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Tribal Names

This list is intended to be a companion piece to the
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[As for the Biblical Evidence so too for this List of Secular Proofs the potency of the evidence quoted must be viewed as part of a whole interlocking body proving our point.]

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Tribal Names

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Tribal Names
Proofs in Simplified Outline

Names of Historical Tribal Entities that helped create specific nations. Basic Outline: Names of Tribes and Clans are seen to have remained with groups of descendants of Israelites who migrated to the west.

Tribal Names
Proofs in Expanded Format

Israeli Tribal names and the names of major Clans within the Tribes often remained with them despite their loss of Identity and change of language and culture.
We can trace these names historically to ethnic entities that migrate from the east to the west.
This subject overlaps with a Biblical Proof dealing with the same subject and an indication of what is involved may be found there.
Biblical Locations of the Lost Ten Tribes
Scriptural Proof: Tribal and Clan Names
For more details and references see "The Tribes"

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