Who Pays the Piper?
Does Judah go to Ephraim?
The Problem of "Joey-Boy"!


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Who Pays the Piper?

Does Judah go to Ephraim? The Problem of "Joey-Boy"!

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Who Pays the Piper?
The Problem of "Joey-Boy"! (ca. 44 minutes)

The following article deals with some complicated yet important issues.
Usually our articles are relatively simple in structure dealing with a specific issue and providing a clear-cut answer.
This article may be an exception.
We are about to throw up ideas, observations, etc, somehow or other all connected with each other and hope that the reader will be able to sort it all out for themselves and benefit from it.
It may be considered as much an attempt to clarify our own attitude to ourselves as to present it before others and to draw from them a pertinent response.
We ourselves have evolved over the years. Our attitude has been modified and our expectations changed.
We are dealing with this subject in order to clarify the issue and find answers.
Our answers may sound somewhat blunt but at least they are honest or an attempt to be so.

Some Questions:
How Many Orthodox Rabbis Support or at least think along the same lines as Brit-Am?
This is a question we have been asked several times in the past and I recall having answered it.
At present I cannot give a number but we function by virtue of who we are and the support of others.
Nevertheless the question itself  and the attitude it reveals bring up other questions.
How do you define a Rabbi?
What is support?
What is Brit-Am in your eyes?
What do you see the purpose of Brit-Am as being?
What is "Ephraim"?
We consider "Ephraim" to represent all of the Lost Ten Tribes no matter what their religion.
There are some "Ephraimites" who seem to identify "Ephraim" as a specific type of Messianic Christianity and recognition by Judah to be willingness to accommodate it. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Is Brit-Am to be considered a Jewish emissary from Judah to Ephraim?
Is Brit-Am an emissary of Ephraim to Ephraim with the primary representatives of Brit-Am at present being practitioners of the Jewish Faith and using Jewish sources alongside regular Biblical and conventional ones?
Assuming Brit-Am deserves support, Who should support Brit-Am?
What is the situation?
How strong is the evidence that Brit-Am has?
Is Brit-Am indispensable?
Or could Brit-Am now be easily displaced by whosoever would wish to do so?
What is the purpose of Brit-Am?
How important should we consider ourselves?
Brit-Am provides interesting and valuable information, helps others and dialogues with them.
It does all this overall in an attractive format and entertaining manner which has value in its own right.
This in itself should be enough. Should it not?

Some Answers and Points to Ponder
Brit-Am is recognized for what it is in some quarters and has been assisted.
The respect that Brit-Am receives however to some degree is an outcome of the support or lack of it emanating from Ephraim.
"Judah" helps and has helped greatly but in doing so (from our perspective) has been doing a favor for Ephraim.
If anyone should help and identify with Brit-Am it is Ephraim more than Judah.

Concerning the attitude of Judah, let us elaborate a little:
Prophecy as understood in Jewish Sources says that Judah will go out to "Ephraim" (the Lost Ten Tribes) and bring them back.
The Midrash says:
The exiles of Judah and
Benyamin [i.e. the present-day Jews] are destined to go unto them [the Lost Ten Tribes] and bring them back in order to merit with them the Messianic Era and life in the World-To-Come. This is as it says, In those days the house of Judah shall go unto the house of Israel and they shall come together out of the land of the north unto the land that I have given for an inheritance unto your fathers (Jeremiah 3:18).
Yalkut Shimeoni, Song of Solomon 905.
What does to "bring back" mean in the eyes of Judah?
It would mean converting to Judaism whether through formal conversion in the conventional sense or some type of "renewal of the covenant" that would have the same effect.

Judah is not about to do this. At least not based on the evidence that Brit-Am supplies.
Brit-Am is also not in favor of such an attitude. Neither does Brit-Am advocate such a policy.
Experience shows that neither "Judah" nor "Ephraim" are built for this at present.
Also such a step would require a degree of Divine Inspiration and factual certainty well beyond what is now apparent.

What then is the point of Brit-Am outreach?
Brit-Am has come up with, or refers to, facts and insights worth knowing in their own right.
It is for the good of Judah and of Ephraim that this knowledge be made widely available and considered by as many as possible.
We cannot say how things will turn out but we believe it will be for the good and it is good that we prepare the way by giving over what we know.
Brit-Am Outreach to Judah needs discretion and sensitivity.
There are those in Ephraim who would want to harm Judah by inducing Judah to believe as they do.
There are none in Judah interested in changing the beliefs of Ephraim since Brit-Am Knowledge is Imperfect regarding specific individuals and Judah is not built for it. 
Nevertheless, More in Judah should be made aware of Brit-Am.
Our latest work, "The Khazars. Tribe 13" may well enable a breakthrough in this regard.

