Jerusalem News-151
1. EU being sued for helping murderers?
2. European business against Israel
3. Five killed in Kibbutz Metzer
4. Peace Now (EU funded) gives opinion
5. EU Will Not Probe Misuse of Aid to PA
6. Arutz Sheva News Monday,

1. EU being sued for helping murderers?
The attorney for family of Stephen Blumberg has called upon members of the
European Parliament to implement a full and searching investigation into the
humanitarian assistance that the European Union (EU) has been providing to
the Palestinian Authority (PA). The Blumberg family was seriously wounded
in a drive-by shooting attack perpetrated by members of the Palestinian
police in August 2001. In May 2002, the Blumbergs sued the EU in the Tel
Aviv District Court for NIS 100 million alleging that the EU's money,
provided to the Palestinians for civilian purposes, had been diverted by
Arafat and financed the terror attack.
Tel-Aviv lawyer Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, who represents the Blumbergs, is
urging members of the Brussels based body to override EU Foreign Minister
Chris Patten's objections and carry out a careful audit of the almost $1.5
billion in financial aid which has been paid to the PA since 1994.
The terror attack left Blumberg's wife Techya dead and his fourteen year old
daughter and himself crippled for life. Mrs. Blumberg was five months
pregnant at the time of the shooting.
Israel has repeatedly warned Brussels that its financial assistance to the
Palestinians was being utilized to finance terror attacks against Israeli
targets. Foreign Minister Patten has continuously told Israel that he is
certain that Arafat can account for all the funds provided to the PA by
Europe. Patten has blocked efforts by other members of the European
Parliament to audit the PA. Now independent members of the Parliament have
begun to circulate a petition insisting upon an investigation.
Attorney Darshan-Leitner said

"European taxpayers must demand that their elected
officials overcome Patten's efforts to block an investigation of the
payments to the PA. Its time that the Europeans were shown that they are
the ones funding the suicide bombings and shootings that are devastating
Israel. The Blumbergs accuse the EU of killing their mother Techiya"

2. Euopean business against Israel
Subject: Europe opposes Israel's inclusion in JSF project

Europe opposes Israel's inclusion in Joint Strike Fighter project
According to Washington sources, European objections stem from both business
and political considerations.
Ran Dagoni, Washington Globes 10 Nov 02
European opposition is one of the obstacles to Israel's participation in the
project to develop the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), the future US figher
plane, which will also be used by NATO and Israel.
A senior Washington source told "Globes" that European Union countries, some
of whom will play a major role in financing the project, oppose Israel's
participation, for both business and political reasons.
The main reason is Europe fears that the technological capabilities of
Israeli companies are greater than those of its own.
"European opposition may also stem from political motives, based on
attitudes toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict," the source said.

3. Five killed in Kibbutz Metzer
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 08:16:47 -0500

Five killed in Kibbutz Metzer by Arafat's Al Aqsa Martyr Brigades [copy of
IDF Spokesperson 11 November 2002

Five people were killed last night (November 10, 2002) when two Palestinian
terrorists infiltrated an Israeli Kibbutz , north of Tulkarem.
The victims, two children, ages four and five, two women and a young man .
The first two victims, a man and a woman, were shot outside the main dining
room. The terrorists then entered a house and shot to death a woman as she
tried to protect her two sons by the gunfire.

Hours before, in the same area, Border Police stopped a suspicious looking
vehicle occupied by two Palestinians. When asked to stop, the vehicle blew
up, killing both passengers. Apparently both passengers were planning to
infiltrate Israel proper in order to carry out a terror attack on Israeli
citizens which is why it is suspected that members of the same cell carried
out the shooting in Kibbutz Metzer.

4. Peace Now (EU funded) gives opinion
Notice that their web site (advertised below) is concerned to provide material in Arabic, German,
French and Spanish
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 20:02:17 +0200
From: "Gush Shalom (Israeli Peace Bloc)" <>
Subject: [GushShalom] Afflicted kibbutz insists on Palestinian neighbors' fair

GUSH SHALOM - pob 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033 -
Tel-Aviv, 11/11/2002
Once again a tragic and painful day.
The attack in which five random civilians were killed, two of them children, terrible.
The Israaeli media emphasize as an additional dimension of horror the fact that it happened in
Kibbutz Metzer, a place known for its inhabitants' committment to peace.
Indeed, we use to see Metzer kibbutz members in peace demonstrations. Moreover, the
Kibbutz maintains in everyday life good relations with the neighboring Arab villages: a
particularly close partnership with the village of Meiser, near which the Kibbutz was founded in
the early 1950's; and since 1967 also with the West Bank village Kapan just across the Green

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5. EU Will Not Probe Misuse of Aid to PA
Is this another EU cover-up?Douglas Davis

Internet Jerusalem Post - November 10, 2002
European Foreign Affairs Commissioner Chris Patten has turned down a leading European legislator who wants an investigation into alleged illegal use of EU aid to the Palestinian Authority.
In response to a question by Charles Tanner, Conservative foreign affairs spokesman in the European Parliament, about charges that European aid to the Palestinians currently running at 10 million euros a month is being diverted to fund terrorist activity, Patten said he wants the issue investigated "like a hole in the head."
In a letter to The Sunday Telegraph, Tanner said that "if there is to be any chance of securing a lasting peace in the Middle East, we must settle beyond all reasonable doubt such serious allegations of fraudulent and violent misuse of EU taxpayers' money."
Otherwise, he said, "aggrieved Israelis will feel entitled to sue the EU."

6. Arutz Sheva News Monday,
Nov. 11, 2002 / Kislev 6, 5763

Kibbutz Metzer was established in the early 1950's by South American immigrants of the left-wing HaShomer HaTza'ir movement, and currently has some 500 members. Menashe Regional Council Head Ilan Sadeh said that over the years Metzer has had "extraordinary relations with the local Arabs, wonderful neighborly relations." Concerned that construction of a security separation fence would encroach upon neighboring Arab-cultivated land, the kibbutz recently offered to give up some of its own lands for the purpose - or, alternatively, suggested that no fence at all be built between Metzer and its Arab neighbors.
Arutz-7's Effie Meir spoke this morning with some members of Kibbutz Metzer about the murderous attack. One former Peace Now leader said that he realized about a year ago that, "with all due respect to our desire for peace, so far it's only been a one-way street? The Palestinians are not yet ready for peace." He said that he thinks the terrorists picked Kibbutz Metzer specifically because of its left-wing tilt. Two others did not agree, however. One said that the attack does not change his perception of his Arab neighbors, as "it's only a very small percentage of Arabs who are terrorists? If it wasn't for the placement of the security fence [which encroached significantly on Arab olive groves], we could have continued living in peace." In answer to a question, another man said, "Yes, we will continue to make peace - I hope so. After all, I like peace."

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon attended the annual memorial ceremony for former Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, who died 29 years ago, in Sdeh Boker in the Negev today. Sharon said,
"49 years ago, I had the privilege of meeting, for the first time, then-Prime Minister and Defense Minister David Ben-Gurion... It was just after a shocking murder of a mother and two children in Yahud. When I heard over the night about what happened at Metzer, it reminded me of my first meeting with David Ben-Gurion..."

Ynet reported this afternoon that the Al-Aksa Brigades, the terrorist arm of Fatah that took credit for last night's Kibbutz Metzer murders, entered a state of confusion after learning that the kibbutz it attacked was in fact not in Samaria, but rather in pre-1967 Israel. Though at least one Al-Aksa Brigades source was quoted as saying that there is no difference between the two locations, others said that the attack was a "mistake," in light of the group's intention to perpetrate terrorist murders only in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.
The "mistake" is considered particularly awkward for Fatah in light of meetings it is presently conducting in Cairo in which it is trying to persuade Hamas to restrict its terrorism to Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. Yasser Arafat was even reported to have ordered an investigation into the incident, which he said will be "thorough."

Jerusalem News-152
1. Bedouin trackers
2. Arutz-7 News: Tuesday
***QUOTE OF THE DAY: Ariel Sharon

1. Bedouin trackers
Subject: Bedouin trackers
Bedouin trackers "The First In The Force, Lead The Battalion And Save
IDF Spokesperson 12 November 2002
Since 1948, they volunteer to serve Israel; exposing dozens of explosives
and leading the forces in the many prevention activities, exclusively and
with their home-acquired attributes.

The Bedouin, whom practically have trackers as a last name, used to serve in
this capacity solely, until the 90's. Today, the reality has changed.
According to the Southern Command's Tracking Unit's Commander, the Jewel in
the Crown Dessert Patrol Battalion was established to offer the Bedouin a
larger IDF- not only as trackers, but also as full-fledged combatants. But
nature speaks for itself, and the precise skills and the fine observation
abilities can be found with the Bedouin alone.
Super Abilities- Exclusive Of The IDF
According to the Southern Command's Tracking Unit's Commander, Colonel Pini
Ganon, there are certain characteristics necessary for the tracker's skilled
activities as the Battalions leaders, that not anyone is capable of. "The
tracker must be patient, tolerant and must posses strict self-discipline,
observation and keen sight." According to Ganon, these traits come naturally
for these people.
The tracker is in charge of the sector's "cleanliness". Colonel Ganon says
that one of the trackers main duties today, is to make sure there aren't any
explosives or landmines on major roads. "When the Battalion patrol opens a
road, the tracker is the first of the force, leading them with sharp
observing eyes. Dozens of explosives were discovered and many lives saved,
by these professional trackers, specially qualified and sharp-eyed." Ganon
adds that sometimes, an unfortunate event occurs, in explosive-saturated
grounds, such as on November 9, 2002 when Staff Sergeant Medin Grifat 23, a
Bedouin from of Beit Zarzir, was killed when an explosive device was
detonated near an IDF Force during routine activity in the Gaza Strip. An
IDF officer was injured moderately as a result of the explosion.

2. Arutz-7 News: Tuesday
Arutz Sheva News Service
Kislev 7, 5763
The Knesset passed the final readings of a bill yesterday granting increased benefits to Prisoners of Zion and their families. The law, sponsored by MK Yuri Stern (National Union-Yisrael Beiteinu), passed with no nay votes. It calls for benefits in areas such as municipal taxes, television fees, and medicines, as well as monthly stipends in accordance with their economic status. Under the category of Prisoners of Zion are those who were disabled to an extent of at least 10% as a result of imprisonment, detention or deportation due to their Zionistic activities, and the like.

An upbeat report was released today by the Jaffe Center of Strategic Studies. It declares that the balance of power in the Middle East still favors Israel. Israel's military advantage over its neighbors, manifest in its substantial technological know-how that allows it to most effectively utilize its weapons, is even greater than it was in the past. Even over the past two years, the report states, Israel's deterrence has not decreased, despite the restraint it showed when Lebanon diverted the Wazzani River. Israel's neighbors still perceive it to be as strong as before. The report also states that Iraq is weaker now than it was during the previous Persian Gulf War, and that the U.S. will require less strength to deal Iraq a more resounding defeat.

Prime Minister Sharon, who visited Kibbutz Metzer last night together with Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz, said, "The terrorism [that we face] does not distinguish between children, women, men, settlers, soldiers - it makes no differentiation. It discerns only one thing: Who is a Jew for it to kill."
Hebrew News Editor: Haggai Segal
English News Editor: Hillel Fendel

Jerusalem News-153
1.Opening of Archaeological Garden at Ramat Rachel, Jerusalem
2. Arutz-7 News: Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2002

1.Opening of Archaeological Garden at Ramat Rachel, Jerusalem
Opening of Archaeological Garden at Ramat Rachel, Jerusalem
Thursday, November 14, 2002, at 15:30, will mark the official opening of the
Archaeological Garden at Ramat Rachel, a joint project of the Ministry of
Tourism, Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, Keren Kayemet LeIsrael, and the Israel
Antiquities Authority. The ceremony will be inaugurated in the presence of
the Israel's President, Moshe Katzav.
The archaeological site at Ramat Rachel is one of the more significant
landmarks in the Jerusalem area. Its rich archaeological repertoire includes
an Iron Age royal palace and citadel built most probably by Jehoiachin King
of Judaea, finds from the Persian period, a columbarium and miqva'ot (ritual
baths) from the Second Temple period, a villa and bathhouse of the Roman
Tenth Legion, a Byzantine church and monastery, and remains from the early
Moslem period. Its special public and touristic importance of the site lies
in the fact that it is the only site in Jerusalem where one can visit a
public building complex dating from the First Temple period and-at a mere
distance of 300 m.-the remains from an array of other periods in Jerusalem's
rich history, from the ninth century BCE until the end of the twentieth
The major archaeological excavations at the site were conducted in the 1950s
by the late Prof. Yohanan Aharoni. The site has been abandoned for the last
35 years, and in 1996 the planning process for the preservation and
presentation of the site to the public was begun. Conceived and planned by
Jerusalem sculptor Ran Morin, the project presents a novel approach that
integrates archaeological excavations, conservation, and development works
with the installation of his sculptural elements, "Hypothetical Ruins,"
intended to illustrate to the visiting public the distinct character of the
site in antiquity. The planning of the archaeological garden sought to
create a delicate balance between the landscape and the site's historical
elements: pedestrian paths were paved, look-out posts from 1948 were
renovated, and an observation point and a promenade were constructed.

The site will be operated and maintained by Kibbutz Ramat Rachel. It will be open to the
public and free of charge. Plans are under way for the building of an
archive and museum at Ramat Rachel, at the old water tower at the site.
The Archaeological Garden, located on the hill overlooking the cities of
Jerusalem and Bethlehem, was built in careful consideration of the
environment and with an eye toward preserving the rich and complex
historical memory hidden in its ancient soil.

2. Arutz-7 News: Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2002
Kislev 8, 5763
73,000 tourists entered the country during the month of September - 7% less than September 2001, but a continuation of the upward trend of the past few months. The number of entering tourists has climbed an average of 2.6% in each of the past few months, for an average increase of 5% in the second third of this year compared to the first third.

With Israeli soccer team Beitar Yerushalayim facing a crucial match earlier this month against the national champions, Maccabi Haifa, team sponsor Eddie Mor tried an unusual maneuver to motivate his players. He set up a partnership between the team and Aleh, a center serving children with disabilities, and kicked it off with a donation of $10,000 to the center. The players responded with some of their most inspired play of the year, thrashing the champions in a 4-0 victory.
The win, Mor said, demonstrates the power of philanthropy. "It gave the players that extra edge they needed to raise their level of performance," said Mor, who also convinced the team's management to set up regular visits to the center by the team's players. "It's one of the secrets of team sports: players play better when they look beyond themselves and focus on the team."
Aleh was founded in 1982 to aid children in Israel with severe disabilities. Today it provides specialized, around-the-clock medical care and therapy to over 400 children and young adults in its care centers in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak and Gedera. Aleh's primary goal is to help all of its children attain a higher level of independence.

See Jacob Richman's "Buying Blue and White" website at "" for a list of Israeli products available for export.

3. Anti-Semitism in the guise of intellectualism

and the
Middle East Information Center

Ha'aretz, October 7, 2002
Anti-Semitism in the guise of intellectualism

By Avi Becker, Secretary General of the World Jewish Congress.

Intellectuals and civil rights activists try to explain that the attacks on Jews and terror against Israel are, in fact, Israel's fault. Their analysis combines delegitimization of the state of Israel with traditional anti-Semitic motifs and stereotypes. According to any objective criteria, this is a new wave of anti-Semitism, unprecedented since the end of World War II, and so far it is difficult to find any sense of responsibility for it among statesmen and intellectuals.

The aggregate effect of violence against Jews, expressions of hatred - including cries of "Death to the Jews" on the streets and campuses of Europe and elsewhere in the world - alongside thundering silence or convoluted explanations that blame Israel for the events, characterize what is now being called "the new anti-Semitism."

In Paris, a few months ago, Jewish intellectual Alain Finkielkraut claimed that overt French anti-Semitism is now found in the extreme left and not in the extreme right wing represented by le Pen and his supporters on the right. Recent election campaigns in France, Germany and Denmark included anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic rhetoric to appeal to the dark racism of the masses.

Respectable media like the Guardian, the BBC and Le Monde quote intellectuals who challenge the right of Israel to exist. The European press, like civil rights groups and the UN's refugee agency, UNWRA, have yet to apologize or re-examine the blood libel they disseminated about the IDF's operation in Jenin, which resulted in an outbreak of anti-Semitic incidents.

This is the atmosphere now nurturing the public debate in Europe.

The unholy alliance between European leftists whose ranks include academics and intellectuals, and fundamentalists and Islamic terror, endangers Israel and the Jews, and threatens the moral strength of Western culture.

*Jerusalem News-154

1. JDL Leader Irv Rubin Dies
2. Voice Of Judea
Canadian rabbinical student murdered
- Ex-KKK head to speak in Bahrain

1. JDL Leader Irv Rubin Dies

Los Angeles Times


11:48 AM PST, November 14, 2002
JDL Leader Irv Rubin Dies
Death follows what officials described as a suicide attempt on Nov. 4 as he was being taken to court.
From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Jewish Defense League leader Irv Rubin, who made a career out of confronting those he considers enemies of Israel and the Jewish people, died in a hospital after attempting to commit suicide in jail last week, authorities said. He was 57.

Rubin had been in a medically induced coma since Nov. 4 but died at about 11:45 p.m. Wednesday, said Adelaida De La Cerda, a spokeswoman at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center. No other details were immediately available.

Federal officials said Rubin slashed his neck with a prison-issued razor blade on Nov. 4 and tumbled 18 feet over a railing at the federal Metropolitan Detention Center.

The apparent suicide attempt occurred just hours before Rubin was to make a court appearance on charges he allegedly plotted to bomb a Southern California mosque and the office of Rep. Darrell E. Issa, R-Calif., who is the grandson of Lebanese immigrants. Fellow JDL member Earl Krugel was also arrested in connection with the alleged scheme.

His wife, Shelley Rubin, has called for a further investigation in the suicide attempt, believing Rubin would not try and kill himself.

But authorities said interviews with witnesses-- including officers and inmates-- left no doubt about the cause of Rubin's injuries.

Rubin and Krugel were arrested Dec. 11 after an FBI informant delivered an explosive powder that authorities believed was the last component in making pipe bombs for the alleged targets-- the King Fahd mosque in suburban Culver City and Issa's office. The charges carry up to 40 years in prison if Krugel is convicted.

The militant chairman of the Jewish Defense League spent a lifetime waging a belligerent crusade against those he perceived as anti-Semitic. His tactics and means led him to be denounced as a hatemonger himself.

Rubin once offered a $500 reward to anyone who killed a member of the American Nazi Party. He proudly brawled with Ku Klux Klansmen on television, and publicly celebrated the murder of a prominent Arab American.

Over the years, Rubin, 56, was arrested more than 40 times, by his own account, most recently for allegedly conspiring to bomb a Culver City mosque and the office of an Arab American congressman from San Diego County.

His extreme views are reflected in the JDL's slogans: "For every Jew a .22" and "Keep Jews alive with a .45."

But this volatile man fought a solitary cause since he took the helm of the JDL in 1985.

Mainstream Jewish leaders roundly denounced Rubin as a fanatic, a thug and a hooligan.

The JDL, whose membership has dwindled to the point where may it now number only a few dozen, has been branded a hate group by organizations within and outside the Jewish community.

Rubin had long maintained that he fought for a righteous cause, even if his methods were unconventional and frowned upon by others.

When Rubin succeeded JDL founder Rabbi Meir Kahane, who was later gunned down in New York, he said that he would press forward with the organization's original mandate "to eliminate any threat to Jewish people" with a forceful, two-pronged attack on anti-Semitism.

"Priority 1 will be to teach every Jew or sympathetic Gentile self-defense," Rubin said in 1985. "Priority No. 2 is that wherever the neo-Nazis rear their heads, we will be there to confront them, eyeball to eyeball. The day of the submissive Jew must be eliminated."

To his few supporters, Rubin was a courageous if unpolished figure who cared deeply about the security of Jews in the United States and Israel. They point out that Rubin flew to Israel immediately after the start of the 1973 Yom Kippur War and served in the civilian defense corps. He also ran an unsuccessful campaign for state Assembly in 1982.

On Monday, Rubin's wife of 21 years, Shelley, struggled over news that her husband had been described as brain dead.

"He was a fighter," she said. "He wouldn't give up. And he was a good father and good husband. So he wouldn't do what they said he did."

The roots of Rubin's crusade trace back to his childhood in Montreal, Canada. It was there that Rubin first experienced anti-Semitism, according to a biography on the JDL Web site.

The biography says that hotel owners and other businesspeople hung signs reading "No Dogs or Jews Allowed" on their doors and schoolchildren taunted him because he was Jewish.

Rubin's family settled in Los Angeles when he was 15. Rubin attended Granada Hills High School, where he served as president of the Republican Club before graduating in the early 1960s.

He eventually became a U.S. citizen and enlisted in the Air Force, serving four years and earning the rank of sergeant.

Meir Kahane Lecture

Then, in 1971, Rubin heard Kahane speak at Cal State Northridge. The young man was enthralled with Kahane's message of Jewish resistance and the JDL motto: "Never Again," a reference to the Holocaust.

Rubin hooked up with Kahane and within months was appointed the JDL's West Coast coordinator. In succeeding Kahane as national chairman, Rubin proved himself an enthusiastic leader who was able to consistently draw media attention with his outrageous comments, televised brawls and repeated run-ins with law enforcement.

Even before he assumed the mantle, Rubin showed a penchant for militancy.

He was charged with attempted murder in 1972 after shots were fired into the home of a local neo-Nazi with whom he fought before a television interview. Charges were later dismissed for lack of evidence. Six years later, he was charged with solicitation of murder after offering $500 during a news conference to anyone who killed or injured a member of the American Nazi Party. He was later acquitted.

After the 1999 shooting by a white supremacist at the Jewish Community Center in Granada Hills, thousands came together to speak out against violence. Rubin showed up, too, interrupting Gov. Gray Davis' speech with shouts against gun control and in favor of armed self-defense.

Membership Dwindled

Copyright 2002 Los Angeles Times

2. Voice Of Judea

From: Owner - Voice Of Judea <>
Rabbinical student's killer sentenced
A man who killed a Canadian rabbinical student because he looked Jewish
was sentenced Wednesday in Pittsburgh to 10 to 20 years in prison. Steven
Tielsch received the maximum sentence for third-degree murder under
guidelines in effect in April 1986, when Neal Rosenblum was shot five
times after leaving a synagogue, The Associated Press reported.
Prosecutors had sought a first-degree murder conviction at Tielsch's
fourth trial for the slaying. Three earlier juries were unable to reach a
unanimous verdict.

- Ex-KKK head to speak in Bahrain
Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke plans to speak in Bahrain, where he
will repeat his belief that Israel was behind the Sept. 11 attacks.
Muhammad Zuhair, Duke's host, was quoted by the Gulf Daily News as
saying, "We are aware of his background We focused on the Zionist issue.
Not many people are prepared to speak out against Zionism."
Voice of Judea Commentary:
Add together the White haters like Duke and the Black haters like
Farrakhan and Sharpton and mix them together with the Islamic haters of
Jews and you have a very ugly situation for Jews in the Exile. Jew hatred
is not a logical science. When it comes to the Jews, the racist white
folks can unite with the same Black leaders that call all the whites
"devils", in order to kill the Jew. The extreme right and the extreme left
put down their differences against the common Jewish enemy.
Jews need to stop seeking logic in anti-Semitism.

This is reminiscent of the story told of a Jew who was surrounded and
arrested by German police officers after World War I and before the rise
of Hitler to power. The Germans asked the Jew: Jew, who brought this ugly
war upon us? The Jew responded, "Why, everybody knows, the Jews and the
bicyclists". To this, the German policemen asked, "why the bicyclists"?
And the Jew responded, "why the Jew?"
More Jews died fighting for Germany in World War I than in all of the wars
of Israel since 1948, yet the Jew is persecuted and the Jew is reminded to
ask himself the question, "Why the Jew?" And it remains as logical as it
would be to blame the bicyclist, indeed.

Jerusalem News-155
1. Casualties in Hebron
2. Another Perspective
3. Oslo Dead?
4. Iran aided Islamic Jihad attack

1. Casualties in Hebron
Hebron Press office on Hebron Massacre
The Hebron Press Office Saturday November 16,
Last night at 7:00 Arab terrorists attacked soldiers and security forces
between Hebron and Kiryat Arba. Twelve people were killed, including the
commander of the Hebron brigade, Colonel Dror Weinberg and the director of
security in Kiryat Arba.
See pictures:
According to security sources, the terror attack began shortly after evening
prayers ended at Ma'arat HaMachpela - the Tomb of the Patriarchs, in Hebron.
Worshipers from Kiryat Arba had just finished the 10 minute walk up a steep
hill leading from Hebron, when a terrorist opened fire, not hitting anyone.
According to one report, he was dressed as a Jew and had planned on trying
to enter Kiryat Arba with them. He was identified by Israeli security
forces, shot, and killed.
At that point, three other terrorists began shooting from inside a house on
a side road. A border police jeep was attacked and its occupants killed.
Shortly afterward, the commander of the Hebron Brigade, thirty eight year
old Colonel Dror Weinberg arrived at the scene. While charging the
terrorists he was also shot and killed. Other security forces arriving at
the area were also killed trying to reach the terrorists.
An emergency team of civilians arrived from Kiryat Arba and attempted to
reach the wounded and killed soldiers. They were also shot, some killed, and
other critically wounded.
A total of 12 people were killed, including three civilians from Kiryat
Arba, border police, and soldiers. At least sixteen people were wounded.
Four of those injured are reported to be in critical to very critical
Two of the terrorists were killed at about 11:30 when the commander of the
Nahal division in Hebron led a force into the house where they were hiding.
A third terrorist tried to escape, but was killed during hand-to-hand combat
by the commander of the border police in Hebron.

