Dolmens in Bulgaria

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Bulgaria and adjoining areas including the European section of Turkey in Ancient Times was known as Thrace. The Dolmens in Thrace represent the coming of a new ethnic group to the region. This seems to be agreed to by all writers on the subject. The period of dolmens in Thrace continued for about 200 years. We date it to ca. 600 - 400 BCE. Mainstream academics, in some cases, time it about 200 years earlier but the main point is accepted. The dolmens in Bulgaria were of the same type as those of the Caucasus. They overlap with those of the Caucasus and continued on after those of the Caucasus had ceased to be erected. [This incidentally is evidence that the dolmens of the Caucasus should be dated much later than is commonly said and that they were coeval with the Cimmerians and Scythians who were in that area.] The logical conclusion is that the people who had previously set up dolmens in the Caucasus migrated to Thrace, stayed there for about 200 years and then moved on, to the west where similar dolmens are to be found.
This links the area of greater Israel with that of the north and after that with Western Europe.

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