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Subject: Jerusalem News-181

Jerusalem News-181
1. Arutz-7: TV Poll results (not final)
2. Haaretz
Other Matters
3. Circumcision in USA
4. Best Battalion Award for 2001 Goes To Druze Volunteers

1. Arutz-7: TV Poll results (not final)

Arutz Sheva

TV Polls: Likud Doubles Labor; Right-Wing Bloc: 70 Seats!
According to Israel Television's exit poll, the Likud has won 36 seats in
the 16th Knesset - more than any of the recent polls forecasted for it.
Labor received half that amount, while Shinui received 14 seats. The
National Union - 8 seats, UTJ and NRP - five each. Meretz dropped
dramatically to 5 seats, while Shas received a surprisingly large 13 seats.
Herut did not enter the Knesset

Channel 2 Television says that Likud received 33, while Herut may have made
it into the Knesset. Channel 10 said that Herut certainly made it into the

The three television exit polls show basically the same trend: The Likud
received double Labor's score, or close to it; the Arabs received 10 seats;
and Shinui is the third-largest party in Israel, with 17 seats (14,
according to Channel 1).

Regarding Shas, too, Channel 1 differed than the others, giving it 13
seats, as opposed to the 9-10 accorded it by the other TV stations.

Herut is still a big question mark: One poll gives it nothing, one poll
gives it 2 seats, and one poll is still doubtful.

The National Union receives between 7-10 seats, while the National
Religious Party and the United Torah Judaism receive 4-5 seats each.

Yisrael B'Aliyah and Am Echad have 3 seats each in all the polls.

Meretz dropped dramatically from 10 seats to 5-8.

2. Haaretz: Election Results
Wednesday, January 29, 2003 Shvat 26, 5763Israel Time: 09:41 (GMT+2)[]

Ariel Sharon crushed Israel's left Tuesday to become the first incumbent
Israeli prime minister to win re-election since the 1980's, and immediately
launched an all-out bid to form a unity government with the decimated Labor
Party. An aide to Sharon said that the prime minister would not form a
narrow right-wing government, and that if he failed to cobble together a
unity coalition he would not hesitate to call new elections. Click here for
extracts from Ariel Sharon's victory speech.

Sharon called the results "a historic victory, a great victory." But he
said that celebrations were premature, as terrorism, the Iraqi crisis, and
the socio-economic plight all still threatened the nation's population.

"Today is not the time for celebrations - no celebrations. This is a time
for soul-searching, for coming together in unity, for fusing all forces in
order to bring about a genuine victory."

"It is time to come together," Sharon continued. "I am announcing today,
that after the president assigns me the task of forming a government, I
will ask all Zionist parties to join a unity government that will be as
broad as possible."

With all polling stations counted aside from the votes of soldiers and
diplomats abroad, official results showed Likud with 37 seats, Labor with
19, Shinui with 15, Shas with 11, the National Union with seven, Meretz
with six, the National Religious Party with five, United Torah Judaism with
five, Hadash with four, Balad with three, One Nation with four, Yisrael
b'Aliyah with two and the United Arab List with two seats.

Television projections released immediately as polling stations closed
Tuesday night showed Sharon's Likud sweeping to victory in the elections
for the 16th Knesset, garnering 35 seats, with the Knesset's right-wing
bloc predicted to capture up to 67 seats in the 120-seat house. The
forecasts also indicated that the Labor-led left-wing bloc had been decimated.

In winning re-election, Sharon overcame the electoral curse that had
befallen predecessors Yitzhak Shamir, Shimon Peres, Benjamin Netanyahu, and
Ehud Barak.

Labor's showing was the worst in the history of the once-dominant party
that ruled Israel for the first 29 years of its existence. In the last
Knesset elections in 1999, Labor, then the parliament's largest single
faction, won 26 seats to the Likud's 19.

Particularly hard hit in the Channel One exit poll was Meretz, which was
predicted to lose nearly half its current Knesset strength, to as few as
six seats. Minutes after the predictions were released,
longtime Meretz leader Yossi Sarid announced that if the actual results
bore out the projections, he would resign his position.

Shinui, as euphoric as Meretz activists were despondent, was projected to
become the Knesset's third largest party, more than doubling their strength
from six seats at present to as many as 15 in the incoming parliament -
according to the Channel One exit poll - and as many as 17 according to the
Channel Two and Channel 10 telephone surveys. In fact, Channel 10 had Labor
and Shinui tied on 17 seats.


Twenty-seven parties competed in the elections, but particular attention
was paid to the results attained by the ruling Likud, its traditional rival
Labor and the upstart Shinui.

While the Channel One poll gave Shas 12 seats - down five from its present
17 - the Channel Two survey gave the ultra-Orthodox party only nine seats
and the Channel 10 survey 10 seats.

The seats won by a range of hawkish parties were also a central focus of
attention, as a strong showing by the right could put pressure on Sharon to
form a narrow right-wing coalition.

The complete tally, including as many as 200,000 votes by soldiers,
prisoners, hospital patients and overseas envoys, is expected early Friday
morning, although the makeup of the next Knesset is expected to be clear by
Wednesday morning.

3. Circumcision in USA
Circumcision Opponents Use the Legal System and Legislatures

(Extracts Only)

[]ARGO, N.D., Jan. 16 Josiah Flatt, like about 60 percent of other newborn
American boys, was circumcised soon after he was born here, in the spring
of 1997. Two years later, his parents sued the doctor and the hospital.

They did not contend that the circumcision was botched or deny that
Josiah's mother, Anita Flatt, had consented to the procedure in writing.
They said, instead, that the doctor had failed to tell them enough about
the pain, complications and consequences of circumcision, removing the
foreskin of the penis.

The suit will be heard by a jury next month. In declining to dismiss the
case here before trial, Judge Cynthia Rothe-Seeger acknowledged that the
case was unusual in that nothing "went `wrong' during the procedure." The
main harm Josiah seeks compensation for, Judge Rothe-Seeger noted, is
"diminished sexual sensation injury."

The suit is but one effort by a small but energetic group of loosely
affiliated advocates and lawyers to use the legal system to combat the
practice most American newborn boys undergo the operation when they are
days old which they liken to genital cutting in girls.

The advocates have been active in state legislatures, too. Ten states no
longer allow Medicaid to pay for circumcision.

"They have reached the ears of legislators and insurance companies," Dr.
Thomas Wiswell, a professor of pediatrics at the State University of New
York at Stony Brook and a proponent of the procedure, said about the
opponents. "They are far more vocal than proponents of circumcision."


About 1.2 million newborns are circumcised in the United States every year,
at a cost of $150 million to $270 million, the American Academy of
Pediatrics says.

Circumcision for other than religious reasons is a relatively recent
phenomenon in the United States. It began in the late 19th century and
peaked in the 1960's at 90 percent of newborns. Circumcision rates vary
widely. They are highest in the Midwest, about 80 percent, and lowest in
the West, under 40 percent.

The procedure is not common elsewhere. In Canada, the rate is 17 percent
and in Britain 5 percent. Elsewhere in Europe, in South America and in
non-Muslim Asia, the procedure is rare.

There is powerful evidence, Dr. Wiswell said, that circumcision helps
prevent urinary tract infections, penile cancer and sexually transmitted
diseases, including H.I.V.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, in a policy statement in 1999, said
that the risks of infection and cancer were low even without the procedure
and that evidence on sexually transmitted diseases was "complex and

The academy noted that the procedure could involve complications, as could
any surgery. If performed without adequate anesthesia, it is very painful.

The academy concluded that "existing scientific evidence demonstrates
potential medical benefits of newborn male circumcision."

"However," it added, "these data are not sufficient to recommend routine
neonatal circumcision."

It added that it was "legitimate for parents to take into account cultural,
religious and ethnic traditions, in addition to the medical factors, when
making this decision."

Judge Rothe-Seeger wrote, "One of the earliest purposes of circumcision was
to limit sexual intercourse and to curb sexual excitement."

It has also been prescribed through the years as a remedy for alcoholism,
epilepsy, asthma, gout, hysteria, malnutrition, night terrors, clubfoot,
eczema and promiscuity.

"Circumcision is a medical procedure in search of something to cure," said
Mr. Baer, the Flatts' lawyer.

In the last year, Arizona, Missouri, Montana and North Carolina joined six
other states California, Mississippi, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon and
Washington that do not offer Medicaid reimbursement for circumcision for
any reason, including religious beliefs.

There is little legal scholarship in the area. That is partly attributable,
Professor Miller said, to efforts intended to prevent genital cutting in
girls, a practice prevalent in Africa that reduces sexual pleasure.

"It's all tied up in the politics of feminism," he said. "Some feminists
take offense at the idea that there is any comparison between a highly
damaging assault committed by a patriarchal society and male circumcision.
It's a dangerous topic to get into."

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4. Joash tablet a forgery??

A stone tablet inscribed with biblical passages in ancient Phoenician
script that sparked an archeological controversy here last week is a
forgery, an internationally renowned expert said Sunday.
"It is not just that I have serious doubts about its authenticity, but I
believe it is a fake," Hebrew University archeology professor Joseph Naveh
told The Jerusalem Post.
Naveh, who viewed the sandstone tablet a year and a half ago, dismissed as
"highly fishy" the positive assessment offered by the Israel Geological
Institute last week that the tablet was likely to be real.
The 15-line inscription on the tablet describes Temple "house repairs"
ordered by King Joash, who ruled Judea from 835-793 BCE and strongly
resembles passages in the Second Book of Kings.
It is unclear who owns the tablet, which could be worth millions of dollars
if found to be genuine, but its owner is being represented by former
cabinet secretary Isaac Herzog, who is a Labor Party candidate for the
Naveh said Sunday that he was first contacted about the black stone tablet
in the summer of 2001 months before the Geological Institute was approached
when an anonymous caller asked him to verify its authenticity.
After being sworn to secrecy, Naveh was sent a photograph of the object.
Already in doubt then, Naveh said that he asked to see the tablet in person.
In a scene out of a Robert Ludlum novel, a meeting was subsequently
arranged at a Jerusalem hotel among the Israeli contact man, who introduced
himself as "Tsur," a young Arab man who did not speak a word, and Naveh.
After a close inspection of the tablet, which included examining the
"technical weaknesses" between a crack on the stone and the lettering on
it, Naveh concluded that the tablet was a forgery.
He noted that while most of the letter shapes are of ninth-century BCE
Hebrew, others are typical of seventh-century Aramaic and Phoenician.
Naveh said Sunday that the tablet was likely made in the last century. He
pointed out that he was told at the hotel meeting that the tablet was
discovered by Palestinians outside the eastern wall of the Temple Mount
compound, near a Muslim cemetery, but could not verify this.
Naveh noted that he kept his promise of secrecy until the Geological
Institute issued a public appraisal on the tablet last week.
Together with Prof. Yisrael Ephal of the Hebrew University, Naveh will
publish his analysis on the tablet in the upcoming Israel Exploration
Journal. Even last week, when the story first was publicized, leading
Israeli archeologists had voiced skepticism about the authenticity of the
stone tablet and its mysterious origins.
Curators at the Israel Museum who examined the fragment at several meetings
with the owner's agents last year had also cast doubt on its authenticity.
They were required by museum director James Snyder to sign a letter
forbidding them to discuss the tablet.

4. Best Battalion Award for 2001 Goes To Druze Volunteers
From: imra@n...
Best Battalion Award for 2001 Goes To Druze Volunteers
IDF Spokesperson 28 January 2003

On a chilly January morning in the Druze village of Rama in the Galilee, the
Herev Brigade pursues its community work with excellent humor.

These young men spend four months with the IDF "Nahal" infantry brigade, a
period of time after which they are considered to be "fighters". Captain
Halabi Rafaat emphasizes that: "The Druze are educated from a young age that
they are an integral part of Israeli society, and thus, they must contribute
to the IDF, like every other Israeli citizen and provide service to their
country". He adds, "The IDF gives all the religious freedom required by the
Druze minority."

Human Mosaic

The Druze minority in the IDF is bursting with motivation and 87% of young
Druze fit IDF criteria and enlisted in 2003.

Three enlistments take place every year and 200 Druze enlist at every
enlistment. It is to be noted that a large percentage of the soldiers who
volunteer to the Herev Battalion become officers and make the army a career.
The Brigade is divided into four fighter Brigades and one commanding

The Herev Battalion was stationed in the Gaza Strip at the beginning of the
current conflict. "We were at the heart of all the events for over a year
and a half". The Battalion was transferred to Khan Yunis: "After much
success in the field, the Battalion won the 2001 prize for best Battalion".

This year, the respected Herev battalion was re-assigned to the Northern
Command after soldiers requested to serve closer to home. Today, the
Battalion operates on the Northern Border. One of the division commanders
spouted enthusiastically: "If only all soldiers could be like the soldiers
in the Herev Battalion".

Several soldiers proudly expressed their satisfaction at the link between
their military and social activities. Constructive competition between the
soldiers means that more decide to go out to the officer's course. The
soldiers also feel the pride of being able to do social work in the heart of
their own villages for their own families.


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Jerusalem News-182
1. Arutz Sheva News Wednesday
2. Brief description of participating parties in Israel's elections:
3.Satellites Uncover Ancient Mideast Road Networks
[]4. Austria, and Slave Labor
5. Arutz-7 News: Thursday
6. Islam compared with Judaism

1. Arutz Sheva News Wednesday
Jan. 29, 2003 / Shvat 26, 5763
The near-final results of the elections give the Likud a most impressive
victory, assigning the party 37 seats - more than the total of the next two
largest parties. Labor dropped to 19 seats, the lowest in its history,
while Shinui took over from Shas as the 3rd-largest party with 15
seats. Shas dropped from 17 to 11, viewing that as an achievement under
the circumstances, while the 5th-largest party is the National Union,
comprised of Moledet, Yisrael Beiteinu, and Tekumah, retaining its strength
at 7 seats.

Other results: The religious parties National Religious Party and United
Torah Judaism retained their strength of 5 seats each; Yisrael B'Aliyah
dropped from 4 to 2, while Amir Peretz's Am Echad party climbed from 2 to
4. The three Arab parties dropped from a total of 10 to 9. Herut of
Michael Kleiner and Baruch Marzel received only just over 34,000 votes,
some 10,000 short of the required minimum to enter the Knesset.

Although many in and out of the Likud question whether the party can now be
described as right-wing or centrist, given the recent tendencies of its
leader Ariel Sharon in favor of a Palestinian state, the traditional labels
give the right-wing a solid majority for the first time since 1977. The
Likud's 37 MKs, plus the 30 seats of Shas, National Union, NRP, UTJ and
Yisrael B'Aliyah, tilt the balance of power unambiguously in favor of the

It is important to note that the votes of the soldiers have not yet been
counted, because of the extra steps involved in ensuring the integrity of
these votes. Each soldier places his or her vote inside an unmarked sealed
envelope, as do all other voters, but then places that envelope inside
another envelope marked with his or her name and ID number. Only after it
is ascertained that the soldier did not vote elsewhere is the inside
envelope delivered to another location for its vote to be tallied. In the
last election, the National Union alliance and Meretz received an
additional seat each after the soldiers' votes were counted, at the expense
of Yisrael B'Aliyah and Labor.

The near-final results:
Likud - 37
Labor-Meimad - 19
Shinui - 15
Shas - 11
National Union - 7
Meretz - 6
United Torah Judaism - 5
National Religious Party - 5
Am Echad - 4
Yisrael B'Aliyah - 2
Arab parties - 9

The voter turnout was 68.5% - the lowest in the history of the State. At
least one television commentator said that this was a reaction to the "fact
that these elections were forced upon the public." Voting in the Arab
sector was less than the national average. In the IDF, 90% of the soldiers

The final election results will be publicized on Jan. 30. Sharon, after
being appointed by President Moshe Katzav to form the next government, will
have 28 days to do so, and will be able to request an extra 14 days if

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon arrived at the jubilant Likud Party
headquarters shortly before 1:00 AM this morning, to the cheers of hundreds
of Likud supporters. Before he spoke, the Likud's new Knesset line-up was
introduced, including some 12 totally new names - about 1/3 of the party list.

Sharon, flanked by Ministers Binyamin Netanyahu and Silvan Shalom, said in
his speech, said, "We can be happy, but there is no room for celebrations:
Terrorism has not ended, Iraqi threat over our heads, an economic and
social crisis is still threatening our economy. This is a time not for
celebration, but a time for reckoning and the unification of all our forces
in order to bring true victory - victory over terrorism and the beginning
of diplomatic process, and victory over unemployment and the growth of our

2. Brief description of participating parties in Israel's elections:
he near-final results:
Likud - 37 : Nationalistic, populist, right-of-center inclined, sympathetic
towards religion and Jewish tradition.
Labor-Meimad - 19: Labor: historically based on the old socialist parties
but in practice middle-class and bureaucratic
oriented. Left of center, inclined to be anti-religious but pragmatic.
Meimad- funded by EU, religious but left-wing pro-appeasement inclined,
upper middle-class from bureaucratic elements.
Shinui - 15: Upper Middle-class, ashkenazic, anti-religious, slightly right
of center nationalistically. Captialist inclined. has been compared to
European fascism. Backed well by the media and by unknown elements.
Shas - 11- Religious, mainly Sephardic (Eastern-relgious); populist, in
principle concerned for lower classes and nationalism
but in the past allowed itself to be 'hijacked" for the opposite policies.
Has achieved much in the past, was expected to fall much more than it
actually did (17 previously versus 11 now).
National Union - 7: Right wing, many Russian immigrants, nationalistic,
pro-religious even though most of its representatives are not necessarily
Meretz - 6: left-wing, achieved some positive things in the social sphere,
anti-religious verging on being anti-Jewish.
United Torah Judaism - 5: Ultra-Orthodox religious, achieves much for its
own sector while also concerned for lower classes in general. Inclined to
be right of center nationalistically but considered unreliable from that
point of view.
National Religious Party - 5: Much more important than its numbers.
Historically moderately religious and moderately nationalistic but the most
important patriotic elements have emerged from its educational institutes
and still are to be found amongst its ranks and leadership. Social record
achievement-wise is probably the best of them all. Keeps a low profile, has
an image problem.
Am Echad - 4
Yisrael B'Aliyah - 2: Immigrant party based mainly on Russian immigrants.
Right of center. responsible. has done much in the past to help new immigrants.
Arab parties - 9: All hate Israel and are against the Jewish state.

3. NYTimes: Science: Satellites Uncover Ancient Mideast Road Networks
January 28, 2003

Satellites Uncover Ancient Mideast Road Networks


[]n photographs taken by once-secret American surveillance satellites,
traces of the buried past show through the arid surface of the Middle East
like pentimento. The traces are as intriguing to archaeologists as the
ghostly painted-over layers on a canvas are to art historians.

Examining the pictures in detail, archaeologists have found sites of
ancient settlements that had previously escaped detection. They have begun
to map the vanished roads that stretched across the landscape 4,000 to
5,000 years ago.

The new maps, archaeologists at the Oriental Institute of the University of
Chicago say, are becoming important tools to understanding the geography of
early urban civilization in Mesopotamia, the region embracing much of
today's Syria and Iraq.

An analysis of some photographs reveals tracks of roads leading from known
ruins of ancient cities far out into the hinterlands. The tracks, radiating
like spokes of a wheel, define the extent of a city's reach to distant
farmlands and neighboring settlements.

Other pictures show the roads linking city to city over a vast network
extending from ancient Aleppo in western Syria to Nineveh, near modern
Mosul in northern Iraq. Previously, scholars supposed there was some kind
of road system for long-distance travel and, in the absence of better
observations, simply represented the roads as straight lines between major
settlements. Now they can plot the true courses of many roads.

"These intersite routes are more than connections between towns and their
immediate satellites," concluded Jason A. Ur, a researcher at the Oriental
Institute. "When considered at a regional level, these routes emerge as
segments of larger `highways' which run from site to site on a general
east-west axis."

Mr. Ur, a doctoral student, described the archaeological applications of
satellite photography in an article for the spring issue of the journal
Antiquity. Such pictures have been readily available since the first
program of American intelligence satellites, called Corona, became obsolete
and was declassified in 1995. The pictures can be bought over the Internet
from the United States Geological Survey.

The pictures, Mr. Ur explained, do not show the actual roads from
antiquity, but signatures of where the roads were. Shallow linear
depressions, called hollow ways, were left by the repeated traffic of
people and animals over centuries. This hardened the surface and caused the
roadway to sink, leaving troughs that retained moisture and promoted
vegetation. The roads, some up to 400 feet wide and 2 feet deep, appear in
satellite pictures as subtle changes in surface growth.

A connection between these signatures and actual roadways was confirmed in
ground surveys at several sites in northeastern Syria. Although a boon for
research in flat arid regions, archaeologists at Chicago conceded that the
Corona photography might prove to be less useful in wetter and more rugged

4. Austria, and Slave Labor
Subject: No legal relief for slave laborers in US Courts (Esrati)

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that Americans
who sued German companies for their slavery during World War II have
no standing and that a California law allowing such suits is a
violation of treaties the United States has signed.
In my novel, "Comrades, Avenge Us," I go to great lengths to describe
the plight of the (mostly) French prisoners who were forced to dig a
tunnel through the Alps to connect "Greater Germany's" Upper Carniola
(now called Slovenia) with Carinthia, in what used to be Austria,
This tunnel, high in the Alps, was an ice box in which the prisoners
often froze to death.
Today, on the Slovenian side, there stand the remains of the camp and
a marvelous memorial. There is not even a marker on the Austrian side.
The reason that Austria is ashamed of its role (even though we
pretend that Austria was an occupied country and, therefore, a
victim) was because the entire project was run by Universale Hoch-
und Tiefbau of Vienna.
This wonderful company was paid so much per slave to house and feed
its slaves by the SS. It then pocketed most of the money and the
slaves starved and froze.
Only one person ever escaped from the Loibl Tunnel camps, a Frenchman
who is portrayed in the book "The Tunnel at Loibl." He escaped
because he could not face another winter in the sub-Arctic camp. My
attempts to contact him
failed out of fears for the life of the author (also a pseudonym) and
the escapee. I went to the headquarters of the veterans of
Mauthausen, of which Loibl was a sub-camp.
I was told the fear was of former members of the milice, Petain's SS.
(Yes, I know, all Frenchmen are heroes of the liberation and
all were in the Resistance. But when I went to Charles de Gaulle's
Order of the Liberation, I found that same fear there.)

If you should go to Vienna-the-horrid, where artifacts
stolen from synagogues "in the east" are on sale in almost all
jewelry stores. (I have pictures to prove it, and almost got myself
arrested for photographing "private property.")

"Stephen G. Esrati" <steve@e...>
Stephen G. Esrati
PO Box 20130
Shaker Heights, OH 44120

5. Arutz-7 News: Thursday
Jan. 30, 2003 / Shvat 27, 5763
The rains appear to have ended for at least the next three days, but they
left a firm impression in Israel's largest reservoir. The Kinneret Sea
rose some 15 centimeters over the past two days - including a near-record
10 centimeters (2.5 inches) yesterday - and now stands at 213.70 meters
below sea level. The government-mandated "red line," below which is
considered unsafe, is 213 meters below sea level. The optimum level is 4.1
meters higher than the "red line."

All the Galilee rivers are now full, and the northern Jordan River is
streaming at its strongest rate in the past ten years. The rushing waters
are dragging along tree trunks and other objects in its path.

US Dollar: NIS 4.8280
British Sterling: NIS 7.9355
CA Dollar: NIS 3.1622
Euro: NIS 5.1877

6. Islam compared with Judaism
From: Johnstembridge1@a...

Received the following from Merv and Merla Watson founders of the
International Embassy in Jerusalem in 1980. Maybe it is time for Islam and
the nations to re evaluate their priorities. John Stembridge

Muslims number 1,200,000,000 - about 20% of the world's population
and have won the following Nobel Prizes:
1957 - Albert Camus (of French parentage, but raised in North Africa)
1988 - Najib Mahfooz.
1978 - Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat
1994 - Yaser Arafat
1990 - Elias James Corey
1999 - Ahmed Zewail
1960 - Peter Brian Medawar
1998 - Ferid Mourad

Jews number approx. 14,000,000 - about 0.02% of the world's
population, which is about the population of Nepal or Morocco

1910 - Paul Heyse
1927 - Henri Bergson
1958 - Boris Pasternak
1966 - Shmuel Yosef Agnon
1966 - Nelly Sachs
1976! - Saul Bellow
1978 - Isaac Bashevis Singer
1981 - Elias Canetti
1987 - Joseph Brodsky
1991 - Nadine Gordimer World

1911 - Alfred Fried
1911 - Tobias Michael Carel Asser
1968 - Rene Cassin
1973 - Henry Kissinger
1978 - Menachem Begin
1986 - E! lie Wiesel
1994 - Shimon Peres
1994 - Yitzhak Rabin

1905 - Adolph Von Baeyer
1906 - Henri Moissan
1910 - Otto Wallach
1915 - Richard Willstaetter
1918 - Fritz Haber
1943 - George Charles de Hevesy
1961 - Melvin Calvin
1962 - Max Ferdinand Perutz
1972 - William Howard Stein
1977 - Ilya Prigogine
1979 - Herbert Charles Brown
1980 - Paul Berg
1980 - Walter Gilbert
1981 - Roald Hoffmann
1982 - Aaron Klug
1985 - Albert A. Hauptman
1985 - Jerome Karle
1986 - Dudley R. Herschbach
1988 - Robert Huber
1989 - Sidney Altman
1992 - Rudolph Marcus
2000 - Alan J. Heeger

1970 - Paul Anthony Samuelson
1971 - Simon Kuznets
1972 - Kenneth Joseph Arrow
1975 - Leonid Kantorovich
1976 -! Milton Friedman
1978 - Herbert A. Simon
1980 - Lawrence Robert Klein
1985 - Franco Modigliani
1987 - Robert M. Solow
1990 - Harry Markowitz
1990 - Merton Miller
1992 - Gary Becker
1993 - Robert Fogel

1908 - Elie Metchnikoff
1908 - Paul Erlich
1914 - Robert Barany
1922 - Otto Meyerhof
1930 - Karl Landsteiner
1931 - Otto Warburg
1936 - Otto Loewi
1944 - Joseph Erlanger
1944 - Herbert Spencer Gasser
1945 - Ernst Boris Chain
1946 - Hermann Joseph Muller
1950 - Tadeus Reichstein
1952 - Selman Abraham Waksman
1953 - Hans Krebs
1953 - Fritz Albert Lipmann
1958 - Joshua Lederberg
1959 - Arthur Kornberg
1964 - Konrad Bloch
1965 - Francois Jacob
1965 - Andre Lwoff
1967 - George Wald
1968 - Mars! hall W. Nirenberg
1969 - Salvador Luria
1970 - Julius Axelrod
1970 - Sir Bernard Katz
1972 - Gerald Maurice Edelman
1975 - David Baltimore
1975 - Howard Martin Temin
1976 - Baruch S. Blumberg
1977 - Rosalyn Sussman Yalow
1978 - Daniel Nathans
1980 - Baruj Benacerraf
1984 - Cesar Milstein
1985 - Michael Stuart Brown
1985 - Joseph L. Goldstein
1986 - Stanley Cohen [& Rita Levi-Montalcini]
1988 - Gertrude Elion
1989 - Harold Varmus
1991 - Erwin Neher
1991 - Bert Sakmann
1993 - Richard J. Roberts
1993 - Phillip Sharp
1994 - Alfre! d Gilman
1995 - Edward B. Lewis

1907 - Albert Abraham Michelson
1908 - Gabriel Lippmann
1921 - Albert Einstein
1922 - Niels Bohr
1925 - James Franck
1925 - Gustav Hertz
1943 - Gustav Stern
1944 - Isidor Issac Rabi
1952 - Felix Bloch
1954 - Max Born
1958 - Igor Tamm
1959 - Emilio Segre
1960 - Donald A. Glaser
1961 - Robert Hofstadter
1962 - Lev Davidovich Landau
1965 - Richard Phillips Feynman
1965 - Julian Schwinger
1969 - Murray Gell-Mann
1971 - Dennis Gabor
1973 - Brian David Josephson
1975 - Benjamin Mottleson
1976 - Burton Richter
1978 - Arno Allan Penzias
1978 - Peter L Kapitza
1979 - Stephen Weinberg
1979 - Sheldon Glashow
1988 - Leon Lederman
1988 - Melvin Schwartz
1988 - Jack Stein! berger
1990 - Jerome Friedman
1995 - Martin Perl

Admittedly, though, the Muslim world dwarfs the Jewish world in the
number of: terrorists, suicide bombers, slave traders -and- religious
leaders calling for "holy wars."

Maybe they should spend a little more time on education, and less
time on blaming the Jews for all their problems.
What do you think?



Visit our web-sites frequently:
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and the aesthetics are worth it.

"And I will bless them that bless you" (Genesis 12:15).
Jerusalem News-183
3. Arutz-7 News Friday,
4. Condolences


Is the UN biased? Considering there is only one Israel and twenty-one Arab
states that are part of a long conflict in the Middle East, it is hard to
believe that Israel is totally responsible. Yet, to look at US figures on
the conflict and in relation to Israel would bring you to that erroneous

* The General Assembly of the UN condemned or deplored Israel 321 times and
0 times the Arabs and the PLO.

* The Security Council condemned, censured and deplored Israel 49 times and
the Arabs and PLO 0 times.

* The Security Council passed 131 resolutions in its history. Of those, 88
criticized or opposed Israel, none deplored or even criticized the PLO or
Arab states.

* Is it any wonder Israel finds directives from the UN far from fair? A
balanced approach is certainly not the UN agenda.

(By Clarence Wagner, Jan. 30, 2003)


A total of 862,300 visitors from abroad entered the country during 2002,
making it the worst year for tourism in 20 years.

According to information released by the Central Bureau of Statistics on
Sunday, last year was the first since 1982 in which fewer than a million
visitors arrived. Last year's figures were 29 percent lower than those for
2001 and two thirds lower than those recorded in 2000.

A total of 778,600 foreign nationals entered the country by air, 27% less
than arrived during the previous year. In Eilat, there were only 38,500
tourists who arrived by air from abroad, a drop of 42% in comparison with

Some 79,900 people arrived by the land routes from Jordan or Egypt, 38%
fewer than during the previous year.

There were hardly any passengers from cruise ships, with only 300 recorded
during April and May, compared to 22,800 cruise passengers during 2001 and
255,000 during 2000.

Of the visitors who did come to Israel last year, over a quarter of those
who arrived by air came from the United States, 12% from the United
Kingdom, and 14% from France. Germans and Russians each were 5% of the
total, and there were smaller numbers from Italy and Spain.

According to the bureau, the figures indicate that the declines were less
drastic from countries with a significant Jewish community, such as the US
and France.

The Tourism Ministry stressed the fact that 92,400 visitors from abroad
arrived during December, an increase of 13% in comparison with December 2001.

The Bureau noted that despite the low number of arrivals, when adjusted for
seasonal variations, the monthly totals showed that there was a slight
increase of 2.4% a month during the last seven months of 2002.

(By Haim Shapiro, Jerusalem Post, January 27, 2003)

3. Arutz-7 News Friday,
Jan. 31, 2003 / Shvat 28, 5763

The counting of the last 167,000 votes in Tuesday's election - those of the
soldiers, prison inmates, hospital patients, and diplomats abroad - led to
minor changes in the tallying of the Knesset seats. The Likud rose to 38
seats, double that of Labor, and the National Religious Party's
representation jumped to 6. The Arab Hadash party of Ahmed Tibi and
Muhammed Barakeh, and Am Echad of Amir Peretz, both dropped to three
Knesset seats.

The margin between the two largest parties, 19 seats, is the largest in 34
years. In the 1969 elections, the Alignment, forerunner of today's Labor,
received 56 seats - the most ever received by one party in Israel's history
- while Gachal, predecessor of the Likud, received only 26 seats.

As a result of the final count, MK Ayoub Kara of the Likud, who represents
the party's Druze sector, and former MK Nissan Slomiansky (NRP), a resident
of the Shomron community Elkanah, will again enter the Knesset. They come
at the expense of former MK Addisu Messele (Am Echad) and Dov Hanin, the
Jewish member of Hadash, who thought for two days that they would be MKs.

NRP leader Effie Eitam thanked the IDF soldiers for granting his party an
extra mandate. "The confidence that the soldiers placed in us reflects more
than anything the central message of the NRP," Eitam said, "that army
service can be combined with faith, tradition, and values." Eitam also
phoned Addisu Messele, and expressed his regrets that Messele, who served
in the 14th Knesset, would not be in the 16th Knesset.

The final Knesset line-up thus gives the Likud the possibility of forming a
"narrow" right-wing government of 69 MKs: Shas (11), National Union (7),
NRP (6), United Torah Judaism (5), and Yisrael B'Aliyah (2), plus the
Likud's 38. Am Echad would probably join such a government as well, giving
it 72 seats. However, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is continuing to pursue
his preferred government, namely, a coalition with Labor and possibly with

The Philatelic Service will issue a new stamp next week dedicated to the
Jubilee anniversary of the hesder yeshivot enterprise in Israel. Students
at these institutions choose to enter a five-year program after high
school, in which they combine compulsory military service with yeshiva
studies. The first such yeshiva was Kerem B'Yavneh, founded in late
1953. Some 36 such institutions have been established since 1967,
including in Kiryat Shmonah, Eilat, Gush Katif, Sderot, and elsewhere.

The hesder enterprise received the Israel Prize in 1991 for "their unique
implementation of the Zionist vision... following the destruction of the
Torah centers in Europe. The yeshiva students, who are dispersed
throughout the country, and especially in outlying and development towns,
are well integrated wherever they are, while fulfilling all their
obligations towards the State. The hesder students excelled in their
military service [and] manifest study and fulfillment of the Torah of
Israel together with settling the Land of Israel and with love for the
Nation of Israel."

4. Condolences
Fox News

Space Shuttle Disintegrates; Seven Astronauts Killed

Saturday, February 01, 2003


CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. Space Shuttle Columbia blew up and disintegrated in
flames over Texas Saturday morning, killing all seven astronauts aboard and
scattering debris over four states and the Gulf of Mexico.

The seven crew members -- six Americans and the first Israeli to go into
space -- were just 16 minutes from landing at Cape Canaveral, Fla., when
the shuttle broke up at 203,000 feet. The astronauts had been orbiting the
Earth for 16 days.

"Columbia is lost. There are no survivors," President Bush said in a
televised address from the Cabinet Room. He said the day had brought
"terrible news" and "great sadness" to the country, and that "our entire
nation grieves."

Bush praised the Columbia crew for their courage and daring in an age when
space travel seems so routine, but is anything but.

"These men and women assumed great risk in the service to all humanity,"
Bush said. "The astronauts knew the dangers and they faced them willingly."

Still, he said, "our journey into space will go on."

Shalom All,
We heard the sad news of the tragedy about the breakup of the space
shuttles 200,000 feet above Texas. We deeply mourn the death of the
astronauts and especially the death of Israel's first astronaut Ilan Ramon.
We pray that Our Father will be with all the families of these brave people
and give them peace.
Jim Coetzee
Port Elizabeth

From: imra@n...
(Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)
Saturday, February 01, 2003 9:52 PM

US President George W. Bush today (Saturday), 1.2.2003, telephoned Prime
Minister Ariel Sharon and told him that today is a tragic day for both
the families of the astronauts and for science. US President Bush said
that he knows that a brave Israeli citizen - Colonel Ilan Ramon - was on
board the space shuttle Columbia, and delivered the condolences and
support of the entire American people, as well as his personal
condolences and support, to the Ramon family, at this difficult hour.
Prime Minister Sharon delivered his sincerest condolences to the
American people and the astronauts' families, and added that is at
moments such as these, that the hearts of the American and Israeli
peoples beat as one. "Let us pray together and support each other," he


Date: Mon, 03 Feb 2003 12:33:29 +0200
Jerusalem News-184
1. "Black" Humor in the News (but not so remote from claims actually being made)
2. Saudi Money Continues to Feed al Qaeda
3. Arutz-7 News: Sunday
4. Ancient Troy

1. "Black" Humor in the News (but not so remote from claims actually being made)
From: Ríain <>
Subject: BREAKING NEWS from C.A.N.

01 Feb 2003 -- Neu M•nchen, Idaho

C.A.N. NEWS -- Reports are coming in from various unnamed sources that a bottle rocket launched by Chinese Soldiers on the Mexican border, brought down the Shuttle.

Reports are coming in from Palestine, TX that pieces of the bottle rocket have been found and smelled of cheap tequila.

Eyewitness reports from all over East Texas claim of the smell of tequila and lime and strangely enough Chinese food as the Shuttle debris fell to the ground.