2. Another Perpsective
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 07:31:41 +0300
From: mma <>
Subject: Fw: please read... email from Israel

------- Forwarded message follows -------

Subject: From Israel
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 16:51:51 -0500
I hope that this email reaches many, and encourages us all...
This email is from an Israeli woman.
I am not the least afraid to go any place,
By bus or to a mall.
I didn't change or stop doing anything
I used to do before this mess began!
People tend to forget that twice the casualties
From terror get killed on the roads!
More people still die
From heart attack, cancer,
And other things,
They just don't show that on TV.
Don't misunderstand me,
It's not pleasant,
But, lets face it:
It's only TV and the media
That make people think
That the end of the world is near.
Only 60 years ago,
They were leading Jews to their death
Like sheep to slaughter!
No Country, No Army. 55 years ago!!
Seven Arab countries declared war
On the small Jewish State,
Only a few hours old!!
We were then 650,000 Jews!
Against the rest of the Arab world!
No IDF [Israel Defense Force].
No mighty Air Force,
Just tough people
With nowhere to go.
Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt,
Libya, Saudi Arabia, attacked all at once.
The country the U.N. "gave us"
Was 65 % desert.
The country started from scratch!
35 years ago!! We fought
The three strongest armies in the Middle East,
And wiped them out in six days.
We fought against
Different coalitions of Arab countries,
With modern armies,
And masses of Soviet Russian weapons,
And we still won!!!
We have today
A country,
An army,
A strong Air Force,
A Hi-tech economy, exporting millions.
Intel - Microsoft - IBM develop their stuff here.
Our doctors win world prizes
For medical developments.
We made the desert flourish,
Selling oranges and vegetables to the world.
Israel has sent its own satellite into Space!!
Three satellites all together!!.
We sit proudly,
With the U.S., with 250 million people,
With Russia, with 200 million people,
With China, with 1.1 billion people,
With the Europeans -- France, England, Germany,
with 350 million people,
The only countries in the world
To shoot something into space!!
Israel is today
In the world nuclear power family
With the U.S., Russia, China, India, France, and England. [We don't
admit it, but every one knows...]
To think that only 60 years ago,
We were led,
With no hope,
To our death!!
We crawled out of the burning ashes of Europe,
We won our wars here with less than nothing in our hands,
We built an "empire" out of nothing.
Who the hell is Mr. Arafat
To make me Scared
To make me be Terrified
You make me laugh!
Passover was celebrated;
Let's not forget what the story is all about.
We overcame Pharaoh,
We overcame the Greeks,
We overcame the Romans,
We overcame the Inquisition in Spain,
We overcame the Pogroms in Russia,
We overcame Hitler,
We overcame the Germans,
We overcame the Holocaust,
We overcame the armies of the seven Arab countries,
We overcame Sadism.
Take it easy, folks,
We will overcome
The present enemies too.
No matter
Which part of human history you try!
Think of it,
For us,
The Jewish people,
Our situation has never been better!!!
Let's Lift our Heads High,
Let's Remember:
Any nation or culture
That tried to mess around with us
Was destroyed -- while we kept going!!!
Anyone know where their empire disappeared to
The Greeks
Alexander of Macedonia
The Romans
Does anyone today speak Latin
The Third Reich
Anyone heard any news about it lately
And look at us,
The Nation from the Bible,
From Slavery in Egypt,
We are still here,
Speaking the same language!!
Right here, right now.
The Arabs don't know it yet,
But, they will learn that there is one God.
As long as we keep our identity,
We are eternal.
So, sorry for not worrying,
Not bitching,
Not crying,
Not being scared.
Things are O.K. here.
They surely can be better,
But still:
Don't fall for the media junk,
They won't tell you
That there are
Festivals going on,
That people keep on living,
That people are going out,
That people are seeing friends.
Yes, our morale is low,
So what
It's only because we weep for our dead
While they enjoy the spilled blood.
This is the same reason why,
We will win, after all.
You can forward this e-mail
If you choose.
To the whole Jewish community,
And to people throughout the world.
They are part of our strength.
It might help some of them
To keep their heads up high.
Tell them
That there is nothing to worry about.
Tell them to think BIG, and
To see the whole picture.
"See You Next Year in Jerusalem."

Dear Friends:
Send this letter to as many people as you can.
The Truth is the best means to counter misinformation.

------- End of forwarded message -------

3. Oslo Dead?

Haaretz News Flash
08:55 Netanyahu says Oslo accords effectively null and void, including 1997 Hebron agreement he signed
08:29 10 of 12 Israelis killed in Hebron attack to be laid to rest Sunday

15:28 MK Avigdor Lieberman: Israel should arrest or eliminate Yasser Arafat, just as was done with Marwan Barghouti

14:36 Gretta Duisenberg, wife of the European Central Bank chairman, to meet Yasser Arafat during January visit to territories

4. Iran aided Islamic Jihad attack
The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition
[Extracts Only]
Iran aided Islamic Jihad attack

The Islamic Jihad terrorists who carried out Friday night's deadly attack in Hebron received financial and material aid from Iran, according to Palestinian Authority security sources.

According to one official, Iran has been channeling millions of dollars in funds to Islamic groups in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, particularly Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Even if Hamas and the PA agree to suspend suicide attacks inside the Green Line, Islamic Jihad would never accept a compromise, he said.

"Iran's goal is to torpedo any attempt to reach a cease-fire," said the official. "The PA may be out, but Iraq and Iran are already in."

The attack took place while representatives of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein were busy in another part of the city, handing out large sums of money to families of Palestinians killed during the intifada.

Abbas Zaki, a top Fatah leader and Palestinian Legislative Council member from the Hebron area, said: "The aggression on Palestine and Iraq is the same. The link between Palestine and Iraq, which has been consolidated by the leader Saddam Hussein, is inseparable."

Rateb al-Amleh, the ALF representative in the Hebron area, told the families that Iraq under Saddam would never relinquish its national duty of supporting the steadfastness of the Palestinian people.

According to Palestinian sources, at least 50 families from the Hebron region have thus far benefited from Saddam's generous handouts. But Saddam is not the only player.

All that is left of the PA in Hebron is its symbols, visible on signs hanging outside official institutions. Hebron has always been a stronghold of Muslim fundamentalism and some of the most dangerous Hamas cells emanated from the city.

That is perhaps why Iran's ayatollahs have encountered no difficulty in establishing bases of power in Hebron, the sources said.

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Jerusalem News-156
1. Arutz-7 News: Sunday
ABBA EBAN passed away
2. Oslo War Casualties
3. Arutz-7 News: Monday
Irv Rubin did not commit suicide

1. Arutz-7 News: Sunday
November 17, 2002 / Kislev 12, 5763

Ten of the 12 soldiers and civilians who were killed in the fierce battle with terrorists-in-ambush in Hevron on Friday night were buried today. Among them was Col. Dror Weinberg, 38, Hevron Brigade commander and the most senior officer killed since the start of the Oslo War. See below for a report on his funeral.

Eleven Israelis wounded in the attack remain hospitalized, including four in serious condition. Arutz-7's Effie Meir reports that the terrorists, who hid in three different places along the route known as "Worshipers' Way" between Hevron and Kiryat Arba, threw grenades and fired special A-3 bullets that cause extra damage; one civilian fighter who was shot in the leg had to have his leg amputated shortly afterwards. Residents of Gaza danced in the streets upon hearing the news of the battle.
* Story of Heroism *
"With the deaths of the Brigade Commander, Chief Operations Officer, and the head of the civil emergency team, the man who filled the void was Eliyahu Livman of Hevron," Meir reported. "He took charge of all the many forces there. When one terrorist was left who continued firing and no one knew exactly where he was, Livman volunteered himself. He got up and entered the field of fire precisely in order to draw the terrorist's fire. He instructed his comrades to identify the source of the fire and then shoot back. The terrorist in fact shot at Livman, miraculously not hitting him, and the other Israelis then fired back and killed the terrorist. When his friends later came to congratulate him for his self-sacrifice, he totally waved them off."

Abba Eban, former Foreign Minister of Israel and Israel's Ambassador to the UN and the United States, passed away today at the age of 87 after a long illness. Born in South Africa, Eban moved to London as a child, grew up in a Zionist home, and began his diplomatic career in 1947 when he was included in the Jewish Agency's delegation to the United Nations in 1947. He served as a Knesset Member from the 4th to 11th Knessets, and played a major role in Israel's foreign relations and public relations efforts.

Modern-day Jew haters chanting "Judenraus" (Jews out!), "Jews have no God," and "Jews are to blame for everything" disrupted a ceremony earlier this month to rename a Berlin street "Judenstrasse" (Street of the Jews). Other recent anti-Semitic incidents in Germany include the drawing of a swastika on a guest book at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp; swastikas and arson at a memorial to Jews in a town north of Berlin; and the publication of poll-findings that most Germans believe Jews are exploiting the Holocaust to further their interests.
Paul Spiegel, head of Berlin's Central Council of Jews, told Reuters that the city's street renaming ceremony was "a painful reminder to us of the conditions in the late 1920s," just before Hitler took power, when the largely integrated German Jewish community began to be ostracized and persecuted.

2. Oslo War Casualties
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 06:10:01 -0500

4,758 injured, 668 killed, 15,298 attacks 29 September 2000 through 17
November 2002
IDF Spokesperson 18 October 2002
Injured: 3,374 Civilians + 1,384 Security Forces = 4,758 Total Israeli
Killed: 460 Civilians + 208 Security Forces = 668 Total Israeli Killed
Total Attacks*: 6,962 West Bank + 7,695 Gaza Strip + 641 Home Front =15,298
* Does not include attacks with rocks or firebombs.

3. Arutz-7 News: Monday
Nov. 18, 2002 / Kislev 13, 5763
A woman from Kokhav HaShachar was shot and killed late this afternoon when terrorists shot at her car near Rimonim, between Ofrah and Jericho. The victim, one of the founding members of Kokhav HaShachar, was originally rushed to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, and a large prayer service on her behalf was held in her hometown at the same time. Word of her death, received there shortly after 7 PM, placed the small community in shock. Three other passengers were also lightly hurt in the ambush attack.

A pro-Israel initiative by the Coalition Against Terrorism in the relentless war of international public relations appears at <>. A movie clip on the site entitled "Seeds of Hate" includes the following on its sound track: Young teacher: "We are teaching the children that suicide bombs is the only thing that makes the Israelian people very frightful. Furthermore we are teaching them that we have the right to do it. Moreover we are teaching them that the man who does it [suicide bombs] goes to the highest step of Paradise."
Narrator: "Palestinian psychologist Dr. [inaudible] Massalha conducted a study last year among Palestinian children aged 6-11. The most astonishing fact presented by Dr. Massalha was that more than 50% of children aged 6-11 dream of becoming suicide bombers who wear explosives belts. Dr. Massalha states that in about ten years, a very murderous generation will come of age, full of hatred and ready to die in suicide missions."
Narrator: "In a society in which the legitimization of child murderers becomes a part of its ideology, then normative human morality no longer exists. Which moral rules shall these children pass onto their children when they in turn become parents?"
[Child yelling, "I will eat the flesh of my conqueror," on the backdrop of Arab men yelling and holding up pieces of human meat.]
Narrator: "All of this has been orchestrated quite methodically by the Palestinian Authority... What kind of government calls upon its citizens to become uncompromising killers, while presenting itself to the world as a victim striving only for its peace? This untenable hypocrisy should not be tolerated by enlightened civilization - yet this is the reality happening here and now."

An off-duty policeman saved the life of a six-year-old boy trapped in a burning apartment in the Golan city of Katzrin today. The boy was alone - his mother was at work and his father was in the army - when the apartment suddenly caught fire. He phoned his grandmother and told her of the fire, and she then alerted her neighbor, David Levy, who was home on a day off from work. The two got into his car, and the woman, who does not speak Hebrew, directed him to the building via hand motions. The flames in the 4th-floor apartment could be seen from far, and Levy rushed up the stairs and entered the "ball of fire" - in the words of the local police commander. He found the boy lying on the floor, scooped him up and ran with him out of the inferno. Both the boy and his savior were lightly injured.

Irv Rubin did not commit suicide
Irv Rubin, chairman of the Jewish Defense League, was buried in Sylmar, California, yesterday, after he died in prison last week while awaiting trial for an alleged bomb plot. AP reports that he died from "injuries he sustained in prison" - a far cry from earlier reports by prison officials that he had tried to commit suicide. His family strenuously denied that he was suicidal, and demands that the incident be investigated...

The Kinneret Sea currently stands 214.37 meters below sea level, 46 centimeters higher than it was last year at this time, but still 1.37 meters below the original government-mandated red line...

4. Film Available Online
Note: I have not seen the film advertised below but it could be interesting:
From: (Website:
Film Available Online - Documentation of IDF Activity in the Palestinian
Preventative Security Service Headquarters in Gaza (November 17-18, 2002)
IDF Spokesperson 18 November 2002
As part of the IDF war on terrorism, IDF and Border Police forces operated
against the Preventative Security Services Headquarters in the Tel-al-Hawa
neighborhood in the south of Gaza city. During the operation, IDF soldiers
searched a number of buildings in the Preventative Security Services'
compound and found an explosive laboratory as well as a metal working shop
that was used to make various kinds of weapons. In addition the soldiers
found a Qassam rocket, large amounts of weapons and a quantity of
intelligence documents.
To download the movie, please choose the preferable method:
Mediocre quality, short downloading time - Recommended for users with a
standard internet connection
High quality, longer downloading time - Recommended for users with a fast
internet connection

Jerusalem News-157
1. Attempted plane hijacking
2. Germans Complain
3. Hebron: Gedudei Giborim
The Gedudei Giborim neighborhood
The Christian Coalition in Hebron

1. Attempted plane hijacking
The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition

Turkish security: El Al hijacker planned 9/11-like attack in TA
Matthew Gutman Nov. 19, 2002

The Israeli Arab overpowered while trying to hijack an El Al flight to Istanbul Sunday night intended to force the flight crew to turn the plane around and crash it into a building in Tel Aviv, Turkish security sources said Monday.

The Shin Bet confirmed Monday night that Tawfik Fukara, 23, of the Galilee village of Bouina Nejidat, was armed with a pocketknife and intended to hijack the Boeing 757 with 170 passengers.

Turkey has remanded Fukara until the end of proceedings against him. Israel has asked that he be extradited.

"It was certainly an intentional act of sabotage," El Al deputy chief executive Yitzhak Amitai told The Jerusalem Post. "But as for the motivation for this act, we do not yet know, that is for others to decide."

The findings of the investigation also show that Fukara's actions were not spontaneous. According to the Shin Bet, he told the security guards who overpowered him, "Today is the day I die,and I am doing it because my brother was killed."

No evidence to suggest he has a biological brother who died was found, security sources told Channel 1.
A statement issued by the Prime Minister's Office said Fukara's intentions were nationalistic.
Fukara told Turkish policemen he acted "to make heard the voice of the Palestinian people," Turkey's NTV reported.

Security officials at Ben-Gurion Airport said they were suspicious of Fukara but allowed him to board the plane after he underwent all the necessary checks.

The Airports Authority is continuing to investigate how he managed to smuggle the penknife - with a six-centimeter blade - through metal detectors and stringent personal searches.

Fukara, who was sitting near the business-class section, repeatedly approached one of the flight attendants to ask for water. As the plane began its final approach to Istanbul, he stood up and ran toward the cockpit, slamming into the flight attendant.

According to Amitai, Fukara was clearly "violent, heading straight for the cabin. He had also positioned himself in the front of coach section in order to have a better jumping off point toward the flight deck."

He was immediately tackled by El Al air marshals and handcuffed, Amitai said.

"What is important is that the incident ended within seconds, and that it ended in a manner that proved that El Al's security arrangements worked as they should," El Al general manager Amos Shapira said Monday.

Fukara's family expressed shock and puzzlement at the news. They said he had studied at Sapir College in the Negev and worked with the elderly in the Beduin town of Rahat. They believed he was going to Turkey for a vacation.

Initially, security officials were skeptical Fukara intended to hijack the plane. A preliminary investigation revealed that at no time in the attack and his subsequent arrest did he draw the knife. The weapon was found on him after he was handcuffed.

In Israel, a carrier's jurisdiction for the safety of its passengers begins and ends in the plane itself. The carrier is directly responsible for all goods loaded on the plane, for its passengers, and crew. The Airports Authority is responsible for investigating the passengers before boarding.
Amitai commended the quick thinking of the flight crew and security guards.

El Al is one of the few carriers in the world that has armed guards on all its flights, he said.
According to Amitai, El Al remains one of the world's safest airlines. The last time one of its planes was hijacked was in 1968.

Margot Dudkevich and news agencies contributed to this report.

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2. Germans Complain
The Telegraph
Tuesday 19 November 2002
Germans call Churchill a war criminal
By Kate Connolly in Berlin
(Filed: 19/11/2002)
[Extracts only:]
Winston Churchill was effectively a war criminal who sanctioned the extermination of Germany's civilian population through indiscriminate bombing of towns and cities, an article in the country's biggest-circulation newspaper claimed yesterday.

In an unprecedented attack on Allied conduct during the Second World War, the tabloid Bild has called for recognition to be given to the suffering inflicted on the German population during the strategic air campaign of 1940-45.

The newspaper's campaign, provoked by a new German history of the bomber offensive, breaks six decades of virtual silence on the subject, and is being seen as the latest manifestation of a belief among Germans that they too were victims of the war - albeit a war started by their country.

The newspaper is serialising Der Brand (The Fire: Germany Under Bombardment 1940-45) by the historian Jorg Friedrich, which claims to be the most authoritative account of the bombing campaign so far.

Mr Friedrich claims the British government set out at the start of the Second World War to destroy as many German cities and kill as many of their inhabitants as possible. Civilian deaths were not collateral damage, he says, but rather the object of the exercise. He argues that Churchill had favoured a strategy of attacking the civilian population centres from the air some 20 years before Hitler ordered such raids.

Der Brand is far removed from the dry style of most German histories, and is filled with emotive accounts of the horrors of bombing, but carries few references to the man who brought retribution on Germany, Adolf Hitler.

Friedrich argues that the Allied policy of seeking to break German morale through bombing proved mistaken, the attacks merely serving to weld together the German population.

The debate is certain to anger those in Britain who see the strategic air campaign as a necessary evil.

The British, led by Sir Arthur Harris, C-in-C Bomber Command, were the leading proponents of "night area bombing", involving the systematic destruction of German industrial capacity and housing. The policy resulted in the laying to waste of city after city, including Hamburg, Cologne and Dresden, and the deaths of some 635,000 Germans.

The policy was to some extent forced on the RAF by the failure of daylight operations against pinpoint targets early in the war. It also reflected the fact that, for much of the conflict, bombing was the only method by which Britain could attack Germany.

German raids on Britain in the Blitz of 1940-41 were seen to have freed the British from the obligation not to attack civilian centres.

The serialisation of the book will furnish the far-Right in Germany with arguments to back its revisionist claims. It is also likely to overshadow recent reconciliation attempts between Britain and Germany over the bombing of Dresden in February 1945 in which tens of thousands died.

Yesterday Antony Beevor, the British historian and author of the bestselling Berlin: The Downfall, 1945, criticised the German claim that Britain's war of attrition was unnecessarily brutal. "The trouble is this argument is removed from the context that they were the ones who invented terror bombing," he said, referring to German attacks on Coventry, Rotterdam and Warsaw.

"They literally obliterated whole cities and that certainly preceded what the British did," he said. "What we did was more terrifying and appalling, but it was a natural progression in this war.

"One can certainly debate the whole morality of bombing, but for Germans to say Churchill was a war criminal is pushing it a bit," he said.

3. Hebron: Gedudei Giborim
Hebrew: "Gedudei" =Units of "Giborim" (heroes).
From: Hebron <>
Subject: News from Hebron: The Gedudei Giborim neighborhood

The Gedudei Giborim neighborhood
The new neighborhood, soon to be developed between Kiryat Arba and Hebron, has been named Gedudei Giborim, which means "The Heros' Battalions." The letters of these two words, in Hebrew, are an acronym, commemorating the names of the twelve men killed on Friday night.
Families have started moving into the new neighborhood, living in tents and huge containers. One family from Kiryat Arba moved into a container with their two small children, and today welcomed visitors from around the country. Late this afternoon a bus of young women from Gush Katif arrived, first visiting and consoling families of the murdered Kiryat Arba emergency squad, and distributing toys to their children and children of those wounded. They then visited Gedudie Giborim and heard a lecture from Rabbi Uzi Sharbaf, Rabbi of the Avraham Avinu Synagogue in Hebron.
A special ceremony, marking the first week following the massacre, is scheduled for Saturday night, at the neighborhood. In the meantime, talks are continuing with major political leaders concerning the necessary permits to allow beginning of construction at the site.
The Christian Coalition in Hebron
This morning a delegation of the Christian Coalition leadership, including President Roberta Combs, visited Hebron.
The Christian Coalition, as described on its website, is "the home of the largest and most active conservative grassroots political organization in America." Led by President Combs, the organization delegation arrived in Israel for a "fact-finding mission" and to show continued support for Israel.
See pictures:
The group visited the site of Friday night's terror attack and visited with people living at the new Kiryat Arba-Hebron neighborhood across the street from the site of the attack. They also visited Ma'arat HaMachpela, the Tel Rumeida neighborhood, the Beit Hadassah museum and met with Hebron leaders, offering words of encouragement and support. The group also met a group of small children in the Hebron Day Care Center.

Jerusalem News-158
1.Bus attacked in Jerusalem
2.Arutz-7 News: Wednesday
5. Arutz-7 News: Thursday
6. JP: The Bombing
7. JP: troops move into Bethlehem

1.Bus attacked in Jerusalem
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 01:31:50 -0500
Subject: Voice of Palestine - Bus attacked in Jerusalem is in "colony"
Voice of Palestine - Bus attacked in Jerusalem is in "colony"
Aaron Lerner Date: 21 November 2002
Michael Widlanski is an expert in the Arab media and a lecturer at the
Rothberg School of the Hebrew University. IMRA interviewed Widlanski, in
English, on 21 November at 8:20 AM after a terrorist attack by a suicide
bomber against a bus in the Kiryat Menachem neighborhood in Jerusalem that
murdered at least 9 in the bus full of schoolchildren. Kiryat Menachem is a
neighborhood located within the green line.
IMRA: What is Voice of Palestine, the official radio station of the
Palestinian Authority, reporting about the terrorist attack?
Widlanski: VOP began its coverage of the bombing attack at about 7:30 this
morning. It referred several time to the colony ("musta' mara") of Kiryat
Menachem and to the whole event as an explosives operation ("amaliyya
tafjiriyya") without any word of condemnation.
Several times it made the point that it was in Western Jerusalem but in the
colony of Kiryat Menachem.

2.Arutz-7 News: Wednesday
Nov. 20, 2002 / Kislev 15, 5763

"Together we'll be victorious over the Likud" was the message of unity delivered by newly-elected Labor Party Chairman Amram Mitzna early this morning. Mitzna, who is currently the Mayor of Haifa, won a decisive victory in yesterday's primaries, bringing in a surprising 53.9% of the vote. Former Defense Minister and outgoing party leader Binyamin Ben-Eliezer was runner-up with 38.2%, and MK Chaim Ramon trailed badly with only 7.2%. Voter turnout was 59.5% of the 110,000 party members.
Unity was the theme of Mitzna's victory speech as he called on both Ben-Eliezer and Ramon to join him on stage. "We are all one, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand," Mitzna said, "not in separate camps, but in one large camp of Labor party representatives." Ben-Eliezer was slightly less gracious, promising to retain his sizeable camp of supporters even as he works to defeat the Likud in the upcoming elections. Mitzna has his work cut out for him, as polls predict that the Likud party will thrash Labor in the Knesset elections at the end of January.

The first buds of a new neighborhood between Hevron and Kiryat Arba have already sprouted, even as concerns arise that Prime Minister Sharon did not really mean it when he called for Jewish construction there earlier this week. At least one family has already moved into a large container along the road connecting the two cities, and the residents have named the fledgling neighborhood Gedudei Giborim, or "Battalions of Heros." Three Palestinian terrorists ambushed a unit of soldiers on Friday night along this road, mowing down four soldiers, five Border Guard policemen, and three civilian fighters.
The new Gedudei Giborim family - parents and two children - welcomed visitors from around the country, including a busload of young women from Gush Katif and a delegation of the Christian Coalition leadership, including President Roberta Combs. The groups also visited other sites in Kiryat Arba and Hevron, including the homes of families mourning their loved ones who fell in the battle, the Machpelah Cave, Beit Hadassah, and more.

