New Jerusalem News (NJN)
Jerusalem-News with Brit-Am Relevance Explanations
New Jerusalem News is a continuation of Jerusalem News with the addition of a Brit-Am,Movement of the Ten Tribes, Relevance Commentary attached to each news item.

News and Views about the State of Israel, Zionism, Jews, Lost Ten Tribes Nations, and matters concerning all of them.
Articles of Interest (that you may have missed) Collated from Regular News Sources along with some unconventional ones. This feature has earned respect from a wide circle of viewers.

Latest Issues:
New Jerusalem News 42
New Jerusalem News 41
New Jerusalem News 40

NJN Content Archives.
New Jerusalem News (NJN) Archive Contents.
New Jerusalem News (NJN) with Brit-Am Relevance nos. 1 (JN-928) onwards.

Jerusalem News Archives
Jerusalem-News with Brit-Am Relevance Archives
Jerusalem-News nos. 1 to 399.
Jerusalem-News nos. 400 to 800.
Jerusalem-News nos. 801 to 927.

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