't see a good, normal life here
in the decades ahead."

Aren't your harsh words an over-reaction to three hard years of terrorism?

"The bombing of the buses and restaurants really shook me. They made me
understand the depth of the hatred for us. They made me understand that the
Palestinian, Arab and Muslim hostility toward Jewish existence here is
taking us to the brink of destruction. I don't see the suicide bombings as
isolated acts. They express the deep will of the Palestinian people. That is
what the majority of the Palestinians want. They want what happened to the
bus to happen to all of us."

Yet we, too, bear responsibility for the violence and the hatred: the
occupation, the roadblocks, the closures, maybe even the Nakba itself.

"You don't have to tell me that. I have researched Palestinian history. I
understand the reasons for the hatred very well. The Palestinians are
retaliating now not only for yesterday's closure but for the Nakba as well.
But that is not a sufficient explanation. The peoples of Africa were
oppressed by the European powers no less than the Palestinians were
oppressed by us, but nevertheless I don't see African terrorism in London,
Paris or Brussels. The Germans killed far more of us than we killed the
Palestinians, but we aren't blowing up buses in Munich and Nuremberg. So
there is something else here, something deeper, that has to do with Islam
and Arab culture."

Are you trying to argue that Palestinian terrorism derives from some sort of
deep cultural problem?

"There is a deep problem in Islam. It's a world whose values are different.
A world in which human life doesn't have the same value as it does in the
West, in which freedom, democracy, openness and creativity are alien. A
world that makes those who are not part of the camp of Islam fair game.
Revenge is also important here. Revenge plays a central part in the Arab
tribal culture. Therefore, the people we are fighting and the society that
sends them have no moral inhibitions. If it obtains chemical or biological
or atomic weapons, it will use them. If it is able, it will also commit

The Muslims are barbarians, then?

"I think the values I mentioned earlier are values of barbarians - the
attitude toward democracy, freedom, openness; the attitude toward human
life. In that sense they are barbarians. The Arab world as it is today is

Would you describe yourself as an apocalyptic person?

"The whole Zionist project is apocalyptic. It exists within hostile
surroundings and in a certain sense its existence is unreasonable. It wasn't
reasonable for it to succeed in 1881 and it wasn't reasonable for it to
succeed in 1948 and it's not reasonable that it will succeed now.
Nevertheless, it has come this far. In a certain way it is miraculous. I
live the events of 1948, and 1948 projects itself on what could happen here.
Yes, I think of Armageddon. It's possible. Within the next 20 years there
could be an atomic war here."

If Zionism is so dangerous for the Jews and if Zionism makes the Arabs so
wretched, maybe it's a mistake?

"No, Zionism was not a mistake. The desire to establish a Jewish state here
was a legitimate one, a positive one. But given the character of Islam and
given the character of the Arab nation, it was a mistake to think that it
would be possible to establish a tranquil state here that lives in harmony
with its surroundings."

Which leaves us, nevertheless, with two possibilities: either a cruel,
tragic Zionism, or the forgoing of Zionism.

"Yes. That's so. You have pared it down, but that's correct."

IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis

2. Ruth Thomas: Experiences. The Return of Israel
Subject: Re: Jerusalem News-268
On a Christian Satellite program in the past few days there has been
discussions about Israel and how the Evangelical Christians are Israel's
greatest allies at this moment. There were Pastors from America and Canada
discussing this in an informal setting. They were encouraging Christians to
become more supportive in prayers and finances. The discussion was also
about how much the Jews and Christians have in common, especially the
Messiah, that we are truly looking and praying for the same Messiah.

The greatest
thing happened was while we were watching a Christian program a singer began
to sing as we would call it a prophetic song or word of knowledge or
exhortation. And it was almost exactly what God had put in my heart the
first time, and it was for all of God's people. What she received extra is
that is the year of Jubilee. That the blessings are truly restorations. I am
not sure if it is just a spiritual Jubilee or if this is truly a year of
Jubilee? We are so used to seeing everything in the spiritual realm. It is
exciting to think He is going bring it back into the natural! On the above
mentioned Satellite program, they showed a music video of a man singing
Beulah Land in various settings in Israel. The song talks about the longing
or homesickness to step foot in Beulah Land once again. In the song the only
way to return to Israel would be after death, and that was so true for many
generations of our all people. Which reminds me, most Christians believe
that only the Jews are being called back to Israel; which is a prerequisite
of the Messiah's return. They do not understand about the lost tribes. I do
believe the Evangelicals are ready to hear it. They keep talking about a
great paradigm shift. If they only knew!! I do believe God is preparing them
for the news!
God is blessing us! God continue to bless you!

