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1. Introduction .
2. The Brit-Am Contribution to Great Poems of the World and Reactions to it.
(a) Baruk Obama: A Poem for Pesach
(b) Negative Reactions: The Barak Hussein O.. Ruckus
(c) Anti-Jewish Conspiracy Nut Complains of Brit-Am Racism!
(d) Positive Reactions: The Barak Hussein O.. Ruckus
3. Brit-Am Reply to Negative Reactions and Charges of Racism
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1. Introduction
Barak Hussein Obama is now President of the USA. He is aggressively in favor of homosexuality, rampant abortions verging on infanticide, anti-Israeli policies, and third-world left-wing values of the kind associated with the French extreme radicals. This trend of thought happens to be fashionable amongst African intellectuals. BHO apparently bought a house with money sent him by Saddam Hussein the one-time dictator of Iraq. He has also pow-wowed with Arab anti-Jewish philosophers and anti-American anarchists.

2. The Brit-Am Contribution to Great Poems of the World and Reactions to it.
(a) Baruk Obama: A Poem for Pesach

Baruk Obama
Is not from Alabama
He Followed after Bush
All the way from
We could leave him alone
But he will not go home
He may be black
or half-white
But is in a fight
And now has the might
Though not the right
to give a whack
to the Holy Land Race
That sets the Pace
all over the earth
and the old Jew-boy
He treats like a toy
and denies
the Israelite berth
and all it is worth

of the USA
and Old Albion
that defies
the pagan way
and all it may say
and longs for Zion
We are coming along
It may not be long
Before "Barry boy"
Obama was called
before he was made Lord
of all the earth
and betrayed Israel .
The fires of hell
may treat him well
On the sea surf
He is headed for dearth

And Israel will live
God bless the State of Israel
and the Israelite Peoples
May they realize who and what they are
and be true to it.
Pesach 5769

 (b) Negative Reactions: The Barak Hussein O.. Ruckus

(i) From: Mark Harris
Please remove me from your email list immediately.  I don't want to get this type of racist commentary.

(ii) From: Dave Browning
i don't like it.

(iii) From: Nancy Schick
I think this is offensive.... not nice...

(c) (c) Anti-Jewish Conspiracy Nut Complains of Brit-Am Racism!
From: Jack Flaws
Re: Baruk Obama: A Poem for Pesach

You wrote:
<<<<<Like what you have read?>>>>>

No. I absolutely do NOT like what I read.
Please remove me from all your lists except Brit-Am Now.
I don't need petty little, race oriented missives that can't even get right the spelling of the President's name.

Brit-Am Reply: 
(a) Anyone on the list of "Brit-Am Now" will also receive our other efforts.
We lack the manpower to make it otherwise.
(b) Not so long ago you were within a hair's breath of being expunged from the Brit-Am List due to offensive racist missives of your own that you had the effrontery to send us.
You are a propagator of Conspiracy Rubbish. It was your kind that helped BO get elected. You are also anti-Jewish and claim that the Jews are all descended from Khazars whom you incorrectly consider to have not been Israelites.
You have at least one nasty anti-Jewish racist article on your web-site.
 In addition to all that you claim the anti-Israelite Japanese are the true Hebrews.
You are the last person with a right to complain about "race oriented missives".
Apparently you see in "Barry Hussein Obama" a kindred spirit and that is why you have rushed to his defense?
Perhaps some of the others who claimed to be offended by our humble attempt to get Brit-Am included in the list of "The World's Great Poetry" are like yourself?

 (d) Positive Reactions: The Barak Hussein O.. Ruckus

(i) From: Max Rambow

I would go so far as to say Obama is a threat to Israel, but not only to Israel but to us who support her and all freedom loving people.

Last week I read in Arutz Sheva that Rahm Emanuel said they would shove a two state solution down Israel's throat if they had to. It's getting pretty scarry out there people. Obama is not Israel or any of our friend's.