New archaeological findings from the Bar Kokhba period, over 1,850 years ago, were discovered a few days ago in a cave in the Ein Gedi Nature Preserve just west of the Dead Sea. Two documents written on papyrus, coins, and even remnants of fruits were among the artifacts found in hard-to-reach caves atop mountain cliffs - the destination of choice for many Jewish refugees from the Romans at the time. The documents are now in the Israel Museum, where they must be carefully opened and then analyzed.
Dr. Tzvika Tzuk, Chief Archaeologist of the Nature and Parks Authority, said that the caves served as refuge for the fleeing Jews, "as indicated by what we found there, especially the coins on which we found the name Shimon, who was the leader of the rebellion at the time... We also found arrows, pieces of material, and more..." Regarding the papyruses, Dr. Tzuk said that it's impossible to know what they are until they are opened: "They could be business contracts, marriage documents, or something else; they could have names of places; it's a total riddle, and our curiosity is great." He said that it will be a few weeks before they can be opened.

Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 14:19:11 -0500

JERUSALEM [MENL] -- The United States has asked Israel to relay its
unconditional approval for a Palestinian state.
The request was disclosed as a Palestinian suicide bomber blew up a packed
Israeli passenger bus in Jerusalem. At least 11 people killed and more than
40 were injured in the attack. Many of the victims were children on their
way to school.
Israeli officials said the U.S. request was relayed as part of a revision of
the peace plan of the so-called Quartet. The Quartet, comprised of the
United States, European Union, Russia and United Nations, drafted a roadmap
for an Israeli-Palestinian settlement by 2006.
The new draft of the roadmap, completed on Nov. 14, calls for Israel's
unconditional endorsement of a Palestinian state with interim borders in
2003. This would be followed by a Palestinian state with permanent borders
in 2005.


1- Please continue calling and writing to Mayor Bloomberg to protest the Mohammedi appointment to the NY Human Rights Commision. There is no room for Muslim extremists and their affiliates (CAIR) in a free government. Contact info below.

2- This morning during rush hour in Jerusalem, A Palestinian Muslim GENOCIDE BOMBER massacred 12 Israelis, many of them children on their way to school. Body parts and lunch sandwiches were strewn everywhere. 7 others are in very serious condition - meaning lost limbs, and poisened screws, nails and other hardware lodged in their bodies. Followers of Allah praised the massacre of innocents just like they did 9/11, all according to their age old customs and rituals.

YET, President Bush keeps calling Islam a "religion of peace". When he met with Kofi Annan last week, he reiterated this ludicrous statement once again. Perhaps President Bush has not read the terrorist manual called the Koran, which states that the resurrection of Mohammed cannot occur until every Jew is massacred by the Muslims. Perhaps he has not read the part where Muslims must fill the hearts of all infidels (that means Bush too) with terror.

5. Arutz-7 News: Thursday
Nov. 21, 2002 / Kislev 16, 5763

Today's numbers: Eleven dead, including eight girls and women, and 49 wounded, including nine in serious condition. An Arab human-bomb murderer from Bethlehem blew himself up aboard a bus in the Kiryat Menachem neighborhood of southwestern Jerusalem. Egged bus #20 was headed north towards the center of town at about 7:15 AM when the bomber boarded the bus and detonated his device in the front section of the cabin on Mexico Ave. The bus was packed with commuters heading to work and children on their way to school.

The terrorist came from Bethlehem, which was recently transferred to PA control in the framework of ex-Defense Minister Ben-Eliezer's "Judea First" plan. IDF sources said that the transfer of Bethlehem to PA security control was that which enabled the attack to be prepared and the terrorist to enter Kiryat Menachem, only a few hilltops away.
IDF Col. (res.) Moshe Hager told Arutz-7 today that Israel's anti-terrorism fight was "weakened by our departure from the cities. If we don't stay in the places where we can run after terrorists, they run away from us. When we left Bethlehem and stayed in Hevron for a few weeks, the terrorists ran to Bethlehem... 70% of the weapons are still in their hands, and they can and must be collected."

In Dura, south of Hevron, IDF forces arrested a brother and an uncle of today's mass-murderer. The murderer's father praised his son today, saying, "Our religion says we are proud of him until the day of resurrection."

"Crisis or Challenge? A Guide to Bereavement, Stress, and Modern Day Terror" is the name of an on-line book by Eli Birnbaum, a resident of Tekoa and a veteran guide to new immigrants in many areas. Birnbaum decided that the book could best fulfill its goal of "helping people who need it" by simply being "out there for everyone" on the internet, free of charge. "This way, people can take whatever information they may need," he says. Birnbaum is also the Director of Internet Services at the Jewish Agency, which is hosting the book. "Crisis or Challenge?", the writing of which began after the cruel murders of 13-year-olds Yosef Ishran and Kobi Mandell near Tekoa, can be read at <>.

6. JP: The Bombing
The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition

11 dead, 50 wounded in Jerusalem suicide bombing (UPDATE)
The Jerusalem Post Internet Staff Nov. 21, 2002

A suicide bomber wearing an explosives belt packed with nuts and bolts blew himself up Thursday on a bus full of high school students on their way to classes in Jerusalem's Kiryat Menachem neighborhood, killing 11 people and wounding 50.

One of the dead was a 14-year-old girl, and many of the wounded were teenagers, media reports said.

The bomber got on bus No. 20 two or three stops before blowing himself up at 7:10 a.m. local time. The blast occurred just before the bus was set to make its last stop in Kiryat Menachem on Mexico Street, and head to the center of town.
Officials said the medium-sized explosives belt was packed with nuts and bolts to maximize the damage, and that it was detonated in the center of the bus. Media reports said police were hunting for a car that apparently dropped the bomber off in Kiryat Menachem, minutes before the attack.

Maor Kimche, 15, said he had just boarded the bus when the blast went off. "Suddenly, it was black and smoky. There were people on the floor.

Everything was bloody. There was glass everywhere and body parts," Kimche said.

The 10th grader who had been en route to school in downtown Jerusalem jumped out of a bus window and was scooped up by a tax driver who took him to nearby Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem's Ein Karem. Kimche was lightly injured in the left leg.

The boy's father, Doron, had driven close behind the bus and saw the blast but was unaware that his son was on board. He helped get the wounded off the bus before a friend told him his son was at the hospital.

The boy was one of the first to arrive at Hadassah Hospital, where doctors had no prior notification before ambulances, their sirens blaring, drove up with wounded, said spokeswoman Barbara Sofer.

Doctors here have become well-versed in treating bombing victims. The blasts cause such severe trauma injuries because, besides nails and metal packed into the explosives, a concussion or shock wave follows that can shatter ear drums, push air out of the lungs and crush the body's organs, Sofer said.

The youngster said the bus was crowded with high school students, soldiers and elderly passengers. He said he'd ride the bus again once he was well. "How else will I get to school?" he asked.
The blast blew out the bus windows. A torso that had fallen over the side of the bus was covered with a white-and-blue checkered blanket.

Sandwiches and schoolbooks lay scattered in the street.

As rescue workers removed the dead from the bus, the bodies were placed in black plastic bags that were numbered and laid out in a row along a sidewalk.

Eleven people were killed and at least 50 wounded, eight of them very seriously, officials said.

Mayor Ehud Olmert toured the scene and told reporters that Israel's soldiers and police were working already doing everything possible to thwart bombings.

"The state of Israel cannot and will not put a police officer on every corner or on every bus or near every traffic light," Olmert said.
This article can also be read at

7, JP: troops move into Bethlehem
Sharon orders wide scale response; troops move into Bethlehem
The Jerusalem Post Internet Staff Nov. 21, 2002

In a meeting with the heads of the security forces and Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ordered a wide scale operation in response to the deadly suicide bombing in Jerusalem on Thursday that had already begun Thursday night with IDF troops moving into the outskirts of Bethlehem, media reports said.

According to Israel's Channel One television Sharon told the army that all diplomatic restraints were lifted and all agreements with the Palestinians were off. In particular Sharon was referring to the "Gaza-Bethlehem First" plan that saw the IDF hand over security control in Bethlehem to the Palestinians in late August. The bomber came from el Khader on the outskirts of Bethlehem.

Thursday evening, the army ordered residents of about 30 homes in el-Khader, on the outskirts of Bethlehem, to leave their homes so the army could take up positions, residents said.

The army confirmed soldiers were operating in el-Khader, and an adviser to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Raanan Gissin, said the Israeli Cabinet had decided the army would carry out a "pinpoint operation" to retaliate, which would include entering Bethlehem.

The television quoted diplomatic sources in Jerusalem as saying that the decisions made in the security meeting also constituted Israel's response to the international "Road map" peace plan. "The Americans and the Europeans have to understand what is happening here before they present us with these plans," said one source.

Two militant Islamic groups claimed responsibility for the attack: Islamic Jihad and Hamas, but Gissin said Hamas would be the one targeted.

Channel One said that Sharon was continuing a series of consultations throughout the day. It was also reported that in the meeting with security chiefs those present discussed the role of both Iran and Iraq in funding and coordinating terror attacks.

This article can also be read at

Jerusalem News-159
1. Nazi-Arab Link vrs USA?
2. Arutz-7 News Brief: Friday
[Brit-Am comment.
[Brit-Am comment.
3. Arutz-7 News: Sunday

1. Nazi-Arab Link vrs USA?
Nazis tied to anthrax attacks - FBI sources see links between
Hezbollah, fugitive Germans
Fresh foreign leads in the FBI's anthrax investigation point to the
involvement of one or more German or Austrian biological or chemical
researchers with pro-Nazi leanings - part of a complicated South
American web linked to the Hezbollah and fugitive Nazi communities,
some of whom are also connected to Iraqi military intelligence, say
intelligence sources of DEBKA-Net-Weekly.
"One or more researchers are thought to have entered the United States
and found jobs with American industrial laboratories or research
institutes, setting up clandestine private biological warfare labs in
their spare time, the report says."

2. Arutz-7 News Brief: Friday
Nov. 22, 2002 / Kislev 17, 5763
The Labor Party agreed last night to save two spots on its Knesset list for Meimad between the 10th and 28th places. Meimad, a left-wing religious-Zionist party, ran together with Labor in the last election, but had been unsure of its way this time, and was thinking of running together with the Am Echad labor-oriented party. This option did not work out, however, and neither did an offer to join up with the National Religious Party. Meimad's #2 MK, Rabbi Yehuda Gilad, said that the Meimad institutions had not yet approved the move, and that if and when it does, he will quit the party. He feels that Labor leader Amram Mitzna's views are too left-wing for him.

[Brit-Am comment: Claims made that Meimad also receives EU funding?
EU already proven to be funding a "religious" group whose declared aim is to undermine belief in the Divine origins of
the Torah since Torah-believers are the most patriotic and the strongest opponents of EU aims in Israel.]

Hundreds of Bnei Menashe, who claim descent from a lost tribe of Israel, have registered to take part in classes at a Jewish outreach center opened recently in northeastern India. Launched by the Jerusalem-based Amishav organization, the center is located in the city of Aizawl, capital of the Indian state of Mizoram, and it offers a variety of daily classes in subjects such as Hebrew language, Jewish history, prayer, and Jewish laws.
Amishav Director Michael Freund says that some 350 people signed up in the center's first week of operation, and that the numbers are expected to grow. "The Bnei Menashe are hungry for Jewish knowledge, and our goal is to reach out to them and facilitate their return to the Jewish people," he said. Due to space limitations, however, the center was able to accept just 50 of the applicants for the first set of classes. Amishav plans to dispatch two Israeli teachers to India in the coming weeks to supplement the center's staff, enabling enrollment to increase significantly. "We want to ensure that everyone interested in learning more about Judaism and Jewish life has the opportunity to do so," he said.
In the past decade, Amishav has brought 700 Bnei Menashe members to Israel, all of whom have undergone formal conversion by the Chief Rabbinate.

[Brit-Am comment: The EU bankrolls anti-Israel and anti-Torah organizations within Israel whose aims
are also against the beliefs of Brit-Am followers.
Amishav also receives very generous funding from those who sympathize with it (especially in Europe?).

If Brit-Am sympathizers wish Brit-Am beliefs and principles to at least receive a fair hearing then
perhaps increasing their support for Brit-Am would be a step in the right direction?]

3. Arutz-7 News: Sunday
November 24, 2002 / Kislev 19, 5763
Four Israeli sailors were injured on Friday night when Islamic Jihad terrorists detonated a boat-bomb off the coast of Gaza. The vessel was apparently on its way to blow up either an Israeli boat or another target in the area when Israeli radar detected it around 10:30 PM. A Dabur patrol craft was dispatched, and its crew attempted to contact the two suspicious figures they saw on board. When no response was forthcoming, the Israeli ship fired warning shots - and the Arab boat then exploded. Four Israelis were hurt and transported to Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon, where they are listed in "moderate" and "mild" condition. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack, and even named the terrorists who were killed in the blast - 19 and 21-year-old residents of PA-controlled Gaza.

The soldier killed by a Palestinian sniper near Tel Katifa on Friday morning - Sgt.-Maj. Shai Garmay, 30, of Lod - was laid to rest in the military section of the Lod cemetery this afternoon. An unmarried immigrant from Ethiopia, he was shot in the neck while leading an IDF patrol charged with opening a route in western Gaza.
Among those arrested by the IDF over the weekend for involvement in Palestinian terrorism was the father of the Kiryat Menachem bus bombing suicide terrorist. The father, pleased to learn that his son had murdered 11 and wounded close to 50, expressed praise for his actions. IDF forces arrested four PA residents suspected of terrorist activities during the night in the Ramallah, Jenin, and Tul Karem areas.
Fourteen victims of the Jerusalem bus bombing attack remain in Hadassah Hospital - seven in serious condition and seven considered "moderate."

Newsweek reports that a Congressional investigation has revealed that for almost two years, a monthly sum of $3,500 has been transferred from a bank account of the Saudi Arabian Ambassador's wife in Washington to two foreign students who helped the Sept. 11 hijackers. Dr. Uzi Arad, ex-chief of the Investigative Division in the Mossad, told Arutz-7 today, "It's hard to believe that there was a direct conspiracy between Saudi leaders and the Sep. 11 plot, as this would be against their own interests. On the other hand, you can't say that there were no curious and dangerous connections between them. Much is still not known, and there are indications that Saudi groups and persons had much more involvement in the attacks and in extremist terrorism than was assumed."
Dr. Arad says that there are conflicting interests at play in Washington on this matter, "but I believe that sooner or later, the truth of this matter and the extent of Saudi involvement will be revealed; now is apparently not yet the time."

Thousands of people marched in a solidarity walk in Sydney, Australia today to show support for victims of terrorist attacks in Israel. Sydney's Jewish community hosted the solidarity walk, and NSW Jewish Board of Deputies president Daniel Hoenig said that up to 3,000 people had taken part in the "Walk as One for Israel" event. The Australian, billed as "Australia's National Daily Newspaper," reported that donations had been collected for the families of 660 Israeli victims of Palestinian terrorism since September 2000. The paper then noted that "around 1670 Palestinians have died in the same period" - but neglected to mention that the Israeli civilians were pre-meditatedly murdered, while the Arabs were killed in Israeli self-defense actions.

An article in a Nigerian newspaper implying that Islam founder Muhammad would have approved of the Miss World pageant sparked off at least three days of murderous violence. No fewer than 215 people are reported dead in the bloodshed, which appeared to taper off yesterday Moslems opened wild fire inside a Hindu church in India today, killing 13. This followed yesterday's bus explosion in India, for which Pakistani groups claimed responsibility, in which 12 people were killed... Moslem Chechen leader Shamil Basayev says that last month's operation in which Moslems took hundreds of hostages in a theater will be followed by new terrorist strikes if Russia does not pull out of Chechenya



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Jerusalem News-160
2. Nazi-Islam Anti-American Link in Italy
3. Arutz-7 News: Monday,

Studies in New Zealand and Australia show that teenagers who use hashish or marijuana
have a six-fold greater chance of becoming schizophrenic or pathologically depressed than those who do not.
The more of these drugs that are used the greater the chances of contracting mental sickness. Teenage girls
are especially susceptible.
Psychiatrists in Israel confirmed the results of these studies from their own observations.
Doctor Gil Zalstman deputy head of Gehah Hospital said that 50% of the youth hospitalized for
mental reasons arrived there after using drugs, usually hashish or marijuana.
Both drugs belong to the cannabis family. Use of these drugs can cause paranoia and other symptoms that usually pass away after a few hours. Some users however receive a psychotic shock and cannot distinguish between reality and their imagination, between their inner and outer worlds, They are liable to see visions, disturbances of hearing and seeing, suffer from aggressiveness
and suicidal inclinations. These effects can occur even after a one-time usage and the effects in some cases are irreversible.
"Maariv, 24.11.02, p.20.

2. Nazi-Islam Anti-American Link in Italy
From: "Root & Branch Association, Ltd." <>

An Intelligence Report Reveals Infiltrations of
Extreme Islamists and Neo-Nazis within the Social Forum
Several Days Before the Anti-Globalist Forum in Florence
New and Alarming Plans are Unveiled
A New Connection between Wahhabis, Nazis and Communists,
Based on their Shared Hatred for America
A Fundamentalist Summit Has Already Taken Place in The
Capital of Tuscany

LIBERO (daily Italian newspaper)
Vittorio Feltri, Editor-in-Chief
Monday, October 28, 2002 Cover Story
by Dimitri Buffa

Root & Branch []:

An Intelligence Report Reveals Infiltrations of
Extreme Islamists and Neo-Nazis within the Social Forum
Several Days Before the Anti-Globalist Forum in Florence
New and Alarming Plans are Unveiled
A New Connection between Wahhabis, Nazis and Communists,
Based on their Shared Hatred for America
A Fundamentalist Summit Has Already Taken Place in The
Capital of Tuscany

LIBERO (daily Italian newspaper)
Vittorio Feltri, Editor-in-Chief
Monday, October 28, 2002 Cover Story
by Dimitri Buffa

ROME: Right-wing extremists, radical leftists and [Saudi supported] Wahhabi fanatics are uniting on the basis of their shared hatred for capitalism and Western democracy. It is the 2002 version of the "union of extreme opposites". We could see these groups active in Florence in alliance with anti-globalist militants.
Some of these groups want to depose the Agnoletto-Casarini anti-globalist power holders and replace them with more extremist power holders. [Italian] Interior Minister Giuseppe Pisanu appears to be extremely worried about these developments due to the Capua Dossier [see News Digest item #5], a document prepared by Middle East terrorism experts in contact with the Institute for Counter Terrorism (I.C.T.) [] at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel. This group of Middle East terrorism experts are from Israel, Europe and other parts of the world.
The Capua Dossier [see News Digest item #5] claims that before November 9 leading representatives from the emerging alliance of extreme Nazis, Communists and radical Islamists [Saudi supported Wahhabis] met to plan initiatives which would enable them to transform the Florence convention [of the Social Forum -- the name given to periodic European conventions of the anti-globalist worldwide alliance] into a platform to exhibit the most savage anti-American and anti-Israeli feelings. Promoting Jew-hatred appears to be one of the main goals of the Nazi-Communist-[Saudi supported] Wahhabi alliance.

3. Arutz-7 News: Monday,
Nov. 25, 2002 / Kislev 20, 5763
It was revealed this morning that yet a new Palestinian method of murdering Jews was discovered and thwarted in time by IDF reserve forces last week. On Saturday night, Nov. 16, the troops apprehended two Hamas members at the Tapuach junction in the Shomron as the latter were driving in a taxi. As the car was about to pass the checkpoint, a guard discovered that one of the passengers appeared to be drugged. He and his colleagues signaled the car to stop, instructed the passengers to get out, and began checking papers. When they discovered that one of the Arabs was wanted, the search became more intensive, and they soon discovered a large quantity of explosives hidden inside two computers in the car. Sappers destroyed the bomb-laced machines in a controlled explosion. It is assumed that the bombers were headed for Jerusalem, and were using the computers merely as a hiding place for the explosives.
The same reserve force also thwarted two other attacks this month. The first occurred three weeks ago when soldiers at the same Tapuach junction found an 8-kilogram explosives belt hidden among boxes of merchandise. The force received a certificate of honor from the Yesha Division Commander for their actions. Last Thursday, soldiers from the same battalion caught two Hamas terrorists driving with two Kalachnikov rifles south of Shechem.
The IDF arrested this morning leading Hamas figure Firas Fidi, who was responsible for today's attempted computer-bomb attack. Another terrorist dispatcher - Muhammad Zayad Kilani, of Hamas - was also arrested today, for having organized a carbomb that exploded without casualties near Kibbutz Metzer earlier this month.
The IDF's Operation Chain Reaction in Bethlehem has so far led to the arrest of eight suicide bombers, including a woman. A total of 36 wanted Arabs have been arrested in PLO-controlled areas south of the capital since the army launched its anti-terror action last Thursday in response to the deadly Jerusalem bus-bombing that killed 11 people.
An IDF force - troops and armor - entered southern Khan Yunis in Gaza early this morning, where it demolished the home of a terrorist and arrested three terrorist suspects. Arabs fired a mortar shell at a southern Gush Katif community last night, and other enemy gunmen shot at soldiers in northern Gaza. There were no injuries.

An article in this week's Time Magazine on U.S. efforts to undermine Saddam Hussein claims that Israeli special forces have been operating in western Iraq on reconnaissance and training missions. Quoting US and Israeli officials, Time reports that Israeli units are looking for where Iraq may have hidden Scud missiles and launchers left intact after the 1991 Gulf War. A few dozen special-unit fighters, trained to stay in the field for weeks at a time, are searching Iraq's western desert area for concrete bunkers built to hold the Scuds.

The 25th anniversary of the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's visit to Israel, which led to the signing of a hotly-contested peace treaty with Egypt and Israel's total withdrawal from the Sinai, came and went last week - and the resulting peace treaty seems as lifeless as ever. Over the past several days, at least three Egyptian government newspapers have justified and praised last week's terrorist bus attack in Jerusalem in which 11 Jews were murdered.

A new book about the late-in-coming U.S. role in saving European Jewry has aroused the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to right a wrong and give credit where it is due. "A Race Against Death: Peter Bergson, America, and the Holocaust," by David S. Wyman and Rafael Medoff, shows that it was Bergson and his colleagues who goaded and shamed the Roosevelt administration into finally establishing the War Refugee Board - which helped save more than 200,000 lives during the final 18 months of World War II. Curiously, the Museum did not give Bergson the credit - until its directors saw an advance copy of the book and realized their mistake. At a New York City event last week marking the book's publication, the Museum announced its intention to correct their exhibit on the War Refugees Board.
Bergson's tenacious campaign to pressure the FDR administration to rescue Jews during the Holocaust included full-page newspaper ads, protest rallies, and lobbying in Congress. Born Hillel Kook to his father Rabbi Dov Kook - first Chief Rabbi of Afula and brother of the famed Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook - Bergson was an underground Etzel fighter in the 1930's and 40's, was active in assisting "illegal" immigrants, and later became a member of the first Knesset. He died in August 2001 at the end of 86.

4. Message to all those who threaten the State of Israel:
i.e. let not he that prepares himself for battle boast as he who takes off his armor after the battle is over.

Jerusalem News-161
1. Arutz-7 News: Tuesday
2. Cannabis smoking 'more harmful' than tobacco
3. Large world found beyond Pluto
4. Dennis Prager : Understand Nigeria

1.Arutz-7 News: Tuesday
Nov. 26, 2002 / Kislev 21, 5763

The famous right-wing campaign, "Why Did You Give Them Guns?" [where You = the Rabin/Peres governments, and Them = the Palestinian terrorists] may now have to be changed to "How Are They Getting Their Explosives?"
The number of victims of Palestinian terrorism during this 26-month Oslo War felled by bullets is approximately equal to the number of those murdered by explosives. The army announced recently that over the course of a few days this month, the Arabs of Judea, Samaria and Gaza had used or attempted to use close to 2,000 tons of explosives against Israeli targets. These included a double-explosive of no less than 160 kilos near Morag in Gush Katif, another 40-kilo charge near Kibbutz Re'im, and more. Many Israelis are asking if the Arab supply of explosives can ever be stopped and what is its source.
The hareidi-sector newspaper HaModia reported recently that a main source of Palestinian explosives is Gaza, where smuggling through underground tunnels from Egypt and old minefields from previous wars provide an ample supply of explosives. In Judea and Samaria, however, explosives are somewhat harder to get, and must be smuggled in from Gaza, manufactured by Arab chemists inside Yesha, and sometimes even purchased from criminals who steal the stuff from army bases.
The PA's very own Preventive Security Organization in Gaza has set up a factory for producing large quantities of nitric acid, the most important chemical in making explosives. This information appears on a secret PA document seized in an IDF raid last week. Most of the chemicals used to produce the homemade explosives are acquired from Israel, notes Ha'aretz, but of late the Palestinians have managed to produce explosives with near military-grade efficiency. Correspondent Ze'ev Schiff reports that the Oslo Accords strictly forbid the PA from acquiring or producing such explosives.
Israel banned the importation of nitric acid to the Palestinian territories about a year ago, but smuggling of the chemical from Israel continued with ease. The IDF says that despite its warnings, the government has not implemented measures to identify buyers of the chemicals and the purpose of the purchase.
Another approach to the problem was tried today. IDF forces operating in a village east of Shechem found explosives in a home - and blew up the building.