3. Arutz 7 News
Arab Mother Of Two Murders Four Israelis In Suicide Attack
18:01 Jan 14, '04 / 20 Tevet 5764

Four Israelis were killed, another is in very critical condition, and some ten more are wounded, following a suicide terrorist bombing at the Erez Crossing in northern Gaza around 9:30 this morning. The explosion, perpetrated by an Arab mother of two, shook the entire building in which the many thousands of Arab workers from Gaza are checked and cross daily into pre-'67 Israel.

The four victims include two soldiers, one policeman, and one guard.

The blast caused the roof to collapse at the point at which Israeli soldiers and security personnel check the incoming Arabs for explosives and weapons. The murderer approached the soldiers, saying that she had a metal plate implant and could therefore not pass through the regular electronic check post without causing the alarm to go off. The guards then called for a woman soldier to come and check her - but as they did so, the murderer walked forward another meter or two and detonated the explosives on her person, killing the four Israelis.

Brig.-Gen. Gadi Shamni, IDF Commander of the Gaza Formation, said today, "The terrorists take cynical advantage of the State of Israel's humanitarian desire to help out the Arabs of Gaza and allow them to [cross the Green Line] and find work in Israel."

Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz said just yesterday that he is in favor of additional measures to relax restrictions on the PA population. He was addressing representatives of foreign organizations providing aid to PA residents. Following this morning's fatal attack, however, it is clear that the restrictions will be tightened, and a closure on Gaza will be re-imposed.
Father of Baby Triplets Murdered by Palestinian Terrorists
18:06 Jan 14, '04 / 20 Tevet 5764
Ro'i Arbel, 28, father of five, including two-month-old triplets, was laid to rest this afternoon in Dolev, northwest of Jerusalem. He was murdered on his way home last night by Palestinian terrorists.
Ro'i Arbel, 28, father of five - including two-month-old triplets - was laid to rest this afternoon in Dolev, northwest of Jerusalem.

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Jerusalem News-270
1. Palestinian Adulteress Forced to Become Suicide Bomber as "Atonement"
2. Future Earthquakes in Israel?
3. Sharon backs Israeli ambassador
4. Arutz Sheva News Service
5. Curioisities

1. Palestinian Adulteress Forced to Become Suicide Bomber as "Atonement"
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 02:31:21 -0500
Subject: Suicide Bombing Mother Was Caught With Hamas Lover By Husband
Aaron Lerner Date: 28 January 2004

Yediot Ahronot reports this morning that 22-year-old Reem Al-Reyashi, the
mother of two who blew herself up at the Erez Crossing from the Gaza Strip
to Israel, murdering four Israelis and injuring ten on 14 January, was
pressured by her husband to carry out the suicide attack after he caught her
with her lover who is also a member of Hamas.

In traditional society she faced execution by male family members for
defaming the honor of her family.

Israel Radio Arab Affairs Correspondent Avi Yissakharov noted this morning
that every female Palestinian suicide bomber has had a background of
personal problems.

Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 06:44:21 -0500

Translation: How Hamas Turned Adulteress Into Suicide Bomber
Alex Fishman, Yediot Ahronot 18 January 2004

Military sources claim that the terrorist Reem Al-Reyashi, who blew up four
days ago are the Erez Crossing and killed four Israelis, was forced to carry
out the suicide attack - as punishment for cheating on her husband.

A few hours after the suicide attack the Hamas published the will of the 22
year old mother who became a terrorist. With a broad smile on her face and
a rifle in her hands Al-Reyashi read her shocking desire: "I always wanted
to be the first woman who sacrifices her life for Allah. My joy will be
complete when parts of my body fly in all directions."

