Amiable Aiming.
Your Brit-Am Israelite Goals.
What Does Israel and Brit-Am Want From You? Disallowing a Few Misconceptions.

28 November 2011, 2 Kislev 5772
1. Countries as Israelite Tribes.
2. Lack of Certainty and the Need for Humility.
3. The Task of Judah.
4. The State of Israel and the Ten Tribes.
5. Immediate Tasks for those in Joseph (the Ten Tribes) who become aware.
6. Dealing with a few misconceptions:
(a) Settling in Judah and Samaria.
(b) Demographics. Does Israel Need More People?
7. What Non-Jews Can do for Israel.
8.What non-Jewish Israelites Can Do.
9. Conclusion.

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1. Countries as Israelite Tribes.
Brit-Am identifies the Ten Tribes as being amongst western peoples. We have Biblical and secular evidence for this.
122 Biblical Proofs.


Secular Proof.

 We do not say that everyone in those lands is an Israelite.
Israelites are to be found amongst them. Israelites helped formed their national characteristics and identity. The Ten Tribes to some degree maintained their Tribal cohesion even in their places of exile and despite losing knowledge of their ancestry. From a Biblical point of view their countries pertain to specific Israelite Tribes.
The Israelites in those places were not aware of their ancestry BUT they did have a God-given Israelite task to fulfill which to some degree they succeeded in doing so.
In these Later Times the time is drawing close when a full realization of Israelite Ancestry and its concomitant obligations and goals will come about.
We are preparing the way.
Our movement, Brit-Am, emphasizes PHYSICAL DESCENT.
Becoming aware of this and spreading this knowledge is the first step.
Our emphasis is on the peoples in question internalizing Biblical values and Israelite Tribal Ancestry.  This pertains to them where they now are.

Nations amongst whom Israelites settled and exerted Biblically-significant influence include: USA, Britain, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the white element in South Africa, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland.
Nations such as the USA are comprised from immigrants from all over the world. Studies however show that even the immigrants were often different from those who remained behind in their parent countries. There are often grounds to attribute to the immigrants Israelite origins that do not pertain to those in the lands from which they came. This justifies us identifying many of the immigrants to the USA from Germany and other places in Europe as of Hebrew descent whereas most of those who did not come were not such. At first such assumptions may appear far-fetched but after seeing the evidence they will be seen to be plausible. 

2. Lack of Certainty and the Need for Humility.
If your parent peoples have been identified as to some degree of Israelite Origin then this does not automatically imply that you are definitely an Israelite. You may  be. It may be highly probable in some cases. Even so, absolute certainty does not exist. This is how Divine Providence wanted it. This uncertainty is there for a reason. It suggests that all those who are aroused in this direction need to help further the work on this matter.  It also suggests that a certain degree of  humility is needed.
In addition to Brit-Am, other organizations and activists with similar notions also exist. Some of these come up with schemes and understandings of their own that may be well-intentioned but appear mistaken. Misconceptions arise.
[A few extreme cases exist of Ephraimites saying they are definitely Israelites, that the Jews should give them equal rights in the State of Israel, that the Jews are guilty of an injustice in not doing so, that the Jews do not understand the Hebrew Bible as well as they do, etc. These apparitions are counter-productive and work against us and against the Truth that we wish to make known.]

3. The Task of Judah.
According to Prophecy the Jews (Judah) will play a key role in letting the Ten Tribes know who they are and bringing about their ultimate re-unification of all the Tribes.
 The Midrash says:
The exiles of Judah and Benyamin [i.e. the present-day "Jews"] are destined to go unto the Ten Tribes and bring them back in order to merit with them the Messianic Era and life in the World-To-Come. This is as it says, "In those days the house of Judah shall go unto the house of Israel and they shall come together out of the land of the north unto the land that I have given for an inheritance unto your fathers" (Jeremiah 3:18).
-Yalkut Shimeoni, Song of Solomon 905.

 It is important to inform Judah of these truths. Judah must not be offended or unnecessarily antagonized by irresponsible elements. At the least, approaches such as those of Brit-Am that are acceptable to Judah should be supported. The road to Judah leads through Joseph. Material support for Brit-Am as well as proof that many in Joseph are amenable to this message will influence Judah.

4. The State of Israel and the Ten Tribes.
The State of Israel represents the Tribes of Judah, Benjamin, Levi, and representative minorities of the other tribes returning and preparing the way for all the rest.
The State of Israel is a realization of the Bible. The State of Israel should be supported and if necessary helped.

