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Denmark in Brit-Am Bible Codes

Note: The results below are taken from a large sample only a portion of which was examined and even that was done quite hurriedly.
A more thorough examination would probably produce much more significant results.
Nevertheless, despite the limitations of the examination made the results produced are quite siginificant in their own right.

1. Denmark
2. Daniah (the name given to Denmark in Modern Hebrew)


Denmark At a sequence of 59. Derived from Genesis 33:13-18 (Jacob encountering Esau). Shows Jacob at the top (green on orange). The word DaN is formed by the vertical combination (yellow on black, DaN), by the reverse combination of the first "D" in DENMARK (Cyan on blue) combining with the "N" (yellow on back) in front of it, i.e. DaNMaRK and also by the first two Hebrew letters of the Name DeNMaRK itself.
We thus have the name "DaN" in three different combinations all centered at the beinginning of the name Denmark.

Y Da
Da N
The Tribe of Asher is also found (green on maroon), and the land of Canaan (green on brown) is below. Denmark borders Germany and is subject to influence from Germany which in some respects corresponds to the Land of Canaan as explained in the Brit-Am Commentary to the Book of Obadiah 1:20.

2. Daniah

(b) Daniah (c)

This series examines the name DANIAH which is the appellation most commonly used today in the State of Israel for Denmark.
The term "Daniah" could actually be understood to mean "Dan" of "Yah" i.e. of the Almighty.
From the left the first example (a) has the combination "DanMaK" which is not exactly "Denmark" but in common speech the two sound the same.
The source is 1-Samuel 19:5 where Yehonatan speaks of the self-sacrificing dedication of David in the service of Saul.

Secondly (b) we have DANIAH from Jeremiah 50:35 (A sword against the Chaldeans of Babylon) linking with LAISH at the bottom. Laish was another name for the section of Dan that settled in the far north (Judges 15). The Tribe of Dan split up into several sections and it may be that after the EXILE the separate sections stayed together but remained separate from each other. Further Examination could show that Denmark (Daniah) was settled by the segment of Dan that went to LAISH whereas settlements of Dan elsewhere (such as in Wales and Ireland) derived from different Danite settlements in the Land of Israel.

Thirdly (c) from Genesis 38:19-20 (the encounter of Judah with Tamar when he did not recognize her) gives us DANIAH (Denmark) linked with Gadiel at the top and with Judah below. Denmark was settled by the Danes and Jutes and a tradition existed that the Danes came from Dan and the Jutes from Judah. While still in the Land of Israel settlements of Dan usually adjoined those of Judah as explained elsewhere. The northern settlement of Dan at LAISH joined the realm of YADI (JAUDI) which was an enclave of Judah.
Gadiel was from the tribe of Zebulon and was one of the spies sent by Moses to spy out the Land of Canaan (Numbers 13:10).

Fourthly from the left (d) we have DaNiAH at an interval of six. The source is Genesis 49:20-21 where Jacob finishes to bless the Tribe of Asher and continues on to bless the Tribe of Naphtali.
It shows DaN or if continuing the line "DaNIM" meaning literally "Dan" in the plural, i.e. Danites.
The next line shows NaPHTALI who was the son of Bilhah and Jacob as was Dan, i.e. they were full brothers and are frequently associated withn each other.

The Bible Codes confirm Brit-Am Beliefs.
They are in their own right strong proofs of the Brit-Am truths.

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