One of our most reliable secret sources at the C.I.A. claims that it was a conspiracy between the Jews, Israel, China, Mexico, and SWITZERLAND. The neutral Swiss getting involved when they decided they were sick and tired of sitting on the side-lines and wanted to take over the World with the Jews.

The bottle rocket was designed as to make the Americans believe that it was made by Iraq, Iran, N. Korea, and Al-Qaeda, with the assistance of Iceland, the last bastion of White-European civilisation.

More breaking news will be reported as it comes in to us.

Because CAN CAN WHEN WE CAN bring you the CAN NEWS!®

Conspiracy Aryan News -- Where CAN, CAN! 2003 ©

2. Saudi Money Continues to Feed al Qaeda

Vol. 2, Issue 95, January 31, 2003

Saudi Money Continues to Feed al Qaeda

The al Qaeda gangs rounded up this month across Europe, in Britain,
France, Spain, Italy and Germany - some in advanced stages of preparation
for chemical poison attacks - have been traced by DEBKA-Net-Weekly's
counter-terror sources to two points of origin: Chechnya and Algeria.

Interrogations of the men in custody revealed that Saudi Arabia
continues to be the leading purveyor of manpower and funds for the Islamic
terror network, while branches of the Albanian mafia scattered over Europe
serve as al Qaeda's primary logistical arm - supplier of weapons, travel
documents, forged passports, vehicles and hideouts from which to launch
their strikes.

Our counter-terror experts have prepared a detailed map illustrating
the routes that the terrorist cells follow to target.

They start out in Chechnya and Algeria and cut across Europe through
Bulgaria, Macedonia and Bosnia.

But the most shocking discovery is that 17 months after the 9/ll
atrocities in which 15 Saudi suicide bombers took part, the Saudis are
still providing al Qaeda with funding for terrorist operations against the

Saudi officials have worked hard to show Washington that the kingdom
has cleansed itself of the taint of funding and fueling al Qaeda terror. On
September 13 last year, the Saudi interior minister Prince Naif set up a
committee to oversee the flow of capital to charity organizations. Saudi
labor minister, Dr. Ali Ibrahim Namleh, demanded greater transparency from
all Islamic charities in the kingdom. At the same time, the princes
launched an impressive PR campaign in America to show they were adamantly
opposed to terrorism.

However, DEBKA-Net-Weekly's counter-terror sources have discovered
from a senior Western source that the river of Saudi cash continues to
reach al Qaeda through the circuitous channels the organization has devised
to obtain the money for its activities. Two men are at the hub of this
funding chain: Wael Hamza Jalidan, chairman of the Ribata Trust charity,
and Mahmoud Jamal Khalifa, one of Osama bin Laden's brothers-in-law.

Jalidan and Khalifa are linked to another member of the bin Laden
support team, Khaled bin Mahfuz, former head of the Saudi National Trade
Bank and for long years an economic adviser to the royal house. Mahfuz has
been arrested in the past for ties with al Qaeda but was always released

This trio shows no sign of heeding the directives issued by their
interior and labor ministers. Under the patronage of King Fahd's brother,
the governor of Riyadh Prince Salman, they continue to pump funds to
terrorist organizations in Lebanon and Yemen. Salman is one of the men who
decide to which Islamic organizations around the world Saudi largesse will
be assigned. He heads such important Saudi charity bodies as the Supreme
Committee for Fund-raising for Muslims and the Popular Committee for Aiding
Mujehadeen in Palestine.

DEBKA-Net-Weekly's senior Western source reports that Jalidan's
financial operation in the Balkans is sanctioned by Salman. Most of the
money he hands out, though designated for stricken Muslim regions, ends up
with Islamic organizations in Lebanon, Yemen and groups affiliated to al

A key figure in the Balkan funding enterprise is a Palestinian called
Kamal Abu Foda, nominally coordinator of the Combined Saudi Fund for
Kosovo, whose real job is to direct the incoming funds from Kosovo to banks
in Lebanon and Yemen to finance the activities of al Qaeda affiliates. One
of its recipients is the Arm of Ansar, based in Sidon and controlled by al
Qaeda. In Yemen, the funds are funneled to the Aden Alabayan Army.

3. Arutz-7 News: Sunday
February 2, 2003 / Rosh Chodesh Adar Aleph 5763
The Belgian Senate approved this morning an amendment to its Universal Law, allowing Belgium to try Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for war crimes. Sharon was about to be tried there last year for his involvement in the Sabra and Shatila massacres - in which Christian Phalangists murdered hundreds of Arabs in Lebanon in 1982 - but the Belgian Supreme Court determined that the country's unique law governing international war crimes can be applied only to those who are physically present in Belgium. The Belgian legislators thereupon went right to work to do what was necessary to try the Israeli leader, passing the amendment this morning and paving the way for Sharon to be tried in absentia.

Sharon is being sued by relatives of the murdered Arab residents of Lebanese refugee camps, who claim that as Israel's Defense Minister at the time, he turned a blind eye to the murderous Christian intentions. Sharon has always maintained that he had no knowledge of what the Phalangists were planning.

It should be noted that Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz, visiting Great Britain late last year, was advised to quickly leave the country after a complaint was filed against him relating to Israel's response to the PA's Oslo War terrorism. Mofaz was IDF Chief of Staff when the Arabs began the current war in Sept. 2000. Israel is concerned about the increasing trend towards charging Israeli officials with war crimes in The Hague's International Court and in other courts around the world.

4. Ancient Troy

From Nature Science Update, 29 January 2003

Trojan geography in Homer's Iliad matches sediment record of Dardanelles coastline.


Homer knew his geography, say US researchers. The ancient Greek writer's description of the war fought around Troy is consistent with a new reconstruction of the way the region looked about three millennia ago.

In his Iliad, Homer recounts how the city of Troy was besieged and finally conquered by the army of the Spartan king Menelaus, who sought to reclaim his wife Helen from her abductor, prince Paris. This is thought to have happened around 1250 BC.

Homer's account of the siege and battles give several clues about the lay of the Trojan plain. Then, in the first century AD, the Greek writer Strabo expanded on the description in his book Geography, by which time Troy was known as New Ilium.

Ancient Troy is thought to have stood at a site called Hissarlik in present-day Turkey; archaeological excavations have revealed the remains of a city. There are, in fact, several different ancient Troys, as the settlement was built and destroyed many times since the third millennium BC. These ruins now perch on the edge of a plateau overlooking a river flood plain of sand, silt and marshland.

When Troy was first built around 3000 BC, say John Kraft, of the University of Delaware in Newark, and his colleagues, it was on the coast of a great bay that filled most of the plain.

Today, however, Troy's environs look very different. Little by little, silt from the Simois and Scamander rivers (today called the Dumrek Su and Kara Menderes), which flow into the bay, moved the Dardanelles coastline several kilometres north, leaving Troy high and dry.

The researchers tracked these changes back through time by radiocarbon dating the fossils in columns of sediment drilled from the rivers' flood plain. Their analysis revealed where, at different times, the ground was once a swamp, a brackish lagoon, or earlier still, a flooded bay. The investigation was begun in 1977 and has been directed by Kraft's collaborator Ilhan Kayan of Ege University in Izmir, Turkey .

The Greek army, Homer tells us, camped on the Aegean cost to the west of Troy, and drew up their ships "on the shore of the surging sea well away from the fighting". Kraft's team figures that this camp was situated on a promontory along the west of the former Bay of Troy, which the Greeks defended with a "deep ditch" to the south that prevented the Trojans from advancing up the narrow finger of land.

The researchers also located the "ford of the fair-flowing river" Scamander. Here, according to Homer, Achilles "broke the Trojan line" and forced many of the Trojans over the steep riverbanks into the deep, swift water. By Strabo's time, the plain was probably much farther north, so that the promontory was no longer evident and the two rivers were able to flow together before emptying into the retreating bay.

The team's findings show that Strabo's judgment was unfailingly acute when he spoke of the geography of the Trojan War. He realized that alluvial deposition had changed the coast since Homer's day, and he seems to have guessed rightly when he stated that the Greek camp and ship station were situated "20 stades [about 4 kilometres] from Ilium".

Kraft, J. C., Rapp, G., Kayan, I. & Luce, J. V. Harbor areas at ancient Troy: sedimentology and geomorphology complement Homer's Iliad. Geology, 31, 163 - 166, (2003). |Article|

© Nature News Service / Macmillan Magazines Ltd 2003


WASHINGTON [MENL] -- Saudi Arabia is said to have sentenced a Yemeni
national to death for insulting the religion of his roommate.

A Saudi court in Jedda sentenced the Yemeni national to death on Jan. 7.
They said the Yemeni, identified as Hail Al Masri was originally sentenced
to two years imprisonment and 600 lashes. But a higher court headed by Ali
Al Zahrani rejected the sentence and ruled that Al Masri should be beheaded.

Saudi newspapers said Al Masri tried to jump from the third floor where the
courtroom was located after the death sentence was read. Al Masri was
seriously injured in the fall and taken to a local hospital.

The Washington-based Saudi Institute said Saudi Arabia has not formally
announced the death sentence. The opposition group said a Saudi reporter who
covered the court proceedings refused to speak with the institute in fear of
government reprisal.
Date: Sun, 09 Feb 2003 21:24:17 +0200

Jerusalem News-185
1. Reply to Steven Collins from David Horovitz
2. NYT: (Extracts) Polish Town Still Tries to Forget Its Dark Past
3. German Duplicity?
5. Best web-sites available

1. Reply to Steven Collins from David Horovitz
From: Steve Collins <>
Subject: FW: Eerie Jerusalem Report article re: Ilan Ramon
Shalom Yair,

I received this reply from the editor of Jerusalem Report.


-----Original Message-----
From: David Horovitz []
Sent: Tuesday, February 04, 2003 2:21 AM
Subject: Re: Eerie Jerusalem Report article re: Ilan Ramon

Thanks for the email. The erroneous reference to the Challenger-just an editorial mistake, and you're right, a sad and slightly eerie one.
David Horovitz
Editor, The Jerusalem Report

2. NYT: (Extracts) Polish Town Still Tries to Forget Its Dark Past


[]EDWABNE, Poland This is a small rural town in denial, although the facts are now clear.

On July 10, 1941, shortly after the Nazis occupied this poor farming town in northeast Poland, hundreds of Jews from Jedwabne and surrounding hamlets were assembled in the town square, where some were brutally killed, while others were beaten and finally forced to run down Cemetery Road to Bronislaw Sleszynski's thatch-roofed barn.

Kerosene was then poured on the barn and it was set alight, burning more than 400 people alive.

The story was nearly forgotten until 1999, when the historian Jan Gross assembled evidence that Jedwabne's pogrom was not, as local legend had it, the work of Polish townsmen acting on orders from occupying Nazi soldiers. Instead, documents and eyewitness accounts showed that Catholic Poles organized and carried out the massacre of their Jewish neighbors.

The entire nation undertook an extraordinary examination of collective conscience, and a reappraisal of the long-accepted view here that Poland, which lost six million people three million of them Jews in World War II, was a victim and not a perpetrator as well. The debate culminated in a trip to Jedwabne by Poland's president, Aleksander Kwasniewski, to apologize for what Poles of one faith did to Poles of another.

The prosecutor's report says some 400 Jews died in the barn, at the hands of local Poles. Bones and charred remains were exhumed, and contemporary accounts inidcate that half the adult men in Jedwabne, as well as women and children, took part in the pogrom, some watching, some helping to round up those who tried to escape and others killing Jews with their own hands.

Despite those damning details, to most local people, the closing of the investigation seems like vindication for their firmly held view that there is little or no need to apologize for the past.

"It's the Germans who put the Jews to death and it's a lie that it was the Poles who did it," said the town's priest, Father Edward Orlowski. He claimed to have proof the real killers were a German unit commanded by a Jew turned Nazi general.

The Catholic Church's leader, Cardinal Josef Glemp, has done nothing to rein in Father Orlowski. Instead, he attended a Mass to honor the Jedwabne Jews, then asked Poland's surviving Jews to apologize for having brought Communism to Poland.

3. German Duplicity?
Date: Sun, 09 Feb 2003 01:48:40 -0800
From: Eliezer <>

A POLEMIC - Germany's leading role in arming Iraq

"German Giant Taking Over American Water Supply"

German troops to guard U.S. military facilities

Germany-U.S. ties hit post-war low

Question - If American/German relations are at an all time low, and If Germany
played a leading role in arming Iraq - Why are German troops now being used to
guard American Military Installations and a German giant is taking over a large
portion of the American water supply? Something beginning to smell and it
isn't the roses.

Subject: Fwd: Special Jerusalem Report


It has very recently been reported that nearly 40% of the officers in the combat units of the Israel Defense Forces are religiously observant and wear kippot. This is more than twice the percentage of religious people in the general population and in the non-commissioned ranks of the army. It is always significant when leaders, which officers are, choose to be followers of the Torah. This statistic published by Ma'ariv newspaper is one of the evidences of a growing return of many Jews in Israel to a Torah observant lifestyle.

5. Best web-sites available
The Brit-Am executive in Jerusalem has impartially reached the unanimous decision that the best web-sites available on the web are those of Brit-Am.

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The prices include postage by registered air-mail
Send to:
Yair Davidiy
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"And I will bless them that bless you" (Genesis 12:15).
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 23:49:54 +0200
Jerusalem News-186
1. North Korea arms Egypt
2. Special Jerusalem Report Excerpts
3. Arutz-7 News: Thursday

1. North Korea arms Egypt
On Thursday, the Wall Street Journal reported that North Korea had sold
millions of dollars worth of missile components to an Egyptian military
facility. The report was based on documents that included bills of lading,
packing lists and invoices found by Slovakian authorities in a Bratislava
apartment rented by a North Korean couple. The couple included a former
senior North Korean diplomat.

2. Special Jerusalem Report Excerpts
From: For Your Glory <>
Subject: Special Jerusalem Report

Anti-terror police in England have unearthed a plot to shoot down a plane at Heathrow, according to security sources. As the army was drafted in to protect the airport in west London, Sky News was told that security forces feared a terror attack to bring down an airliner. Police have been searching under the flight path on the western approach to the airport and combing areas of Windsor Great Park.

Although Scotland Yard will not comment in detail, police officers have been stopping motorists and searching cars in and around Wraysbury, west of Heathrow. More than 400 soldiers in armoured personnel carriers are standing guard at the airport and security has also been stepped up around Windsor Castle.

Downing Street said the deployment at Heathrow was "an ongoing operation in relation to a specific threat". Number 10 said the move was personally authorised by the Prime Minister Tony Blair.


Israels Ambassador to Belgium has been recalled in protest of a decision by the Belgian supreme appeals court to permit war crimes charges to be pursued against Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon once he leaves office. Foreign Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reacted angrily, calling the ruling scandalous.He said that it,legitimizes terror and damages those who fight terrorism.

While the court stayed action against Sharon until he is no longer Prime Minister, it is allowing proceedings to move forward against Amos Yaron, who was head of the army division accused of complicity in the Sabra and Shatilla massacres in Lebanon in 1982. The Belgian law allows it to be the self-appointed arbiter of the worlds war crimes allegations, regardless of whether the defendant has any connection to the European nation whatsoever.

President Moshe Katsav today sent a severe letter to the King of Belgium, in which he expressed his chagrin at Belgiums High Courts decision to try Israelis in their courts. President Katsav totally rejects Belgiums moral right to bring Israeli leaders and IDF officers to trial. Mr. Katsav emphasized that Israeli leaders and IDF officers operate according to international norms, the Israeli law, their conscience and basic human morality, and that no one has the right to doubt the ethical standards Israel holds itself to, and that those who accuse us, would do well to reflect on their past actions.


The official radio station of the Palestinian Authority, Voice of Palestine, broadcast a sermon from the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem on February 7, in which the Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Ikrimah Sabri, preached, While Muslims slaughter sheep on Id al-Adha, the United States will slay Muslims in Iraq in order to carry out its aggressive, criminal, terrorist, and inhuman designs...O Allah, deter the aggressors and conspirators. O Allah, destroy them all. O Allah, protect Iraq and its people.(Translation courtesy of FBIS.)


In a Sept. 11 flashback, two Middle Eastern men were removed from an American Airlines flight here to Los Angeles after "razors" and thousands of dollars in cash were found in one of their carry-on bags, the airline confirmed today. The incident occurred Saturday at Washington Dulles International Airport, from where Middle Eastern men with box cutters in 2001 hijacked an American flight to Los Angeles, took control of the plane and slammed it into the Pentagon.

The bag containing what one source claims were "straight razors" and also a "utility knife" got past the Transportation Security Administration's checkpoint at Dulles. Straight razors and sharp-bladed knives of any length are banned items. But later at the gate, one of the men was pulled from the line in a random security check. A search of his bag turned up the razors and nearly $10,000 in cash. TSA confiscated the razors, which American Airlines says were permitted safety razors, but let both men board Flight 144 to Los Angeles International Airport.

However, the flight crew, including the pilots, refused to take off until the men were removed. The flight was delayed about an hour before security officers came on board and escorted the men off the plane. "A flight attendant aboard the flight raised questions about the two men aboard the flight who had passed two TSA screenings," said John Hotard, an American spokesman in Dallas. "They were asked to deplane, which they did, rescreened and placed aboard another flight to LAX."

TSA spokeswoman Chris Rhatigan said the agency had no immediate comment. One news agency reported that the men claimed to be Iranian but carried no passports.


North Korea has an untested ballistic missile capable of hitting the United States, top U.S. intelligence officials said Wednesday.

While testifying at a Senate committee hearing in Washington, CIA Director George Tenet was asked whether North Korea had a ballistic missile capable of reaching the U.S. West Coast. Before answering, Tenet turned to very quickly consult with aides sitting behind him. "I think the declassified answer, is yes, they can do that," Tenet said. Moments earlier Tenet said it was likely that North Korea had been able to produce as many as two plutonium-based nuclear weapons.

The estimate is not new -- it was laid out in an unclassified CIA document in December 2001-- but Tenet is the most senior U.S. official to say so publicly. The 2001 report said North Korea's Taepo Dong 2 missile may be capable of hitting the West Coast of the United States, as well Alaska and Hawaii.

3. Arutz-7 News: Thursday
Arutz-7 News: Thursday
Feb. 13, 2003 / 11 Adar Aleph, 5763
Foreign Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has recalled Israel's Ambassador to Belgium for "consultations." This move is merely the sharpest expression of widespread Israeli fury at Belgium's decision yesterday that Ariel Sharon and other Israelis can be tried under the special Belgian law for international war crimes. The Belgian Supreme Court ruled that Sharon, as a sitting Prime Minister, cannot be tried, but that Israelis such as Gen. (res.) Amos Yaron and former IDF Chief of Staff Rafael Eitan can be tried, even though they are not in Belgian territory.

The issue at hand in the Belgian courts is the massacre of hundreds of Arabs in September 1982 by Maronite Christians in Lebanon. This was the culmination of a long Lebanese civil war that developed between the Christians and the PLO; the PLO, after causing a civil war in Jordan, relocated to Lebanon in the early 1970's, leading to a civil war there as well.

Rafael Eitan, known as Raful, says that the Belgian decision does not worry him, as the ruling is "political," and that in any event, he has no plans to leave Israel in the near future. Gen. Yaron said that Belgium suffers from "delusions of grandeur" in thinking that it must enforce its view of justice on the world.

Netanyahu also summoned Belgium's Ambassador to Israel, Wilfried Green, and expressed his sharp protest of the Belgian decision. "The decision is yet another blood libel against the Jewish people from European lands, " Netanyahu said. "It is a sharp blow at truth, justice, ethics, Israel, and the forces fighting terrorism around the world... Turning an entire country into a kangaroo court is a strike against world justice and a libel appropriate to 'old Europe.'"

Yoel Rubenfeld, the director of the Belgium-based Belgium-Israel friendship association, said this morning, "This unfortunately shows that there's no justice when it comes to Israel. There's Arafat, and Saddam, and Pinochet, and many others who could be tried under the special Belgian law - yet they're only going after Sharon. The others have been the subjects of claims, but nothing has moved; only with Sharon!" He said that there is tremendous ignorance in Belgium about what happened at Sabra and Shatila: "They think that it was Israel that massacred the Arabs there!" It was reported today that the small Belgian Jewish population of 40,000 has relatively little political clout; the number of those calling themselves Palestinians in Belgium is 600,000.

MK Tzvi Hendel recommends that Israel try Belgian leaders for their participation in war crimes committed by Belgium during its conquest of the Congo up til 1960. "This will enable the world to see the Belgians' chutzpah and hypocrisy," Hendel said. It is estimated that between 1880 and 1920, ten million Africans in the Belgian Congo were the victims of murder, starvation, exhaustion induced by over-work, and disease. Well-documented claims allege that women were systematically raped and that the local populace endured kidnapping, looting and village burnings. An article in the London-based Guardian last year stated, "The instrument of Belgian repression was the chicotte - a whip made from sun-dried hippo hide. [King] Leopold's fortune - which he ploughed back into monumental buildings in Brussels - was made on the proceeds of Congolese rubber and ivory. Locals were forced to collect the sap required to produce rubber or, it is alleged, have their hands or feet, or those of their children, cut off." Israel already has on its books a law enabling foreigners to be tried for war crimes, though it has never been implemented.


Ariel Sharon himself, exactly 20 years ago, after he was fired as Israel's Defense Minister in the aftermath of Sabra and Shatila, predicted today's events: "I say again: Israel in general - I'm referring to the state, the nation, the people, and not only the government and the army - the whole nation is being portrayed as responsible [for what happened] - indirectly. I evaluate that we will not be freed of this accusation - as a people, as a nation, as Jews - for generations, and it will be marked as a sign of Cain on our foreheads."

Sharon was referring to the left-wing's campaign against him and then-Prime Minister Menacham Begin for the Peace in Galilee War in general and what happened at Sabra and Shatila in particular. Crowds called Begin and Sharon "murderers." Sharon protested at the time: "Not one soldier or officer took place in this terrible act. Our hands are clean, and our purity of arms was maintained throughout the entire war. [Speaking to the left-wing:] This entire attempt to attribute it to us - you did this on every stage, in front of the whole world!"



Shurat HaDin - Israel Law Center, an Israeli civil rights organization has
written Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein today demanding that his office
file a criminal indictment against several former Belgian officials who
were responsible for the assassination of the leader of the Republic of the
Congo, Patrice Lumumba, in 1961.

Background: The Kingdom of Belgium occupied the territory of the Congo as a
colony, starting in the late 19th Century. In the decades that followed,
the government of Belgium was responsible for the murders of millions of
African residents of the Congo. Belgian mining companies competed in the
region's for the Congo's rich supply of precious metals and natural
resources, leaving the native residents economically impoverished. In 1960,
the people of the Congo won independence from Belgium, and elected Patrice
Lumumba as their first Prime Minister. Lumumba ran an election campaign
pledging full economic and political independence from Brussels. Fearful
of losing its lucrative investments in Africa, Belgium decided to
eliminate Lumumba and other officials of his party.

Belgium provoked a civil revolt against Lumumba's rule and provided arms to
his political opposition. In December 1960, Belgian back forces arrested
Lumumba and transferred him to a jail in the province of Katanga. On January
17, 1961, Lumumba was dragged from his cell and brutally tortured by Belgian
police officials. In the evening he was brought, along with two other
members of his party, before a police firing squad and executed.

Days later, a Belgian police officer was ordered to exhume Lumumba's body,
dismembered it with a hacksaw and dissolved all traces of it with sulfuric
acid. Recently, Belgian historian, Ludo de Witte, discovered documents that
were sent by the, then, Belgian Minister for African Affairs, Harold
Aspermont Lynen, ordering the assassination of the Congo leader: "The main
objective to pursue, in the interests of the Congo, Katanga and Belgium, is
clearly the elimination of Lumumba."

In response to this revelation, Brussels appointed a governmental commission
to investigate Belgium's role in the murder of Lumumba. The Commission found
that Belgium was indeed responsible for the African leader's killing in
1961. The Government of Belgium offered an official apology to the Lumumba
family, but no individuals were prosecuted for the crime.

Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 13:37:21 +0200
Jerusalem News-187
1. Japan on the Rise?
2. 71% in US oppose Palestinian state - poll
3. Arutz-7 News: Tuesday,
4. 70.6%: Palestinians would destroy Israel if they could
5. Why are France and Germany pro-Saddam?
6. EU inconsistencies
7. More on the Belgian Congo

1. Japan on the Rise?
Japan strike threat to Korea

By Shane Green, Herald Correspondent in Tokyo
February 15 2003

Japan is prepared to launch a pre-emptive strike on North Korea if it
believes the communist state is preparing a missile attack against

In Tokyo's toughest military stand since the end of World War II,
the Defence Minister, Shigeru Ishiba, said Japan would make the
strike if it detected that North Korea was fuelling missiles for an

"It is too late if [a missile] flies towards Japan," he said in an
interview with Reuters. "Our nation will use military force as a self-
defence measure if [North Korea] starts to resort to arms against

Mr Ishiba, a hawk who was appointed defence chief last
September, was at pains to portray such a strike as an act of self-
defence, in line with Japan's postwar constitution, which forbids
military aggression.

But Mr Ishiba's warning pushes the constitutional restraint to the
limit, and sends a clear message to North Korea that Japan does
not intend to be a passive target.

As the crisis over North Korea's nuclear program worsens,
Pyongyang has issued increasingly strident warnings that it is
prepared to strike against United States forces, and Washington's
allies, in the region. Japan, a chief ally, is well within missile range.

It was not clear exactly what form a Japanese strike would take. Tokyo
has substantial and well-equipped forces, including Aegis destroyers,
but is geared towards self-defence.

Japan is very vulnerable to missile attack. In 1998, North Korea
test-fired a Taepodong-1 missile over Japan which landed in the Pacific.
Since then, Tokyo and Washington have been conducting research on a
missile defence system.

2. 71% in US oppose Palestinian state - poll
By ELLI WOHLGELERNTER The Jerusalem Post Feb. 18, 2003

Seventy-one percent of Americans believe that the Palestinians should not be
given a state, since they have not fulfilled President George W. Bush's
conditions for creating a state, which he outlined in his speech of June 24.

These were the findings of a poll of 1,000 Americans conducted last week by
John McLaughlin and Associates and sponsored by the Zionist Organization of

Bush's conditions include "fighting terrorism, stopping the promotion of
hatred in its media, ending the encouragement of murder in its schools,
becoming a democracy, and respecting human rights."

Approximately 13% believe the Palestinians have fulfilled these conditions
and should be given a state.

The respondents were 36% Republicans, 37% Democrats, and 21% independents;
53% Protestants, 28% Catholics, and 2% Jews; 76% Caucasians, 11%
African-Americans, and 10% Hispanics.
The survey also found that:

73% want the US government to demand that the PA "turn over all Palestinian
Arabs accused of killing or wounding American citizens," while 16% say the
US should not make that demand.

Arutz-7 News: Tuesday,
Feb. 18, 2003 / Adar Aleph 16, 5763
Israeli forces in Bethlehem arrested three Arab females who planned to become "human bombs" and thus murder Jews yesterday. Another terrorist was also stopped yesterday near Gush Etzion on his way to committing an attack in Jerusalem.

An IDF force near Hevron arrested Muhammed Nur last night; he murdered the shepherd Ya'ir Har-Sinai of Susia on July 2, 2001. Dalia Har-Sinai, Ya'ir's widow, told Arutz-7's Tamar Yonah today,
"I see great symbolism in the fact that this happened on Purim Katan [exactly a month before Purim], as this is part of the erasure of Amalek. 'May all Your enemies be similarly wiped out, O G-d.' As I said at the funeral, my true revenge is in the fact that the [agricultural] work here continues: orchards are being planted, fields are being sown, and the flock that is the heart of the farm continues its work, that of helping redeem lands and preserving them. Unfortunately, some Arabs yesterday won a court case allowing them to return to lands in the area from which they were banished after the murder. This is very painful to me, as it shows that Jewish blood is cheap, and it only strengthens and supports them in their murderous ways."

Following the arrests, Defense Minister Mofaz announced that the closure that was imposed on all the Arab areas of Yesha last week would be lifted. The 14,000 PA Arabs with work permits for both sides of the Green Line were permitted, beginning this morning, to go to work. Among Mofaz's considerations, he explained, are the difficult conditions faced by the Arab civilian population, and the desire to ensure that the Arab workers not be fired by their Jewish employers. Mofaz also said that Israel would do all it could to help those PA Arabs who are not involved in terrorism:
"Because the PA is a corrupt body that uses its money to support terror activities and dark activities that do not help the population, we are partially involved in helping international and civilian bodies that help the population. I don't think there is any other country that would act the way we do, helping out the civilian population while at the same time within these towns are the very terrorist cells of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Fatah-Tanzim that carry out attacks against the State of Israel."

The Kinneret Sea keeps climbing, and now stands at 212.84 meters below sea level - a jump of 25 centimeters in the past week. Although the rains have tapered off, the northern rivers and brooks continue to stream forcefully into the country's largest reservoir. Water experts have no illusions that the sea will be filled to its optimum level by the end of the rainy season, which would require a climb of almost four meters. It is hoped, however, that it will increase by at least another meter or so, in order that the summer season not drain it below the "red line" of 213 meters below sea level. Light rain is falling in the north, and it is expected to intensify tonight and tomorrow throughout the country.

4. 70.6%: Palestinians would destroy Israel if they could
Subject: Archives: 70.6%: Palestinians would destroy Israel if they could
PEACE PROJECT SEPTEMBER 2002 SURVEY [70.6%: Palestinians would destroy
Israel if they could]

The Peace Index Project is conducted by the Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace
Research at Tel Aviv University, headed by Prof. Ephraim Yaar and Dr. Tamar
Hermann and executed by the Tel Aviv University's B. I. Cohen Institute.
Results are shown for 29 September - 1 October 2002.

The survey details below covers the representative sub-sample of adult
Jewish Israelis for the core questions

Do you agree with the following view: Most of the Palestinians have not come
to terms with the existence of the State of Israel and would destroy it if
they could
Agree a lot 51.1% Agree considerably 19.5%
Middle 8.7%
Considerably disagree 9.5% Disagree a lot 8.7%
Don't know 2.5%

5. Why are France and Germany pro-Saddam?
From: hasbara israelpartners <>
Subject: FW: Why are France and Germany pro-Saddam?

[Extracts only]
The Inspections Dodge
Why are France and Germany pro-Saddam? Follow the money.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003 12:01 a.m. EST My 20 years of work in Iraq's nuclear-weapons program and military industry were partly a training course in methods of deception and camouflage to keep the program secret. Given what I know about Saddam Hussein's commitment to developing and using weapons of mass destruction, the following two points are abundantly clear to me: First, the U.N. weapons inspectors will not find anything Saddam does not want them to find. Second, France, Germany, and to a degree, Russia, are opposed to U.S. military action in Iraq mainly because they maintain lucrative trade deals with Baghdad, many of which are arms-related.

What has become obvious is that the U.N. inspection process was designed to delay any possible U.S. military action to disarm Iraq. Germany, France, and Russia, states we called "friendly" when I was in Baghdad, are also engaged in a strategy of delay and obstruction. In the two decades before the Gulf War, I played a role in Iraq's efforts to acquire major technologies from friendly states. In 1974, I headed an Iraqi delegation to France to purchase a nuclear reactor. It was a 40-megawatt research reactor that our sources in the IAEA told us should cost no more than $50 million. But the French deal ended up costing Baghdad more than $200 million. The French-controlled Habbania Resort project cost Baghdad a whopping $750 million, and with the same huge profit margin. With these kinds of deals coming their way, is it any surprise that the French are so desperate to save Saddam's regime? Germany was the hub of Iraq's military purchases in the 1980s. Our commercial attachÙ, Ali Abdul Mutalib, was allocated billions of dollars to spend each year on German military industry imports. These imports included many proscribed technologies with the German government looking the other way. In 1989, German engineer Karl Schaab sold us classified technology to build and operate the centrifuges we needed for our uranium-enrichment program. German authorities have since found Mr. Schaab guilty of selling nuclear secrets, but because the technology was considered "dual use" he was fined only $32,000 and given five years probation. Meanwhile, other German firms have provided Iraq with the technology it needs to make missile parts. Mr. Blix's recent finding that Iraq is trying to enlarge the diameter of its missiles to a size capable of delivering nuclear weapons would not be feasible without this technology transfer.Russia has long been a major supplier of conventional armaments to Iraq--yet again at exorbitant prices. Even the Kalashnikov rifles used by the Iraqi forces are sold to Iraq at several times the price of comparable guns sold by other suppliers. []

Saddam's policy of squandering Iraq's resources by paying outrageous prices to friendly states seems to be paying off. The irresponsibility and lack of morality these states are displaying in trying to keep the world's worst butcher in power is perhaps indicative of a new world order. It is a world of winks and nods to emerging rogue states--for a price. It remains for the U.S. and its allies to institute an opposing order in which no price is high enough for dictators like Saddam to thrive. Mr. Hamza, a former director of Iraq's nuclear-weapons program, is the co-author of "Saddam's Bombmaker: The Terrifying Inside Story of the Iraqi Nuclear and Biological Weapons Agenda" (Scribner, 2000).


6. EU inconsistencies
From: "S. Diedrich"
Subject: Re: Jerusalem News-186

This is crazy, Belgium want to indict some prime ministers of Israel as war
criminals? And Arafat gets 8 million dollars a day from the European
community in form of economic aid. I never heard of a jewish person
exploding him self in a bus. Killing innocent people by doing so. But those
8 millions a day help a lot to buy explosives. And Arafat will be able to
reconstruct his compound with half of that. And why not go to Europe and
claim refugee status get an other hand out and buy more explosives. I am
sorry but all of this stuff looks like nonsense to me. Maybe we live in a
nonsense world.

7. More on the Belgian Congo
From: Joan Griffith
Subject: Re: Jerusalem News-186
Further to the Congo issue: There are two books about the cruelties inflicted upon that country:
Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, and a much more recent nonfiction one, King Leopold's Ghost. I read the latter & could hardly believe what was done to those people. King Leopold literally borrowed money from the Belgian state coffers--a gift, you understand, agreed to by the officials--to purchase the Congo for himself. Later on, Leopold burned boxes and boxes of papers, bills, records, etc. that would have proved his part in this, but in fact, King Leopold wanted the Congo for his personal "garden" to "harvest" -- loot -- because he felt left out as many countries had colonies around the world: England (South Africa, Australia), Dutch (Suriname, West Indies), German (protectorates in Africa), and others. The only soldiers who wanted to go to the Congo were lower level ones who could not get ahead in other places and saw a way to make their fortunes. They cared nothing about the people. All the stories you think of when you think of Africa are mainly from the Congo: the hideous warrior "Mau-Maus", the elephant ivory wealth and other treasures. Other places in Africa have not been stripped as that region.

We are so blessed to be a part of Israel, the people. Our peoples have not been completely righteous, but what little they are has actually set an example for the world. Consider East Africa, which has thrown out the British and all white farmers--who produced food for the land and for export, who came to build the country. Now they are starving because the Africans either can't or won't run the farms, and the officials are trying to import Chinese to run the farms.

Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 21:13:28 +0200
Jerusalem News-188
2. Arutz-7 News: Wednesday,
3. Reprint: A Soldier's Viewpoint on Surviving - by Red Thomas

From: For Your Glory <>
Subject: Special Jerusalem Report

Israel Aircrafts Industries are developing a tiny 100-gram aircraft with wings the size of a credit card, that can carry cameras and communications equipment, and would be used to send battlefield pictures back to a command headquarters. The U.S. has already developed similar planes and might be using them in the coming war in Iraq.

IAI, considered a world leader in developing unmanned aircraft, is also at work on unmanned helicopters - and an unmanned fighter jet.

The tiny plane's prototype has been tested with off-the shelf parts, including a wing made from an electronic card, while the engine is hobbyist-sized, and run off batteries. The camera weighs only a few grams.

The plane can be launched by hand and does not need wheels to land. The images it relays back to ground control can be displayed on a laptop or a PDA. Test flights have seen the plane fly hundreds of meters high for as long as 20 minutes. But R&D is still in its early stages.

The professional literature in recent years has been speculating about using miniaturization technologies - including nanotechnology - for the development of tiny aircraft that can be used during combat to provide real time images from a battlefield.

Due to the tiny size, enemy forces are unable to spot them in the air, nor can they be picked up by radar. The planes, which can be controlled from the ground using a mounted camera relaying images of where the plane is going, as well as images of what it can see, are small enough to fly into an open window of a building and send images back to troops nearby, for determination of how many troops are needed to overcome a force hiding inside.

