Why the USA Needs Israel!!  
Reactions to Interview with Tamar Yonah
Re Interview on Arutz-7.


Why the USA Needs Israel!! Continued:

1. Introduction.
2. YouTube Clips On the Subject.
3. Background: Tamar Yonah; Yair Davidiy.
4. Prioritization of Points Raised.
5. Answers to a Private Letter of Criticism.
6. Replies to Seven Letters from Arutz-7
7. A Problem with
8. Conclusions.


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1. Introduction.
The theme of the interview was:

Why the USA Needs Israel!! 

In anticipation of the interview we had already prepared the article, Tamar had read it and in the course of the interview also read excerpts from it.
We also have a number of short YouTube video clips dedicated to the subject.

2. YouTube Clips On the Subject.

Joseph in the End Times.
Duration: 6.05 minutes

The USA Became Great for a Reason!
Duration: 8.31 minutes

The USA Has A Stake in Israel!
Duration: 6.64 minutes

Israel Represents All Israelites!
Duration: 8.58 minutes

America, Joseph, and Judah.
Duration: 8.36 minutes

America - Friend of Israel.
Duration: 11.26 minutes.

3. Background:
Tamar Yonah is a prominent Radio personality.
The "Tamar Yonah Show" is very popular all over the world amongst both Jews and Gentiles.
Tamar has a no-nonsense open down-to-earth approach along with a strongly sympathetic attitude to people in general and a strong patriotic Jewish Israeli orientation.
Tamar receives many letters on many subjects from both Jews and non-Jews.
Amongst the correspondents of Tamar  are those who believe that the Lost Ten Tribes are now to be found amongst Western Peoples.
These "Ephraimites" and others in their letters to Tamar often emphasize their identification with Judah and Israel and their strong desire to settle in the Land. They also sometimes stress their Christian beliefs and (rather unpolitically) try to obtain the sympathy of Tamar and other Jews towards them.

Tamar is therefore well familiar with one aspect of non-Jews who hold Brit-Am and related beliefs.
The points she has to deal with however concern the practical implications of these beliefs as interpreted by some (but not most) of these who hold them.

Tamar was therefore, apart from the main subject,  interested in how to relate to "Ephraimites" who write to her and express their will to move to Israel.
Yair, on the other hand, would prefer clarifying the fact of Israelite Ancestry and less consideration of its immediate implications in individual cases.
Yair Davidiy representing Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes, deals with the whole subject of lost Israelites and all its ramifications.
Nevertheless Yair is inclined to strengthen gaining knowledge of Biblical and Historical truths concerning identification.

Both facets of the matter however are extremely important.

As a result of the interview a number of different reactions were received.

4. We have pointed out the need for Prioritization of Points raised:

A. The Main Points in Our Opinion.
Brit-Am identifies the Ten Tribes with Western Peoples.
Brit-Am Makes specific identification of all the Tribes.
Of great importance is the equation of Ephraim and Manasseh with the English-speaking peoples.
We identify the USA as receiving its National Character to a significant degree from Manasseh and as having descendants of Manasseh
within the determining elements of its populace.
Our proofs are Biblical, Rabbinical, and Historical.

B. Secondary Matters Also Worth Discussing but in the right Perspective.
How Judah and "Joseph" should relate to each other.
What the USA Really Receives from Israel in the tangible Material Sense.
Problems with Personality of  and individual Approach by Yair Davidiy.

Below is a discussion of Reactions to the Interview and our replies to them:

5. A Private Letter of Criticism.
A Private letter made several points, some more cogent than others.

Historically he claimed we were wrong. He said the Germanic-speakers and the Celts were all basically Indo-Europeans or otherwise eternal natives of Europe.

We replied that:
We understand that the Ten Tribes came westward.
Some of them settled amongst peoples of Celtic Culture.
Others amongst those who later spoke Germanic tongues.

Regarding the Celts in Continental Europe the situation is not clear linguistically.
Celtic in general belongs to the Indo-European family and may have been related to Latin.
In Britain and Ireland the type of Celtic spoken possessed an underlying sub-structure that was similar to Hebrew and is classified as having pertained to the Hamito-Semitic family. Much of the vocabulary is also similar to Hebrew.
Brit-Am Articles on Linguistics:

Germanic tongues originated in Scandinavia and North Germany.
One third of their basic structure and vocabulary was of Hebrew-type origin.
The Hebrew Sources of Northern Tongues
by Terry Marvin Blodgett

The Germanic tongues were spread to other peoples who originally spoke Indo-European languages.
These Germanized Europeans included some Slavic peoples.
The Germanization of conquered and assimilated Slavic nations was still continuing even up until 1945.

Our correspondent then referred to a point made by Tamar about the State of Israel supplying the USA with intelligence.
He was not impressed with the example given by Tamar but then provided what seemed to be a better one of his own.
In principle he seemed to agree on the main point.

He then stated that the whole idea of the End Times Troubles is a Christian concept.
We pointed out  that it is also found in Judaism.
It is not exclusively a Christian concept but possibly one they borrowed from the Jews.
In the Talmud we have the expression "Chevlei Mashiah" i.e. Birth-Pangs of the Messiah and some discussion of that time. The Bible also has similar passages on this subject.

He objected to our use of non-Jewish religious terminology.
We replied that which terminology we use when addressing a mixed audience is a moot point.

He then said that the modern State of Israel was a creation of secular Jewish renegades.
We replied that,
The secularists took over an ongoing movement and an existing ideology.
They did not originate Zionism nor are they the exclusive arbiters concerning what it is.

