Introduction to Blessings


Biblical Locations of the
Lost Ten Tribes

  Scriptural Proof 

  by Yair Davidiy 

 Biblical Evidence:
The Blessings of
the Lost Ten Tribes in Exile


Gates of His Enemies
Vast Numbers of People
Agricultural Plenty
Mineral Resources

Introduction: Blessings
The Blessings to Joseph and to the Lost Ten tribes were unique and were to distinguish their descendants from all other peoples. We may therefore use these blessings as they have been effected in the world today in order to identitfy which group of peoples are descended from the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.
The blessings include factors we have dealt with elsewhere such as dwelling in the Best Places (Geographic Evidence). Civilizing the Nations, being the greatest Military Power, ruling the Waves (the Joseph Element) and so on. In addition to the above the blessings were to reveal themselves through agricultural plenty, mineral resources that are ultilized, vast numbers of people, and possessing all major international strategic thoroughfares or "gates" of our enemies. In this case as in all others each proof must be considered NOT ONLY on its own merits but also in light of all the other proofs as part of one comprehensive whole body of evidence.



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