5. Immediate Tasks for those in Joseph (the Ten Tribes) who become aware.
Become familiar with and Internalize Brit-Am knowledge.
Live according to Biblical Values.
Heighten Biblical Consciousness.
Support Judah and the State of Israel from where you are.
Help spread the message.
Work for the good of yourselves, your families, and communities.
Support Brit-Am in its efforts.

6. Dealing with a few misconceptions.

(a) Settling in Judah and Samaria.
Israel does not need more people to settle in Judah and Samaria or more land.
Israel DOES need more settlements BUT this is dependent on government approval and infrastructure.
Government approval in  turn  depends on overcoming opposition from Israeli left-wing and liberal-type elements, the US government, the UK government, most other governments of foreign countries, the Arabs, and other factors.

We have an absurd situation in Israel where Arabs can build huge mansions and dwelling complexes almost wherever they like with or without the approval of anyone.
If an Arab builds illegally in more than 99% of the cases nobody is going to do anything about it. In the rare cases where someone  does protest and the government looks like taking action then the international community reacts with an uproar.
Jews on the other hand in the heart of their Biblical homeland cannot officially build anything. It they do anyway they run the risk of government forces bulldozing it down  and/or the international community creating a scandal.
The British Government pays the Israeli Quisling organization, "Peace Now", a million pounds sterling each year just to check up on building activity in the settlements.
If the British Government knew the truth and was concerned for its own people it would give this money to Brit-Am.
It would also use its power and influence on behalf of Jewish settlement in Judah, Samaria, and elsewhere in the land of Israel instead of working against it!

(b) Demographics.
Does Israel Need More People?
The Jewish State wants more Jews for religious and ideological reasons.  The Land in Israel is however in some ways overcrowded. It is not that there are too many people but the way it is laid out and structured and the ecological requirements (water, space, etc) give a feeling of crowding. At the moment there is a housing crisis, rents are rising, real estate prices are shooting upwards, not enough new building is being started.  This is a result of bureaucracy, poor planning, government budget considerations, and vested interests. The problem may be alleviated shortly.
On the other hand it is obvious that everyone who comes, helps. Most people who come and stay are pleased they did so and benefit from it. They also contribute to others.
Everyone has something to give but sometimes circumstances and the system prevent effective use of what may otherwise be possible.

The State of Israel contains about 6 million Jews. We are surrounded by hundreds of millions of Muslims all thirsting (almost literally) for our blood.
It is therefore quite clear that the more people we have the better off we should be.
Nevertheless, internal increase through Jews having large families and coming to live here is preferable to the immigration of elements of different outlook and religion.
A return however will take place.
Ultimately the Ten Tribes will return and re-unite with Judah. The Ten Tribes will be lead by their own leader, known as the Mashiach (Messiah) son of Joseph as against the Messiah son of David who initially will head Judah. The Ten Tribes will return as distinct entities, as coherent groups. They will inherit their own Tribal portions. They will not be intermixed with the other Tribes. Religious differences between the Tribes will have been resolved.
Present attempts by some Ephraimites to forcibly impose themselves on Judah are not appropriate. Everything in its time. Both Joseph and Judah need to be ready for reunification.
If one feels an inner compulsion to cleave to Judah then face up to it and deal with it otherwise.

7. What Non-Jews Can do for Israel.
Non-Jews can come and visit as tourists thus enjoying themselves, learn things, and helping the economy.
They can encourage their local communities and politicians to support the State of Israel.
They can live good lives, help themselves, and give to their own people. This ultimately would also benefit Israel.

8. What non-Jewish Israelites Can Do.
In addition to the above, non-Jewish Israelites should help spread knowledge of Israelite origins to others.
They should increase their Biblical consciousness. Their parent nations should also obtain Israelite awareness. This should be one of the goals to be reached.
Support for the State of Israel should be taken for granted as well as an aim for the good of themselves.
When opportunity presents itself military bases and a colonizing presence in the Middle East should also be promoted (Zechariah 10:10 Micah 7:14).

9. Conclusion.
The Physical descent of Many Amongst Peoples in the West is what needs to be emphasized. They should know of their possible Israelite origins. The emphasis however is on possible and probable as against Certainty. Divine Providence so wished it, that Certainty would not exist at this stage. A need for humility and greater searching is required. The efforts of Brit-Am need to be supported. These truths need to be made known to the peoples concerned where they now are and progress from then on also is to be from those areas. There is a need to reach out to Judah while maintaining a distance of respect and mutual awareness. We are still in an intermediate state and need to be aware of it. At least let us agree to make a beginning and go on from there.

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