The Kingdom of Joseph

Based on the work of,
Rabbi Shimshon Dovid Pincus (Hebrew: 1944-5 April 2001) was an Israeli Haredi Rabbi of American origin, who served in Ofakim (in the south of Israel).
Freely Translated and Paraphrased Excerpts from:
Sichot: Chanukha, 5762.
And they Shall be one in Your Hand.
The Kingdoms of Judah and Joseph.

Brit-Am Preliminary Note on the Correspondence between Rabbinical Writings and Brit-Am Findings.
The Kingdom of Joseph by Rabbi Shimshon Dovid Pincus.
Part One: The Original Intention of Joseph was to Integrate with Judah!
Part Two: The Differences Between the Kingdom of Judah and the Kingdom of Joseph.

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Brit-Am Preliminary Note on the Correspondence between Rabbinical Writings and Brit-Am Findings.

This article and other articles of the same genre were written by Rabbis based on Biblical and Rabbinical sources.
The authors were not necessarily always relating to the Ten Tribes as a separate entity. They were rather describing spiritual reality, or aspects of world outlook, philosophic approaches.
This is, as if to say that in spiritual sense the Division between Joseph and Judah and its implications are present amongst all of us. We may learn from it and correct ourselves accordingly.
The Rabbis who wrote these works did not (as far as we know) share our view identifying the Ten Tribes with Western Peoples and Joseph especially with the English-speaking nations.
[Neither did they ever say anything against it.]
Nevertheless a surprisingly exact correlation exacts between their descriptions of Joseph and the objective reality prevalent amongst the peoples we identify as Joseph.
This indicates that to some degree at least they who wrote these works were inspired or at least understood the sources and  correctly extrapolated from them.
It also confirms the accuracy of our own identifications.

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