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Isaiah Prophecies: Vast Numbers; Destruction; Repentance; Ends of the Earth; Island; Rule over other Peoples; Return to the Land; Reunion of Judah and Joseph; Expulsion of Palestinians; Messiah son of David



A Biblical Commentary Courtesy of Brit-Am

The Book of Isaiah like all of Scripture is directed primarily to the nation of Israel. Israel as a nation is divided into two sections: Judah, i.e. the Jews, and Joseph meaning the Lost Ten Tribes. 
We have divided our Summary of Isaiah into two sections:
(a) Highlights of Brit-Am from the point of view of the Lost Ten Tribes.
(b) A general summarization of Isaiah by chapters.

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ISAIAH: Brit-Am Highlights
            Isaiah spoke of the division between Israel (The Lost Ten Tribes) and Judah (7:17-18) (8:8). In Isaiah 7:17 the division is referred to as the worst calamity that ever overcame the Children of Israel. Isaiah also recalls situations in which the various sections of Israel will be opposed to each other:
Isaiah predicted that in the Last days only a few would survive and that disasters would occur: 
BE AS THE SAND OF THE SEA: Descendants of Israel will be exceedingly numerous towards the end times.
DESTRUCTION: A great calamity may take place. Only a few may survive. Likewise, Zechariah (13:6-9) indicates that two-thirds of the people will perish. The remnant will be saved and reconciled with God. The exiles of Israel who were taken to Assyria, Egypt, Pathros, Cush, Elam, Shinar, Hamath, and the Isles of the Sea (and from there moved to other regions) will return (Isaiah 11:11).
Isaiah foresaw the re-unification and ingathering of THE OUTCASTS OF ISRAEL, AND GATHER THE DISPERSED OF JUDAH FROM THE FOUR CORNERS OF THE EARTH (11:12). The northern Tribes were cast out to specific regions and stayed together whereas the Jews of Judah were dispersed all over the world.
There will be an end to anti-Semitism on the part of Ephraim and fiction with Judah:
THEY [i.e. Judah and Ephraim together, see verse 11:13] WILL CAUSE THE PALESTINIANS TO BE FLOWN AWAY TO THE WEST (11:14 Isaiah). Judah and Ephraim together will plunder the peoples of the east, defeat and subdue certain European nations such as Edom, Moab, and Ammon (11:14). The Return will be accompanied by great miracles (11:15).
Isaiah prophesied before and during the exile of the House of Israel. He described the exile of the northern tribes and the land of Israel being completely emptied out (24:3). The exiles would be taken to the west (24:14) where they are exhorted to glorify God from the fires in the Isles of the Sea (24:15) meaning in the Isles of Britain:
Isaiah says that the nation will be increased greatly and be removed unto the ends of the earth (24:16, 26:15) meaning the geographical extremities of the world such as Britain, North America, Scandinavia, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Those who had been exiled by the Assyrians and were lost together with those (of Judah) taken captive to Egypt will return with the blowing of a great shofar. The returnees will worship God in the Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem. (27:13). Isaiah described the drunkards of Ephraim (28:1). The Lost Tribes will not be familiar with Hebrew and will speak with another tongue (28:11). They will be in islands (41:1), in the best places (translated in the KJ as chief men), at the ends of the earth (41:8-9). The Lost Ten Tribes (42:6) in the islands will become A COVENANT OF THE PEOPLE in Hebrew a Brit-Am. They will be a Light to the Gentiles meaning a civilizing influence. From the end of the earth and the isles they will be sea-goers (42:10). The enemies of Israel, including those of the Lost Ten Tribes, in their places of Exile are the enemies of God Almighty (42:13). The exiles are fulfilling the purpose of God in this world and even though they do not recognize it and are blind to it they are also His servants and HIS messenger (Isaiah 42:19).
            Egypt shall be subjected to Israel. Cush (translated as Ethiopia but also applicable according to the Aramaic translation and related tradition to India and its neighborhood) and Black Africa (Seba) will be yours.