The Israeli company SpeechView, together with the Cellcom communications company, launched a new milestone technology today that allows the deaf and hard-of-hearing to communicate normally by phone. The technology, invented by Dr. Nachshon Margaliot, translates basic sounds of human speech - in any language - into facial gestures and visual signs that can be "lip-read" from a color screen. SpeechView, a company dedicated to meeting the needs of the deaf and hard-of-hearing, claims that its real-time voice recognition engine is significantly faster than any current speech-to-text recognition engine. For more information, see <>.

2. Cannabis smoking 'more harmful' than tobacco
Cannabis smoking 'more harmful' than tobacco
11 November 02
Emma Young
Smoking pure marijuana is at least as harmful to lungs as smoking
tobacco, a report from the British Lung Foundation concludes. And in
some key ways, it may be more dangerous.
For example, the BLF's review of previous research highlights that just
three marijuana joints a day causes the same damage to the lung's
airways as 20 cigarettes, mainly because of the way joints are smoked.
Individually, cannabis and tobacco produce the same constituents and
quantities of chemicals known to be toxic to respiratory tissue, other
than nicotine, the report says. But when cannabis and tobacco are smoked
together, the health effects are worse.
"These statistics will come as a surprise to many people, especially
those who choose to smoke cannabis rather than tobacco in the belief it
is safer for them," says Mark Britton, chairman of the BLF. A UK survey
conducted earlier in 2002 found that 79 per cent of children believed
cannabis to be 'safe'.
Deep breath
A key finding highlighted by the review of 90 published papers is that
the amount of smoke taken into the lungs is two thirds larger if
cannabis is being smoked. The smoke is also taken one third deeper into
the lungs - and that smoke is held an average of four times longer
before being exhaled.

Cannabis is the most widely consumed illegal drug in the UK. In 2000,
almost 45 per cent of 16 to 29 year olds in the UK said they had used
cannabis at some point.

3. Large world found beyond Pluto
By Dr David Whitehouse
BBC News Online science editor
A new planet-like object has been found circling the Sun more than
one and a half billion kilometres beyond Pluto.
We may discover Kuiper Belt objects bigger than Pluto
Frank Summers Quaoar, as it has been dubbed, is about 1,280
kilometres across (800 miles) and is the biggest find in the Solar
System since Pluto itself 72 years ago.
The object is about one-tenth the diameter of Earth and circles the
Sun every 288 years.
It is half Pluto's size, but apparently larger than the ninth planet's
moon, Charon.
"It's about the size of all the asteroids put together," Michael Brown
of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, US, told BBC
News Online. "So this thing is really quite big."
Name vote
Brown and colleague Chadwick Trujillo discovered the new world on
4 June.
They used a telescope at the Palomar Observatory in California
and followed-up their discovery with the Hubble Space Telescope.
Quaoar lies in the so-called Kuiper Belt
Astronomers named the new object Quaoar, after the creation myth
of the Tongva people who inhabited the Los Angeles area before the
arrival of the Spanish and other European settlers.
To the indigenous peoples, Quaoar was the great force of nature
that summoned all other things into being.
However, Quaoar is not an official name - at least not yet. In a
few months, the International Astronomical Union, astronomy's
governing body, will vote on it.
For the moment, the object carries the designation 2002 LM60.
Disc of debris
Images of Quaoar had been captured as long ago as 1982, but it was
not recognised as a new world. These past observations are being
used to pin down its orbit.
"It could easily have been detected 20 years ago, but it wasn't,"
said Brown.
A good idea of the size of the new world can be gained from the
fact that if all the 50,000 numbered asteroids were combined, the
resulting body would still be smaller than Quaoar.
Quaoar lies in the so-called Kuiper Belt, a swarm of objects made
of ice and rock that orbit the Sun beyond Neptune.

"This new discovery fits right in with our expectation that there
should be a handful of objects as large as Pluto," said astronomer
David Jewitt, of the University of Hawaii.
More out there
Jewitt, with then-colleague Jane Luu, discovered the first Kuiper
Belt object just a decade ago.
Researchers say that as larger Kuiper Belt objects turn up, the
case for regarding Pluto as a fully fledged planet weakens.
Pluto lies within the Kuiper Belt and is considered by many to be
merely among the largest of the bunch, and not a planet in its own
"It's pretty clear, if we discovered Pluto today, knowing what we
know about other objects in the Kuiper Belt, we wouldn't even
consider it a planet," said Brown.
Frank Summers, an astrophysicist at the Space Telescope
Science Institute in Baltimore, added: "An observation like this just
confirms that; that we may discover Kuiper Belt objects bigger than
However, there are a great many astronomers would oppose any
notion that Pluto be demoted.

4. Dennis Prager : Understand Nigeria
From: Eliezer <>
Understand Nigeria and you understand the Islamic threat
By: Dennis Prager - World Net Daily November 26, 2002

2002 Creators Syndicate, Inc.
This past week, Muslims in Nigeria rioted. The reason for the beatings, and killings of Christians and the torching of Christian churches; the West's reporting of these riots; and the official Muslim reactions to the riots explain almost everything you need to know about the threat non-Muslim civilization faces at this time.
To understand the threat the non-Muslim world faces, you need to understand the reason for the Muslim riot.
Muslims in Nigeria, a country that is about half Muslim, opposed the presence of the Miss World pageant in their country. They condemned the pageant's "nudity" and its "encouraging of promiscuity."
In an article on the Muslim opposition, on Saturday, Nov. 16, 2002, the popular Nigerian newspaper ThisDay (almost half of whose staff is Muslim), published a piece by one of its reporters, journalist Isioma Daniel. In the piece she wrote, "The Muslims thought it was immoral to bring 92 women to Nigeria and ask them to revel in vanity. What would Muhammad think? In all honesty, he would probably have chosen a wife from one of them. The irony is that Algeria, an Islamic country, is one of the countries participating in the contest."
To most of us, this paragraph is utterly innocuous, insulting of no one and no faith. To many Muslims, however, it was more than insulting. It was blasphemy.
Though the management and editor of ThisDay immediately and profusely apologized in print day after day, "Islamic fundamentalists gathered after prayers outside the national mosque in Abuja, then marched through the city chanting 'God is Great' and burning cars, churches and houses. They also burned down the offices of ThisDay, despite a groveling apology from the paper" (The Sunday Herald, Scotland). As reported in the Nigerian press (The Vanguard, Lagos) "Muslim youths chanting 'Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar' God is great, God is great, brandishing swords, cutlasses, knives, cudgels and other dangerous implements faced some churches, hotel (sic) and other known Christian places of businesses which they razed."
Christians counterattacked, and as of this writing, over 200 Nigerians are dead, some burned alive in gasoline-soaked tires.
To understand the threat the non-Muslim world faces, you need to understand the way in which Western news agencies report Islamic violence.
Blame is almost never placed on the Muslim rioters. Rather, the passive voice, "violence broke out," is regularly used, and Muslims and Christians are simply reported to be killing each other in "sectarian violence." The Voice of America news report actually identified with the Muslim rioters: "The riots were sparked after a newspaper published an article mocking the Islamic leaders' protest."
It is crucial to identify this each-side-is-at-fault reporting. It characterizes world news organizations' descriptions of Arab-Israeli violence as well. Just as in Nigeria, where the press blames "sectarian violence" rather than Muslim rioters, in the Arab-Israeli conflict, the press blames a "cycle of violence" rather than Muslim terrorists.
To understand the threat to the non-Muslim world, you must understand the official Muslim reaction to the Muslim rioters in Nigeria.
One would think that leaders of any great religion would condemn members of their faith who murdered innocent people, destroyed others' houses of worship and homes, and burned down a newspaper's offices.
Yet in all the statements made by Nigeria's leading Muslim officials in the Nigerian press, I could not find a word of condemnation of the Muslim murderers. The Muslim leaders called for calm after accepting the newspaper's abject apologies. But the leaders made it clear that they, not only the Muslim rioters, consider the original article a grave insult to Islam. In fact, they compared the woman who wrote it to Salman Rushdie, whose death sentence they reaffirmed.
So here's where we stand:
Nigerian Muslim rioters murder innocent Nigerians and burn down over 20 churches because of an innocuous sentence in a Nigerian newspaper.
The West and its press choose to regard the Nigerian violence as merely "sectarian violence," and hold Nigerian Christians equally culpable.
Muslims kill non-Muslims and the victims (i.e., the editors of the newspaper whose offices were razed) are told to apologize ? just as after 9-11, America has been repeatedly told to apologize to the Muslim world, and just as Israel, while enduring massacre after massacre at the hands of Muslim terrorists, is told to apologize for defending itself.
Nigerian Muslim leaders do not say a word against their murderous co-religionists, but they do declare one innocuous sentence by a young woman writer to be an "abomination."
The woman who wrote the sentence has been fired.
The editor of ThisDay has been arrested and not been heard from since. One fears for his life. And ours.

Jerusalem News-162
1. Ilana Mercer: To be or not to be blown up
2. Arutz-7 News: Wednesday

1. Ilana Mercer: To be or not to be blown up
From: Eliezer <>
To be or not to be blown up
By: Ilana Mercer World Net Daily November 27, 2002

An editorial in the Egyptian government paper Al-Akhbar celebrated the killing last week of "11 Israeli terrorists" and the wounding of dozens in "a martyrdom operation in occupied Jerusalem." The Egyptian government's mouthpiece credits "Palestinian martyrs" for the "brave ambush," and blames the "terrorist state of Israel." "It is the Jews who are behind every calamity," hissed the editor of another such mouthpiece, Al-Gumhuriyya. And this from a government Israel is officially at peace with.
Among the "Israeli terrorists" murdered were four children ? two 13-year-olds, an 8-year-old boy who died along with his grandmother, and a 16-year-old boy whose mother was also killed.
Reporting on what has become an unremarkable event in the lives of Israeli civilians ? Palestinian homicidal bombers have killed 309 Israelis over the last 26 months ? the Associated Press went through the motions: Bomber boards an early morning bus in a Jerusalem neighborhood. The blast shatters the humdrum of children on their way to school and the elderly off to market for early-morning shopping. The AP cursorily mentions dismembered body parts and limbs littering the pavements. The clean-up operation consists invariably in gathering and matching bits of anatomy ? a foot here, a hand there, a piece of hair ? to give the victims a Jewish burial.
In this instance, 47 people were also wounded ? at least nine are in critical condition. Although the networks rarely cover this aspect, the task facing Israeli medics has become a routine. Surgeons must slice open the victims of these fiendish devices, picking from the flesh and burrowing in the bone for embedded shards of shrapnel, ball bearings and nails. The rat poison is a diabolic touch, intended to intensify internal bleeding. If they survive, victims are left maimed and wracked with life-long disfigurement and pain.
Few commentators, Alan Keyes excepted, have had the heart and spine to express the existential meaning of painstakingly ? almost lovingly ? packing parcels of shrapnel, ball-bearings, nails and rat poison, to lodge in the bodies of Israeli civilians. Keyes, whose MSNBC program was axed shortly after a magnificent display of outrage, was man enough and moral enough to point out that this premeditated evil ? supported by a majority of Palestinians ? bespeaks the will to exterminate Israelis, and creates a deep and dark reality in the human heart.
Contrary to what the various pop-analysts claim, these bombs aren't a response to hopelessness. In the words of Howard Jacobson of the British Independent, "It is fanaticism of sympathy to grant the power of life and death to those who are dissatisfied, as though unhappiness were a sort of absolution that wiped out every other human obligation."
This fanaticism of misplaced sympathy is what those on the Far Left and on the Old Right consistently display. With a welcome exception. The paleoconservative Paul Gottfried is unable to figure out what one does with enemies who try to blow you up even when you offer to give them back what they had lost in war. Gottfried advises that "the most the Israelis may be able to achieve in the present unsatisfactory situation is making those who are blowing up their families pay a high price."

2. Arutz-7 News: Wednesday
Nov. 27, 2002 / Kislev 22, 5763

A Palestinian carbomb on its way to explode near an IDF office in northern Gaza was detonated earlier than planned this morning. The driver entered the joint Israeli-Palestinian installation from the Arab side, and was killed in the sudden explosion. No one else was hurt, but PA offices were set on fire as a result.

IDF forces captured a terrorist in Shechem today on his way to perpetrate a suicide attack against Jews. This was the seventh such save in the past two weeks. At least 30 wanted terrorists were arrested since last night in Judea and Samaria, including nine in Dehaishe, near Bethlehem. The IDF is engaged in the pursuit of a Bethlehem-area cell planning an attack in Jerusalem; one of its members has been arrested so far, but security forces in the capital remain on high alert.

Jerusalem News-163
1. Arutz-7 News: Thursday

1. Arutz-7 News: Thursday
Nov. 28, 2002 / Kislev 23, 5763

In Beit She'an this afternoon, two terrorists opened fire in three different locations in and around the Likud Party headquarters, killing five Jews and wounding some 30, including ten seriously. Almost all the victims were hit in Likud Party headquarters as elections for the party's leader were being held. Beit She'an is situated in the northern Jordan Valley, 15 miles south of the Kinneret Sea.
The Palestinian murderers, one of whom was reportedly wearing an explosives vest designed for a suicide attack, were killed when a heroic young man - Border Guard policeman Eran David, 28 - returned precise fire. "He was amazingly courageous," an eyewitness said. "He stood openly to face the terrorists, and fired single shots - not a burst of fire - and picked them off one by one."
Eran David himself recounted that when he heard the gunfire, he ran up to his home to get his weapon, and then ran out to try to put a stop to the carnage: "I saw one terrorist, and got closer to him, and took him down [i.e., shot and killed him]... I didn't know that there was another terrorist, but then I heard more shooting. I saw the shooter, got closer to him, and then took him down as well... I simply did what I was taught, and I would in fact like to thank my teacher Yaakov Reuven... I'm only sorry I didn't get there more quickly..."
Among the wounded are three sons of MK and ex-Foreign Minister David Levy, including Shimon, 40, in serious condition. The two others were lightly wounded: Jackie, 43, who is running for mayor of Beit She'an, and Uri, 37, who later said: "I saw these two guys shooting, and then calmly and coldly making sure their victims were dead. If I had a gun, I certainly could have killed them - they were so close, maybe ten meters. Then my eyes caught the eyes of one of them, and I saw that he wanted to do to me what he did to the others - but his magazine had run out of bullets. I started yelling to everyone to run..."

Israeli targets and citizens were targeted in a concerted two-pronged terror offensive this morning in Kenya, in and over the southeast Kenyan seaside resort city of Mombasa. Foreign Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called it a "very dangerous escalation" in the terrorist campaign against Israel, and called upon the international community to recognize the danger and work together to defeat terrorism.
In the first incident in Kenya, unidentified terrorists fired two or three shoulder-launched missiles at Arkia Airlines flight #582 on its way from Mombasa to Israel with over 260 passengers and crew on board. The missiles missed the plane, which had just taken off, and all passengers aboard were unhurt. The plane continued on its route and arrived in Israel shortly after noon. Though they were informed before landing that the booms and streaks of light some of them had heard and seen were missiles aimed at downing their plane, many of them apparently did not realize the full extent of their miracle until they landed and were greeted by dozens of reporters and cameras from around the world. Arutz-7's Josh Hasten reports that an amateur video photographer inside the plane filmed many of the passengers clapping and singing the traditional song "Heveinu Shalom Aleichem" as they landed.
Netanyahu explained the gravity of what he called this "escalation:"

In the second Kenya incident, which turned out to be far worse than the above near-miss, a truck packed with explosives plowed into the lobby of Mombasa's Paradise Hotel, causing a fire and many casualties. The number of deaths is reported at 9, including three Israelis and six Kenyans. Foreign Minister Netanyahu said that two children are among the Israeli dead, and some 15 Israelis are wounded.
The Israeli-owned hotel is a popular resort for Israeli tourists, and the lobby was packed at the time of the attack with Israelis who had just arrived and were checking in.

One frightened Israeli woman who was in the Paradise Hotel lobby at the time of the attack recounted, "We had just arrived, and were looking around at how beautiful it was, happy that we had run away from all the problems, and now everything would be nice and quiet for a week - and then just as the bellboy started taking our luggage, all of a sudden there was an explosion. We just started running..." The fact that most of the guests had managed to leave the lobby only minutes earlier prevented an even larger calamity.

Former senior GSS figure Ehud Yatom, running for a spot on the Likud's Knesset list, was asked today about the seemingly hopeless battle in light of today's attacks in Kenya. "I would like to remind you," Yatom answered, "that we received warnings of attacks on El Al flights in Rome and Nairobi in the mid-1970's, and the information we received allowed us to thwart these attacks. Intelligence information is the name of the game I believe that there was cooperation in this attack between Al-Qaeda and Hizbullah or the Palestinian terrorists of DFLP..."
National Religious Party leader and Brig.-Gen. (res.) Effie Eitam, also speaking with Arutz-7 today, seemed to find a silver lining in the cloud of today's Kenya attacks: "If it turns out that Al Qaeda was responsible for today's Kenya attacks - and this we may never know for sure - we will know that we are part of the worldwide struggle against terrorism."
Arutz-7: "You mean that Israel will fight against Fatah, Hamas and possibly Hizbullah, while the U.S. fights Al-Qaeda?"
Eitam: "Precisely, and we will do so in a coordinated manner and as part of a world-wide effort, though of course we will have a special interest in our own regional matters."

A senior source in the Prime Minister's Office, speaking with an Arutz-7 correspondent today, emphasized the following points:
"The media have distorted Sharon's position on a Palestinian state in order to confound the right-wing A Palestinian state is not a realistic option at this point Sharon is more concerned for the Land of Israel than any of his predecessors, and during his term in office the IDF has essentially re-conquered all of Yesha Concerning the future of the Yesha communities, Sharon prefers to keep his stance somewhat vague in order to ward off diplomatic pressures to dismantle them. He still regrets his evacuation and dismantling of the Sinai communities [in 1982, as part of the Camp David accords with Egypt], and would not want to go through a similar experience again The residents of Yesha are acting in an ungrateful manner to him"
Many Yesha residents have in fact been upset by Sharon's support for a Palestinian state, his turning a blind eye to the dismantling of the Gilad Farm, and his willingness to bring left-wing extremist Amram Mitzna of Labor into his government coalition. Others say that his vision of a Palestinian state is such that it will never become a reality, and that partnering with Labor is his way of neutralizing the party's vociferous left-wing positions.


Jerusalem News-164
1. Saudi support of anti-American terrorists
3. Arutz-7 News: Tuesday

1. Saudi support of anti-American terrorists
From: "Dr. Aaron Lerner - HSC" <>
Subject: Saudi handouts and terrorism

International Herald Tribune 2 Dec.'02"Saudis have a bad habit"
Jim Hoagland The Washington Post

WASHINGTON: Cash handouts are a way of life for Saudi royals.
[IMRA: For Saudi society in general as well as most Arab countries.]
Osama bin Laden is only the most horrible example of this time-honored Saudi
practice going awry. His family and his nation were happy to see him
spending smallish chunks of the family fortune in Sudan, Pakistan and
Afghanistan on his gruesome hobbies.
[IMRA: Not limited to these countries.]
It kept him from lining up the royal family, or his own extended, estranged
family, in his gun sights.
... The Saudi royal system must now adapt at its very core - a core built on
providing protection money and privilege to obscurantist fanatics - or
endure terminal decline.
Saudi Arabia's money habits jumped back into the headlines with the
discovery that the wife of the Saudi ambassador in Washington forked over
large financial payments to a Saudi family in San Diego simply because the
family asked for help. The family then provided handouts of its own to two
other Saudis, who helped stage the Sept. 11, 2001, day of terror.
The suspicious will see Islamic conspiracy, the trusting will see
good-hearted Bedouin charity. Investigators will have to sort out the truth.
Not even the State Department can disguise the central reality, however. Al
Qaeda and other terrorists float in a sea of Saudi petrodollars that have
been unleashed on the rest of the world with no control and precious little
concern about what happens outside the kingdom.
[IMRA: But other funds are carefully directed -- for example the
purchase of a large proportion of US higher education Middle East studies.]
Saudi spokesmen last year initially denied that 15 of the 19 Sept. 11
hijackers could have been from the kingdom. (They were.) The courtiers are
again outraged that anyone could think that the roots of America's worst
terrorist outrage lie in Saudi practices and lucre. (They do.)
Individual Saudis tend to have generous, sharing natures. Their easy, lavish
hospitality, once you have been admitted to their circle or to their
country, is legendary. On a dozen visits I was made to feel at home at Crown
Prince Abdullah's table and in the homes of modest citizens. Giving to
charity is in fact an admirable religious duty and personal habit for many
But "charity" developed into a sinister code word as the royal family's vast
oil revenue and its appearance of weakness and fear attracted the Middle
East's sharks. The Saudis quickly became adept at keeping Palestinian
gunmen, Syrian terror operatives, Iraqi hit squads and other bad actors off
their backs in an elaborate extortion racket called "Arab solidarity." They
never met a problem they didn't try to buy off. A more sophisticated and
benign version of this is the royal family's extravagant purchase of
weapons, airliners and goods from the United States and other Western
countries, which then provide the Saudis with military protection and
support. Bin Laden has made this symbiosis the primary target of his terror
[IMRA: Bin Laden's prime complaint is the stationing of non-Islamist US
soldiers on sacred Saudi soil.]
America's war on terrorism and the disappearance of abundant petrodollar
surpluses bring the Saudi rulers to a traumatic moment of choice. To survive
in the 21st century, they must actively help put the extortionists and
terrorists out of business rather than fund and shield them.
The biggest change must come at home. The House of Saud must end its
Faustian bargain with the Wahhabist sect, which was given significant sway
over the kingdom's social, economic and political life in return for
supporting the monarchy. Wahhabi clerics have used Islamic charity as a
cover to promote terrorism and hatred in the Middle East and Central Asia.
The Saudi monarchy must disown and de-legitimize the extremists or remain
mired in a disappearing world.
Americans need to be honest with the Saudis about what has been going on and
how it needs to change. That is the only way to provide genuine protection
for Saudi Arabia.[Appeared also 1 Dec. in The Washington Post ]
Dr. Joseph Lerner, Co-Director IMRA

[IMRA: Reverse Barak's
withdrawal from Lebanon]
TEL AVIV [MENL] -- Israel's military is preparing for an offensive war
against its Arab adversaries that would involve the capture of territory to
ensure victory in any future regional conflict.
Israeli military planners have been discussing and drafting strategies in
response for a regional war that could take place in 2003. They said such a
war is likely to begin with a Hizbullah rocket barrage from southern Lebanon
in an attack supported by Syria.
Such a war, military officials said, would be fought differently from the
more than two-year-old campaign against Palestinian insurgents in the West
Bank and Gaza Strip. They said Israeli aircraft, armor and troops would move
rapidly to establish the battlefield outside of the Jewish state and capture
territory required to achieve victory.
"In the next war, we will be required to be decisive in a way that will
include the capture of territory," Maj. Gen. Yiftah Ron-Tal, head of the
Ground Forces Command, said. "So, we must preserve our offensive capability
in the Israeli Defense Forces. Our maneuvers must take place outside the
border of Israel and the ingredients of a decisive victory will be the
ground forces. The burden will be placed on them."

3. Arutz-7 News: Tuesday
Dec. 3, 2002 / Kislev 28, 5763
Fifth Night of Chanuka
An Islamist website published a statement allegedly from al-Qaeda claiming
that it was behind last Thursday's double-pronged terrorist attacks on
Israeli targets in Kenya. Simultaneously, a terror organization calling
itself "Islamic al-Qaeda in Palestine" has begun spreading its name on the
Internet, explaining that it is operating in Yasser Arafat's Palestinian
Authority. In a leaflet reportedly distributed in PA areas, potential
al-Qaeda members are asked to swear allegiance to Osama bin Laden. While the
authenticity of the internet announcements cannot be verified, the presence
of al-Qaeda operatives in Judea, Samaria & Gaza was confirmed yesterday by
IDF Chief of Staff Moshe ("Bogi") Ya'alon during a visit to a recruiting
base. However, the Chief of Staff also stated that, thanks to intelligence
information, Israel has been able to eliminate certain al-Qaeda threats both
in Israel and abroad.

An advanced on-board defense system for civilian airliners has been
developed by an Israeli defense consortium. The system is designed to detect
an incoming missile and deflect it safely away from the airliner.

Israeli financial sources have said that the system will be offered to
foreign airlines, as well as most likely being put into operation on El Al
and Arkia airplanes.
The system, among other advances, will be designed to counter shoulder-fired
anti-aircraft missiles, such as those fired at an Arkia flight last week
over Kenya. Last week's attempted downing of a civilian aircraft has
increased interest in the Israeli system and will most likely speed up the
implementation schedule.

