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David and Bath Sheva

"David and Bath Sheva"
    by Yair Davidiy
David and Bath Sheva


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David and Bath Sheva
The Case for Exonerating King David
by Yair Davidiy,
Israel, 2016, 5776
208 pages

$15 (Price includes shipping and handling, etc.).

For almost 3000 years the name of King David has been smeared.
This book discusses the story of David. A special focus is placed on the case of David and Bath Sheva.
The simple meaning of part of the Bible text leads us to understand that David took the wife of one of his soldiers.
When the woman was pregnant he tried to bring the soldier to go to his house apparently intending that he think he was the father.
The soldier refused to go home so David gave orders that his death in battle should be engineered.
Consequently the prophet Nathan rebuked David and David bore a curse from God Almighty.
At first this story appears very simple and straightforward.
Such is not the case.
A close study of the verses and additional information present an entirely different picture.
This work is exciting, interesting, illuminating, informative.
You will learn from it.
You will learn about the Bible.
You will learn about Ancient Israel and the men surrounding the monarchy.
You will enjoy the learning and in the process begin the exoneration of the King of ALL ISRAEL!

The time has come.
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David and Bath Sheva by Yair Davidiy.

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