But information that reached Israel regarding the situation that lead
Al-Reyashi to carry out the attack raises a completely different picture.
According to this information this is not a cold blooded terrorist, steeped
in faith and madness, who chose out of free will to turn her two young
children into orphans - but instead a woman who was forced to carry out the

According to military sources, the terrorist paid a cruel price for being
involved in an illicit love affair and was forced to sacrifice herself in
order to clear her name and the honor of her family.

IDF sources said that already at the beginning of the investigation it
turned out that Al-Reyashi's husband, an activist in the Hamas organization,
not only knew about his wife's plans in advance - but even encouraged her to
carry out the suicide attack. This even though he knew that with his wife's
death he would be left to raise their two small children alone. Another
thing turned up from the investigation: the person who was chosen to recruit
the 22 year old Al-Reyashi to carry out the suicide attack and equipped her
with the explosive belt was none other than the lover with whom she cheated
on her husband. The British Sunday Times reports in this morning's edition
that the husband even drove his wife to the Erez Crossing.

In contrast to previous female suicide bombers, Reem Al-Reyashi had no
family member who had been hurt in the course of the Intifada. She is the
daughter of one of the established families in Gaza. Her father was the
owner of a large factory for the production of batteries in Gaza that
markets most of its production in Israel. The IDF refuses to believe
reports that the family of the suicide bomber was shocked to discover what
she had done.

The investigation of the attack over the weekend finds that the suicide
bomber tried to enter the Israeli side of the Erez Crossing twice. When
she passed the first time the metal detectors sounded an alarm and
Al-Reyashi was asked to leave. After a short time she joined a group of
female workers and returned, but the metal detector sounded an alarm again.
The terrorist was asked to remove her jewelry but even after she did that
the electronic detector continued to sound an alarm. The terrorist was only
allowed to enter after she burst into tars and begged to be allowed to pass.
Subject: Hamas: Women who shame family can be bombers
Hamas: Women who shame family can be bombers
By Amos Harel Ha'aretz 19 January 2004

Last week, Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin praised the woman who
killed herself and four Israeli security men at the Erez checkpoint. But it
turns out Yassin's militant Islamist organization does not unequivocally
support the use of women in terror attacks - it is especially hesitant about
the deployment of married mothers.

Senior Hamas figures who have consulted about the subject recently are
inclined to support only the use of women who have desecrated rules of
"family honor."

Hamas' view on women and terror strikes has taken shape in past months, top
Israeli intelligence officers explained to Haaretz on Sunday. In the past,
Hamas leaders avoided taking a clear stand on the use of women in terror
strikes. In some cases, Hamas leaders rejected requests of women to take
part in such attacks; Hamas referred a few such women to other
organizations, particularly Islamic Jihad and Tanzim.

Hamas has now revised this position, and some of the organization's leaders
condone the use of women in terror strikes, particularly in situations where
a woman can carry out the assignment more easily (since she is likely to
cause less suspicion at crossing points), and when the woman has
transgressed moral norms. In such cases, a woman's "sacrifice" atones for
the "stain" she has caused to her family for violating moral codes.

Reem Raiyshi, the woman who blew herself up last week at the Erez crossing,
was the married mother of two. Yedioth Ahronoth reported Sunday that Raiyshi
was compelled to perpetrate the terror strike to atone for having betrayed
her husband. Relying on IDF sources, this report claimed that Raiyshi's
husband, a Hamas operative, knew about his wife's plan in advance, and even
encouraged her to carry it out.

2. Future Earthquakes in Israel?
About half a dozen major earthquakes have hit Jerusalem over the last thousand years. Some Israeli scientists have warned that another major earthquake appears likely to hit in the next 50 years.
By Jason Keyser
The Associated Press

Researchers used computers to map Jerusalem's topography, geology, soil and the Old City's subterranean labyrinth of cisterns and tunnels.
The three-year study, conducted by the Geological Survey of Israel and released this week, found that the Old City is more at risk than modern neighborhoods because of its ancient construction and the underground layers of shifting debris left behind by ransacking armies, said Amos Bein, the center's director.

"The layer below is not made of solid rock, but rather a kind of rubble," Bein said. Those weak foundations could magnify an earthquake's seismic wave, he said.