The representative of the European Union in Israel has filed a formal
complaint with the Israeli government over IDF operations in Jabaliya and
Beit Lahiya, north of Gaza City, last week. During the operations, the homes
of Ahmad Hamoude and Jihad Al-Masri , Hamas terrorists, and Hisham Dhib, a
member of Islamic Jihad, were destroyed by IDF forces. Hamoude, al-Masri and
Dhib are responsible for the deaths and maiming of 97 Israelis. In addition,
IDF forces discovered and confiscated a variety of weapons and incitement
materials. However, according to the EU complaint, IDF forces also destroyed
a building being used by the United Nations as a food storage facility in
Beit Lahiya.
IDF spokespersons acknowledged that soldiers destroyed the building, but
said the top floors were used for terrorist activity. An IDF press release
on the November 30 operation said, in part, "The destruction of terrorist
houses is a message to terrorists their overseers, and those who support
them that their actions have a cost which will be paid by all those who take
part in terrorist activity. The IDF will continue to act through all
legitimate means to fight terrorism and ensure that all Israeli civilians
and IDF soldiers are safe."

United States President George W. Bush lowered the status of the PLO mission
in the United States. His action was pursuant to a clause in the State
Department budget that allows the US President to do so if the PLO fails to
live up to its commitments to the United States. The letter officially
activating the relevant clause, sent to Secretary of State Colin Powell,
reserves for Bush the right to defer the status change at any point. Sources
in the US administration said that the status change would be in effect for
180 days, or until the PLO submits a report to the State Department showing
that the organization has fulfilled its commitments to the United States.
Those commitments include resolving the Israeli-PLO conflict through
peaceful means and a renunciation of terrorism and acts of violence.


"The Bible...he who has lost his God can rediscover Him in this work.
He who has never known Him will inhale here the breath of God's word."
-Heinrich Heine.

"It is impossible to mentally or socially enslave a Bible-reading people.
The principles of the Bible are the ground work of human freedom."
-Horace Greeley.

Jerusalem News-165
1. Nazis, Communists, and radical Islamists BY YEHUDA BAUER
2. Arutz-7 News: Thursday

1. Nazis, Communists, and radical Islamists BY YEHUDA BAUER
The Jerusalem Post November 29, 2002

{Extracts Only]:
All utopias are murderous; radical, apocalyptic, universalist utopias are genocidal
The interviewer, a young Egyptian woman, Doua Amer (IQRA Arab TV, May 7), was charming. She introduced the interview by admonishing every Muslim woman strictly to observe the only true religion.
Then she turned to little Basmallah, aged three and a half: "Do you know about the Jews?" "Yes." "Do you like the Jews?" "No." "Why?" "Because they are apes and pigs ... a Jewish woman tried to poison our Prophet Muhammad." A wonderful example of the kind of "humanistic" education that radical Muslims endow their small children with.

Islam is not a murderous religion, and Muslims are no different from Christians, Jews, Buddhists, or Confucians. But there arose among them, in the last 50 years or so, a new interpretation of Islam, a radical theology that has been spreading like cancer among the 1.2 billion or so Muslim believers in the world, or about a fifth of humanity.

The radical Islamists are different. They are a modern phenomenon, founded in Egypt by Hassan el-Banna in 1928, and given an extreme ideology by Sayyed Qutb, a man who had spent some time in the US, and had come back convinced that the West was degenerating, and that the time had come for Islam to conquer the world. Qutb published his brochures in the Fifties and early Sixties, until he was executed by the Nasserist regime in 1966 because his teachings argued against the existence of Egyptian, and for that matter any other, Arab nationalism.

Radical, totalitarian Islamists demand that the existing Arab national states should become Islamized, governed by religious (shari'a) law, not by constitutions, and certainly not by democratic institutions reflecting the will of a majority. The rulers would be those who are experts in Islamic law.
The aim is to conquer the world and make it Islamic, and an important step towards that goal is the toppling of the existing Arab national regimes. The final result would be a utopia of a peaceful mankind, ruled by Islamic religious experts.

Qutb also declared that the Jews were a main enemy of Islam, and should be destroyed.

Qutb was followed by others, most of them Egyptians; however, one of the important teachers of radical Islam was Abul Ala el-Maududi, a Pakistani (died in 1979). The teachings spread. In Saudi Arabia, radical Islam became a real danger for the corrupt, absolutist Saudi dynasty as it accused the ruling family of betraying "real" Islamic values. It was out of this cauldron that Osama bin Laden, and the 15 Saudis who were among the 19 terrorists on September 11, emerged.

The Egyptian and most other radical Islamists are Sunni. Parallel to them, the Khomeini revolution took place in Shi'ite Iran. Some observers believe that the Iranian regime is moving towards moderation; yet even they will agree that the radical conservatives are still in power and are vigorous in their attempts to prevent any such development from taking root.

Trying to destabilize the West, Sunni and Shi'a radicals have now been cooperating. There is no center to which all these groups owe loyalty - one of the novel things about this phenomenon is the fact that it is the ideology that is common, whereas the organizational structure is diffuse. There are more than a dozen radical groups in Algeria, and an even larger number in Kashmir; but they maintain loose associations between them, and regard each other as brothers-in-arms; almost all, if not all, acknowledge their Egyptian, Muslim Brotherhood, origin. Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Palestine say so openly.

The ultimate aim of all these groups is not only, as some observers have argued, the eviction of American troops from Islamic lands, especially Saudi Arabia, or the annihilation of Israel - though these certainly are immediate targets, and the problems which they represent serve as triggers for radical Islamist actions. Yet, if all US troops were withdrawn from Saudi Arabia, and Israel defeated, with its Jewish population annihilated - and these are declared Islamist aims - the main target would still remain: world conquest.

What is the attitude of the West to these developments? Again, there seems to be a parallel. In the Thirties, there was sympathy with the aims of a Nazified Germany trying to undo the "unjust" Versailles treaty system. In parallel, many intellectuals thought that the Soviet regime was doing something new and positive - they were to think that way in the Fifties and the Sixties as well.
The treatment of minorities, especially Jews, was considered to be unfortunate, but there were excesses in every positive revolution, weren't there? Nowadays, there is European lip service to the need to fight international terror, but many intellectuals and the politicians who represent their thinking in effect defend the right of the radical Islamists to pursue their agenda - as long as they don't attack Europe, but keep their attacks concentrated on the almost universally hated US, and of course Israel.
In the past, Jews were persecuted as individuals. Now it is easier because one need not be an anti-Semite; one can simply be in favor of the annihilation of the collective Jew, Israel.

2. Arutz-7 News: Thursday
Dec. 5, 2002 / Rosh Chodesh Tevet 5763

"I encourage Palestinians to take suicide bombings worldwide. Don't be shy about it," Hizbullah leader Sheikh Nasrallah said at a rally in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley last week. "Martyrdom operations - suicide bombings - should be exported outside Palestine," he said. Paul Martin reported in the Washington Times that Nasrallah's remarks were broadcast by a Hizbullah-owned TV station in Lebanon. Walid Phares, a professor of Middle Eastern studies and religious conflict at Florida Atlantic University, said that he believes that the recent terrorist attacks in Kenya were the work of Hizbullah - and that other Palestinian groups claim they have no interest in perpetrating terrorism outside Israel.
Hizbullah has established a stronghold in Canada, and the National Post there recently reported that the organization has been using Canada as a source of money, forged documents, stolen cars, recruits and military equipment.

Jerusalem News-166
1. Arab Fantasy
2. Jack Engelhard: For a Palestinian State - in Saudi Arabia
3. Women in Muslim Countries

1. Arab Fantasy
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2002 08:25:52 -0500
Ehud Ya'ari: Not Just Anti-Semitic Lies! No possibility of making peace with
the Jews
Ehud Ya'ari The Jerusalem Report December 16, 2002
The essence of the message is that there is no possibility of making peace
with the Jews
"Horseman without a horse," the Egyptian TV hit series being broadcast by 14
Arab TV networks, is not the only anti-Semitic production to be galloping
across the screens each evening this Ramadan. For viewers looking for more
than the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" can offer, there?s no shortage of
alternatives. Anti-Semitism has become the last word in the Arab
entertainment industry.
Al-Manar, the Hizballah TV station broadcast from Lebanon,
... defines the typical characteristics of the Jew, including
"lying, treachery and greed" and goes on at length to describe Jewish
..The program's promo includes video clips promising that "Israel will be obliterated," with
appropriate images for illustration.
Syrian TV is running the dramatic locally produced series, "The Collapse of
Legends." Its central premise is that there is no archeological evidence to
support the stories of the Old Testament; that the Torah we hold holy is
nothing but one big forgery made up by rabbis;

TV is broadcasting a series of documentaries with one single objective: to
disprove the "myth" that any Jewish Temple ever stood in Jerusalem, and to
present any historical reference to that claim as an act of deception.

The inevitable conclusion is that significant numbers, though by no means
all, of the young generation of Arab artists, a stratum that usually
represents liberal trends and openness, have volunteered their services to
sharpen and stylize the message that up until now has been promoted by
fundamentalist movements such as Hamas. The essence of the message is that
there is no possibility of making peace with the Jews -- not because of any
political argument or clash over territory, but because that nation is a
priori unfit to be counted among the human race.

Furthermore, the Jewish people present a future threat to the
rest of the world.
et cetera

For a Palestinian State - in Saudi Arabia
Jack Engelhard - December 09, 2002
The Saudis are rich. The Palestinians are poor. The Saudis have a country. The Palestinians don't. So why shouldn't there be a Palestinian state - in Saudi Arabia?
Let's rewind for a minute and ask: Why are the Saudis rich? They have oil. This is obvious. Not so obvious is this question: Why are the Palestinians poor? Month after month, the Palestinian Authority keeps being fed millions of dollars through the generosity of the European Union, the United States and fellow Arabs, namely, in fact, Saudi Arabia. This money could have been used to enrich the lives of Palestinians living in lands that had been awarded to them through the Oslo accords. Oslo gave them half of the West Bank and most of Gaza and would have given more, had they not resorted to terrorism.
That's it in a nutshell. They did resort to terrorism. Rather than use those millions to build an economic infrastructure, Arafat and company opted for a terrorist infrastructure. Instead of building homes, they built bombs.
The Saudis? Why shouldn't they be replaced, as the Taliban were replaced from Afghanistan? No amount of double-talk can obscure the fact that the Saudis are the enemy - the enemy to all that is Christian, Jewish and civilized. The Saudis - the Saudi 15 - gave us 9/11. The Saudis gave us Osama bin Laden. Saudi schools and mosques promote hatred of all that is Christian, Jewish and Western. Saudi princes raise millions to support Palestinian terror by means of American-style telethons. Over the past few months, Congress has listenined to testimony from bereaved American mothers whose daughters have been kidnapped, brutalized, raped and enslaved in Saudi Arabia. They ask, "The Saudis are supposed to be our friends." They say, "But they're our biggest enemies." Is oil that thick? Is Saudi oil thicker than American blood?
Talk about a homeland for the Palestinians always centers around Israel. Why Israel? There never was a Palestinian state within Israel, not when it belonged to the Turks, not when it belonged to the Europeans, and not even when it belonged to the Arabs. Why all of a sudden now? Because it's in the hands of Israel, and the Jews turned it from a swamp into an oasis? Talk about a capital for this Palestinian state always centers around Jerusalem. Why Jerusalem? Jerusalem was never the capital of any nation except Israel, from the days of King David. But - it keeps being said - the Palestinians want Jerusalem for their capital. On what basis? They want even more, according to a recent survey. Seventy percent of the Arabs polled want all of Israel. They want it all to themselves, cleansed of Jews. Seventy percent.
Given that they refuse to live with Jews as neighbors, they ought to be much more at home with fellow Arabs. Hence, Saudi Arabia. The Saudis won't even have to leave - though, given their criminality and war crimes they really should be cowering in caves along with their Taliban brothers. But that may be too much to ask. They do have all that oil, and therefore all that influence. Besides oil, however, they also have room, plenty of room to accommodate a Palestinian homeland.

3. Women in Muslim Countries

Barbarous traditions such as the so-called "honor-killing" are widespread. In the year 2000 alone, over 6,000 women were murdered in Pakistan by their fathers or brothers for having "dishonored" the family. In Jordan over 700 women fell victims to "honor killing" in the same year. In Egypt and the Sudan an estimated 150,000 girls, aged four or above, suffer genital mutilation in the name of Islam each year.

Almost everywhere in the Muslim world, rape, including the most horrible cases of incest, end up with the punishment of the victim. In most Muslim countries women cannot travel without the written permission of a male guardian. And in Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive cars.

Quoted From:

Amir Taheri

Wall Street Journal
December 6, 2002,,SB1039129549129547833-search,00.html?collection=wsjie%2F30day&vql_string=taheri%3Cin%3E%28article%2Dbody%29

Jerusalem News-167
1. Steve Collins :humor
2. Arutz-7 News: Wednesday
3. British academic boycott of Israel gathers pace
4. Two killed in terror shooting in Hebron
5. South Africa: 'Things were better in the bad old days'
6. Arutz-7 News: Thursday,
7. What Riyadh Buys by Daniel Pipes

1. Steve Collins :humor
From: Steve Collins <>
Subject: FW: humor

Shalom Yair,
Though you might like seeing these commentaries on Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc.
by two of America's late-night hosts. Some humor is good to brighten one's
Subject: A different perspective on the world
Jay Leno.... Over the weekend, Saddam Hussein turned in his big report on
weapons. It's 12,000 pages long. Still, I understand it's easier to read
than Al Gore's new book. .... That shows you how clever Saddam Hussein is.
By the time Bush finishes reading this thing, he'll be out of office. ....
Bush asked for the Cliffs Notes version. .... Saudi Arabia has pledged to
fight terrorism. Oh yeah, great. It's like the British pledging to fight
tooth decay. .... The Saudi Arabians said today they are cracking down on
terrorists. Saudi Arabia says they compiled a list of all the known
terrorists in Saudi Arabia. I think that's called the phone book. ....
There are no inspections taking place in Iraq today or tomorrow because of
a holiday. It's a national holiday in Iraq. I believe it's called "Hide The
Missile Day." .... A big snowstorm in Washington, D.C. yesterday. It's
still not known if terrorists were involved or not. ....
. .... In fact in Massachusetts, the winds
are so strong, John Kerry's hair actually moved. .... They said Washington
hasn't been this cold and white since the Republicans took over.

2. Arutz-7 News: Wednesday
Dec. 11, 2002 / Tevet 6, 5763
Mekorot, Israel's water company, has been working this week to increase rainfall over the Kinneret Sea, Israel's largest reservoir. The cloud-seeding, which increases rainfall by some 10-15%, was scheduled to continue today as well, in accordance with weather conditions.
Rains continue to fall throughout the country, and the level of the Kinneret has climbed another centimeter, to 214.37 centimeters below sea level. This is 1.37 meters below the government-mandated "red line" level, and some 5.5 meters - 935 million cubic meters of water - below optimum level. Water experts in Israel agree that desalination of ocean water is the chief solution to the country's water problems.

President Moshe Katzav continues to tour Europe. He is in Italy today, where he will meet with the Pope and the Italian Prime Minister...
Hundreds participated in a memorial ceremony yesterday at the graves of Rabbi Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane and his wife Talia Kahane in Jerusalem's Har HaMenuchot cemetery. The two, who left six orphans, were murdered by Palestinian terrorists on December 31, 2000 near Ofrah, north of Jerusalem. After the service in Jerusalem, buses brought participants to the site of the murder, and then to the couple's former home in Tapuach. The theme of the speeches and eulogies was an analysis of Binyamin Kahane's motto of "taking our destiny into our own hands..."

3. British academic boycott of Israel gathers pace

British academic boycott of Israel gathers pace
Andy Beckett and Ewen MacAskill
Thursday December 12, 2002
The Guardian
Evidence is growing that a British boycott of Israeli academics is gathering
British academics have delivered a series of snubs to their Israeli
counterparts since the idea of a boycott first gained ground in the spring.
In interviews with the Guardian, British and Israeli academics listed
various incidents in which visits, research projects and publication of
articles have been blocked.

4. Two killed in terror shooting in Hebron
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 21:40:52 +0200
From: Hebron <>
News from Hebron
The Hebron Press Office Thursday December 12, 2002

Two killed in terror shooting in Hebron
At six o'clock tonight Arab terrorists shot and killed two people, a man and a woman, in Hebron. The killing occurred at the bottom of the hill leading from Kiryat Arba into Hebron, called, in Hebrew, "ikul 160." The two people killed were shot in the head from a corner building. The terrorist or terrorists shot from a third floor window. Bullet casings were found on the ground outside the building and inside the building.
Israeli security forces at the scene searched the building, but did not find anyone. Israeli security forces are searching the area.

5. South Africa: 'Things were better in the bad old days'
December 11 2002 at 04:35PM

By Andrew Quinn

Most South Africans, both black and white, believe the country was better run under apartheid and say unemployment and crime are the government's top challenges, according to two new polls released this week.

The polls, part of the "Afrobarometer" series of public opinion surveys, found South Africans had generally positive assessments of how their country was governed, and were growing increasingly optimistic about the future.

But they also revealed a growing sense of "apartheid nostalgia" as South Africa grapples with high crime rates, increasing corruption and rising joblessness following the end of white rule in 1994.

'They moan and grumble about all its faults'
"It's not that they want to return to apartheid, but in retrospect it was a time when trains ran on time," said poll director Robert Mattes on Wednesday.

"It was a harsh, repressive, but seemingly efficient government."

Overall, the polls showed that about 60 percent of South Africans felt the country was better run under apartheid, with both blacks and whites rating the current government less trustworthy, more corrupt, less able to enforce the law and less able to deliver government services than its white predecessor.

The surveys also found respondents giving more positive assessment of apartheid-era policies.

Whites had the highest levels of nostalgia, with 65 percent now identifying positive elements to whites-only rule compared with 59 percent in 2000 and 39 percent in 1995.

'It was a time when trains ran on time'
But black respondents were also beginning to wax nostalgic, with 20 percent now giving a positive rating to certain aspects of life under the apartheid regime, compared with 17 percent in 2000 and eight percent in 1995.

"This suggests that as time has passed and memories of what life was really like then become dim, people tend to positively emphasise the things that they do not see under the present system and de-emphasise the more harsh aspect," said one poll.

Mattes said the rise in pro-apartheid sentiments among blacks could reflect both the growing income inequalities within South Africa's black community - where many have actually grown poorer since the end of apartheid - as well as difficulties in dealing with government bureaucracy.

Despite growing nostalgia for the past, the poll found South Africans becoming more positive about their government and its direction for the future - although they rate unemployment, poverty, crime and Aids as serious challenges.

A total of 54 percent gave positive marks to the country's current system of government, up 18 points from 1995.

Among whites, 46 percent gave the current government positive ratings, compared with just 12 percent in 1995.

Seventy-four percent of respondents expressed optimism about how the country's political system would develop over the next 10 years, with long-term optimism among whites rising to 44 percent from 24 percent in 1995.

"As people, especially racial minorities, become more accustomed to the new order, they seem to be coming to terms with it, even as they moan and grumble about all its faults," said the poll.

The Afrobarometer polls are conducted as a collaboration between the Institute for Democracy in South Africa, the Centre for Democracy and Development in Ghana and Michigan State University.

The latest South African polls, which interviewed a racially representative sample of 2 400 South Africans in September and October, had a margin of error of plus or minus two percentage points.

6. Arutz-7 News: Thursday,
Dec. 12, 2002 / Tevet 7, 5763
Canada has banned the social wing of Hizbullah, freezing all its assets and forbidding funding of the group. "The Government of Canada has determined that these entities [Hizbullah and others] knowingly engaged in terrorist activity," CTV.CA reported Solicitor-General Wayne Easter as stating. The military wing of Hizbullah, the Lebanese-based terrorist organization, had been banned in Canada for more than a year, but the group's "charitable" wing remained legal. Canadians found to belong to Hizbullah, or to be raising money for it, could face up to ten years in prison.

President Moshe Katzav met late this morning with Pope John Paul II in the Vatican. This was the first time an Israeli President has met with a Pope in the Vatican. It was reported beforehand that Katzav was to promise the Catholic leader that the IDF would withdraw from Bethlehem before the upcoming Christian holidays. The IDF re-entered Bethlehem three weeks ago following the suicide bus-bombing in southern Jerusalem that killed 11 people.

Kibbutz Sdeh Eliyahu in the Beit She'an Valley, one of the first religious Kibbutzim in Israel, has decided to become a pioneer once again. A resolution passed by a majority of the members last week stipulates that the commune will become an "ecological community." The change will be made gradually, with the first stage being implemented in its treatment of trash. All locally-produced waste will be recycled or otherwise treated in the Kibbutz, and will not be sent outside. The next stage will put a stop to all insecticidal and other spraying - first in the fields, then in private homes. Members of the kibbutz, which is known for its pioneering work in organic agriculture and biological disinfestation, say, "We're striving to reach harmony with nature."

Continuing a proud tradition of success, Israeli athletes won three gold medals and broke two world records in the World Championship Swimming Competition for the Handicapped this week. Yitzchak Mamistalov broke the world record for 50-meter freestyle, while superstar Keren Leibovitch broke the world record for 100-meter women's freestyle and also took the gold medal for her performance in the 100-meter backstroke swim. A total of five Israelis made it into the finals in the competition, which is taking place in Argentina.
In other sporting news, Israeli athlete Gal Friedman is in 1st place in the week-long world championship windsurfing competition, currently taking place in Thailand. In four meets involving a total of 110 surfers from around the world, Friedman twice finished first, and in second place once. The competition now moves into the finals, and is expected to conclude on Sunday.

7. What Riyadh Buys [in Washington]
by Daniel Pipes
New York Post
December 11, 2002
(Extracts Only)
Last week, I contrasted two official U.S. responses to news that the Saudi ambassador's wife possibly funded the 9/11 hijackers: The Bush administration pooh-poohed it, while leading U.S. senators expressed outrage. I argued that this difference results from a Saudi-induced "culture of corruption" that pervades the upper reaches of the executive branch but does not extend to the Congress.
Questions poured in, asking for more about this culture of corruption.

Ex-Washington hands paid handsomely by the kingdom include such figures as Spiro T. Agnew, Jimmy Carter, Clark Clifford, John B. Connally and William E. Simon. A Washington Post account lists other former officials, including George H.W. Bush, who have found the Saudi connection "lucrative." It also quotes a Saudi source saying that the Saudis have contributed to every presidential library in recent decades.

The heart of the problem is an all-too-human one: Americans in official positions of authority bend the rules, break with standard procedures and alter policies for reasons of personal gain.
The effect of the Saudis' massive pre-emptive bribing is to render the executive branch quite incapable of dealing with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the farsighted and disinterested manner that U.S. national interests require. That leaves Congress with the urgent responsibility to fix things.
It must take steps to ensure that the Saudi revolving-door syndrome described here be made illegal. That might mean that for 10 years or more after having extensive contacts with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, an official may not directly or indirectly receive funds from that source.
Only with this sort of change can U.S. citizens regain confidence in those of their officials dealing with one of the world's more important states.
Jerusalem News-168
2. Boycott of Israeli Goods
3. Europe, France and Germany Against Israel

&copy 2002 Jewish Telegraph
"A View of the Absurd" Op Ed Column
By Jack Engelhard - Arutz Sheva, November 30, 2002
Maybe it's time to rethink "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" which are being shown to millions of Arabs on Egyptian television. Maybe The Protocols are right. The Jews do run the world.
Now hold on a minute. I'm only speaking from personal experience. Give me a chance to explain.
My father (though trained as a rabbi in the Old Country) worked the leather trade 18 hours a day when he brought us to America. Night and day he was at the cutting table or the sewing machine and was still barely able to support his family -- but how do I know what he did the rest of those six hours? My guess is he ran South America.
I did hear him speak Spanish several times on the phone. He always said it was his one surviving brother on the other end.
Right...we're supposed to believe that?
No. That was surely Evita on the other end, Dad giving her hell. What is she doing to his Argentina!
My mother? Oh sure, she played the part of an Old World Mom, always extra worried about her husband and kids. Quite a show. But how do I know what she did while I was off to school? My guess is that, between shopping, bargain hunting and cooking, she was in full control of Great Britain.
I think she told the Queen what to wear, what not to wear, what to say, what not to say -- and surely how to raise those kids.
With my mother gone, you see how it's all fallen apart for the Royals? No wonder.
No, it's absolutely certain that my mother -- though she was never taller than 5'2" and spoke no English -- did indeed run the British Empire.
You think Winston Churchill came up with that "we shall fight them on the beaches" speech all by himself? You think it was Winston Churchill who came up with the phrase "Iron Curtain?"
I was too young when all this was going on to own a country, let alone an entire continent, like my father.
But given the chance, I'd opt for Europe. I want Europe. First I have to find the Protocol People and get the okay -- you know, those Jews who sit around and divvy up the world.
I just hope Europe is not already taken.
If I don't get Europe I'm gonna make trouble.
My kids already want Africa and Asia. They're so spoiled.
After I talk to the right people, Ill see that my mother-in-law gets Monaco, or any place that's got slot machines. Las Vegas will do, in a pinch.
The trouble is, where to find these Protocol People -- these people who divide up the world among the Jews. Phone book? Internet? Under what?
If I do get Europe (and why shouldn't I?) there's gonna be changes. I'm not kidding.
Driving on the wrong side of the road -- out!
Of course I'll re-introduce myself to the Queen. I'll just mention my mother's name, and for sure were back in business.
France, I'm worried about. They don't like...well, anybody. So it might take some time to win them over and let me run the place.
I'll just tell them who I am...the Protocol People sent me. That'll have them shaking.
All that will take time, especially when it comes to other parts of Europe under my eventual control -- like Sweden, Denmark, Finland and all the rest of those places. Oh, Germany, yeah.
I'll just tell the Germans, look, I'm here. I'm in charge. Don't believe me? Call this number!
As the years go by, Europe will have changed. I'll be dealing with different leaders. I imagine that the new leader of France will be Abu bin Saladin, the Swedish leader will be Mohammed bin Mohammed and so on, but they'll make their peace with me because...because they'll know who's boss, having read, as they all have, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion."
I just don't know what I should wear. I should check with my wife. But she's out shopping. she says.