            Isaiah (43:3) predicted that Cush (India) and Seba (Black Africa) would be subjected to Israel. Isaiah (44:28) mentioned the name of Cyrus even though he prophesied close to 200 years before his time. God calls to his "annointed" Cyrus (45:1) [see the Brit-Am Commentary in full. This verse is not addressed primarily to Cyrus but to the Ten Tribes in Exile.]. God will prepare the way before him and give him the treasures of darkness and riches of secret places (45:2-3). Jacob is the servant of God. He is called "Jacob" (Yank, Union Jack, Jock) even though he is niot aware of its meaning (45:4). The God of Israel  looked after Jacob even thoiugh Jacob did not know him (45:5). He shall rebuilt the city and release the Captives who belong to the Almighty. In the future Joseph will be instrumental in the Restoration of Judah (45:13). This was fulfilled by the British and Americans (45:14). The Prophecies of Isaiah concerning Cyrus on the whole refer to the Lost Tribes as we have explained. Whatever passes (Hebrew "yigia" translated as LABOUR but really meaning "come unto") via Egypt, and the merchandise of Cush (India not "Ethiopia" as translated in the King James), shall be yours and the tall Sabaean African Negroes will pass over unto you in chains (Isaiah 45:14). In the end they will acknowledge that God is with you. There is no other (Isaiah 43:3 and 45:14 and the verses around them). Isaiah (43:5-6) said that the exiles would be ingathered from the east and west, north, and south, and from the ends of the earth. Only the English-speaking nations have fulfilled these prophecies as they were written. Only they received the Promises.
Isaiah  speaks of the Isles (49:1), of raising up the Tribes of Jacob (49:6), and of the preserved of Israel who will be a light unto the Gentiles and bring salvation unto the end of the earth. The flag of Britain is called the UNION JACK (i.e. union or covenant of Jacob) and the nickname YANKEE for North American derives from a form of the name Jacob.
 The God of Israel hides Himself (45:15 See our commentary and the book "Ephraim" for more details on these matters).  They who make idols shall be ashamed but Israel will be saved (45:16-17). Israel was called to come out of the nations, not worship the wood of an idol nor pray to a god that cannot save (45:20). True Prophecy is to be found only in the Israelite Bible besides whom there can be none other (45:21). God is calling to Israel to return and worship HIM (45:22).
God hides HIMSELF amongst His people including the Lost Tribes of Israel (45:15). God has not made Himself unavailable to the seed of Jacob, just the opposite (45:19). They who are escaped from  among the nations are to assemble together and reject their idolatrous beliefs (45:20). God is calling to Israel to return and worship HIM (45:22). By returning to God all the Seed of Israel shall be justified and find glory (45:25).
Isaiah describes the destruction of Babylon (46:1). God is not a mortal and not subject to mortal restraints. He can help us always. He has no limitations. He can make up for the limitations we have or acquire (46:4). Money can be important yet it is only a means. Like strength, youth, and life itself, it should be seen only as a means to fulfil the tasks God through life places upon us (46:6). Isaiah (chapter 46) spoke of the fall of the gods of Babylon. Chapter 47 speaks of the fall of the people. God was angry at Judah his people. The Babylonians took advantage and did not show them what mercy they could have done, therefore they will be punished (47:6). All your scientists will not help you, Babylon (47:13). The present State of Israel which is however primarily comprised of Judah is condemned (48:1-2). Judah will be punished but not completely. God will have mercy on Judah for the sake of His Name that is called upon Judah (48:3-11). Both Jacob (the Lost Ten Tribes) and Israel (usually the Ten Tribes but when juxtaposed with Jacob meaning Judah) are called upon to acknowledge the Almighty (48:12). Babylon will be punished (48:14) but before then may yet cause harm to Israel (48:20). The Isles are called upon to listen to God (49:1). Israel is the servant of God (49:3). Israel will raise up the Tribes of Jacob and restore the preserved of Israel, to be an enlightening influence on the Gentiles unto the geographical extremities of the earth (49:6). In an aside Isaiah refers to the Jews of Judah who were despised in their places of exile. God calls to the Jews who were despised and says HE will save them (49:7). In the last days princes will give the Jews honor and bow down to them because, no matter what they may have done or failed to do, they remained essentially faithful to the God of Israel.
Isaiah says (49:8) that the exiled of Israel will be preserved and become a covenant of people (in Hebrew a Brit-Am), who will establish the world and civilize wasted heritages. They will use released prisoners to colonize these heritages (49:9), as the British did at first in North America and Australia. They shall return from the north and from the west, and from the land of Sinim. The Land of Sinim is rendered as Australia. They will converge together along their paths of migration (49:9).
