The Aryan Monkey
Human Adaptation to Environment
Reflected in Physical Appearance.


The pictures below show the Macaque Monkey in various variations. This species is found in Africa and Asia. It is also found in very cold areas that experience snow coverage. This could explain in part the "Aryan" appearance of this monkey with light-colored eyes and blondish or reddish hair covering.
The Ancient Chinese when they came in contact with Caucasian type barbarians described them as looking like "macaque monkeys". Our understanding is that skin color, hair coloring, eye color, etc is an outcome of the human organism to the environment. Not only human beings but also animals react in the same way to the same environmental conditions. People who look similar may therefore not necessarily be related to each other, though in some cases they will.

The Ancient Israelites consisted of various types including blonds and red heads along with much darker types as we have explained in our articles on this subject.
Pictures of Ancient Hebrews.

We reject the notion that any particular physical type is inherently better than any other.
That is why we have entitled this article "The Aryan Monkey" i.e. to ridicule they who claim that Caucasian appearance denotes any inherited superiority.
Neverthless pride in what one is may often be a healthy phenomenon.
According to the Sages, We are born as we would want to have been born.

On our web site exist numerous links and extracts from articles demonstrating the adaptation of animals etc to their surroundings.
This is NOT evolution but rather response of the organism according to an inbuilt mechanism.
Some relevant links are found below and we hope to add to them.

British Singer Disguised as Macaque Monkey

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