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Wales in Biblical Codes
Brit-Am Now"-105
#5. Rusty: British soldiers salute the Cambria
#2. Welsh = Levites?
#1. Pelagius and Pelagianism
#3. The Hebrew origins of the Welsh Language: New Research
#3. New Historical Source or Literary Invention?
[Welsh from Middle East?]
< "Brit-Am"-352
#7. Marcus West: North Welsh
#1. Welsh into Hebrew
#4. Marcus on Wales
#3. Welsh Hebrew Language
#3. Influence of Welshmen in Utah?
#3. Welsh Settlers in Argentina
#1. Message from Wales
#1. Early British Kingdoms
#2. Pelagians
#3. Daffodils Were Not Enough!
The Phoenicians Brought Leeks to Wales As Well!
#1. Western Mail: 'Welsh aren't 'true' Celts' claim
"Brit-Am Now"-723
#2. Wales and "Egyptian" love spoons
"Brit-Am Now"-746
#3. Lloyd George on antisemitism, 1923, quotation
"Brit-Am Now"-747
#4. Are the Welsh and British from Syria?
"Brit-Am Now"-750
#3. Welsh Symbol on cover of magazine, "Brit-Am Truth".
Brit-Am Now"-759
#2. Another DNA Conundrum
(b) Welsh-Irish-Amerindian Connections?
Brit-Am Now"-807b
#1. New Book Claims Ancient Egyptian is Welsh!

Brit-Am Now"-895
#3. Welshmen Named After David?
Brit-Am Now"-903
#4. Welsh "Curing Stone" derived from Ancient Egypt?
Brit-Am Now"-912
#7. Settlement of Wales
a. Archaeology: Native Settlement in Wales
b. Traditional Literature: William F. Skene
Brit-Am Now"-919
#2. Richard Griffin: The Welsh in Canada & Discovery of Diamonds
"Brit-Am Now"-972
#3. Question on Welsh Genealogy and Being Certain of Israelite Origin

Jerusalem News-573
1. Art: Seascapes off the Coast of Wales
Jerusalem News-604
#3. Pembrokeshire in Wales
Jerusalem News Magazine Article

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