Dolmens in the Caucasus

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Cimmerian Dolmens. Megaliths in the Caucasus and Bulgaria
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There are more than 3000 dolmens in the Caucasus, in areas otherwise associated with the Cimmerians and Scythians. More than 90% of the Caucasus dolmens are of the chamber type with a small window (often rounded) at its entrance. Caucasus dolmens are of the same type as those found in Bulgaria. Caucasus dolmens also show similarities to these found in West Europe and that until recently were being constructed in India. Conventional dating places the Caucasus dolmens at ca. 2000 BCE. The correct time is however more than a thousand years later, close to ca. 600 BCE. Caucasus dolmens were often built using specially dressed, precision-cut stone blocks.

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