Most at risk, the report says, is the Old City and the 11-acre elevated plaza housing two major mosques, including the gold-capped Dome of the Rock.

The site is known to Muslims as the Al Aqsa Mosque compound and to Jews as the Temple Mount once home to the biblical Temples. Jews pray at one of the compound's outer walls, a remnant of the Temple complex the Western Wall.

The report urges Jerusalem's municipal planners to identify and reinforce weak structures.

About half a dozen major earthquakes have hit the city over the last thousand years, Bein said, and archaeologists have found evidence of the damage. The last big earthquake in the area was in 1927, when a magnitude 6.3 quake centered near Jericho, about 15 miles to the east of Jerusalem, killed more than 200 people.

It rumbled through Jerusalem's holy places and may have been to blame for cracks in the southwestern corner of the mosque compound's outer wall, which some researchers have warned is in danger of collapse.

The Great Rift Valley runs for 3,000 miles between Syria and Mozambique and passes through the Dead Sea, below Jerusalem's eastern hills. The fault line was caused by the separation of African and Eurasian tectonic plates 35 million years ago, a split that weakened the Earth's crust.

About 35 miles to the north, another fault line cuts the land east to west from the Mediterranean port of Haifa with the West Bank towns of Jenin and Nablus before reaching the Jordan River.

3. Sharon backs Israeli ambassador
"Ginger" Mazel, the fiery red-head.
Sharon praises 'art vandal' envoy
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has praised his ambassador to Sweden after he vandalised an art exhibit featuring a Palestinian suicide bomber.

Ambassador Zvi Mazel was ejected from a Stockholm museum after the incident.

Mr Mazel said the work, created by an Israeli-born artist, was "a call for genocide".

Israel has called on the Swedish Government to dismantle the exhibit, which has a boat floating in a pool of red liquid.

"I think the phenomenon [of anti-Semitism] is so serious that it would have been forbidden not to have acted on the spot," Mr Sharon said.

But the expatriate Israeli artist, Dror Feiler, rejected the criticism of his work, saying it had a message of openness and conciliation.

"I'm absolutely opposed to suicide bombers," he added.

Mr Feiler called the envoy "an intellectual dwarf" who had tried to "stop free speech and free artistic expression".

Sweden's foreign ministry has summoned Mr Mazel to give an explanation for his actions on Monday.


Ambassador Mazel was expelled from Stockholm's Museum of Antiquities on Friday after he threw a spotlight at the exhibit.

Called Snow White And The Madness Of Truth, the installation features a photo of Hanadi Jaradat, a 29-year-old trainee lawyer who blew up herself and 19 Israelis in a Haifa restaurant in October.

The work is accompanied by a piece of Bach music entitled My Heart Is Swimming In Blood.

The installation was commissioned ahead of a conference on genocide to be held later in January.

"I called our ambassador in Sweden Zvi Mazel last night and thanked him for his strength in dealing with increasing anti-Semitism, and told him that the entire government stands behind him," Mr Sharon told a cabinet meeting Sunday.

"I think Ambassador Mazel behaved in an appropriate way."

Israeli foreign ministry spokesman David Saranger had urged the Swedish Government to "take steps to remove it".

The director of the museum, Kristian Berg, said the installation would remain in place.

"You can have your own view of what this piece of art is all about, but it is never, never allowed to use violence and it is never allowed to try to silence the artist," he said.
Story from BBC NEWS:

4. Arutz Sheva News Service
The spiritual leader of the Druze community in Israel, Sheikh Mowafak Tarif, this weekend signed a declaration calling on non-Jews in Israel to observe the Seven Noahide (<i>Bnei Noach</I>) Commandments, as laid down in the Bible and expounded upon in Jewish tradition. Several weeks ago, the mayor of the primarily Druze city of Shfaram, in the Galilee, also signed the document.

The declaration includes the commitment to make a better "humane world based on the Seven Noachide Commandments and the values they represent commanded by the Creator to all mankind through Moses on Mount Sinai."