What degree of knowledge now exists?
Quite a lot of knowledge exists and when studied with an open mind this knowledge is quite powerful and convincing. Nevertheless impediments exist to its widespread and complete acceptance.

(a) The Nature of the Knowledge.
To appreciate the Knowledge an attribute of  Pyschological Initiation is expected.
The subject needs to be induced to listen to what we have to say and to consider it.
Other people have said things that at least superficially were similar to what we say and have used similar sources and were proven wrong. We are different but in order to demonstrate the difference we need first to obtain a hearing.

(b) The Certainty of the Knowledge.
The Knowledge is quite strong but not "air-tight" and in the eyes of some may be considered "flawed".
(1) Biblically and Rabinically our proofs are good and true ones but they could be ignored or it could be claimed that other opinions exist or that the subject is open to interpretation etc.
(2) Historically Our proofs are good and more and more evidence is becoming available to support them.
Nevertheless the Brit-Am explanations are not supported by  conventionally accepted academic scenarios and "scientific"  methods.
(3) In some fields conventionally accepted "science" as presently understood is against us.
DNA for instance says that most people (at least concerning the males) in the West came from the west, are related to others in the center and east and are not related to the Jews or to any other Middle East populations.
It may be countered that this is not entirely correct. It is overly-simplistic and open to debate.
Even so such is the general impression.
We believe that eventually our understanding of DNA may well be modified and it will become more compatible to the Brit-Am understanding of the past. At the moment this is not the case.
The same applies with some other disciplines though objections from the point of view of DNA are probably the strongest since the science of DNA is new, not enough is known concerning the effects of the environment on DNA, and other factors have not been sufficiently examined.
(4) Objective Proofs Still Need Emotional Willingness.
Individual certainty or "spiritual conviction"  without factual evidence is not worth much in the eyes of others.
Our proofs and evidence etc apply in the general sense. They may not be pertinent in the case of every specific individual.
Nevertheless, some degree of inner identification and instinctive agreement is still required.
(5) The Existence of  Anti-Jewish Sentiment. To hold anti-Jewish sentiments and still claim Israelite Ancestry is contradictory.  Relatively speaking nations that Brit-Am says contain a good proportion of Israelites on the whole are the very countries that to some degree are the least anti-Jewish when all things are considered. Nevertheless even these entities often speak and act against the State of Israel and many of their citizens appear to be antagonistic towards the Jewish People.
What then is the Purpose of it all?
We see from the above that knowledge exists and deserves to be related to yet the matter is not a simple one.
A certain dynamism is required.
We need to make the knowledge available, discuss it, clarify it, modify it when required, debate it, make it known, increase it, deal with any problems there may with it, etc.
We also all need to lead good lives (as well as we can), believe in the Bible, pray, and so activate ourselves as if to increase our Biblical certainty on these and related matters. This will also influence others and give inspiration and inner certainty to everything else.
We also need to reduce the power of negative forces by increasing belief in the Bible, encouraging Biblically-correct behavior, and reducing antagonism towards the State of Israel and the Jewish People.

A would-be rival to Brit-Am said to me some time ago, words to the following effect:
##Yair, you have written the books. The Biblical and Rabbinical sources are now all available from your works.
What further need is there of you and of Brit-Am?##
The implied dismissal of the need for Brit-Am is impertinent in itself.
It could however have something to say for itself if Brit-Am was not functioning and if someone else would read what we have written, internalize it and also bring forth worthwhile insights of their own. So far this has not been done. It could conceivably be done in the future.
If such were the case it would not replace Brit-Am but rather complement it.
But even this has not been done.

Brit-Am is still functioning and God willing will continue to do so for as long as necessary.
We, at least for now, are what there is.
We have proven an ability to be open to others, receive from others and to promote what others have to say when they do say something.
When others do make an input to this subject we take cognizance of it and acknowledge it.
Brit-Am may not be perfect but we are improving.
We have merited in the past to receive insights and discover facts of value to the cause of "Judah and Joseph" eventually recognizing each other for who they are. At present we still from time to time merit to do so.
Brit-Am is active, viable, and of value.
it is not easy (in fact verges on the impossible) however for us to work alone.
We need your ongoing interest in Brit-Am.
We also need your offerings and purchase of our publications.
Brit-Am is afull-time enterprise and like all other projects of this nature needs funds and support.
Brit-Am is on a journey.
Join us.


Pleased with what you read?
Did you benefit from it?

We do this because we believe in it and enjoy doing it.
Your benefit and wellbeing are goals of ours and worthwhile to us in themselves.
We understand that the Brit-Am enterprise is a good work and that they who assist Brit-Am be blessed.
Brit-Am depends on contributions alongside purchases of our publications

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