Brit-Am Secular Proofs

This list is intended to be a companion piece to the
List of 110 Brit-Am Biblical Proofs

[As for the Biblical Evidence so too for this List of Secular Proofs the potency of the evidence quoted must be viewed as part of a whole interlocking body proving our point.]

Under the heading "Archaeology" we have included "legends" in General as well as various traditions found in
Historical Writings
and in Classical (Greek and Roman Records) References
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Brit-Am Evidence of Israelite Ancestry from Scripture and Researches


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Proofs in Simplified Outline

Depictions of Ancient Israelites show mixed physical types but "European" phenotype roughly predominant.
Completeness of Exile of Ten Tribes from land of Israel.
Destruction of all former northern Israelite settlements due to Assyrian Invasions.
Existence of Israelite Exiles in Assyria.
Israelite Exiles in Assyrian Army etc.
Overlap with Cimmerians and Scythians.
Proven Rebellion of Judean Exiles in Palace of Sennacherib Parallels takeover by Scythian Israelites of entire Assyrian
Empire as explained in Brit-Am writings.
Israelite-Phoenician Art styles , techniques (e.g. enamel) traced to Scythians, British Celts, and Anglo-Saxons.
Path of Migrations from Middle East to Steppes to the West shown from artifacts etc.
Pathways of Migration shown from Megalthics and Dolmens (as prophesied by Jeremiah 31:21).
Astronomical Alignment of Megalithics proving that they were set up after ca. 730 BCE.
Settlement in Spain of people from the area of Greater Israel after ca. 730 BCE.
Settlement in Ireland and Britain of Israelite settlers from Spain and Portugal.
Direct Contancts between Britain, Ireland, Ancient Israel, and the Middle East in general.
Scandinavian "Bronze Age" links to Middle East.
Scandinavian "Iron Age" links to Southeast Europe and Middle East.
"Viking" links to Central Asia and Middle East.
Western "Barbarian" links to Central Asia

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