Behind the efforts to spread awareness of the Torahs Seven Universal Laws is Rabbi Boaz Kelly, of the directors of Chabad-Lubavitch institutions in the Krayot area of Haifa and the chairman of the Worldwide Committee for the Seven Noahide Commandments. The recent signature by Sheikh Tarif is part of Rabbi Kellys ongoing efforts among Israels non-Jewish community. In the past few years, Rabbi Kellys organization has placed roadside ads in Arabic calling for observance of the Noahide Laws, as well as distributing Arabic-language pamphlets on the subject among Arabs in Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

According to the Torah, all humankind (the offspring of Noah, or <i>Bnei Noach</I>) is subject to seven Divine commandments. They are: to refrain from idolatry; to refrain from sexual immorality; to refrain from blasphemy; to refrain from murder; to refrain from theft; to refrain from eating the limb of a living animal; and to establish courts of law.

Support for the spread of the Seven Noahide Commandments by the Druze spiritual leader contains within it echoes of the Biblical narrative itself. The Druze community reveres as a prophet the non-Jewish father-in-law of Moses, Jethro (Yitro), whom they call Shueib. According to the Biblical narrative, Jethro joined and assisted the Jewish people in the desert during the Exodus, accepted monotheism, but ultimately rejoined his own people. The Tiberias tomb of Jethro is the most important religious site for the Druze community.

5. Curiosities
Subject: [prj] Some Fallacies - 1

Cheddar cheese isn't naturally orange. Natural cheddar is white.

Killer whales are not whales. They are dolphins.

Fortune cookies weren't invented in China. They were invented in the United
States--as were egg foo young, chow mein and chop suey.

Penicillin doesn't kill bacteria. Technically, it keeps it from reproducing.

Despite what we might see in the movies, tomahawks were almost never thrown.

Elephants do not fear mice. Nor do not drink through their trunk. They use
their trunk like a straw, drawing up water into it, which they can then
spray into their mouths.

The Statue of Liberty is actually in the territorial waters of New Jersey,
not New York. New York took political control of it in 1834, but it is still
in New Jersey's waters.

Europe and Asia are not two continents. The ancients thought so because of
the Bosporus straits, which connect the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara.
Mapmakers popularized the error.

A cold does not turn into pneumonia as many believe. One is caused by a
virus, the other bacteria.

Most black widow spiders, as a rule, do not eat their mates.

You don't get tetanus from rusty nails. Tetanus, or "lockjaw," is a
bacterial disease associated with manure contaminated soil. It enters the
body through cuts or bites.

Tomatoes aren't vegetables. A tomato is a large berry, in other words, a

Contrary to what we've been told, it's untrue that animal parents reject
their offspring if humans handle them. It's a myth.

In a real jungle, you can't swing from a vine. Vines are attached to the

It's not the mosquito's bite that causes you to itch, but rather the bug's
saliva, which it uses to numb the point of insertion so you don't feel the

Despite what people think, a squirrel can't contract or carry the rabies

St. Bernards, famous for their role as alpine rescue dogs, do not actually
wear casks of brandy around their necks.

Most people think America is the largest English-speaking country on Earth.
Nope. By population, that would be India.

Raindrops aren't actually teardrop shaped as is popularly believed. They are
rounded at the top and flat on the bottom.

Translations of the Bible that include the phrase, "My cup runneth over,"
are in error. The original just says, "My cup is full."

Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur.

Turkeys didn't originate in Turkey. They're American. When Europeans came to
America, they mistook our native bird for one known in Europe since ancient

Mr. Miyagi was right. Karate was not a Japanese or Chinese invention. This
form of self-defense began in Okinawa. Ironically, karate was originally
used to fight the Japanese.

The guillotine was not invented by Dr. Joseph Guillotin as many believe. The
device got his name because he was the one who recommended to the French
National Assembly that it become the official method of execution for the
country. (The inventors, by the way, were a German mechanic named Schmidt
and a French doctor named Antonin Louise.)

The pony express wasn't an American invention. By the time our version came
about, pony express courier teams had been around for thousands of years,
making their first appearance in Outer Mongolia. Another misconception about
the American pony express-that it was a success. Actually, the venture was
short-lived and financially disastrous for its promoters.

The rickshaw isn't Chinese. It originally came from Japan, first appearing
around 1870. (Most historians agree it was a Western missionary who first
devised the vehicle.)

It's not commonly known, but it is possible to drown and not die.
Technically the term "drowning" refers to the process of taking water into
the lungs, not to death caused by that process.