He then contested our identification of the USA with Manansseh. He referred to the waves of migration from Europe in the 1820s to the 1860sand the 1880-1910 period.
We have dealt with these matters in our works "The Tribes" and "Joseph".

He asserted that the "Celts" of Ireland and Britain did not come from the east and that they could not come from Joseph.
We replied that,
The Irish Language contains a strong Semitic component. So does their Mythology.
We could have gone into more detail but anyone who is really concerned about the matter could easily find relevant articles of great interest on our web-site.

He then said that finding the Lost Ten Tribes should be left to the "Moshiakh".
We answered by saying that such an attitude involves the inventing of a new doctrine since none of the sources take that attitude.

6.Replies to Seven Letters from Arutz-7
On Israel National Radio
there are so far seven letters dealing with the interview.

(1. the "lost " 10 tribes
john d., oromocto (06/23/11)
seems to agree with us but throws in what seems a reference to conspiracy notions at the end.

(2. MIGs, T-72s, scientific research, computers, secret air bases...and
Bill, Oklahoma City (06/23/11)

Bill seems to be replying to points made by Yair and Tamar.
Tamar said that nations have interests.
Aid given by the USA must be spend in the USA i.e. it goes back into the US economy.
Also Israel gives invaluable information to the USA.
Yair added that:
Israeli and Jewish scientists and researchers enable the USA in the scientific and computer realms to maintain an edge over everybody else.
The State of Israel is a land-based geo-strategic platform enabling the USA to dominate or at least maintain access to all of the Middle East as well much of Africa, Asia, and Europe in times of emergency.
Israel also serves as a barrier buffering anti-US sentiments that are harbored by a good portion of humanity.
The existence of Israel enables the US to deal with both the expressed and with the subdued antagonism of others from a distance.

Both Tamar and Yair had emphasized that the USA supported Israel out of genuine friendship and empathy.
The fact that America also benefits from this is a subsidiary matter.
Bill said in effect that everything that Israel gives to America could be obtained elsewhere at less expense.
We disagree.
This however is a secondary consideration as we said all along.
The US needs to help Israel in our opinion because that is why (or at least one of the reasons why) the US got to achieve the wealth and power it does have.

(3. Give us a break
Seemed to be accusing Brit-Am of missionary intentions and of propagating some kind of replacement theology.
This is simply not the case.
Accusations that do not quote from sources and that possess no coherent reasoning do not always have to be answered.
Nor do they have to be taken seriously.

(4. RE: Tamar Yonah - Brit Am interview
Daniel, the U.S. (06/23/11)
appeared to imply that the Hebrews were all dark or of East Mediterranean type and therefore could not gone to Europe.
This is not correct.

Pictures of Ancient Hebrews

(5. RE: Tamar Yonah - Yair Davidiy interrview Crazy "Fishers " or Dilligent Students of Prophecy?
Straight Talk, Chicago (06/23/11)

Rightly pointed out that Brit-Am relies heavily on Biblical Proofs and that no-body has been able to refute our Biblical evidence.
They have not even tried to.

(6. RE: Tamar Yonah Invaluable info give to America
Michael, Melbourne (06/23/11)

Pointed out that the USA needs Israel and that Israel is an essential ally of America.

(7. Why all this nonsense

Says that due to inter-marriage etc the Ten Tribes could no longer exist. The only thing that counts is conversion to Judaism.
Only Gentiles with Jewish souls really want to convert.
The Bible says otherwise.
So do the Sages.
If one disagrees with them both then that is not our problem.

7.A Problem with Yair?

At the beginning of the interview Yair said he heads a group who specialize in researching where the lost Ten Tribes are today.
This was a slip of the tongue. It is not strictly true.
On the one hand the exact opposite is the case.
Nevertheless Yair feels that he works together with his subscribers and sympathizers. Sometimes he does receive valuable feed-back, ideas, inspiration, and facts from them.
Which subjects are spoken of, what research is done, what is published, etc, is all more or less an outcome of the inter-reaction of Yair and Brit-Am people. It is not Yair working alone in a dark room.
Also the whole operation of Brit-Am is an expression of consensus of many people.
Assistance with our computer, encouragement, financial offerings that keep us going sometimes by the skin of our teeth and sometimes with more liberality but keep going we do. All this is due to the agreement and input of many people.
Yair did not come out of retirement after working away in secret for years on the subject.
Most of what we do is with the knowledge and encouragement and support of others and often also with their important input.
Yair does give expression to an ongoing enterprise supported by numerous others.
Yair does not really "head a group who specialize in researching" BUT we do specialize in researching and we do head a group.
The two entities and aspects of operation are inextricably intertwined with each other.
We endeavor to tell the truth and usually we succeed in doing so.
This time we may have been a little less successful than we should have been.

The Interview was successful.
We discussed important issues.
A lot of information was imparted.
In the course of the interview points of value came up that we had not previously considered.
It was a step forward and an enjoyable presentation of a Brit-Am point-of-view resulted.
The USA is a friend to Israel primarily due to the US national Character important aspects of which emanate from the Bible.
US friendship also brings some return benefit to the USA but that is not the motivating factor for the friendship that exists or for the aid that is given.
By helping Israel the USA gives expression to its Israelite Identity especially that of Joseph and within Joseph of the Tribe of Manasseh.
Every organism has an inner urge to express itself for what it is. In helping Israel America expresses its identity as Manasseh.