Genesis; Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Hosea, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Zechariah, Malachi; Israelites to be most powerful and richest nation in the world; an enormously populous multitude; control all major strategic points; Enemies of Judah to be punished; Restoration of the Kingdom and Temple; Union of Judah and Joseph; Conquest of the Land; World Reform; A Light to the Nations

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A Biblical Commentary Courtesy of Brit-Am

This present series of articles will present a Summary of the Bible, book by book. We will be emphasizing Brit-Am Identification Points. It will be seen how the Bible identifies as the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel peoples who dwell in the west of Europe or who derived from them. These points will be presented in summary form but they who are interested will be able to examine each and every one of them in depth in our regular Brit-Am Biblical Commentaries. Before presenting a summary of each and every book the Notes below in a few words present the salient features of Prophecy in each Book from the Brit-Am point-of-view. These very brief nutshell summarisations are of interest and could be useful by way of introduction, revision, or memorisation.

All of us for all kinds of reasons, justifiably or not, are pressured for time.
Nevertheless, this subject is VERY VERY IMPORTANT.
It could be worthwhile for all of us to return to these nutshell slogan-type summaries once a month, one a week or once a day. It is worth our while. Most of the references are obvious. Some need a basic familiarization with Brit-Am Literature and/or with Brit-Am articles on this site.

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Numbers in brackets (..) below refer to
Chapter Numbers.

Pentateuch (Chomesh):
The First Five Books of the Bible Written by Moses

A great and mighty nation (18); a blessing to other nations (12,18,22,28); extremely numerous (15,22,28); Kings (17); Gates of his enemies (22,24); Abraham-Isaac-Jacob (Israel); Ephraim:  Aristocracy (41); Manasseh: Representative Representation (41) and Machir-America-Capitalism (50). Joseph receives right of firstborn: Ephraim and Manasseh (48).
Individual Tribes (49):
Joseph: John Bull.
Benjamin: Wolf (Daci, Normans).
Reuben:  French Characteristics.
Simeon: Semoni (Welsh)
Judah and Levi: Jews; Law.
Issachar:  Commission (Swiss)
Zebulon: Sabalingoi, Sea-Shore Dwelling (Holland)
Gad: Goths (Sweden) (49)
Dan:  Snake Trail of Dan-Names.
Naphtali: Naphtalite Huns, Norway

Hyksos (Milesians, Irish) (1); Splitting of Sea (14) (Anglo-Saxon symbol)

Mosaic Law (Scotland, Ireland)

Tribal Banners (2);  70 Tribal Clans (26);
Many Waters; Lion, Unicorn; Naval Power; Worldwide Dominance (23, 24)

Decimal Division of Society (1);
Tribal Blessings (33):
Joseph: Lion and Unicorn; Mineral and Agricultural Bounty (33)
Dan: Lion; Bashan (Bassilia-Scandinavia);
Asher: Oil (North Sea)(33)


Judah and Ephraim will no longer be antagonistic towards each other; Together they shall defeat their enemies and expel the Palestinians in planes (11); the exiles will be ingathered (11); Exiles will be in the west (24:3), islands, and at the Ends of the Earth and best locations thereon (49); Cyrus a Prototype of Joseph (44,45); Brit-Am, Australia (42,49); Judah Reluctant to accept Ten Tribes and to believe in their Israelite identity (49).

Judah will bring Ten Tribes back from the North and elsewhere (3, 50); Lost Ten Tribes "Divorced"; Christians-Notsrim (31); Aegel, bull-calf (31); Megalithic Migration path (31).

First Ingathering, then Reform (11); Judah NEEDS Return of Ten Tribes (16); Two Trees (branches) Re-union (37); Rebuilding of Temple (43); Distribution of Greater Land of Israel amongst the Tribes and to the stranger who dwells with us (47).

Lost Ten Tribes will lose knowledge of own identity and link up with Gomer (1,2); confuse God with Baal (2,13); Numerous and rich (2). Ephraim in the West (11,12). Judah remains faithful with aspects of the Holy whereas Ephraim does not (11).

All the nations of the world, especially from the North, shall come against Judah but God will save them. God will put HIS spirit into the Children of Israel and inspire them (2).

Joseph will suffer from and later take revenge from Edom and other nations; Lost Ten Tribes in Zerefat meaning the West especially France, Britain, Holland, and the North.

The term "Hebrew" is synonymous with Israelite. The British "Celts" called themselves Hebrews and worshipped baal.

Ruler from Beth-Lehem (House of David) over Judah; Ephraim a lion devouring the nations and taking revenge from Assyria (5); Inheritance of Bashan and Gilead (7).

Israel will destroy Assyria in revenge for the destruction Assyria wrought in Israel.

Babylon is Edom and kinred nations (Europe) who will be destroyed along with the forces of Midian and Cushan (Islam).

Judah will inherit the Philistines (Palestinians) of Canaan who will entirely disappear (1,2). The Lost Ten Tribes from beyond the Rivers of Cush (3) meaning South Africa and North America will return.

The Temple will be rebuilt. The heathen will be punished if they do not repent.

Gentile Enemies and Persecutors of Judah to be punished severely (1); Judah acknowledged by his religion (8,12); Military union of Judah and Ephraim (9,10); Ephraim returns to Lebanon and Gilead (10).

Tribal Identification in latter days and acknowledgement of ancestry, Elijah (3); Law of Moses to be remembered (3).

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