Leprosy isn't only an affliction of humans. Armadillos can get it, too.

Almonds aren't a member of the nut family--they're a member of the peach

Brazil got its name from the nut, not the other way around.

It's a widely held misconception that the match was invented before the
cigarette lighter. Actually, it was the other way around.

Mount Everest isn't really the tallest mountain in the world. If you start
from the ocean floor, Mauna Kia in Hawaii is the tallest at 33,476 feet.
(Everest is, however, the tallest above sea level at 29,028 feet.)

The truth is...Daniel Boone detested coonskin caps.

Contrary to what you see in movies, if you raise your legs slowly and lay on
your back, you can't sink in quicksand.

Another misconception we get from the movies--the average meteoroid isn't
some massive object rocketing through space. Actually, the average meteoroid
is no larger than a grain of sand.

Most people would swear it's not true, but the average lightning bolt is
only an inch in diameter.

Money isn't made out of paper, it's made out of cotton.

For the most part, bears don't hibernate in caves. They prefer hollow stumps
or logs.

You'd think it would have happened by now, but in actuality there has never
been a President who was an only child.

Diamonds have always been more valuable than pearls, right? Actually, that's
only been true for about a century.

Contrary to what people think, only female mosquitoes bite.

Some find it surprising that only male nightingales sing.

Polar bear fur isn't white as most believe, it's clear.

In truth, there's no mention of Adam and Eve eating an apple in the Bible.

When opossums "play 'possum," they aren't playing. They actually pass out
from fear.

Sharks have a bad reputation, but in fact, you are more likely to get
attacked by a cow than a shark.

Contrary to popular belief, it's not impossible to sell an Eskimo a
refrigerator--some have been known to use refrigerators to keep their food
from freezing.

"Getting our just deserts" has nothing to do with a desert, nor a dessert,
for that matter. The expression comes from "deservir," French for "to
deserve." So, the expression means you are simply getting what's coming to

A pig and a hog are not the same thing-not in the U.S., anyway. In England
there is no difference between a pig and a hog, but in the U.S. if a pig is
over 180 pounds, it is considered a hog.

Some people still hold the misconception that the "groundhog method" is an
effective means of predicting the weather--actually, the groundhog is only
accurate in predicting the weather 28% of the time.

Thanksgiving is not just an American holiday. Canada declared their
Thanksgiving holiday in 1879. Now it's observed on the second Monday in

The expression "getting off scot free" has nothing to do with Scots. It
refers to a medieval tax or fine called the scot, once pronounced "shot."
The expression came into use around the 16th century to mean someone who was
excused from making such a payment.

Contrary to what you might think, anteaters prefer termites to ants.

Buttermilk does not contain a higher fat content than regular milk.

Technically, there's no such thing as bullet-proof glass. The material is
really "bullet-resistant laminated glass," but it's not the glass that
provides the protection. It's the layers of strong, clear plastic sheets
sandwiched between the layers of tempered glass.

Boats and ships aren't the same things. Ships are large, navigate on oceans
(they include tankers, liners and aircraft carriers). Boats are smaller,
cruise rivers and lakes and, most importantly, can be carried on a ship.
(Most yachts, motorboats, ferries and tugs are boats.)

The boiling point of water is not a specific, absolute temperature. Most
assume water boils at 212°F, but this is only true at sea level at a mean
atmospheric pressure.

Human bones are not solid, dry, brittle and white. Bones are porous,
pulsating, blood-soaked living tissues. They are soft, relatively
lightweight and have a spongelike interior.

The Boston Tea Party was not a protest by colonial Americans against higher
taxes on imported British tea. Actually, the price of tea was lowered by the
British, and colonists reacted by throwing some of it into the harbor. Most
American tea was smuggled Dutch tea, and as a result, British manufacturers
accumulated 17 million pounds of surplus tea. To sell it, the Tea Act was
passed, eliminating all duties on British tea (lowering its price
significantly). The Americans at the Boston Tea Party were protesting the
unloading of the cheaper tea.

The Bowie knife wasn't invented by James Bowie. The credit for the
invention's design goes to his brother, Rezin Pleasant Bowie.