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Ephraim was first published a while ago (1995). It was our second book and has been out of print for several years. Despite being out of print information contained in this work continued to maintain great interest. The present edition is a little different from the first one: This is because some of the points previously discussed have since been covered in our other publications. In place of what has been left out new material has been added. Here is a partial outline of the present edition.

Descendants of Israel in the Aggregate have certain national characteristics that allow us to confirm their Israelite ancestry. The pertinent criteria for determining Israelite origins are discussed.

Jewish Traditions in Arab Lands traced the Ten Tribes to France and Britain. The same applies to the Sons of Moses and the Rechabites both of whom were also associated with the Ten Tribes and located in the same areas.

Australia and New Zealand are the Land of Sinim which is one of the areas it was prophesied the Ten Tribes would be found in towards the End times (Isaiah 49:12). New Zealand, before the white man came, had been populated by the Maoris. The Maoris were Polynesians whose origins were studied by Thor Heyerdahl. The researches and activities of Heyerdahl helped confirm the concept of Hyperdiffusion: Peoples of the world spread out from the Middle East. Heyerdahl also traced the Norwegians to the region of Azerbaijan which was one of the areas to which the Ten Tribes had been exiled. There were a few key periods in which Hyperdiffusion took place. The last such process occurred as a result of the Assyrian Conquest. The Assyrians were assisted by their Edomite allies and by Phoenicians (who were also in part Edomites) and by others. Amongst other things the Assyrian expansion resulted in the majority of the Israelites (i.e. the northern Ten Tribes) being exiled and moving to the west.

Rabbinical sources trace the Lost Ten Tribes to three major areas. We identify the areas in question and show how these identifications confirm the Lost Ten Tribes being now found among western peoples. A turning point in the history of England was marked by the Tudor Monarchs. Henry-7 (1457-1509) adopted the Tudor Rose as his symbol and it still is in official usage as representative of the monarchy and of Britain. The Tudor Rose with its red and white petals was described as representative of Israel in the opening pages of the Zohar. Traditional names for and Britain and especially Ireland are those applied to the place of Exile of the Ten Tribes in Rabbinical sources. The Maharal (ca. 1512-1609) was an outstanding Rabbinical authority whose authority is acknowledged by all present day Orthodox Rabbinical authorities. An analysis of the same sources we use by the Maharal confirms our findings and also points to America as the major center for the Ten Tribes in the End Times! Rabbinical sources are compared to Welsh and Irish traditions. They complement and affirm each other.

Recent Rabbinical scholars, who were also great men in their own right and still are amongst the most revered authorities, have considered in the past the role of the Ten Tribes in the coming Redemption. Their observations are pertinent to all of us today.

Ephraim Ephraim- The Gentile Children of Israel" 4th edition. $25.00

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