(ii) From: Brian Patmore
Hi Yair,
Maybe Barry should check his ancestry and recognise Ephraim before he goes off on this destructive path !!
Brisbane, Australia

(iv) From: Lasse Martinsen
Dear Sir

Laughing a bit J
Nice poem.

God bless Eretz Israel, the Jewish people, and the tribes of Israel,
and God bless you Yair, Sir!
Best greetings and best wishes her from Norway.
Have a nice Pesach. God bless you and your family.
Best regards from
Mr Lasse Martinsen

(iv) From: Robert
Go get him, Yair! I'm pleased that someone outside the USA recognizes what Obama is doing to America and our way of life. God bless you! And God bless Israel and the USA!!

(v) From: Kathylou Mcauley

Amen and Amen!

(vi) From: Lorraine Harvey
Dear yair,
I am surprised by your poem (which I agree with). If we had written it you would call us conspiracy fruit cakes. We have know this all along and the Bushes were also tarred with the same brush. We Ephramites  may be more astute than you give us credit for. ie Better able to read the signs of the times. The current world/economic state has been carefully orchestrated for years.
Lorraine Australia.

Brit-Am Reply: 

President Bush in our opinion on the whole was positive despite everything. Conspiracy Theory Freaks helped get Obama elected by diverting attention from the real and openly publicized plans of Arabs and other elements to influence the USA from inside.
They also spread falsehoods about positive elemetns in the USA and so diminished support for them.
The Hamas Constitution repeats malicious slanders that Conspiracy Propagators popularized.
You should not generalize about Ephraimites. Most Ephraimites reject Conspiracy Theories and justifiably so.

(vii) From: Timothy F Murray
Greetings, Yair--

Regarding your poem for Pesach, I share your dim view of the new U.S. President.
I am deeply alarmed for this nation and for all the people of Brit-Am, and more than being alarmed, I am also ashamed of what I'm seeing out of Washington these days.

3. Brit-Am Reply to Negative Reactions and Charges of Racism
We are not Racists, at least we try not to be.
Amongst Brit-Am followers are to be found Afro-Americans, people of at least part African origin from outside of the USA as well as people from Asia, Hispanics, and others. People of African origin have assisted Yair Davidiy personally and Brit-Am as an organization on several occasions. Amongst my own family are people who are quite dark or who look different and who have suffered because of it.
We are no strangers to discrimination and victimisation.
It works both ways however.
BHO was elected partly because he was black. According to reports 96% of black voters voted for him. Even now all criticism of BHO is taken as a racist affront. If anything untoward happened to BHO the Afro-Americans all over the USA would probably riot for quite some time and quite seriously.
The same may well happen if BHO is dismissed if and when it becomes proven he was not born in the USA. According to the US Constitution someone born outside of the USA cannot be President. I do not live in the USA but my impression from outside is that if a white candidate had have regularly attended (for ca. 15 years) the racial dissertations of someone like Jeremy White (but speaking against blacks instead of Jews and whites) then he would not have been accepted.
Could a regular attendee at anti-black rallies ever become a seriously-considered Presidential-candidate?
Jeremy White (the Pastor of Obama and his family) held regular sermons attacking white people in general and Jews in particular.
And there are numerous other remarks of like nature that could be made.
The question of the USA citizenship of BHO also appears to being dealt with extra "sensitivity" possibly due to BHO being who he is.
No-one doubts that BHO has proven leadership qualities and great talents. He may well have the potential to become a great President of the USA.
The problem is that present indications show BHO to be working against the USA, against Israel, and against the forces of Biblical righteousness and Israelite values.
It is not that he is lacking.
Just the opposite.
He is however using those gifts he has in a negative direction.
Even words can be damaging and he is using words in a damaging manner.
Perhaps we have spoken too soon.
Perhaps things will change and he will surprise us for the better?
We would want it to turn out that way.
Present indications however are that it will not.

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