            Isaiah (49:13) again turns to Judah who feels forgotten (49:14). God will return and comfort Judah and recompense him for all the troubles that passed over them and greatly increase his population (49:18-20). When Judah sees the Israelites returning (49:21) he will ask, Where did these come from? I was alone and persecuted, and driven from country to country.  According to the Midrash (Pesikta Rabati 32;10) this reaction of the Jews will indeed take place WHEN THEY SEE THE THREE EXILES OF THE LOST TEN TRIBES RETURNING! (49:21).
Isaiah returns to speak of the comforting of Judah and says that those who oppressed the Jews had in effect denied the existence of the LORD God of Israel (49:26). Judah has not been disowned.  Judah was not divorced and is still obligated by the Law. Jeremiah spoke of the Lost Ten Tribes being divorced (Jeremiah 3:8). Even so in the Last Days God will say that HE never really divorced either Judah or Israel. They always belong to the Almighty and each in their own way had their task to fulfil (50:1). In the same way that God punishes or afflicts so too can He bestow blessings.  Do good and ultimately good will come unto you some how or other. The good will come in the form you yourself would prefer if you knew all the options and were aware of all your culpabilities (50:2). Judah was forced to become passive and bear affliction in Exile (50:6). In the end, the justification for Judah comes from God (50:8).
They who seek righteousness are called upon to seek the Source (51:1), Abraham and Sarah (51:2). God will bless Zion and make her fertile (51:3).   THE ISLES (i.e. the Lost Ten Tribes) SHALL WAIT UPON ME? (51:5). Peoples and cultures that owed a lot to Jerusalem and all it stands for abandoned Jerusalem and  the Jewish people (51:8). The enemies who oppressed the Jews and Jerusalem will be requited and vengeance taken upon them (51:23). The Lost Ten Tribes are not keeping the faith of Moses nor are they acknowledging their true identity (52:4). As long as the Ten Tribes do not know of their origins and do not turn back to the God of Israel it is as if they were taken away.  For this reason  the name of God is blasphemed and people do not own up to the truth of the Bible (52:5). Israel is the servant of God (52:13). The Jews were despised and treated as sub-humans. People were astounded at the depths the Jews were reduced to (52:14). They will be astounded that they whom they had treated with such contempt had all along been the favored children of God Almighty (52:15).    The Jew sufffered due to other people. He was the first victim, the eternal scape-goat for the faults and misfortunes of others.
The Gentiles will admit that Judah was considered accursed yet his affliction was due to our imposing upon him the results of our own calamities (Isaiah 53:4). The Jew was punished for the sins of others (53:5). The Jew often succeeded in  dedicating himself to the Law when he could. When he was forced (by outsiders) or seduced  to abandon it he applied his energies in other directions: in jurisprudence, trade, science, philosophy, philanthropy. The Messiah shall come from Judah. The Jew has a natural instinct to reform things, to rectify the world. When the Jew is deprived of Torah this instinct can be misdirected. Sometimes it does good and on occasion it can do damage. Either way the Jew is hated by many Gentiles merely because he is active, is different and stands out.
The sins of others are transposed onto the Jew (53:11). In the Last Days Judah shall be rich and powerful and a great nation. Amongst the greatest that exist.
AND HE SHALL DIVIDE THE SPOIL WITH THE STRONG: Judah shall be a military might, an old lion who must dealt with carefully and with respect.
 AND HE WAS NUMBERED WITH THE TRANSGRESSORS; Jews were accused and  still are of all the sins under the sun and still more and of being ctriminals and controlling all the crime and mischief of the world.
 AND HE BARE THE SIN OF MANY, Not only was Judah made responsible for the sins of others but he also took upon himself to make retribution for the faults of others.
AND MADE INTERCESSION FOR THE TRANSGRESSORS. Jews champion the oppressed and seek to help whoever needs help even when those who are in need were the cause of their own downfall (53:12). Judah will return prior to the Ten Tribes and prepare the way for them. Judah will rebuild the waste places (54:3). God was angry but HE will yet have mercy (54:8). The art of enamelling can be traced from Israel and Phoenecia to the Celts of Britain and Anglo-Saxons with the same methods and the same styles. This appears to have been unqiue to these peoples (54:11). The Messiah will appear and he will be a descendant of David (55:3). We all need to repent and can do so and our repentance will be accepted (55:5-7). The descendants of non-Israelites who attach themselves with Israel will receive an inheritance alongside their fellow Israelites (55:6). All words of Prophecy will be fulfilled (55:11). Instead of a curse a blessing and a good life will come forth (55:13).
