The Present Situation
in South Africa


Most issues in South Africa seem to be very much related to the relationship between the black and white communities.

I think everyone would agree that South Africa is an awesome country with so much potential, if they would just agree on sensible terms on labor related issues.
I watched an interview with some white educators on the issue of teaching black pupils. They all agreed that the whites are tired of trying to integrate with black people. The blacks do not want to submit to the rules that are there for everyone. Black students have a negative attitude towards white instructors. They call them racists when they are addressed for behavioral problems.
That is pretty much the crux of the matter. I have also experienced this at first hand. 
The black empowerment movement is retrenching a lot of white workers to make room for black employees. They are also claiming back agricultural land and then giving it to "previously disadvantaged people". Thus, those farmers who are educated to farm properly on a big scale are moved out of the way to make room for people without the necessary skill or experience.
As far as crime is concerned everyone is so fed up. Petty theft is not even worth reporting, and even rape cases or other serious offences are just not reported, because nothing is being done about it. The whole system has crashed because of an overload of daily reports. Not everything can be handled. Lawlessness rules the country at the moment and life is cheap, very cheap, in the eyes of the criminals. Obviously matters are made worse by the spread of poverty and a growing percentage of the population that endures bad conditions. There is also the issue of AIDS. The statistics are frightening.
Many white people are emigrating, because they do not want their children to grow up in a country where you cannot walk in the street without looking over your shoulder or just drive in your car without worrying whether at the next traffic-light your window will be smashed to grab your bag.
It is not just black and white though. There is black against black also. The black people are just as fed up about the crime in their midst. Black people in townships live in fear because they are abused daily. They cannot always afford proper burglar systems and are easy targets for robbers. The women in these Townships also get raped and assaulted on a daily basis.
It always seems to be an issue between black and white, but it is not. Its an issue between lawlessness, and law abiding citizens. I personally have beautiful black friends and we can live in harmony with each other, but there remains a certain rebelliousness in the majority against the white man that always wants to turn things upside down. I understand this. It is to some degree understandable due to the severity of Apartheid [Enforced Racial Separation] in the past. It will take time for all the wounds to heal. [Apartheid ended in 1994.] It has been 14 years already.
The blacks themselves are not happy with how the situation is developing.
I have heard black people say to me personally:
"Yes, it was hard under white rule and there was a lot of discrimination against us, but at least we dwelled in security. We were certain that we had food to eat every day and that we had a place to stay. We were certain that we had a job and that we would get paid at the end of the month. Now we are uncertain about everything."
These are the words of black people in the streets who see what is going on in South Africa.

It is sad that every time we talk about South Africa, we come to a negative topic. I could mention the beautiful nature and wildlife, the stunning holiday resorts, the culturally rich atmosphere, the vibrancy of the different influences, the fruitfulness of the land, the mineral treasures still waiting to be unearthed, the historical legacy and how SA prevented civil war. I could talk about thousands of positive things, no millions, but it all relies on the hearts of the people of the land. How can any of those things survive if the people are not willing to actually find and cohere to a solution instead of moaning about it all the time or standing up in rebellion against all authority?
Even though many have lost hope and are fleeing the country, there is still a remnant that is willing to wait it out and see what happens.
 This is what is seen when looking through human eyes. Nevertheless we still have hope in Hashem for this beautiful country and are waiting for a turn around and we will give HIM all the glory.  

I am young and I do not always understand why everything is happening the way it does, but I do understand why Hashem has given laws, commandments, and ways of living, because with lawlessness everything turns into chaos seeing that rebellion is as witchcraft and stubbornness as idolatry [1-Samuel 15:23].
I do believe there is hope. It seems impossible when you look at the statistics, but we all feel that something soon will change the current state of affairs and improve the fate of South Africa.

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