"Prove  Loyalty to Your Israelite Ancestors

- Help Brit-Am"

by Avigdor.

Shalom to the Brit-Am audience,

I have monitored the Brit-Am site for a number of years...purchased and read books etc but it has become obvious with the economic situation that many people are hurting financially and this has an impact on Brit-Am as well.  G-d runs the show in all of mankind's affairs so the first thing off our lips every morning is to Praise Holy G-d for being so involved with our affairs and our lives.  It is the Almighty who directs our footsteps every day (Prov 16), gives us the energy to live and so forth.

For those in Jewish and Christian camps whose longing is that there be no more arguing between the dispersed Tribes of Israel and Judah ...keep on praying and focus on the holiness required by each of us in our conduct and the way we lead our lives.  In the end it's all about honesty, truth, dedication and perseverance in spite of huge obstacles that seem insurmountable and impossible in the eyes of mankind and this is where those who live a life of conviction will keep the commandments of G-d and foster good relationships between the various tribes.

The mission that Brit-Am has focused on has kept alive a Biblical teaching that others have tried to bury ..that there are in fact lost tribes dispersed around the world. Brit-Am has correctly assessed this fact using the Bible and that they are concentrated primarily within the Christian nations which used to stand for the principles established by the Noachide laws (justice, sexual purity, etc) because the laws of those nations used to go directly to the Bible for their foundation.

The world is becoming the enemy, the very footstool for HE who will stand on the Mount of Olives, enter the Golden gate (eastern gate) and distribute justice according to the Torah and rule with a rod of iron against the enemies of the G-d of Yisrael.  We can expect chaos in the world while it loses its moorings which used to be based upon these laws of Noah.

Where does that put this speck of humanity, this little mouse of an organization called Brit-Am? 

Right at the top quite frankly.

G-d doesn't lie.

The prophets gave their lives for TRUTH and groaned over the tribes of Yisrael ...all seems lost at the moment, yet G-d promises to water the land which is currently under a major drought and that the tribes will "come alive" and be grafted in and planted back onto their own soil.  Hollywood and all its computers will never be able to put this scenario together. ...it will be of G-d and not human (Is 55).

Brit-Am needs funds to keep eating, publishing and sending out e-mails across this crazy world. Brit-Am is in fact keeping the seed of Abraham alive while there is a drought for G-d's word (Amos 8) amongst Jews and Christians.  According to one of Brit-Am's mailings there are about 2000 readers on a regular basis.

If we use some very simple math with these 2000 readers...
1 buck a month would show that we believe in the one True G-d, the G-d of Yisrael,
7 bucks a month would create some breathing room for Brit-Am and bring much peace as in Shabbat,
10 bucks a month would show that we are stubborn as stone in our efforts and that we will not give up on the promises and commandments of G-d...whereas
12 bucks a month would show that there are remnants of twelve tribes that are in fact very much alive, no matter how small we are.

Listening to a brother beg for funds shows that we do not care for his welfare or for the Word of G-d.   Christians that are supporting Brit-Am show a maturity focused in on the Bible which will show the Almighty that you believe in HIS promises and these will be the ones that come out of this great tribulation that the world is going through.

Big donations in the past prevented this organization from collapsing but it is the steady little drizzles that can bring life to a barren land.  If we follow the example of David...even small smooth stones in the arms of a small man with a heart for the G-d of Yisrael can topple a giant and make the enemy flee.

Unlike the televangelists that are busy coaxing its audience with false promises and lies and no biblical TRUTH...those that study the Scriptures know that Brit-Am is focused on a Biblical Truth versus theological fiction. The fact that Brit-Am even exists shows that the love of G-d surpasses all the negatives that this world has to offer us. Please help keep this Biblical focused organization alive for the sake of the Word of G-d.

Blessings to all my fellow Tribesmen,


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'It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God or the Bible.'
  George Washington

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