Biblical Locations
of the Lost Ten Tribes

  Scriptural Proof 


  by Yair Davidiy 

 Biblical Evidence:

Our studies have shown concerning the location of the Lost Ten Tribes in the Latter Days that the Bible gives us a great many indications.
From the Geographical Perspective
they would be at the geographical extremities (ends) of the earth and in the best physical locations. They would have their major centers to the north, northwest, and west of the Land of Israel, in Isles of the Sea and on peninsulas (thighs). They would be seafarers, and especially linked with the Atlantic Ocean (Tarshish) area. They were to be seafarers. The Tribe of Zebulon would dwell on the Shores of the Sea as the Dutch (some of whom were named "Sabalingoi") indeed do. They would also have a major center in Zerephath meaning the areas of France and the North and the British Isles. They would be found in several different Oceans. One of their major colonies would be in the Land of Sinim which is the Continent of Australia.

The Lost Ten Tribes were to enjoy agricultural pleny, vast mineral resources, very large populations, and the "Gates" or straegic thoroughfares of the world.

The Blessings were to be found in an especially increased measure in the offspring of Joseph whom we have identified chiefly with the English-speaking peoples.
The figure of Cyrus in Isaiah represents Joseph in the Latter Days. They were to rule over India and much of Africa and the thoroughfare (Suez Canal) of Egpt and to cause large-bodied Africans to be brought over to them in chains at first to serve them and to eventually acknowledge the God of Israel with them. Joseph was to be the Dominant World Power, the Greatest International Military Force, and to Rule over others. Joseph was to prove himself capable of defeating in war the major warrior nations of Europe. Ephraim was to symbolize the principal of Nobility or Aristocratic Privilege as Britain does. Manasseh represents the Principles of Responsible Representation and Capitalism ("Machir") as found in the USA. The unicorn and "John Bull" were to be major symbols of Joseph.

Prophesied Roles and Attributes
The Lost Ten Tribes were to become a Blessing to other Peoples and a Light to the Nations. They were to be ruled by descendants of King David and also to be drinkers of alcohol often to excess. They were to be Separate from Judah and not recognizable by Judah according to the criteria with which Judah had become familiar. Their major religion was to be Christianity. They were to be historically associated with and influenced by the descendants of Gomer meaning the Turkish, Germanic, and Celtic-speaking peoples. A trail of megalithic monuments from the Land of Israel to their places of exile in the future would enable them to determine their Israelite origins. Their generic names were to reflect their ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Tribal and Clan Names of the seventy family members of Jacob who went down to Egypt were to be recalled in historical appellations applied to their own Tribal and Clan groups.

ALL OF THE ABOVE are to be found in peoples identified by Brit-Am as having an overwhelming majority of the Lost Ten Tribes amongst their peoples. These nations include Canada, the USA, Ireland, Britain, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and possibly Switzerland along with part of South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

ONLY these nations fulfil ALL of the required Biblical signs. These nations are also today similar to each other in basic outlook and share a recognized common ancestry. In ADDITION to all of the above ONLY these nations fulfil in a general sense the Ten Criteria we have found as valid for determining which national groups belong to Israel.
In addition to the described Biblical Proofs that are understandable almost immediately from the simple meaning of the verses even in English Translation more Scriptural and Scripture-derived evidence exists in the form of Biblical Codes, Rabbinical Exegesis, and a close analysis of the Hebrew Verses. Examples of these additional sources of evidence are given in articles on our Web Site. They also constitute valid Proofs and help confirm our conclusions.
These Biblical and Biblically-Related Proofs are complemented and strengthened in their impact and the comprehension of them through secular studies in history, archaeology, linguistics, mythology, sociology, and in every field of any pertinence to tracing the ancestry of present-day nations.

These proofs reflect the truth. All of them are correct and all of them valid though evidence derived from the Bible is the foundation for all the rest. It may be that due to individual predilections or parallels elsewhere that some of this evidence will not be immediately accepted by they who peruse it. Nevertheless the evidence needs to be taken as ONE COMPREHENSIVE WHOLE each part supplementing, complementing, and reinforcing the other. When seen as a unitary body of evidence these proofs to our understanding are irrefutable.



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