2. Arutz-7 News: Wednesday,
Feb. 19, 2003 / Adar Aleph 17, 5763
A very large and unusual room, with a mikveh [ritual bath] from the Hashmonaim period (some 2,100 years ago), was discovered accidentally in Jerusalem's Old City a number of weeks ago, near the Hasmonean Tunnels. The room is 20 meters high, 10 by 10 meters wide, with the mikveh at the bottom, including a stairwell leading to it. Along one wall was found a water conduit from the same period. Findings from various periods were found in the room, such as Roman floor tiles, a mosaic floor, walls from the Crusader days, and a ceiling from the Mamluk period (1250-1516). Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, Rabbi of the Western Wall, commented,
"We were planning to build an educational center at the site, in order to be able to bring Jewish students and tell them that they are part of the Jewish chain of tradition, etc. - and then we found this special site... We know that there is much more to be found in this area - the Old City is built atop many ruins - but we know that we can't find everything, because people live here... We hope to see the building of the Holy Temple soon, and then the past will truly be open to us..."

The newly-discovered ancient mikveh room is planned to be open to the public within a few weeks.

Isser (Halperin) Har'el, the most famous former head of the Mossad, passed away last night at the age of 91 in Petach Tikvah. He is most famous for having orchestrated the Mossad's daring capture of Adolph Eichmann in Argentina, who was responsible for implementing the Nazis' Final Solution against the Jews of Europe. He is also credited with having turned the Mossad into a world-class intelligence organization. He joined the Haganah in 1942, and in 1948 became the first chief of Israel's Security Service, the Shin Bet. Former Mossad chief Nachum Admon said that Har'el had "exceptional intuition. We were all his students and we learned not only the secrets of the trade but the need for integrity."

Israeli historian Shlomo Nakdimon told Arutz-7 today,
"Whatever you say about Isser from an intelligence point of view, it won't be enough. There's no question that he took many secrets with him to the grave, but he did write a few books - one on his war with the German scientists who tried to build non-conventional weapons in Egypt, another on certain spy cases that he wished to publicize because of their political background, another on the capture of Adolph Eichmann, etc. He wasn't a spy himself, but he activated all of them.
"I interviewed him several times, and he was quite a fascinating person... He fought against Lechi and Etzel, when it was still thought that these were endangering the State; he later realized his mistake, and in fact opened the Mossad to former Lechi and Etzel members... He caused a big controversy when the secret microphone he placed in (Mapam) MK Meir Yaari's room was discovered; there had been suspicions that Yaari was working for the Soviets... Har'el was also heavily involved in the search for Yossele Shumacher [a little boy in the 1960's who was caught in the middle of a family feud and abducted to New York; he was finally found and returned to Israel] - he was even criticized for getting the Mossad too heavily involved in that case... Har'el was responsible for internal security, and for the capture of dozens of spies; he was able to uncover spies himself. There was a story with someone named Ze'ev Avni, who was an Israeli diplomat who wished to join the Mossad. One time, he asked to meet with Har'el, and Har'el looked at him and said, 'You're a spy!' and ordered his immediate arrest - and it turned out that his intuition hadn't let him down..."

Findings from a Jewish Agency conference today: The number of Jews in the world is 100,000 fewer than last year... 35,000 Jews immigrated to Israel last year, slightly more than half of whom were from Russia. Two-thirds of the Russian olim were not Jewish... Three countries have Jewish communities that are considered to be in trouble: France, Argentina, and South Africa. More than 6,000 olim came from Argentina last year - a four-fold jump... 2,500 came from Ethiopia... The Zionist majority in the Galilee is endangered... In the Negev, the proportion of Bedouin is 30%, and they are taking over more and more land... Two-thirds of Israelis live densely in the Tel Aviv-Gush Dan area. Immigration from the U.S. and Canada is up...

In many places in Israel, such as Be'er Sheva, Tel Aviv, and Haifa, the amount of rain this year has already passed the annual average. Heavy rains are expected today and tomorrow throughout the country, and heavy snow has already closed the Mt. Hermon area. The level of the Kinneret Sea was recorded today at 212.81 meters below sea level.

3. Reprint: A Soldier's Viewpoint on Surviving - by Red Thomas

A Soldier's Viewpoint on Surviving Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Attacks
From: SFC Red Thomas (Ret) Armor Master Gunner Mesa, AZ

Unlimited reproduction and distribution is authorized. Just give me credit
for my work, and, keep in context.

Since the media has decided to scare everyone with predictions of chemical,
biological, or nuclear warfare on our turf I decided to write a paper and
keep things in their proper perspective. I am a retired military weapons,
munitions, and training expert.

Lesson number one: In the mid 1990s there were a series of nerve gas attacks
on crowded Japanese subway stations. Given perfect conditions for an attack
less than 10% of the people there were injured (the injured were better in a
few hours) and only one percent of the injured died.

60 Minutes once had a fellow telling us that one drop of nerve gas could
kill a thousand people, well he didn't tell you the thousand dead people per
drop was theoretical.

Drill Sergeants exaggerate how terrible this stuff was to keep the recruits
awake in class (I know this because I was a Drill Sergeant too). Forget
everything you've ever seen on TV, in the movies, or read in a novel about
this stuff, it was all a lie (read this sentence again out loud!). These
weapons are about terror, if you remain calm, you will probably not die.
This is far less scary than the media and their "Experts," make it sound.

Chemical Weapons

Chemical weapons are categorized as nerve, blood, blister, and
Incapacitating agents. Contrary to the hype of reporters and politicians
they are not weapons of mass destruction they are "area denial," and terror
weapons that don't destroy anything. When you leave the area you almost
always leave the risk. That's the difference; you can leave the area and the
risk but soldiers may have to stay put and sit through it and that's why
they need all that spiffy gear.

These are not gasses, they are vapors and/or air borne particles. The agent
must be delivered in sufficient quantity to kill/injure, and that defines
when/how it's used. Every day we have a morning and evening inversion where
"stuff," suspended in the air gets pushed down. This inversion is why
allergies (pollen) and air pollution are worst at these times of the day.

So, a chemical attack will have it's best effect an hour or so either side
of sunrise/sunset. Also, being vapors and airborne particles they are
heavier than air so they will seek low places like ditches, basements and
underground garages. This stuff won't work when it's freezing, it doesn't
last when it's hot, and wind spreads it too thin too fast. They've got to
get this stuff on you, or, get you to inhale it for it to work. They also
have to get the concentration of chemicals high enough to kill or wound you.
Too little and it's nothing, too much and it's wasted.

What I hope you've gathered by this point is that a chemical weapons attack
that kills a lot of people is incredibly hard to do with military grade
agents and equipment so you can imagine how hard it will be for terrorists.
The more you know about this stuff the more you realize how hard it is to

We'll start by talking about nerve agents. You have these in your house,
plain old bug killer (like Raid) is nerve agent. All nerve agents work the
same way; they are cholinesterase inhibitors that mess up the signals your
nervous system uses to make your body function. It can harm you if you get
it on your skin but it works best if they can get you to inhale it. If you
don't die in the first minute and you can leave the area you're probably
gonna live. The military's antidote for all nerve agents is atropine and
pralidoxime chloride. Neither one of these does anything to cure the nerve
agent, they send your body into overdrive to keep you alive for five
minutes, after that the agent is used up. Your best protection is fresh air
and staying calm.

Listed below are the symptoms for nerve agent poisoning:

Sudden headache, Dimness of vision (someone you're looking at will have
pinpointed pupils), runny nose, excessive saliva or drooling, difficulty
breathing, tightness in chest, nausea, stomach cramps, twitching of exposed
skin where a liquid just got on you.

If you are in public and you start experiencing these symptoms, first ask
yourself, did anything out of the ordinary just happen, a loud pop, did
someone spray something on the crowd? Are other people getting sick too? Is
there an odor of new mown hay, green corn, something fruity, or camphor
where it shouldn't be? If the answer is yes, then calmly (if you panic you
breathe faster and inhale more air/poison) leave the area and head up wind,
or, outside.

Fresh air is the best "right now antidote." If you have a blob of liquid
that looks like molasses or Kayro syrup on you; blot it or scrape it off and
away from yourself with anything disposable. This stuff works based on your
body weight, what a crop duster uses to kill bugs won't hurt you unless you
stand there and breathe it in real deep, then lick the residue off the
ground for a while. Remember they have to do all the work, they have to get
the concentration up and keep it up for several minutes while all you have
to do is quit getting it on you/quit breathing it by putting space between
you and the attack.

Blood agents are cyanide or arsine which affect your blood's ability to
provide oxygen to your tissue. The scenario for attack would be the same as
nerve agent. Look for a pop or someone splashing/spraying something and
folks around there getting woozy/falling down. The telltale smells are
bitter almonds or garlic where it shouldn't be. The symptoms are blue lips,
blue under the fingernails rapid breathing.

The military's antidote is amyl nitride and just like nerve agent antidote
it just keeps your body working for five minutes till the toxins are used
up. Fresh air is the your best individual chance.

Blister agents (distilled mustard) are so nasty that nobody wants to even
handle it let alone use it. It's almost impossible to handle safely and may
have delayed effect of up to 12 hours. The attack scenario is also limited
to the things you'd see from other chemicals. If you do get large, painful
blisters for no apparent reason, don't pop them, if you must, don't let the
liquid from the blister get on any other area, the stuff just keeps on
spreading. It's just as likely to harm the user as the target. Soap, water,
sunshine, and fresh air are this stuff's enemy.

Bottom line on chemical weapons (it's the same if they use industrial
chemical spills); they are intended to make you panic, to terrorize you, to
herd you like sheep to the wolves. If there is an attack, leave the area and
go upwind, or to the sides of the wind stream. They have to get the stuff to
you, and on you. You're more likely to be hurt by a drunk driver on any
given day than be hurt by one of these attacks. Your odds get better if you
leave the area. Soap, water, time, and fresh air really deal this stuff a
knock-out-punch. Don't let fear of an isolated attack rule your life. The
odds are really on your side.

Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear bombs. These are the only weapons of mass destruction on earth. The
effects of a nuclear bomb are heat, blast, EMP, and radiation. If you see a
bright flash of light like the sun, where the sun isn't, fall to the ground!
The heat will be over a second. Then there will be two blast waves, one out
going, and one on it's way back. Don't stand up to see what happened after
the first wave; anything that's going to happen will have happened in two
full minutes.

These will be low yield devices and will not level whole cities. If you live
through the heat, blast, and initial burst of radiation, you'll probably
live for a very, very long time. Radiation will not create fifty foot tall
women, or giant ants and grass hoppers the size of tanks. These will be at
the most 1 kiloton bombs; that's the equivalent of 1,000 tons of TNT.

Here's the real deal, flying debris and radiation will kill a lot of exposed
(not all!) people within a half mile of the blast. Under perfect conditions
this is about a half mile circle of death and destruction, but, when it's
done it's done. EMP stands for Electro Magnetic Pulse and it will fry every
electronic device for a good distance, it's impossible to say what and how
far but probably not over a couple of miles from ground zero is a good
guess. Cars, cell phones, computers, ATMs, you name it, all will be out of

There are lots of kinds of radiation, you only need to worry about three,
the others you have lived with for years. You need to worry about "Ionizing
radiation," these are little sub atomic particles that go whizzing along at
the speed of light. They hit individual cells in your body, kill the nucleus
and keep on going. That's how you get radiation poisoning, you have so many
dead cells in your body that the decaying cells poison you.

It's the same as people getting radiation treatments for cancer, only a
bigger area gets radiated. The good news is you don't have to just sit there
and take it, and there's lots you can do rather than panic. First; your skin
will stop alpha particles, a page of a news paper or your clothing will stop
beta particles, you just gotta try and avoid inhaling dust that's
contaminated with atoms that are emitting these things and you'll be
generally safe from them.

Gamma rays are particles that travel like rays (quantum physics makes my
brain hurt) and they create the same damage as alpha and beta particles only
they keep going and kill lots of cells as they go all the way through your
body. It takes a lot to stop these things, lots of dense material, on the
other hand it takes a lot of this to kill you.

Your defense is as always to not panic. Basic hygiene and normal preparation
are your friends. All canned or frozen food is safe to eat. The radiation
poisoning will not effect plants so fruits and vegetables are OK if there's
no dust on em (rinse em off if there is). If you don't have running water
and you need to collect rain water or use water from wherever, just let it
sit for thirty minutes and skim off the water gently from the top. The dust
with the bad stuff in it will settle and the remaining water can be used for
the toilet which will still work if you have a bucket of water to pour in
the tank.

Biological Weapons

Finally there's biological warfare. There's not much to cover here. Basic
personal hygiene and sanitation will take you further than a million
doctors. Wash your hands often, don't share drinks, food, sloppy kisses,
etc., .... with strangers. Keep your garbage can with a tight lid on it,
don't have standing water (like old buckets, ditches, or kiddie pools)
laying around to allow mosquitoes breeding room. This stuff is carried by
vectors, that is bugs, rodents, and contaminated material. If biological
warfare is so easy as the TV makes it sound, why has Saddam Hussein spent
twenty years, millions, and millions of dollars trying to get it right? If
you're clean of person and home you eat well and are active you're gonna

Overall preparation for any terrorist attack is the same as you'd take for a
big storm. If you want a gas mask, fine, go get one. I know this stuff and
I'm not getting one and I told my Mom not to bother with one either (how's
that for confidence). We have a week's worth of cash, several days worth of
canned goods and plenty of soap and water. We don't leave stuff out to
attract bugs or rodents so we don't have them.

These people can't conceive a nation this big with this much resources.
These weapons are made to cause panic, terror, and to demoralize. If we
don't run around like sheep they won't use this stuff after they find out
it's no fun. The government is going nuts over this stuff because they have
to protect every inch of America. You've only gotta protect yourself, and by
doing that, you help the country.

Finally, there are millions of caveats to everything I wrote here and you
can think up specific scenarios where my advice isn't the best. This letter
is supposed to help the greatest number of people under the greatest number
of situations. If you don't like my work, don't nit pick, just sit down and
explain chemical, nuclear, and biological warfare in a document around three
pages long yourself. This is how we the people of the United States can rob
these people of their most desired goal, your terror.

SFC Red Thomas (Ret)
Armor Master Gunner
Mesa, AZ

Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2003 11:48:56 +0200
Jerusalem News-189
1. Arutz 7 News Friday
2. "Should A Jewish Court Judge The World?" by Jack Engelhard
3. The Age: Australia talks tough to UN
4. Australia blind to new world order, EU warns

1. Arutz 7 News Friday
Feb. 21, 2003 / Adar Aleph 19, 5763
The Arab destruction of Joseph's Tomb is practically complete. Some time in the past two weeks, Arab vandals hacked away at the large two-meter stone marking the gravesite of the Biblical figure, leaving barely more than a pile of rubble.

Chief IDF Rabbi Brig.-Gen. Yisrael Weiss recently visited the site in Shechem, and discussed its current sorry state with regional IDF commanders. The tomb, under Israeli jurisdiction according to the Oslo Accords, was taken over by Arab mobs when the PLO initiated its ongoing terrorist war.

The Moslem occupiers initially desecrated Joseph's monument and destroyed religious books inside the tomb compound, before proclaiming it a mosque. It was liberated by the IDF during last April's Operation Defensive Shield. Currently, even though Israeli authority has been restored to the site, no Israeli worshipers are allowed to visit, and the holy site is not regularly guarded. Several members of the Chassidic Breslover sect have been arrested attempting to reach the tomb, although many have successfully reached it.

The Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva, located for many years at the holy site, issued a press release demanding the "immediate safeguarding of Yosef's Tomb by the IDF, the ability to worship there again, and the return, finally, of Yeshivat Od Yosef Chai, which was expelled from there at the outbreak of the current Oslo War."

2. "Should A Jewish Court Judge The World?" by Jack Engelhard

Throughout history the world has sat in judgment of Israel...scattered though Israel may be at any given time.

Today, as much as ever, the nations judge and go "tisk tisk."

So...once again Israel is on trial. Out in the Hague, the International Criminal Court keeps its "gotcha" eyes on Israel.

But Belgium? Yes, Belgium has given itself "universal jurisdiction" to put Ariel Sharon (and other Israelis) on trial after he leaves office.

"War crimes"...naturally. The complaint against Sharon came from the same people who introduced "homicide bomber" into our dictionaries. Belgium said: Great idea. This only proves King Solomon correct once again: "In the place of righteousness there is wickedness."

Maybe -- and here's a suggestion -- maybe it's time to turn the tables.

I am talking about an ISRAELI court, a JEWISH court, to judge HUMANITY. Perhaps something called "The Israeli Criminal Court For Crimes Against The Jewish People."

This court wouldn't be in the Hague or in Brussels, but rather, in Jerusalem.

Given the history of Crusades, Inquisitions, pogroms, Holocausts and today¹s relentless terrorism, plus the media¹s own pogrom, I think such a tribunal is entirely legitimate.

Never before have the nations had to formally answer for their crimes specifically against the Jewish people. Why not?

If Israel has to answer, why not them?

Let's call them in, and for once, let Israel be the judge.

Start with Belgium, and let that nation answer for its war crimes in The Congo, Rwanda, and Somalia, where millions were put to starvation, torture, rape and murder.

Bring in the families and supporters of Arab suicide bombers. Bring in all the clerics who call for jihad. Subpoena them if you have to. Bring in France for its Paris Roundup of 1942 and the 72,000 Jews it handed over to the Nazis, and which still supports the Nazis who today go by a different name.

Bring in those British newspapers that call for the dismantling of Israel, and that Oxford poet who demanded that all Jewish settlers be shot and killed. Bring him to Jerusalem.

Summon Germany to answer for...everything! Bring in Switzerland that kept billions in Jewish gold and despite its "neutrality," helped fuel the Nazi war machine.

Subpoena all those nations that turned back the ship St. Louis so that virtually all its Jewish passengers were sent back to the Gestapo.

Bring in today's European Union that once again consorts with genocide as it bankrolls Arab terrorism, beginning, but not ending, with Saddam.

Summon Saddam Hussein who openly subsidizes each family that sends out a homicide bomber. Ditto Iran...and Syria.

Subpoena Saudi Arabia and all its princes who raise millions to prolong the genocide against the Jewish people.

Bring in all those who dance in the streets of Ramallah and Jenin and Gaza when another bus or pizzaria goes up in flames.

Summon the hundreds in Ramallah who laughed when two Jewish soldiers were decapitated and tossed from the Ramallah police station (and who cheered when the Twin Towers fell).

Subpoena Hanan Ashrawi and the rest of them who rush for the cameras to justify the murder of Jews.

Bring in Yasir Arafat to answer for the cold-blooded murder of Israeli athletes in Munich, among 10,000 other murderous crimes against the Jewish people. Bring him in again to answer for the murder of the American Jew Leon Klinghoffer, who, in his wheelchair, was thrown overboard when, in 1985, Arafat's PLO thugs hijacked the cruise ship Achille Lauro.

Summon the Red Cross, that is alleged to use its vehicles to hide and transport terrorists.

Subpoena those journalists who use their TV-marked trucks to conceal ticking human time-bombs. Let them answer as to their fairness in news-gathering.

Bring in those journalists (even if they are immune from prosecution under cover of Freedom of the Press) to testify how they manipulate public opinion against Israel.

Yes, I realize such a decision by Israel could start a round of "trial reprisals." But it could also stimulate nations to judge themselves before judging others; as in the case of Belgium.

An Israeli court to judge humanity would not be about revenge. Merely, justice...if there still is such a thing.

3. The Age: Australia talks tough to UN
By Caroline Overington
New York Correspondent
New York
February 20 2003

Australia has emerged as the strongest supporter of America in the international debate on Iraq, telling the United Nations Security Council that it rejects giving weapons inspectors more time to disarm Saddam Hussein.

Australia was the only nation that used yesterday's special Security Council meeting to declare Iraq in "material breach" of UN resolution 1441, which set up the inspection regime.

Its stance was in contrast to most of the 27 nations that addressed yesterday's session. Most demanded that the inspectors be given more time to disarm Iraq peacefully - defying the intentions of the US and Britain to seek a new resolution authorising war.

Australia's UN ambassador, John Dauth, urged the 15 members of the council to "quickly" consider a second resolution.

"Yes, the Security Council could give Iraq more time," Mr Dauth said. "Yes, we could wait until March; we could wait another three months. But do we really think more time will make Iraq co-operate? Does the Government of Iraq really need three more months to make this decision, when it should take no more than three minutes?

"In Australia's view, the Security Council should not wait forever to confront this issue. In our view, the council should move quickly to consider a further resolution that deals decisively with Iraq's failure to comply."

4. Australia blind to new world order, EU warns
February 20 2003

The European Union yesterday lashed out at Australia's foreign policy priorities, accusing the Federal Government of being blind to the new political reality emerging in Europe.

The Government last week unveiled a new foreign affairs white paper which dramatically boosted the role of security in foreign policy while restoring the importance of Asia.

But the paper also acknowledged the United States as Australia's most important foreign policy relationship and trading partner.

Greece is the current holder of the rotating EU presidency.

The Greek ambassador, Fotios-Jean Xydas, said in a statement through his Sydney consulate that the white paper, while positive in many respects, completely missed the vital point that the EU was politically integrated as well as a single trading bloc.

"The Australian Government still seems to have difficulty with the concept of the EU as one trading bloc and prefers to think of it as a compilation of 15 separate countries," Mr Xydas said. "In fact, the EU is one trading area, without any internal borders, exactly as Australia has been since Federation."

A spokesman for the EU delegation in Canberra confirmed Mr Xydas was speaking on behalf of EU member nations.

He said that EU ambassadors were disappointed by the white paper, released by the Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, and Trade Minister, Mark Vaile, last Wednesday.

Mr Xydas said Australia's government should be able to recognise that trade integration also meant a steady political merging - and that the EU surpassed the US as Australia's most important trading and investment partner.

Australia is negotiating a free- trade agreement with the US but is a frequent critic of EU trade policy.


Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 20:44:22 +0200
Jerusalem News-190

1. Europe's Monomania
2. Arutz-7 News: Monday
3.Spain to launch Middle East peace plan to win support for war
5. Snow in Jerusalem
6.Dennis Pregar: The future is Muslim, European or American
7. Jerusalem in the Snow

1. Europe's Monomania
_The Washington Post, George F. Will
Sunday, February 23, 2003; Page B07

In Europe, anti-Semitism has been called the socialism of fools, which is confusing, because socialism is the socialism of fools. Confusion has been compounded because Europe, nearly six decades after the continent was rendered largely Judenrein, has anti-Semitism without Jews, as when the ambassador to Britain from France -- yes, our moral tutor, France -- calls Israel a "s----y little country."

But some clarity can be achieved by understanding that America has become for many Europeans what Jews were for centuries. From medieval times until 1945, Jews often were considered the embodiment of sinister forces, the focus of discontents, the all-purpose explanation of disappointments. Now America is all those things.

"These were not only young, politicized people," said Romano Prodi, head of the European Commission, speaking of the European demonstrations protesting U.S. policy toward Iraq. "This was the whole society that took part in a spontaneous way."

2. Arutz-7 News: Monday
Feb. 24, 2003 / Adar Aleph 22, 5763
Lt.-Col. Rabbi Avi Ronsky says that the IDF is interested in restoring a Jewish civilian presence to Joseph's Tomb in Shechem, which was recently largely destroyed by Arab vandals. "Army officers requested that the government enable Jews to pray and study there, as they did before the Oslo War, but the government did not do so," he said. "I hope that now, with the NRP entering the government, it will have a say on the matter."

He said that the IDF is in the midst of thoroughly uprooting terrorist infrastructures from Shechem and environs, where many wanted terrorists have been hiding out.

Snow started falling today in the central mountainous regions, including in Jerusalem and Binyamin. It is expected to strengthen in the coming hours, and may not stop until Wednesday. Heavy rains are expected to fall in the rest of Israel. The Kinneret rose another 7 centimeters yesterday, and is presently measured at 212.26 centimeters below sea level, or 3.36 meters below optimum level. It has risen 2.16 meters so far this winter.

It's not only the Kinneret; the artificial reservoirs around the country are also filling up. The national Mekorot Water Company has so far amassed some 31 million cubic meters of water, equal to about 18 centimeters of Kinneret height. Half of this amount was obtained in the past month. Some 13 million cubic meters are now stored in the Nachalei Menashe reservoir; last year it amassed only four million. Despite the good news, the overall water picture in Israel is still grim, emphasize Mekorot officials, because of the drought of the past few years.

Snow alerts have been declared in many cities. Schools in Jerusalem and Gush Etzion closed early this afternoon, and many dormitory schools have sent their students home.

In a possibly related item, two Israeli aircraft had major problems today. An F-16 jet flying over Jenin crashed to the ground, after the pilot parachuted out safely in the Ta'nachim region, between Afula and the northern Shomron. Outside Ashkelon, a helicopter made a safe emergency landing.

The family of Marianne Lehmann Zaoui - one of the 29 victims in the Palestinian terrorist massacre in Netanya's Park Hotel on Passover of last year - is suing the member states of the European Union for their role in the murderous attack. The papers, filed today in the European Union Justice Court in Luxembourg, states that the EU is the main sponsor of the publication of Palestinian Authority textbooks, the contents of which serve as inspiration for the suicide terrorists.

Marianne Lehmann Zaoui, 77, was a Holocaust survivor who fled to France during World War II, and hid in a village near Lyon under an assumed identity. She moved to Israel ten years before her death. Marianne was survived by her husband Lucien (who was wounded in the attack), her daughter Deborah (who lives in Israel with her two children, one of whom was injured in the attack), and her son Bernard.

In addition, the nine remaining Dickstein children - who lost their parents and brother in a Palestinian terrorist attack several months ago south of Kiryat Arba - are also suing those responsible for the deaths of their loved ones. They filed papers in Israel yesterday against Yasser Arafat for his role in leading the ongoing terrorist campaign.

The number of visitors to Israel in January was 73,000 - 4% higher than in January of last year.

US Dollar: NIS 4.8690
British Sterling: NIS 7.6864
Euro: NIS 5.2305

3.Spain to launch Middle East peace plan to win support for war
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 09:09:11 -0500
Subject: Spain to launch Middle East peace plan to win support for war

Madrid, Feb. 24, SPA(Saudi Press Agency)------ Spain will launch a new
Middle East peace plan in an attempt to win Arab support for a war against
Iraq, press reports said Monday.

Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar said he had discussed the Middle East issue
with United States President George W. Bush during a visit to his ranch in
Texas on Saturday and that "very important novelties"would be made public
within a few days.

The plan will be based on proposals made by the Quartet group consisting of
the U.S., the European Union, the United Nations and Russia, Aznar said.
----SPA 1321 Local Time 1021 GMT

4.THE GATEKEEPERS (Extracts Only - as for nearly all articles posted by us on these lists, for complete articles go to original sources).
From: jidea <>
by D. Shemtov

It was one of those spring-like late winter days not uncommon to
Jerusalem in February---flawless blue sky, first pink bloom of almonds. It
was also Shabbat Parshat Mishpatim - Shabbat Mevorchim shel Rosh Chodesh
Adar Aleph 5763. On this particular Shabbat, I walked into the Old City from
my home in nearby Nachlaot to pray the afternoon service. In predominantly
Jewish neighborhoods, it is easy to get a sense of the peace of Shabbat, as
all business ceases with the onset of the Jewish holy day. However, on the
approach to the entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem, traffic barrels along
the highway, like it is just any other day. Entering through Jaffa Gate
brings one directly into the Arab Christian quarter, where it is a busy
Saturday. The contrast between what is and what should be is disconcerting,
to say the least.
Jerusalemites faithful to the daily prayers for the rebuilding of the Temple
have made a practice of encircling Har Habayit (the Temple Mount), reciting
Tehillim (Psalms) before each of the gates which surround it on each Shabbat
Mevorchim---the Shabbat on which each new Hebrew month is announced. A flyer
taped to the wall on the descent to the Kotel Plaza in the Jewish Quarter
notifies me that on this Shabbat a group will meet in front of the first
gate to Har Habayit at 1:15 pm. I had just enough time to pray mincha before
joining them so I determined to go.

Although I like to consider myself a Temple activist, it had actually
been some time since I had participated in such an activity, and for good
reason. I am not anxious to see the inside of the Kishle---the Israeli
police station in the Old City of Jerusalem. The Israeli police in this part
of the city are primarily Arab, and those who aren't, might as well be. They
are not friendly to religious Jews in general and are in fact, active
enemies of those who desire to see the Jewish Temple rebuilt in its original
place. Jews are the only people in the Old City of Jerusalem who have no
rights to their holiest religious site.

You see, even within Holy Jerusalem there is a Jewish ghetto---a place
where Jewish presence is confined---and it is called the Western Wall Plaza.
If Jews want to go beyond this fenced and walled-off area, they must go only
under police escort, ostensibly for their own protection.

The group was led by a handful of young men whose study centers around
the Temple at a yeshiva in the Old City which specializes in the subject.

Besides them and myself, there were another
handful of young women (one obviously pregnant), one older gentleman and
three or four children. We were a very threatening-looking lot, or at least
we must have appeared so to the hundreds of Arabs we passed in the Muslim
Quarter of the Old City, where the majority of the gates to Har Habayit are
Raucous music blared in the crowded, smoky, trash-strewn streets, and Arabs
all along the way stopped to stare their obvious displeasure at this Jewish
intrusion into their midst. Some complained openly and loudly. The yeshiva
boys sang songs extolling the kedusha (holiness) of Yerushalayim, but we
couldn't hear them at the rear of the line in which the police forced us to
walk. Despite our leader's pleas with the policeman in charge that the group
was guaranteed rights to approach the gates, an instant Arab denial of
access was enforced by the police escort without argument or redress.

It was reminiscent of what I had read about the Cave of the Patriarchs.
When under the control of the Arabs, the actual burial place of the Jewish
patriarchs and matriarchs was made off-limits to Jews. As a sign of Muslim
control and superiority, no Jew was allowed to approach closer than the
seventh step from the entrance of the Me'arat haMachpelah. Here we were,
supposedly the masters and rulers of our own land and we were again being
restricted, not only from entering the area of the Mount itself for two and
a half years, but we were not being allowed to enter even within 50 feet of
the gates!

The Jews, in typical Jewish fashion, did as they were told without
complaint or refusal to obey orders.

It was extremely difficult for me not to give way to the tears that
blurred my vision, as my heart broke over the sad state into which both we
and our holy place had sunk. But it was, after all, both Shabbat and Rosh
Chodesh Adar, two days when it is forbidden to be sad. Just when I felt I
could not take any more, I called out to Hashem in silent prayer and begged
Him to give me a sign for good so that I could overcome the feelings of

As the little group made its way singing up to the Lion's Gate, the very
one through which the paratroopers had entered to conquer the Mount in 1967,
the policemen who had been trailing us ran ahead and joined up with the
guards who were regularly assigned to this gate, and they all scurried
quickly to set up a barricade to prevent a close approach. Suddenly, I saw
their actions in an entirely new light. Hashem gave me the sign I had
requested, and I saw that in reality they were very much afraid of
us---afraid of what we represented and subconsciously afraid of what our
actions and prayers portended. When our day arrives, their day is over and
they are keenly aware of this at some deep soul-level, perhaps even more
than we.

One day---Hashem grant that it be
soon---the gates of Har Habayit will stand wide open for all the Jews to
enter and no one will stand between us and Avinu Malkeynu---our Father and
our King.

5. Snow in Jerusalem
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 10:43:01 -0500
From: For Your Glory <>
Subject: Special Jerusalem Report


More than six inches of snow covers Jerusalem today and I have been receiving digital photos this morning from friends in Israel - children playing happily in the unusual snow, snowmen with black hats, and beautiful views of various locations that look like picture postcards. One friend overheard an Israeli call to a neighbor, "Nice diversion from the fears of war", as he was cleaning off his steps with a large broom. Another Israeli, an American-born baby-boomer romping in a snow drift told The Media Line that, The bonds between New Yorkers and Jerusalemites have never been stronger. We even have back-to-back blizzards.

6.Dennis Pregar: The future is Muslim, European or American
By Dennis Pregar -
February 25, 2003

The world's future is being decided at this time.

Such moments are extremely rare in history. And when they have occurred, they have between two, not three, competing ideologies.

But there are now three ideologies competing to shape the future of mankind. They are militant Islam, Western European secularism and socialism, and American Judeo-Christianity and capitalism. The first is being spread both peacefully and violently, the second is being spread peacefully, and the third is not being spread.
Though most people ignore the fact, almost all of the world's believing Muslims believe that all of mankind should be Muslim.

This is the reason about 1 million non-Muslim Sudanese have been killed in the last 15 years because they are resisting the violent imposition of Islam by the Islamic government in Khartoum. This is the reason for the Muslim-Christian violence in Nigeria Christians there, too, are resisting the violent imposition of Islam. And this is the reason for Islamic terror to weaken those countries, particularly the United States and Israel, that stand in the way of an Islamic takeover.

The second ideology seeking to dominate the world is secularism and socialism as practiced in Western Europe and supported by educated elites around the world. This is a primary reason for the anti-American demonstrations in Western Europe and in the United States. They were far more against America (especially the America of George W. Bush) than they were against war. Most of these people could not care less about the wars of the world. They have been silent throughout the mass murder of Sudan's blacks, during the genocide in Rwanda, during China's crushing of Tibet, and during Saddam's wars against Iran, Kuwait and Iraq's own Kurds. American and European "peace" activists have found those atrocities and wars quite boring.

Western European socialists and their American (and Canadian, and Latin American) supporters are as passionate about secularism and socialism as believing Muslims are about Islam.

Regarding the American way, there are serious impediments to its success.
First, while the first two ideologies Islam and socialism/secularism dominate many countries, the third ideology only dominates one America. There is no other country that claims to be Judeo-Christian and no other that has such strong support for capitalism and small government (the opposite of socialism). Therefore, while both the militant Muslims and the socialists/secularists have supporters around the world, American values have few. That is why America goes it alone with the partial exceptions of Israel and Britain, no other society has the same values as we do.

Second, neither Judeo-Christian nor capitalist values are secure in America. Many Americans, including almost its entire intellectual class, are as hostile to Judeo-Christian and non-socialist values as the militant Muslims and European socialists are.

Third, almost no one is teaching the next generation of Americans (as almost no one taught the present adult generation) what is unique, let alone superior, about American values. Our children are overwhelmingly educated by people who believe in Europe's values, not in ours.

As neither China nor the rest of Asia, nor Africa, nor Latin America are offering an ideology that can dominate the world, either Europe's, or the militant Muslims', or America's way of life will prevail.

But the American way can only prevail if Americans believe in it. That is why, as important as the military and ideological battles against militant Islam are, the most important battle is the ideological one within America.

And given that only America offers a viable alternative to both militant Islam and secularism-socialism, if we lose the battle here, humanity has a very dark future.

Dennis Prager, one of America's most respected and popular nationally syndicated radio talk-show hosts, is the author of several books and a frequent guest on television shows such as Larry King Live, Politically Incorrect, The Late Late Show on CBS, Rivera Live, The Early Show on CBS, Fox Family Network, The O'Reilly Factor and Hannity & Colmes.

7.Jerusalem in the Snow

Pictures at

Snow Piles Up, Much of Country Closes Down
Much of the country is basically closed. The two main northern entrances to Jerusalem are closed, as are roads and schools in the many areas currently covered by snow: Hevron, Gush Etzion, Jerusalem, Binyamin, mountainous areas in the Galilee, Tzfat, the Golan, and elsewhere. Over 20 centimeters (8 inches) of snow have piled up in Jerusalem, and a half-meter (20 inches) in the Golan. Eighty snowplow-equipped tractors and garbage trucks are working to clear the capital's main roads, even though there is currently no public transportation, and citizens have been asked not to drive their private cars as well.
The Adam Bridge has been closed due to the Jordan River's overrunning its banks.

Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 01:29:58 +0200

Jerusalem News-191
2. Arutz-7 News: Tuesday,
3. SPECIAL JERUSALEM REPORT February 26, 2003 24 Adar I 5763
GOOD NEWS: Water Level in lake Kinneret Rises
4. Arutz-7 News: Wednesday,

WASHINGTON [MENL] -- Saudi Arabia is said to have transferred $500 million
to Al Qaida over the past decade. A report submitted to the United Nations asserts that the Saudi funds
represent the most important source of financing for Al Qaida. The study
said Riyad, pressured by leading officials, has failed to stop the flow of
money to Al Qaida in wake of the Sept. 11, 2001 suicide attacks on New York
and Washington.

"One must question the real ability and willingness of the kingdom to
exercise any control over the use of religious money in and outside of the
country," the report said.

The 34-page report was written by a French investigator at the request of
Colombia, which occupies the presidency of the Security Council.
Jean-Charles Brisard, the investigator, has long studied the issue of Saudi
financing of Islamic insurgency groups.

