NZ Testimony:
Saved by Brit-Am!
A Near-Victim of Conspiracy Theories and Media Bias Against the  Jews Testifies to 
the Positive Effect Brit-Am Has Had On Him.


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NZ Testimony:
Saved by Brit-Am!
A Near-Victim of Conspiracy Theories and Media Bias Against the  Jews   Testifies to  the Positive Effect Brit-Am Has Had On Him.
[Posted by permission and with minor editorial alterations.]

Dear Yair,
I just wanted to thank you for enlightening me on a most important subject, which potentially could be a life and death situation for many people much like the evolution versus creation argument. It was not that long ago that I was on the slippery path to hating the State of Israel due to the amount of negative media associated with such a small number of people and their [perceived] international control of trade and finances, primarily based out of New York and the city of London.
I even had zero respect for Rabbis and thought they were a waste of space and at the very best stupid.
Oh how wrong I was about to be proved!
Just the other day a friend of mine said he could not wait to see the destruction of Israel.
This is quite a common attitude in New Zealand towards Israel.
It made me quite uncomfortable at the time to have such negative feelings against GOD's chosen people.
I was having a lot of difficulty reconciling my feelings with what I knew was wrong according to the Scriptures.  In fact I was quite disturbed within myself but never gave up on a positive resolution. Having [since] read a great deal of your website and books I am feeling very positive now. I am extremely glad I am no longer in the other camp as I would not like to be judged while having such extreme opinions.
You have helped me to realise that vexation will continue between Judah and Ephraim until the Messiah...  There is no point in wasting ones time on something that only the Messiah can fix.
I cannot thank you enough for putting me back on the straight and narrow!
The value of your efforts cannot be measured and are of vital importance in turning the hearts of many misguided and potential enemies.
I am not sure if you have had such an email before.
I hope you can appreciate that your works have many incidental outcomes some of which are spiritually life saving!

It does not bother me at all [to have my letter posted]. Just do not pass it on to the Mossad!
I do not want to be on a hit list if I come to Israel!
I realise [what I have written] is  probably quite controversial but i feel it is very important and something I have wanted to get off my shoulders and be totally honest about.
It is  very real!
There is a growing hatred towards Israel itself.  This is very prevalent amongst Western Peoples.
I did not go into any of these subjects with my own agenda but strictly out of curiosity.
I now expend my energies promoting your website.
I have already had people warning that your website is 90% truth and 10% lies.
Concerning the origins of the Khazars I read your book
"The Khazars. Tribe 13"
I am fully aware of both sides of the argument.
I found your book good to read but hard to follow because it was so full of information. It is a study in itself and deserves a lot of time and attention...
I do pray for you and hope that we will one day be together in the coming kingdom when David and the-greater-than-David will be reinstated as Kings and priests in the Holyland, the question that lies with me now which really bugs me is [if we are Israel,  to what degree do] the prophesies concerning  Israel apply to us?
... As you know they are expecting a massive earthquake in Israel. The Hebron Rift which is the earthquake epi-centre of the world when it goes  will change the entire topography of Israel itself and will cause a world wide catastrophe...
When I was first looking into the Hebrew origins of the west I did a trace on my own ancestry and on one side of my family their surname is .. which is a known Pict surname... apparently both surnames originated amongst the Sephardic Jews of France who about 500 years ago migrated into Scotland and eventually assimilated into Scottish society...  I  have been told there are many Jewish styled cemeteries in Scotland?
Thanks for your time Peter.


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