Dolmens from Around the World

Dolmens and Megalithic Monuments Identify Present-Day Israelites!
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For details of how the path of Megalithic Monuments help us trace the Ancient Israelite origins of Western Peoples see:

"Ephraim" for the most thorough explanation.

See also the following articles on this site:

Answer to Queries on Archaeology Question no.3:
"What do Dolmens and other megalithic monuments such as Stonehenge tell us?

Dolmens by Yair Davidiy

Dolmens and Megalith Path of Migration
This contains Maps of the Megalith-Dolmen Pathway of Migration between the Land of Israel and Western Nations.
This Pathway was predicted by Jeremiah (31:21) who told us to take note of it:
In the above articles it is explained how according to the Hebrew original Jeremiah was in fact saying:

"Set yourself up stone monuments [dolmens and megalithics] and high heaps of stones [i.e. cairns that are associated with dolmens]. Set your heart towards the prepared way [of migration]: the way in which you went. Turn back o virgin of Israel, return unto these [Israelite] cities of yours" (Jeremiah 31:21)

Jeremiah was speaking to our generation!
In the pictures below notices the 30 degree inclination on the dolmen cap especially those of Jordan, Golan (Israel), Irleand, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

Dolmens in Israel and Jordan




Gamla-Golan: Israel

Rogem Hiri: Israel's Stone Henge

Dolmens in Ireland

Dolmens in Holland

Dolmens in France and Brittany

Dolmens in Denmark

Dolmens in Sweden

Dolmens in Britain

Dolmens in the Caucasus

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Present Day Dolmens in Canada!
[Present-day construction by modern enthusiasts but perhaps reflect an ancestral instinct]
These are Dolmens that are all over the shore at MacGregor Point off Lake Huron in Southern Ontario, Canada. If you look closely you can see a small one as well  in the background on a rock in the water.  Owen Sound, which is near Georgian Bay,  has the big Dolmens.   These pictures from: JerSamR usty@.........