2. Arutz-7 News: Tuesday,
Feb. 25, 2003 / Adar Aleph 23, 5763
The high-lying areas of Israel are covered in snow - which began falling yesterday and has stopped only briefly since then - and much of the country is basically closed.

The two main northern entrances to Jerusalem were closed until late this morning, and the entrance from Tel Aviv remained closed through this afternoon. School has already been called off in the capital tomorrow. Over 20 centimeters (8 inches) of snow had piled up in Jerusalem by mid-morning, and though there was a brief rainy respite, the snow continued in the afternoon and evening. Eighty snowplow-equipped tractors and garbage worked throughout the day to clear the capital's main roads, even though there is currently no public transportation and citizens have been asked not to drive their private cars.

The Adam Bridge was closed due to the Jordan River's overrunning its banks. A half-meter (20 inches) of snow has piled up in the Golan. The Kishon and Soreq Rivers, near Haifa and Ashdod, respectively, overran their banks, and the Ayalon River in Tel Aviv is coming dangerously close to overflowing onto the city's Ayalon Highway.

After years of legal wrangling, London's first major "eruv" is expected to become operational this weekend for the first time. International Affairs Correspondent Michael Freund reports that the eruv - a Halakhic (Jewish legal) arrangement by which Jews may carry objects within a designated zone on the Sabbath - will encompass a 6.5 sq. mile area in the northwest London neighborhoods of Golders Green, Hendon, Finchley and Hampstead Garden Suburb. It is operating under the auspices of the London Beit Din and the United Synagogue, which spent the past 10 years seeking permission from the authorities to erect the eruv.

The eruv will be inspected at the end of each week to determine if it is fully intact. A notice to that effect will be posted on the eruv website <> in the form of a traffic light, with a green light indicating that it is up and running.

The London Jewish Community notes that the late Eric Fibbens of London played a major role in planning the eruv and having it approved. Within a space of two days shortly before he died, he testified at the Public Inquiry, stood for cross-examination, was taken directly to the hospital as his critical illness worsened, and dreamt a "parable" that was later transcribed and read in court. The parable featured two London citizens, one of whom was gratified that his fence was helping a young Jewish family enjoy the Sabbath at no cost to himself, while the other was enraged that his property was being "polluted with Jewishness." "Wherein lies the evil?" concluded the parable.

Israel Navy Headquarters in Haifa received a call yesterday for help from an Egyptian cargo boat headed from Egypt to Lebanon. The boat, which met up with stormy weather about 50 kilometers west of Haifa, radioed for help and asked to anchor in Haifa's harbor. A special Israel Navy rescue boat was dispatched towards the ship, and, after identifying the boat and ensuring that it had no hostile intentions, towed the Egyptian boat to Haifa, where it remained until the weather cleared up. The seven Egyptian crewmembers on board the ship were reported to be in good health.

Today, again, Israeli Navy forces were called upon to rescue a ship in distress - this time a Turkish craft. The ship floundered some 20 kilometers off the Ashdod coast, and a Navy helicopter, a tugboat, and another ship in the area were dispatched to the site. The inclement weather hampered the rescue efforts, but the Turkish crew of 15 was finally rescued one by one aboard rafts. MDA ambulances waiting on shore took them to a hospital. The Turkish boat took on water and began sinking shortly afterwards.

3. SPECIAL JERUSALEM REPORT February 26, 2003 24 Adar I 5763

It's being called the one of the biggest snow storms in 50 years. By the time Israel's blizzard of 2003 ends Wednesday night, nearly one foot of snow will have fallen in Jerusalem, the Israel meteorological service said Tuesday.

Jerusalem residents awoke Tuesday morning to a city blanketed overnight in white, with the strong gusts of wind that had been howling late Monday night replaced by a wintry wonderland, with trees and rooftops covered in white.

Israel's capital was like an island of its own, disconnected from the rest of the country, with the main Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway closed for the most of the day. City streets were virtually impassable, with all public transportation to, from, and in Jerusalem canceled, and Jerusalem police urging all residents to just stay home.

City hospitals and Yad Sarah operated special jeeps to get to patients needing medical treatment as well as to ferry surgeons and nurses to hospital.

With all city schools off for the day, children and teens took to the streets and the city parks to build snowmen, and engage in snowball fights, a rarity for Israelis. To see some lovely pictures of Jerusalem in the snow, go to <> and click on Jerusalem of White pictures.

The roof of a school gym in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramot collapsed Wednesday morning under the weight of snow that had accumulated. There were no injuries as Jerusalem schools have been closed for the last two days due to the unusually heavy snows in Jerusalem.


In the last 24 hours, the level of the Kinneret Sea has risen another 16 centimeters. The Kinneret now stands at 212.03 meters below sea level and the rains and snows continue. If the current heavy precipitation continues through March, there is a chance that the Kinneret, Israel's primary water reservoir, could reach its maximum level by the end of the rainy season, the director of the Kinneret's management body said Wednesday.

"We are in the midst of a celebration," said Pinhas Green, head of Minhelet HaKinneret, referring to the dramatic change in the level of the lake over the past five weeks. Years of drought had severely depleted the lake in recent years. But heavy rains and snow have raised the Kinneret's level by more than two and a quarter meters since the start of the winter.

4. Arutz-7 News: Wednesday,
Feb. 26, 2003 / Adar Aleph 24, 5763

The coalition agreement of the Likud, Shinui, the National Union, and the National Religious Party was signed in the Knesset this afternoon. The Knesset, with a majority consisting of at least the 68 coalition MKs, is scheduled to vote to approve it this afternoon. The new government will not be sworn in until tomorrow or Monday, however, because the final distribution of the Cabinet portfolios has not yet been completed.

The snowstorm in the higher areas of the country continued this morning for its third day, but let up in the course of the day. The rains in the rest of the country also dropped off somewhat as the day progressed. Public transportation in Jerusalem was reinstated late this morning on the city's main arteries. The Naharayim dam south of the Kinneret was opened because of the strong flow, and in fact all rivers in the north are flowing very strongly. The Kinneret jumped another 16 centimeters yesterday, and currently stands at 212.03 meters below sea level - 2.4 meters higher than at the beginning of the rainy season, but still 3.1 meters below optimal level.

Charity organizations such as Yad Sarah and Ezer Mitzion have been put to the test during the snowstorm. Dozens of ill and incapacitated people who were unable to leave their homes for necessary medical care were helped by the volunteers, and special vehicles traveled many kilometers on snow-jammed streets to bring them to their destinations. First priority for Yad Sarah was to take dialysis patients to the hospitals, while in between, patients who required oxygen tanks were helped, as was a family whose heating broke down. Dozens of MDA ambulances with chains on their tires - a rare sight in Israel - traversed the streets to answer double the usual amount of calls. One of them took a bride to her wedding through otherwise impassable streets.

Date: Sun, 02 Mar 2003 21:01:23 +0200
Jerusalem News-192
1. a. Previous War Record
b. Lebanon: Wishful Thinking about Transfer?
c. Ramallah: Arab Enemy Weakening?
3. SPECIAL JERUSALEM REPORT March 2, 2003 28 Adar I 5763
4. Arutz-7 News: Sunday,

1. The following points 1(a,b,c) are excerpts from Arab Newspapers
a. Previous War Record
b. Lebanon: Wishful Thinking about Transfer?
c. Ramallah: Arab Enemy Weakening?
a. Previous War Record
+++AL-AHRAM WEEKLY 27 Feb.-5 Mar.'03:Letter: "Eye witness"
By Kenneth Siegel, Massachusetts,

Sir-- Regarding the article titled 'The final frontier' (Al-Ahram Weekly,
6-12 February) by Galal Nassar, I want to comment on one thing he wrote. He
wrote about the Battle of Al-Nasseriya which involved the Hmmurabi division.
First of all, Mr Nassar incorrectly called it a battalion. A battalion has
four to six hundred men, whereas a division has upwards of 15,000. He also
said that the United States and British forces were near collapse. That is
incorrect. I was there as a member of the US army and we were slaughtering
the Hammurabi division, most of whom were running away as fast as they could
abandon their vehicles. President Bush ended the war to stop what had
already turned into a slaughter from getting worse.
Trying to rewrite history is never a good idea. The only reason that any of
the Republican Guards units escaped in 1991 was because we stopped chasing
them in accordance with orders from the president. Iraq's army today is
worse than it was in 1991, and it was pathetic then compared to any modern
force. We're considerably better today.

Mr Nassar makes some excellent and cogent points in his article, many of
which I agree with. He does not need to change history or try to give the
Iraqi army credit for anything other than the pitiful, mostly cowardly, and
entirely unprofessional and ludicrous exhibition of ineptitude it displayed
in 1991 -- and will no doubt once again display when we visit them once
again in the next few weeks.

b. Lebanon: Wishful Thinking about Transfer?
+++AL-Ahram weekly 27 Ferb.-5 Mar.'03:"Spill over effects"

HEADING:"Beirut will do everything in its power to prevent a possible
Israeli expulsion of
Palestinians to Lebanon. Mohalhel Fakih reports"

"Lebanese authorities are concerned that Israel might try to exploit the
expected US attack on Iraq to carry out a 'transfer' of Palestinians to
southern Lebanon."

"Abu-Aynan expressed doubt ... Sharon would be able to carry out such an
aggression, arguing that any expulsion could jeopardise American plans in

"United Nations peace-keepers monitoring a withdrawal line that was
demarcated by the international body following Israel's May 2000 pullout
from southern Lebanon are sceptical."

"Israel's ambassador to Jordan recently denied transfer plans.


Lebanese authorities are concerned that Israel might try to exploit the
expected US attack on Iraq to carry out a "transfer" of Palestinians to
southern Lebanon. ... Arafat's allies in Lebanon and UN officials have
downplayed the prospects of such an action, but well-informed sources in
Beirut believe the threat... .

According to an informed diplomatic source who spoke to Al- Ahram Weekly on
condition of anonymity, Lebanon was warned about a possible transfer by "a
non-Arab party. It advised Beirut to pay very close attention to the
border." The source said Lebanon was tipped off that ... Sharon plans to
"transfer" Palestinians after he forms a new government and as soon as the
US attacks Iraq.

. . .

"Israel could carry out a dangerous aggression by expelling Palestinians to
Lebanon in tandem with a US attack on Iraq. The possibility exists, but it
cannot be confirmed," Sultan Abu-Aynan, President Arafat's representative in
Lebanon told the Weekly from his base at the Rashidiyeh refugee camp ... .

Abu-Aynan expressed doubt that ... Sharon would be able to carry out such an
aggression, arguing that any expulsion could jeopardise American plans in
Iraq. ...

Israel's ambassador to Jordan recently denied transfer plans. "I can't
imagine any Israeli government ordering the transfer of population," ... But
he admitted that several Israeli politicians, "not those in power", had
pondered the notion.
c. Ramallah: Arab Enemy Weakening?
+++AL AHRAM WEEKLY 27Feb.- 5 Mar.'03:"No white flags"

HEADING:"The Intifada is not over, but it may be shifting gears, writes
Jonathan Cook from

"Israeli army has been foiling 17 suicide attackers for ever one that
gets through."

"Israeli intelligence has been strengthened by the army's control of
the territories, through the reinvigoration of Israel's network of collaborators and informers. "

"the army may be able to end Palestinian resistance within a month."

The streets of Ramallah, unlike those of most other West Bank cities, are
usually free of Israeli soldiers. ...however, the army has stamped its
control on the West Bank's capital as certainly as its tanks have left deep
tread marks on the city's main roads.

Nowadays soldiers move in only occasionally from their entrenched positions
around the city to patrol the streets, make arrests or further humiliate ...
Arafat. Their power is so absolute they have little need to assert it.

The besieged militants of Ramallah, at least those not dead or imprisoned,
are apparently as cowed as Arafat, who has been holed up since December 2001
in the Muqata, surrounded by mountains of rubble which were once the
buildings of his large compound of district offices. Israeli bulldozers have
been on repeated wrecking sprees around the site.

Ramallans, still afforded the privilege of sitting and debating in stylish
coffee shops, are among the first to ask whether the Intifada has hit a
dead-end... . To many it looks that way.

...suicide bombers that terrorised Israelis in their own cities for many
months has dried up: there has not been a Hamas suicide bombing since late
November nor a Fatah one since early January.

According to military research recently ordered by Defence Minister Shaul
Mofaz, the Israeli army has been foiling 17 suicide attackers for every one
that gets through.

Even without reoccupying Gaza, Israel was apparently able to take immediate
revenge for the tank explosion. It was blamed for assassinating six Hamas
leaders in Gaza City who were testing a pilotless plane in which a bomb was
hidden. The next day the army shot dead the military leader of Hamas, Riyad
Abu- Zeid, in a botched attempt to arrest him southwest of Bureij refugee
camp. Both incidents suggested that Israeli intelligence has been
strengthened by the army's control of the territories, through the
reinvigoration of Israel's network of collaborators and informers. According
to the daily Ha'aretz newspaper, Chief of Staff Moshe Yaalon confidently
predicts that the army may be able to end Palestinian resistance within a
month. To all appearances, that optimistic view is shared by the Palestinian
Authority's leadership.

Saleh Abdul-Jawad, a politics lecturer at Bir Zeit University, points out
that after nearly two and a half years the Intifada is inflicting ever
greater damage on Israel's economy, its most visible success. Huge sums of
military aid and loans from the US will be needed to prop up the army's
military campaigns.

International pressure is also likely to grow for Israel to take on its
responsibilities for caring for the populations of the territories -- itself
a potentially huge financial burden. Refusal to do so will further erode
Israel's image abroad, particularly in Europe.


Tel-Aviv attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner alleges that the
European Union (EU) is still funding Palestinian terror
attacks against Israeli civilians, despite assurances by
Brussels that all financial aid to the Palestinian Authority
(PA) is being carefully scrutinized. The lawyer accuses EU
Foreign Minister Chris Patten of covering up the fact that
Arafat has diverted hundreds of millions of euros in
monthly "humanitarian aid" payments to his Fatah Tanzim and
Martyrs of al-Aqsa terrorist organizations. Although the
utilization of the EU funds is now required to be supervised
by PA Finance Minister Salam Fayyad, Arafat still directly
receives the money and personally distributes it to the PA
affiliated terrorist groups.

Last year, Attorney Darshan-Leitner brought a $25 million
civil action against the EU in the Tel-Aviv District Court on
behalf of the family of Tehiya Blumberg, a British citizen
from Hendon, who was killed in a drive-by shooting attack in
Israel in August 2001. Her husband Steven (also from Hendon)
and daughter were grievously injured in the shooting.
Members of the Palestinian Preventive Security forces have
been arrested for carrying out the attack. The civil suit
claims that the EU recklessly continued to provide funding
to the PA although it had been repeatedly warned that the
money was being diverted to the terrorist organizations.
More law suits will soon be filed by Darshan-Leitner in the
EU's court in Brussels on behalf of other Israeli terror

3. SPECIAL JERUSALEM REPORT March 2, 2003 28 Adar I 5763

At night my soul longs for Thee, indeed, my spirit within me seeks Thee diligently; for when the earth experiences Thy judgments the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness. Isaiah 26:9

The heavy rains of the past weeks have significantly contributed to the level of the Kinneret Sea which is now holding at 211.83 below sea level, the highest recorded level in recent years. February broke the record set in the winter of 1991-1992, when the level went up 1.80 meters in a single month - also in February.


With most of the new Sharon government sworn in and at work, the economy joins security at the top of the list of priorities for the new administration. Ministers designated by the National Religious Party remain to be presented to the Knesset, but key ministries are already adjusting to their new heads.

Most notable in Sharon II, is the creation of a socio-economiccabinet that will be headed by Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Although the appointment --which has been well received domestically and internationally -- was born of political deal making rather than strategy (when Sharon realized the heavy political cost of ousting Sylvan Shalom from the Finance Ministry), Netanyahu will push hard for privatization, tax reform and stimulation of the economy. He will also represent the government in trying to conclude a $12 billion economic bail out from the United States. Netanyahu took the unprecedented step of appointing a second Finance Minister, Meir Shitreet, to help run the ministry while the Minister focuses on the newly-created responsibilities.


Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the suspected mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks in New York and Washington, was captured and handed over to the United States yesterday. He was taken to an undisclosed location for interrogation, a senior government official told the Associated Press.

Mohammed was arrested near the Pakistani capital of Islamabad along with an unidentified man of Middle Eastern origin and a Pakistani identified as Ahmed Abdul Qadoos, a 42-year-old member of one of the country's main religious parties, Jamaat-e-Islami. CIA officers and Pakistani authorities carried out the operation that led to Mohammed's capture, according to American officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

''That's fantastic!'' President Bush said when national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, delivered the news of the capture.


Thirty years ago today, two American diplomats were machine-gunned to death at the Saudi embassy in Sudan by Yasser Arafat's Black September organization. Details of the brutal executions were broadcast around the world for several days in early March 1973. But an element of the story that could have reshaped the history of the Middle East is missing from the official record, according to a National Security Agency Palestinian analyst at the time, who was in Cyprus monitoring radio communications between Palestinian leaders in Beirut and the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.

Two years ago, James J. Welsh told WorldNetDaily ( of virtually irrefutable evidence that Arafat himself planned, directed and ordered the murders of U.S. Ambassador Cleo Noel, U.S. Charges d'affaires George Curtis and Belgian Guy Eid on March 2, 1973. Audio tapes made in Cyprus and U.S. embassies in Beirut and Khartoum left no doubt that it was Arafat's voice directing the operation from Feb. 28 the day before the men were kidnapped to their execution two days later, Welsh said in an interview with WND on Friday.

When plans for an imminent attack became apparent on Feb. 28, Welsh immediately helped draft a warning to be sent at "FLASH," the highest level of urgency. He learned later that on the evening of its transmission to the State Department in Washington, a watch officer downgraded the message to a routine cable, which arrived in Khartoum two days after the murders.

Welsh has been passionately trying to tell his story to U.S. officials for three years, but he now speaks with a hint of resignation after encountering only dead ends. "I've just come to the conclusion that there is too much that has been built upon Arafat to just go and cut him loose," said Welsh. The whole story will eventually come out, he believes, but probably only when it's no longer "important for the government to keep this hidden from the American public."

Egyptian Islamist, Aby Mohammad Al-Masri, was killed in south Lebanon when a car bomb exploded as he passed by on his way to the mosque. The mosque is frequented by members of Osbat al-Ansar, a radical group on Washington's list of "terrorist" organizations suspected of links to Saudi-born terrorist Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network.

"The dead man was targeted personally," said Sheikh Jamal Khattab, an Islamist leader in the southern Ain el-Hilweh camp.Two other people were also wounded in the blast.

In July, Israel's then-ambassador to the United Nations Yehuda Lancry accused Masri of leading al Qaeda operations in Lebanon in a letter to U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

4. Arutz-7 News: Sunday,
March 2, 2003 / Adar Aleph 28, 5763
Of the 20 government ministers taking office today, only three of them - Ariel Sharon, Sha'ul Mofaz, and Limor Livnat - are continuing in their old positions. Livnat's ministry, however, is no longer that of Education, but Education, Culture and Sport. Formal handing-over ceremonies took place today in the Ministries of Finance, Foreign Affairs, Public Security, Health, Industry and Trade, Immigrant Absorption, Justice, Interior, and more.

Outgoing Justice Minister Meir Sheetrit, who handed over his chair to Shinui leader Tommy Lapid, decried the fact that this is only the second time in Israel's history that the ruling party has not held the Justice Ministry. Incoming Absorption Minister Tzippy Livny, commenting on Prime Minister Sharon's request that all ministers have working plans ready by Tuesday, said that she also has expectations from Sharon: "He told me that he sees immigrant absorption as one of the country's main challenges and needs; I hope he will prove his intentions in the coming months and years." Political analysts say that most of the incoming ministers are not particularly happy about their new positions.

Incoming Justice Minister Yosef (Tommy) Lapid promised to take action against the long delays and backups in the court systems, which he said are the judicial system's "major weak points." Attorney-General Elyakim Rubenstein informed Lapid that he plans to resign within a month or two, though Lapid asked him to remain. Rubenstein said that in any event, he wants to first take care of some particularly sensitive cases, such as the Barak campaign associations and the Likud primaries. The Attorney-General has long been rumored to be eyeing a Supreme Court appointment. State Prosecutor Edna Arbel will also either resign or be replaced. Minister Lapid said today that he would not allow the establishment of a Constitutional Court that will come at the expense of the Supreme Court.

Incoming Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu appears to have very ambitious plans. He began by refusing to accept the resignation of Ohad Marani as Director-General of the Finance Ministry. Marani had submitted his resignation this morning in order to allow Netanyahu to choose his own Director-General, but withdrew it at Netanyahu's request.

Netanyahu and his "assistant," Minister without Portfolio Meir Sheetrit, met today with Bank of Israel Governor David Klein, and will meet this evening with Histadrut Labor Union chief Amir Peretz. Sheetrit will be responsible for taking care of money market reforms, and for maintaining contact with the Histadrut and other financial organizations whose support for the emergency economic plan is necessary.

Netanyahu apparently plans to cut "only" 8-10 billion shekels from the national budget, as opposed to the 12-14 billion that his predecessor Silvan Shalom had planned. He also plans to lower tax rates, under the assumption that this will encourage less tax-dodging; to generously encourage foreign investment in Israel; and to restore the ceiling on National Insurance payments.

Gas prices went up sharply last night, in keeping with the jump in crude oil throughout the world. Cooking gas went up 16.3%, while heating oil rose by only 6.5%. Motorists will now pay 4.90 shekels for 95 and 96 octane gas.

Khaled Sheikh Muhammad, the chief planner of the World Trade Center attack of September 2001, has been arrested in Pakistan and is now being questioned by U.S. authorities. His arrest was a joint effort by the FBI and Pakistani intelligence. "This is the largest success to date in our efforts against Al-Qaeda," U.S. President George Bush said.

Muhammad is also suspected of direct involvement in the brutal murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, as well as in the planning of the attack against the synagogue in Tunisia. American analysts say that he is one of the closest aides to Bin Laden, and that he knows where the arch-terrorist is hiding.

The city of Be'er Sheva has decided to name three local sites after the fallen Israeli astronaut, Col. Ilan Ramon. Mayor Yaakov Turner announced that the Israel Air Force's new Technical School will carry Ramon's name, as will the street leading to the Hatzerim highway and an important city square. Turner noted that Ramon's family was consulted beforehand and gave its consent.

Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2003 17:18:06 +0200
Jerusalem News-193
1. Arutz-7 News: Monday
2. Telegraph : Swedes trash myth of refuse recycling
3. Arutz-7 News: Wednesday

1. Arutz-7 News: Monday
Mar. 3, 2003 / Adar Aleph 29, 5763
The government has still said and done nothing about the desecration of Joseph's Tomb in Shechem - and the army is not happy about it. Senior IDF officials say that the government's apathy is costing Israel a price in both the religious and security spheres. Lt.-Col. Rabbi Avi Ronsky told Arutz-7 that he has first-hand knowledge of the contacts between the army and the government in this area, and "the decision to do something about it is solely in the hands of the Prime Minister." Lt.-Col. Ronsky says that the PA interprets Israel's inaction at Joseph's Tomb as a weakness of the Israeli military. "Many officers feel that the damage must be repaired, and that we must ensure permanent Israeli presence at the site - if not of civilians, then at least of IDF forces. There should be organized buses going there a few times a week, which will not only discourage individuals from making dangerous night-time forays to the site, but will also give the IDF reason to have a permanent presence there."

Almost 60% of Israelis are in favor of government help for descendants of Spanish Marranos seeking to return to Judaism, a new poll has found. The survey, commissioned by the Jerusalem-based Amishav organization, which conducts outreach work to "lost Jews," revealed that 59% of Israelis are in favor of helping Marrano descendants who wish to return to the Jewish people, while 24% are opposed. "This is the first time, as far as we know," said Amishav Director Michael Freund, "that anyone has sought to gauge what the Israeli public thinks about reaching out to the descendants of Spanish Jewry who were forcibly converted over 500 years ago."

The poll, carried out by Smith Research and Consulting, asked whether the State of Israel should help Marrano descendants, also known as Anusim, "return to Judaism and the Jewish Nation." Amishav runs a Spanish-language conversion and return institute in Jerusalem, where some 50 students, many of them descendants of Marranos, study annually. Upon completion of the course, graduates undergo formal conversion by Israel's Chief Rabbinate.

This morning's measurements show that the Kinneret Sea has risen 11 centimeters since Friday, standing now at 211.72 meters below sea level. The flow into the Kinneret, Israel's largest reservoir, was actually stronger than those numbers indicate, but the Mekorot Water Company has been streaming water from the Kinneret into underground reservoirs in central Israel and elsewhere. Mekorot drew 25 million cubic meters of water (about 15 centimeters of height) from the Kinneret this month - six times more than originally planned. This winter's rains has gained the Kinneret 2.7 meters, leaving another 2.8 meters to reach its optimum level.

2. Telegraph : Swedes trash myth of refuse recycling
By David Harrison, Environment Correspondent
(Filed: 02/03/2003)

Throw away the green and blue bags and forget those trips to the bottle bank: recycling household waste is a load of, well, rubbish, according to leading environmentalists and waste campaigners.

In a reversal of decades-old wisdom, they argue that burning cardboard, plastics and food leftovers is better for the environment and the economy than recycling.

They dismiss the time-consuming practice - urged on householders by the Government and "green" councils - of separating rubbish for the refuse collectors as a waste of time and money.

The claims, which will horrify many British environmentalists, are made by five campaigners from Sweden, a country renowned for its concern for the environment and advanced approach to waste.

They include Valfrid Paulsson, a former director-general of the government's environmental protection agency, Soren Norrby, the former campaign manager for Keep Sweden Tidy, and the former managing directors of three waste-collection companies.

The Swedes' views are shared by many British local authorities, which have drawn up plans to build up to 50 incinerators in an attempt to tackle a growing waste mountain and cut the amount of rubbish going to landfill.

One deputy council leader in the south of England said: "For years recycling has been held up as the best way to deal with waste. It's time that myth was exploded."

A spokesman for East Sussex council, which plans to build an incinerator at Newhaven, said: "It's idealistic to think that everything can be recycled. It's just not possible. Incineration has an important role to play."

The Swedish group said that the "vision of a recycling market booming by 2010 was a dream 40 years ago and is still just a dream".

The use of incineration to burn household waste - including packaging and food - "is best for the environment, the economy and the management of natural resources", they wrote in an article for the newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

Technological improvements had made incineration cleaner and the process could be used to generate electricity, cutting dependency on oil.

Mr Paulsson and his co-campaigners said that collecting household cartons was "very unprofitable". Used bottles and glass cost glass companies twice as much as the raw materials, and recycling plastics was uneconomical, they said. "Plastics are made from oil and can quite simply be incinerated."

The Swedes said that glass mixed with household waste improved the quality of slag residue and could be used for landfill. Tin cans could be removed by magnets and sent for recycling.

The Swedes stressed that the collection of dangerous waste, such as batteries, electrical appliances, medicines, paint and chemicals "must be further improved".

They added: "Protection of the environment can mean economic sacrifices, but to maintain the credibility of environmental politics the environmental gains must be worth the sacrifice."

The Environmental Services Association, which represents the British waste industry, agreed that the benefits of incineration had been largely ignored. Andrew Ainsworth, its senior policy executive, said: "This is a debate that we need to have in this country. Recycled products have got to compete in a global market and sometimes recycling will not be economically viable or environmentally sustainable.

"In remote areas, for example, it would not be viable to transport waste long distance for recycling. It would make more sense to burn it locally and use the process to generate electricity."

David Lidington, the Tories' shadow environment secretary, said: "We have to look at these claims closely. Incineration is cleaner than it used to be, although there is still public concern about it.

"Britain's recycling rates are lower than most other European countries, so we can certainly improve there, but recycling is not enough."

A spokesman for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said incineration was "way down the list" because "it causes dangerous emissions, raises public concern and sends out a negative message about re-use".

In an attempt to reduce landfill the Government has told local authorities to recycle 30 per cent of waste by 2010, but admits that many councils are not on target.

A spokesman for Greenpeace said: "It's a nonsense to say incineration could ever be better than recycling. That would be a regressive step."

Sweden's Environmental Protection Agency said that it disagreed with the views of its former director-general. A spokesman said: "Recycling is a better option than incineration. It is a resource for new material. If you burn it, you cannot use it again.

"Incineration technology has improved, but you must separate waste or you will produce dangerous toxins."

3. Arutz-7 News: Wednesday
Mar. 5, 2003 / Rosh Chodesh Adar Bet 5763
Fifteen people, possibly including the terrorist, are reported dead and close to 40 are wounded as a result of a bus bombing in Haifa. A bus on a main artery in the central Carmel area blew up at around 2:15 PM, and emergency medical teams quickly arrived to begin treating the wounded. Zaka Rescue and Recovery's motorcycle fast response unit were first on the scene to attend to the wounded, and then to begin the identification and evacuation of the victims. The injured were taken to three nearby hospitals, where nine of them are listed in serious condition - including two who are fighting for their lives. The driver, an Israeli-Arab from Shfar'am, who is listed in "light" condition, said that he frequently sees security personnel on the buses, but saw none today.

Eyewitnesses said that the explosion was staggeringly loud, and that the bus was almost totally destroyed. A woman who lives opposite the site of the explosion said that all the windows in her apartment were smashed. A suicide terrorist is suspected. The last suicide attack of this nature occurred exactly two months ago, on January 5, in Tel Aviv; 23 people were killed, including several foreign workers. Some 57 attacks, including several by would-be suicide bombers, were thwarted during the month of February.

Prime Minister Sharon placed full responsibility for the attack on the Palestinian Authority, where incitement for terrorism continues non-stop, and even Opposition Leader and ex-Haifa Mayor MK Amram Mitzna (Labor) blamed the PA leadership.


It was announced last night that a warhead of a long-range missile test-fired by North Korea was found in Alaska, raising awareness that No Koreas missile capabilities have been underestimated. Former Japanese foreign minister Taro Nakayama was quoted as saying ``Washington, as well as Tokyo, has so far underrated Pyongyang¡s missile capabilities.

Defense Department officials have confirmed that twenty-four B-1 and B-52 bombers are being moved immediately to the Pacific Island of Guam to deter any aggression by No. Korea during the Iraq war.

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Date: Sun, 09 Mar 2003 00:19:13 +0200
Jerusalem News-194
2. N. Korean missile pieces found in Alaska????
3. Arutz Sheva News, Friday
IDF Selects IMI's [Israel Military Industry's] Tavor [Rifle] for Infantry
4. Persecution of Whites in South Africa?
5. Armed Terrorists Infiltrate Israeli Home Near Hebron,


Toronto, March 6, 2003 - The League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith Canada
has just released the 2002 Audit of Antisemitic Incidents, its annual study
of patterns of prejudice in this country. The Audit indicates that
antisemitic activity in Canada is on the rise, with a 60.48% increase
country-wide compared to 2001. In total, 459 incidents were reported which
is the highest number in the twenty-year history of the Audit. In the past
five years alone, the number of incidents has more than doubled. In 2002,
282 (62%) of these incidents were classed as harassment, 148 (32%) as
vandalism and 29 (6%) as violence. While incidents were reported across the
country, the most significant statistics were collected in Quebec and
Ontario, areas of residence for the majority of Canadian Jews. In Ontario as
a whole there were 329 incidents, 217 of which took place in the Greater
Toronto Area (GTA). In Quebec there were 89 incidents, of which 87 took
place in Greater Montreal.

In regional Ontario outside the GTA and Ottawa, there were 69 cases compared
to 46 in 2001. This represents a 50% increase in antisemitic incidents.
These incidents included serious acts of harassment, distribution of hate
propaganda, acts of vandalism and physical assaults. There were 217
incidents in the GTA, including death threats, bomb threats, physical
assaults, anthrax scares with a hate/bias orientation, serious acts of
vandalism and cemetery desecrations. This marked a 87% increase in reported
antisemitic incidents in the GTA over the 2001 figure of 116. There were 43
reported antisemitic incidents in Ottawa, including graffiti, vandalism and
threatening e-mails and two cases of physical assault. This represents an
increase of 79% compared to the 2001 figures. The League received reports of
87 antisemitic incidents in Greater Montreal, which represents an increase
of 11.5% over the 2001 figures. Although the percentage increase is less
marked than in other areas of the country, 14% of the total incidents in the
Montreal area were violent acts, compared to 6% for all of Canada. An
additional 2 incidents were reported in regional Quebec in 2002, including
the firebombing of Quebec City's only synagogue, representing an increase of
7.2%. In Winnipeg, 23 incidents were reported compared to 6 in 2001. 5
incidents were reported in British Columbia, 4 in Vancouver and 1 in
Victoria. This is the same level of activity as in 2001. There were 6
incidents reported in Alberta and 4 in Saskatchewan, whereas in 2001 there
were 5 reports antisemitic incidents in 2001 for both provinces combined.
There were 3 reported antisemitic incidents in the Maritimes in 2002,
compared to just 1 in the previous year. One involved Right wing activities
in Prince Edward Island, the others took place in Newfoundland and Nova

2. N. Korean missile pieces found in Alaska????

Newspaper says N. Korean missile pieces found in Alaska
Officials puzzled, say closest one splashed down hundreds of miles off coast
By Tom Kizzia
Anchorage Daily News
(Published: March 5, 2003)

An unsubstantiated report from South Korea on Tuesday, claiming fragments of a North Korea missile warhead had been found in Alaska, left state, federal and military officials here puzzled.

The Korea Times, a major Korean newspaper, said a delegation from South Korea's National Assembly had released a new report on the region's current showdown over nuclear weapons and missiles. The newspaper quoted a former Japanese foreign minister's words in the report that "the last piece of a missile warhead fired by North Korea was found in Alaska."

The Japanese official, Tara Nakayama, cited a U.S. document as his source.

Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, said Tuesday he's never heard of such a thing. Neither had Chris Nelson, the state's missile defense coordinator.

Air Force Lt. Col. Rick Lehner, spokesman for the Missile Defense Agency, said the report probably referred to a three-stage missile tested by North Korea in 1998.

"It splashed in the water hundreds of miles from Alaska," Lehner said. "I've never heard of any piece of a missile landing in Alaska from that test or any other test."

The South Korea legislators used the claim to note that Washington and Tokyo have "underrated Pyongyang's missile capabilities," according to the newspaper. Given the Bush administration's political efforts to promote national missile defense, it's hard to imagine why the United States would have kept such a discovery secret.

U.S. and Korean military analysts have said North Korea is probably developing a two-stage missile with a range of 3,700 miles, making it able to reach Anchorage. A three-stage version of that missile might be able to reach the West Coast of the United States, defense officials have testified.

These ranges remain hypothetical, though North Korea has recently said it may restart its missile testing program. North Korea agreed to a test moratorium with the Clinton administration.

The August 1998 test of a three-stage Taepodong-1 missile was an unsuccessful effort to launch a satellite, according to U.S. intelligence officials. The first stage splashed down in the Sea of Japan, while the second stage flew over Japan and landed in the Pacific, U.S. officials said. The fate of the satellite stage has not been reported.

"The third stage malfunctioned, and it didn't go as far as it could've gone," Lehner said.

3. Arutz Sheva News, Friday
Mar. 7, 2003 / Adar Bet 3, 5763
IDF Selects IMI's Tavor for Infantry
The IDF has selected the Israel Military Industries (IMI) ergonomically
designed Tavor rifle for use by Israeli ground troops, following extensive
field tests conducted by one of the infantry's elite units. The lightweight
Tavor is considered to be an optimum choice for army and special operations
units: In addition to higher accuracy and reliability in comparison with
competing weapons, the design makes the weapon very comfortable to use, even
offering a unique single-handed operation feature. The Tavor selected comes
in three configurations: Assault Rifle, Sharpshooting Rifle, and the shorter
Rifle. The latter is billed as being waterproofed and can be fired
immediately after immersion in sea water. IMI is Israel's largest weapons
manufacturer and the IDF's major supplier.

4. Persecution of Whites in South Africa?
From: Betty Rhodes
Subject: white genocide in S. Africa

White Genocide in South Africa
The international human rights organization Genocide Watch warns that an advanced stage of silent genocide is taking place of the small white Boer minority of South Africa.

"This is also the community of 40,000 professional farmers in South Africa still managing to produce excess staple food for 46 million people and with enough food left over to export to the rest of the famished sub-continent -- even though these farmers are under constant siege from not only thousands of armed attackers since 1994 during which 1,400 people have already been killed, and thousands traumatized, maimed and raped," the organization says.

5. Armed Terrorists Infiltrate Israeli Home Near Hebron,
Killing Husband and Wife

[IMRA: This evening it was releasd for publication that Rabbi Eli Horowotz
(52) who seved as a rabbi in the Shavei Hebron Yeshiva, and his wife, Dina
(50), parents of 4, were murdered by the terrorists. They lived for 20 years
in Kiryat Arba.]