We are called upon to do justice (56:1). The Sabbath must be kept (56:2). The stranger who joins themself to Israel (Isaiah 56:3  cf. Ezekiel 47:22) will be counted as one of Israel (Isaiah 56:4-7). Isaiah 56:8 was understood to refer to the Order of Redemption: First Judah will be ingathered, then those who remain from the Lost Ten Tribes will be brought back by stages. The leaders of Israel mislead us (56:9), worry mainly about themselves (56:10-12) and cause righteousness to perish (57:1). They who are immoral in one direction will also be sinful in others. There is nothing romantic about evildoing (57:3). In ancient times Israelites killed children in human sacrifice. Nowadays we do the same through abortions (57:5). God will not keep quiet for ever nor overlook our transgressions for an eternity (57:6-11). Trust in God and you will be saved (57:13). They who endeavor to speak well to others, who radiate hope, good feelings, and a positive attitude will bring a blessing to the world and to themselves (57:19).  Jacob always seeks God (58:2) but our ways of worship and behavior are not acceptable to the Almighty (58:3-5) since social justice is lacking.  Charity begins at home (58:6-7). Do good and good will come unto you (58:8). The destroyed areas  of ancient times will be rebuilt. If you merit to participate in this then you are especially blessed (58:12). The Sabbath must be dedicated to God. We must take pleasure in this holy day (58:13) which is part of the Israelite heritage (58:14). God wants us to be heard by Him but our iniquities prevent it (59:2). Our present society breeds sin and oppression (59:7). Do you realize that tolerance for homosexuality means allowing children and the weak to be coerced into a way of life they would not chose if given the choice? That most women who have abortions do not really want to do so? The "liberal" permissive society is one of tyranny and oppression. THE WAY OF PEACE THEY KNOW NOT (59:8). Israel is sinning and evil (59:9-15). God will send a savior who by force of arm will establish righteousness (59:16-17). The saviour will establish his rulership over the islands and take vengeance from the sinful (59:18). The Name of God will be feared by those in the West (59:19). A redeemer shall come to Zion (59:20) [which in some contexts can connote Joseph, Midrash Tanchuma] and they who repent in Jacob. God has made a covenant that HIS spirit will not depart from they who are chosen but always HIS word will be in their mouth and in the mouth of their seed for ever (59:21). Go with God and HE will be with you and with your children. The light of God will shine upon Judah and all those associated with her (60:1). Gentile leaders will come to Judah for instruction and enlightenment (60:3). "Captive" (Assimilated) Jews and Lost Israelites will return (60:4). The Lost Ten Tribes who were exiled to the Isles of the Sea (and other places) will return (60:5). The riches of the world will be brought unto you (60:5-7). The Exiles of Judah and of the Lost Ten tribes will return by air travel (60:8). They will come back from the Islands and the Atlantic Ocean area (60:9).  Other peoples will serve you willingly  (60:10-11). Nations that will not serve you will be destroyed (60:12). The persecutors of the Jews shall repent. Their descendants shall request forgiveness and acknowledge the basic relative  innocence and righteousness of the Jewish people (60:14-16). Great prosperity will prevail (60:17). Human nature will change. There will be no more violence (60:18). Through  being righteous Israel shall merit to be blessed (60:21). If you are meritorious the Messianic Age will come sooner but if not there is a time-limit after which the End Times will come at all events (60:22).
The Captives will be freed (Isaiah 61:1) and the mourners of Zion comforted (61:2-3). The wasted places will be rebuilt (61:4) . The land will be renewed. Strangers shall serve you and produce for you (61:5). All who see you will know that God has blessed you (61:9). There will be a Restoration of Israel  which will be centered on Jerusalem (62:1). Jerusalem will be blessed greatly and known throughout all the earth (62:3-10). The people of Jerusalem will be recognized as the Redeemed of God (62:11-12).  A Special Person (The Messiah son of David? or son of Joseph?) shall take revenge on Bozrah of  Edom through the strength of his might (63:1-5).  He will trample down peoples (63:6).  God will do great goodness to the House of Israel (63:7). God says these are my children who will act according to their parentage and  fulfill  the task they were destined to fulfill (63:8). God Himself suffered when HIS people were persecuted and suffered (63:9). Israel sinned and so God turned away (63:10).  Even though they sin and turn away from HIM, HE will remember and return to HIS people at some stage, no matter what.

