Tribal Gems

Source: Midrash Rabah, BaMidbar, b; 7. Some of the tribal colors depicted below may be inaccurate due to a misunderstanding of the text. In addition other opinions are found in different sources.
The Midrash says that each Tribe had its own color over which was depicted the Tribal Symbol.
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Note we have given Dan below an orange-amber type color though elsewhere he is allocated a shade of blue.

We have given Asher a sea-blue type color. This is in accordance with what seems to be the majority opinion of the Rabbinical Commentators.

Gems of the Tribes:
Hebrew Names of stones in brackets (..)
Reuben - ruby (odem)
Simeon - emerald (pitadah)
Levi - crystal (baraket)
Yehudah - garnet (nofech)
Issachar - saphire (sapir)
Zebulon- diamond (yahalom)
Dan - jacinth (leshem)
Gad - agate (shevo)
Naphtali - (achlomah)
Asher- aquamarine, beryl (tarshish)
Yosef - onyx (shoham)
Benyamin - jasper (yashpeh)

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