Why the USA is Manasseh: A Summation

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Why the USA is Manasseh: A Summation
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Why the USA is Manasseh: A Summation

Seven Main Points
List of More Articles Relevant to the Subject
4. You Tube Clips.The USA is Manasseh. Parts One, Two, Three. Summation.

We believe the Lost Ten tribes of Israel to primarily be found amongst Western Nations. There were Twelve Tribes of Israel. The present day Jews descend mainly from the Tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi, with representative minorities from all the other Tribes.
Most of the Israelites lost consciousness of their ancestry and became "lost".
They are the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.
All of the Israelites were blessed.
Each Tribe had its own blessing.
Joseph received extra blessings of its own.
See our article:
Geneaology of the Blessings to Israel
Joseph was divided into two Tribes: Ephraim and Manasseh.
We identify Joseph with the English-speaking peoples.
Ephraim became Britain and its daughter nations.
The USA became Manasseh.
On our web site you will find at least 16 articles explaining the rationale for these conclusions.
In addition to these articles (listed below) we have other articles and notes shedding more light on this subject.

In light of the above it may be asked, "Why do we need yet another article on this subject?"
The answer is that strictly speaking we do not.
Nevertheless since the subject is important and of interest we thought it might help to present the matter in summary form in order to impart a good overall impression and for quick reference.

Seven Main Points

The USA is Manasseh for the following Seven Main Reasons:
1. Tribal Demography.
2. Manasseh was to become great AFTER Ephraim!
3. Manasseh Represents Responsible Representation.
4. America is Named after Machir first-born son of Manasseh.
5. The Principle of Capitalism is Encapsulated in the name Machir.
6. Yank meaning Jacob means American!
7. The Presidential System.

1. Tribal Demography
Groups in the British Isles who are identified as descended from Clans of Manasseh were to be found in specific areas from whom came more than 80% of the early British settlers of the USA and it was these who determined the national characteristics.
The same applies for groups in Continental Europe (such as Germany and Holland) who also moved EN MASSE to the USA.

2. Manasseh was to become great AFTER Ephraim!
Britain is Ephraim and has the characteristics of Ephraim. Manasseh was to become great AFTER Ephraim.
The USA is Manasseh. The USA became great AFTER Britain.

The Bible (Genesis 48:8-17) tells us that Joseph brought his two sons Ephraim and Manasseh to receive a blessing from Jacob.
Manasseh was the older and Joseph placed him to his left facing the right-hand side of Jacob.
Ephraim was the younger so Joseph placed him to his right facing the left-hand side of Jacob.
Jacob however crossed his hands over. He placed his righthand on the head of Ephraim and his left on the hand of Manasseh. He placed Ephraim before Manasseh. He did not however change the position of the boys.
Manasseh remained on his right and Ephraim on his left. There are Rabbinical explanations that say the crossing over of the hands did not change the relative importance of the two but it did change the time schedule. From now on Ephraim was to receive his blessing BEFORE Manasseh.

Britain is Ephraim and has the characteristics of Ephraim. Manasseh was to become great AFTER Ephraim.
The USA is Manasseh and time-wise it did become great after Britain had enjoyed its power peak for quite some time.

In the blessing of Jacob to the boys:
Ephraim was to the right of Joseph facing the left side of Jacob.
Manasseh was to the left of Joseph facing the right side of Jacob.
The "Bnei Yissachar"(Tzvi Elimelech Shapira of Dinov (1784-1840) writes:
##Why did Jacob not command that Manasseh be placed on his left side and Ephraim on his right?
Why did Jacob have to cross his hands over?

 The truth is that Manasseh is the firstborn!
This is why it says "GUIDING HIS HAND WITTINGLY" (Genesis 48:14). He did not change Manasseh over to the left side) for in truth Manasseh is the firstborn and the most important but he put Ephraim before Manasseh concerning the chronological precedence##.

This Sage is saying that:  Manasseh remained on the right hand side of Jacob. He fulfilled the destiny of Jacob and expressed more the inner being of Jacob. The left hand of Jacob was on the head of Manasseh. The left hand is the weaker hand and the slower one. It indicated that Manasseh would be slower to reach fruition.
Fishel Mael ("Hashevetim" p.490) based on the above and other sources comments:
##The order of placing of the sons was important both in regards to their positioning concerning Joseph and in that concerning Jacob. Concerning Joseph....Ephraim is the one who fulfills his place and most continues his path...Therefore Joseph set Ephraim on his right-hand side to show that Ephraim is the main principle of his might and the continuer of his path...However concerning Jacob it is just the opposite. Manasseh is closer ...to the path of Jacob...Jacob however guided his hands wittingly to indicate that the greatness of Manasseh would not be revealed so soon...Jacob agreed only that Manasseh remain at his right-hand side for he is destined to complete the quality ...of Jacob himself in the building of the Third Temple##.
The USA is Manasseh. Britain is Ephraim. The USA became great AFTER Britain.
This was what the blessing and the change of hands entailed.