2. Boycott of Israeli Goods
The newspaper "Makor Rishon" published an article explaining how in Europe there exists an unofficial boycott of Israeli goods.
Some exporters try and hide the fact that their goods are produced in Israel others are against hiding it.

3. Europe, France and Germany Against Israel
Another report says that Europe especially France and Germany see solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as more important than dealing with Iraq. In effect they mean that Israel should be forced to give in more to Palestinian terror.
The massive killing of millions of black people by Muslims in the Sudan does not worry them overduly.
They do not like seeing the Jewish people stand up for themselves. Some of them would rather not see the Jewish people at
all- anywhere.



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Jerusalem News-169
1. Terrorists near Brit-Am center!
2. Rabbi Avraham Feld attacked by Arab hoods!
3. Arutz-7 News: Sunday
4. Arabs vs. Christians in Israel

1. Terrorists near Brit-Am center!
In the article from Arutz-7 below (NEXT-GENERATION ATTACKS IN JERUSALEM THWARTED) it says that Arab terrorist planned to use a building to fire some kind of rocket at a helicopter approaching the Knesset.
The building they planned to use is only a very short distance from Brit-Am headquarters and place of residence of Yair Davidiy.
The building in question is apparently undergoing renovations and Arab workers are employed under a Jewish contractor.
One of the workers informed the terrorist organization that the building was suitable for staging the attack in question.
"The terrorists planned to stand on Ussishkin Street in the Rehavia neighborhood of the capital, several hundred meters from Israel's Parliament, and fire at a helicopter approaching the Knesset. "
On a personal note it should be noted that family members of Yair Davidiy have been victims of terrorist attacks and near-victims.

2. Rabbi Avraham Feld attacked by Arab hoods!
Last week, Rabbi Avraham Feld (co-founder of Brit-Am) was physically attacked by two Arab youths in the Old City of Jerusalem. The attack took place near the street leading up to the Western Wall. The police have this street covered with video cameras. They saw what took place and within two and a half minutes were on the scene. The policemen happened to be Arabs employed by the Israeli Police Force. Rabbi Feld was in the process of successfully defending himself as the policemen must have seen from their video camera. Nevertheless Rabbi Feld was manhandled by one of the Arab policemen and a thorough search made of his personal effects.
As a result of this search damage was caused to his coat and baggage.
Rabbi Feld is considering submitting a complaint but is not optimistic about the results since Arab policemen are treated with
kid cloves by the leftist-leaning authorities in question and State Prosecutor's Office.

3. Arutz-7 News: Sunday
December 15, 2002 / Asarah B'Tevet, 5763

Leading rabbis of the religious-Zionist camp called for a large public prayer rally this afternoon, on the Fast of Tevet, at the Western Wall. Special prayers were recited in light of the difficult situation facing the Israeli people. Following the prayers and the end of the fast, the customary "Circle the Temple Mount Gates" will be held. Around the same time, prayer-and-Psalms rallies will also be held in London and Manchester.
Today, one of six days of fasting in the Jewish calendar, marks the siege of Jerusalem by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia. He later completely conquered the city and destroyed the Holy Temple.
Beit El Chief Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed sees special contemporary relevance to today's fast. "Days of fasting of this nature are not only a testimonial to the troubles of the past," he wrote in the latest edition of his town's weekly journal, "but are chiefly days of repentance and reckoning for improving our deeds in the present Maimonides explains that the troubles over which we fast and cry include when foreigners make war on Israel, or when they decree that we may not fulfill Jewish precepts, or when they come... to take land from us."

The Fast of Tevet has also been declared by the Chief Rabbinate as a general day of Kaddish [a memorial prayer] for Holocaust victims whose date of death is not known. Rabbi Dov Begun, of the Meir Institute for Jewish Studies (Machon Meir), notes a direct connection between the destruction of Jerusalem and the Holocaust:
"The destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem led us into a 2,000-year exile, the pinnacle of which was the terrible Holocaust. By announcing 'May G-d's great Name be magnified and sanctified,' we are saying that despite all the tortures of the exile, His great name will be magnified via our return to Zion and the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the Holy Temple... Today, we must mend our ways especially with regards to the Land of Israel and Jerusalem, when our enemies wish to restore the siege around Jerusalem by establishing a state... There are even voices at home whose faith and spirit have been weakened and who seek to fulfill the wishes of our enemies..."

It was released for publication today that three Israeli-Arab terrorists who were planning a string of major terror attacks in the capital were arrested. The three residents of Tzur Baher, a Jerusalem neighborhood just east of Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, are reported to have been planning a shoulder-launched missile strike at a helicopter landing at the Knesset, placing a bomb near the Prime Minister's Residence, and attacking the Ramat Eshkol shopping center. The three, members of Islamic Jihad, were arrested three weeks ago on their way to place a 40-kg. bomb (90 lbs.) at a bus stop between N'vei Yaakov and Pisgat Ze'ev in northern Jerusalem.
The terrorists planned to stand on Ussishkin Street in the Rehavia neighborhood of the capital, several hundred meters from Israel's Parliament, and fire at a helicopter approaching the Knesset. They also intended to place a bomb in a trash bin near the Prime Minister's residence in central Jerusalem and detonate it by remote control. The three terrorists are to be charged with attempted murder, aiding the enemy during wartime, passing information to the enemy, and membership in a terrorist organization.

In another counter-terror success, a terrorist on his way to carry out a murderous suicide attack was arrested this afternoon at an IDF checkpoint near Adam, north of Jerusalem. The terrorist, with a ready-to-fire explosives belt in his possession, was arrested while driving in an Arab-driven taxi. Four other passengers, all wanted for questioning, as well as an accomplice were also arrested. IDF sappers then blew up the taxi, for fear of additional explosives.

In a first-of-its-kind resolution, the United Nations explicitly repudiated terrorism against Israeli victims on Friday. The Security Council formally condemned "in the strongest terms" the November attacks in Kenya, expressing "the deepest sympathy and condolences to the people and the governments of Kenya and Israel and to the victims of the terrorist attack and their families." The measure was passed by a 14-1 vote; only Syria voted nay, claiming that the resolution lacks balance in not mentioning Israel's "daily terrorism and massacres against the Palestinian people."
The New York Times notes that after a bombing at a Jewish center in Buenos Aires in 1994 - the Times did not note that 86 people were killed there - the UN Council expressed its condolences to Argentina, but did not mention that the victims were Jews. "It's a diplomatic and psychological breakthrough," said David A. Harris, executive director of the American Jewish Committee. "After 54 years of Israel's existence, the U.N. Security Council, with American leadership, has finally acknowledged that the loss of Jewish lives in terrorist attacks warrants condemnation."

4. Arabs vrs Christians in Israel
Washington Times
Amid the ruins of tolerance
R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.
Published December 13, 2002

JERUSALEM.-- This is no place for an atheist or even a suave agnostic. From my window on the top floor of the massive King David Hotel I am looking out on a stone heap that is thousands of years old, the Old City of Jerusalem. Traffic swarms around its walls. Antennas sprout from the old roofs of the city. Airplanes fly overhead. Still, religion dominates here, sometimes in ways that might persuade even the most obdurate nonbeliever to give God a second look, and other times in ways that could get a nonbeliever locked away in the hoosegow some religious people can be very intolerant.
As Christmas approaches, American Christians might take note of the intolerance here. Their sacred shrines and some belonging to Judaism are under threat from the Islamofascists of the Palestinian Authority. What is more, the Christian population of the West Bank is not being treated as hospitably by Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's colleagues as, say, the Muslim population of Detroit is being treated.
First let me explain why an atheist's faith or faithlessness might be shaken here in Jerusalem. Most atheists and agnostics put great stock in science. Unfortunately archaeology is no longer on their side. For more than a generation, archaeologists led by such distinguished scholars as Kathleen Kenyon have been unearthing ruins that, as the historian Paul Johnson writes, have "given us renewed confidence in the actual existence of places and events described in the early Old Testament books."
Just the other day an Israeli archaeologist took me through a 3,800-year-old passageway where old Jerusalem's early inhabitants, the Jebusites, and later King David collected water for what became the old city of Jerusalem.
Then he showed me a relatively new dig in the passageway whose characteristics perplexed archaeologist until someone remembered a passage in the Book of Kings. I was standing precisely where King David had Solomon anointed 3,000 years ago.
I am by nature a skeptic, but cross-referencing the hard evidence of archaeology with biblical passages makes a strong case. The archaeological site is called Ir David. It constitutes a massive endorsement of biblical authenticity, and is eminently deserving of book-length treatment.
There are other digs in the Old City that are not so encouraging. Whereas the Israelis respect sacred places, the Palestinian Authority does not. Their police have taken over the Temple Mount with the sufferance of the Israeli government that controls it. Against the will of Jews and Christians, who judge it sacred, and of archaeologists, who consider it worthy of careful study, these religious bigots are carting away tons of ancient earth to build a huge mosque for political purposes. They are defiling a sacred and archaeologically invaluable location on a 3,000-year-old site to establish a political claim to the site, and no one is stopping them.
The desecration is not unprecedented. Think back four years ago to when the Taliban conspired in the destruction of the ancient Buddhist statues in Afghanistan.
Our government tells us Islam is a very tolerant and pious religion, but I see many signs it is neither. Where Israeli political control has preserved sacred shrines for all three of the monotheistic religions, Palestinian Muslims under the Palestinian Authority set up after the Oslo Accords have desecrated holy places, brutalized non-Muslims and driven Christians from Bethlehem after indulging in some gerrymandering that would stir admiration in an American politician.
Surely you remember last April when Palestinian militants (gunmen) took over Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity, booby-trapped its entrance, and terrorized 150 worshippers for 39 days while eating the clerics' provisions, quaffing their booze so much for Allah's blue laws stealing church valuables such as gold crucifixes, and using sacred scriptures for toilet paper ah, cleanliness.
That sort of barbarism is not new. Earlier, Mr. Arafat summarily seized a Greek Orthodox monastery near the Church of the Nativity to serve as his occasional residence. In Hebron in 1997, his thugs seized Abraham's Oak Russian Holy Trinity Monastery, evicting its monks and nuns. Since his latest intifada began in 2000, he has regularly stationed his artillery and sharpshooters in Christian towns near churches to either shield his gunmen or bring Israeli fire down on places of worship. Returning to our archeological theme, in Jerusalem, Palestinian Authority officers have endangered the walls of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher by attempting to construct a facility on its roof, a latrine again this Islamic fascination with bodily functions.
The destruction of holy sites runs apace with the destruction of Christian communities on the West Bank. Sometimes it is through heavy-handed political schemes as when Mr. Arafat's Palestinian Authority incorporated 30,000 Palestinians into the municipality of Bethlehem, changing the Christians' 60 percent majority to a minority.
Sometimes it is through terror. News accounts mount of Christians being beaten, raped, murdered and charged by protection rackets. In Bethlehem, and even in Jerusalem, Christian numbers dwindle. There has been very little complaint about these bigoted acts, but any curious observer here in this ancient city does not have to research very sedulously to find out the depressing facts.
The Holy Land has suffered Roman legions, crusaders, the armies of the Prophet, Turks, two world wars, and more. But its archaeological treasures have endured. Its religious minorities have had good times and bad. Now both face bad times, unless civilized forces can maintain the peace and tolerance that so many fanatics make a mockery of.

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. is editor in chief of the American Spectator and a contributing editor of the New York Sun.

Subject: Jerusalem News-170

Jerusalem News-170
1. Saudi School Books
2. West Hollywood Jihad
3. 4 Killed During Terror Attack
4. Observations from Australia

1. Saudi School Books
A report on the contents of Saudi Arabian school books released by the
Washington-based Middle East Media Research Institute finds that an
official textbook for eighth graders says, quote, "Jews and Christians were
cursed by Allah and turned into apes and pigs." End quote. The same
textbook according to the Institute translation quotes the prophet Mohammed
as saying, quote, "The hour for judgment will not come until the Muslims
fight the Jews and kill them."

Jews and Christians Are Apes and Pigs, Saudi Textbooks Say
?There Is A Jew Behind Me, Come and Kill Him!?

- Following a lesson on the monotheistic faiths, Saudi Arabian
schoolchildren are asked to
discuss : "With what types of weapons should Muslims arm themselves against
the Jews?" That
question is part of an official textbook for 8th grade students which also
emphasizes that
"Jews and Christians were cursed by Allah and turned into apes and pigs,"
and that "The hour
[the Day of Judgment] will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and
kill them."
The content of the Saudi school curriculum has been the focus of mounting
scrutiny ever since
it was disclosed that 15 of the 19 terrorists who hijacked the four
airplanes on September 11,
2001 were Saudi citizens.
Saudi officials insist their nation cannot be blamed for having produced an
majority of the September 11 perpetrators and for the consequences of
promoting a radical
version of Islam all over the globe.
But a starkly different view emerges from a preliminary report on Saudi
schoolbooks released by
the Washington, D.C.,-based Middle East Media Research Institute, which
specializes in
providing translations of Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew media.
In the aftermath of 9/11, attention is being drawn to the global reach of
the SAUDI continued
from page 1
Saudi educational effort aimed at promoting its particular version of Islam.
The report cites a book published in 1995 by the Saudi Cultural Mission,
?Education in Saudi
Arabia,? which explains that Saudi education policy is based on the
uncompromising and
anti-modern fundamentalist teachings of the 18th century Sheikh Muhammad
Ibn Abd Al-Wahhab.
According to the MEMRI report, the March 1, 2002, edition of Ayn-Al-Yaqeen,
a weekly news
magazine published online by the Saudi royal family, the Kingdom has
committed ?many billions
of Saudi riyals? to building schools around the world. The article claims
?some 210 Islamic
centers wholly or partly financed by Saudi Arabia, more than 1,500 mosques
and 202 colleges and
almost 2,000 schools for educating Muslim children in non-Islamic countries
in Europe, North
and South America, Australia, and Asia.?

By ninth grade, students are ready for "The Promise of the Stone and the
Tree" " the story of
Abu Hurayra, one of the prophet's companions who quoted the prophet as
saying: "The hour [the
Day of Judgment] will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill
them. A Jew will
[then] hide behind a rock or a tree, and the rock or tree will call upon
the Muslim: "O Muslim,
O slave of Allah! There is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!" "except for
the gharqad tree,
for it is one of the trees of the Jews."

2. West Hollywood Jihad
By Keith
Canyon News
Oct 1, 2002, 23:11 PST
Screaming "Kill the Jews", the mob set upon the two young men and beat
and stomped them mercilessly in the street. Nazi Germany 1938? Tehran
1979? No, it's West Hollywood, September 15 , 2002. On that date, as
part of a promotion at Goodbar nightclub entitled "Persian Night",
apparently the Persians got too Persianed-up and went on a frightening
anti-Semitic rampage on the streets of West Hollywood. And so, with a
sickening thud, militant Islam has landed in our midst, along with the
attendant stench of cultural intolerance and religious hatred. Imported
"Jihad" on American streets.

3. 4 Killed During Terror Attack
From: Hebron <hebron@h...>
Subject: News from Hebron: 4 Killed During Terror Attack at Otniel Community
Four Killed during Terror Attack at Otniel Community Yeshiva
Friday night, just before eight o'clock, two terrorists cut a hole in a
fence outside the Otniel community, in the southern Hebron Hills, about 15
kilometers south of Hebron. The terrorists, wearing Israeli army uniforms
and carrying IDF standard M-16 rifles, broke into the Otniel Hesder Yeshiva
kitchen, in an attempt to reach the yeshiva's dining room. There, several
dozen yeshiva students were participating in the Shabbat evening meal.
In the kitchen, the terrorists found four of the students, who were helping
to serve the meal. The terrorists opened fire, killing them. One of the
four, in a final heroic act, managed to lock the connecting door between
the kitchen and the dining room before dying of his wounds, thereby
preventing the terrorists from reaching the other students.
Other Yeshivat students, who combine Torah study with army service,
together with other soldiers serving in the community, shot at the
terrorists, killing one of them. The second terrorist fled, but was later
shot and killed by Israeli security forces. The houses of the terrorists in
Dura, outside of Hebron, were destroyed by the army. The terrorists were
identified as members of the Islamic Jihad. According to intelligence
information, these terrorists belonged to the same group responsible for
the killing of 12 men a month and a half ago in Hebron.
Six soldiers and civilians were injured during the gun battle. Their wounds
were described as light to moderate. Four of the wounded are still

4. Observations from Australia
From: Sha'ul Benya'akov
Subject: Interesting.

Hi Yair,
Was watching BBC World News,26/12,evening report,when I happened to notice
that Egyptians protesting "Israeli Zionist " agression against so called
Were burning not only the usual flags of Israel, and America,but above
these flags could be seen, on a white linen sheet,drawn in lines of red
crayon, or thinly painted, a red Union Jack !!!
Now, one could say that this was only a chance occurrence, just some Arab
screaming his heartfelt hatred of "The West".
But you know, I have never seen that before, I swear !have you ?
Have you or any of us seen this before ?
I think that this was a sign, a sign to me personally, to give a warning to
the house of Ephraim.
Wake up, and prepare !
Thats why I wrote this, just to let you know Yair, that you need not fear,
your brothers will soon be with you,and we shall be one flock, with one
Shepherd,David the King !!
How good, and how pleasant it will be, when we breathren from all the
houses of Israel, are gathered together in unity !
Amein !

Jerusalem News-171
1. Arutz-7 News: Monday

2. Arutz-7 News: Sunday

3. Tea is Good for You

1. Arutz-7 News: Monday
Dec. 30, 2002 / Tevet 25, 5763

A delegation of Jordanian archaeologists arrived at the Temple Mount today, to propose methods to repair the damage caused the Mount's southern wall by the Moslem Waqf's indiscriminate and illegal construction. The Jordanians' arrival is a compromise between Israel and the Waqf; the latter refused to allow Israeli archaeologists to enter the site.
In the meantime, Israeli archaeologists say that have also discovered buckling in the western supportive wall. The affected section, south of the plaza used for Jewish prayer, may have been
weakened by water seepage from the unchecked gardening carried out by the Moslem authorities on the Temple Mount.

THE 'SHANI' HAS BEEN FOUND, AND IT'S ORANGE [The "shani" is translated as scarlet, cf.

A Bar-Ilan University researcher and lecturer says he has discovered the 'Tolaat HaShani' referred to in the Bible, and successfully extracted its dye. Dr. Zohar Amar, of the University's Martin Szusz Department of Land of Israel Studies, recently announced his findings at a Bar Ilan conference. He explained to Arutz-7 today that Tolaat HaShani refers to the coccid (scale insect) used to produce the scarlet dye during the Biblical and Second Temple periods, for both sacred and secular purposes.
"It is one of the most valued coloring materials of the ancient world," he explained, "often mentioned in the Bible together with the [more familiar] blue (tchelet) and purple (argaman). We never knew what it was. It was thought that it was some kind of coccid from outside the Land of Israel - but we have now shown that it is made from something commonly found in the Land of Israel, right under our noses. It is very exciting to bridge over 2,000 years of history..."
Dr. Amar is the first person to successfully extract color from the coccid, from specimens he discovered in N'vei Tzuf, in southwestern Shomron. "The production process was fairly simple," he said. "I learned from Arab manuscripts from the Middle Ages that they would harvest the coccids at the right time, dry them, boil them with certain materials, and in this way receive the orange color." Asked how he knows that he had found the correct color, Amar explained,
"We checked many historical sources, the most important of which is Josephus, who was the last one to describe and document the existence of the 'shani' in the Temple. Josephus describes the color as symbolizing fire, which is orange - as opposed to the red that many think it is. Our production process also produced orange."
He said that 'shani' was used in the Temple for the curtain over the Ark, the High Priest's clothes, in preparing the ashes of the Red Cow, and in other forms. "After 2,000 years, we have succeeded in rediscovering the Tolaat HaShani native to Israel and the technique of producing [its color]," concluded Dr. Amar, who soon plans to publish the full findings of his research.

2. Arutz-7 News: Sunday
December 29, 2002 / Tevet 24, 5763

U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman and his wife Hadassah spent the Sabbath in Kibbutz Maaleh Gilboa, southwest of Beit She'an. Outgoing MK Rabbi Yehuda Gilad - the rabbi of nearby Kibbutz Lavi and one of the heads of the Gilboa yeshiva; he recently left the Meimad movement - was also present.
Sen. Lieberman, who hinted that he will announce his candidacy for the American Presidency in mid-January, told the yeshiva and kibbutz members last night what it's like to be a religious office-holder. He said that his religiosity helps him in his political career, as "the United States is a religious country." Regarding the yeshiva in Gilboa, he said that "as a representative of Modern Orthodoxy, of which I am a partner, it is the spearhead and example par-excellence of the integration of faith, repairing the world, and accomplishing." The yeshiva combines three-year army service with two years of yeshiva studies, including such disciplines as the philosophies of Rabbi Kook, Breslov, Modern Orthodox, and more.
In response to a question from the audience as to whether he thought the United States was ready for a Jewish President, he replied in the affirmative, explaining that people feel that a religious person has "more than politics on his mind." He was not asked about some of his more controversial statements in the past, such as those on abortion, intermarriage, and the future of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

3. Tea is Good for You
A report in the newspaper "Yediot Acharonot" said that black tea and green tea arouses the activity of insulin
in the blood, is good for people suffering from diabetes and for everybody in general. It decreases the risk of heart trouble.
This applies whether the tea is with caffeine or de-caffeinated. The addition of milk and other additives decreases the
beneficial effect apart from lemon which does not affect it.

Date: Thu Jan 2, 2003 2:41 am
Subject: Jerusalem News-173

Jerusalem News-173
all article on basis of Extracts Only

1. Abstinence Success in Uganda
2. Sex Problems in USA
3. New Year Aims

1. Abstinence Success in Uganda

Date: Wed, 01 Jan 2003 12:57:00 -0500 (EST)
From: Richard Griffith
Fair Comment
Abstinence Success in Uganda Resisted by AIDS Community
By Douglas A. Sylva

As AIDS sweeps across Africa, Uganda remains a lone success story. Millions
of Ugandans have embraced traditional sexual morality, including sexual
abstinence outside of marriage and fidelity within marriage, in order to
avoid infection. But the international AIDS community has been reluctant to
promote this strategy elsewhere, continuing instead to place its faith in
According to a U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) study of
Uganda, "HIV prevalence peaked at around 15 percent in 1991, and had fallen
to 5 percent as of 2001. This dramatic decline in prevalence is unique
worldwide." USAID believes "the most important determinant of the reduction
in HIV incidence in Uganda appears to be a decrease in multiple sexual
partnerships and networks."

In comparison with other African nations, "Ugandan males in 1995 were less
likely to have ever had sex ... more likely to be married and keep sex within
the marriage, and less likely to have multiple partners." USAID concludes
that "the effect of HIV prevention in Uganda (particularly partner reduction)
during the past decade appears to have had a similar impact as a potential
medical vaccine of 80 percent efficacy. ... A comprehensive
behavior-change-based strategy ... may be the most effective prevention

However, the Ugandan experience is not being promoted elsewhere, which leads
some observers to conclude that ideology may be playing a role. In fact, as
news of the Ugandan success has spread, the defense of condoms has grown more

Specifically, international AIDS activists have increased their attacks on
the Bush administration, which now seeks to incorporate abstinence training
into the U.S. international AIDS program.

This promotion of condoms continues, despite the mounting evidence that they
have failed to stem the spread of the disease. For instance, South Africa,
led by Nelson Mandela, firmly has embraced the "safe-sex" strategy, and
condom use has increased. But South Africa remains the world leader in AIDS
infection, with 11.4 percent of its population currently infected.

2. Sex Problems in USA
Date: Wed, 01 Jan 2003 14:30:34 -0500 (EST)
From: RGriff9243@a...
Subject: New book out claims 1 in 5 teenagers now with a std
Meeker, Dr. Meg

Did you know that 8,000 American teens are diagnosed with a
sexually-transmitted disease (STD) every day? That 46% of girls are likely to
become infected with a disease after their very first sexual encounter. That,
right now, one out of every five adolescents is living with an STD?

