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Image of Phoenician ship from coin (original MAYBE ca. one-sixth that of picture). Design is considered identical in outline to that of the later Viking ships, see below:

An Israeli naval historian, Tsvi Herman ("Amin, Yamim, Oniot", Hebrew, 1962)  believed that the ancient Israelites were involved in Phoenician sailing enterprises.
Tsvi Herman stated that Phoenician ships reached Britain and Cornwall and possibly also the Baltic Sea in northern Europe.
Herman said that the Phoenician small long range ship (known to the Greeks as "Hyppo", i.e. the "horse") is in effect almost identical in both structure and appearance with the later Viking longship of Scandinavia. The "Hyppo" had the carved head of horse at the front and the tail of a fish at the rear. There were two types of Phoenician ships, the hyppo and a larger type. Both types were used by the Phoenicians to transport exiled Israelites to Spain and the west.
For Biblical Sources concerning the role of Phoenician and Philistine shipping
in transporting Israelites to the west see:
The Brit-Am Commentary to Amos 1:6-9.

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