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The Israelite Tribe of Dan in Brit-Am Bible Codes

1. Dan
2. Tribe of the DANITES

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1. Dan
Brit-Am identifies Dan with the Danes of Denmark, entities in Scanbdinavia, amongst the Irish (Tuatha de Danaan), Welsh (Children of Don), and elsewhere mainly in the British Isles.
See "The Tribes".
An examination of the Codes gave us results consistent with these identifications but cannot be said to strongly affirm them.

Dan Dan

The first example from the left at a sequence of 12 shows "SHEVETDAN" i.e. Tribe of Dan;
The source is Isaiah 40:15-16 which verses speaks of Island and Lebanon. Elsewhere we have associated "Lebanon" with the name "Albion" meaning Britain.
Shows Tribe of Dan surrounded by SEA and Islands.
At the very top and at the very bottom we have the word "GOYIM" varioulsy translateable as "people", "nations", "Gentiles".
It was prophesied that the Lost Ten Tribes would in effect become Gentiles.
On the right hand side towards the middle we have the word "NACHASH" meaning "snake" or "serpent" which was a symbol of Dan.
On the left hand side we have word "TUL" perhaps derived from the Hebrew "TaL" meaning dew or moisture. This could also be the origin of the name "Thule" the legendary Northern Isle recalled by the Romans. Thule has often been identified with Scandinavia in general which the Romans mistook for an island.

Second example at a sequence of 235 from 2-Samuel ch.17 and the rebellion of Absalom also shows the Tribe of Dan with the adjoining word LAISH to the right and DaN (snake, serpent) to the left. with the word Nachash (snake, serpent) just below it to the left. The snake was a symbol of Dan. LAISH was the name of a Danite center in the north of the Land of Israel that was conquered by the Danites and renamed "Dan" (Judges 18).

2. Tribe of the DANITES

Mateh Dan
(b) Danites (c)

In the Bible the expression "Shevet Dan" i.e. "Tribe of Dan" in regular Hebrew does not appear. Instead we have "Mateh Dan" (literally "Staff of Dan") and "Shevet HaDani".
(a) The first example from the left at a sequence of 9 is of MATEH DAN and it is taken from the story of Joseph encountering his brothers.
TOB (pronounced "Tov") means literally "Good" but it is also the name of an area near the northern section of Dan. It was the region where Jiftah roamed (Judges ch. 11).
ASHER is an Israelite Tribes sometimes associated with Dan and neighboring the northern section of Dan.
DAN the name of Dan is repeated as if to remphasize the association of this matrix with Dan.
NACHASH means "serpent" or "snake" which was a symbol of Dan. Neverthelesss, in this case the word "Nachash" is translated as "divine" (Genesis 44:15) meaning "guess" or "discern". The quality of the serpent can also represent psychic abilities.

(b) Shows "SHEVET HADANI" i.e. Tribe of the Danites; links at the bottom to Sons of Jesse i.e. of the family of David. Also links "HaGadol" meaning the "firstborn" or the "biggest" or the Greatest". This word occurs more than once in connection with Dan etc and may have given rise to the term "Gaedhal".
"Gaedhal" appears to have been another name for Nial.
What is the difference between the Gaels and the Celts?
The Gaels are a tribe descended from Gaedhal of the Very Gentle and the Shining Armour.
Gaedhal was a general of the Egyptian Pharaoh in ancient wars including a great war against the Ethiopians.
When the Hebrew slaves deserted their Egyptians overlords, Gaedhal and his people supported the Hebrews.
As a result they were exiled from the Egyptian lands.
However, the Phaoraoh's daughter, Scota, married into the tribe of Gaedhal.
Eventually, with recommendation from their druids, they traveled to Spain and eventually to Ireland.

Also a link to ABeR (Hebrew) or ABeRN perhaps associated with Hiberi or Hiberni of Ireland and the British Isles.

(c) Links TRIBE OF DANITES to Clan of SCHICEMI of Manasseh (Numbers 26:31).

(d) Links TRIBE OF DANITES to Eshtaol a Danite Region (Joshua 15) in the Land of Israel and to Dor a city-port of Manasseh somehoiw also linked to Dan according to a Phoenician inscription.

For more on Dan in general:
The Tribe of Dan

The Bible Codes confirm Brit-Am Beliefs.
They are in their own right strong proofs of the Brit-Am truths.

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