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3. Manasseh Represents Responsible Representation
The name "Manasseh" in Hebrew means the Principle of Responsible Representation such as is embodied in the USA Constitution and which is considered sacred by the citizens of the USA as if it represents their ancestral principle and reason for being.

4. America is Named after Machir first-born son of Manasseh
Machir was the first-born son of Manasseh. America was named after Amerigo Vespucci whose name is a Latinised version of the Hebrew name Machir or Ha-Machiri ("belonging to Machir"). It follows that indirectly America was named after Machir.

5. Capitalism
The USA is the formeost Capitalist nation. Without Capitalism the values of the USA and traditional American life-style would have difficulty in coming to expression. The USA gives life and justification to Capitalism throughout the world and benefits from this system. Captialism represents one aspect of the essence of the USA.
America is Named after Machir whose name in Hebrew Represents the Principle of Capitalism.

"With 5 per cent of the world's population, the United States has generated between 20 to 30 per cent of world output for 125 years".
Fareed Zekaria p. 41.

6. Yank and Jacob
"Yank" is a nickname for American. Yank means Jack which is short for Jacob. Manasseh was attached more to Jacob (see point 2 above) whereas Ephraim was closer to Joseph.

7. The Presidential System
Kings from Ephraim had absolute powers. Kings from Manasseh were "Princes" ("sar, Sarim") appointed for specific purposes for limited periods of time. This is the presidential system of Government that the USA is governed by and dependent upon.
See the notes (derived from R.M. Shlanger, "Shiftei Nachalatecha") at:
Manasseh in Rabbinical Sources
(3a) Presidents and Not Kings.

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The USA is Manasseh. Part One.

Duration: 26.49 minutes

The Ten Tribes are now to be found amongst Western peoples. The early settlers of the USA came mostly from specific areas in Britain and Europe where Tribal Names and other factors indicate origin from clans of Manasseh. Jacob blessed Joseph concerning his two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh. Rabbinical analysis of these blessings showed that Ephraim was to be come a great and numerous nation and group of nations before the emergence of Manasseh in the full sense. Manasseh was to become the worldwide pre-eminent power after the hey-day of Ephraim. Historically, Ephraim dominated the British Isles. Britain and the British Empire achieved the peak of their power and influence before the USA ascended to its present eminence. The very name "Manasseh" in Hebrew connotes Responsible Representation which form of government was the reason the USA came into being.

The USA is Manasseh. Part Two.

Duration: 18.17 minutes

The very name "Manasseh" in Hebrew connotes Responsible Representation which form of government was the reason the USA came into being. America is named after Amerigo Vespucci who in turn was named after a Jewish noble named Americo or Americus which name is a Medieval Latinized version of the Hebrew Machir or "HaMacheiri" meaning "belonging to Machir". Machir was the firstborn son of Manasseh. The name Machir in Hebrew connotes Free Enterprise and Capitalism. This is a fundamental concomitant principle for the American mode of existence. "Yank" is a nickname for American. It is short for Jack or Jacob i.e. Israel. It also reflects the direct contact between Jacob and Manassaeh as opposed to that between Joseph and Ephraim. In Biblical Times monarchs of the northern Kingdom of Israel appointed from Manasseh or associated with Manasseh (as distinct from Ephraim) were more like Constitutional Presidents than absolute rulers. Their terms of offices were similar to those of US Presidents today.

The USA is Manasseh. Part Three. A Summation.

Duration: 17.35 minutes

A very significant proportion of US citizens are descended from the Ten Tribes of Israel. The Israelites in America are dominated by the Tribe of Manasseh. We know that the USA is Manasseh for seven main reasons:

1. Demographically an overwhelming proportion of the early founding settlers of what became the USA came from areas in the British Isles and Western Europe that pertain to Manasseh. This is proven by Tribal names and other factors.

2. Manasseh was to become great AFTER Ephraim! This was shown by the blessing of Jacob to the sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh.

3. Manasseh in Hebrew connotes Responsible Representation. The struggle for Responsible Representation in Government brought the USA into being! 4. America is Named after Machir, first-born son of Manasseh.

5. The Principle of Capitalism and Free Enterprise is Encapsulated in the Hebrew meaning of the name Machir.

6. Yank means "Jack" or "Jacob" which means American! The personality of Jacob (i.e. the Patriarch Israel) was attached to Manasseh.

7. The Presidential System is part of the US Constitution and essence of the US National Character. Those early kings of the northern Kingdom of Israel of the Ten Tribes who pertained to Manasseh were appointed on Presidential-type conditions.


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