The Importance of Brit-Am Information

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The Importance of Brit-Am Information

What is the importance of Brit-Am?
On our web-site we have numerous articles concerning Brit-Am.
We assumed this question had already been dealt with several times. In fact each article concerning Brit-Am does deal with the subject.
Nevertheless it is worth an additional direct reference to.
We identify the Ten Tribes as being amongst Western Peoples.
The Ten Tribes need to become conscious of their Israelite Identity.
This should lead them to intensify their Biblical Study.
To more patriotically and sympathetically identify with their own peoples.
To draw closer to Judah and support the State of Israel.

The fate of the Israelite nations and those within them could be dependent upon or at least influenced by this knowledge.
Your destiny and that of your families as individuals also touches on this matter.

For these and other reasons Brit-Am needs to be support both morally and financially.
Support means sending  us contributions.
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Support for Brit-Am also includes purchasing our publications and reading them. They are readable, considered interesting, and contain valuable information.

Brit-Am Publications

The Jews should also be made aware of the identity of the Ten Tribes.

Extracts from Brit-Am Articles about Brit-Am.

Brit-Am Manifesto
The Hebrew [Tenach] Bible is true - The Bible shows that:
The existence of Israel fulfills the purpose of creation.
The good of Israel is the good of the world.
There are two halves of Israel represented by "Judah" and "Joseph".
Both halves have their own uniqueness and their own role.
Ultimately Judah and Joseph must re-unite with each other.
Each side is incomplete without the other and cannot fulfill their own task without the other.
Even before re-unification, the closer the two sides work with each other, recognize each other, and assist each other, so much the better and closer we come to Ultimate Redemption.
By assisting Brit-Am, by acquiring Brit-Am knowledge, and helping to spread this information you will be participating in the process of Redemption.

The  peoples of Israel should realize who they are and act together. We have the information that can confirm this identity, and more is available as revealed by ongoing researches we are conducting.

Answer to Criticisms of Brit-Am. Is Brit-Am  a Racist Organization?
The Twelve Tribes of Israel are the Chosen People. This includes both the two to three Tribes of Judah and the Ten Tribes of "Israel" and Joseph. In the End Times ALL people will benefit from the Messianic Age. A person of non-Israelite descent who attaches themselves to either Judah or Joseph will be identified with them.

What Should the Ten Tribes Do?
Knowledge is power and the way to the Truth. We need to know more. We also need to spread what knowledge we now have to others: To involve others and bring our information to as many as possible. Once this process gets under way many unanswered questions will begin to sort themselves out.
If one is seriously concerned about this issue then it should be shown through support on this issue.

The "Mission" and Goals of Brit-Am.

(a) The Three Rs of Brit-Am. The Three Rs may be considered our "mission" in one sense.
Officially, the aims of Brit-Am are summed up in the Three Rs:
Research: Discovering who the Lost Ten Tribes are today.
Recognition (Revelation): Revealing the information and achieving Recognition of the Research Findings.
Reconciliation: Preparing the way for a drawing together of Judah and the Ten Tribes (headed by Joseph) in a Brit-Am Context.

(b) The Optimum Result. Achieving a Fore-Taste of the Messianic Era.
The best-case ideal outcome may also be considered a "mission" i.e. something we work for.
This includes Judah returning to the Torah; strengthening the State of Israel in the Torah sense as well as the physical-material; the Ten Tribes returning to Biblical Values; Judah and Joseph becoming aware and fully conscious of their Ancestral Identity; Joseph returning to himself and continuing to progress and direct the world in the light of the Bible; a stronger Rapport between Joseph and Judah; establishment of colonies from the Ten Tribes in Syria, Lebanon, and neighboring areas; the other Tribes (apart from Joseph) in Scandinavia, Holland, France, etc, becoming aware of their ancestry, supporting Judah in Israel, and returning to Biblical Values and Re-asserting their Israelite uniqueness.

Amiable Aiming. Your Brit-Am Israelite Goals.  What Does Israel and Brit-Am Want From You? Disallowing a Few Misconceptions.
Our movement, Brit-Am, emphasizes PHYSICAL DESCENT.
Becoming aware of this and spreading this knowledge is the first step.
Our emphasis is on the peoples in question internalizing Biblical values and Israelite Tribal Ancestry. This pertains to them where they now are.

The Physical descent of Many Amongst Peoples in the West is what needs to be emphasized. They should know of their possible Israelite origins. The emphasis however is on possible and probable as against Certainty. Divine Providence so wished it, that Certainty would not exist at this stage. A need for humility and greater searching is required. The efforts of Brit-Am need to be supported. These truths need to be made known to the peoples concerned where they now are and progress from then on also is to be from those areas. There is a need to reach out to Judah while maintaining a distance of respect and mutual awareness. We are still in an intermediate state and need to be aware of it. At least let us agree to make a beginning and go on from there.

We know where the Ten Tribes are BUT we cannot be sure as to WHO amongst them really are Israelites.
Nevertheless the message concerning where the ten Tribes are today has to go out!

Brit-Am Prioritization:
Brit-Am Considers the following points to be PRIORITIES:
Belief in the Hebrew Bible regardless of other considerations.
Belief in the Ten Tribes being now mainly amongst Western Peoples.

[An inner recognition may or may not be valid but at all events it is not sufficient. Support of the necessary studies in this generation could verge on religious obligation.]

What will happen in the future we can leave to the future.

At present Jews should remain Jewish and if anything be encouraged to be more fervent in their adherence to Judaism.
Knowledge of Brit-Am Research Findings should also be imparted to Judah.
The overall mass of the Ten Tribes should receive the message:
It should not be enough to content ourselves with only a select few who may have seen the light!

The Brit-Am Plan for All Israelites!
Hoped for Results:
(1) From Joseph:
Support for the State of Israel. Rejection of anti-Jewish propaganda. Biblical Consciousness.
Increased support for research and new research initiatives.

(2) From the Jews:
More Bible-Study concerning the Ten Tribes and related Research activity on the part of Judah.

Proposed Brit-Am Program for the State of Israel
Brit-Am Research Findings Should be Internalized; Outreach to Israelite nations based on Brit-Am Research should follow.

Why Brit-Am Should be Supported
Brit-Am provides Biblical, Rabbinical, and Secular Evidence concerning the present day whereabouts of the Lost Ten Tribes.
Brit-Am works for the good of the Jews and the State of Israel, and also for the good of all the nations of Joseph especially the United Kingdom and the USA but including all the others.
We have had some successes in this field through providing relevant information and by reaching out to those who can be reached or replying with sensitivity to those who reached out to us.

Brit-Am believes in the Bible and promotes belief and sustained interest in the Bible.

Brit-Am is the executive tool of "Bnei Yoseph" (The Children of Joseph) meaning they who believe in Lost Ten Tribes of Israel in general according to Scripture and related studies.

Brit-Am believes in the Almighty and in the good of people in general and works on their behalf.

Brit-Am works for the good of all the peoples of Israel.
Brit-Am requires money to sustain ourselves and our efforts.
It also requires the encouragement and spiritual support of all they who sympathize with Brit-Am.

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The Importance of Brit-Am Knowledge.

Duration: 17.13 minutes

The Importance of Brit-Am Knowledge.
Brit-Am reveals that the Ten Tribes are today to be found amongst Western Peoples. This is important to the peoples of the West both at the individual and national levels. In our generation it is possibly in some respects the MOST IMPORTANT item of information that we need to know, all of us!

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