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This list is intended to be a companion piece to the
List of 110 Brit-Am Biblical Proofs

[As for the Biblical Evidence so too for this List of Secular Proofs the potency of the evidence quoted must be viewed as part of a whole interlocking body proving our point.]

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Brit-Am Evidence of Israelite Ancestry from Scripture and Researches


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Ethnic Affiliations
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Ethnic Affiliations with Other Entities for whom proof exists.
Peoples whose Israelite origins have been proven are related to other peoples for whom different evidence exists.
Since however they both belong tot he same family then by implication proof applying tot he one entity also applies to the other.

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Proofs in Expanded Format

If someone (A) has a brother (B) from the same mother and father and it is proven that the brother (B) has another brother (C) then (C) must also be a brother to (A).
In practice things may not be so tightly proven. Peoples are mixed. It may be that a certain people is a combination of various elements and only one element is connected. This is analogous in the above example as saying:
 (A)  has a brother (B) from the same mother and possibly from the same father but we are not sure.
It is indicated that the brother (B) has another brother (C) in which case (C) may also be a brother to (A).
We are not however sure of this and it is merely a possibility that is worth considering especially if additional evidence becomes available.

The Khazars are proven to belong to the Lost Ten Tribes.
Indications also exist that the Khazars were related to the Anglo-Saxons, Finns, and Scandinavians. What applies tot he Khazars may also therefore apply to the peoples they are related to.
The Dans and Angles (of Anglo-Saxon association) are related. What applies to the Danes may also therefore apply to the Angles and vice-versa.
The Irish and Scottish are related. What applies to the Scottish therefore has implications concerning their kinfolk the Irish and vice-versa. In this case however we will find objections partly based religious and cultural differences and partly on possible fact. Some Scots-Irish in Ulster will claim that the Southern Catholic Irish are not Israelites.
This goes against the facts as we know them though there may be grounds to examine different areas of Ireland
for different ancestral connections.
The Welsh and Bretons of France are related.
The Danes and Norwegians are related and both of them have elements in Ireland and Britain.
Some of these matters are dealt with a greater length in our work "The Tribes".

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