IDF Spokesperson March 8, 2003
Two Palestinian gunmen infiltrated the Israeli community of Kiryat Arba,
near Hebron in the West Bank, on Friday night

The Infiltrator's Weapon

The terrorists barged into a house killing the occupants, a man and his
wife. Five other Israelis were wounded in the shooting attack, including a
woman who was seriously wounded. An IDF soldier was lightly wounded in the

An IDF Nahal force that arrived at the scene shot the two terrorists. One of
the terrorists was carrying an explosive belt on him.

At about the same time, another infiltration attempt was thwarted near the
community of Negohot, near Hebron. Soldiers of the Reshef Brigade, an
artillery brigade, spotted the two terrorists nearing the community's fence.
In the firefight that ensued between the soldiers and the terrorists, both
terrorists were killed. One of the terrorists was also wearing an explosive

Hamas Terror Organization Claims Responsibility

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"And I will bless them that bless you" (Genesis 12:15).
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 21:13:35 +0200
Jerusalem News-195
1. Remark on Anti-Semitism in Canada
2. DENNIS PRAGER: Praise of President Bush
3. 9/11 plot linked to Baghdad
4. Question from John Stembridge: Why Iraq and not Saudia?
5. David Kupelian: Why we're going to liberate Iraq

1. Remark on Anti-Semitism in Canada
From: Al Ramsay
Subject: Re: Jerusalem News-194

Yair, the Israeli government requested both the Canadian and American
governments to absorb Arabs from the West Bank over the past number of
years. I think that you will find that a lot of the anti-Semitic acts were
from other Semites.

Allen Ramsay

2. DENNIS PRAGER: Praise of President Bush

EB-NEWS # 323


Dennis Prager

March 11, 2003

The Lone Ranger rides again

Let it be said before we know the outcome of the war in Iraq that America and the world are inordinately lucky to have George W. Bush as America's president.

In fact, I would go further. To the extent that one is ever able to see the hand of God in history -- and since biblical times, one has never been given certitude in this regard -- I believe that either divine intervention or good luck on the magnitude of a lottery win explains George W. Bush's rise to the position of president.

It is not meant to disparage the character of two decent men, Al Gore and Joseph Lieberman, to say that we should daily get down on our hands and knees in gratitude that George W. Bush, along with Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice, has governed our country since 9-11. I am not alone (even many Democrats now agree) in shuddering at the thought of how close we were to having the Democratic Party governing at this time.

Al Gore, I always believed, was more frightening than Bill Clinton. President Clinton loved politics and power, and he did not appear to have a set of core beliefs. This prevented him from ever attaining greatness. But it also prevented him from being dangerous. Gore, on the other hand, did deeply believe in something: the greatest danger to the world was the threat to the natural environment. George W. Bush most fears a different danger to the world: human evil.

Al Gore and the Democratic Party, like the Western Europeans, fear global warming far more than they fear Saddam Hussein. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney fear Saddam far more than they fear carbon dioxide emissions.

Lacking the moral confidence possessed by President Bush, Al Gore and his Democratic Party would have striven for consensus -- arguing, again just as the European moral relativists do, that it is morally right to attack Iraq if the United Nations says it is, but morally wrong if the United Nations says it is not. For the Democratic Party and their European allies, right and wrong are man-made constructs, and therefore U.N. votes determine what is right. George W. Bush argues that morality should never be decided by a U.N. vote, that having Syria, China, Guinea and France determine what is right and wrong and what America should do to protect itself would precipitate the beginning of the end of America and of civilization itself.

George W. Bush believes in a God "who is not neutral" between good and evil, between the torturer and the tortured. The Democratic Party prefers to see God as a deity who shies away from making moral judgments. Or whose judgments are His alone, unknowable to mortals.

George W. Bush believes that America has a God-given mission to be a light to the world and to spread liberty. The Democratic Party believes that such talk is chauvinistic arrogance. They believe, like the French, that the United Nations, not America, should be the most powerful force on earth.

George W. Bush would surely like the world to agree with him and to like him, but, thank God, he is prepared to go it alone and to be hated -- a defining trait of a great leader. Most Democrats believe that America should never go it alone and that if America is widely disliked, America must be wrong. In this regard, George W. Bush is the antithesis of his Democratic predecessor Bill Clinton, for whom being loved was of paramount importance.

George W. Bush is regularly described by American and foreign critics as a "cowboy." They are right, and for this, too, we should thank God. The Europeans and Democrats use that term as an epithet, but for many Americans the image of a lone cowboy fighting bad men is a revered one. Many of us have far more moral confidence in the Lone Ranger than in Jacques Chirac or Kofi Annan.

The Lone Ranger rides again. Thank God he does.

3. 9/11 plot linked to Baghdad

The Observer

Sunday March 16, 2003

Spain links suspect in 9/11 plot to Baghdad

David Rose

An alleged terrorist accused of helping the 11 September conspirators was

invited to a party by the Iraqi ambassador to Spain under his al-Qaeda nom

de guerre, according to documents seized by Spanish investigators.

Yusuf Galan, who was photographed being trained at a camp run by Osama bin

Laden, is now in jail, awaiting trial in Madrid. The indictment against him,

drawn up by investigating judge Baltasar Garzon, claims he was 'directly

involved with the preparation and carrying out of the attacks ... by the

suicide pilots on 11 September'.

Evidence of Galan's links with Iraqi government officials came to light only

recently, as investigators pored through more than 40,000 pages of documents

seized in raids at the homes of Galan and seven alleged co-conspirators. The

Spanish authorities have supplied copies to lawyers in America, and this

week the documents will form part of a dossier to be filed in a federal

court in Washington, claiming damages of approximately $100 billion on

behalf of more than 2,500 11 September victims.

The lawsuit lists Saddam's government in Iraq as one of its principal

defendants, claiming it provided 'material support' to the al-Qaeda

terrorists. Under US law, the victims' families do not have to prove active

direction or involvement in the details of the 9/11 conspiracy by Iraq, only

that Saddam's regime gave al-Qaeda more general assistance in the knowledge

that it was planning to attack American targets.

Although some Western intelligence officials have expressed scepticism about

an al-Qaeda-Iraq link, in recent months George Tenet, the Director of the

CIA, has made increasingly strong statements alleging such a connection. In

Congressional testimony last month, he said that Iraq had co-operated with

al-Qaeda for 10 years, and that it had trained al-Qaeda members in

bombmaking and the use of chemical and biological weapons. In an apparent

attempt to refute the sceptics, he said this information 'comes from

reliable sources'.

The evidence in support of the 9/11 damages claim cites several examples of

this alleged co-operation. They include the terrorist training camp at

Salman Pak near Baghdad, where former Iraqi intelligence brigadier Jamal

al-Qurairy has said that non-Iraqi Islamic radicals were trained to hijack

aircraft using knives.

It also includes a new affirmation by the Czech government that Mohamed

Atta, the leader of the 9/11 plotters, met an Iraqi intelligence officer,

Ibrahim al-Ani, in Prague in April 2001. Some US officials have suggested

this meeting did not happen.

But in a signed statement dated 24 February, 2003, Hynek Kmonicek, the Czech

ambassador to the UN, says his government 'can confirm that during the stay

of Mohamed Atta ... there was contact with Mr al-Ani, who was on 22 April,

2001 expelled from the Czech Republic on the basis of activities not

compatible with his diplomatic status [the usual euphemism for spying]'.

Garzon's indictment says Galan was part of a cell which organized bank

robberies on behalf of al-Qaeda, and which had supported the group around

Atta financially and logistically

4. Question from John Stembridge: Why Iraq and not Saudia?
At 16:27 16/03/2003 -0500, wrote:
Shalom Yair,
Brit Am

Wonderful message below,Yair. However, as you stated, the 9/11 terrorists were funded primarily by Saudi Arabia. Why aren't we overthrowing the corrupt royal family there? Also why aren't we overthrowing Iran and Syria who, with Hizballah, overthrew the largest non-moslem government in the Middle East in the eighties resulting with Lebanon becoming the client state of Syria. Israel will never have peace or economic stability without these regime changes as well.


Answer: The way I understand it is that the other regimes are controllable. They are less dangerous since militarily they have not acquired means of mass -destruction and they are not necessarily suicidal. They will stab you in the back and run away whenever they think they can get away with it but they will not leap at your throat no matter what the cost to themselves as soon as they can. Sadam is the most immediate and greater threat. Sadam is acquiring means of mass destruction at break-neck speed and he is liable to use them within minutes of the hour he is able to do so. Also by eliminating the greater threat of Sadam and entering his homeland the allies gain additional access all at once to Iran, Syria, and Saudia Arabia. Sadam threatens the USA and the world and he also threatens the entire oil-producing area in the Persian Gulf. He has proven in the past that he is quite capable of blowing it all up and bringing the world economy to a standstill. It may be that rogue elements within the Saudi Royal family did supply most of the funding for al Quaida (or whatever they call themselves) and they also supplied most of the terrorists who attacked the Twin Towers. They must however have also needed intelligence coordination and preparation that only Iraq or a European power could have provided. A strong US military presence in Iraq may be sufficient for the time being to keep the much of the Islamic terrorism in control. It may theoretically be justified to attack all the Muslim nations of that area and to force changes of regime but it may not be possible. Sadam is a danger who has to be removed and the others can be controlled from close quarters and possibly dealt with at more opportune moments. Another point is that while it is true that the State of Israel will benefit from an allied presence in Iraq
and many of those against Iraq have the good of Israel in mind the allies are also acting in their own self interest in light of their own priorities.

5. David Kupelian: Why we're going to liberate Iraq

By David Kupelian, Vice President and Managing Editor of and Whistleblower Magazine.

Extracts Only:
The following is adapted from a speech I gave Saturday at Southern Oregon University
© 2003

As one of the most-read news sources in the world, WorldNetDaily has access to intelligence sources all over the globe. And our sources in the military, in the intelligence services, in government, in the Persian Gulf, in the Mideast and elsewhere virtually unanimously predict an invasion of Iraq very soon. And, as a matter of fact, that's pretty much what the Bush administration is saying or indicating as well.
So, we can debate and argue all we want about the war today, but that's point No. 1: It's going to happen.
Why is it going to happen?
Let's talk about 9-11 for a minute. On that truly dreadful day, the U.S. was thrust into a new world. We suffered a national trauma of indescribable magnitude. We'd never seen anything like it before. Demonically inspired Islamic terrorists commandeered four American passenger jets and turned them into gigantic, fuel-laden missiles, flying three of them into giant buildings containing thousands of innocent Americans. Some 3,000 people perished in those attacks.
As with Pearl Harbor a half-century before, America had been attacked on her own soil, and was thus catapulted into a war not of her own choosing.
Nine days later, President Bush addressed a nation in intense and profound grief:
"Our war on terror begins with al-Qaida, but it does not end there. It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated," he said. "Every nation in every region now has a decision to make: Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists. ... From this day forward, any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime." And he added, pointedly, "The only way to defeat terrorism as a threat to our way of life is to stop it, eliminate it and destroy it where it grows."
One place where terror grows big-time is in Iraq.

We all know Osama is a terrorist, but what about Saddam? Let's consult one of the world's most respected experts on terrorism, and particularly on Osama bin Laden. Yossef Bodansky was director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, the author of eight books on the subject, and has been the U.S. Congress' foremost expert on terrorism. In his book, "Bin Laden: The Man Who Declared War on America," Bodansky shows in great detail how Saddam has supported al-Qaida for over a decade. Bodansky names names, dates, times and places for that support.
What kind of support?
On Sept. 11, 2001, 19 hijackers commandeered four planes without guns using only box cutters. Those carefully choreographed terror attacks required a lot of training and practice. Well guess what, it's been widely reported now that Saddam Hussein provided terrorists a Boeing 707 fuselage in which to practice airline hijackings. Commercial satellite photos show the body of a Boeing 707 at Salman Pak, where the Iraqis maintain terrorist training camps. Iraqi defector Sabah Khalifa Alami says Iraqi intelligence trained groups at Salman Pak on how to hijack planes without weapons.
Am I saying Saddam trained the 9-11 hijackers? Not necessarily. But I am saying he's training other terrorists to do the same thing and perhaps worse.
It seems Saddam just loves suicide bombers. He boasts about supporting Palestinian suicide bombers, giving $25,000 to each family of a "martyr" who manages successfully to vaporize himself while murdering dozens of Israeli men, women and children in pizza parlors, or on board buses like the one in Haifa last week. Then there are the dozens sometimes hundreds of wounded in these horrific attacks. Those who don't die are frequently filled with dozens of pieces of shrapnel, and recovery for them is long, difficult and painful. Saddam supports these mass murderers financially, and brags about it.

And, did you know this, you who still insist Saddam has never attacked the United States in any way? As the Boston Globe reported last Tuesday: "The 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center ... a decade ago had several Iraqi fingerprints on it."
Referring to the recent capture in Pakistan of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the No. 3 man in al-Qaida, sometimes referred to as al-Qaida's "CEO," the Globe reported: "U.S. intelligence sources associate Mohammed with the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, the killing of French naval technicians in Karachi, the bombing of a synagogue in Tunisia, and the murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl."
Mohammed is the uncle of Ramzi Yousef, the acknowledged mastermind of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and of plots to plant explosives on 11 U.S. airliners in Asia and to fly a plane into CIA headquarters in Langley, Va.
"There are unnerving similarities between Mohammed's interest in using cyanide derivatives in terrorist attacks and his nephew [Ramzi Yousef's] attempt to vaporize cyanide in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center," reported the Globe. "That operation a decade ago had several Iraqi fingerprints on it. Yousef entered this country on an Iraqi passport. His No. 2 man then, Abdul Rahman Yasin, is an Iraqi who returned to live in Baghdad after the operation. And it is likely that the false identity papers Yousef used to obtain a Pakistani passport in New York in the name of Abdul Karim Basit the passport he used to flee after the bombing were falsified in Kuwait during Saddam Hussein's occupation of that country."
Maybe some readers are a little hazy on the first World Trade Center attack 10 years ago. It killed six people and injured about 1,000. An expert on the Iraq-terror connection, Laurie Mylroie, wrote the book, "Study of Revenge: The First World Trade Center Attack and Saddam Hussein's War against America." In it, Mylroie says the bomb was designed to topple the North Tower into the South Tower and envelop the scene in a cloud of cyanide gas. It failed but had it succeeded, the destruction to the twin towers would have been total, resulting in much greater loss of life than even Sept. 11's catastrophe, since there would have been no time to exit the towers, and the cyanide gas would have wreaked who knows how much more destruction.
Hussein is complicit, says Mylroie. And he is harboring a wanted terrorist, Abdul Yasin, one of several suspects who got away.

The evidence continues to pile up that Saddam Hussein's regime is tied to al-Qaida. Citing Pentagon officials, reporter David Rose wrote in both Vanity Fair and the United Kingdom's Evening Standard recently that CIA reports of Iraqi-al-Qaida cooperation number nearly 100 and extend back to 1992.

Do you know what life is like in Iraq?
Here's what Amnesty International says about life in Iraq.
"The systematic torture and climate of fear that have prevailed in Iraq for so many years must be brought to an end. The continuing scale and severity of human suffering must not be allowed to continue."

Forgive me if I take just a few minutes to give you a taste of what life is really like within Iraq today. This is from a recent report (December 2002) from the State Department's Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor:
"In 1979, immediately upon coming to power, Saddam Hussein silenced all political opposition in Iraq and converted his one-party state into a cult of personality. Over the more than 20 years since then, his regime has systematically executed, tortured, imprisoned, raped, terrorized and repressed Iraqi people. Iraq is a nation rich in culture with a long history of intellectual and scientific achievement. Yet Saddam Hussein has silenced its scholars and doctors, as well as its women and children.
"Iraqi dissidents are tortured, killed or disappear in order to deter other Iraqi citizens from speaking out against the government or demanding change. A system of collective punishment tortures entire families or ethnic groups for the acts of one dissident. Women are raped and often videotaped during rape to blackmail their families. Citizens are publicly beheaded, and their families are required to display the heads of the deceased as a warning to others who might question the politics of this regime.
"Saddam Hussein was also the first leader to use chemical weapons against his own population, silencing more than 60 villages and 30,000 citizens with poisonous gas. Between 1983 and 1988 alone, he murdered more than 30,000 Iraqi citizens with mustard gas and nerve agents. Several international organizations claim that he killed more than 60,000 Iraqi citizens with chemicals, including large numbers of women and children."
We hear from many anti-war spokesmen that there's no evidence Saddam has weapons of mass destruction. Let me paint a brief picture of one Iraqi town on March 16, 1988. It was 6:20 p.m. when a smell of apples descended on the town of Halabja. This Iraqi Kurdish town of 80,000 was instantly engulfed in a thick cloud of gas, as chemicals soaked into the clothes, mouths, lungs, eyes and skin of innocent civilians. For three days, Iraqi Air Force planes dropped mustard gas and nerve agents, including sarin and VX.
These chemicals murdered at least 5,000 civilians within hours of the initial attack, and killed and maimed thousands more over the next several years. Halabja has experienced staggering rates of aggressive cancer, genetic mutation, neurological damage and psychiatric disorders since 1988. If you walk through the streets today, you will still see many diseased and disfigured citizens.
Was this an isolated event? Iraqi exiles claim Saddam has used chemical weapons 281 different times.
We learn two important lessons from this story: 1) Saddam has weapons of mass destruction, and 2) he is willing to use them, even on his own people.

Here's a quote from Safia Al Souhail, an Iraqi citizen, and advocacy director of the International Alliance for Justice:
"Iraq under Saddam's regime has become a land of hopelessness, sadness and fear. A country where people are ethnically cleansed; prisoners are tortured in more than 300 prisons in Iraq. Rape is systematic ... congenital malformation, birth defects, infertility, cancer and various disorders are the results of Saddam's gassing of his own people ... the killing and torturing of husbands in front of their wives and children ... Iraq under Saddam has become a hell and a museum of crimes."
David Kupelian is vice president and managing editor of and Whistleblower magazine.

Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2003 01:32:54 +0200
Jerusalem News-196
1. French and German Criminality in Sudan
4. U.S., British Forces Battle for Basra
5. The Globalist: Speech by British Commander before battle

1. French and German Criminality in Sudan

'Old Europe' and Sudan's jihad

By John Eibner and Charles Jacobs, 3/15/2003

THE LANGUAGE of human rights flows smoothly from the lips of the leaders of
France and Germany. But continuing Franco-German hegemony in Europe is bad news
for human rights, especially for victims whose oppressors are European Union
partners. Take, for example, the victims of the Sudanese government's genocidal
jihad. In the words of US Secretary of State Colin Powell, there is ''no
greater tragedy on the face of the earth than the tragedy that is unfolding in
the Sudan.''

For the past 20 years, the regime in Khartoum has bombed, starved, and enslaved
black Southern Sudanese with impunity in an effort to subject them to Islamic
rule. As a result, over two million black non-Muslims have perished. A further
five million have been driven off their land.

Sudanese slaves -- mainly women and children -- are routinely beaten, raped,
genitally mutilated, forced to convert to Islam and racially abused. The scale
of this ''crime against humanity'' -- as slavery is identified in international
law -- is enormous. Credible estimates of the number of Sudan's slaves range
from tens of thousands to over 200,000.

For years, these atrocities were largely ignored by the international
community. Only in the mid-1990s did the Clinton administration finally wake up
to mounting evidence of Khartoum's sponsorship of international and domestic
terrorism. The response was robust. The US government declared Sudan to be a
terrorist state. It sponsored strong resolutions at the UN Commission for Human
Rights condemning Khartoum for slavery and a host of other crimes. Strict US
economic sanctions were imposed.

What did the Franco-German duo do? It led the EU in the opposite direction.
France provided Khartoum with military intelligence for the prosecution of the
jihad, while French and German helicopters have been used for ethnic cleansing
in southern Sudan's oil fields. Driving black, non-Muslims out of their homes
creates greater security for the investments of oil firms like Total Fina
(France/Belgium) and the German engineering giant Mannesmann.

The Sudanese government's role in the revival of the country's once-dormant
slave trade formed the greatest single political obstacle to legitimizing the
EU's appeasement policy. France and Germany therefore spearheaded a UN
whitewash of this crime against humanity. With the rest of the EU and their new
East European satellite states in tow, they overcame American objections and
easily persuaded the UN Commission on Human Rights to censor any use of the
word ''slavery'' from official documents on Sudan and replace it with the
euphemism ''abduction'' -- a lesser offense.

Why work against American policy? By the mid-1990s, Paris and Berlin had
already laid the foundations for the cultural and economic integration of the
EU with the Islamic states of North Africa and the Middle East.

The expansion of Franco-German hegemony over an area that approximates the
bounds of the Roman Empire would fulfill the ambition to counter America, the
only remaining superpower.

Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 12:01:55 -0500


(JERUSALEM)-One hundred American college students, in Israel this week with
Yeshiva University's "Operation Torah Shield," responded immediately to the
outbreak of war in Iraq with a an emergency appeal to donate blood.

"Blood is life itself, and it is the greatest gift we can possibly give
while we are in Israel," said a leader of the student group, "We contacted
ARMDI, the U.S. support group for Magen David Adom, and have made
arrangements to contribute a significant quantity of our blood."

Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 13:05:53 -0500
Subject: REMARKS BY PM SHARON ON SITUATION Thursday, March 20, 2003
(Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)
Thursday, March 20, 2003

Following are excerpts from remarks that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon made
earlier today (Thursday), 20.3.2003:

"Good Afternoon.

Several hours ago, US and allied military forces began their attack against
the Iraqi tyrant, Saddam Hussein.

The goal of this attack is the overthrow of a despot who possesses weapons
of mass destruction and who has sown death, ruin and destruction among his
people and among the entire world. This attack is part of the international
struggle being led by US President George Bush against a global axis of

I would like, at the outset, to send President Bush, the soldiers of the US
and allied military forces, and the entire American people, my best wishes
for success. Your war is the war of the free world, the world that seeks
liberty and democracy, against the black forces of wickedness that act in
only one way - that of terror.

The State of Israel is not taking part in this war but we well understand
the dangers of regimes such as that of Saddam Hussein. We well understand
the dangers posed by tyrants who use terror and possess weapons of mass
destruction. We recognize the threat posed by local, regional and global
terror; however, we are not involved in this war. We ourselves are involved
in a difficult campaign against Palestinian terror.

Even so, we know from past experience that when attacked, Saddam Hussein has
taken advantage of the opportunity and launched missiles at Israel's cities.
Therefore, in recent weeks and months, we have utilized every means at our
disposal and have taken all necessary measures in order to be prepared for
every possible development.

We estimate, believe and hope that we will not be involved with the war.
However, if - Heaven forbid - we are dragged into it, the State of Israel is
prepared to deal with any possible threat, both from a defensive and an
offensive perspective.

I have said in the past, and I say it again today, that if the State of
Israel is attacked, we will know how to defend ourselves. No one, neither
Palestinian terrorist organizations, nor Hizbullah, nor any other terrorist
organization, should contemplate taking advantage of this situation.

The past two years have not been easy. The terror war that has been waged
against us has placed difficult challenges before each and every one of us.
Daily and hourly, Israeli citizens have shown their strength and their
extraordinary endurance. The citizens of Israel have shown their
determination and internal quietude. I know this people. I know that they
will continue thus.

I call upon all Israeli citizens to continue in their daily routines. I
urge you to follow and implement the instructions of the proper authorities,
to send your children to kindergarten and school, and to go to work. Keep
up your daily schedules as planned.

I am convinced that just as we knew in the past how to stand up to our
enemies and face varied threats, we will know how to deal with what comes
our way.

I hope and believe that the successful conclusion of the American campaign
in Iraq and the uprooting of the evil terrorist regime of Saddam Hussein
will mark the beginning of a new era, one that is better for our region and
for the entire world!"


4. U.S., British Forces Battle for Basra

Saturday, March 22, 2003

HIGHWAY 80 IN SOUTHERN IRAQ U.S. and British forces moved in on Iraq's second-largest city Saturday, taking its airport and a bridge while Saddam Hussein's security forces resisted with artillery and heavy machine guns.

U.S. forces captured the airport on the north side of Basra after encountering resistance from Iraqi troops in armored personnel carriers, said Marine Lt. Eric Gentrup.

"There was a decent amount of resistance," Gentrup said.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Army's V Corps took Nassiriyah, northwest of Basra, said U.S. Navy Capt. Frank Thorp, a spokesman for Central Command.

The number of those who have surrendered is "in the thousands" and coalition forces have taken about 1,500 POWs, he said.

At Basra, the Americans also took one of several bridges going into the city but British officials said the Iraqis still held other bridges.

While the Marines pressed north, the British took charge of fighting at Basra and said they hoped the city would surrender without a major battle or their having to storm it.

Earlier, jets bombed Iraqi tanks holding bridges, and American and British forces came under artillery fire Saturday as they moved up Highway 80 south of Basra.

British Defense Secretary Geoff Hoon said in London that regular Iraqi forces have withdrawn from Basra but elements of Saddam Hussein's security forces are continuing to resist.

The roadside was dotted with Iraqi tanks blackened by direct hits on their dug-in dirt bunkers. White flags flew over some deserted, dilapidated barracks, including one where a white cloth had been hung over a picture of Saddam Hussein.

Other barracks still needed to be cleared. U.S. Marines used amphibious assault vehicles to surround clusters of low, crude concrete buildings and shell nearby tanks.

The ground campaign, which began Thursday, appeared to be moving faster than planned. Units reached locations in Iraq 24 hours ahead of their expected arrival time, according to several reporters attached to those units.

The bulk of the allied force hadn't even entered Iraq yet. At the Kuwait border, part of the force was tangled in a massive traffic jam Saturday, with long columns of vehicles waiting to cross the border.

It was unclear whether the allies would try to capture Basra or bypass it now that the region's vital oil facilities appeared to have been secured.

"On the whole, the oil infrastructure appears pretty much intact, beyond the odd bit where they managed to do some damage," said Maj. Charlie Eastwood of the British 7th Armored Brigade.

Elsewhere in Iraq, the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division surged 100 miles through the desert parallel to the Euphrates River, heading straight for the Republican Guard around Baghdad.

The Army's 101st Airborne Division also joined the fight. Its 3rd Brigade was making a marathon trip through wind-swept desert, with soldiers forced to wear goggles and put up with dust in their ready-to-eat meals.

"With all the dust coming in it's hard to breathe," said Spc. Gregory Pagan, 26, of Overbrook, Kan., who had been riding in the back of a Humvee.

5. The Globalist: Speech by British Commander before battle
(forwarded by Al Ramsay)

Globalist Document > Global Culture
Battle Cry Is This Really 2003?

By Tim Collins | Friday, March 21, 2003

There is no war without casualties and to motivate soldiers to put their lives in the line of fire is one of the crucial tasks of any frontline officer. Lieutenant Colonel Tim Collins, from the Royal Irish Regiment which is part of the British troop deployments, gave his men a pep talkthe day the second Gulf War began. To some readers, his talk might be shocking while others may find it more balanced.

We go to liberate not to conquer. We will not fly our flags in their country. We are entering Iraq to free a people and the only flag which will be flown in that ancient land is their own. Show respect for them.


The dangers ahead

There are some who are alive at this moment who will not be alive shortly. Those who do not wish to go on that journey, we will not send.

As for the others, I expect you to rock their world. Wipe them out if that is what they choose. But if you are ferocious in battle, remember to be magnanimous in victory.

Iraq is steeped in history. It is the site of the Garden of Eden, of the Great Flood and the birthplace of Abraham. Tread lightly there.


Respect the Iraqi people

You will see things that no man could pay to see and you will have to go a long way to find a more decent, generous and upright people than the Iraqis. You will be embarrassed by their hospitality, even though they have nothing.

Don't treat them as refugees, for they are in their own country. Their children will be poor. In years to come, they will know that the light of liberation in their lives was brought by you.



If there are casualties of war, then remember that when they woke up and got dressed in the morning they did not plan to die this day.

Allow them dignity in death. Bury them properly and mark their graves. It is my foremost intention to bring every single one of you out alive.

But there may be people among us who will not see the end of this campaign. We will put them in their sleeping bags and send them back. There will be no time for sorrow.


No mercy

The enemy should be in no doubt that we are his nemesis and that we are bringing about his rightful destruction. There are many regional commanders who have stains on their souls and they are stoking the fires of hell for Saddam.

He and his forces will be destroyed by this coalition for what they have done. As they die, they will know their deeds have brought them to this place. Show them no pity.


But do take prisoners

It is a big step to take another human life. It is not to be done lightly. I know of men who have taken life needlessly in other conflicts.

I can assure you, they live with the mark of Cain upon them.

If someone surrenders to you, then remember they have that right in international law and ensure that one day they go home to their family. The ones who wish to fight, well, we aim to please.



If you harm the regiment or its history by over enthusiasm in killing or in cowardice, know it is your family who will suffer.

You will be shunned unless your conduct is of the highest for your deeds will follow you down through history. We will bring shame on neither our uniform or our nation.


What about chemical weapons?

It is not a question of if, it's a question of when. We know he has already devolved the decision to lower commanders. And that means he has already taken the decision himself. If we survive the first strike, we will survive the attack.

As for ourselves, let's bring everyone home and leave Iraq a better place for us having been there. Our business now is north.



"And I will bless them that bless you" (Genesis 12:15).

Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 23:23:20 +0200
Jerusalem News-197
1. Smaller Forces Needed to Win War
2. Arutz-7 News: Monday,
3. Fox News Report: Shiites Rising Up Against Saddam

1. Smaller Forces Needed to Win War
Size Matters
by Gregg Easterbrook
The New Republic
As U.S. and British forces begin the assault on Iraq, approximately 250,000 soldiers are available--about half as many as were present for the Gulf war. Does this mean less force will be applied than in 1991?

First, bear in mind that while the 1991 coalition boasted 500,000 "in the theater," fewer than a third participated in the 100-hour ground offensive. The bulk of the force was held in reserve or engaged in logistics and support. Bear in mind also that air power is now more effective than in 1991, while Saddam's army is weaker.

But primarily what is at work is simple continuation of a decades-long trend toward ever-smaller fighting units with ever-more-potent weapons. As the historian and former Army captain Owen Connelly pointed out in his 2002 book On War and Leadership, Britain actually mustered significantly fewer men for World War II than for World War I, yet they fought more effectively, mainly owing to improved tanks and artillery accuracy. (Only one artillery shell in 1,000 killed a soldier during the Great War; by World War II, about 1 in 25 caused a fatality.) During the 1960s, a U.S. division had 16,000 soldiers and 5,000 vehicles. Today a brigade of about one-third that size packs the same firepower and would be expected to take and hold the same objectives once assigned to a division. Advanced armor with fire-control lasers, the advent of attack helicopters and deadly battlefield rockets such as the American MLRS, compact radars that pinpoint the exact source of enemy fire for immediate counterattack, and ever-better antitank guided-weapons steadily allow fewer soldiers to do what large units once did.

The U.S. military has become the most powerful in the world--arguably, the most powerful, relative to other nations, in the history of the world--during the very period when its force size has shrunk. In World War II, the United States mustered 14.7 million combatants supported by 35,000 bombers and more than 5,000 ships. Today the Pentagon calls on about 1.4 million full-time personnel (right now reservists enlarge that total) supported by fewer than 250 bombers and 500 ships. Active-duty ranks have declined by almost a million in the last 15 years alone, yet during that time the U.S. military has grown steadily stronger, both compared to its foes and in absolute terms. Fifteen years ago, the United States had at the ready 18 Army divisions and 41 tactical air wings. Today the Pentagon commands 12 divisions and 23 air wings, yet is substantially stronger.

Mainly ever-smaller U.S. forces are stronger because their weapons are ever-less-likely to miss. The current 250,000-person force arrayed against Iraq also benefits from the addition, since 1991, of "network-centric" information devices. "Netcentric" war, currently an internal Pentagon idiom, may become a common buzz phrase by, oh, next week.

In 1997, the Army conducted an "Advanced Warfighting Experiment" at its full-scale war-games facility at Fort Irwin, California. The experiment assumed that cheap new data links could allow everybody, right down to the individual soldier, to know almost everything going on in a battle. The war game showed that having everybody know everything made units far more effective, reacting quickly to problems or acting quickly to exploit enemy weaknesses.

For instance, military units often travel close together--thus commanding less territory while making a more tempting target--in order to communicate. Members of close together units can see what other members are doing, use hand signals, officers can meet to confer, and so on. In the Advanced Warfighting Experiment, units were equipped with a tactical internet that dramatically improved communication and awareness of the position of nearby forces. Tacticians realized this meant units did not have to stay close together. Once widely spread, but still acting with knowledge of each other's moves, war-game forces became much more effective. Smaller units commanded more real estate.

2. Arutz-7 News: Monday,
Mar. 24, 2003 / Adar Bet 20, 5763
Associated Press reports that the U.S. military is permeated by technology developed in Israel, including the Army's Hunter drones, fuel tanks on its F-15 fighters, and more. Targeting systems on the U.S. Marines' Harrier jets were made in Israel, and payloads on B-52 bombers are Israeli-designed Popeye air-to-surface missiles, otherwise known as AGM-142's. The AP report also notes other Israeli-made or designed weapons and systems used by the U.S.

The British Defense Ministry has allowed 15 Jewish soldiers fighting in the Persian Gulf to remove from their dog tags the label identifying them as Jews. The soldiers expressed concern that this identification would endanger them in case the Iraqis take them captive. JTA notes that it is Britain's practice to note the soldiers' religion in case a chaplain is needed.

3. Fox News Report: Shiites Rising Up Against Saddam
Tuesday, March 25, 2003
CAMP AS SAYLIYAH, Qatar The Shiite majority in Basra have started a popular uprising against Saddam Hussein's forces with the help of British troops, Sky News reported Tuesday.

"Open source reporting has it that there was some form of uprising this afternoon against the Baath party. I do understand that the Shiite population attempted to attack the ruling party," British military spokesman Al Lockwood told Sky television.

"The ruling party responded by firing mortars at the crowd that was advancing toward them, our artillery responded to that with shells and mortars. In addition I believe from open source that some sort of weapon was used against the Baath party headquarters," Lockwood said.

Earlier, British ITN television journalist Richard Gaisford, citing military intelligence officers, told Sky News that British troops were shelling Saddam's forces to try to help the reported uprising in Basra.

A U.K. spokesman said British forces have captured the top Baath party official.

Iraq's main Shiite opposition group confirmed the uprising, Reuters reported.

"We confirm an uprising is taking place in Basra, but we cannot give more details for the time being," said Mohamed Hadi Asadi, a spokesman for the Iran-based Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq.

Iraq denied that the uprising is taking place.

At a press briefing at U.S. Central Command in Qatar, Reunart Jr. said a vast majority of the Shiites have been oppressed by Saddam's regime for years.

"I think that they feel a threat to their security by these Baath party, special Republican Guard troops, that they're terrorizining their neighborhood," he said.

British and U.S. forces wanted the people of Basra to attack soldiers loyal to Saddam, Reuters reported.

Basra is Iraq's main seaport and lies in southern Iraq's oil-producing region. It is a mostly Shiite city; a 1991 uprising by Shiite Muslims in Basra was crushed by the Iraqi military during the Gulf War.

A British military spokesman said Basra itself was a military target. But later he said only parts of the city -- regime and military infrastructure -- were now so designated.
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 10:32:48 +0200
Jerusalem News-198
1. Will Britain Betray Israel?
2. Dolphins help spot mines in Iraq war (Jerusalem Post)
3. Russian General Threatens USA with World Coalition
4. Some interesting war photos
5. Overheard: US and Israel the top two nations per capita for giving charity
6. Arutz-7 News: Wednesday,
7. French and German Financial Interest in Iraq

1. Will Britain Betray Israel?
Straw says West hypocritical on
Israeli-Palestinian conflict
By Reuters (Haaretz)

LONDON - Britain said on Tuesday the West was hypocritical not to demand the same sort of adherence to UN Security Council resolutions for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as it does from Iraq.

British Foreign Minister Jack Straw told the BBC World Service he understood Arab concern about what he described as "injustice against the Palestinians".

"There is a real concern too that the West has been guilty of double standards - on the one hand saying the United Nations Security Council resolutions on Iraq must be implemented; on the other hand, sometimes appearing rather quixotic over the implementation of resolutions about Israel and Palestine."

Asked if he would plead guilty to double standards, Straw said: "To a degree yes... and we're going to deal with it."

He described a new Middle East "roadmap" as a necessary step towards peace. The roadmap, conceived by a quartet of the United States, the European Union, Russia and the United Nations, is due to be made public soon.

