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This list is intended to be a companion piece to the
List of 110 Brit-Am Biblical Proofs

[As for the Biblical Evidence so too for this List of Secular Proofs the potency of the evidence quoted must be viewed as part of a whole interlocking body proving our point.]

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Rabbinical Evidence

Brit-Am Evidence of Israelite Ancestry from Scripture and Researches


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Rabbinical Evidence
Proofs in Simplified Outline

Brit-Am Biblical Proofs and Commentary explaining verses (e.g. Isaiah ch.49) as referring to Ten Lost Tribes Confirmed by the Sages.
Legal Affirmation that Overwhelming majority of Ten Tribes were  Exiled and Lost and will Return but have not yet done so.
Ten Tribes exiled to Sambation, Mountains of Darkness, Mountains of Snow, Afrikey, Place of Dark Clouds, etc
identified as places wherefrom Cimmerians, Scythians, and Goths were to appear or places connected to Spain and British Isles.
Zerefat (Obadiah 1:20) meaning France, North Europe Britain as place of Exile for Ten Tribes.
Tribal Characteristics described that fit peoples in Western Europe and their offshoots.
Task of Messiah son of Joseph and head of Ten Tribes described as applying to Britain and USA.
Role of Joseph described that fits historical roles of Britain and USA.
Menasseh represents Responsible Representative Government as in USA whereas Ephraim is aristocracy.
Menasseh to be ruled by presidential capitalist system as in USA.
Menasseh to become great after Ephraim.
Greatness of Menasseh to be expressed more in the material sense.
Biblical Codes confirm Brit-Am Israelite and Tribal Identifications.

Rabbinical Evidence
Proofs in Expanded Format

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