Best Places on Earth
and Geographical Extremities



Biblical Locations of the Lost Ten Tribes

Geographical Proof

by Yair Davidiy

 Biblical Geographical Evidence 

The Best Places on Earth and the "Ends" or Geographical Extremities

Ends of the Earth and the Best Places on the Earth
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We have traced the Lost Ten Tribes to the "ends" or Geographic Extremities of the Great Land Masses. This is just one proof out of very many others all of which must beconsidered s part of each other and complementing each other. Not only are the Lost Ten Tribes mostly to be found today at the Extremities ("Ends") of the Earth but the areas of their location are described as the most noble, exalted, or "best" places on Earth.

Ends of the Earth and the Best Places on the Earth

"But thou Israel, my servant Jacob whom I have chosen, the seed of Abraham my friend... Whom I have strengthened (taken) from the ENDS OF THE EARTH and called thee from the CHIEF [i.e. best] parts hereof".
(Isaiah 41;8-9)

The King James Translation of Isaiah 41:9 [above] instead of 'chief parts' has 'chief men'. This interpretation, if correct, is reflecting a most unusual employment of Hebrew expression for if 'men' were meant the Bible would indicate it more explicitly.  The Hebrew expression used in Isaiah is "ATZILAYAH" and this means "chiefs of" or "nobility of" or "highest points of" and to the author's mind is qualifying which of the Earth's ends would belong to Israel, - obviously the best and most noble ones. The Hebrew word (Atzil) is related to the Nordic Aedil meaning noble. It also connotes reserved and in a sense all the areas settled by the sons of Joseph had been reserved for them, since previously they were often sparsely occupied before the sons of Joseph reached them.  Areas in which we have traced the Lost Ten Tribes are qualitatively the best regions of the earth. Climate and Geography influence the characteristics of the inhabitants. These are not the only factors but they are important. The Geography of Scandinavia, Holland, France, Britain, North America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the State of Israel has determined something in the National Personality of the people involved. It is the interaction of the people with the Land that is important. "Atzil" can also mean "highest point" as a noun and as a verb can connote delegation or bequeathment of quality.

The author once came across a book of instruction for professional Jewish Orthodox Scribes. These people have the very exacting task of perfectly transcribing certain Scriptural passages onto parchment. Most of this parchment is derived from calve skins. The book of instruction was also a guide of professional advice. It was stated that North America and Argentina are the two main sources for calfskin. It was also stated that different geographic regions have intrinsic properties of their own and that something about North America rendered calf skin from therein superior. The Talmud was quoted to the effect that different regions give rise to different types of people and that some areas are better in certain respects than others.

All those areas where the Lost Ten Tribes now populate are naturally blessed regions when compared to the rest of world. North America, the British Isles, Scandinavia, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa have all blessed physically in so far as they are full of natural resources, relatively free from diseases and plague, and have
envigorating climates on the whole. In Australia there is a problem of skin cancer due to the plentiful sunshine but from other considerations the environment is an inspiring and joyful one.

Even Scandinavia which is often considered a cold forbidding area is actually a healthy blessed region, as the following quotations (from the Cybalist Linguistic list) confirm):

<< People tend to think of Scandinavia as a frozen wasteland, but in fact it's not; the winters are less severe than Russia's. In Norway, you also have stupendous fishery resources (Atlantic salmon, among others) which tend to be ignored in the literature. While you had to work hard in the midnight sun of summer to ensure you kept warm in the winter, a virgin, relatively thinly-populated Scandinavia can almost be thought of as paradisical.

<<Scandinavia is also physically isolated. The continent-wide disturbances which have periodically afflicted Europe (e.g., warlike Indo-Iranians, Huns, Mongols, Charles V, Napoleon, to mention only a few) tend to bypass the Northland. The Fenno-Scandian block has pretty much been left alone all through history.>> Mark Odegard.

<<The main problem with living in these parts is: How do stay alive in the winter? You can keep out the cold by proper housing and clothing but what would you eat? Since Nature provides nothing in those months (except for ice fishing, brrrr) survival hinges on technologies to preserve food. One method is to keep farm animals and slaughter them in winter.
Another is to keep durable stuff about, like cereals (no, not cornflakes). But you could also salt or smoke fish. (Lower) Saxony, the old home of the Saxons has the salt mines at Lüneburg. Denmark and Scania had the fishing in the Sound. Until the 16th century herring would leave the Baltic at certain seasons, and, according to some chroniclers, in such numbers that you could place a spear in the water and it would stand upright. In the late middle ages this was the basis of Danish wealth: Sound herrings, bought and salted by the Hanse Merchants on the markets in Skanör and Falsterbo.
Standard history will tell you that the importance of this export was due to Catholics eating fish during fast; personally I think they constituted a large part of food produced in Denmark then.>> Torsten

Regions in which the Lost Ten Tribes settled are the best in the world.

Best Hebrew Places.

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Not only are the Lost Ten Tribes mostly to be found today at the Extremities ("Ends") of the Earth but the areas of their location are described as the most noble, exalted, or "best" places on Earth (Isaiah 41:8-9). Divine Providence enabled the Ten Tribes to fulfill their Prophesied Task partly due to the environments they were placed within. See:
Best Places on Earth and Geographical Extremities.



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