The roadmap is a phased peace proposal that aims to calm hostilities of a nearly 2-1/2-year-old Palestinian uprising through reciprocal measures and sets as its ultimate goal the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel by 2005.

U.S. President George W. Bush has pledged to unveil the roadmap once Mahmoud Abbas, the first Palestinian prime minister, and his cabinet take office. The Arab world has accused Bush of supporting Israel against the Palestinians.

"It's our responsibility, yes, to deal with Iraq but also, yes, to deal with the Israel-Palestine crisis," Straw said, citing UN resolutions calling for two independent states.

U.S. and British troops are in Iraq, where the United States has said it aims to secure compliance of Baghdad's obligation to disarm under UN Security Council resolutions.

2. Dolphins help spot mines in Iraq war (Jerusalem Post)

The Associated Press Mar. 26, 2003

U.S. forces in Iraq are using specially trained dolphins to help look for anti-ship mines in the waters off the key southern port of Umm Qasr.

But it's not the first time such creatures have been used by the military.
The U.S. military has used intelligent sea creatures for three decades, including sea lions brought to the Persian Gulf to guard against attack by providing early warning of enemy saboteurs.

Many sea lions have been trained to come to the surface to signal an intruder.
For the U.S.-led war in Iraq, having dolphins locate the mines would make it easier for troops to clear them. That would make it safer for military and humanitarian supplies to be delivered to Umm Qasr or another port city.

The U.S. Navy started using marine mammals in the early 1960s, when scientists began investigating whether the ultra-sleek shape of dolphins had hydrodynamic qualities that could be used to improve underwater missiles.

Military researchers then began looking into how sea mammals' highly developed senses - like dolphins' sonar - could be harnessed.

During testing in the 1960s, dolphins and sea lions quickly proved reliable carriers of messages, tools and other equipment. Plus, they could be trusted to operate unaccompanied in open waters.

Dolphins were used in the 1970s during the Vietnam War. In the late 1980s, six Navy dolphins patrolled the Bahrain harbor to protect U.S. ships from enemy swimmers and mines and escorted Kuwaiti oil tankers through potentially dangerous waters.

Whales also have been tested for Navy use. A pilot whale successfully found and attached a recovery device to a dummy torpedo at 1,654 feet.

3. Russian General Threatens USA with World Coalition
"The decision to start the war on Iraq is a big mistake that the United States made. America gave an incentive for the rest of the world to unite in the anti-American coalition. It is obvious that no country in the whole world will wish to live and watch Americans using the military force whenever they want and like it to use. The world community will have to consolidate its military, political, economic, technical resources in order not to allow that to happen...The world will have to unite and find a format to restrain America, the country, which opposed itself to the whole world." (Pravda)
Dated: 3/24/2003

4. Some interesting war photos:

5. Overheard: US and Israel the top two nations per capita for giving charity

6. Arutz-7 News: Wednesday,
The Jews of Israel once again, as during the 1940's, find themselves in the awkward position of having to support Great Britain as it wages a foreign war, while at the same time the British take a hostile position to Israeli interests.

Israeli government officials are furious after hearing the remarks of British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, who compared Iraq and Israel. Speaking on BBC last night, Straw acknowledged Arab concerns "that the West has been guilty of double standards, on the one hand saying the United Nations Security Council resolutions on Iraq must be implemented, on the other hand, sometimes appearing rather quixotic over the implementation of resolutions about Israel and Palestine." Jerusalem officials said, "It is regrettable that no distinction is made in Europe between a bloodthirsty dictator who threatens the entire world, and a democratic country that is dealing with the worst wave of terrorism in the world."

British Airways, the first airline to cancel flights to and from Israel because of the war with Iraq, will also be the first to resume them. Its first flight will be this Friday.

Moslem terrorism continues to rage around the world, even as the Americans pursue their war against it in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In Kuwait, a second American soldier has died at the hands of a Muslim convert serving in the U.S. armed forces. The latter threw grenades and fired into a tent of the 101st Airborne Division on Sunday morning, killing a U.S. soldier on the spot and wounding 13 others; one of the latter has now died of his wounds. American media and other sources have been playing down the fact that the suspected murderer is a Muslim convert.

In India, Moslem terrorists perpetrated their second attack in three days, killing one person and wounding six with a bomb placed inside a fuel tanker in Jammu. Two days ago, Moslem terrorists massacred 24 Hindus, including children, in a Kashmiri village.
In the Philippines, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front fired rocket-propelled grenades into a row of houses in a predominantly Christian farming village today, killing at least five people, including a child, and wounding several others.

Far beyond the most optimistic expectations of three months ago, the Kinneret Sea - Israel's largest reservoir - keeps climbing. Standing 15 centimeters higher than yesterday, it now tops off at 210.64 meters below sea level, or 12.5 feet higher than at the beginning of the rainy season. The Mekorot Water Company has been drawing about 1.1 million cubic meters of water a day - about 2/3 of a centimeter in height - and sending them on to other aquifers around the country.

Red, yellow, purple, orange, light green and dark peppers are a bountiful bouquet of colors and flavors. Crunchy and sweet, the vine-grown vegetables offer a fresh release of taste with each bite... As peppers are extremely sensitive to variations in temperature, Israel's Aravah desert is a good place to grow them. The Aravah's year-round warm temperature and low humidity create a low risk of fungus or disease and minimal need for pesticides...

To read the rest, see Arutz-7's Travel Page <>.

7. French and German Financial Interest in Iraq
From: Tommy & Linda <>
Subject: Follow The "MONEY!
Subject: A look at some "NATO"Countries and what is there stake in Iraq is:
According to the CIA World Factbook, France controls over 22.5 percent of Iraq's imports.
French total trade with Iraq under the oil-for-food program is the third largest, totaling $3.1 billion since 1996, according to the United Nations.
In 2001 France became Iraq's largest European trading partner.
Roughly 60 French companies do an estimated $1.5 billion in trade with Baghdad annually under the U.N. oil-for-food program.
France's largest oil company, Total Fina Elf, has negotiated a deal to develop the Majnoon field in western Iraq. The Majnoon field purportedly contains up to 30 billion barrels of oil.
From 1981 to 2001, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), France was responsible for over 13 percent of Iraq's arms imports.

Direct trade between Germany and Iraq amounts to about $350 million annually, and another $1 billion is reportedly sold through third parties.
It has recently been reported that Saddam Hussein has ordered Iraqi domestic businesses to show preference to German companies as a reward for Germany's firm positive stand in rejecting the launching of a military attack against Iraq.
It was also reported that over 101 German companies were present at the Baghdad Annual exposition.
During the 35th Annual Baghdad International Fair in November 2002, a German company signed a contract for $80 million for 5,000 cars and spare parts.
In 2002, DaimlerChrysler was awarded over $13 million in contracts for German trucks and spare parts.

According to the CIA World Factbook, Russia controls roughly 5.8 percent of Iraq's annual imports.
The former Soviet Union was the premier supplier of Iraqi arms. From 1981 to 2001, Russia supplied Iraq with 50 percent of its arms.
According to the CIA World Factbook, China controls roughly 5.8 percent of Iraq's annual imports.
China National Oil Company, partnered with China North Industries Corp., negotiated a 22-year-long deal for future oil exploration in the Al Ahdab field in southern Iraq.

Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003 11:23:17 +0200
Jerusalem News-199
1. Iraqi opposition leader Chalabi rejects British assertions linking
Israel with Iraq
2. Patience

1. Iraqi opposition leader Chalabi rejects British assertions linking
Israel with Iraq
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 07:22:50 -0500
IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis
Subject: Iraqi opposition leader Chalabi rejects British assertions linking
Israel with Iraq

Iraqi opposition leader Chalabi rejects British assertions linking Israel
with Iraq
By DOUGLAS DAVIS Jerusalem Post Mar. 27, 2003
[With thanks to ]

Leader of the opposition Iraqi National Congress Ahmad Chalabi
has emphatically rejected British assertions that hostility
toward the coalition forces is an expression of anger over the
West's supposed "double standards" in its approach to Iraq and

"This is science fiction," said US-backed Chalabi, who is
Washington's choice to head a future administration in Baghdad.
"The Iraqis are stuck between the allied bombs and Saddam's
repressive apparatus.

"The issue of Palestine is not the reason why they have not
demonstrated. It is fear of Saddam and that the coalition has
told them to do nothing."

In an interview from the northern Iraq town of Dokan, published
in London's Daily Telegraph on Thursday, Chalabi was also
critical of the proposal by British Prime Minister Tony Blair
that the UN should play a major role in post-war Iraq.

"The UN is too weak to deal with de-Ba'athification, the
destruction of weapons of mass destruction and the dismantling of
Saddam's security services," he said.

"The UN would be hamstrung. Iraq is far too big and important."

He noted that "the UN's record on Iraq has been abysmal and the
Iraqi people has little confidence in the UN."

Instead, Mr Chalabi wants allied troops to remain until a
referendum, followed by elections, to establish democracy and

He claimed that the US "has moved closer to our position. They
are no longer talking about a military governor, but about an
interim Iraqi authority with specific functions."

Chalabi praised the allied advance, but said that "the coalition
has not been able to win the confidence of the Iraqi people, who
feel completely disempowered.

"The only ones who can mobilize the Iraqi people are the
opposition," he said, "and so far there is little role for us in
this war.

"We are the only people who can get the population to rise up
against Saddam, but the coalition broadcasts are telling the
Iraqi people to stay at home. This is not the correct way to go.
If this is to be a liberation, then the people must participate."

He said Tuesday's uprising in Basra was quickly suppressed and
some people were hanged by Saddam's security forces in the city.

"It would have been very good if they had been encouraged to
rise, if they had been provided with more assistance in fighting
Saddam's forces who were attacking them."

As it is, he said he was "sure there was little communication
between the rebels and the coalition forces."

2. Patience

Mona Charen

March 25, 2003


My uncle Edward Rosenfeld, now 90, was a Marine who fought at Iwo Jima. Fortunately for him, he was not in the first, nor the second wave of Marines to hit the island, because some of those units suffered casualties of up to 75 percent. But he was in the third wave, and he and his comrades had the awful job of attempting to roust the last Japanese soldiers out of their caves and hiding places. "People wondered," Uncle Ed reminisced several years ago, "why we didn't take more Japanese prisoners. At first, we tried to. But one Japanese soldier came out with his hands up and then dropped to the ground so that the guy behind him could open fire. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. We didn't take prisoners after that."

I thought of that story when news broke of a small group of Iraqi soldiers who flew a white flag at our Marines only to fire a rocket-propelled grenade at their vehicle. The Washington Post reports that "as many as nine Marines" were killed. The tactic succeeded in killing Americans -- once. It won't happen again. The Iraqis have also reportedly moved soldiers and equipment into civilian neighborhoods in Basra and other cities. To hide behind civilians is obviously criminal and primitive. What baffles me is: Don't the Iraqis think it unmanly?

The fragility of the liberal press is once again on display. In Afghanistan, when victory was not achieved within 72 hours, The New York Times ran articles predicting another "quagmire," and many long beards reminded us that Afghanistan had been the graveyard of British and Russian imperialist ambitions. Now, after only four days of battle, and after only one day of casualties, The Washington Post headlines, "U.S. Losses Expose Risks, Raise Doubts About Strategy."

Did the analysts raising these doubts actually believe that we could fight a completely casualty-free land war? Did they believe we could take Baghdad in 24 hours?

This, too, casts the mind back to Iwo Jima. Could the United States have won World War II if our press reported that war as they are reporting this one? The participation of journalists is fine in principle, and certainly one respects their personal courage in choosing to be on the front lines, but in the age of television, their presence tends to exacerbate an already extreme impatience among the chattering class. When war is a TV show, you tend to want a climax within two hours -- and when it doesn't come, you start suspecting that there's a problem with the director or the script.

By contrast, the toughness of World War II America is quite stunning 60 years out. Iwo Jima is an island about one quarter the size of Manhattan, on which 22,000 Japanese defenders were securely dug in. The campaign was described as "throwing human flesh against reinforced concrete." But it was even more horrible and uglier than that -- for both sides. To get at the Japanese who were below ground firing at the unprotected Americans, the Marines poured gasoline into the catacombs. The Marine assault on the island took 36 days. The Japanese knew every inch of the island, and moved through and under it. Even when Marines tried to sleep, they never knew when they might be ambushed.

Seventy thousand Marines were eventually able to secure the island and raise the flag over Mt. Suribachi. But the victory claimed the lives of 6,800 Americans and wounded more than 19,000. Of the 22,000 Japanese on the island, only 1,083 survived. Admiral Chester W. Nimitz said of that campaign, "Among the Americans who served on Iwo Island, uncommon valor was a common virtue." Twenty-seven Medals of Honor were awarded to Marines and sailors for actions on Iwo. Of the thousands who lie buried there, James Bradley relates in "Flags of Our Fathers" that someone chiseled the followed message on the gate of the cemetery: "When you go home/Tell them for us and say/For your tomorrow/We gave our today."

Intellectuals, pundits, journalists and entertainers have greatly changed in the intervening 60 years. It is a relief to see, however, that our soldiers have not.
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2003 10:18:45 +0200
Jerusalem News-200
1. Aussies in Iraq
2. Sunday Netanya Bombing
3. Allies to Enter Syria? (Gilead re Zechariah 10:7-10)
4. JORDAN TIMES: Belgium Attacks US. Wishful Thinking?
5. JORDAN TIMES: "Iraqis selling on coalition food aid, say British soldiers"
6. US demands Syria, Iran end support of terror
7. Washington Post: Secrets and Lies Become Weapons in Basra Standoff

1. Aussies in Iraq
From: surfer1 <>
Subject: [origin of nations] Aussies in Iraq
This is interesting. There have been several news items recently that the
Aussie specialist SAS forces were well ahead of the rest of the coalition
forces in Iraq (although I suspect that the others have caught up or close
to doing so) undertaking reconnaiassance and other work behind Iraqi lines.

The British SAS and Aussie SAS (also the Ghurkas) are the world's leading
specialist forces - quite a feat for a small nation like Australia.


SAS '80km from Baghdad'
From staff writers
March 30, 2003
w <>
AN American journalist fleeing Baghdad says Australian special forces are as
close as 80 km from the Iraqi capital.

Sas troops <,3600,245770,00.jpg>

The SAS in Iraq earlier this week.

Forced from Baghdad early yesterday, independent journalist Nate Thayer said
he had traveled less than an hour out of the capital when he came across the
Australian SAS.
"At first, we couldn't tell who was in control of the highway," he said in a
report posted on

"But less than 50 miles (80 kilometres) on, we ran into what looked like
American forces.

"We stopped the car and got out, waving white handkerchiefs. We walked 100
yards to a position of what turned out to be Australian special forces,
armed with artillery and about a dozen Humvee-type vehicles."

Speaking to Sky News Australia today, Thayer said the Australians were the
first significant military force he encountered after leaving Baghdad city.

He described their proximity as "very close" to the capital.

"They were obviously not forthcoming with what unit they were or (for) what
purpose they were there," he said.

Thayer and an Italian photographer traveling with him, were forced onto the
highway, searched and then interrogated by the Australian forces, he told
Sky News.

"We were held at gunpoint, we were ordered to lie down on the middle of the
highway, we were searched, our passports were retrieved, we were identified
one by one.

"I was quite happy to see them. They treated us well and let us go on our

"They were clearly at the very frontlines of reconnaissance and they were
calm, there was no fear in any of their eyes, they were in control and they
were interested in information from we what knew on what was happening in
Baghdad," Thayer said.

He said the large group of vehicles were highly equipped and highly mobile,
capable of moving rapidly around the desert.

"This particular unit was not large scale infantry attempting to take
Baghdad City, but I can assure you that if they wanted to go into Baghdad
City, they were much better equipped than any Iraqi coming out of Baghdad."

2. Sunday Netanya Bombing
Arutz Sheva
Six Seriously Wounded In Netanya Bombing
Netanya was once again the scene of a major bombing attack today, though this time, miraculously, no one was killed. It was just a year and three days ago that a Palestinian terrorist blew himself up in a Netanya hotel where hundreds of people were celebrating the Passover Seder, killing no fewer than 29 people. At least four other major Palestinian terror attacks have hit the town in the past two years, killing 13 people.

Eyewitnesses report that at about 1 PM, a soldier saw a suspicious-looking Arab attempting to enter the crowded London Cafe in Independence Square, and prevented him from doing so. The terrorist then turned to a group of soldiers walking close by, and blew himself up adjacent to them. Six people were seriously wounded in the blast, and 32 others were more mildly hurt. The soldier who prevented the terrorist from entering the cafe is reported in critical condition, and was flown by helicopter to Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital in Jerusalem. Dozens of lives were saved by the fact that the terrorist was kept out of the cafe, witnesses said.

(The Jerusalem Post ) Bomber wounds scores in Netanya

David RudgeMar. 31, 2003

A suicide bomber blew himself up outside the London Cafe in the center of Netanya at about 1 p.m. on Sunday, killing himself and wounding nearly 60 people, including several soldiers, one of whom is in critical condition.

He apparently took much of the force of the blast and thereby prevented other casualties, although it is unclear whether he deliberately blocked the terrorist or was an unwitting victim.

3. Allies to Enter Syria? (Gilead re Zechariah 10:7-10) :



"Middle East Newsline" Dated: 3/31/2003

WASHINGTON [MENL] -- Despite a U.S. warning, Syria continues to supply Iraq with a range of advanced military systems.

U.S. officials said Syria has established a supply route to Baghdad that has ensured the flow of spare parts, night-vision systems, tank components and anti-tank missiles to the regime of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. The officials said Syria has also been storing Iraqi missiles and weapons of mass destruction for the Saddam regime.

"The Syrians are getting the Iraqis everything they need," an official said. "They buy military and dual-use systems, put them in civilian vehicles and within a day they're in Baghdad."

Officials said Syria has supplied Iraq with munitions, night-vision goggles, spare parts, tank upgrade components, sensors, anti-tank missiles, surface-to-air missiles and aircraft engines. They said some of the systems, such as the night-vision goggles, have been purchased in Western Europe. Much of the other equipment was purchased in Russia and other republics of the former Soviet Union.

4. Belgium Attacks US. Wishful Thinking?
JORDAN TIMES 31 March 31 '03:
" 'Dangerous' US wants to take over Arab world - Belgian PM"


BRUSSELS (AFP) - Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, whose country is
fiercely opposed to the war on Iraq, slammed the United States as "very
dangerous" Sunday, saying it wanted to take over the whole Arab world ... .

Verhofstadt, in an address in Antwerp to his party ..., reiterated his
disagreement with the "logic" of the US administration.

Speaking in Antwerp, which has a relatively large Muslim population, he said
he disagreed with Washington over a link between the war on Iraq and the
fight against "terrorrism."
He added that, however the war on Iraq turns out, everything must be done to
restore the international legal framework which has been shaken by the
crisis which preceded the conflict, Belga said.

But he also called for efforts to bridge the transatlantic gulf opened up by
the Iraq crisis, saying that NATO should be built on two equal pillars,
America and Europe.
. . .

Verhofstadt, who has led a rainbow coalition of liberals, socialists and
greens since 1999, is facing national elections set for May 18. The
far-right Vlaams Blok scored 33 per cent in 2000 municipal ballots in

5. "Iraqis selling on coalition food aid, say British soldiers"
JORDAN TIMES 31 March '03:

"Iraqis selling on coalition food aid, say British soldiers"

QUOTE FROM TEXT: " 'To avoid them selling the aid we give them we will
switch to staples that they need and which have less market value.' "


NEAR BASRA (AFP) - British soldiers who have been handing out boxes of food
to "hungry" Iraqis near the besieged southern city of Basra accused
villagers Sunday of selling on the supplies. Soldiers from Zulu Company, 1st
Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, had been doling out rations
including tins of tuna, beans, pineapple juice, milk, biscuits and honey to
families but they will now change the contents of the packages, according to
their commanding officer Major Duncan McSporran. "That was enough to last
them for several weeks but it was also worth the equivalent of about three
months' wages and we have discovered the food supplies being sold by the
villagers for cash," McSporran said. "To avoid them selling the aid we give
them we will switch to the staples that they need and which have less market
value. "So along with the freshwater they will also get rice and pulses and
we know that they already have about a month's supply of those foodstuffs."
IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis

6. US demands Syria, Iran end support of terror
The Jerusalem Post -

Melissa RadlerApr. 1, 2003

In the first indication by the State Department that the war on terror may include a day of reckoning with Iran and Syria, Secretary of State Colin Powell Sunday night demanded that the two rogue states halt their weapons programs and end support for terrorism.

"Iran must stop its pursuit of weapons of mass destruction and the ability to deliver them," he said in his keynote address to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's 44th annual policy conference.

"Syria also now faces a critical choice," Powell told more than 4,000 members of the pro-Israel community. "Syria can continue direct support for terrorist groups and the dying regime of Saddam Hussein or it can or it can embark on a different and more hopeful course. Either way, Syria bears the responsibility of its choices and for the consequences."

His remarks came days after Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld accused Syria of shipping military supplies, including night-vision goggles, to Iraq. "These deliveries pose a direct threat to the lives of coalition forces," Rumsfeld told reporters at the Pentagon on Friday.

Powell received warm applause throughout his address, particularly when he defended the current planning and pace of the war, which has come under fire from the press and some politicians in the US for having been overly optimistic.

"Let me just say this to you. We are only 10 or 11 days into this war. Baghdad is slowly being encircled. Pockets of resistance are being isolated. The oil fields are secure. Humanitarian aid is beginning to flow," he said. "I have total confidence in the plan and total confidence in Gen. [Tommy] Franks and the other leaders who are carrying out that plan.

"Let there be no doubt about the outcome. We will drive Saddam Hussein and his regime out of power."
Addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Powell reiterated President George W. Bush's vision of peace as outlined on June 24, which preconditioned any negotiations on a cessation of Palestinian terrorism against Israel and the election of a Palestinian leadership that is "not compromised by terrorism."

While Powell's call for an end to terrorism was greeted enthusiastically, his demand that Israel halt settlement activity, which he called "simply inconsistent with the president's two-state solution," evoked a mixture of tepid applause and boos.

He also urged Israel to ease the humanitarian plight of the Palestinians, while noting that Israelis have undergone economic and security hardships as a result of the violence.

Powell's address was followed by that of Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, who is on his first official visit to the US. He didn't mention Syria's role as a sponsor of terror, but he noted that official investigations in Argentina have named Iran as the perpetrator of the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish center and the 1992 bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires. The attacks killed 113.

Shalom also pledged to support peace negotiations with the Palestinians, but said that a "true Palestinian partner, one to stop the violence and incitement once and for all" is needed.

"Nothing would make us happier than to know that Israel is no longer the sole democracy in the Middle East," he said.

On Iraq, Shalom broke with the official government policy of remaining silent on the war and expressed his support for the coalition's efforts to rid Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction and oust Saddam Hussein.

"Israel salutes the people of the United States for the courage and determination in ridding the world of this clear and imminent danger," he said.
"Just imagine, Mr. Secretary, how much easier it would have been if Israel had been a member of the Security Council," he said.

7. Secrets and Lies Become Weapons in Basra Standoff
By Peter Finn
Washington Post Foreign Service
Tuesday, April 1, 2003; Page A17

SOUTH OF BASRA, Iraq, March 31 -- Two U.S. Humvees pulled up to a British position outside Basra shortly before dusk today. It was time to play some mind games with the Iraqis.

Scattered across a wide arc about 2,000 yards away, Iraqi soldiers with mortar and machine guns had been moving around between this post on a desolate spot of sand and marsh and the rising lights of Basra more than two miles away. Occasionally they would fire on the British, who would have trouble identifying their positions for return fire.

One of the Humvees, with loudspeakers on its roof and a U.S. psychological operations team inside, parked beside a British Warrior armored personnel carrier. A Special Forces team drove the second Humvee 100 yards further down a dirt track before pulling to the side. That group's equipment included a small surveillance drone and laser devices for identifying targets to strike pilots.

Soon the soft hum of the drone's tiny engine was heard. The model-sized craft passed over the Humvee with the psychological operations team in it, then headed off into the darkness. Then came a thunderous noise from the speaker: the recorded sound of British Challenger tanks, laid down on eight tracks to create the auditory illusion of multiple armored vehicles on the move.

Playing into a slight headwind, the fabricated screech and whirr of tanks would carry to the Iraqi positions. The plan was to startle the Iraqis into bolting and then call in air, tank or artillery fire when their location was exposed. "We want to keep them off-balance and get them moving," said one Special Operations soldier. "Or keep them up all night wondering."

In the standoff at Basra, secrets and lies have been injected into the battle plan to spook a stubborn Iraqi force that in the face of superior firepower has abandoned conventional tactics in favor of guerrilla attacks on British lines.

The Iraqis are lobbing in mortar shells and running before retaliatory artillery pounds their position. They are sending out small teams of men from the besieged city to harass their enemy with potshots. Recently, up to 30 Iraqi soldiers were reported to have floated down a canal on a pontoon boat outside Basra to gather for an advance on British lines, but under a barrage of fire, the Iraqis quickly retreated.

Tanks and artillery fire rend the air at intervals, including a major British barrage of rocket-assisted projectiles this evening. Sporadic machine-gun fire is periodically audible in the distance. At night, flares and tracer fire illuminate sky and sand.

The British are bottling up Basra, slowly squeezing the Iraqis from every position on its perimeter, and killing and capturing soldiers in isolated engagements. They are, however, leaving the city itself largely alone. The Iraqis, the bulk of their armor gutted in ditches outside the city, appear unable to launch a major counter-offensive. "This place will go when Baghdad falls," said a British soldier in a Challenger at the front line, before adding the refrain of most of the troops here: "When are you going to do it?"

In this foggy environment, U.S. Special Operations forces have launched a variety of missions. Teams of Green Berets have moved to safe houses, operating within communities in the area where Iraqi militiamen still rule the streets, military sources say. Others roam the night shining red laser dots onto targets so that pilots above them can attack.

Civil Affairs units, specializing in peaceful dealings with the local population, are directing food and water to neighborhoods where local leaders have allied themselves with U.S. and British forces. And psychological operations teams are mingling fact and fiction in an attempt to bamboozle their foe.

British soldiers at the position where the loudspeakers blared tonight, members of the Irish Guards, listened with amusement. "It sounds like a little choo-choo going round and around," said Jonathan Eccles, a Belfast native and a gunner on one of the Warriors here.

On Sunday night, the noise deception worked, members of the psych teams said. The Iraqis moved in significant numbers and British guns quickly struck.

But on this night, the Iraqis laid low, perhaps wise to the ploy. And the frustration of the soldiers on the ground mounted.

The drone spotted nothing interesting, and when it returned, it landed in a patch of wet marsh, frying the night vision unit on it and damaging a wing. Expected air support did not materialize until after the two American teams were on their way back to base, and by then it was too late for them to laser any targets.

"A bummer," was how one Special Forces officer described the night's work.
Jerusalem News-201
1. Arutz Sheva News Monday
2. Jerusalem Post: Iraqi opposition leader decides to return home
3. Jerusalem Post: Saddam Hussein targeted in new attack

1. Arutz Sheva News Monday
Apr. 7, 2003 / Nissan 5, 5763
"How We Appeased a Tyrant." This is the title of an article in the January 1991 issue of Reader's Digest that details American and European aid given to Saddam Hussein. "By handing [Saddam] everything from chemical weapons to ballistic missiles and the makings of a nuclear bomb," Rachel Flick wrote 12 years ago for Reader's Digest, "America and Europe transformed a two-bit dictator into a world-class threat."

The article outlines how France and Italy helped Saddam develop the Osirak nuclear reactor's capability, and how French President Francois Mitterand promised to supply the reactors with uranium fuel only a week after his scientists concluded that they could potentially manufacture nuclear weapons. A week later, Vice President Bush was among the Western leaders "deploring" Israel's devastating air strike of the reactor.

In 1982, after Saddam evicted terrorist Abu Abbas from Baghdad, the U.S. State Department removed Iraq from its list of terrorist nations, freeing it to buy American computers, commercial aircraft and other goods, and rendering it eligible for U.S.-taxpayer guaranteed loans. Flick noted that even when Iraq allowed Abu Abbas to return three years later after his henchmen threw elderly wheelchair-bound Leon Klinghoffer into the sea, the U.S. did not return Iraq to the list of states sponsoring terrorism. Some Israelis have since expressed the hope that America will now bring about the extradition of Abu Abbas to Israel for trial on several long-standing terrorism charges.

In the fall of 1983, Flick wrote, Saddam announced that the six "pesticide plants" constructed in Iraq by a German company was ready to produce chemical weapons. In February of 1984, the U.S. confirmed Saddam's use of mustard gas against Iranian troops - and nine months later, after President Reagan's re-election, the U.S. restored full diplomatic relations with Iraq! The next year, nearly 70 major American firms, such as Westinghouse and Caterpillar, joined the newly-formed U.S.-Iraq Business Forum.

William P. Hoar, quoting a document written to Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger by Assistant Secretary Richard Perle, wrote that the U.S. knew as early as 1985 that Iraq had designs on American nuclear technology.

Jonathan Pollard is part of this story as well. He "was jailed for life," wrote William Stevenson in the October 21, 1991 edition of The Toronto Sun, "because, while serving in U.S. naval intelligence, he secretly warned Israel in 1985 against Iraq's development of doomsday weapons." Stevenson then quoted the Baltimore Sun: "What, in fact was Pollard's crime? He informed the Israelis that Iraq was building both nuclear facilities and what we now know as the Condor II missile, whose range enabled it to reach Israel ... He betrayed the fact that nerve and biological gases were being shipped to Iraq..."

In March 1988, Saddam struck a Kurdish town with poison gas, killing as many as 5,000. Some U.S. Senators demanded sanctions against Iraq, but the Reagan Administration called the move "premature," and the measure was stalled. Meanwhile, the U.S. Export-Import Bank insured Iraqi purchases of American pesticides, thinking it "unlikely" that they would be used to produce chemical weapons. Other reports say that Ex-Im loan guarantees, backed by the U.S. taxpayers, grew from $35 million in 1985 to $267 million by 1990. Congress voted to end Iraq's access to Ex-Im funds, but then-President Bush (Sr.) waived the ban shortly afterwards, citing America's "national interest."

In the fall of 1990, London-based Middle East analyst Hans-Heino Kopietz provided Flick with her concluding paragraph: "We closed our eyes because some businesses wanted to make some money, and because Saddam was a useful tool against Iran. Saddam is a Frankenstein monster that the West created."

A shroud of smoke enveloped the city of Baghdad today, as American forces continued their advance on and in the city. They have taken over two or three of Saddam Hussein's palaces, and are searching for Saddam's secret underground tunnels. Hussein's whereabouts and welfare are not known, nor whether he has left Baghdad. At the same time, Allied forces have completed their conquest of Karbala, 50 kilometers southeast of Baghdad, and British troops have announced that they are largely in control of Basra, Iraq's second largest city and principal port. The body of Chemical Ali, Saddam's cousin and the man responsible for Iraq's gassing of the Kurds in 1988, has been reported to have been positively identified in Basra.

An official ceremony marking 100 years since the Kishinev pogrom was held today in Moldova, between the Ukraine and Romania. Representing the Israeli Government was Kishinev-born Transportation Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who told Arutz-7 today, "The pogrom in 1903 shocked not only the Jewish world, but the entire enlightened world as well. It was the first time that the Christian world, such as Tolstoy and others, arose to help the Jews& Today, the President of Moldova and other officials took part in the ceremony, and said things that were very pleasant for me as an Israeli to hear."

Close to 50 Jews were slaughtered in the 1903 murderous riot that lasted two days; more than 500 were injured, many homes and businesses were destroyed, and 2,000 families were left homeless. Two years later, in yet another massacre in Kishinev, 19 Jews were murdered - but this time, some of the Jews were prepared and fought together in self-defense units.

The earlier pogrom had led to charges that the Jews were too passive and did little to help themselves. "The Haganah was established by Ze'ev Jabotinsky," said Lieberman, "following the increasing realization that Jews had to defend themselves and that we could not rely on anyone else. In every generation, enemies arise against us - and it wasn't spontaneous; the Russian government gave its backing - just as today, the terrorism is not spontaneous, but rather organized by the Palestinian Authority leadership&"

He said that the 1903 slaughter is being commemorated in three days of events, including "a scientific seminar, an Israeli Culture day, with international participation, etc. - all in all, it's quite impressive." He said that the Jewish community in Kishinev appears quite comfortable: "They number some 15,000 Jews, they have schools, synagogues, and nice positions in the community, etc. They don't seem to be considering Aliyah [immigration to Israel] at present& The fact that they want to remain in Kishinev is primarily a failure of ours&"

The famed Jewish poet Chaim Nachman Bialik was sent to Kishinev at the time on behalf of the Jewish Historical Commission in Odessa to write a report on the pogrom. The result was his famous poem "B'Ir HaHaregah" (In the City of Slaughter), in which he criticized not only the mobs, but even more bitingly the Jews and their passivity. Scholars have said, however, that the Jews did make an attempt at self-defense, but that it was nipped in the bud when the authorities disarmed them. Arutz-7's Haggai Segal noted that 80,000 Jews were killed in Kishinev in 1942.

2. Jerusalem Post: Iraqi opposition leader decides to return home

The Associated Press Apr. 7, 2003

The leader of the largest Iraqi opposition group has decided to return home as the regime of President Saddam Hussein is caving in to US-led military invasion, his spokesman said Monday.

"Ayatollah Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim has made a definite decision to return home after 23 years in exile," Haj Abu Zeid told The Associated Press. He said al-Hakim had not given a date for his return.
"It could be in a few days or in a few weeks. The timing depends on the developing situation in Iraq," he said.

Al-Hakim heads the Tehran-based Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, whose military wing, the Badr Corps, claims 10,000 fighters both in Iraq and Iran. The group has said for years that it has spread guerrillas throughout Iraq in anticipation of a revolution.

The spokesman said his party has told the Badr troops inside Iraq to refrain from any military confrontation with the US-led invading forces and wait for Saddam's fall. He reiterated his group's rejection of a US administration in Iraq, but said Americans will not stay for long.

On Sunday, US Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz said a US-led coalition will likely run the country for at least six months until a new Iraqi government is in place.

Meanwhile, Iranian Intelligence Minister Ali Yunesi said over 100 members of the Iranian opposition group, the People's Mujahedeen, which enjoys the support of Saddam, have returned to Iran, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported late Sunday.

The armed Iranian opposition group, which has bases in Iraq, advocates a secular government to replace the theocratic regime in Iran, and would lose one of its main backers with the fall of the Iraqi regime.

3. Jerusalem Post: Saddam Hussein targeted in new attack

The Associated Press Apr. 8, 2003

American aircraft bombed a building where President Saddam Hussein and other regime officials were believed to be meeting and coalition tanks bore down on Baghdad with unstoppable force, seizing two of Saddam's palaces.

A lone B-1B bomber carried out the strike on what U.S. officials described as a "leadership target," senior Iraqi officials possibly including Saddam and his two sons.

It was not immediately clear whether any of them were killed or wounded.

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Jerusalem News-202
1. Will Ephraim Shortly Return to Gilead and Lebanon?
5. Haaretz: U.S. can veto Israeli retaliation for Iraqi missile

1. Will Ephraim Shortly Return to Gilead and Lebanon?
From: eliasbejjani2001 <>
Subject: [Phoenicia] USA insists Syria poses a threat
Syria: U.S. Insists Damascus Poses A Threat, But Motives And
Objectives Remain Unclear
By Jean-Christophe Peuch
After the timid rapprochement that followed the 1991 Gulf War,
relations between Syria and the United States have reached a new low.
U.S. officials have recently threatened Damascus with retaliation
over alleged arms shipments to Iraq and suspected terror links. Arab
commentators generally believe those threats indicate the U.S. may
target Syria once it is done with Iraq -- a view not necessarily
shared by all analysts.
Prague, 8 April 2003 (RFE/RL) -- In a 6 April interview on American
NBC television, U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz
threatened Syria with diplomatic and other consequences over
suspected military aid to neighboring Iraq. "The Syrians should know
that what they do now, they will be held accountable for," Wolfowitz
His comments echoed earlier remarks by U.S. Defense Secretary Donald
Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld accused Damascus of supplying Baghdad with
military equipment that could "vastly complicate" the U.S.-led war in
"We have information that shipments of military supplies have been
crossing the border from Syria into Iraq, including night-vision
goggles. These deliveries pose a direct threat to the lives of
coalition forces. We consider such trafficking as hostile acts and
will hold the Syrian government accountable for such shipments,"
Rumsfeld said.

In the interview, published on 27 March, Assad predicted the U.S.-led
coalition would fail to suppress popular resistance in Iraq
regardless of its success against Hussein's forces. Adding fuel to
U.S. irritation, Syria's government-appointed chief mufti, Shaykh
Ahmad Kaftaro, the next day called for suicide bombing attacks
against coalition troops in Iraq.