If not, you're not alone. The fact is, America is in the midst of what may be
the first "politically incorrect" epidemic in history -- one that so
contradicts the liberal faith in "sexual freedom" as the path to health and
happiness that the media simply refuse to report it. What's more, reveals Dr.
Meg Meeker in this groundbreaking book, it was that very faith -- as
endlessly promoted by Planned Parenthood, sex-educators, and the media itself
-- which actually caused the epidemic by encouraging widespread teenage

Epidemic breaks the story that STDs among adolescents has indeed reached
epidemic proportions, and is leaving our kids open to deadly infections,
infertility and cancer. Dr. Meeker, who has spent the past 20 years
practicing pediatric and adolescent medicine and counseling teens, uncovers
the facts about this grave health crisis, and the powerful political and
other interests that continue to make it worse. A small sampling of her
deeply alarming revelations (just the tip of the iceberg!):

Why the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) considers the STD epidemic a
"multiple" epidemic of at least 25 separate diseases -- nearly 50 if you
count the various strains of virus groups

How all these diseases wreak havoc on young bodies in different ways -- some
quickly, some very slowly

Why over 80% of STD-infected teens are unaware that they have an STD and
therefore don't get medical treatment -- and may continue to infect others!

The anatomic and immunological differences that make the adolescent body --
particularly the female's -- more susceptible to STDs than the adult body,
contrary to popular belief

In the '60s, a shot of penicillin could cure the two known STDs, syphilis and
gonorrhea. Today, there are no simple cures and in most cases there are no
cures at all

How TV, movies, magazines and music endlessly send kids the message that
unmarried sex has no consequences, and that if you're not having sex there's
something wrong with you

Read Epidemic: How Teen Sex is Killing Our Kids and
learn how to save yours." -- Dr. Laura Schlessinger
"Shocking ... The statistics are startling, the data medically sound, the
consequences alarming and the personal stories will move you to tears. This
is must reading." -- David Hagar, MD, Head of Infectious Diseases, University
of Kentucky

3. New Year Aims
ate: Wed, 01 Jan 2003 14:20:13 -0500 (EST)
From: RGriff9243@a...
Subject: Setting realistic and doable goals a key to victory

Resolution No. 1: Make plan doable
By Karen S. Peterson, USA TODAY

Don't dismiss New Year's resolutions as trivial.

Folks who make them are 10 times more likely to make a desired change than
those who don't, says psychologist John Norcross, a pioneering change
researcher at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania.

About 40% to 45% of adults will make New Year's resolutions going into 2003,
Norcross says. Standard pledges include starting an exercise program, losing
weight, and giving up cigarettes, goals that can bring significant benefits,
he says. "These are health-enhancing and potentially life-saving" changes.

Many resolutions will crash and burn. But making a formal decision to modify
behavior really does help, his research shows, although long-term change
requires a carefully thought out plan as well as a pledge, says Norcross,
co-author of Changing for Good.

As part of his on-going research on change, his team studied 159 "resolvers"
and 123 who wanted to change but made no resolutions.

About 46% of the resolvers successfully altered their behavior during six
months of follow-up telephone interviews, compared with only 4% of those who
also wanted to change but didn't make a pledge. His research appeared in the
Journal of Clinical Psychology.

Norcross and others also say that a pledge alone will not be enough to
guarantee long-term success. Norcross' earlier studies indicate 81% of
resolutions are broken within two years. Changing requires "more than just
the desire," he says. "You need to know how to execute a plan, how to form
the specific skills to keep you there."

A plan, a commitment to change, as well as "a clear view of the benefits,
what is gained as well as what is given up," is needed, says William Knaus of
the Center for Creative Change in Longmeadow, Mass., and co-author of
Overcoming Procrastination. And "at the beginning, you just have to grind it
out. Act differently, and practice, practice" until the new behavior "becomes
part of what you do."

Among Knaus' suggestions for a plan for change:

Pick a start date. Plan how to gear up for the change and put it in motion.
Make a public announcement.
Ask a "buddy" to help monitor progress.
Force yourself to sustain the effort until you "own" the change.
Accept the ups and downs that evolving change can bring.
Chart your progress.
Constantly review the long-term benefits.
Reward persistence.

Jerusalem News-174
1. Arutz-7 News: Sunday, Jan. 5, 2003
2. Statistics of Oslo War
3. USA Abortion Scandal

1. Arutz-7 News: Sunday, Jan. 5, 2003
January 5, 2003 / Shvat 2, 5763

Tel Aviv Terror Attack: 23 Dead, 8 Not Indentified
Yesterday's double terrorist attack in Tel Aviv was the 3rd-worst civilian
attack, in terms of number of dead, that Israel has suffered in almost 25
years. In March 1978, Palestinian terrorists commandeered a bus on the
Coastal Highway and shot wildly at passersby, killing 35. In Feb. 1996, 26
people were murdered when a suicide terrorist blew himself up on a #18 bus
in Jerusalem, and on Mar. 27 of last year, an Arab murderer detonated
himself at a Passover Seder meal in Netanya's Park Hotel, killing 29 people.

Fifteen of the 23 victims of yesterday's attack have been identified so
far. Among them are 11 Israelis and four foreign workers - from Romania,
Ghana, and Bulgaria. Two of the 111 wounded are in very critical condition,
and five others - critical.

At today's Cabinet meeting this morning, Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz
emphasized that there was no sign of a let-up in the terror organizations'
attempts to perpetrate attacks. He noted a large success rate in the IDF's
thwarting of attacks, and said that Israel is constantly improving its
readiness for the upcoming American war with Iraq.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon lashed out at Labor Party candidate Amram
Mitzna at today's government meeting, saying that Mitzna's ideas about
negotiations with the Arabs "are not and will not be the policy of the
State of Israel." Sharon has often stated in the past that he intends to
invite Mitzna to join a national unity government after the elections.

Mr. Sharon also had sharp words for former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, whom
he said promised the PLO "almost total withdrawal, with nothing in return,
and allowing for the return of thousands of Palestinians to Israel that
would bring about the end of Israel as a Jewish state." He said that
liberal Labor Party "family-reunification" policies after Oslo "increased
the Arab population [in Israel] by over 100,000 at least."

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) conducted a successful test today of yet
another aspect of its Arrow anti-ballistic missile program: the missile's
ability to hit four separate targets at once. Arutz-7's Kobi Finkler
reports from the site that the test involved the simultaneous firing of
four Arrow missiles at a volley of missiles "fired" at Israel from
Iraq. The experimental launch was the tenth in a series of tests of the
Arrow, all of which have been successful. U.S. Defense Department
representatives observed today's test, the cost of which is estimated to be
ten million dollars.

A computer-simulation of four Scud missiles "launched" by Iraq was the
first step of the test, followed by their radar "discovery," the
transmission of their vital stats to the firing control center, the
calculation of a defense program, and the transmission of appropriate
instructions to the firing center. The launcher in fact fired our
missiles, three of which were designed to fall in the ocean.
A Moslem man attempted to kill Rabbi Gabriel Farhi, 34, in a Paris
synagogue on Shabbat. The would-be murderer entered the synagogue, yelled,
"Allahu Akbar" (Allah is great), and stabbed the rabbi in his stomach. The
victim removed the knife himself, phoned for help, and was treated and
released from the hospital on the same day.

The victim is a member of a Jewish liberal movement in France, and active
in efforts to bring about dialogue between Jews and members of other
faiths, especially Moslems. The mayor of Paris, responding to the
incident, called the attack an "aggression arousing disgust." Paris police
are investigating the incident.
Threats over the past week by bank employees across the country apparently
did not work, and the announced layoff of 900 Bank HaPoalim workers began
today. Among the workers who received notice today were managers and
others who have been with the company for 30 years; at least two of them
fainted upon hearing the news, and were treated by Magen David Adom
personnel. The fired workers are being directed to special centers staffed
by counselors who will advise them as to their options.

The Education Ministry has found that incidents of eye problems among
students have increased in the wake of increased use of computers. David
Wasserman, director of the Ministry's northern branch, has instructed his
school supervisors to encourage parents to have their children's eyes
checked more frequently. His office reported that studies show that almost
a third of the students say they work or play at a computer for an average
of eight hours a day - and 10% do so for more than ten hours daily. Sixty
percent of Israeli youth suffer from eye pain, 55% have complained of pains
in the neck and back, and 30% have reported pains in their hands and shoulders.

2. Statistics of Olso War
Date: Sun, 05 Jan 2003 02:55:43 -0500
From: imra@n...
453 Israelis killed and 2,344 injured in terrorist attacks during 2002
IDF Spokesperson January 4th, 2003

The security apparatus has released documents that summarize events of the
current conflict, for the year 2002.
Four hundred fifty-three Israelis, including 156 members of the security
forces were killed during 2002, according to the statistics the IDF website
received. The most violent month was March, during which 109 Israelis were
killed, including 32 members of the security services.

According to the statistics, 2,344 Israelis were injured in 2002, including
604 members of security forces. In the month of March 663 Israelis were

In addition, 2,208 terrorist attacks occurred in the West Bank, 3,056 in the
Gaza Strip and 177 within Israel's home front.

3. USA Abortion Scandal
Thursday, January 2, 2003

Ex-abortionists expose America's greatest scandal
Doctors, staffers tell electrifying story of corruption, greed, betrayal, death

Posted: January 2, 2003
1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2003

"Safe and legal abortion is every woman's right." That's what Americans
have been told since the Supreme Court's momentous Roe v. Wade decision 30
years ago this month that opened up the floodgates of abortion in the U.S.A.

But behind the slick marketing campaign, beyond the slogans and public
posturing of abortion-rights activists, is what can only be described as
the wretched reality of the abortion industry.

* Human babies, at or near full-term, are regularly butchered as they
are being born, their intact body parts sold for profit.

* The link between abortion and breast cancer is now undeniable, proven
by the vast majority of medical studies. Yet, while physicians recognize
the risk factor and admit it to each other, most are fearful of telling
their patients because the issue is "too political."

* Millions of women suffer other profound physical and psychological
effects of abortion, but despite at least five peer-reviewed studies
published just within the last year all showing clearly the negative
aftershocks for women who abort the mainstream press has ignored the subject.
* While the media occasionally report high-profile horror stories of
abortion doctors raping and abusing multiple women, the true picture is
obscured: Young women are being raped and sexually assaulted with alarming
frequency in America's abortion clinics.
* The abortion industry itself is in severe distress and contraction
because, after 43 million abortions since 1973, the doctors and clinic
staffers are self-destructing from the long-term effects of their grisly
business or else they are getting out and telling their story.

4. JORDAN TIMES 3-4 Jan.'03:Germany Vacillates
From: imra@i...
+++JORDAN TIMES 3-4 Jan.'03:

BERLIN (R) - Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder appears to be moving away from his
strident rejection of war with Iraq as Germany's assumption of a UN Security
Council seat casts an awkward spotlight on his election campaign promises.
Schroeder's criticism of any US-led war against Iraq was credited with
helping him win a second term in Germany's September general election,
although his position prompted US officials to call ties "poisoned".

On Wednesday, Germany began a two-year term on the 15-seat Security Council
along with four other newly elected members. It takes over the rotating
monthly chair in February just as Iraq tensions are expected to peak.

Despite US lobbying against the move, Germany has also assumed the two-year
chair of the UN committee that monitors enforcement of sanctions imposed on
Iraq after its 1990 invasion of neighbouring Kuwait.

Schroeder is not expected to reverse his campaign pledge to keep German
troops out of a war with Iraq.

But, keen to patch up relations with Washington and forge a more united
European position on Iraq, Germany will not vote against any Security
Council resolution endorsing an assault, analysts say.

"If the international community is left with no other option than military
intervention, Germany cannot block it. It would show how isolated Germany
is," said Frank Umbach, a security analyst at the German Council on Foreign
Relations (DGAP).

[IMRA:Oil on the brain. With Hussein out, the U.S. would not seize
Iraqi oil reserves. There would be competitive bidding in which German
companies could participate. Return s to Iraq would at least equal those
received by other Arab countries. Over the years Iraqi oil production has
been lowe in relation to its potential. Increased Iraqi oil would reduce
Saudi power.]


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Jerusalem News-175
1.Arutz-7 News: Monday
2. Arutz-7 News: Tuesday
ECONOMIC BRIEFS (Businesses in Israel Closing)
3. Bus drivers on the Palestinian-Israeli front line
4. Palestinian Girls forced into terrorism
5. Work Alcoholics
6. Air-Pollution Tel Aviv

1. Arutz-7 News: Monday
Jan. 6, 2003 / Shvat 3, 5763

Seventeen of the 22 victims of yesterday's double terrorist attack in Tel
Aviv have been identified so far. Among them are 12 Israelis and five
foreign workers. Two of the 111 wounded are in very critical condition,
and five others are listed as critical.
Yesterday's was the 18th attack since the signing of the Oslo Agreements in
which at least 10 people were murdered. In the past 25 years, only two
civilian attacks have caused more deaths: In Feb. 1996, 26 people were
murdered when a suicide terrorist blew himself up on a #18 bus in
Jerusalem, and on Mar. 27 of last year, an Arab murderer detonated himself
at a festive Passover Seder meal in Netanya's Park Hotel, killing 29 Jews.

The National Insurance Institute is currently engaged in burial
arrangements for the foreign workers, including bringing relatives to
Israel if necessary and flying the bodies to their countries. Israeli
officials emphasized today that all foreign workers who arrived in Israel
legally, even if their visas have expired, are eligible for the same
medical and employment benefits as any Israeli citizen wounded in a
terrorist attack.

Among the government's post-attack decisions was a refusal to allow a PA
delegation to participate in an important London conference later this
month. Great Britain has registered a protest, but Finance Minister Silvan
Shalom explained today that the Israeli decision is designed to prevent the
PLO terrorists from presenting themselves around the world as seekers of peace.

England's protest follows on the heels of British Prime Minister Tony
Blair's refusal to meet with Foreign Minister Binyamin Netanyahu; Blair's
red-carpet hosting of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad; and a British embargo
on the sale to Israel of critical spare parts for the Phantom
fighter-bomber jets. Israeli officials recently said that their fleet of
140 F-4 Phantoms might have to be grounded because of the embargo. "We are
desperately searching for other sources," said a Defense Ministry
spokesperson, "but we haven't found any yet."

2. Arutz-7 News: Tuesday
Jan. 7, 2003 / Shevat 4, 5763
ECONOMIC BRIEFS (Businesses in Israel Closing)
Government statistics show that 45,000 businesses and stores closed their
doors in 2002. Officials reported today that in 2001 and 2002, the number
reached a total of 82,000 defunct enterprises. If immediate action is not
taken to reverse the trend, the officials said, the results may be

In positive economic news, an American investor has decided to purchase a
shopping center in centrally-located Ganei Tikvah for 10 million dollars.
The property purchased includes a public park and offices adjacent to the
shopping center. The Africa-Israel Group and the Migdal insurance company
were the previous owners of the property.

3. Bus drivers on the Palestinian-Israeli front line
[Comment by Yair Davidiy: I am a veteran traveller of buses. Israel has a
lot of buses,
probably the best passenger bus service in the world. Before the Oslo War
Since then (and the events leading up to it)
I have been amazed at the heroism a group of ordinary people doing an
ordinary job have shown.
They risk their lives daily, risk constant stones and rocks and molotov
cocktails and gunshots
and even rockets being thrown or fired at their vehicles and mad psychos
blowing themselves along with
all the other passengers in order to get to heaven for forty virgins or
Palestinian girls forced to blow themselves and others up by their
Palestinian rapists or boyfriends. The bus drivers take these risks in good
while usually giving polite helpful service and encouragement to their
and driving well.]

From: RGriff9243@a...
from the January 06, 2003 edition -

Bus drivers on the Palestinian-Israeli front line
By Nicole Gaouette | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
JERUSALEM - The memories are seared into Dudu Kadosh's mind, replayed every
night as he struggles for sleep. A roar that swallowed all sound, the reek of
burnt rubber and charred metal, children's cries.

Mr. Kadosh survived a massive bombing that flung his Jerusalem bus skyward,
like a toy tossed by an angry child, and then slammed it to the ground. "I
will carry those pictures with me for the rest of my life," he says.

Civilian deaths punctuate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with grim
regularity. Two bombings Sunday killed at least 19 people and wounded more
than 100 in Tel Aviv near the old central bus station. These were the first
bombings in an Israeli city since Nov. 21, when a Palestinian suicide bomber
blew up a bus in Jerusalem, killing himself and 11 passengers.

In Israel, the line of engagement is blurred and mobile, leaving buses ripe
for attack. This strands the men who pilot them in an uneasy limbo between
the mundane routine of their jobs and the constant fear that the next stop
may be their last.

"You're going to work in the morning, and you're not sure if you'll get back
at the end of the day," says Roni Plaut, who drives one of Israel's deadliest
bus routes.

Kadosh and his colleague Mr. Plaut work for Egged, the Goliath of Israeli bus
companies. Egged, formerly based in the bus station bombed Sunday, has a
4,100-strong bus fleet that covers a total 620,000 miles of asphalt a day.
Since the current conflict began just over two years ago, Palestinians have
targeted more than 200 Egged buses with bullets, stones, Molotov cocktails,
roadside booby traps, explosive-laden cars and human bodies wired for
devastation. Between 17 to 20 of those assaults were suicide bombings. All
told, attacks on Israeli buses have killed about 110 people and wounded over

While the shock of each strike is new, each contains a historical echo. In
the fighting between Arabs and Jews that preceded Israel's creation, both
sides attacked buses and bus stations. Israelis mark the beginning of what
they call the War of Independence from the day of a 1947 machine gun assault
on a bus that left five Jews dead.

Since September 2000, one Egged driver has died and 21 have been injured. In
April 2002, the company bolstered regular police security with the Security
Unit for Public Transportation. Paid for by Egged and the government, the
unit is made up of 400 guards who patrol stations, ride the buses and follow
them in separate vehicles.

"But they're not on all routes or on all buses," says Plaut, who drives a
route in northern Israel that skirts the Green Line, the porous border
between the occupied Palestinian territories and Israel. It is easy for
attackers to slip into Israel through some of the Israeli-Arab towns
bordering the Green Line. From there, they simply board a bus.

"We used to joke that it was the safest route," Plaut says, since it also
caters to Arab citizens of Israel. "We'd say, 'They'd never blow up Arabs.'"

He shrugs. "Then they did."

Four bus attacks on the route's main road that left no less than 43 dead.
"Yes, I'd rather not be doing it," Plaut says, "but this is what I do. It is
very difficult these days, lots of pressure. My wife is very, very worried"
as is the oldest of his three children, a teenage son who is old enough to
understand the risks of his father's job.

A compact man with a warm smile, Plaut wears his own gun when he drives, but
acknowledges that it would be little use against an explosives belt. The tool
he relies on most often is instinct, which has led him to drive by people
waiting at bus stops.

"Sometimes you don't get a good feeling, the way a man looks, or looks at the
bus, the way he holds himself," Plaut explains. "You see something in his
face or eyes that gives you a heavy feeling and you have to decide very
quickly. I have a wife and kids and it's not just you, sometimes you have 15
to 20 people on the bus not wanting you to stop."

For all the tension and suspicion in his job, Plaut still believes there's
little difference between him and most Palestinians. "Most Arab people want
to live in peace, raise their kids, earn their salary, go home at the end of
the day," he muses.

For Kadosh, those views reflect foolishness borne of inexperience. "Before
the bombing, I used to have a lot of Arab friends," he says. "Now, no more.
They're like snakes in the grass."

Though he lives in a settlement, Kadosh sees no connection between attacks
like the one on his bus and Palestinian anger about Israeli communities built
in the territories. "This is Jewish land - it says so in the Bible," he says,
rapping a table for emphasis.

Police dubbed Kadosh's attack a miracle, because no one was killed. Of the
nine people hurt, Kadosh was the most grievously wounded. "If you want to see
the glass half full, I'm very lucky," he says with a bitter smile.

4. Palestinian Girls forced into terrorism:
Yediot Acharonot (8.1.03): According to a report issued by Army Intelligence:
Men from The Palestinian Fatah and Tanzim of Yasser Arafat
rape or seduce Palestinian young women and then give them a choice of
blowing themselves up
along with Israelis or having their "shame" revealed to their families.
So far young Palestinian women have been involved in 20 terrorist attacks.
Women are preferred since they arouse less suspicion and are less easily
In most cases the women involved have a romantic connection with their
or they they had allowed themselves to have sex with many partners and
were told that they needed "purification". In one case a girl from
Beth-Lehem was so pressured
but she fled and with the help of her family went "underground" into safety.
In two cases of women participating in suicide attempts the women were not
married and pregnant.
In Palestinian society such a situation brings great shame on the family
and often means that the
"culprit" must die at the hands of one of her relations.

5. Work Alcoholics:
Yediot Acharonot (8.1.03): A "work alcoholic" is someone who works at least
60 hours a week
and a feel a need to do so even at the expense of their health and social
12.7 % of Americans are work-alcoholics
9.3% of Japanese
8.4% of Israelis (Israel is in third place)
6.7% of Belgians
6.5% of Dutchmen

6. Air-Pollution Tel Aviv
1,100 people die every year in Tel Aviv due to air pollution


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send to

Yair Davidiy
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Jerusalem News-176
1. Terrorists using tunnels to come to U.S.?
2. Arutz-7 News: Sunday
3. Message From Yoash, King Of Judah

1. Terrorists using tunnels to come to U.S.?

From: RGriff9243@a...
Subject: Terrorists using tunnels to come to U.S.?

Federal law enforcement officials are increasingly concerned terrorists may
be using tunnels built by drug smugglers to breach the U.S.-Mexico border,
Bloomberg News reports.

The financial newswire service reported yesterday that federal authorities
have discovered six tunnels in nine months along the nation's southwest
border, compared to the discovery of 11 tunnels in the past decade, according
to Drug Enforcement Administration chief Asa Hutchinson.

"The tunnels can be used for contraband as well as drugs,'' Hutchinson said
at a briefing with reporters.

President Bush has nominated Hutchinson to serve as undersecretary for border
and transportation in the newly formed Department of Homeland Security.

In February 2002, federal authorities found a 1,200-foot tunnel on a ranch
some 70 miles east of San Diego. The tunnel's opening in Mexico was about 200
feet from the border, Bloomberg reported.

The tunnel was framed with wooden planks and included a rail system, most
likely to transport large quantities of drugs, federal officials believe.

The DEA said the tunnel was one of the most sophisticated ever discovered by
law enforcement.

Hutchinson said a number of the tunnels cost between $1 million and $2
million to build.

2. Arutz-7 News: Sunday
January 12, 2003 / Shvat 9, 5763

Two very young Palestinian terrorists - 10 and 13 years old - infiltrated
the Jewish town of Netzarim in Gaza last night, armed with knives. At
least one of them was "totally drugged, unable to answer our most basic
questions," said Brig.-Gen. Yisrael Ziv, IDF Commander of the Gaza
Division. They attacked a Jewish boy, entered a house, and were shot at -
though not before one of them was hosted graciously by a resident who
thought his guest was a Thai worker. They were finally captured by
security forces and taken to an Israeli hospital for treatment.

Gen. Ziv said that it is still not known who sent the two boys, "but this
is not the first time the terrorists have used children in such a cynical
manner. Just a week ago, they did the same thing in the area of Elei
Sinai... It's clear that the terrorists did not think that by sending
these children, they would succeed in killing anyone; instead, their
criminal thoughts were that the very deaths [of the children terrorists in
the course of the attack] would give Israel a bad name... Sometimes they
do the same with mentally unbalanced people; it just impossible to tolerate
this type of behavior..." (See next item below.)

Tami Silberschein, an American immigrant from New Jersey, granted Arutz-7
an exclusive, first-hand account of last night's attack. "We were walking
back home, and we heard shots that were very close... We hear shooting all
the time, [but ] this was very close... The two terrorists entered a house
near our home, and they tried to attack a child there [whose] father came
and shot - that was the shooting we heard. [He] succeeded in hitting one of
the terrorists, and the other one continued running down towards [us]. At
that point, my husband ran outside and saw the terrorist and said, 'Who are
you?' The terrorist said, 'I'm from here,' but with an Arabic accent... As
my husband got his gun ready, the terrorist started running towards the
rabbi's house." At that point, Tami's husband took the necessary
precautions, including putting on a helmet and bulletproof vest, placing
the children in a closed room, locking all windows and doors, and chasing
after the Arab would-be murderer. The latter entered the house of the
rabbi, who shot and lightly wounded him, at which point he ran out and was
met by the man who thought he was a Thai worker and gave him a drink of water.

What was Tami doing all this time? "I didn't lose control [and] tried to
concentrate on what I should be doing... I was with my M-16 [rifle]
ready. I got all four children behind the bed, turned off the lights, the
younger children were crying and I quickly got them pacifiers to keep them
calm. I said to them clearly, 'there's a terrorist in the yishuv [town],
you must be quiet, completely quiet, you can't move."

Silberschein, a resident of Netzarim for almost seven years, narrowly
averted death in a terrorist attack on the road near her town over two
years ago, shortly before the start of the Oslo War. She and her family
have no intention of leaving their home, despite repeated terrorist attacks
on her town: "We feel we are protected on a deeper level by G-d, because we
feel we are on a very important mission here& It's important to settle all
parts of Israel out of a duty we have to settle the land." She said that
she has "no regrets living here and bringing up my children here."

