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The Matriarchal Aspects of Israelite Tribes
Inter-Relationships Amongst The Tribes

Based on "Kuntres, Zug MeKudash. Torah veTefilah" (1998) by Zeev HaLevi Kamen. [This is a short collection of essays that we purchased by chance in the local synagogue. It does however contain an approbation by the previous Lubavitcher Rabbi as well as approbations by other rabbis.
It may therefore be considered the work of a known and responsible Torah scholar. ]

The first woman was name Eve. Eve in Hebrew is "Chava".
"Chava" means life, enlivenment,
A woman should give life to her husband and children. She enables them to come to life, to express themselves.
Chava was blessed with intuitive understanding. She wished also to receive directive knowledge. This was the fruit of the Tree of Knowing Good and Evil.
Rachel (according to the Ari) has aspects of a second Chava.
The motherly aspects of Rachel were to be felt by all the other Tribes of Israel, whether or not they were her physical offspring or those of the other wives of Jacob.

Rachel has the aspect of unconditional love. Everyone is equal. Husband and wife are also equal.

Leah (the sister of Rachel and also wife of Jacob) emphasizes more the correct stratification of the family with the husband at the head  and the children in their proper stations.
Leah through Judah gave rise to the dynasty of David and Solomon and the future Messiah.

There are differences between the two. This results in the advisability of their separation. In the Time of the Messiah the differences will be resolved and the two aspects will be united in one.

Rachel was buried in Bethlehem. In Hebrew Bethlehem is Bait Lechem i.e. the House of Bread. Bread represents the wife.
Genesis 39:
6 Thus he left all that he had in Joseph's hand, and he did not know what he had except for the bread which he ate.

By "bread" is here meant his wife.

Rachel was the main wife of Jacob. Rachel was the pillar of the Household.

The other brothers had a claim against Joseph that he wished to rule over them.
They for their part had a tradition that the leadership would come though Leah and indeed Judah was a son of Leah.

From the point of view of the brothers Joseph had against them their cruelty in not heading his pleas when they put him in the pit (Genesis 42).
In the future, reconciliation will come about when Joseph will no longer seek to reign over the others.
The others for their part will regret their attitude towards Joseph.

Brit-Am Comment:
Putting Joseph in the pit and then selling him to foreigners in effect meant dispossession and dismissal from the family circle. This may be paralleled by failure to admit the Israelite Ancestry of Joseph. Such however, in our time, is not (or at least not yet) the problem. It is not a question of failure to acknowledge such ancestry. It is rather not knowing about it. Both Joseph and Judah have to be made aware as to who Joseph is. This is the first step for anything else.

Samuel the Prophet was destined to anoint both Saul and after him David as Kings of Israel.

The People of Israel were distinguished not only by their commandments, laws, and characteristics but also by the aspect of royalty.

The Royalty of Israel would be bequeathed not only through the male lineage but also via the female.

After David was anointed, the rulership had to pass through the male line.

Saul was from the Tribe of Benjamin son of Rachel. Saul reigned before David. In a sense Saul was anointed by virtue of Rachel.
Esther was a descendant of King Saul. Esther is referred to as Queen Esther. Esther epitomizes the matriarchal aspect of Israel.

Divine Providence wished that the two aspects of royalty in Israel should be recognized: The male aspect from descendants of Leah was realized in David;
The female determinant from Rachel was fulfilled in Queen Esther.
After David was anointed it was no longer fitting that any other line should rule and also only males could become monarch.
In order for the feminine side to be revealed it was necessary that they be in Exile and that Esther be made indirectly the Queen over Israelites.
[Esther became Queen of Persia. The Persians at that time ruled over most of the Jews. Esther therefore became Queen of the Jews and those Israelites under Persian Rule due to her first being made Queen of Persia.]

In order for there to be a legitimate male ruler over Israel from the side of Rachel, Saul had to be anointed before David.
After David only his seed were really the legitimate rulers.
[The Macabee-Hasmoneans were Cohens from the Tribe of Levi. They lead the revolt against the Hellenistic Syrians and became Kings of the Jews. They nearly all however suffered a violent death.
Tradition says that this was a punishment for the usurping of the throne that rightfully should only go to descendants of David.]

[Rachel had had only two sons: Joseph and Benjamin.]
It might be asked why did the Rulers from Rachel emerge via the Tribe of Benjamin and not Joseph?
The answer is that Joseph embodies more the masculine aspect of the Israelite polity. Benjamin in a sense is more feminine and thus more fitting to rule from the side of Rachel.

In the End Times there will be an Anointed King (Mashiach) ruling over Israel and his queen. The queen will be a descendant of Rachel, the king a descendant of David and thus of Leah.
[Brit-Am Editorial Comment: This is the first time I have ever seen such an opinion. It may not be accurate.]
This was paralleled by King David who came from Leah and married Michal, daughter of King Saul, who came from Rachel.

The Messiah through Divine Inspiration will be able to tell which Tribe each and every Israelite belongs to.

Brit-Am Comment:
The Glorious Queens of England.
Israelite women folk both in Judah and amongst the Ten tribes are among the most self-assertive in the world. Sometimes they seem to have exaggerated in this regard!
At all events, the Lost Ten Tribes under Joseph probably reached the heights of their glory and prestige under the British Empire though the USA has not done bad for itself either.
England under the Tudor monarchs threw off the yoke of Rome and of Europe. Henry-vii and Henry-viii laid the basis for English power. Under Elizabeth-i (1533-1558) England became a great power, defeating Spain, and beginning its overseas expansion in full confidence of its abilities.
Later, in the time of Queen Victoria (1819-1901) the British Empire reached the height of its glory. It ruled over one-quarter of the globe and one-fifth of world population. Benjamin Disraeli, the Jewish Prime  Minister of Britain had Victoria crowned Empress of India (1876).
Unlike Elizabeth-i who never married, Victoria had a happy marriage with Albert, the Prince Consort. They had eight children. After Albert passed away, the widowed Victoria played a feminine and maternal role towards her subjects with great success.

My father, William Hugh Davis, said that there was an opinion that it needed the presence of female monarchs to fully draw out the masculinity of British subjects.
This ties in with the above article since we consider the British to be primarily descended from Joseph and thus through Joseph from Rachel.

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