Almost since its accession to independence in the wake of World War
II, the Syrian Arab Republic has had uneasy relations with
Washington. Damascus's strong Arab-nationalist and socialist line,
confrontation with Israel over the capture of the Golan Heights
during the 1967 war, and Syria's subsequent occupation of northern
Lebanon have all been sources of friction with Washington.

After the 11 September 2001 attacks on the U.S., Damascus helped U.S.
law-enforcement agencies hunt down Al-Qaeda operatives and even
detained the suspected recruiter of the suicide hijackers, Syrian-
born Muhammad Haydar Zammar.
Yet, while praising Assad for this cooperation, the State Department
regularly blacklists Syria among countries that allegedly sponsor
terrorism. Among other evidence, U.S. officials cite Damascus's
suspected ties with the Lebanon-based Hizballah organization -- also
allegedly linked to Iran -- and the radical Palestinian groups Hamas
and Islamic Jihad. The U.S. also has claimed that Syria is developing
a chemical-weapons program.
Arab commentators generally believe the renewed charges against Syria
herald a new phase in the U.S.'s Middle Eastern policy. Despite U.S.
denials, some even go so far as to say Rumsfeld's comments foreshadow
possible U.S.-sponsored "regime change" in Damascus or U.S. military
action against Syria.
To many Arabs there is a link between Rumsfeld's remarks and Bush's
earlier prediction that the fall of Saddam would help democratic
regimes emerge in the Middle East.

Addressing the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) on 30
March, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell leveled fresh accusations
against Syria's suspected links with Hizballah and issued what
sounded as an ultimatum: "Syria can continue direct support for
terrorist groups and the dying regime of Saddam Hussein, or it can
embark on a different and more hopeful course. Either way, Syria
bears the responsibility for its choices and for the consequences."
In comments made before the same audience the following day, U.S.
national security adviser Condoleezza Rice denounced both Syria and
Iran as "rogue regimes" for their support to Hizballah.

An E-Newsletter from
Scott A. Lauf, Executive Director
Washington, DC USA


U.S. officials are optimistic that yesterday's bombing of a
secret hideout in Baghdad killed Saddam Hussein, his two sons
and top regime leaders. However, it will be a few days until
the deaths of the targets can be confirmed. Certainly Saddam's
demise would be a joyous triumph in this battle, but officials
must remain cautious. Saddam is very elusive, and obsessed
about personal security. He has also survived several coups
and assassination attempts during his 24-reign of brutality.
Intelligence officials are continuing to analyze the several
videos of Saddam that have played on Iraqi TV since the start
of the war, including one of him greeting crowds in the streets
of Baghdad. U.S. analysts are divided over the authenticity
of these tapes. There have been reports that Saddam and his
family fled Baghdad last week for his hometown of Tikrit, this
according to the Hindustan Times. Another report, cited by FOX
News, indicated that Saddam has already fled to Syria and is
safely ensconced in exile.

** To get the latest breaking news on the War with Iraq, visit
our home page often: We have up-
to-date headlines from WorldNetDaily and links to other top
news sources -- all at one page.


At least 14 al-Qaeda terrorists are in Mexico and are trying
to sneak into the U.S., according to U.S. intelligence sources
cited in the Washington Times (4/7/03). The al-Qaeda members
are said to be working with Mexican organized crime like drug
traffickers. This latest terror warning is alarming, but it is
not the first such report. Since 9/11 there have been several
reports of al-Qaeda members and Arab/Muslim 'OTMs' (Other Than
Mexicans) sneaking across the border into the U.S. Due to
disruptions in their communications and the constant high-tech
surveillance by U.S. officials, it is likely that al-Qaeda
members are finding it safer to give orders to "sleepers"
already here, and to carry out new attacks, by infiltrating
the U.S. with new terrorists via our porous border with Mexico.

Last month, there were reports citing CIA sources that half
a dozen Iraqis with chemical and biological weapons were
attempting to slip into the U.S. through the Mexican state
of Tamaulipas. And the New York Daily News recently reported
that an Iraqi "hit squad" was attempting to pay smugglers
to sneak them into Texas in order to attack President Bush
at his Crawford ranch.


The Illegitimacy of the U.N.

The United Nations, in its infinite exercise of vulgarity, is demanding a leadership role in the reconstruction of Iraq. This, of course, after Coalition forces have already done the dirty work for them and sacrificed our young men and women to liberate a country from a pathological mass murderer. The U.N. wants reward without responsibility.

The U.N. argues the new interim government would have more "legitimacy" if they played the leadership role instead of the U.S. Kofi Annan says it would be "unwise" for the U.S. to do otherwise. But how can the U.N. grant anyone legitimacy when it is itself an illegitimate and degenerate entity which aids, supports, and empowers dictators and Islamic terror groups?

First, we, the American taxpayers, foot the majority of the bill for this immoral organization. The American taxpayer pays over 25% of the U.N.'s annual budget and gets one vote with tons of ingratitude, while 56 Islamic countries enjoy 56 U.N. votes for a fraction of the cost. If the U.N. were to assume a leadership role, it would cost the American taxpayer double the money to reconstruct Iraq, not less money. In addition, America would be subjected to the endless and worthless U.N. debates over what to do when and with whom. Do we really need to ask permission or get input from a terror sponsor and imperialist dictatorship like Syria? Or nuclear technology proliferators like Russia and France?

Second, it would be highly detrimental for the U.S. to grant the U.N. any role whatsoever. Why? When one looks around the globe to see what exactly the U.N. has accomplished in any area of unrest it has gotten involved in, one will find the conditions of conflict have worsened, not ameliorated. This pertains not only to leadership roles, but also to humanitarian roles where the U.N. has injected itself.

In Rwanda, where 2 million people were hatched to death, the U.N. "peacekeepers" were utterly ineffective. In Sudan, where slave trading is openly exercised, the U.N. continues to be ineffective. In some areas in Africa, U.N. forces have been accused of soliciting sexual favors in exchange for rations of food and medicine. In Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, under the Palestinian Terror Authority, the U.N. Relief Agency (UNWRA), a supposed HUMANITARIAN branch, consistently gives cover, shelter, and aid to Arafat's terrorists to kill as many Jews as possible. Terrorists from Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, Force 17 and others consistently use UNWRA facilities to plan and execute their terrorist plots, without any protest from any U.N. bodies. Hezbollah terrorists have used U.N. vehicles to kidnap and execute Israeli soldiers on Israel's northern border with Lebanon. In fact, the U.N. has been complicit with Hezbollah in covering up material evidence from the victims families, the Israeli government, and the world body of these kidnappings. Yet, it still has the audacity of claiming to "grant legitimacy" to interim governments in the face of such horrific and unjustifiable failures.

5. Haaretz: U.S. can veto Israeli retaliation for Iraqi missile []
By Aluf Benn, Haaretz Correspondent

The United States and Israel agreed just eight days before the outbreak of the Iraq war that if Israel were hit by an Iraqi missile with an unconventional warhead and wanted to retaliate, Washington could veto any action that it believed would constitute a "clear and present danger" to coalition troops, diplomatic sources said.

The agreement resolved a misunderstanding that had developed between the two countries, and a last-minute effort was needed to address potential Israeli involvement in the war

In the months leading up to the war, the United States made it clear through every possible channel that it was opposed to any Israeli involvement. In exchange, the Americans promised to operate in western Iraq in order to foil any possible missile launches against Israel. A coordination mechanism between the IDF and Pentagon was established, American Patriot batteries were posted around Israel's population centers, and the Bush administration granted Israel a special $1 billion grant to cover expenses resulting from preparations made prior to the war.

During his last visit to Washington in October, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon made it clear to the Americans that Israel reserves the right to self-defense, but would not respond automatically if attacked. Sharon said that if Israel were hit by unconventional weapons or suffered a mega-terror attack, it would be forced to retaliate, although he promised it would consult with the United States before taking action.

According to the sources, at some stage the administration received the impression from a senior Israeli official that Jerusalem was ready to grant Washington absolute veto power over any Israeli retaliation. Washington believed that Israel was paying lip service to the principle of self-defense, but that the administration would be able to prevent any Israeli intervention in the war.

Based on that impression, CIA Director George Tenet arrived in Israel on March 6 to finalize details before the war, but encountered an unpleasant surprise in a meeting with Sharon. The prime minister rejected Tenet's understanding, saying Israel would reserve its right to self defense. In addition, despite its promise to consult with Washington, Jerusalem was not ready to grant the Americans the final say whether Israel could retaliate.

Tenet's report back to Washington caused grave worries in the U.S. capital. The White House invited Dov Weisglass, Sharon's chief of staff, to Washington for an urgent meeting to clarify matters and to send the message that Israel must remain outside the war. Weisglass and National Security Council Chairman Ephraim Halevy met with U.S. National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice in the White House on March 12, and the three devised a formula that defined the limits of the U.S. veto over an Israeli response. The formula was approved by the highest levels of each country, and both held up their sides of the deal. Sharon kept a low profile regarding the war, and the administration gave prior warning about the March 20 surprise attack that opened the war.

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Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 08:36:42 +0200
Jerusalem News-203
1. Separation of Lists
2. The Terror Masters - By STEVEN EMERSON
3. Schippers says Iraq Behind OKC Bombing

1. Separation of Lists
Every now and again someone requests to terminate their subscription to "Jerusalem News" but continue
that to "Brit-Am Now". At the present time we would prefer not to separate the lists. Most subscribers want to receive mail
from both "Jerusalem News" and "Brit-Am Now". Those who do not are requested to be patient and, if they so
wish, continue to employ their "delete" button for the time being.

2. The Terror Masters - By
COMMENTARY The Wall Street Journal

The Terror Masters
Eighteen years after the execution of American Leon Klinghoffer on
the Italian cruise liner Achille Lauro, the U.S. has demonstrated by
the capture of Abu Abbas that it will not wipe the slate clean on
international terrorism.

Because of its conspicuously brazen support for Saddam Hussein in
transferring military supplies to Baghdad and providing sanctuary to
Iraqi Baathists, and in encouraging Arab fighters to go to Iraq to
kill Americans, Syria's role in supporting terrorism and threatening
American interests has finally come into focus.

That it took actual complicity in the killing of American soldiers
in Iraq for us to finally confront Damascus is a measure of how
successful Syria was in deceiving the world, with the connivance of
even the U.S. All one has to do is read the State Department's
annual reports on international terrorism which have stated with
mantra-like repetition, that Syria has not been involved in
"international terrorism" since 1986.

Since 1988, more than 1200 Israelis and some 30 Americans have been
killed in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza by groups headquartered in,
or sponsored by, Damascus. Recently, the U.S. indicted the head of
Islamic Jihad, Ramadan Abdullah Shallah, on charges including
murder. Shallah continues to receive sanctuary in Damascus, where he
routinely issues threats against the U.S.

After Sept. 11, Syria pretended to be helping the U.S. in the war on
al Qaeda, as evidenced by Damascus' arrest of a senior suspected al
Qaeda operative. The State Department even issued a statement
lauding Syria's role in the fight against al Qaeda. But the reality
was different.

Testimonies, court records and wiretaps introduced in Italian trials
of al Qaeda and other militant Islamic leaders show that Syria has
been working hand-in-hand with Islamic extremists in Europe for
years, providing transit, sanctuary and training for al Qaeda
terrorists traveling between Iraq and the Arab world.

An eye-opening expose, by Sebastian Rotella in this week's Los
Angeles Times, shows in incredible detail how Syria served as a hub
for al Qaeda terrorists shuttling between Iraq, Syria and Europe.
U.S. officials believe that at least one of the primary 9/11
plotters spent extensive time in Syria and that Syrian
front-companies in Europe worked intimately with al Qaeda.

According to U.S. intelligence, conspirators in the 1996 bombing of
the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia that killed 19 American servicemen
met repeatedly in Syria to plan the terrorist operation -- meetings
that could not have taken place without the knowledge of the Syrian

Syria's role in attacking Americans goes way back. In 1983, Syria --
together with Iran and the Hezbollah -- coordinated the bombing of
the Marine barracks in Beirut, killing 241 Marines.

Since October 2000, Abbas's group, the Palestine Liberation Front,
has transferred millions of dollars to the families of Palestinian
suicide bombers. Abbas has dispatched terrorists trained in his
Iraq-based training camps to the West Bank to carry out major
attacks on Ben Gurion airport, poison Israel's water supply and
attack schools and other civilian targets.

The Palestinian Authority's defense of Abbas is not just symbolic;
it's self-protecting. If Abbas goes down, so could Yasser Arafat.

If Abbas is prosecuted for Achille Lauro, or for the funding given
to the families of suicide bombers (some of whose victims included
Americans in Israel), Arafat's complicity in these terrorist plots
would almost certainly be exposed.

And if a true accounting were to be made, the role of the Tanzim and
the al Aqsa Brigades -- terrorist groups directly sponsored by
Arafat -- would show their roles in the killing of hundreds of
Israelis and at least 15 Americans in the past 30 months.

As for the mass murder carried out by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the
PA today continues to protect the killers and masterminds.

The duplicitous role of Saudi Arabia in extending support to al
Qaeda, Hamas and other terrorist groups also needs to be fully
exposed. In the buildup to the war, Saudi Arabia demonstrated where
it really stood on al Qaeda by releasing Sheikh Saeed bin Zuair, a
militant Islamic cleric whose release had been demanded by Osama bin
Laden in a tape distributed last year.

(The other person whose release was demanded by bin Laden was Sheik
Omar Abdul Rahman, convicted for his role in the WTC related
conspiracies in 1993.)

2. Schippers says Iraq Behind OKC Bombing

USA Daily Staff 04-23-03

Santa Cruz, CA - Former House Judiciary Committee impeachment lawyer, David Schippers believes Saddam Hussein's Baghdad regime was involved in the Oklahoma City Bombing and other terrorist attacks on the United States.

During an interview on the April 17 Radio Liberty broadcast, Schippers said, "McVeigh's telephone records showed a number of calls to Iraq --now who's he calling in Iraq?" Radio Liberty is a talk show broadcast weekdays from the California coastal town of Santa Cruz.

The Murrah Federal building was destroyed by a bombing that occurred on April 19, 1995. Timothy McVeigh was convicted and sentenced to death for it. He was executed on June 11, 2001. Bombing at the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City killed 168 people. Hundreds more were wounded. David Schippers asserted that McVeigh had contact with Iraq's government prior to his involvement in the bombing.

The Illinois lawyer served as council to the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee while it was considering impeachment of President Bill Clinton in 1998. Schippers said that evidence pointing to Iraq in the Oklahoma City bombing also implicates Saddam Hussein's regime for other terror attacks against the United States.

"Now that the Iraq material is opened up, unless they conceal it, I think they will find the direct links between McVeigh and the Iraqi government, and the bombing of Oklahoma City, the bombing of flight 800, and the bombing of 9-11,"Schippers told talk radio host, Stanley Monteith.

TWA flight 800 exploded over the Atlantic Ocean on July 17, 1996 killing 230 people. The Clinton administration reported that the most likely cause was an electrical discharge in the 747's fuel tank, which ignited an explosion. The downed flight was ruled an accident and no terrorist investigations were conducted.

Boeing's 747 aircraft is considered to be one of the safest in the world. No other commercial flight involving the 747 has ever been downed by electrical discharge in the fuel tank. Some experts have been skeptical about the government's explanation.

When Monteith asked why the government didn't reveal Iraq's involvement in the Oklahoma City bombing, Schippers replied that Clinton wanted to discredit right wing groups. The 1995 Murrah Building bombing gave President Clinton a boost in public opinion polls.

Schippers has been in regular contact with a former Oklahoma City TV reporter, Jayna Davis. Davis has long asserted that an Iraqi named Hussein Al Husseini was the person identified early in the Oklahoma investigation as John Doe number two. She believes Husseini was working with Tim McVeigh in the bombing plot.

Husseini sued Davis claiming the identification was false. But an appeals court recently threw out that lawsuit. Davis worked for KFOR television in Oklahoma City at the time of the 1995 attack. She has said the court decision vindicated her assertions about Husseini, who is a former member of Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard force.

Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 13:56:45 +0200
Jerusalem News-204
1. Samson Krupnick: ISRAEL AS I SEE IT --
2. Tourism
3. Arutz Sheva News Monday

1. Samson Krupnick: ISRAEL AS I SEE IT --
LIBERATED YERUSHALIYIM, D.C. (David's Capital), Yom Shishi (Sixth Day -- "Friday"), 23 Nisan, 5763 (Gregorian Date: April 25, 2003) (Hijri Date: 23 Safar, 1424), Root & Branch []: The Three Week War called Operation Iraqi Freedom was a sensational combination of "scientific warfare" designed to pinpoint objectives, striking vital areas and military forces, while exercising great care in avoiding civilian populations. The entire world was impressed by this operation which placed the United States, Britain and its entire 49 nation coalition in a position to proceed further in its war on terror and against nations such as Syria and Iran which are threats to world peace and tranquility.

Operation Iraqi Freedom cost 127 killed and some 450 wounded, an amazingly small casualty list considering the wide scale of the operation and the many varied combat and supply units involved. It reminds us of the sensation of the Six Day War of June, 1967 when Israel defeated the Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian armies within 6 days. Casualties were 290 dead and some 300 wounded, also a relatively small casualty list for so widespread an operation.

The world then in 1967 was very much impressed as Israel regained Biblical Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Golan Heights which had been occupied by Jordan (Judea and Samaria), Egypt (Gaza) and Syria (Golan Heights). Israel withdrew from the Sinai desert as peace was arranged between Israel and Egypt. A carefully worded U.N. resolution called for Israel withdrawal from the other areas consistent with its security and defense requirements.

The Palestinians and others choose to ignore this provision out of ignorance or malice. Any peace plan with the Palestinians will have to take into account the basic security considerations of the State of Israel. The horrid
experience of the Oslo Accords saw the Palestinians receive weapons to arm a force of some 20,000 policemen which was turned into an army of 60,000 fighters.

Arms of all sorts were manufactured throughout the land and other arms smuggled through tunnels on the Egyptian border. Many ships of all sizes brought additional sophisticated weapons including missiles. Attacks were mounted first by Hamas and Muslim Jihad with arms supplied by Yasser Arafat and later suicide, and ambush attacks were committed by the Palestine Authority Fatah, El Aksa Youth (suicide murderers) and by Force 17.

For the past decade hatred and calls for violence was the language in Palestinian classrooms from nursery schools upward. The Palestinian media was poisonous not only against the State of Israel but even more so against Jews and their religion. The stated objective of the Palestine Authority was and remains the destruction of the State of Israel. Palestinian maps and books already have erased the State of Israel. The "State of Palestine" is now from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

Israeli casualties have now reached 2,000 killed and some 8,000 wounded, particularly in the past several years of the Intifada. From the first day of Oslo to date Israel gave and never received reciprocity. Even when former Prime Minister Ehud Barak in answer to Palestinian complaints about Israel's occupation of Arab territory, offered them virtually everything, they turned it down and preferred the Intifada and Israel's destruction.

The new Prime Minister of the Palestine Authority, Abu Mazzen, is very little different from Yasser Arafat. Abu Mazzen
wants to destroy Israel by permitting Arabs, so called "refugees", to "return" to Israel territory. It would be disastrous to repeat an Oslo Accord experience requiring our giving and they taking with little or no reciprocity. They will use every opportunity to build a sophisticated well armed Palestine State on our land where terrorists will enjoy protection after every attack and from which missiles will reach Israelis throughout the land.

As to the "occupation of Arab land", U.S. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has stated clearly numerous times that there is no "occupation of Arab land" by Israel. Three Arab States -- Egypt, Syria and Jordan -- attacked and lost and that ends
it. It would be much safer based on our costly previous experiences that we now work out a system of complete autonomy
for the Palestinians with the full assistance of Israel and the Quartet, a comprehensive plan of complete autonomy rather than an independent state which will definitely be a dangerous risk for Israel and for the entire Middle East.

With one serious enemy Saddam Hussein now gone, another enemy to our north -- Syria -- occupying Lebanon territory and harboring 10 terror organizations and Iraqi criminals, needs attention by President George W. Bush. We suggest that
President Bush give President Bashar el Assad 48 hours to make amends and to begin a program of serious corrections, or else!

It is best to ignore British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, who defends both terrorist Syria and the arch terrorist Palestinians and is against Israel and its security requirements. The battle against terror must continue and making excuses by the British for one terror country will simply encourage more terror worldwide. A great start was made in Iraq.

It is absolutely vital to continue the war against terror with greater strength and with full cooperation of the current coalition of 49 nations with the expansion of more active participants.

Shabbat Shalom from Liberated Yerushaliyim,
Mr. Samson Krupnick

2. Tourism
Subject: Due to the withdrawal of the Iraqi threat on Israel,
the Ministry of Tourism will be presenting the new Tourist campaign abroad
Ministry of Tourism 28 April 2003

With the removal of the Iraqi threat upon Israel and the general change of
atmosphere for the better, the Ministry of tourism will soon come out with a
new Tourism campaign abroad- which is designed to attract Jewish tourists
and Christian supporters of Israel to return and visit the Holy land.

The Tourist campaign is planned to address the loyal and devoted audience
who have been visiting Israel in the past two years and due to the Iraqi
threat were prevented from coming to Israel in the last few months. In
addition this campaign turns to new audiences with an acute and clear
message: The time has come to visit Israel due to the political and security
change in our region.

The planned campaign will be advertised in a number of countries in Europe
and the U.S., which are the main source of incoming tourism to Israel. The
list of countries is: U.K., France, CIS and North America.

The leading message of the European campaign will be "The time has come for
a change- come visit Israel". The main message of the U.S. campaign will be:
"Let not your soul wait any further- come and visit Israel".

The Minster of Tourism, Benny Elon, says that: despite the tremendous
decrease in the Israeli Tourism that started on September 2000, the Ministry
of Tourism has succeeded, thanks to our internal tourism and the external
tourism of the Jewish and Christian supporters- to save the tourist sector
from collapsing."

In 2002, there were 862 thousand visits made to Israel. The Responsible
professional Authority in the Ministry of tourism hope that until the end of
this year, following the campaign abroad there will be a approximately one
million tourist visiting Israel.

It should be indicated that the first quarter of this year has been
characterized with a low number of visitor in comparison to past years.

IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis

3. Arutz Sheva News Monday
Apr. 28, 2003 / Nissan 26, 5763
Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day begins tonight, one week before Independence Day, in memory of the more than six million Jews murdered in Europe by the Nazi regime between 1941-1945. The theme for this year's commemorations is, "Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust - Sixty Years Since the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising."

The official opening ceremony will take place tonight at 8 PM at the Warsaw Ghetto Square, in the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, with the participation of President Moshe Katzav and Prime Minister Sharon. Avner Shalev, Chairman of the Yad Vashem Directorate, will kindle the Holocaust Memorial Torch, Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar will recite Psalms, and Chief Rabbi Yonah Metzger will recite the Kaddish prayer. Tomorrow at 10 AM, a two-minute memorial siren will be sounded throughout the country. A "memorial minute of silence" can be seen at

All places of entertainment in Israel will be closed, in accordance with the law. The now-traditional March of the Living will take place in Poland tomorrow afternoon between Birkenau and Auschwitz, to commemorate the Jews' forced Death Marches along the same route in the 1940's.

Six survivors, all of whom took part in resistance efforts, will light six torches during the ceremony, symbolizing the more than six million Jews who were lost in the Holocaust.

After a more than two-year chase, the Shabak and Israel Police finally put their hands on the members of highly wanted Fatah-Tanzim terrorist cells, arresting seven of them last night. The terrorists, members of three different cells, said they were planning to carry out still more attacks. Among the victims of these groups were:

* Border Guard policeman Madhat Yusuf, 19, of the Druze village Beit Jann in the Galilee, at Joseph's Tomb in Shechem - he bled to death on Oct. 1, 2001, after being wounded by Palestinian fire and the IDF did not succeed in rescuing him.
* Rabbi Binyamin Herling, murdered when terrorists opened fire upon a group of hikers on Mt. Eval near Shechem, on Oct. 19, 2000, and 14 others were wounded.
* Aryeh Arnaldo Agronyoni, 44, father of 3, an immigrant from South America, was murdered on May 7, 2001 while on volunteer guard duty in one of the distant outposts near Itamar;
* Aliza Malka, 19, of Kibbutz Meirav in the Gilboa region, on August 9, 2001 - killed in a drive-by shooting attack.
* Masoud Alon, 70, on Jan. 2, 2003 near Bekaot in the Jordan Valley

The captured terrorist who took part in the attack at Joseph's Tomb said that Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti, currently on trial in Israel for masterminding terrorism, had given him 80,000 shekels to carry out attacks.

For the first time during the current Oslo War, which began in September 2000, Jewish worshipers have been allowed to enter the gravesite of Joshua Bin-Nun in the Arab village of Kif al-Hares near Ariel in central Shomron. The occasion: the traditional anniversary of the death of Joshua on the 26th of Nissan. Joshua was the successor to Moses as leader of the People of Israel and the man who brought them into the Land of Israel. Hundreds of Jews from the Shomron and many Breslover Hassidim from Jerusalem arrived last night, escorted by army troops, to pray at the gravesite. The event took place between the hours of 2 and 5 AM.
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 23:04:43 +0200
Jerusalem News-205
1. David Skelly: Comment on Syria
2. Arutz Sheva News, Wednesday
3. PA TV: Kill Jews of the Disputed Areas
4. Gilgamesh tomb believed found

1. David Skelly: Comment on Syria
From: David Skelly <>
Subject: Re: Jerusalem News-204
Dear Yair

The big scripture that comes to mind about Syria is Isaiah chapter 17. In
this chapter Damascus is destroyed, Israel is devastated but in the end wins
a great victory against Syria and the other Arab nations that attack her.

David Skelly

2. Arutz Sheva News, Wednesday

Apr. 30, 2003 / Nissan 28, 5763
A heroic security guard prevented a Palestinian suicide terrorist from entering a crowded Tel Aviv coffee house late last night, but the ensuing murderous explosion killed three innocent people - and seriously wounded the guard. The number of victims in the Palestinians' terrorism war against Israel in 2003 now stands at 71.

The terrorist attempted to enter Mike's Place at 1AM this morning, but the guard refused to allow him in when he could not produce identification. The Arab then detonated a medium-sized charge on his body, killing three and wounding 55, 17 of whom are still hospitalized. Mike's Place is located on Tel Aviv's oceanfront boardwalk, in close proximity to the United States Embassy. Another branch of the establishment was targeted in a carbomb attack in Jerusalem four months ago, but no one was hurt.

Emergency medical staff in Tel Aviv hospitals - who are treating the victims despite the Histadrut strike - reported that the wounded sustained burns in the attack, but that there are fewer shrapnel injuries than seen in past bombings. Ichilov Hospital Director Prof. Gabi Barabash says that the injuries are similar to those in the June 2001 Dolphinarium discotheque attack - mainly young people with serious burns. Six of the wounded are listed in serious condition, while the wounds of four are described as moderate. The IDF Spokesman said that 11 of the injured are soldiers, all of whom maintained light wounds.

An eyewitness sitting in an adjacent restaurant told Ynet: "I saw a fat man arrive at the entrance to Mike's Place. An argument broke out between him and the security guard. Suddenly, I heard an explosion. The guard prevented his entrance to the coffee house, and he blew himself up right there."

A manhunt was launched immediately afterwards for a suspect who assisted in the attack. He was almost subdued by a cab driver and a security guard, but wiggled away and escaped, leaving them holding only his jacket - which they transferred to the police. The murderous attack, perpetrated by a resident of Tul Karem, was a joint Hamas-Fatah enterprise.

Two Israeli youths aged 19 and 20, who had been briefly trained in the use of a gun for guard duty, killed two Arab terrorists last night. The latter attempted to infiltrate an outpost near the Yesha community of Elon Moreh for the purpose of murdering Jews.

The long-dreaded - long-awaited, by some - Road Map plan was officially submitted to both Israel and the PA this afternoon. Israel expressed its protest at the fact that representatives of the UN, EU, and Russia made a formal trip to Yasser Arafat to present the plan - despite the fact that Israel has declared him "irrelevant," and the U.S., too, has said that it would not deal with leaders who are corrupted by terrorism.

The Yesha Council says that the Road Map is worse than the Oslo Agreement, as it will crumble Israel's power of deterrence and intensify terrorism in the short range. The Council also warns that the Road Map will lead to political and economic dangers, explaining, "Israel's very readiness to agree to the establishment of a Palestinian state will invite heavy pressures that we will not be able to withstand," leading to "existential dangers for the State of Israel."

The Histadrut Labor Union, encompassing some 700,000 of the country's workers from the public and quasi-public sectors, actualized its threat this morning and struck the country's economy as of 6:00 this morning. Only certain essential groups of workers are not on strike, as approved by the Histadrut or in accordance with special emergency back-to-work orders. These include those who supply gas, water, and electricity. The workers are protesting the government's emergency economic plan, the first reading of which will be voted on in the Knesset this evening. The plan calls for over 11 billions shekels' worth of budget cuts, but the Histadrut is particularly upset by the intention of the government to legislate lower wage agreements instead of negotiating them.

3. PA TV: Kill Jews of the Disputed Areas
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 09:52:05 -0400

Palestinian Media Watch
Multi-Media Bulletin
April 30, 2003

phone: 972- 2- 625-4140 fax: 972-2- 624-2803
visit our website, click here:
PA TV: Kill Jews of the Disputed Areas
By Itamar Marcus

Official Palestinian Authority [PA] TV has broadcast a music video calling
for the murder of Jews in the disputed areas, even showing scenes of Jewish
teenage girls and a Jewish couple, who are among those targeted for death by

The music video shows scenes of masked gunman firing automatic rifles,
aerial views of Jewish towns, and as mentioned, Jews who are targeted for
murder: a man walking his wife, a group of teenage girls, and a soldier.
[Click here to view on Windows Media Player]
[Click here to view on Quick Time]

4. Gilgamesh tomb believed found
Archaeologists in Iraq believe they may have found the lost tomb of King
Gilgamesh - the subject of the oldest "book" in history.

The Epic Of Gilgamesh - written by a Middle Eastern scholar 2,500 years
before the birth of Christ - commemorated the life of the ruler of the
city of Uruk, from which Iraq gets its name.

Now, a German-led expedition has discovered what is thought to be the
entire city of Uruk - including, where the Euphrates once flowed, the
last resting place of its famous King.

"I don't want to say definitely it was the grave of King Gilgamesh, but
it looks very similar to that described in the epic," Jorg Fassbinder,
of the Bavarian department of Historical Monuments in Munich, told the
BBC World Service's Science in Action programme.


In the book - actually a set of inscribed clay tablets - Gilgamesh was
described as having been buried under the Euphrates, in a tomb
apparently constructed when the waters of the ancient river parted
following his death.

"We found just outside the city an area in the middle of the former
Euphrates river¿ the remains of such a building which could be
interpreted as a burial," Mr Fassbinder said.

Who can compare with him in kingliness? Who can say, like
Gilgamesh, I am king?
The Epic Of Gilgamesh

He said the amazing discovery of the ancient city under the Iraqi desert
had been made possible by modern technology.

"By differences in magnetisation in the soil, you can look into the
ground," Mr Fassbinder added.

"The difference between mudbricks and sediments in the Euphrates river
gives a very detailed structure."

This creates a magnetogram, which is then digitally mapped, effectively
giving a town plan of Uruk.

'Venice in the desert'

"The most surprising thing was that we found structures already
described by Gilgamesh," Mr Fassbinder stated.

"We covered more than 100 hectares. We have found garden structures and
field structures as described in the epic, and we found Babylonian

But he said the most astonishing find was an incredibly sophisticated
system of canals.

"Very clearly, we can see in the canals some structures showing that
flooding destroyed some houses, which means it was a highly developed

"[It was] like Venice in the desert."
Story from BBC NEWS:

Date: Fri, 02 May 2003 00:32:38 +0200
Jerusalem News-206
1. Arutz Sheva News Thursday
2. Philistines Were Cultured After All, Say Archeologists

1. Arutz Sheva News Thursday
May 1, 2003 / Nissan 29, 5763
The Yesha Rabbis Council calls upon Jerusalem Police Chief Mickey Levy to "keep his promise" and open the Temple Mount to Jewish worshipers.

The Council says that two months ago, Levy said that after the war with Iraq, the Temple Mount - Judaism's holiest site in the world - could once again be opened to Jewish prayer. It has been closed to Jews since the onset of the Oslo War of terrorism over 2.5 years ago, with the police claiming that a Jewish presence there could "instigate Arab violence."

The Yesha Rabbis are among those who rule that Jewish Law permits entry to certain areas of the holy site, provided that certain Halakhic precautions are taken. These include immersion in a mikveh (ritual bath), removal of shoes, and definite knowledge of the places on the Temple Mount that may not be entered.

The monthly "March Around the Gates" will be held tonight. What began with a small group less than two years ago has now become a very popular monthly event, and thousands of people took part in each of the last two monthly marches. The participants express their demand to enter and pray at the holy site by circling the Temple Mount, and stopping - and often singing - at each of the gates.

In N'vei Dekalim, the "capital" of Israel's southern Mediterranean Coastal communities in Gush Katif, the 21st anniversary of the dismantling and evacuation of the city of Yamit and neighboring communities in northwestern Sinai was commemorated this afternoon. The ceremony took place in the local hesder yeshiva, which was originally founded in the now-destroyed Sinai city of Yamit. Following the signing of a peace agreement with Egypt in 1979, Yamit was one of more than a dozen communities evacuated and destroyed prior to being handed over to the Egyptians; some 5,000 Jewish residents were removed from their homes.

Nine years ago, on the 12th anniversary of the withdrawal from Sinai and shortly after the Oslo Agreement was signed, then opposition-MK Ariel Sharon - who in 1982 served as Israel's Defense Minister and oversaw the destruction of Yamit - said,
"Every moving of a settlement point is a very difficult thing, and I would like to note and emphasize that, in light of what is going on now, and in light of the [Labor] government's attempt to use what happened in Sinai as a precedent for what it wants to do now in Judea, Samaria and Gaza and the Golan, i.e., the dismantling of communities - this shows that it was a very bad mistake to decide on the dismantling of the communities. Because we see now where this is leading. In light of what has happened since - it was very hard there, but no one ever thought that an Israeli government would arise and use the precedent of Sinai, which occurred in totally different circumstances, to justify the dismantling of communities in the Golan or Yesha. In light of this, I must say that what we did then was a mistake, seeing that this is where it led to."

2. Philistines Were Cultured After All, Say Archeologists
Source: The New York Times
AFTER all these centuries of calumny, the Philistines are finally having some good things said about them. They were not, it seems, deserving of that withering epithet: Philistine.

In excavations this summer among the ruins of Ashkelon on Israel's Mediterranean coast, archeologists from Harvard University came upon revealing remains of the Philistine city as it was on the day of its destruction by King Nebuchadnezzar's Babylonian army in 604 B.C. They found inscribed pottery, stone altars, buildings and rooms of handsome design and advanced construction techniques and a wine press that belies the lingering image of the Philistines as a loutish, beer-drinking people.

The wine press, perhaps the property of King Aga, the last ruler of Ashkelon, consists of a shallow grape-treading basin with a channel directing the liquid into a deeper collecting tank. The masonry is said by experts to be similar to the work of later Roman artisans.

"One could not imagine a finer craftsmanship than what we see in these last stages of Philistine life," Dr. Lawrence E. Stager, a Harvard archeologist and leader of the Leon Levy Expedition at Ashkelon, said in an interview.

Other excavations reinforce this new assessment of Philistine culture and extend it back to their first appearance in the Middle East, around 1175 B.C. Evidence of copper smelting in Philistine cities in Cyprus indicates a technology that anticipated Rome in this field by more than 1,000 years. At Ekron, the ruins of another Philistine city in the south of present-day Israel, archeologists have discovered that the Philistines were making pottery with imaginative red and black motifs, including decorations with fish, birds and geometric patterns, when the early Israelites were using crude, unpainted pottery.

Two Israeli archeologists, Trude Dothan and Moshe Dothan of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, say that from their 30 years of investigations has emerged a picture of the Philistines as great traders, master builders and one of the most civilized peoples of their time. The Philistines' influence in bringing culture to the region was probably considerable.

Indeed, scholars think the new findings may have solved the mystery of the Philistines' origins.

They supplanted the Canaanites in cities like Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ekron, Gath and Gaza. But where had they come from?

Link to Mycenaean Greeks

Excavations at several of these Philistine cities have revealed that their red-and-black ceramics bear a striking resemblance to the styles of the Mycenaean Greeks. This was not imported pottery, because recent analysis shows that it was made with local clays. Also, loom weights found at Philistine cities are similar to those dug up at Mycenae and other Greek sites by the great 19th century archeologist Heinrich Schliemann.