Netzarim is a town on Israel's southern Mediterranean coast, detached from
the Gush Katif bloc of Jewish communities and surrounded by territory ceded
to the PLO in the early days of the Oslo Agreements. Silberschein said
that Netzarim is a "strong community, a community of people who have strong
beliefs." Regarding the phenomenon of using children to carry out
terrorist attacks against innocent civilians (see below), she said that
Israel is faced with a conflict against a "wicked and immoral people who
send their children to kill." The entire interview with Tami Silberschein
can be heard at

Palestinian Media Watch ( has compiled substantial
evidence showing that the Palestinian Authority has been encouraging
Palestinian children to seek death as "Martyrs." Examples include a
drawing depicting a dead child Martyr in a 7th-grade PA schoolbook,
alongside the following poem glorifying Martyrdom:
"I shall carry my soul in my palm
And toss it into the abyss of destruction...
By your life! I see my death,
but I hasten my steps towards it...
Hearing [weapons'] clash is pleasant to my ear
And the flow of blood gladdens my soul&
By your life! This is the death of Men
And who asks for a noble death - here it is&"

This poem appears in three other schoolbooks, and has been recited by heart
by children on PA television. In addition, schoolbooks induce children not
to fear dying by teaching that death is predetermined and that Martyrdom is
better than any other death: "The Moslem sacrifices himself for his belief
and wages Jihad [Holy War] for Allah. He is not swayed, for he knows that
the date of his death has been predetermined and that his death as a Martyr
on the field of battle is preferable to death in his bed&"

Yet another example is a film clip of a wholesome Palestinian boy bidding
goodbye to his parents as, unbeknownst to them, he plans eagerly to become
a Martyr that very day. The clip, portraying him bicycling to school and
the like, was shown on PA television nearly every day last year, sometimes
thrice a day.

Joseph's Tomb in Shechem has not been forgotten. Eight Breslover Hassidim
who tried to enter the site last night, despite previous IDF warnings, were
detained by Shomron area police. The eight, including seven minors, were
taken out of the area after IDF soldiers chased them down. They were
released with restrictions, and were served with orders banning them from
the Shomron. The police announced again that such entries are dangerous
for both those who enter and the soldiers stationed in the area.

3. Message From Yoash, King Of Judah
An inscribed stone tablet from the time of Yehoash, King of Judah, has
apparently been discovered on the Temple Mount. The black stone tablet,
containing ten lines of Phoenician script, describes activities carried out
by King Yehoash in the First Temple some 2,700 years ago.

The inscription corresponds to the biblical account as recorded in Kings II
12, including King Yehoash's call to the Cohanim (priests) to collect money
from the public for the purpose of renovating the Temple. The inscription
details the purchase of wood and "quarried stones," and includes part of a
Biblical passage recounting the event.

Nadav Shragai of Haaretz revealed the news of the discovery, and the fact
that Israels Geological Institute has found that the stone is not a
forgery. The archaeological community is still awaiting further proof that
the find is genuine. Archaeologist Dr. Gabi Barkai said, however, that if
it is authentic, it is perhaps the most important artifact ever uncovered
in the annals of archeology in the Land of Israel and Jerusalem.He said
that it would be the earliest known tablet precisely recounting a Biblical
event, constituting rare evidence of the existence of the First Temple,
which stood on the Temple Mount for over 400 years from the time of King
Solomon until its destruction by Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar.

The stone tablet was analyzed for one year by Israel's Geological
Institute, which found that, geologically at least, the tablet could date
back to the time of the First Temple. Sources at the Institute say that it
would be impossible for the Institute's experts not to recognize a forgery
based on the extensive tests that were performed on the stone. A research
paper detailing the Institute's findings is to be published in two weeks.

The tablet was uncovered during the illegal construction work by the Moslem
Waqf on the Temple Mount. Ironically, the purpose of the Waqfs excavations
is to erase all Jewish remains on the Temple Mount Judaisms holiest site,
currently the site of a Moslem mosque.

After its discovery, the tablet was apparently sold to an Arab antiquities
collector in Israel, represented by Atty. Yitzchak Herzog. Herzog served as
Cabinet Secretary under Prime Minister Ehud Barak and is currently a
candidate for the Knesset on the Labor party list. The Arab collector
offered to sell it to the Israel Museum, but museum officials, doubting its
authenticity, refused to purchase it.










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Subject: Jerusalem News-177

Stone tablet with inscription from Book of Kings being studied

The Associated Press Jan. 13, 2003

Israeli geologists said Monday they have examined a stone tablet detailing
repair plans for the Jewish Temple of King Solomon that, if authenticated,
would be a rare piece of physical evidence confirming biblical narrative.

The find, whose origin is murky, is about the size of a legal pad, with a
15-line inscription in ancient Hebrew that strongly resembles descriptions
in the Bible's Book of Kings.

It could also strengthen Jewish claims to a disputed holy site in
Jerusalem's Old City that is now home to two major mosques.

Muslim clerics insist, despite overwhelming archaeological evidence, that
no Jewish shrine ever stood at the site. That claim was made by Palestinian
officials in failed negotiations with Israel in 2000 over who would be
sovereign there.

The origin of the stone tablet is unclear, making it difficult to establish

The Israeli daily Haaretz on Monday quoted an unidentified source as saying
it was uncovered in recent years, during renovations carried out by the
Muslim administrators of the mosque compound known to Muslims as the Haram
as-Sharif, or Noble Sanctuary, and to Jews as the Temple Mount.

From there, it reached a major antiquities collector in Jerusalem, Haaretz
said. The Holy Land has a thriving trade in antiquities, often operating on
the edge of the law.

The sandstone tablet has a 15-line inscription in ancient Hebrew that
resembles descriptions in Kings II, 12:1-6, 11-17, said Israel's Geological
Survey, which examined the artifact. The words refer to King Joash, who
ruled the area 2,800 years ago.

In it, the king tells priests to take "holy money ... to buy quarry stones
and timber and copper and labor to carry out the duty with faith." If the
work is completed well, "the Lord will protect his people with blessing,"
reads the last sentence of the inscription.

The Jerusalem collector has declined to come forward, and David Zailer, a
lawyer for the collector, would not say where the tablet was found or give
any further details.

Gabriel Barkai, a biblical archaeologist, said the collector asked the
Israel Museum to determine the authenticity of the inscription and was told
the museum's experts could not rule out a forgery. The Israel Museum
declined comment Monday.

The collector then took the tablet to Israel's Geological Institute, whose
experts studied it over the past year. "Our findings show that it is
authentic," said Shimon Ilani, who performed geological tests on the
inscription. Carbon dating confirms the writing goes back to the 9th
century B.C., he said.

In the outer layer, Ilani and his colleagues found microscopic flecks of
gold that could have been burnt into the stone when a building containing
both the tablet and gold objects was destroyed.

This could mean the tablet was actually part of Solomon's Temple, which was
destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 B.C., said Amos Bean, director of the

"These specks of gold are not natural material, but a sign of human
activity," said Bean. "They could be from gold-plated objects in the home
of a very rich man, or a temple. ... It's hard to believe that anyone would
know how to do these things to make it look real."

The stone itself was probably from the Dead Sea area and was originally
whiter than its current dark gray, Bean said.

Hershel Shanks, editor of the Washington-based Biblical Archaeology Review,
said the tablet, if authentic, would be "visual, tactile evidence that
reaches across 2,800 years."

Barkai said the inscription's resemblance to biblical passages "has
far-reaching implications of the historical importance of the biblical text."

Several other inscriptions excavated in recent years refer to characters or
events from the Bible. A stone inscription found in northern Israel
includes the phrase "house of David." Most experts consider this to be the
first ancient writing outside the Bible that refers to King David or the
Davidic line of kings, which has corroborated the basic history of the
Hebrew Scriptures.

Adnan Husseini, the director of the Islamic Trust that administers the
Jerusalem mosque compound, denied Monday the tablet was found during
renovation work there.

In recent years, the Islamic Trust has turned an underground vault in the
compound into a large prayer area, prompting complaints by Israeli
archaeologists that important artifacts are being destroyed. At one point,
the archaeologists said truckloads of soil from the holy site were dumped
uninspected into the nearby Kidron Valley.

The mosque compound is Islam's third-holiest site, while the adjacent
Western Wall, the last remnant of the second Jewish Temple compound, is
Judaism's holiest site. Most rabbis ban Jews from entering the Temple Mount
for religious purity reasons.

When Israel conquered east Jerusalem in the 1967 Mideast war, it permitted
Muslim clergy to continue administering the hilltop area to avoid conflict
with the Muslim world.

The mystery surrounding the stone tablet, its murky origins, appearance on
the private antiquities market and a collector unwilling to come forward,
mirrors the controversy over an inscription on an ancient burial box that
may be the oldest archaeological link to Jesus.

The burial box, or ossuary, had the inscription, "James, son of Joseph,
brother of Jesus," leading some to believe it was used to store the remains
of James, the brother of Jesus of Nazareth. Other experts said the
inscription might be a forgery.

This article can also be read at

Copyright 1995-2003 The Jerusalem Post -

>From: Abir
>Subject: The Tablet: AP/MSNBC Photo




















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Subject: Jerusalem News-178

Jerusalem News-178
1. Arutz Sheva
A.The Rabbi And The Yehoash Tablet
B. First Israeli In Space, Son Of Auschwitz Survivor
C. Converts To Christianity In Fear Of Death From P.A.''

2. More Exciting Information About the King Jehoash Inscription

3. More Important Information

1. Arutz Sheva
Tuesday, January 14, 2003 / 11 Shevat 5763
A. The Rabbi And The Yehoash Tablet
The news of the Temple Mount discovery of an inscribed stone tablet from
the time of Yehoash, King of Judah, continues to make waves. The
archaeological community is skeptical as to the tablet's authenticity. "The
fact that the tablet was not revealed to the public in its archaeological
context," Dr. Eilat Mazar told Arutz-7 today, "but rather in the
antiquities market, means that the burden of proof, beyond any shadow of a
doubt, is on those who claim that it is authentic."

Israel's Geological Institute, on the other hand, has carried out
exhaustive tests showing that the stone is not a forgery. The artifact was
found to have suffered fire damage, which could be confirmation of its
presence in the Temple when Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar set the holy
site aflame, as recorded in the Bible. The geologists feel, based on the
materials covering the tablet, that it was buried some 500-600 years after
it was written.

The tablet's ten lines of Phoenician script, written in the first-person,
are an account of the renovations King Yehoash carried out in the Temple.

Rabbi Yaakov Meidan, a Bible lecturer from Alon Shvut in Gush Etzion, told
Arutz-7 today that he has "hope in my heart that it's authentic, partly
based on the tests that were done, and partly based on my knowledge of
those who are denying its authenticity... It could be that they're right,
but many times they simply don't allow the facts to confuse their theories.
In general, there are important streams among the archaeologists who are
trying to deny the Bible... while people like me, who are always striving
for a 'meeting' with reality - in this case, between the scientific reality
and the Biblical verses - certainly see this as a very welcome discovery."

Arutz-7's Haggai Segal: "This seems like something that you dreamt of

Rabbi Meidan: "Let's say that I get along even without it, but it certainly
is a point for our team."

A-7: "Yehoash describes here a project of renovating the Temple, what he
did and how he raised the money. Does this square with that which is
written in the Book of Kings?"

Rabbi Meidan: "Very much so. It also puts some light on something that
doesn't appear in the Book of Kings, but that can tell us something about
the personality of King Yehoash that becomes apparent later in Chronicles
II [where the King's sins are recounted], showing a slight bit - 'an eighth
of an eighth' - of arrogance... Yehoash's life can be divided into two
parts: when his mentor Yehoyada the Prophet was alive, and after Yehoyada's
death, when Yehoash strayed from the path..."

A-7: "How can you explain that this tablet, which was written some 2,800
years ago, managed to be found at the Temple Mount, which was the site of
the destruction of two Temples? How did it last there?"

Rabbi Meidan: "I assume that if we excavate effectively, and if they [the
Waqf] allow us to do it, then we will yet find many many things, such as
the exact location of the Holy of Holies... It's too bad that this item had
to be found via the destructive [works of the Waqf]."

A-7: "What is the most dramatic find that we can expect? The Menorah, or
the broken Tablets of the Law, or what?"

Rabbi Meidan: "I'll tell you what is the most important to me: to find the
placement of the Altar, for as Maimonides said, the Altar is in a precise
spot and is never moved, and this will be an important step towards knowing
the exact placement of the Temple and the Holy of Holies."

A-7: "Do you not fear that because of the Waqf works, these findings may
have been destroyed?"

Rabbi Meidan: "I certainly fear that this may be the case, and I am even
sure that this is what is going on. This is their purpose, to wipe out all
vestiges of Jewish presence and bonds to this site, and they [Moslem
officials] even say so outright. This is also why they have made up this
idea of Moslem sanctity that forbids Jews to enter these sites - something
that never was before. They are afraid of the moment that we will arrive,
and find things, and thus retake hold of this area in a manner from which
there can be no return."

B. First Israeli In Space, Son Of Auschwitz Survivor
Israel Air Force Col. Ilan Ramon will become the first Israeli astronaut in
space when lifts off on Thursday on the Columbia space shuttle. Ramon will
carry with him a pencil sketch of the Earth as seen from the moon, drawn by
a 14-year-old boy who died in the Holocaust.

Ramon's mother survived Auschwitz, the same Nazi concentration camp where
the young artist, Peter Ginz of Prague, was murdered in 1944. "I know my
flight is very symbolic for the people of Israel, especially the Holocaust
survivors," said Ramon. "Because I was born in Israel, many people will see
this as a dream come true."

Though not religiously observant, Ramon asked to take the first kosher food
into space. To that end, NASA found an Illinois company that vacuum packs
kosher products for hikers and campers.

Ramon also plans to mark the Sabbath with special prayers, if time permits.
He had originally asked a Halakhic [Jewish legal] question as to how to do
so, since astronauts, speeding around the planet at five miles per second,
see the sun set every 90 minutes. By that reckoning, there would be at
least two Sabbaths in every 24-hour period. The answer he received was that
he should rely on Mission Control's ground-based clock.

The first Jew in space was Judith Resnick, who made her first space flight
in 1984. She died aboard the doomed Challenger flight in 1986.

C. Converts To Christianity In Fear Of Death From P.A.
Two brothers, former residents of the Palestinian Authority-controlled
areas who converted from Islam to Christianity, are now in Israel. They
have thus found refuge from possible "death sentences" in the PA - but the
question is for how long.

WorldNetDaily.Com reports that one of the brothers, Nasser Salam, was an
active member of Arafat's Fatah organization when he converted - leading to
his imprisonment and torture. One of the brothers faces a death sentence,
but somehow they escaped into areas under Israeli jurisdiction, which
issued them 30-day permits.

2. More Exciting Information About the King Jehoash Inscription
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 18:31:22 +0200
From: Temple Mount Faithful <gershon@t...>
Subject: More Exciting Information About the King Jehoash Inscription Found on
the Temple Mount
More Exciting Information About the King Jehoash Inscription Found on the
Temple Mount

The Israeli Geological Institute Publishes Pictures of the Stone and
Officially Confirms its Authenticity


The Israeli Geological Institute yesterday officially published the results
of the research relating to the King Jehoash inscription which was
discovered on the Temple Mount together with pictures of the stone and the
inscription. The Institute confirmed in this publication that the
inscription is completely authentic based on very strong evidence. The
Institute officially confirmed that the inscription was written by King
Jehoash of Judah and that it describes the repairs to the First Temple as
recorded in 2Kings12. This confirms the Biblical description. Also
yesterday, famous experts from various areas of expertise (archaeology,
history, linguistics, Biblical linguistics and an expert on the history of
the inscription) who checked the inscription confirmed its authenticity.

The head of the Israeli geological Institute, Dr. Amos Bain, and the
researchers, Dr. Shimon Ilani, Dr. Amnon Rosenveldt and Michael Dvorchik,
stated yesterday that many small pieces of charcoal that were found
encrusted on the stone and on the inscription were checked in the
laboratories of BRD in Florida, USA who confirmed the dating. The head of
the Institute and the researchers yesterday presented 5 basic proofs
confirming the authenticity of the inscription:

1. The patina on and inside the letters is identical with the
composition of the encrustation in-between the letters and in the crack.
The encrustation is also very firmly and naturally attached to the stone.

2. Many minute pieces which make up the encrustation are identical
to those of the stone itself.

3. In some examples of the encrustation which is over the tablet
and the inscription specks of pure gold were found which came from the
burning of the Temple which is described by the prophet Jeremiah.

4. In some of the letters the edge of the letter is not sharp but

5. If the patina on the inscription and the stone had been taken
from another place and stuck onto the tablet, the letters of the
inscription and the crack, it would be very difficult to hide the fraud
because the chemical composition and the components of the glue to affix it
would be very easily identified in the laboratory.

The archaeologist, Dr Gabbi Barkai, yesterday checked the pictures and the
results of the Geological Institute and confirmed the authenticity of the
inscription. He stated that the letters are authentic ancient Hebrew and
very similar to those used on the Moabite Stone. He said that the text and
form of the letters is very good and the confirmation of the Geological
Institute makes the case for its authenticity even stronger.

The discovery of the inscription caused great excitement in Israel. Many
people were moved by the fact that it was discovered on the Temple Mount
and was a part of the First Temple and of the unique time at which it was
found which is the end-time of redemption of Israel and the Temple itself.
People feel that the timing is no accident and that it is a clear message
from the Gd of Israel Himself that time is short, the Temple should
immediately be rebuilt and Mashiach ben David is soon to come. People in
Israel are also excited by the way in which this important and holy
inscription was found and brought to the attention of the public.

The stone with the inscription was found by the Arabs during their
excavations on the Temple Mount when their goal was to destroy any evidence
of the Jewish identity of the Temple Mount so that they started to claim
that the Temple Mount is not a Jewish site and not the location of the
Temple and that it is only an Islamic site. However, Gd did to them what He
did to Balaam who came to curse Israel and ended up blessing Israel. The
same happened here with the inscription of King Jehoash. They wanted to
curse Israel by the diggings and destruction of the Jewish identity on the
Temple Mount but Gd handled it so specially when He caused them to find
this holy stone and inscription which is such an exciting and clear
evidence that the Temple Mount is the location of the Temple and a very
Jewish site.

Gd promised Abraham and his seed, Israel, I will bless those who bless you
and I will curse those who curse you.This message should be learnt by
everyone in the world who is trying to fight and challenge the Gd and
people of Israel especially the Arab enemies of Israel who are today trying
to fight and to destroy the Gd and people of Israel. It is so sad that they
do not learn from the experience of so many powers and nations who have
tried to do the same down through history. Under the judgement of Gd they
have completely disappeared from the platform of history. It is so sad for
them that they do not even learn from their own experience and from the
history of their battles against the Gd and people of Israel. Who can fight
and challenge the Almighty Gd of Israel and His decision and determination
of thousands of years to protect and take care of His people, Israel, and
the holy land that He gave to them in an eternal covenant?

The Temple Mount is still filled with the remains and holy items from the
temple. We warn the barbaric Arab enemy on the Temple Mount not to even try
to touch or destroy them. Both day and night the eyes, heart and attention
of the Gd of Israel are on His people and on His land that He gave to
Israel, Jerusalem and the most holy site in the world, the Temple Mount as
He promised in His Word. It would be better for them to be careful and fear
the anger of Gd and his judgment upon them. The Gd of Israel advises them
to leave the Temple Mount alone and to remove themselves from the holy site
of Gd and His Temple. He is determined to rebuild the Temple and He will
not allow any of His enemies to stop His determined intention to rebuild
the Temple for Israel and all the world.


In Gd we trust.

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Jerusalem News-180
1. Bronze Age Discovery in Austria
2. Arutz-7 News: Sunday
3. Arutz-7 News: Monday,
4. Books now available

1. Bronze Age Discovery in Austria
Huge Bronze Age haul found in Austria

Europe's biggest-ever discovery of Bronze Age weapons and jewellery has
been made in Austria.

Archaeologists believe the hoard could prove Bronze Age Europe rivaled
Greece in terms of early society and technology.

The scientists from the University of Innsbruck and the Austrian National
Memorial Office have so far found 360 pieces buried at the side of a
crevice in Moosbruckschrofen am Piller in Tyrol.

It is thought they were laid there as part of a ritual offering sometime
between 1550 and 1250 BC.

As well as swords, axes, spearheads, sickles and jewellery the historians
also found part of a bronze helmet.

It is thought the helmet could be one of the earliest such finds, Austrian
Broadcasting Company ORF reported.

The only other helmet thought to be from the 14th or 13th century BC was
one that had been discovered on Crete, which the experts say is of a
totally different sort.

2. Arutz-7 News: Sunday
January 19, 2003 / Shvat 16, 5763
The murder of Netanel [Nati] Ozeri in his home while enjoying his Sabbath
meal with his family on Friday night is a many-faceted tragedy, which has
still not ended as we go to press.

Kiryat Arba Mayor Tzvi Katzover told Arutz-7 today what happened in the
course of the terrorist attack as the Ozeri family, including five
children, and their two guests, were concluding their meal on Hilltop 26
outside Kiryat Arba:
"The terrorist knocked on the door and called out with a French
accent, leading everyone in the house to think that it was the security
coordinator of Kiryat Arba [who hails from France]. Despite this, Nati was
suspicious; he told his two guests to get their guns ready, and he himself
drew his gun as he went to the door - but the French accent apparently
fooled him, and he opened the door without asking again who it was. The
terrorists shot and killed him on the spot..."

Medic Uri Karzen of Hevron, who was alerted to the incident - his fourth
such Friday night call in the past six weeks - told Arutz-7's Eli Stutz
that at this point, the two guests showed incredible bravery:
"The mother took her five children into a side room, while one of the two
guests - they had come around from the back - jumped on the two
terrorists. One of the terrorists was holding an M-16 rifle, and the other
was holding a pistol and an axe. Yechezkel [one of the guests] managed to
pin down one terrorist, whom was shot and killed by the other guest,
Elchanan. The second terrorist fired off a few shots, then ran and hid
behind a car, and Elchanan fired through the car, and apparently wounded
the terrorist, but he ran away. Yechezkel took three bullets in his
leg..." Security forces later found and killed the second terrorist.

The terrorists' victim, Nati Ozeri, was a leader in the Hevron community in
terms of both settlement and Torah study/teaching. A teacher at the
Yeshiva of the Jewish Idea in Jerusalem, he moved out of Kiryat Arba a
number of years ago to settle the hills around the city. His close friend,
Noam Federman, said Netanel was "a courageous man, a hero, a person who
knew literature and how to write& He was an interesting and unusual
combination, the type of person who stood out as a leader. He was a man of
Torah and a man of action." Federman noted that Netanel not only
established new settlement outposts and interested youths in settling
there, he also made sure to teach them Torah in a regular schedule. He is
survived by his wife Livnat and five children, ranging in age from 1.5 to 11.

In a special planting ceremony today, the day after Tu B'Shvat [Jewish
Arbor Day], 721 saplings were planted in Jerusalem - in memory of the 721
victims of Palestinian terror in the 28-month old Oslo War. The trees were
planted in the Britain Forest, and were sponsored by the Lev Malka
association, the Jerusalem Municipality, the Jewish Agency, Israel Electric
Company, and the Jewish National Fund. Some 1,200 terror-victim family
members took part in the ceremony.

3. Arutz-7 News: Monday,
Jan. 20, 2003 / Shvat 17, 5763
Following the well-publicized find of a stone tablet from the period of
Judean King Yehoash - 2,800 years ago - and contrary to the determination
of Israel's Geological Institute, two Israeli experts now say that the
tablet is probably a fake. Well-known Jewish artifacts collector Shlomo
Musayoff told Arutz-7's Shimon Cohen that he believes the stone tablet with
Phoenician writing describing the King's Temple activities is a
fraud. Artifacts researcher and dealer Robert Deutsch agrees, saying that
the forgery is "embarrassingly poor."

Musayoff qualified his statement by saying that he cannot be absolutely
sure that the find is a fake. Still and all, he believes that the stone
tablet was produced by a five-member gang of forgers, including the Arab
"owner," a Jew, a historian specializing in the period in question, someone
who can imitate the "style" of writing of the period, and the
engraver. Musayoff said that geological labs can make contradictory
determinations, and that their findings should not be given too much
weight. No comment has yet been received from the Geological Institute.

Mt. Hermon, on the northern Golan Heights mountain range, has been closed
to visitors, in light of the heavy snow falling in the region. The highest
point in Israel, Mt. Hermon is a popular site for winter skiers, and a
well-known hiking region during the rest of the year.

The rains of last night and today are expected to continue throughout the
country almost the entire week. The Kinneret, Israel's largest reservoir
and a barometer of the country's water supply, currently stands at 213.89
meters below sea level - a climb of over a half-meter, or 90 million cubic
meters of water, since the beginning of the rains two months ago.

4. Books now available
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Yair Davidiy
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