WHERE IS HE THAT PUT HIS HOLY SPIRIT WITHIN HIM? If God puts HIS spirit in us or in His prophet we can be led onto the right track (63:11). We do not act as our forefathers would have wanted us to do and we do not merit to receive the blessings promised to them neither do we fulfill the tasks they accepted upon themselves on our behalf. They would be in their rights to disown us BUT even so God will not disown us.

We may not be recognized as the physical descendants of Abraham and Israel even though that is what we feel ourselves to be and probably are. Even so God will help us (63:16). We are the tribes of Israel. THE TRIBES OF THINE INHERITANCE.  We need to feel the Divine Presence and return (63:17). The enemy possesses the Temple Mount and defiles it. OUR ADVERSARIES HAVE TRODDEN DOWN THY SANCTUARY (63:18). Israel is the People of God.  The physical descendants of the Israelites are the chosen people. There is none other (63:19). If only God would show Himself then nobody would doubt or rebel against Him (64:1).
Nobody has seen that which God has prepared for the righteous in the Afterlife. Only they who have learnt the Torah of Israel have ever received a glimpse of the Ultimate Truth.
God has hidden His face from us and we are in danger of losing. If however we overcome and take hold of God He will save us (64:7). God is our father. He is the potter who forms us according to His will (64:8). God wants the cities of Israel and especially Jerusalem to be built up and inhabited with Israelites (64:10). Our soul is afflicted  as long as the cities of Ancient Israel are not settled by Israelites.  The world is not as it should be as long as the Temple is not rebuilt (64:12). God will return to Judah and to the lost Tribes who forgot who they were and that God was their God, the God of Israel (65:1). God is calling us all the time (65:2). The Lost Tribes worshipped idols, in groves, and graveyards, and cults of the dead, and eat pig-meat and abominations  (65:3-4). The Lost Ten Tribes and Judah together shall return (65.9). They amongst the Israelites who continue in the Druidical and similar pagan idolatrous practices of their forefathers will be punished (65:11, 13-16). Creation will be changed. Everything will be renewed (65:17). There will be a New Jerusalem and a change in human nature with people living to a very very old age (65:18-21, 65:23-25). God will be close to us (65:22).
We must give our heart to God (Isaiah 66:1). Man can give something of himself back to God (66:2). God wants righteous behavior and good intention (66:3). Someone who disregards the will of God is liable also to be disregarded when they need His help (66:4). God will take vengeance against those who disregarded Him and against those who desecrated the Temple and Temple site (66:6). Zion will be delivered suddenly (66:7). We should rejoice with Jerusalem that represents re-union and reconciliation (66:10). Through Jerusalem Israel will be comforted (66:13). Those who believed in God and the Bible and did the best they could will rejoice (66:14). People who keep pagan practices will be punished (66:17). They who from Israel and Judah were scattered amongst other nations will return (66:19). Priests and Levites will be drawn also from amongst they who return (66:21).
The Sages said: When God decides to let it be known who belongs to which Tribe, he clarifies firstly who belongs to the Tribe of Levi, as it says, And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi... ([Malachi 3;3); (Talmud, Kiddushin 70;a).
Maimonides (1135-1204):
<<In the days of the Messianic King: When his kingdom shall be settled and all of Israel gather unto him, he shall then give the Tribal-genealogy of each one. He shall do this through Divine inspiration. As it says, HE SHALL SIT AS A REFINER AND PURIFIER (Malachi 3:3). He will purify the Tribe of Levi it says, "till there be stood up a priest with Urim and with Thumim" (Ezra 2:63). He gives the genealogy of Israel only concerning which tribe each one belongs to..
 (Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, The Laws of Kings, ch. 12, no.3).
Non-Israelite Gentiles will also be accepted and reconciled. All the world will worship the God of Israel whose worship will be centered on Jerusalem (66:23). There will be a Resurrection of the Dead (66:24).
 Contents and Outlines

chs. 1 to 10

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