Other important clues are the brick cooking hearths uncovered in the ruins of Ekron by Trude Dothan and Dr. Seymour Gitin, director of the Albright Institute of Archeological Research in Jerusalem. The hearth had not been common in Canaan, the archeologists pointed out, but had a central place in the palaces of the Aegean world.

"More than an architectural element," the Dothans note in their book, the hearth "represented a tradition that reflected the social structure and habits of everyday life" for the Aegean peoples.

Some circumstantial evidence also raises intriguing possibilities. The Greek epics are filled with tales of heroes wandering the eastern Mediterranean in the years after the fall of Troy, usually dated at 1183 B.C. -- not long before the appearance of the Philistines on the coast of Canaan. In Homer's "Odyssey," the Greeks are frequently described in places like Cyprus, Phoenicia, Egypt and Libya.

Epics of Founding Cities

Not all the Greeks made it back home, and in some epics it is told that these refugees founded cities in the eastern Mediterranean. Dr. Stager said that plaques depicting scenes from the Odyssey have been found in the ruins of Ashkelon; they were from the city's later Roman period, but indicated, he said, that the people "still recalled their Greek heritage hundreds of years later."

From the archeological evidence, mainly the Greek-style pottery, Dr. Stager concluded last year in an article in Biblical Archeological Review, "Throwing caution to the wind, I am willing to state flatly that the Sea Peoples, including the Philistines, were Mycenaean Greeks."

Parallels to Mythology

Samson and Delilah, for example. In the Bible, Delilah is a kind of Philistine Mata Hari, sent to discover the secret of Samson's superhuman strength: his seven magical locks of hair. When his hair is shorn, he is weakened and "like any man."

Dr. Stager pointed out a Greek parallel. Scylla cut her father's hair while he slept, thus removing his invincibility so that he could be captured by King Minos of Crete.

The Greek influence on the Philistines may have still been strong, Dr. Stager said, because the Bible describes Goliath as going into the battle wearing bronze greaves on his legs. No Canaanite or Israelite soldier wore greaves, but Greek warriors did.

This new research does not clear up the other mystery about the Philistines: their ultimate fate. After Ashkelon and Ekron were destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar, King Aga and many of his subjects were sent into exile in Babylon. In 586 B.C., with the fall of Jerusalem, the Jews joined the Philistines in Babylonian exile. The Jews eventually returned to Palestine. But about the Philistines, nothing more is known.

In eight years of digging, the Harvard team has made many discoveries going back to Ashkelon's past under the Canaanites, a Semitic people who lived there before the Philistines. Two years ago, they excavated the statuette of a silver calf, an icon associated with the worship of Baal in Canaan and, later, with the Israelite God, Yahweh. The silver calf casts light on early Canaanite and Israelite religious beliefs.

This summer's digging produced another striking remnant of the Canaanites, a mud brick arch that the archeologists say is the oldest monumental arched gateway ever found. They dated the arch at about 1900 B.C., at least a hundred years earlier than one discovered recently in northern Israel. The Ashkelon arch, Dr. Stager said, "was a true load-bearing arch spanning a gap big enough for a chariot to drive through."

From the time of Ashkelon's destruction by the Babylonians, the archeologists exposed a veritable still-life of the moment of catastrophe. A complete skeleton of an adult male was found sprawled on its back, its arms and legs flung out and its skull crushed into many pieces. Large storage jars lay in fragments around and underneath the figure. Charred beams had fallen to the shell-and-plaster floor.

Also found in the ruins was a piece of pottery with an inscription in a Philistine script related to Hebrew.

The inscription seems to record a payment in silver for some commercial transaction.
Date: Sun, 04 May 2003 00:27:52 +0200
Jerusalem News-207
1. Reader's Opinion
2. Israel to bar pro-Palestinian activists [human shields] from
entering country
3. Syria Hiding Iraqi Chemical Weapons?
5. Arutz Sheva News Friday,

1. Reader's Opinion
Subject: Re: Jerusalem News-206

It is my opinion that Israel should never agree to the Palestinian State, They should annex all of the West Bank, and tell those people that they can live there in peace and if within a certain time period if they do live in peace with the State of Israel, then they will be allowed to govern the district but under the authority of Israel. They should also tell the people if they continue to throw stones the ones throwing them and their entire families will be deported out of the territory. And also the suicide bombers, their entire families will be held responsible and forced out of the territory. If they give in to the US and English their half brothers and go for the peace movement it will be the sorriest time in their lives. Charles Bassett

2. Israel to bar pro-Palestinian activists [human shields] from
entering country

By Amos Harel and Aluf Benn, Haaretz Correspondents Ha'aretz 2 May 2003

Israel will from now on bar pro-Palestinian activists from entering the
country and will try to expel at least some of the dozens of activists who
are already here, according a new plan drafted by the Israel Defense Forces
and the foreign and defense ministries.

Most of the activists, who come from Europe, Canada and the United States,
belong to the International Solidarity Movement (ISM).

Their goal is to act as "human shields" for Palestinian individuals and
houses during IDF incursions into Palestinian towns, and they have often
been involved in confrontations with IDF soldiers. They also try to help
Palestinians pass through IDF roadblocks.

Some two months ago, an American ISM activist, Rachel Corrie, was run over
and killed by an IDF bulldozer in Gaza. Her colleagues accused the bulldozer
driver of having run her over deliberately. The IDF denies the accusation
and decided not to indict the driver. In two other recent cases,
international activists have been seriously injured by IDF gunfire during
confrontations in the territories.

Israel Radio on Friday quoted British news agencies as saying that the two
men involved in the suicide bombing at Mike's Place in Tel Aviv late Tuesday
night had entered Israel earlier in the day in a cab that passed through the
Erez Crossing. The two had taken part in actions carried out by peace
activists in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF charges that many of the self-proclaimed peace activists are
"provocateurs" and "riot inciters" who deliberately interfere with the IDF's
work, with the goal of blackening Israel's image. Army sources noted that in
one case, they discovered a wanted terrorist being hidden by ISM activists
in Jenin. The sources said the activists received training overseas in how
to deceive border control officials at Ben-Gurion International Airport in
order to be allowed into the country.

Furthermore, both the army and the Foreign Ministry fear that additional
foreign citizens might be killed or wounded by the IDF if the ISM's
activities are allowed to continue.

Wednesday's bombing in Tel Aviv, which was committed by two men who entered
Israel on British passports, added a new reason to the authorities' desire
to clamp down on the foreign activists - fear that other terrorists from
overseas might enter the country under the guise of peace activists.
IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis

3. Syria Hiding Iraqi Chemical Weapons?
From: DEBKA-Net-Weekly
Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2003 9:01 PM
Subject: Debka-Net-Weekly: Issue 0107
So Where Are They?
Deep under where the Poppies Grow
The conviction gaining ground in DEBKA-Net-Weekly's intelligence sources is
that Saddam's arsenal of chemical weapons are hidden in Lebanon's Beqaa
Valley. His biological weapons may be there too. They are buried deep under
the poppy fields grown for heroin and the rows of cotton plants in two of
the most fertile regions of Lebanon: the valley stretching between Jabal
Akroum, the town of al Qbayyat and the Syrian border, and the land lying
between the towns of Al Hirmil and al Labwah between the Orontes River and
the Syrian frontier. (See attached map)
On February 14, about a month before the start of the war in Iraq,
DEBKA-Net-Weekly Issue 97, carried the following item under the headline
"Is Iraq's WMD cache in Lebanon available to Al Qaeda?".
Now, our intelligence sources can report exclusively that the relocation of
Iraq's WMD systems took place between January 10 and March 10, completed
just 10 days before the US-led offensive was launched. The banned arsenal
was hauled in giant tankers from Iraq to Syria and from there to the Bekaa
Valley under the escort of large contingents of Syrian special forces and
personnel from air force intelligence, Syria's main counterintelligence arm
that has nothing much to do with the Syrian air force.
Syrian army engineers were waiting for the tankers to pull up at pre-marked
spots in the poppy and cotton fields. Using special drilling equipment,
they dug holes some six to eight meters (20 to 26 ft) across and 25 to 35
meters (82 to 115 ft) deep. Cranes and heavy cables lowered containers into
the ground. Some vehicles fed their deadly cargoes into pipes, which were
then sealed and buried. Satellite photos showed the operation was carried
out at night and that crews handling the material wore protective suits.
Once it was all in place, bulldozers covered the pits and leveled the
ground. Later, local farmers planted new poppy and cotton seedlings over
the area.
According to DEBKA-Net-Weekly's intelligence sources, the exact fields
where the WMD caches are buried are known. So are the sums Syrian
intelligence officers paid out to the local growers for their cooperation
and silence.
Chemical and biological weapons experts told DEBKA-Net-Weekly that
interment is the only effective way of destroying this type of dangerous
toxic weaponry over time. But it was put into the ground recently enough to
still be usable if excavated. It is also detectable from the surface with
the right instruments.
Our sources have learned that Syria was paid about $35 million to make
Saddam Hussein's forbidden weapons disappear. President Bashar Assad dealt
with the project in person, not sharing the secret with his government. He
made sure the hidden weapons would leave Syrian territory without delay and
arranged for their transfer from Iraq to Lebanon without stopping over.

5. Arutz Sheva News Friday,
May 2, 2003 / Rosh Chodesh Iyar 5763

Tourism Minister Benny Elon has proposed a new outline for peace in the Middle East, entitled: "In the Wake of the War in Iraq - A Historic Opportunity for a Regional Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict."

Elon, successor to the assassinated Rehavam Ze'evi as head of the Moledet Party in the National Union, conceived the plan as an alternative to the Road Map currently under consideration. He says that the Road Map is merely a "rehashing of the decades-old goal of trying to seat two peoples on the western side of the Jordan River" - an objective he calls "unworkable" and "dangerous." Giving the Arabs of Yesha a quasi-state will not solve the fundamental problems of borders and refugees, Elon says, but will instead guarantee the next round of terrorism and warfare.

Elon's plan offers what he calls "the genuine and original two-state solution," proposing that it encompass the full extent of Mandatory Palestine on both sides of the Jordan River. Its six points include the following:
* The Palestinian Authority will be dissolved;
* Israel will put a firm end to Palestinian terrorism by expelling terrorists, collecting weapons, and dismantling terror-hotbed refugee camps;
* The international community will recognize the Hashemite Kingdom as the sole representative of the Palestinians, and will help it economically as it absorbs a limited number of refugees;
* Israel will become sovereign over Judea, Samaria and Gaza, and the Arabs living there will be Jordanian citizens living under a form of autonomy to-be-determined;
* The exchange of Jewish and Arab populations begun in 1948 will be completed, and the international community will help rehabilitate the refugees in their new countries;
* Israel and Jordan-Palestine will declare the conflict ended and will work together as neighbors.

Though political opponents say that Elon is "ignoring the reality of the Palestinian Authority," the Elon Plan states that just as the "evil regimes of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein were destroyed," the same must befall the PA, "one of the most dangerous regimes." In addition to its history as a sponsor of terrorism and incitement, and the fact that it is a link in the chain of worldwide terror, the very existence of the PA as a non-solution perpetuates the conflict, the Elon Plan posits.

As reported by Arutz-7 on Tuesday, Minister Elon plans to present the program to political leaders and leading thinkers in the U.S. and abroad in the coming days. He says that it addresses the needs of the Arab refugees from 1948 who have been holed up in refugee camps merely in order to serve the interests of the Arab countries at war with Israel, as well as those of Israel and Jordan.

Among the plan's advantages Elon lists simplicity, sustainability, morality, deterrence, and justice. "We expect the plan to receive a wide and fair hearing in the Congress and among wide sectors of the Jewish and Christian population in the United States," a top Elon aide told Arutz-7.

Several large signs have been affixed near the entrances to Jerusalem's Western Wall plaza. In addition to the usual guidelines regarding modesty and respect for the sanctity of the holy site, the centrality of the Temple Mount to Judaism and the Jewish people is clearly expressed.

The signs, ten feet tall, read:
"Jewish tradition teaches that the Temple Mount is the focal point of Creation. In the center of the mountain lies the 'Foundation Stone' of the world. Here Adam came into being. Here Abraham, Isaac and Jacob served G-d. The First and Second Temples were built upon this mountain. The Ark of the Covenant was set upon the Foundation Stone itself. Jerusalem was chosen by G-d as the dwelling place of the Divine Presence. David longed to build the Temple, and Solomon his son built the First Temple here about 3,000 years ago. It was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. The Second Temple was rebuilt on its ruins 70 years later. It was razed by the Roman legions over 1,900 years ago. The present Western Wall before you is a remnant of the western Temple Mount retaining walls. Jews have prayed in its shadow for hundreds of years, an expression of their faith in the rebuilding of the Temple. The Sages said about it: 'The Divine Presence never moves from the Western Wall.' The Temple Mount continues to be the focus of prayers for Jews all over the world."

The signs were placed following two and a half years of violence and terrorism that largely center around the issue of the Temple Mount. The Arabs have dubbed the bloody terrorist war the 'Al Aqsa Intifada,' referring to the Al-Aqsa mosque that today stands atop the Temple Mount. The Muslim Wakf (religious authorities) have, over the past decade, engaged in a systematic effort to rid the Temple Mount of all evidence of the first and second Jewish Temples. Many PA officials insist that there is no Jewish connection to the site.

The new bilingual signs also inform worshippers that begging is forbidden, and instead encourage contributions toward the site's upkeep instead. They forbid smoking and photography on Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest, and ask that people turn off their cellular phones and refrain from loud talking during prayers.

Date: Mon, 05 May 2003 23:37:19 +0200
Jerusalem News-208
1. Jewish Faith Shapes Hawaii Governor
2. Arutz Sheva News Sunday,

1. Jewish Faith Shapes Hawaii Governor


HONOLULU - She makes time for her lieutenant and her scheduler, her cabinet and her closest advisers. But every Monday morning, Gov. Linda Lingle sits down to a meeting unlike any other during the week. It's with her rabbi.

Lingle's victory in the governor's race last November made her a pioneer in many ways. She is the first Republican to govern Hawaii in 40 years, the first woman ever.
And she's the first Jew to lead the islands, one of only two Jewish U.S. governors and only the second Jewish woman chief executive of a state.

Lingle is hesitant to label herself the "Jewish governor" but she fast admits how much her faith defines her. Judaism is a facet of Lingle's identity that shapes her leadership perhaps more than being a woman or a Republican.

"Anyone who was raised in a Jewish family, I think, would feel the same way," Lingle said in an interview in her Capitol office. "We're defined by our concern for other people, especially for people who need help, who can't help themselves."

Lingle's religion was never an issue during her campaign, and it seldom garners any public attention now. At her inauguration, a rabbi gave an invocation, but so did a number of Christian leaders.

Lingle attended a public menorah lighting during Hanukkah and last week, took part in a Passover Seder at Washington Place. On Fridays, a rabbi arrives at the governor's office with fresh-baked challah for Shabbat. And in the entryway to her home, a mezuza has been affixed in the doorway.

"She handles it the way Linda Lingle handles most things," said NeilMilner, a political science professor at the University of Hawaii. "She doesn't make a big thing out of it, she doesn't wear it on her sleeve."

It is similar to the approach the nation's only other Jewish governor - Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell - is taking. Rendell says he's "a secular Jew" whose "faith is embodied in the golden rule."

Fewer than 20 Jews have been elected their state's chief executive since Georgia's David Emanuel won a gubernatorial race in 1801. Most Jews who have won the governor's office hail from states where few non-Christians live.

Some Jewish governors, like Idaho's Moses Alexander - who helped establish Idaho's first synagogue after taking office in 1915 - have particularly helped their faith's community.

Lingle has no similar goals for Hawaii's Jews - who make up fewer than 1 percent of the state's residents.

Lingle grew up in St. Louis, where she attended services and Sunday school every week, saving her dimes to plant trees in Israel. "It was a pretty regular part of life," she said.

2. Arutz Sheva News Sunday,
May 4, 2003 / Iyar 2, 5763

MK Amram Mitzna announced his resignation as head of the Labor Party this evening. He will remain a Knesset Member, however. "I believe that the Labor Party has lost touch with its voters," he said tonight, "and in such a situation it is impossible to lead it."

Mitzna, who previously served as Mayor of Haifa, entered national politics only last summer when he ran for head of the Labor Party - and in fact beat out then-incumbent Binyamin Ben-Eliezer for the job this past November. He then led his party to a sound thrashing in the national elections in January, when it dropped from 26 Knesset seats to only 19. Many of his party colleagues strongly objected to his pre-election promise not to join a unity government with the Likud, and in general he is said to be further to the left than his party mainstream. Mitzna served in the IDF for 25 years, rising to become Central Region Commander during the intifada of the 1980's.

Fatah's ideological platform, as it appears on the movement's new internet site, still calls for the destruction of the "Zionist entity" and the liberation of "all Palestine." Haggai Huberman reports that Fatah, the essential component of the Palestinian Authority, states, "The Zionist presence in Palestine represents Zionist aggression, essentially based on expansionist imperialism& The goal of the Palestinian struggle is to fully liberate Palestine and liquidate the Zionist entity economically, politically, militarily, and culturally& An armed popular revolution is the only way to liberate Palestine&"

The PA is placing the blame for the shooting death of British cameraman James Miller last night on Israel - and Israel says it might have been the Arabs. Miller was shot dead when he walked out of an Arab house in the Rafiach war zone in southern Gaza. An IDF statement expressed sorrow over the death of a civilian, but added that Miller was aware of the dangers when he entered the combat zone. The body has been brought to the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute to determine if he was killed by IDF or PA gunfire.


(Communicated by the Central Bureau of Statistics Spokesman)
Monday, May 05, 2003

On the eve of Independence Day 2003, Israel's population stands at 6.7
million. The Jewish population is approximately 5.4 million (counting for
38% of the world's Jews); the non-Jewish population is approximately 1.3
million (82% of these are Muslims, 9% are Christians and 9% are Druze).

Israel's population has grown more than eight-fold over the 15.5.48
population of 806,000.

Since last Independence Day, the population of the state of Israel has grown
by 131,000, an annual growth rate of 2%.

Three million people have immigrated to Israel since 1948, with more than
one million coming since 1990. 31,000 have immigrated in the past year.

140,000 babies were born in Israel during the past year.

Jerusalem has 680,000 residents; its population grew by 1.7% during the past

In 1948, 36% of the country's population lived in the Tel Aviv area; 18%
does so today.

In 1948, 2.5% of the country's population lived in the southern district;
14% does so today.

IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis

Jerusalem News-209
1. Palestinians Victimize Women
2. Matthias Kuentzel: Islamic Antisemitism And Its Nazi Roots Part One 1/3
3. Arutz Sheva News Tuesday
4. PM Blair sends Independence Day Congratulations


1. Palestinians Victimize Women

Palestinian women, girls
killed for family 'honor'
Report: Fathers, brothers, sons murder scores of innocent females each year to avert shame

© 2003

Each year, dozens and probably hundreds of brutal "honor killings" of Palestinian women and girls most of whom are virtually blameless go unreported, according to an anthropologist's recent study.

In a story for World and I magazine, James Emery says women in the communities of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Israel and Jordan are killed by male kinsmen in an attempt to protect the reputations of their families.

Emery says the women "are murdered in their homes, in open fields, and occasionally in public, sometimes before crowds of cheering onlookers."

Most occur among Muslims in poor, rural tribal areas or among uneducated urban dwellers, he says, although the practice is not explicitly condoned by the Islamic holy book, the Quran.

In the feudal, patriarchal societies of the Middle East, writes Emery, "honor is based on what men feel is important, and reputation is everything."

"Unfortunately," he says, "thousands of women have been killed in the name of honor because imagination and rumors are as important as actions and events."

When a girl's chastity is in question, he says, her family feels the shame, even if she is raped or the rumors prove unsubstantiated.

"A woman shamed is like rotting flesh," a Palestinian merchant told Emery. "If it is not cut away, it will consume the body. What I mean is the whole family will be tainted if she is not killed."

Woman always blamed

Emery says the reasons for honor killings include allegations of premarital or extramarital sex, for refusing an arranged marriage or attempting to obtain a divorce, or simply for talking with a man. The murders are carried out by fathers, husbands, brothers, uncles, cousins or sons.

Among Palestinians, all sexual encounters, including rape and incest, are blamed on the woman.

"The issue of consent is irrelevant when it comes to honor killings," says Marsha Freeman, director of the International Women's Rights Action Watch. "It has to do with the woman being defiled. It completely objectifies the woman as being about her sexuality and purity. It makes her not human."

Women's groups and human-rights organizations campaigning to eliminate honor killings are hindered by the lack of reliable statistics.

Under the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, at least 25 "official" honor killings occur each year, says Emery, but the actual number of deaths is much higher.

Many murders are ruled an accident, suicide, or family dispute, if they're reported at all, he says: "Police and government officials are often bribed to ignore crimes and hinder investigations. A woman beaten, burned, strangled, shot, or stabbed to death is often ruled a suicide, even when there are multiple wounds."

Because honor killings are accorded special status, murderers serve little or no jail time, the anthropologist notes. Some men convicted of premeditated murder serve as little as three months and are treated as celebrities by family and friends upon release.

Emery says in communities where the crime is prosecuted, teen-age brothers are encouraged to kill their sisters because the consequences will be less severe due to their age. Relatives of the victims, including mothers and sisters, often defend the killings and occasionally help set them up.

"The brutality of the attacks is shocking," he says, recalling the story of an 18-year-old Palestinian man who stabbed his teen-age sister 40 times because of a rumor she was involved in an extramarital affair.

"The family thanked God for her death," Emery says. "In an adjacent neighborhood, a 16-year-old boy killed his divorced mother, stabbing her repeatedly as he chased her into the street."

According to Emery, some Palestinian women who face a loss of honor and certain death have been offered a chance "to die with dignity" by strapping on explosives and killing Israelis.

Emery has done extensive research in Palestinian communities and has lived and traveled overseas for a number of years. He is an expert witness on Asian and Arab culture in civil and criminal cases and a lecturer on Middle Eastern terrorism.

He says the murder of females in the Middle East is an ancient tradition that began prior to the arrival of Islam in A.D. 622. Arabs sometimes buried infant daughters to avoid the possibility they would later bring shame to the family, Emery notes.

2. Matthias Kuentzel: Islamic Antisemitism And Its Nazi Roots Part One 1/3
( Extracts

[ Extracts]:

What kind of ideology pushed the 9/11 perpetrators into acting the way they did? Information from the first trial, of a core member of the Hamburg al Qaida cell which took place between October 2002 and February 2003 in Hamburg, Germany gives a crucial answer to this question.
The accused, Mounir el Motassadeq, had been a close friend of Mohammed Atta, the ringleader of the 9/11 perpetrators. He had held in trust the bank account of Marwan al-Shehhi who had steered the plane into the second Twin Tower. The testimony of many of the witnesses presented a breath-taking insight into the perpetrators' minds but the international media paid scant attention to their revealing testimony.
One witness, Shahid Nickels, a member of Mohammed Atta's core group between 1998 and 2000, said the following: "Atta's weltanschauung was based on a National Socialist way of thinking. He was convinced that 'the Jews' are determined to achieve world domination. He considered New York City to be the center of world Jewry which was, in his opinion, Enemy Number One."

Another witness, Ahmed Maglad, who frequently joined the group's meetings, testified: "For us, Israel didn't have any right to exist as a state. ... We believed that German and French policies were designed to suit Arab countries whereas the USA is considered to be the mother of Israel." Finally, Ralf Götsche who lived in the same student dormitory with the accused, recalled: "Motassadeq once said: 'What Hitler did to the Jews was not at all bad.' His [Motassadeq's] attitude was blatantly antisemitic".

3. Arutz Sheva News Tuesday
May 6, 2003 / Iyar 4, 5763
Israel celebrates its 55th Independence Day (Yom Ha'Atzma'ut) tonight and tomorrow, joined by many communities around the world. A partial list of Yom Ha'Atzma'ut celebrations in Israel and worldwide:

* Judea and Samaria: A "happening" in Beit El, featuring a march up Mt. Pisgat Yaakov to the recently-uncovered ancient Talmudic village caves, natural spring and pool, arts and crafts, activities for children, lectures, picnic. Call: (02) 997-1555
* March to Sa-Nur: See news item below
* Hesder yeshivah in Har Brachah: Dedication of a New Torah Scroll and cornerstone laying ceremony, activities for children, theater, Torah lectures, and more. Call: (02) 997-4045
* Gush Katif: March to Tel Katifa, beautiful 4-kilometer hike along the beach. Activities and picnics along the way, a performance at end of march. Call: (055) 684-132
* Jerusalem: see <>, click on "events"
* Rehovot: At Weisgal Water Park, a day of activities and shows for the whole family, including Hassidic music performances, pantomimes, water park rides, picnic area, and more.
* Forest Hills, New York - Queens Jewish Center - A community-wide program to celebrate Israeli Independence Day. The event includes special holiday services, yeshiva choir performance, guest speaker R. Steven Pruzansky of Teaneck, NJ, and refreshments.
* West Hempstead, New York - Tonight: Four synagogues will gather for the 6th consecutive year for an event featuring an Israeli dinner, music and singing, and a Mitzvah Market.
* Brooklyn: Temple Beth Emeth, this coming Friday night - prayer Service in which the names of all the wounded are read, as part of the ongoing Project Israel to support our sisters and brothers in Israel.
* Los Angeles - May 11 - Yigal Bashan and other first-rate entertainers, national and local dignitaries, children's rides, youth activities, arts & crafts, Israeli Pavilion, Artist's Pavilion, Main Stage, Children's Stage, Heritage Stage, Teen City, sky divers, hundreds of booths, variety of kosher food, and more. See: <>.

The Israeli Air Force will open certain facilities to the general public tomorrow, including Ramat-David, Tel Nof, the Haifa Technical College, and the Israel Air Force Museum in Hatzerim near Be'er Sheva. Planes from the past and present will be displayed, as will weaponry and search-and-rescue Air Force equipment. The IAF will also conduct a symbolic aerial flight by the IAF's aerobatics team. The planes will fly over a number of sites, among them Jerusalem and Sderot.

For more, see <>

Gideon Lichterman, 27, of Achiyah, east of Shilo, was murdered by Palestinian terrorists last night on his way to give a ride home to a fellow resident. A member of the town's secretariat, he heard that a friend - Tamir Dar, 25, a reserve soldier - needed a ride back to the community, and he volunteered to make the short trip. Gideon took along his 6-year-old daughter Moriah, as his wife was not home at the time. Along the way, terrorists waiting behind one of the bends in the road opened fire and seriously wounded both Gideon and his daughter. The waiting soldier heard the shooting from where he was standing, ran to help, and was seriously wounded himself. Several minutes later, a passing driver, Yagur Rechelim, evacuated the soldier to a nearby army position, and called a friend from the area who found and brought Moriah to the same spot. Troops then went back to the scene of the attack to search for the driver, Gideon; he was found some 50 meters away from the car, where he bled to death after he went either to try to get help or to return fire against the murderers. The search for the terrorists continued this morning, after tracks of their getaway car were noticed at the scene.

The two wounded victims - 6-year-old Moriah Sara bat (daughter of) Leah Liat, and Tamir ben (son of) Tziporah - were flown by helicopter to a Jerusalem hospital, where they were operated on throughout the night. They are listed in serious but stable condition. Fatah - the PLO faction founded by Yasser Arafat and Abu Mazen - took responsibility for the attack.

Gideon studied in the Kfar HaRoeh Yeshiva High School south of Hadera, and then studied in Yeshivat Beit El for six years before he and his wife Leah - formerly a music editor for Arutz-7 - moved to Achiyah last year. They were one of 12 families in the community. "Gideon was a giver," said a neighbor last night. "He thought about everyone, and had a vision for the development of our community." Gideon's funeral will take place in Haifa this afternoon.

Dozens of new immigrants from Argentina are scheduled to arrive in Israel tomorrow, Independence Day, on an El Al flight via Rome. Some 6,000 olim have already arrived since the year 2002. A special ceremony will be held at Ben Gurion International Airport to welcome them, featuring a group of young Jews from Mexico who participated in the March of the Living in Poland.

The Tourism Ministry announces that a new communal settlement will soon be built in the Aravah area - roughly halfway between Eilat and the Dead Sea - based almost entirely on tourism. Communications and clean industry will also be featured in the new town, which will be built, at first, for 180 families. Work has already begun. Participating in the initiative are the Jewish Agency, the Housing Ministry, the Israeli Lands Authority, and the Central Aravah Regional Council. The new town, to be predicated on ecological principles and preserving the environment, will include guesthouses, desert-style trips, and nature workshops.

Israel has assessed that the latest wave of suicide bombings is being fueled by Al Qaeda and its supporters in Europe. Middle East Newsline reports in the name of Israeli military sources that Al Qaeda elements in Europe have recruited suicide bombers and obtained advanced explosives for the latest attacks against Israel. The sources said the explosives being used are smaller and more difficult to detect than those used by other Palestinian terrorists elsewhere in Yesha. "We are seeing, for the first time, specific recruitment abroad for attacks inside Israel," a senior military official said. "We don't know how widespread this is."

On Sunday, Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz reported a significant rise in Palestinian terror attacks since the formation of the government of PA Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen).

4. PM Blair sends Independence Day Congratulations
Date: Mon, 05 May 2003 08:40:06 -0400


5 MAY 2003
On Israel's 55th Independence Day




In a unique videotaped message transmitted through the Jewish Agency's
emissary to Leeds, Prime Minister Tony Blair congratulates Israel and the
Jewish Community of Great Britain on the occasion of Israel's 55th
Independence Day. He expresses his praise for "the remarkable way in which
so many people have been settled, the growth of the Economy and Democracy.
"He affirms that "Britain is a true friend" of Israel, expresses hopes for
"a comprehensive and genuine peace process," and recognizes that "people do
have to be confident and secure." This can be achieved only through "a
complete and total renunciation of violence."

Appended is the text of Prime Minister Blair's message
Message from the Prime Minister,

The Right Honourable Tony Blair, M.P.

It is my very great pleasure to give my hearty congratulations to Israel and
all of you on Israel's 55th Independence Day. All of you, who have friends
and family in Israel, must have an immense sense of pride in Jewish
Achievement and History. The extraordinary thing is not just the achievement
of its existence, but the remarkable way that so many people have been
settled, the growth of the Economy and Democracy. What has been achieved is
a testimony to the Jewish Spirit and of Israel. Britain is a good friend,
not a fair-weather friend, but a true friend. In this very difficult period
when Israelis have again been the victims of appalling terrorist attacks,
our support is necessary. I do hope there can be put into motion, a
comprehensive and genuine peace process, where Palestinians and Israelis can
live side by side, but I recognise people do have to be confident and
secure. The only way we are ever going to achieve this, is through a
complete and total renunciation of violence.

To everyone here in the Jewish Community, who contribute so much to our
country, and to the citizens of Israel and Israel itself, many
congratulations! Today is a great day. Today, you are in our prayers and

Thank you!
Jerusalem News-210
1. Divine Providence in Action
2. Matthias Kuentzel: Islamic Antisemitism And Its Nazi Roots Part Two 2/3
3. One Israeli dead in attack near Ofra - car hit by bullets

1. Divine Providence in Action
(a Brit-Am Jerusalem News Exclusive)
Within the last fortnight he following event occurred. It was briefly reported in the press
without details. Some of the information is security sensitive:

The grown-up daughter of a Founding Member of Brit-Am in Israel lives in a township in northern Samaria.
Together with her husband and their child they went to visit her mother near Jerusalem. As they were leaving the mother
suddenly insisted that they stay for dinner. They later returned to their home only to find a large crown of soldiers, policemen, and others of the kind congregated before their house. Two terrorists had attempted an attack and been killed.
Army trackers and experts reconstructured the series of events leading up to the attack.
The terrorists apparently had been well-trained and acted "professionally".
The terrorists had approached the gates of the township and waited until the guard was obliged to take a short break. They then penetrated the "settlement". They approached the house of our friend's daughter and when they saw that there was nobody there they went on to the next house whose inhabitants were also not at home at that time. They went on to the next house which did have people in it.
They opened fire at the occupants of the house and also at gas balloons outside the house in an attempt to explode them. Some of the balloons had gas in them and some were empty. The bullets hit those balloons that were empty. They did not hit the balloons that still had gas inside of them. The occupants of the house that was attacked happened to be four Rabbinical students that had received military training and had in their possession a high-powered machine gun that the army had entrusted them with. This is not a usual thing for the army to do but fortunately in this case an exception had been made. The advantage of a machine gun is that it is an area weapon. If you only fire in the general direction of the target you have a good chance of hitting it.
Since it was nighttime and the attackers could not be seen the machine gun was particularly useful. The attackers were killed.
By insisting on her daughter and family remaining to eat the mother may well have averted a tragedy.
We can thank God for miracles that take place but we should never be complacent.
Miracles are also warnings. We all have to better ourselves and improve our intentions and actions.
The "Palestinian" "terrorists" are wild beasts who will gladly kill men women and children when and if they get the chance.
They together with their society that protects and nurtures them must be transported elsewhere as soon as possible
as the Bible commands us to do.

2. Matthias Kuentzel: Islamic Antisemitism And Its Nazi Roots Part Two 2/3

[ Extracts]:
The Muslim Brotherhood is the organizational as well as the ideological core which successfully inspired all subsequent Islamist groups and tendencies.

In addition, the Moslem Brotherhood has been the organization which first created the concept of a belligerent jihad for our modern times and which turned the longing for death into an Islamic ideal

The Brotherhood, however, included Islamic roots of hatred against Jews as well. They used and disseminated a quotation from the Koran that Jews are to be considered 'the worst enemy of the believers.' In addition, they evoked old stories of the early history of Islam by pointing to the example set by Mohammed who, as legend has it, succeeded not only in expelling two Jewish tribes from Medina during the 7th century, but killed the entire male population of the third tribe and sold all the women and children into slavery. And they stressed (and still consider) Palestine as an Islamic territory (''Dar al-Islam") where Jews should never be allowed to govern a single village let alone an entire state.
Indeed, most decisively in contributing to and in shaping these first anti-Jewish rallies in Egypt's history was the status quo as well as the presence of one man in Palestine. The Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin el-Husseini, who later became infamous for his collaboration with Germany's Nazi government, had held the highest political and religious posts in Palestine since 1921. There was nobody who instigated the conflict between Muslims and Jews in Palestine more successfully than did this Mufti. As early as 1929, a Mufti-led pogrom killed 133 autochthonous Jews in Jerusalem and Hebron. Shortly thereafter, the Mufti declared the relentless fight against the Jews as the most important responsibility of all believers. Those who dared to resist his anti-Jewish orders were publicly denounced and publicly threatened in the mosques during Friday prayers.

The Mufti used this uprising to get rid of all those Palestinians who disagreed with him and who were willing to negotiate with Jews. The German scholar Abraham Ashkenasi writes: "The Mufti killed his opponents within the Palestinian camp with extreme cruelty. There was more murder and manslaughter within the Palestinian camp than against the Jews or against the British." It is noteworthy that the very first Islamist reign of terror was established in those territories of Palestine which the Mufti controlled during the revolt. Palestinians who did not abide by the Mufti's anti-Western dress code or who did not strictly obey the Sharia law, were immediately and ruthlessly killed.

Finally, the Mufti used this revolt to make the Palestine issue the focal point of the Arab world as a whole for the first time in Middle East history. In a letter to Adolf Hitler, the Mufti emphasized his unflagging and successful efforts to use the "the Palestine question'' in order ''to coalesce all Arab countries in a common hatred against the British and the Jews."

3. One Israeli dead in attack near Ofra - car hit by bullets
Dr. Aaron Lerner 11 May 2003

Israel Radio reported this morning that one Israeli died this morning as the
result of a Palestinian shooting attack around 6:30 near Ofra. Rescue
workers on the scene report finding bullet holes in the car. It remains
unclear if the driver, who died after losing control of the car and rolled
over into a ditch, had actually been hit by gunfire. The driver was
commuting from the Jerusalem area to work.

The attack, that took place within the West Bank, is in line with PA PM Abu
Mazen's "moderate" position that while there should be a timeout on attacks
within the Green Line, terrorists attacks may continue full force against

Israel Radio correspondent Guy Kotev reported this morning that the
Palestinians have stepped up shooting attacks on the roads in the West Bank
in recent weeks.

US Secretary of State Powell, who is visiting Israel, is not expected to
comment on the attack. The policy of the State Department has been to
comment only on the murder of particularly photogenic settlers (e.g. babies)
or dramatic attacks (e.g. large number of deaths, especially if include the
murder of children and pregnant women).

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